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  • Cliff Willeford
    Cliff Willeford 12 minutes ago

    The triplets didn't win those super bowls by themselves they had one of the best offensive lines to ever play the game and let's not forget all the players they had on defense and don't forget the main thing they had Jimmy Johnson

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies 14 minutes ago

    " If you don't like lap car's don't even come out here" .

    • Kodi Kennedy
      Kodi Kennedy 11 minutes ago

      Lap cars dont need to race lead lap cars period what are they racing for? not for position

  • Josr Ghg
    Josr Ghg 18 minutes ago

    Love troy. Teoy looks high

  • McBlam Racing
    McBlam Racing 31 minute ago

    Hahaha. Well... I get Kyle will be Kyle, but several other drivers have voiced displeasure about this package and they aren't jerks to anyone about it. I love watching KB do what he does in a race car, but I'm not going to defend him when he literally lives up to Brad K's driver intro statement. HOWEVER, at some point, drivers need to be allowed to cool off a bit if they are in a highly angered state. I know it is their job to give interviews, but man... Sometimes people just need a minute. Someone should have noticed the state Kyle was in and the option should have been present to wave off reporters for a bit and this whole thing never would have happened.

    • McBlam Racing
      McBlam Racing 5 minutes ago

      @TC Very very true. And probably very likely. I just don't like the picture it paints sometimes. I'm all for KB being the bad guy; living up to the name Rowdy, trolling and talking smack, etc. NASCAR needs that personality. But I feel like when he's truly in a bad way, and this goes with any driver, someone should be there to keep the media off of him for a while without penalty. I mean if he wants to vent to the media, then let him, but the issue shouldn't be forced, ya know?

    • TC
      TC 13 minutes ago

      Could be the media seized the opportunity to interview him at the worst moment for a story knowing full well how he would respond.

  • Brian Janssen
    Brian Janssen 36 minutes ago

    I didnt know fox gave this enabler a show.

  • JR Lucas
    JR Lucas 36 minutes ago

    Kyle Busch is a punk.. A rich NASCAR driving punk.. Ever since he and his brother raced at the Bull Ring.. Its the way he was raised.. Typical Las Vegas whining, sore loser attitude....

  • KJ A
    KJ A 37 minutes ago

    0 chance. Few weeks and after some injuries you will see Dak get exposed again. Don’t be a fool. Green Bay, Rams and Hawks much better.

  • devin taylor
    devin taylor 38 minutes ago

    I respect Kyle honestly idky ppl have a problem with him ignoring the media when Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch literally roast the media

  • Gary Wooters
    Gary Wooters 39 minutes ago

    Who cares about pompous Kyle!!

  • Alan Reynolds
    Alan Reynolds 40 minutes ago

    Kyle Busch needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child.

  • Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures

    A better person several laps past the impact would or should not have been angry. He lost.🥪😫😏

  • Russell Coleman
    Russell Coleman 45 minutes ago

    His true colors show when he has to deal with adversity. No class, no integrity and no character.

  • HoraceLilBigBrother
    HoraceLilBigBrother 49 minutes ago

    Man ppl on the internet be soooo negative man it's crazy. Leave these two human beings alone! We all make mistakes

  • Joseph Gosewisch

    Doesn't want kids to try at home but shows people trying at home lol

  • R3D Gaming
    R3D Gaming Hour ago

    Basically acting how Kurt was back in 2011-2012

  • John Keith
    John Keith Hour ago

    Murray so fast but he's really scared to run out of the backfield he know he isn't built for the nfl you people better take them cowboys that's my pick

  • Manfred Buchholz


  • Kenan Soso
    Kenan Soso Hour ago

    Kyle should give a "smoke" type interview. Just clown the media till they give up. Tony was the best at giving interviews

  • Braedon Shelton
    Braedon Shelton Hour ago

    Miss seeing Jamie out there. Such a class act.

  • Robert Castillo
    Robert Castillo Hour ago

    Being a SC fan, I’m so grateful we kept Helton instead of hiring Chip ✌🏻

  • Wade N
    Wade N Hour ago

    Is, and always will be.......a spoiled f'n brat

  • Dom Allen
    Dom Allen Hour ago

    His car was sideways before he hit him he lost it before it the 52

  • YumperJumper98
    YumperJumper98 Hour ago

    If he’s gonna act like that he shouldn’t be in a car

  • H Factor64
    H Factor64 Hour ago

    Imagine if these grown men used their intelligence and time to do something truly relevant, important and manly......rather waste time doing this!!

  • Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony Hour ago

    Tua is the best QB in football 👍🏼👍🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 that's my favorite for Heisman.

  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson Hour ago

    Busch messed up and hit the 52. Busch messed up and hit the wall and finished 19th. All on him. His attitude, thats him.

  • OnWisconsin1
    OnWisconsin1 Hour ago

    Don’t go pissing off a boy from Cambridge Wisconsin 😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ricky Hogan
    Ricky Hogan 2 hours ago

    Kyle Busch can drive,but he is not Champion quality. Just my opinion.

  • Titilope Atekoja
    Titilope Atekoja 2 hours ago

    I gotta say this all the way from Canada - it is so good to see Urban relaxed and taking things step by step.

  • Jesse Ortiz
    Jesse Ortiz 2 hours ago

    If They Play the Giants in the NFC Championship Game They Have an Excellent Chance

  • Geoffrey VanRIper
    Geoffrey VanRIper 2 hours ago

    Kyle’s problem is he hasn’t been knocked out and put in his place. Easy as that

  • Robert Guzman
    Robert Guzman 2 hours ago

    I was a Dak skeptic for sure, always liked him as a person, his play so far has me believing he can take us to the promised land. He has clearly improved on his vertical passing game and his over all command is very impressive

  • Chris McDonald
    Chris McDonald 2 hours ago

    There is not any passing hardly at all these cars are only fun on restarts. And that’s not what it’s about

  • Scott Lowman.
    Scott Lowman. 2 hours ago

    Geeez, some people's children!

  • Matt Robin
    Matt Robin 2 hours ago

    Why did't a reporter ask Kyle "why didn't you drive around the #52 being the Greatest of all Time and a bag of chips"

  • Ok
    Ok 2 hours ago

    No Mike Soroka? He has like the 3rd lowest era in baseball and he’s a rookie.

  • yfz77
    yfz77 2 hours ago

    This is quality entertainment 😂

  • Dylan Bernier
    Dylan Bernier 2 hours ago

    He looks like hes about to pass out chill guys lol

  • Marc Hamilton
    Marc Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Lapped car fault not Kyle's fault

  • Rafa Rodríguez
    Rafa Rodríguez 2 hours ago

    WWE: "Don't try this at home" Fox: inviting you to try it at home

  • ron Jessie
    ron Jessie 2 hours ago

    Kyle Busch knows how good he is and he doesn't liked to be bothered by those who are not as good.

  • michael Castle
    michael Castle 2 hours ago

    Only two games and here we go with the hype.....

  • Brent Caldwell
    Brent Caldwell 2 hours ago

    “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” Honestly I love Kyle Busch.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 2 hours ago

    Dont like floyd and never will......mike tyson is a real person not fake and he changed really allot i love the humble and nice mike you can see that he finally has some kind of peace


    Com'on please just give UCF a chance to battle for the National Championship it doesn't even matter if they beat weak teams we haven't even see them with other teams.

  • tommy fasthorse
    tommy fasthorse 2 hours ago

    Prescott sounds down to earth,humble and true about his contract;heL only want more money if he wins the superbowl Then theres the other greedy obnoxious bunch;ezekiel elliot,AB,odell beckham...SMH

  • SuperVince93
    SuperVince93 2 hours ago

    The host is an example of why feminism is a joke.

  • Geoffrey Fox
    Geoffrey Fox 2 hours ago

    I have been a pretty big Kyle Busch fan since he moved to Gibbs, this attitude is starting to get old even for me...I agree with Larry something is going on with him right now. I think I might be in the market for another favorite driver if he doesn't get his act together

  • Shane King
    Shane King 2 hours ago

    Stop making excuses for him. He is garbage to the core. Always has been, always will be...

  • Nilson Herrera
    Nilson Herrera 2 hours ago

    That 52 was just a lap car.

  • lala ev
    lala ev 2 hours ago

    Only 9😂😂😂

  • lala ev
    lala ev 2 hours ago

    Why is he crossing his leg like that 👊sleeves up, shirt unbuttoned 👊🍇🍈🍉🍊🍌🍎🍏🍐🍓🍍

  • Sunny Knows
    Sunny Knows 2 hours ago

    IMO the way he was driving he wanted a caution to come out so hopefully Truex didn't win and when that didn't work it enraged him. The burnouts and the cheers didn't help the situation. 😂😂😂😂 WTG Truex Jr.!!!!!

  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports 2 hours ago

    Do you agree with Jason McIntyre?

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 3 hours ago

    I hope he is a problem from where ever he goes.

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 3 hours ago

    Federal funding to see if wide receivers have a gene that causes insane activity by the best of the position. T Owens, ocho cinco, and so many other WR 's.

  • Alfredo Armendáriz
    Alfredo Armendáriz 3 hours ago

    Esos perros viven mejor que yo :'v

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young 3 hours ago

    Just don't interview KB18 for the rest of the season. Pre race, post race, in car cameras etc. Just turn a blind eye to him, regardless of whether he wins or not (especially if he wins). Not the type of character kids and aspiring drivers need to be influenced by.

  • Rene Gomez
    Rene Gomez 3 hours ago

    What a baby

  • Larry Martin
    Larry Martin 3 hours ago

    He is an a$$

  • InF_Omega
    InF_Omega 3 hours ago

    Best interview ever

  • Blake Wurm
    Blake Wurm 3 hours ago

    Dead sport. Pricks like this and no characters like their used to be. NASCAR will be cancelled eventually. Can’t wait

    • Wade N
      Wade N Hour ago

      Amen. I wasted way too many Sundays with NASCAR. All i need is the race review on the lubetube.

  • daniel harkins
    daniel harkins 3 hours ago

    Nice H Long

  • Rb Gardner / Cactus king

    He did the exact same thing in the driver media booth after the 600 in 2017

  • Chris of LAviaPH
    Chris of LAviaPH 3 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to Jimmie Johnson 9-17-75.

  • curtyos
    curtyos 3 hours ago


  • Millertime 1012
    Millertime 1012 4 hours ago

    If I was as ugly as him I’d be angry all the time too! He knows he’s got a hot wife because he has money, not his personality or looks lol

  • Virgina Debord
    Virgina Debord 4 hours ago

    Cry baby Bush needs to be fired.

  • Bob Hathaway
    Bob Hathaway 4 hours ago

    Kyle is such a dickheah

  • Ben Myatt
    Ben Myatt 4 hours ago

    Jimmie Johnson missed the playoffs two weeks ago for the first time in his CAREER because he wrecked out and right when he got out the car they hounded him about it and he was calm as could be and gave a great interview. The the difference between a 7 time champion and 1 Time. Great example of why he’ll never be a 7 time in my opinion.

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina 4 hours ago

    Looks like he could use a snickers

  • Soulfox G
    Soulfox G 4 hours ago

    Lol 2-3 three years ago they couldn’t get off his jock now he a team destroyer worst then social media robots

    • Soulfox G
      Soulfox G 3 hours ago

      Lol exactly

    • Macabre Xyl
      Macabre Xyl 3 hours ago

      yeah. I stopped listening to these backbiting shows. IF anyone goes back to like 2015 sportscenter shows, they will see the same guys glorifying him

  • Robin jackson
    Robin jackson 4 hours ago

    :34, my boy Randy was ready to run a go route number 8 on Sherman 😂 Randy: I ain't no Crabtree, Richard.

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 4 hours ago

    Nascar should not let the press stick a microphone in drivers face right after they come of the track what do you think is going to happen!

  • anubus6
    anubus6 4 hours ago

    We need Jimmy Spencer back. Jimmy would've called him out on it and made a bit. Kyle Busch, Media Sweetheart.

    • Ricky Edwards
      Ricky Edwards 3 hours ago

      Jimmy spencer would have beat his a## like he did kurt 😂😂😂😂😂

    • cupchamp5
      cupchamp5 3 hours ago

      Or he could have punched him. We would have another bloody Kyle Busch at Vegas

  • Oscar jr Jimenez
    Oscar jr Jimenez 4 hours ago

    Jamie McMurray is a Class Act Kyle Busch is not one

  • Donnie Pate
    Donnie Pate 4 hours ago

    The cowboys don’t win a Super Bowl if they play the patriots

    • Donnie Pate
      Donnie Pate 3 hours ago

      Em Hauk I wouldn’t bet against Brady

    • Em Hauk
      Em Hauk 3 hours ago

      Can't be sure about that.

  • Scott Qualls
    Scott Qualls 4 hours ago

    Gibbs needs to let the idiot go! He's a cancer to the Gibbs race team...don't care how many wins he has by racing in the lower tiers.

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 4 hours ago

    I know it's frustrating...but he needs to go punch a clock Monday thru Saturday for a while and I think he would have a lot greater appreciation for what he gets to do, such a child

  • nick huskins
    nick huskins 4 hours ago

    He’s the best driver in nascar. Period. Who cares.

    • adam0U812 Davies
      adam0U812 Davies 24 minutes ago

      If he's so good , why did he run into the back of someone ?

    • Ricky Edwards
      Ricky Edwards 3 hours ago


  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson 4 hours ago

    Such a ungrateful dude......everybody he's changed..but hes far from it

  • luke blackwell
    luke blackwell 4 hours ago

    1:39 does anybody k ow the name of the background music?

  • Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lewis 4 hours ago

    Cry baby 😭

  • bobby shizz
    bobby shizz 5 hours ago

    Most people that hate their job as much as Kyle Busch appears to would find something else to do.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 5 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers and the packers would like a word...

  • D. Frank Adams
    D. Frank Adams 5 hours ago

    This is so reminiscent of Jamie Foxx's encounter with L.L. Cool J! "I was a freshman, 160, with a wet look curl, but it was dry. I'm a man, Bo palmed my face/helmet." Foxx said that when L.L. slapped him that he "wasn't ready." 😂😂😂

  • Valverde2K
    Valverde2K 5 hours ago

    U know what I mean?

  • Vincent Miller
    Vincent Miller 5 hours ago

    52 should get the heck out of the 18's way and keep it clean.

    • hunter mills
      hunter mills 4 hours ago

      Your an idiot he gave him the inside along with every other car that lapped him

  • Caleb Goodman
    Caleb Goodman 5 hours ago

    "What happened with the 52?" If Kyle doesn't know what happened, I do. You ran into him for no reason. You're welcome

  • evan wallace
    evan wallace 5 hours ago

    Lmao I like the Marshawn Lynch quote! But all seriousness the dude needs to chill I have always been a KB fan being that I love his talent and you cant deny hes one of the best to ever drive but the childish attitudes have always been an issue. I cant imagine the stress the drivers go through but sometimes you just gotta walk away

  • jr_88
    jr_88 5 hours ago

    Big baby Busch!!!

  • Mike McElligott
    Mike McElligott 5 hours ago

    So stop asking stupid questions??

  • Rammstein45
    Rammstein45 5 hours ago

    Garrett held his line like he was supposed to. Other leaders got around him with no problem, so it's not his fault Kyle wasn't paying attention. And I for one can't wait until Kyle's son is older and see's all the videos of his dad throwing tantrums on tv.

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes 5 hours ago

    perfectly done!

  • Matt Mattie Matthew
    Matt Mattie Matthew 5 hours ago

    Y'all heard it from Kyle Busch himself. When asked about his chances going in to Homestead, he said "Don't care," all smug! If that's how he feels, then he don't need to get mad anymore this season if someone races him too hard, wrecks him or whatever. It also shouldn't matter if it's his fault or not, with that kind of attitude.

  • Brandon Fisher
    Brandon Fisher 5 hours ago

    Vazquez is targeting minors before the trade deadline.

  • Ivan G. Rhone
    Ivan G. Rhone 5 hours ago

    I'm fine with him being mad, but dude dont take it out on people doing there job

    • MiamiSkies
      MiamiSkies 4 hours ago

      Then they should ask stupid questions to a clearly irritated KB

  • James Martin
    James Martin 5 hours ago

    Oh so homer troy says his team is good

  • Carlton Bond
    Carlton Bond 5 hours ago

    Boo Hoo man child

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk 5 hours ago

    Jamie McCmurray being such a baby. Oh Kyle’s just passionate... be a man and call him out for his childish behavior