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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • cool Collector
    cool Collector 5 minutes ago

    That will be a beautiful truck once it finish, I am a Ford person

  • BB 210
    BB 210 22 minutes ago

    Disal in Australia is $1.50

  • Peter Brazier
    Peter Brazier 27 minutes ago

    Steel toecapped Flip Flops?

  • Harley Robertson

    I knew it was miscoloured the moment you guys pulled the car out the booth into the sunlight

  • Wolgon Automotive

    So where did Ford move the water pump to if that front pully is no longer apart of it?

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf Hour ago

    really should never run a diesel without water.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf Hour ago

    Replace the water pump and you have a new housing for the Rad fan.

  • Rene Villarreal
    Rene Villarreal Hour ago

    I wonder how much he got the truck for? $$

  • Nicole Seago
    Nicole Seago 2 hours ago

    It would be cool to know when/if you sell these rebuilds, how much you get for them vs. how much you spent on rebuilding them? Just a thought...

  • Commandoz
    Commandoz 2 hours ago

    if you brought all ford genuine parts it would be way more than 10k

  • BB 210
    BB 210 2 hours ago

    Awesome videos keep up the great work

  • Bryce Seal
    Bryce Seal 2 hours ago

    Should be a card by ford in the owner’s manual with your code for the door

  • saonik
    saonik 2 hours ago

    8:49 no its not fifa 16 . Its fifa 14

  • Jesus Aurrecoechea
    Jesus Aurrecoechea 2 hours ago

    Price to reparaing?

  • Brian Skinner
    Brian Skinner 2 hours ago

    I'm just catching up on your F-450 project, I'm in the Ford Parts business let me know if you need anything and I will see what I can do for you.

  • Colton Roszmann
    Colton Roszmann 3 hours ago

    I think that seat pice is for cooling

  • Josh S
    Josh S 3 hours ago

    Just now watching all the mustang vids

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 3 hours ago

    Super cninjones. estos 2 cnamacos 👍👍

  • Dale Petersen
    Dale Petersen 3 hours ago

    Nice blue stang!!

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 3 hours ago

    Mucno muy sanos estos cnavalos k Dios Los cuide adondekiera k vayan cnavalones 👍

  • Calebthezombie
    Calebthezombie 3 hours ago

    Whatever happened to this thing? haha

  • lfilson
    lfilson 3 hours ago

    Lol, I saw you guys on Market St. today. I thought, Wow, that looks like the Gooznquad chevy, but NAHHH, then I saw the trailer hitch.

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 3 hours ago

    Que paso con ford 450. Cnavalones ya kedo lista tienen serevro de computadora 👍

  • Barry Sanderson
    Barry Sanderson 3 hours ago


  • Victor Pascual
    Victor Pascual 4 hours ago

    Y'all should build a race truck

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 4 hours ago

    Que cninjones estos cnavalos son muy entelijentes sus papas an de estar super orjuyosos. De sus ijas tan listos respetosos 👍👍👍👍

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf 4 hours ago

    Door Codes are usually on a card in the owner manual if your lucky you will have it or locate the module which is behind the passenger side kick panel which has the factory code on it. Or if you can get Forscan and a ELM327 Scan Tool With Switch for fords off ebay you can access the code that way too.

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks 4 hours ago

    Gut it make it base with a Cummings 12 valve. Make everything mechanical. That a business plan for you.

  • Righteous Freedom USA 1776

    Goonzquad 2030: Rebuilding a wrecked WWII Era aircraft carrier

  • Chase Case
    Chase Case 4 hours ago

    There might be a card on the back of the owners manual that has the door code.

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 4 hours ago

    Que amijos Ho ermanos pero seyevan super vien ay la yevan con 450 pronto van a traerla jalando 👍👍

  • Murat Akbuga
    Murat Akbuga 4 hours ago

    The car looks like a mirror

  • Ricky V
    Ricky V 4 hours ago

    How much did you pay for the truck?

  • Chuck Christiansen
    Chuck Christiansen 4 hours ago

    12/01/19 the day I started following you folks.

  • Chuck Christiansen
    Chuck Christiansen 4 hours ago

    12/01/19 the day I started following you folks.

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 4 hours ago

    Que emocionados estos cnavalos muy vuenos cnamacos. keremos verla vien arrejlada cnavalones 👍👍

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 4 hours ago

    Dang son!! Rule #1...Never go to an auction site to p/u a vehicle, with a trailer that doesn't have a winch on it!! A winch and a snatch-block, are 'Must Haves' whenever you go to Auction House. And your weight distribution on the trailer isn't what you should be concerned about. It was fine the way it was loaded, as you want the heavier part of the truck (the front half), on your tongue...forward of the trailer axles. It's a combination of things that made your drive home, very sketchy: #1 - that intermediate hitch "adapter thing" you got going on that a Complete No-No! If you have to run a pintel hitch adapter, don't buy one that adds more length to your set-up! That added length to the hitch assembly (it looked like 12"+ long?), just adds trailer sway. And even worse, adds some serious weight past the center-line of your truck's rear axle, and it also takes needed weight off of your front axle too. So your steering probably felt like it was "floating or wandering", while you were on the expressways while driving? #2 - Those offset wheels and rubber band tires on that truck, are the other issue too! They might look really cool at a mall parking lot, and at Saturday night cruise, in town...but for towing & hauling...Not So Much! Those tires were screaming & straining, every mile your two were driving! I wonder what the 'Load Rating' is for those tires? I'm pretty sure...very inadequate for what you were hauling, or for what the truck is really tow rated for from the factory stock O.E.M. condition. Not lifted, and with off-set wheels. #3 - That squat in the rear of the truck, that you guys thought was so cool, was another factor as to why pulling that F-450, felt sketchy! Serious squat like that, is Never Cool! Throw some air bags on that truck. And you guys should really consider installing a weight distribution hitch w/anti-sway control device on your truck/trailer, the next time your hauling a heavy load, for long distances! Luckily, you guys made it back home safely. It probably took a couple of days for the color to return in your knukles, after that White Knuckle drive home too!?! : ) But you guys got a Great F-450. With some serious elbow grease, some time, and lots of'll have a Great Towing Truck, for all your future purchases, adventures, and long as you don't turn it into a "Asphalt Queen" that is. TBD

  • Tyler Gilmore
    Tyler Gilmore 4 hours ago

    are yall brothers?

  • Jer
    Jer 4 hours ago

    I hope you are asking to have those parts guys!

  • Jzamora26
    Jzamora26 4 hours ago

    How much

  • S V
    S V 4 hours ago

    Octyl-cyanoacrylate (superglue) is what ER doctors and field medics use to close wounds at times. Perfectly fine. Some superglues are a bit more toxic...check before use.

    SIDOMULYO E-XTREME 5 hours ago


  • Righteous Freedom USA 1776

    God damn that motor sounds so fucking awesome I can’t handle listening to it

  • pete carlton
    pete carlton 5 hours ago

    If you are lucky the door code will be on a card in the owners manual the factory code always works and if you have that you can program your own code in.

  • MC3
    MC3 5 hours ago

    How much did you pay for it

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell 5 hours ago

    You guys need to do a show with Hoovie’s Garage.

  • Fruity Berry
    Fruity Berry 5 hours ago

    Favor please😅 Can you make that as christmas truck because christmas is coming.

  • SOGbryan
    SOGbryan 5 hours ago

    What did you pay at auction??? I can't be the only one who wants to know.

  • Nagin Rathod
    Nagin Rathod 5 hours ago

    You didn't clean up the new flywheel before putting on the clutch and pressure plate, dudes?

  • Matthew Ashcraft
    Matthew Ashcraft 6 hours ago

    Orange peel gives the paint durability??? Are you serious?

  • Mark Conley
    Mark Conley 6 hours ago

    Use a 4x4 lumber under the front wheels, it will go up and over the trailer fenders

  • Joseph  Johnson
    Joseph Johnson 6 hours ago

    Hey head to Mishimoto for your radiator and intercooler

  • David Skerritt Jr
    David Skerritt Jr 6 hours ago

    The code for the truck should be in the manual it should be a card that has the numbers on

  • stick004
    stick004 6 hours ago

    I would love to know the story behind someone wrecking this 💰💰💰💰 80K truck in the first 1,000mi.

  • goog le
    goog le 6 hours ago

    New Skin

  • Dylan Adkins
    Dylan Adkins 6 hours ago

    Shouldn’t ever tow with it turned up like that hard on stuff tow on half of what you normally run

  • lil cayou
    lil cayou 6 hours ago

    Well I'm to this build bois. Nice 👍

  • Johnny Deutschemark
    Johnny Deutschemark 6 hours ago

    Awesome Shepard!

  • Lickedy Split
    Lickedy Split 6 hours ago

    That's hilarious "we budgeting 10,000 in parts." Yeah sure boy are you in for a surprise! Why don't y'all actually finish a vehicle?.

  • Lickedy Split
    Lickedy Split 7 hours ago

    Dang DUDE, Dude that's legit, dude what, guys your really getting old with the Dude comments...Too bad you guys don't know what your talking about when it comes to trucks..I wish you guys would have one person do the talking it's so aggregating listening to each of you talk over each other..your a long way from knowing what your talking about..son, son,son. Totally sound illiterate

  • Tyler Cuckovich
    Tyler Cuckovich 7 hours ago

    Is the ride greatly improved with the coilovers?

  • Hunter Lambert
    Hunter Lambert 7 hours ago

    Goozquad you should try to find a chevy truck

  • Richey
    Richey 7 hours ago

    I hate it when I need to buy new batteries for my truck because the serpentine belt is not on! 🤣😂💨

  • Kerry Juntunen
    Kerry Juntunen 7 hours ago

    I love how fearless you approach the tear down. Very crazy! Thanks for the channel, guys.

  • LawF250
    LawF250 8 hours ago

    Hitch safety chains supposed to be connected to the tow vehicle and not just the hitch FYI. Be safe.

  • Truck and Travel
    Truck and Travel 8 hours ago

    You guys might wanna get a deeper trans pan. These newer Super Dutys run hotter then most trucks. I have a 2017 F350. In the hills off Pennsylvania the trans got up to 240. I did a lot of hot shotting with my truck and put on 233,144 miles before the trans went out on me. I would say 2/3's of the miles where under load. After around 30k miles I had problems with the sync radio and moon roof. If your moon roof starts to click when you open or shut it or doesn't open or close right away. You will need new tracks for it. Ford Company is well aware of the problem. I know they did not fix for 2018 models, not sure about 2019 and newer. Great looking Truck. Over all I do like mine. Great channel, Been following your guys for awhile now. You guys need a Goonzquad car museum with merch store so your viewers can stop by. Kinda like what Duck Commander did. Keep going strong. God Bless

  • Alan Clelland
    Alan Clelland 8 hours ago

    No chrome wheels pleeeze

  • Marc Halsrud
    Marc Halsrud 8 hours ago

    Hey y'all need information on things I'm a diesel mechanic at ford

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 8 hours ago

    Damn! Front end collision and the whole interior explodes.

  • Stefan Markovic
    Stefan Markovic 8 hours ago

    Waste of time watching This, dont watch it

  • Ronald Skidmore
    Ronald Skidmore 8 hours ago

    You boys should get ahold of Mitchell appraiser crash books it has different books for time parts refinishing and location of pcm,bcm,air bag modules and sensors r&r ,r&I retail ins prices look into getting some and save time searching

  • Cloud Ryse
    Cloud Ryse 8 hours ago

    Finally A Enjoyable Build Been Skipping So Many Videos Lately

  • Young Simba
    Young Simba 8 hours ago

    How much did they pay for it ?

  • Carson Allen
    Carson Allen 8 hours ago

    Can we see a car and garage tour plz ?

  • Gunrunner 87
    Gunrunner 87 8 hours ago

    11:45 I'd recommend crossing the chains so if the trailer unhitches the chains will catch it instead of dragging it

  • randy mertz
    randy mertz 8 hours ago

    if you were to make any money it won't be possible to buy all this options parts unless you get then for notning

  • Tae Str
    Tae Str 8 hours ago

    Drinking game: take a swig of beer everytime they say dude Good vidja!

  • Q
    Q 9 hours ago

    What's the name of the song at 9:15 ?

  • john gerchman
    john gerchman 9 hours ago

    What halpend to the mustang

  • Tractors, trucks, and dirt bikes

    that look like it was just driven off the dealership when it was wrecked because on the seats it still had the plastic rap on the platinum logo and it is super clean

  • jcontradiction
    jcontradiction 9 hours ago

    I love that these guys are TRUMP supporters

  • Techytech
    Techytech 9 hours ago

    I like that they don’t cut any corners. Everything is replaced to manufacture spec.

  • Tyler Whitehead
    Tyler Whitehead 9 hours ago

    The Cummins has all the same stuff in the back seat

  • blakelyn cole
    blakelyn cole 9 hours ago

    Y’all should build a drag car

  • Rafael paulista
    Rafael paulista 10 hours ago

    Brasil acompanhado

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc 10 hours ago

    Think about sound dampening the whole thing, now that's it's all torn apart it'll be easier to do.

  • tajalan
    tajalan 10 hours ago

    It would be interesting if you tell us the price you paid at auction and the total cost of repairs, thank you, love the channel!

  • Anthony Cubbage
    Anthony Cubbage 10 hours ago

    Hey is that a crack in the metal frame of the seat on front passenger side seat you can see it pretty good 8:53 just to the right of his thumb

  • Skinny Bones
    Skinny Bones 10 hours ago

    Do you know what happened to the Ford f-450

  • Sharif Alhabarneh
    Sharif Alhabarneh 10 hours ago

    Guys .... I’m really torn between buying a hellcat Or a Zl1 What y’all think ? 😥

  • Johan Engman
    Johan Engman 10 hours ago

    What happened to the garage you would build?

  • Jim Simons
    Jim Simons 10 hours ago

    So nice to these good attitude young people do such a project. When I was there age I had to build a car myself if I wanted something to drive, and I had to work hard on the side finding the money for the parts if I wanted that car to be a nice one. The best part is the pride of doing your own work and the fact those skills will carry on down to the next generation. Anything can be fixed, you just need the positive attitude and ambition.

  • kingranch51
    kingranch51 10 hours ago

    When will the hoodies be back in stock? Need a 2X for Christmas.

  • jacques candas
    jacques candas 10 hours ago

    save so much money if you only buy the two normal driver/passenger air bags

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson 10 hours ago

    Never fixed the tailgate. RIP. Also maybe new front and rear bumpers. I personally love iron cross bumpers

  • Precise LoS
    Precise LoS 10 hours ago

    Just a thought. First off. Great opportunity taking advantage of a wrecked truck and taking the time to fix it. Thats a way to save some dough depending on how much was spent to recover it. I am sure you guys have enough wealth of knowledge to get it back up and running in excellent condition. But here is a thought. To the poor guy or gal that was driving it, how cool would it be to get this tank back on the road and back to the owner? Of course im sure the owner had gap insurance and is probably seeking to buy a new set of wheels but what a compliment it would be to bring it back so he can bounce back on the road for the holidays? But like I said i dont know the circumstance but of I had the money and the heart, thats what id do. Either way enjoy the rebuild project and congrats on the new tow rig haha

  • ocelot48gaming
    ocelot48gaming 11 hours ago

    IMPORTANT: Guys, when you're buying a truck/car after an accident, it is important to check the engine. Because when cars hit, engine may stop abruptly really fast. This makes crankshaft hit the journals (crankshaft bearings). This means engine will not run for a long time after that.

  • Michał Majchrowski
    Michał Majchrowski 11 hours ago

    Italy is in Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Real Racing Pro
    Real Racing Pro 11 hours ago

    I love how positive they are

  • Juice
    Juice 11 hours ago

    That horn is so sick!!!