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  • Roxky
    Roxky 3 minutes ago

    This guy can be weird sometimes but I love him and his music.

  • Carl Garcia
    Carl Garcia 4 minutes ago


  • Anything4Ni
    Anything4Ni 20 minutes ago

    I love him 💕😽😻

  • andrea fabbri
    andrea fabbri 30 minutes ago

    Secondo me Arnold, sei l'uomo più incredibile su questa terra, sei riuscito a fare più di chiunque, in una sola vita!!!!! Mio idolo fin da bambino ❤️❤️❤️💪👍

  • RH Rich Blog
    RH Rich Blog 34 minutes ago


  • Tayyab dar
    Tayyab dar Hour ago

    Why the phuck do u call it mecca of body building u dumb ass

  • Petra S
    Petra S 2 hours ago

    I need your gym, your fridge, and your motorcycle

  • xWobeY
    xWobeY 2 hours ago

    Dank des Radlers kann ich sagen, dass er alkoholfrei lebt.

  • Richard Truesdale
    Richard Truesdale 2 hours ago

    Well, almond milk can have some unpleasant side effects, so it’s a good idea to know what they are before indulging in this creamy dairy alternative. Some of the side effects only apply to commercial milk sold in stores while other side effects are due to the composition of the almonds themselves.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 hours ago

    Five rib eye steaks a day... being a strong man certainly isn't cheap.

  • Samuel Benitez
    Samuel Benitez 3 hours ago

    because arnold i started weight lifting back in 1970.

  • Erik Horan
    Erik Horan 3 hours ago

    Charlie has always been my favorite male singer and now after this video, I love him a million times more!

  • Erik Horan
    Erik Horan 3 hours ago

    Charlie has always been my favorite male singer and now after this video, I love him a million times more!

  • Duxante Eleanor
    Duxante Eleanor 4 hours ago

    I know I'm gonna sound abnormal, but Imagine the size of their turd? You'd probably need a harpoon for that type of moby dick's...

  • Kushi Bob
    Kushi Bob 4 hours ago

    I wonder how many steaks this guy has had ina lifetime

  • Саша Ютуб
    Саша Ютуб 4 hours ago

    вы все отбитые с пищей !!!! огурцы помидоры и так далее ! сука у меня дед умер в 98 лет и при этом курил беламор ! Всю жизнь водку пил ! с ума не сходите ! если у вас печень гавно то и присядешь ты в землю в 50 не зависимо ! клоуны !

  • Vevi Vevi
    Vevi Vevi 4 hours ago

    He feels better since he eats more greens??? 😓 His answer on "Can you cook?" is the best part "Of course, a steak... ". 😂

  • Midnight Knowledge
    Midnight Knowledge 5 hours ago

    One thing i learned from 'Never back down' is there's always a way out of any hold Even that heel hook o.o 🤔

  • Jo
    Jo 5 hours ago

    😂 what does pressure mean?

  • Siyavuya Mbembe
    Siyavuya Mbembe 6 hours ago

    He looks like Ronaldinho

  • Agustín Ignacio Moscoso

    wait what? Did he just fucking drinked that with the shell of the egg?

  • The Primal Bear
    The Primal Bear 9 hours ago

    Keto is not a f&%KING FAD diet ! Nor is fasting !!!! VEGAN is a FAD Diet !

    • The Primal Bear
      The Primal Bear 9 hours ago

      How can it be a FAD when we have been eating keto for 2.6 million years.

    • Clif Keens
      Clif Keens 9 hours ago

      They're all fad diets

  • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
    Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 10 hours ago

    Just a note for the Editor. only thing that makes this video feel Unlikable, Is the voice over... the timing and the obvious phoniness of it makes it impossible to be charming. the only thing that saves as a video is the good old boy Arnie!( Just a suggestion, choose any who doesn't sound like a complete ass hole to record the voice over questions)

  • Jafar Khan
    Jafar Khan 11 hours ago

    Don’t say “I’ll be back”

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger 11 hours ago

    Does he eat the big piece of chicken also?

  • Taniwha B
    Taniwha B 11 hours ago

    I'll save you watching the video - the guy doesn't know what he's talking about because he uses detox drinks. Fake.

    BLVTH 12 hours ago

    this dude is so cool

  • 777 K
    777 K 12 hours ago

    When terminator doesn’t find a gun,he terminates his target with a joke😭

  • Buttercookie Cinnamini


  • eric grosvenor
    eric grosvenor 12 hours ago

    I’ve looked up to Arnold my entire life. He’s the reason I take care of myself

  • moncho bullet
    moncho bullet 12 hours ago

    el hombre que caga tuercas y candados XD

  • alias jim bob
    alias jim bob 13 hours ago

    Thanks Champ.

  • You literally can't
    You literally can't 13 hours ago

    He used a whole egg, shell and all... I don't even have words for that. I know there are jokes made about macho guys eating a whole egg, but I didn't know that was a real thing... o_o

  • Стефан Попов

    The life of these people consist from eating and pooping the whole day, what a disaster

  • James Bruce
    James Bruce 13 hours ago

    Radler is fire though 🤤

  • The Greatest of All Time

    Somebody skipped leg day

  • Julius Tan
    Julius Tan 13 hours ago

    .. I read this video title as chest day but ok

  • Shan Mirza
    Shan Mirza 13 hours ago

    Love Arnold!

  • veer goswami
    veer goswami 14 hours ago

    Make a slow video in parts

  • Brooks Barnes
    Brooks Barnes 14 hours ago

    stop w the voiceover for christ sake

  • Shane McRedmond
    Shane McRedmond 15 hours ago

    Wants to eat the tarantula and vegemite ... but not eat a plain jerky which is probably actually really flavorful

  • Raj
    Raj 15 hours ago

    This dude's singing voice hits that special frequency that hits the clit and makes girls reach the big ol O.

  • Honeey Boo2oo
    Honeey Boo2oo 15 hours ago

    If i drank just one liter of any liquid alone I’d be full for the whole day prollyz

  • Suman Mondal
    Suman Mondal 15 hours ago

    1day meal of them=my 1week meal

  • Gabriel Adhanom
    Gabriel Adhanom 15 hours ago

    I’ll probably eat all that in a week

  • jdomakeup
    jdomakeup 16 hours ago

    Ahhhh!! I was at the Toronto Voicenotes concert where he took off his shirt! Good for you Charlie!! Killin’ it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Classy gent
    Classy gent 17 hours ago

    Lucifer lucifer lucifer! the devil himself training... We cant wait for sn5! 😥

  • halliwi1
    halliwi1 17 hours ago

    What a tool

  • RyRy M
    RyRy M 17 hours ago

    What's not to like about Arnold? Such a great dude!

  • Glen Higginbotham
    Glen Higginbotham 17 hours ago

    Lmao I put in the whole egg

  • Mr. Top 10
    Mr. Top 10 17 hours ago

    You should have come to Malaysia next time for your next show .

  • Ramon Concepcion
    Ramon Concepcion 17 hours ago

    Anybody know that song or sample at 4:33??

  • kbucher1977
    kbucher1977 17 hours ago

    How u get milk from almonds? They have no tits! lol

  • Ker Vate
    Ker Vate 17 hours ago

    This guy needs Jeff Cavalier in his life

  • Raymond Martinez
    Raymond Martinez 18 hours ago

    The narrative is excellent

  • Doselage
    Doselage 18 hours ago

    "The Terminator was vegan muthafucka." -Nate Diaz 2019

  • Moses
    Moses 18 hours ago

    An honor to endure a fitness session w/ this dude. I can only imagine the knowledge obtained in one setting.

  • Elizabeth Guillen
    Elizabeth Guillen 18 hours ago

    Just motivated me .!

  • Julia Rachelle
    Julia Rachelle 18 hours ago

    Charlie and I have the same workout music taste 🤓

  • Jackniel Delgado
    Jackniel Delgado 18 hours ago

    Too bad is not vegan, although I do appreciate the fact that hes cutting off animals foods overall

  • Liana Burless
    Liana Burless 20 hours ago

    Yeah good idea get cut not to big. Getting to big looks gross to me personally.

  • hoshang Rawanduz
    hoshang Rawanduz 20 hours ago

    Arnold should really lay off the small chicken 🐓 eggs 🥚 and stick to Emu eggs for his size 😁

  • Black Star
    Black Star 21 hour ago

    Buys a paleo loaf then have a freezer full of frozen pizza with cheap wheat crust

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers 21 hour ago

    Eating a quarter of Brians first breakfast would give me chest pain. Fuck. I can't eat stiff like bread, pasta or rice, my blood pressure goes so much I can see my chest move. I'm not diabetic and ive never had abnormally high blood pressure though. And Brian actually eats cleaner food than eddie, in this video at least

  • Harmony Star
    Harmony Star 21 hour ago

    who came not because of the carti stuff but because she was eating kangaroo

  • radioactive 128
    radioactive 128 22 hours ago

    Since the gouverneur thing is over he is quite likeable again

  • wolfandco
    wolfandco 22 hours ago

    almond powder in water . almonds are a dry nut no milk.

  • Adam Binyamin
    Adam Binyamin 23 hours ago

    I can literally find mistakes in every exercise he did.. need to get a new personal trainer

  • Mery ́s World
    Mery ́s World 23 hours ago

    This boy had better girlfriends like you. 😂😍🌻🌟🎉🖒💪 He deserve the best. 😘

  • captain naeem Shahid

    You guyz did actually a great job.Well done really appreciated.

  • Helt Fläng
    Helt Fläng Day ago

    Biggest troll ever

  • Anonymous Rebel

    Imagine your the new boyfriend picking up Arnolds daughter for a date... News Flash.... Daddies home and he answers the door... :09

  • perl ss
    perl ss Day ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his testicle because he taking testosterone shot to much.

  • Charles Roberts

    This interview made me dislike this guy. And his friend playing the synths was literally trash

  • GianCarlo Garcia

    These celeb workouts all look like warmups

  • Joey Trimble
    Joey Trimble Day ago

    although I'm a blueberry guy

  • Joey Trimble
    Joey Trimble Day ago

    you can't go wrong with cobbler

  • Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey

    Anyone know how effective this would be for someone who wasn't starting with Thor's body? Would it still be effective for a skinny bitch like me?

  • Ivan Castano
    Ivan Castano Day ago

    sounds great but I think this is just the coach version of the workout. I am sure the business class version is a killer!

  • Chuck Norris As The Dragon Slayer

    It is very sad that every single comment here was joking about what he was preaching instead of being excited about how golden his regime is. Look these things up! Egg shells ARE EDIBLE! A single egg shell has more than a regular daily requirement of calcium and is believed to be more effective than a calcium pill. And for those who thought throwing the entire egg in it he blender is bad ass. I chew it up in my mouth. 🤜💥🥴

  • I love My dressinggown

    Why does she remind me of cher?

  • ve -2126
    ve -2126 Day ago

    From singer to vin diesel

  • benkovac boy
    benkovac boy Day ago

    Don't forget to say white power after finishing your sets if you're white

  • Britt Byler
    Britt Byler Day ago

    how do they eat so much

  • Daniel Coe
    Daniel Coe Day ago

    Really uses an whole egg in the shake?

  • williesamdavis503

    What a crock of shit.

  • Volker Vielhaber

    Wow he looks very good!

  • King Judus The meme

    Just do porn please!!!

  • cuoyotoconti
    cuoyotoconti Day ago

    treinando pra lutar mal que nem no filme??? to fora

  • LamiaAqua
    LamiaAqua Day ago

    Ay me transformasteeee

  • tejas shetty
    tejas shetty Day ago

    can someone ans are eggs vegan...??

  • manxlucky
    manxlucky Day ago

    It works better WHEN YOU YELL

  • Davanand S
    Davanand S Day ago

    Charlie did 100 lunges and goes bald

  • Tom Yeh
    Tom Yeh Day ago

    COLD potatoes??? anyone understand that?

  • Archangel
    Archangel Day ago

    Welp! See why there’s a FOOD SHORTAGE GOING ON SILENTLY AROUND THE WORLD! Thanx guys! Keep eating up everything for no reason whatsoever! HELL IS GETTING BIGGER BY THA SECOND FROM GREED & STUPIDITY!

  • MMM mm
    MMM mm Day ago

    Arnold should ask Dr Gregor what to put in his protein shake instead of a whole egg

  • liema.
    liema. Day ago

    "this will get you into the best shape your life"

  • Akash Paul
    Akash Paul Day ago

    He trened hard for that role

  • Matthu
    Matthu Day ago

    I wonder if he really is there every morning, I would fly out to the gym just for that

  • Carrie F Miller

    what about Norcal?