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Surprise Announcement! :)
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  • lenadahling
    lenadahling Minute ago

    You're amazing! Could you please do a video on illuminating (shimmer/pearl) products for oily skin that aren't greasy? Primers, foundations/BB/CC/tinted, setting sprays? Thank you! x ❤️

  • Sandra Dawson
    Sandra Dawson Hour ago


  • Carol Gibson
    Carol Gibson 4 hours ago

    I was so hoping that it would be good. I can't put false lashes on with glue. I have magnetic lashes and the liner from Moxie. It does work to hold them on but it is just to expense to use regularly.

  • Becky Palmer
    Becky Palmer 7 hours ago

    Can you test the ardell magnetic lash?

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

    I’m sure hoping Inky Minky is coming out with accent or half lashes. Those are all I wear and I want to use yours so bad!

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 7 hours ago

      Yes! Working on one! :) Thank you so much for considering the lashes!

  • Sarah Garcia
    Sarah Garcia 7 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to us!!😀😀😁🥰☺️

  • MetalcoreRyan
    MetalcoreRyan 9 hours ago

    I bought some and just want to know how to use it at its right purpose

  • MetalcoreRyan
    MetalcoreRyan 9 hours ago

    Selling at the dollar store for one buck now just got some

  • Judy Eckhart
    Judy Eckhart 9 hours ago

    Hello again. I think I found a dupe for the NARS “Exhibit A” blush. It is the Coastal Scents blush in “Radient”. I only just received it and I do not have my sample swipe of the NARS Exhibit A any longer, but it sure seems to be a very close, if not spot on, dupe. It is possibly even more pigmented than the NARS blush. Hope this is helpful.

  • Chelsie French
    Chelsie French 10 hours ago

    Also make up forever the smooth primer is great

  • Chelsie French
    Chelsie French 11 hours ago

    I love ur videos!! U should try smash box photo finish

  • Karin Bauer
    Karin Bauer 11 hours ago

    I’ve had this palette awhile but wanted to see what looks people are creating with it. I can’t figure out why people hate this palette!! It’s my go to every day!

  • Robin DeBruhl
    Robin DeBruhl 11 hours ago

    I wonder if you could layer the magnetic liner with a traditional liquid liner? This way if it did break apart no one could tell?

  • robin reid
    robin reid 11 hours ago

    I am so sorry for your toxic childhood relationship s. I too was raised by an abusive mother. My sisters never knew when she was going to fly into a rage. It was very frightening. I think the worst part was my father would not intervene on our behalf! Robin

  • Jules of Wisdom
    Jules of Wisdom 11 hours ago

    How did you remove the liner?

  • Reba Hensley
    Reba Hensley 11 hours ago

    I wonder if you could put the magnetic liner over a good liner?

  • Lori Bayly
    Lori Bayly 11 hours ago

    Please do a review of the Ardell system please 🙏❤️

  • Le Elda Means
    Le Elda Means 12 hours ago

    Oh sure.....but what happens when you go thru TSA?? Lol

  • Bre V
    Bre V 12 hours ago

    Never heard of or seen your channel before, was looking for S&C reviews, went through like 12 that didn't keep me longer than the first few minutes - I'm 3 minutes in and we haven't even talked about the foundation but who cares because I am in l o v e . You are SO gorgeous, we have similar undertones/color/hair, you are goals goals goals and I'm so happy I found this channel. <3

    • Bre V
      Bre V 12 hours ago

      (Also, as an aside - my wife cut ties with her very toxic mother over a decade ago, and it was incredibly painful but one of the best, healthiest decisions she made for herself. Bravo for you for being able to talk about this, and bravo for you for making the choice that was best for your own heart. Much strength to you. <3 )

  • Pickled Ginger
    Pickled Ginger 14 hours ago

    That eyeliner scares me - I don't need it flaking into my eyes.

  • Anne Davis
    Anne Davis 16 hours ago

    I react to adhesives. Don't wear false eyelashes because see above. I'm hoping they'll come out with magnetic eyelashes that are really great before my wedding, whenever that ends up being.

  • Diana West
    Diana West 16 hours ago

    Love this look! I remember my Mom when I was very little, and she was not a heavy makeup person but naturally pretty...she used Pond’s Cold Cream, a mild soap like Cashmere Bouquet to cleanse her face. I remember her main makeup at that time was Coty’s loose powder in a peachy shade, no concealer, cake mascara, brow pencil with arched brows, and little “rouge”, but had various shades of red, plums, orange -red shades of 💄 lipstick, and never left the house without it-she had beautiful teeth and smile, and it truly made her look so pretty. Later on she discovered Estée Lauder facial oil, that she would wear at night, and used less soap for cleansing! Great tutorial and love this on you, perfect! ☺️💕💄‼️

  • LiliUF
    LiliUF 16 hours ago

    I've heard that you can use a regular eyeliner at first and then do the special liner on top. That way you won't see the cracking as easily. But I wouldn't know for sure about these because I've only tried ardells and that one that comes in the sparkly blue boxes (both a fail for my eye shape).

  • Daniela Miszezun
    Daniela Miszezun 17 hours ago

    What about to use the regular eyeliner first or/and just where the lashes will go. Applying a thinner layer (with another brush)? Thanks a lot, Zabrena. Always a pleasure watching you! 😘❤

  • Stephanie Hwang
    Stephanie Hwang 17 hours ago

    I think the liner sticks more to the magnets than to your skin. I had the same problem with the liner (and therefore the magnet/lash) lifting off the eye

  • Rochelle Robinson
    Rochelle Robinson 17 hours ago

    I would try these for my Crazy Cat Lady Halloween look.

  • Karla Torres
    Karla Torres 17 hours ago

    you look like Anna from Frozen in this video

  • Jessica H
    Jessica H 18 hours ago

    Wow imagine living in a time where makeup worn had to be undetectable. It's just paint, it washes off.

  • Maha Khan
    Maha Khan 18 hours ago

    Red lipsticks dupes, fall lip colors. Thank you!

  • TheYNirvana
    TheYNirvana 18 hours ago

    I struggle to apply false lashes so I'm intrigued about magnetic lashes. I want voluminous lashes but not too long (I have hooded eyes).

  • Yllasville1110
    Yllasville1110 19 hours ago

    That was my concern when i heard about this concept--you had to use their eyeliner (obv). I like my current eyeliner so i wonder if it could work if i add them on top/under their eyeliner.

  • Vicaohlaluna
    Vicaohlaluna 19 hours ago

    I don't really like nor I use false lashes, but I still watched the video because I always like hearing your thoughts anyways, lol.

  • Jennifer Whittaker
    Jennifer Whittaker 19 hours ago

    You have to put the upper on first then the lower. They work great! But you just gotta do it right.

  • Old Fashion Mommy
    Old Fashion Mommy 20 hours ago

    What happened to bikini contest bronzer ? I'm freaking out. I've searched every store for a month. I'm so mad. Bikini contest only matches for me. And it's no longer on the shelf. Does anyone know what's going on?

  • Alana Calles
    Alana Calles 20 hours ago

    I was really excited to see this video. I just recently got the ardell magnetic lashes ($20 at sally beauty, about $16 with their rewards!) And I really like the ardell ones! I would LOVE a video on them, they use a gel eyeliner instead and the application is slightly different than eyelure so I personally think they will stick and hide better than these did! I think you'd like them better. Take care!

    MARLENE MEJIAS 20 hours ago

    I had purchased them yesterday!! And returned them today. They kept detaching in the inner corner and the end!! Heavy! Uncomfortable, did not like them at all. 😞😞 everything you said in the review happened to me.

  • Angela Massey
    Angela Massey 20 hours ago

    Thank you Zabrena for your story❤️.

  • Melanie gorniak
    Melanie gorniak 21 hour ago

    I completely agree they feel heavy, it’s the magnet 🧲 that makes then a bit uncomfortable. If you wear contacts and at the end of a long day and your eyes are very sore , well that’s how I felt after only an hour of wearing them I had to take them off they just actually kinda hurt like my eyes . Btw I used the same brand BUT I’ve heard the Ardels are much better and don’t feel heavy and uncomfortable so maybe just get them.

  • Amy C.
    Amy C. 21 hour ago

    Zabrena, I so appreciate this review! I have a special event this weekend and was thinking of picking up a pair of magnetic falsies to wear. I now know that perhaps the usual glue-on falsies would be a better option for me. Much love to you and your family....and to everyone out there watching this <3

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell 21 hour ago

    Your skin is stunning. Even your under eyes are a dream! Thank you so much for this video!!! My Estée Lauder eye cream hasn’t done anything noticeable for me so I might try something you mentioned!

  • Melissa Whitt
    Melissa Whitt 21 hour ago

    Is it *really* safe though to put magnetic substances that close to our eyeball? 🤔

  • Patricia Mesa
    Patricia Mesa 21 hour ago

    I'm holding my breath as your putting on the wing 😅😅

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 21 hour ago

      So was I! :) LOL

  • Sara Salinas
    Sara Salinas 21 hour ago

    This is potentially dangerous. If you wear that type of liner or magnetic lashes in an MRI or ct scan. It's just an accident waiting to happen.

    • Macy Jayn
      Macy Jayn 19 hours ago

      I had an MRI last November and they specifically asked me if I wore magnetic lashes. They included other things too, but they do ask.

  • Jeanie Ruiz
    Jeanie Ruiz 21 hour ago

    Personal opinion I think they make your eyes look droopy. Sorry

  • Sara Salinas
    Sara Salinas 21 hour ago

    I've never had luck with magnetic lashes. You lose the bottom or top and their your money in the toilet. Balancing the top and evenly getting the bottom to magnetize is near impossible for me anyways.

  • Monica P
    Monica P 22 hours ago

    I wonder if Moxie lash is better ?

  • Tina
    Tina 22 hours ago

    I think you look very pretty with nothing but a little bit of eyebrow product and perhaps a bit of brown mascara.

  • kwiet23
    kwiet23 22 hours ago

    This is amazing! I have bought magnetic lashes in the past and threw them away because I simply could not "sandwich " my lashes in between the magnetic lashes. I tried everything and could not do it without blinking. I am hoping more brands will do this, but better! Perhaps you will do a magnetic line with a nice matte liner! Thank you for the comprehensive and helpful review.

  • bxgal347
    bxgal347 23 hours ago

    Its exactly why I hate glitter eyeshadow

  • Sarah Grant
    Sarah Grant 23 hours ago

    Sweat and humidity probably didn't help these....

  • Desha Esperon
    Desha Esperon 23 hours ago

    I think I’m going to just try the magnetic accents just for the outer ends. I’ve heard better reviews but n Ardell accents

  • rupertsfriend64
    rupertsfriend64 23 hours ago

    I’ve really fancied trying these type of lashes .... partly because of the magnetic liner.. I decided not to ... it is the possibility of magnetic particles that could end up going under your eyelids and irritation to the eyes.... esp if the eye liner is prone to being flaky

  • Toni Schonberg
    Toni Schonberg 23 hours ago

    Poor sweetheart, I have a horrible mom, she is also a horrible grandma😓😩😫😖😣Happy Birthday pretty lady💕❤️🎂🎂🎂🎊🎊🎊🥰

  • adolezal23
    adolezal23 23 hours ago

    I bought a pair off wish just to see... and if course they where crap! Bought these ones you tried at Walmart a few weeks ago, honestly they seemed to be just like the wish ones! So disappointed!

  • Lee Ryan
    Lee Ryan Day ago

    How safe is it to have something that is chemically based to get the magnetic effect on your eyes. I would be a bit concerned.

  • mairimka
    mairimka Day ago

    The concept seems really promising! Maybe more companies will come up with their own magnetic liners and we can look forward to better formulas in the future. I think this could dramatically increase the life span of a pair of lashes and decrease the amount of waste produced by having to replace your lashes constantly.

  • Isabella Abruzzi

    As a fellow ginger, I would like to see an auburn lash in your line.

  • Geraldine Martz

    Zebrena the Ardell magnetic liner and lash kits are amazing and I wear them everyday!!! The liner looks amazing, even the next morning when I accidentally fell asleep with my makeup still on my face (did take off lashes though before I fell I think if you try them, Ardell version, you would love the do not have to layer it either, can apply a thinner line, wear with any magnetic lashes. The sell just the liner as well at Sally's...but for $6 more I just bought the kits...a full set if semi wispy and accent, love both and have wore the liner with the Kiss magnetic lashes as well. Love you and videos!!! Thank you for reviewing...I almost bought this kit from eylure...glad I didn't and now they have dissapeared off the market? Maybe because of eyeliner formula? Have a great day!!!

  • linda dee
    linda dee Day ago

    Hello Zabrena :-)) Im 51 and I'm still very blessed to have very long long thick eyelashes and i pray to god to not let them fall out anytime soon. oxoxoxox

  • Ernestina Dominguez that is a person that alleged she can work these, good luck😁

    • Ernestina Dominguez
      Ernestina Dominguez 18 hours ago

      @Zabrena oh! Okay I should have watch it before recommending it. ☺

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 22 hours ago

      Those are different than the ones being reviewed here ☺️

  • lunatikker
    lunatikker Day ago

    i love your reviews and watch every one of your posts but IMO!!! you’re biased as a manufacturer of lashes. if i made a line if lashes i wouldn’t tell ANYONE that there was a “better” product on the market. i do hope that you make a line of them yourself because this is definitely the next big just looks so easy. i have nothing but love and respect for ya baby thanks for the review🔥🧡💛⭐️✨

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 21 hour ago

      I appreciate you being here :) I wasn't offended but I was hurt by your comment because I treat every product review with an open mind, and if I have skepticism I'll mention it but I don't let it affect my opinion of the product beforehand. I personally enjoy when my skepticism is proven wrong, especially when it comes to affordable products. II appreciate your feedback and being comfortable here to share it, I wouldn't want to stifle your opinion :)

    • lunatikker
      lunatikker 21 hour ago

      Thanks for the i said Zabrena, i have nothing but love and respect for you. I’ve been watching your channel for years and didn’t mean to offend you, which i obviously did. Its just my opinion and have heard nothing but good things about lashes of this type. I think that even though they say to use three coats of product its way too thick which is why you experienced cracking and flaking. If you used one coat they would probably work and you might have better results. I’m not going to tell you how to do your job but I personally would’ve played around with the product a bit more before posting. Again, these are all my opinions as a consumer and lover of makeup and didn’t mean to offend you.

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 22 hours ago

      Sorry you feel that way. I’m not biased at all. I mention other lashes in my reviews and lift up other brands without any qualms. See my recent video on lashes from Coloured Raine. Nothing but positive things to say there, and they are competition. My lash line speaks for itself and I don’t need to shoot down anyone else’s brand to lift mine up. This was not a good quality product and I stand behind the on-camera results.

  • Janet Cannon
    Janet Cannon Day ago

    How disappointing. Guess YOU will have to come out with an affordable set of magnetic lashes!

  • Sabina Hertzum

    Im going to try them if they ever get to our small corner of the world - I don’t do great with full lashes, I have an eye shape that really doesn’t get flattering with lashes - and my own lashes are long and with regular mascara I even touch my eyelid - but sometimes I need that little ‘extra’ and the half lash situation is definitely something that I would be willing to try - at the right price :)

  • depressed wolfie Sampson

    My daughter had terrible ear infections as a young toddler and she had trouble talking for awhile as she's 11 and u can't get her to stop but seriously I'm sorry u had to go through that...but forgiveness is the best thing to help heal all the wounds and God willing ur children will not have to go through all that trauma. Btw happy birthday!

  • Loraine Mcgillivray

    The magnetic lashes I have seen before have two sets of lashes and no magnetic liner. The magnets clamp together sandwiching your own lashes between the two sets which makes more sense I think. They don't seem to have the issues these ones do. Not everyone is good at applying a liquid liner so these look more difficult to apply. Best wishes.

  • Sarah Hubans
    Sarah Hubans Day ago

    Hi Zabrena! First of all I LOVE ur makeup videos, thank u so much for making them! Secondly, ur story really touched me, I myself had a dramatic childhood and can relate to what u went through. I appreciate how personal u r and that u r open about ur faith. I have a little rock' em sock' em 4 yr old boy and am determined 2 be a good mom to him. Once again, thank u, thank u for ur videos, dont stop making them and being ur wonderful self!

  • Smallpotato1965

    the no-eyeshadow-just-eyeliner thing looks good on you!! makes you look very young (not that you look old with eyeshadow, of course, lol)

  • LaunchAnia
    LaunchAnia Day ago

    Yeah, lash glue wins again.

  • Alison Stitt
    Alison Stitt Day ago

    Elf has a dupe for almost all of the CT colors.

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 21 hour ago

      What are they? Please share :)

  • jolynn White
    jolynn White Day ago

    Saber a some ladies just want the glam for a few hours , especially for holiday season ✌🏿️👌🏾💕

  • Guadalupe M
    Guadalupe M Day ago

    I bought the KISS magnetic lashes and the magnets broke off!! I don't recommend the KISS one's. I hope these are better.

  • jolynn White
    jolynn White Day ago

    Are there safety issues for our eyes tell tell tell😇 they look fab

  • jolynn White
    jolynn White Day ago

    Zairean dahling can y dupe the new urban decay honey palette, and pleeeeeeeese the upcoming Arder and Lauder holiday gift purchase hope y can ✌🏿️👌🏾😇🎓

  • Lydia Johnson
    Lydia Johnson Day ago

    I hope you'll review the Ardell version.

  • Carrie Swearingen

    I had purchased Lash liner's magnetic liquid liner and used it with Ardell's magnetic lashes. I also bough this liner and I felt it didn't even compare, I couldn't even get the lashes to stick. The lash liner brand is far superior..imho. The only problem is lash liner's product is a bit sticky and shiny. I am going to give Ardell's liner a try next.

  • Charity Wrenn
    Charity Wrenn Day ago

    Thank you so much for being honest. I had really high hopes for these & the liner!

  • sarah smith
    sarah smith Day ago

    seems more trouble than its worth

  • Mari Hernandez

    I feel like the usual thing is we lose our lashes , with these magnetic ones just slap them on the refrigerator when you’re done lol

  • Judy Eckhart
    Judy Eckhart Day ago

    Please try the One Two Magnetic lashes from Sephora. I’d love to know your opinion about them.

  • Ari Salcido
    Ari Salcido Day ago


  • redhotsweetpotatoe

    Wow, I would have thought your magnetic personality alone would have been enough to keep them in place. haaaaa

  • Carla Stephens

    I need beginner lashes !

  • Nadyne
    Nadyne Day ago

    I tried LinerLash and had a horrible allergic reaction. I tried to get a refund and was told they only accept returns with in three days of receiving your package! I had to go through PayPal to get my money back.

  • Kristina W
    Kristina W Day ago

    I heard somewhere that you can paint magnetic liner onto a regular false lashes instead of glue, instead of the lashes that come with little magnets, you would of course also have to put the magnetic liner on your eyes. Do you think that could work? Or I wonder would they instead repel each other?

  • Nadyne
    Nadyne Day ago

    I tried the one from Ardell, it was total crap. It's a pot style liner, like Moxie Lash. No matter how many layers of liner I put on, the lashes would not stick. I stopped after five layers.

  • Jlyn D
    Jlyn D Day ago

    I would still love to see you try the Ardell magnetic lashes/liner. Thanks for sharing this video with us.💗

  • Erika Thomas
    Erika Thomas Day ago

    I love the Ardell Accents magnetic lashes in style #001. You sandwich your natural lashes between two magnetic strips of lashes so you don’t need liner (I prefer an eye look without liner anyway). And the accents are only the outer half of your eyes. I apply 1 coat of mascara first to blend the accents with my natural lashes. A set is $10-14 (sometimes as cheap as $5) at Walmart, Ulta, Sally’s and I wear them for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week on TV for 3-5 months! The cost per wear is super cheap. Have you tried something like this before? My personal tutorial: Product:

  • Rachel Terrell

    I am not good at putting normal eyelashes on but I can't put the magnetic ones on at all. LOL

  • Dale Ann Harsh

    If you use this type of product please remember that you MUST NOT have them on, and that the liner MUST be completely removed before you go in for any type of MRI.....

    • Sara Salinas
      Sara Salinas 21 hour ago

      Thank you. That is so important. That should be a warning on the packaging. This is why we need consumers protection laws and regulations. It's just a matter of time that this will happen. I hope not but it's scary.

  • Annette Learey

    I wonder if you could mask the cracked liner by applying a normal liner and letting it dry before a top layer of the magnetic product. So it will still crack but hopefully you won’t see it as easily because you still have black liner underneath.

  • Yahaira Ayala
    Yahaira Ayala Day ago

    I tried the ardel ones and it comes with a matte gel liner. It is good but I do feel the heaviness you mentioned. Not for me since I like undetectable looking lashes.

  • Nicholas Rudd
    Nicholas Rudd Day ago

    Would a strong wind blow those off if you walked outside?

    • Alyssa Duca
      Alyssa Duca 5 hours ago

      Zabrena oh boy that little rascal! Stay safe lol 💕

    • Zabrena
      Zabrena 22 hours ago

      I think they would! Reason I say that is because my son went to hit me with a stuffed animal in the face (we were playing and he gets rough!) and the force of THAT knocked one of them off and he didn’t get me with the animal at all, I just turned my head and squeezed my eyes! That was enough to make one pop off!

    • Alyssa Duca
      Alyssa Duca Day ago

      Nicholas Rudd wondering that as well

  • Anna
    Anna Day ago

    Oh Zabrina, Happy Birthday! I wished I had watched this on your birthday. My childhood wasn't pretty at all either. My bio dad shares your special day so it helps to think of you on the day. I've been watching you since 2013 and I want to say thank you for what you do! The story of the blue eyeshadow being returned to you was amazing. Blessings, Anna

  • Jean Johnson
    Jean Johnson Day ago

    I wonder how healthy putting a metallic solution on your lash line would be for your eyes. Latisse is also applied to the lash line and it affects the lash growth. I just don't know. Have you heard any problems with this?

    • Marian H
      Marian H 6 hours ago

      This is my question too! It doesn't sound like it would be safe, but what do I know...

  • ChiTownGal
    ChiTownGal Day ago

    Maybe try a regular liner that u know won't smudge right in that inner corner where the magnet won't go anyway? But oh man! I'm still going to try these. Regular lashes are damn near impossible for me, and the original magnetic ones that u have to sandwich aren't great either. I don't plan on wearing my lashes for a super long time anyway, so glad to hear these at least help up for a decent amount of time and at a reasonable price. BeautyNews did a video with the expensive brand's version and after like 10 mins the weight of the lashes had begun to pull the liner off the eye! 😬😘

  • Carla Gómez
    Carla Gómez Day ago

    I have an idea! It might be too convoluted, but... What if you put this liner over regular trusty liner (that way if it cracks, it wouldn't be noticeable), and you applied it with another eyeliner brush, something skinnier, to have more control?

  • Carla Gómez
    Carla Gómez Day ago

    One more vote here for your review of the Ardell magnetic kit!

  • Andrea Sadler
    Andrea Sadler Day ago

    Great video. I’m playing Van Helsing in Dracula which is set in 1927 so video was perfect. Thanks much

  • WreckItRubix
    WreckItRubix Day ago

    I saw these yesterday at walmart and almost grabbed them, but decided to wait on it. I'm so excited to see what you have to say!

  • Jo Marie
    Jo Marie Day ago

    I have a hard time applying lashes the regular way, but please make some magnetic lashes for your line and I'll buy them!!!!