James Bond 007
James Bond 007
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On set with Bond 25: Jamaica
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  • GinHindew110
    GinHindew110 3 hours ago

    Remember BBC's Sherlock? It has its flaws but it was overall entertaining,but it went to shit when the story stopped being about solving cases and became about Sherlock's personal problems, i see the same here i dont watch a James Bond movie to see a story about a guy and his wife, i watch it to see bad agents with a plan fighting good agents with a plan

  • lebronjordan3
    lebronjordan3 3 hours ago

    2:04 Rami appears gives me chills.

  • Tor Knudsen
    Tor Knudsen 3 hours ago

    Feminist 007 trashtalking Bond. Bond has no comeback. Sad.

  • Parthiban Ias
    Parthiban Ias 3 hours ago

    Ironman ஐ நாராடிச்ச மாதிரி, james bond கும் விஜய் சேதுபதி வாய்ஸ் கொடுக்க போராணுங்க😢😢😢

  • frederick ooi
    frederick ooi 3 hours ago

    Dr No Time to Die

  • Pat miles
    Pat miles 4 hours ago

    Looking forward to this bond, with a Vesper over rice.🚘🇬🇧👍

  • Fantastico!!!!!! 007

    Bond is back

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy 3 hours ago

      This trailer was perfect. Next I vote Michael Fassbender play James

  • polski tyton
    polski tyton 7 hours ago

    tvclip.biz/video/YwBmCAmuaPQ/video.html hope , that will be new song for BOND

  • Item69
    Item69 7 hours ago

    The new 00 appears not to be disabled. Not diverse enough. Disliked.

  • Rezatera Eilolsiân
    Rezatera Eilolsiân 8 hours ago

    A black woman is gonna be the next 007? Very PC mate.

  • kung fu panda
    kung fu panda 8 hours ago

    James bhaand

  • MP4moviz hindi dubbed DK


  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar 9 hours ago

    James bond- no one is better than me ? John wick- hold my 🐕 😁😁

  • Guy Some
    Guy Some 9 hours ago

    we wuz 007 n shiet

  • Paradise Eve
    Paradise Eve 10 hours ago

    I can't see her... the new 00 female agent. She's too dark.

  • Arjun Gautam
    Arjun Gautam 10 hours ago

    My most anticipated movie!!!!!

  • Donarudo Dakku
    Donarudo Dakku 11 hours ago

    R.I.P. 007

  • Cooper
    Cooper 11 hours ago

    French chick, Temi Malek and Soshana lynch will ruin this movie. Shame.

  • FB0102
    FB0102 12 hours ago

    death? aint nobody got time for that

  • Xordak Kobayashi
    Xordak Kobayashi 12 hours ago

    The Rise and Fall of James Bond. RIP.

  • Part-Time Enlightenment

    Great, they plan on killing the Bond Franchise too, yay.

  • Akash Prasad
    Akash Prasad 12 hours ago

    Where you can find #JAMESBOND ? Answer is cinema hall.

  • Hema Latha
    Hema Latha 13 hours ago

    Action movie

  • Edward Sam
    Edward Sam 13 hours ago

    PLZZ upload in hindi language trailer

  • Edward Sam
    Edward Sam 13 hours ago

    Aaahhh maza aagya trailer dekh kr we so excited to movie in hindi

  • Mr. Appleseed
    Mr. Appleseed 13 hours ago

    This trailer was perfect. Next I vote Michael Fassbender play James

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj 13 hours ago

    "What do we say to the goddess of death??" -"No time to die"

  • noyfb
    noyfb 14 hours ago

    The feminists strike again. This movie will flop, guarantee it.

  • Vipi Cascas
    Vipi Cascas 14 hours ago

    Craziest thing, to me, is that while he's frantically driving through Matera, he utters the line" we all have our secrets, we just haven't gotten to yours yet." Anyone who's been following the developments of the films knows that there wouldn't have been any more "sercrets" had Craig not decided to return. I find the story arch of Craig's films quite uncompelling and improvised and SPECTRE was the final testament of that. If this film manages to make sense out of a convoluted mess and even remotely attempts to justify the aforementioned hodgepodge, it'll be a freak child of mainstream cinema.

  • Youngchan Kim
    Youngchan Kim 15 hours ago

    Matera is the perfect locale, what a sense.

  • Ajeetesh Mishra
    Ajeetesh Mishra 15 hours ago

    I was expecting to see Oberhauser in this !

  • francis idim
    francis idim 15 hours ago

    Please this needs an exclusive on the PS5

  • Jony Fontane
    Jony Fontane 15 hours ago

    History isn't kind to man who play GOD

  • First Last
    First Last 15 hours ago

    There aren’t enough black women in this film

  • Big Durwood
    Big Durwood 15 hours ago


  • Big Durwood
    Big Durwood 15 hours ago


  • David Edosomwan
    David Edosomwan 15 hours ago

    They made the right call changing that lady to “002”.

  • 117Haseo
    117Haseo 16 hours ago

    Wow he looks like he really does not want to be in the movie and the movie seems to agree, no one knows who he is he gets talked down to by younger agents hes lost his codename to someone who hasn't proven themselves that were aware of.....hmmm well guess we'll see what happens.

  • Cero Miedic
    Cero Miedic 16 hours ago

    I thought this new agent would get more trailer time than two lines and no action scenes. Maybe her importance was overstated.

  • Ravi Sriram
    Ravi Sriram 17 hours ago

    Perhaps the next Bond will finally start wearing suits that actually fit.

  • Harry Winston
    Harry Winston 17 hours ago

    Again the last time Austin Martin to do the madness!

  • FlynnDWT
    FlynnDWT 17 hours ago

    ...he's gonna die

  • macaron3141592653
    macaron3141592653 17 hours ago

    The Knives Out sequel we didn't know we needed

  • Richard Dunn
    Richard Dunn 18 hours ago

    Windows by Tesla.

  • Couverture Magazine
    Couverture Magazine 18 hours ago


  • I Drink Milk
    I Drink Milk 18 hours ago

    This politically correct garbage man. This is not what James bond is supposed to be about. Never seen a more overly diverse shoehorned character in my life than this new 007. This was never what James bond was about. "they banned the word bond girl on set because it's offensive" We've truly lost all of our hope for this forced garbage to ever stop tainting our fiction. Fuck this man. I'm not paying.

  • Z3R0 L0G1X
    Z3R0 L0G1X 18 hours ago

    It's gonna be F U C K I N G good. Can't wait !!!!!

  • kevin n
    kevin n 18 hours ago

    Stay in your lane? Please let this new character die. Tell me you are not trying to create a female 007 to be the next James Bond. Politically correct BS. Next James Bond will be Muslim, female, disabled, lesbian..... who has a PhD in women's studies.

    SUPERBIKER 18 hours ago

    R.I.P James Bond..another franchise dies! 😢

  • Chris Boyle
    Chris Boyle 19 hours ago


  • Reed Sutton
    Reed Sutton 19 hours ago

    So this is what Elliot did with Deus group's money.

  • The Man Who Sold The World

    Name is bond James 🅱️ond

  • ofek sharon
    ofek sharon 20 hours ago

    Me(halfway through the trailer): "Oh come on why don't you just reveal the entire plot" Also me: "Never mind😑"

  • Sushmit Wali
    Sushmit Wali 20 hours ago

    Why do I get Putin vibes ??? Oh damn... that Vox Video

  • G A LL 4RD0 C A RR 3R4

    🦁🦁🦁BLEZZINGZ 💤💤💤

  • Rehansaeed007 Live
    Rehansaeed007 Live 21 hour ago

    007 fans subcribe me

  • Martin JC
    Martin JC 21 hour ago

    First impression seems to borrow a lot from Skyfall, which IMO was Daniel Craig's best outing. There's the car scene with the protruding guns (I had a model of this when I was a kid), motorcycle scene, the bridge scene (notice this time he's left dangling - no time to die), he's working with a sexy dark Brit and he's under the ice again. The stunt work looks amazing

  • Adi 24
    Adi 24 21 hour ago

    No Time To Die will be really good IF: it has a unique, interesting story (like Skyfall/Casino Royale) with a great villain (like Silva). Introducing Lashana Lynch is great, so long as the intent is to launch a spinoff franchise (which would be cool) rather than replace Bond. And of course, they need to make sure Bond's character is still quintessentially Bond; incredibly skilled, suave, intelligent, witty, confident, strong, and occasionally vulnerable. And yes, a womanizer and alcoholic who doesn't give a damn about his toxic masculinity. In other words, this will not be a good movie.

  • Adi 24
    Adi 24 21 hour ago

    No Time To Die will be really good IF: it has a unique, interesting story (like Skyfall/Casino Royale) with a great villain (like Silva). Introducing Lashana Lynch is great, so long as the intent is to launch a spinoff franchise (which would be cool) rather than replace Bond. And of course, they need to make sure Bond's character is still quintessentially Bond; incredibly skilled, suave, intelligent, witty, confident, strong, and occasionally vulnerable. And yes, a womanizer and alcoholic who doesn't give a damn about his toxic masculinity. In other words, this will not be a good movie.

  • King Levy
    King Levy 22 hours ago

    I cant stop watching this trailer

  • David Carreon
    David Carreon 22 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with this

  • meral duran
    meral duran 22 hours ago

    No time to die. YES

  • Fak A Yu
    Fak A Yu 23 hours ago

    It looks awful and James Bond doesn't look like he's James Bond anymore(talking about his personality not his actual look). Nice SFX though, i guess it's all there is to movies nowadays.

  • Cinémax1306
    Cinémax1306 23 hours ago

    Funny, these three James Bond girls ( Eva Green, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux ) are french.

    DARK NOS 23 hours ago

    I want to be like Bond but my govt doesn't allow to have guns and to kill. 😠😠😠

  • Tim Lu
    Tim Lu 23 hours ago

    Ric Flair ...that is as dumb as saying I am so sad because I cant grow wings and fly yet

  • Satnam Singh
    Satnam Singh 23 hours ago

    I started watching bond because of daniel craig.....

  • Pop-Actor
    Pop-Actor 23 hours ago

    Pop_actor is 007

  • Big102080
    Big102080 Day ago

    What a steaming pile of shit

  • Sarat C
    Sarat C Day ago

    I miss David Arnold's background score.... Casino Royale is a CLASSIC in every way.

    • Asad Khan
      Asad Khan 18 hours ago

      Sarat C not Nicholas Dodd’s?

  • Kanda Robo
    Kanda Robo Day ago

    எந்தே மேரி.., அந்தே மேரி

  • Thing
    Thing Day ago

    Diversity is bullshit.

  • Minotaur 10
    Minotaur 10 Day ago

    Safin looks sexy af not gonna lie 😂😂

  • Jacques Ingram

    Tubi Hidden Gem _You Better Watch Out Movie

  • Embittered Drunk

    The masterminds lair is in...Anderston, Glasgow. Only kidding, it's a beautiful island in Jamaica

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy Day ago

      These comments are so cute no one realising this movie is James being replaced by women. Ignorance is bliss

  • Nick Stamboulis

    I feel like this'll be one of the only bond movies I'll pass on. Casino Royale was great, but since then Daniel been letting his disdain for the character slip through into the movies making it feel flat. That and I get the feeling they're slipping in some of the social politics into this franchise now. Which I'll pass on. Idk if they gave her the 007 title explicitly but if they gave the new lead bonds title, I don't think I can follow the franchise anymore. Not that they're giving a black female the lead as "the new James bond" but cannon wise they generally retire the double o title assigned to said agent when said agent retires or dies. That coupled with the scenes between between her and bond in the trailer it makes it feel like they're going to lowkey bash and belittle the character. Been watching these movies since I was a kid with my father, so that kind of treatment just doesn't appeal to me. I love strong female characters in media but to try and tear down a strong male character to make a female character shine brighter is not good entertainment.

  • bodie of ci5
    bodie of ci5 Day ago

    Sean Connery would just slap Lynch for being a bitchy little narcissist...

  • Hastrup081290
    Hastrup081290 Day ago

    The 25 planned movies for the female 007 just revealed: - Miss No - From Rachel with love - Gold Tea - Yoga Ball - You only eat twice - On her Instagrams filtering function - Diamonds are for the patriarchy - Me & Metoo - The man with the golden salary - The spy without my consent - Growlraker - For your money only - Squidkitten - A period to kill - The feminist daylight - License to blame - Golden eyeliner - Tomorrows brunch and lies - Your money is not enough - Cried a lot today - Shopping Mall - Quantum and stuff - Global Warming - Censor - More time to cry

  • One-Monkey Army

    So what's 007's name now?

  • off-kilter
    off-kilter Day ago

    James Bond looks so old now. Soon to be grandpa Bond ;p

  • vivan ranjan
    vivan ranjan Day ago

    who is the bond girl this time????

    TWO WORDS. Day ago

    OH MR. BOND!!!!!

  • XenoVirus
    XenoVirus Day ago

    So apparently the writer and the director actually hate James Bond. 2019 what fun

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei Day ago

    Title: "No time to die" I'll do you one better: "No time tomorrow to never live and let die another day" :v

  • Penguin Lips
    Penguin Lips Day ago

    the “stay in your lane” comment doesn’t really fit tbh

  • Hemanshu Chudasama


  • Guy Sanftleben

    Looks like the loony Liberals have got their teeth into Bond now. Like everything else they've infected, I'll have to make sure I give this film a miss.

  • Ben Bourke
    Ben Bourke Day ago

    Another classic franchise about to die a woke death. Boring as fuck social justice themes. A black woman 007 YAWN.

  • David Stevenson

    Stay in your lane. Stay in Africa.

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob Day ago

    Did she just use a Lavar Ball quote in a Bond Film!?

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob Day ago

    Is a *Lavar Ball* quote in a Bind film what is this!? Lol

  • David Stevenson

    The name is Woke, James Woke

  • dylan guppy
    dylan guppy Day ago

    This trailer looks fan made... no style, all action, bad/uninteresting sound bites, too much plot revealed. Not looking great if the film is actually as portrayed

  • David Stevenson

    WOKE rubbish. "The world's moved on commander Bond"..... wtf??.... I'll pretend she means Bond girls being innappriately cast as 007 instead. It's moved on very badly then. "Stay in your lane or I'll put a bullet in your knee"..... Isn't that a microaggression, coming from these neomarxist 4th wave feminist/misandrists. The appropriate reply from a rwsl Bond would be to give the little brat a good backhand and then pull her to bed for a good seeing to. Well I'll not be watching this SJW WOKE trash. Ironic how they are making Bond seem like the bad white man, yet the black bond girl is the one threatening violence for absolutely no reason, other than, I assume, sending a message the the tyrannical "Patriarchy". It just makes the chick unattractive, unpleasant and with a huge inferiority complex chip on the shoulder. Get woke. Go broke. #BoycottWokeBond

  • Andrew Salvatore

    Has anyone else noticed that all the events since casino royale, Quantum of solace, Skyfall, Spectre and finally no Time to die, is a representation of Ian Fleming's life or what he would have wanted for his life to be....at the end, both James bond and Ian Fleming retired in Jamaica.

  • Rondy Reeves
    Rondy Reeves Day ago

    So this is how you ruin one of the greatest characters in fiction? Well played, clowns. Jesus, this looks like a dumpster fire that has seventy kittens trapped in it.

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson Day ago

    Ahh well, Goodbye Mr Bond...…...

  • nader F
    nader F Day ago

    خیلی عالی ، متشکر

  • planetofthegapes

    Lionel Hutz: "(Dr.) No, Time to Die!"