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  • Eric Alexander
    Eric Alexander 13 days ago

    This is AMAZING! :D

  • Max K.
    Max K. Month ago

    You´re last segment was really sexist. If a man talked about women in general like that, he´d be looking for a new job. This is not the way to eliminate discrimination, this enhances it. Equality goes both ways.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee Month ago

    I'm curious to see how long it will take for you to claim "Black Friday" is racist......

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing Month ago

    Hi All,
    What we call Obamacare was originally the Republican response to the Clinton healthcare proposals in the early 1990's. The Democrats changed the "VIN" number on the idea, and sold it as their own.
    That is partly why the Republicans have so much trouble with it.
    One of the big Republican issues has been the deficit and the debt, but the budget they are proposing, with the unrealistic growth predictions, will almost certainly enlarge both of them.
    I think the Democrats should propose a budget of their own, one with realistic growth predictions, that is designed to wipe out the national debt in 20 years. That would mean tax increases for most Americans.
    There are about 100 Million taxpayers in the US, about $20 Trillion in debt, about $50,000 per taxpayer.
    $50K averaged over 20 years is about $2,500 more per year in taxes, per taxpayer. There are about 50 working weeks in the year, so, about $50 per week. Build it up slowly, increase their taxes by $10 per week per year, in 5 years, you will be up to $50/week.
    If we could actually pass such a tax increase bill, and stick to it, a person who was 18 years old today, could expect to have a national debt of zero before they turned 40. Can you think of a better gift?
    There is a story in the Bible, about the 7 fat cows, and the 7 skinny cows, and the moral was, save up today, because tomorrow will be hard times.
    I disagreed with Judge Moore, before I knew anything about the girls, because I cannot imagine him supporting such a tax increase bill.
    When Jerry Lee Lewis married his teenage love, the fundamentalists and the evangelicals who condemned his rock and roll, condemned him for this, now their descendants defend a man who pretty much did the same thing.
    If it was 40 years ago, that was when Studio 54 was open, and all that that implies, it was a very different time, but it WAS a very long time ago, that is the whole point.
    A person only has to be 30 years old to run for Senate, and Alabama runs two old men.
    I oppose Judge Moore because I disagree with his vision of the future, and his past informs me how he will probably behave in the future, taking advantage of those who are weak, because it makes him feel strong, an emotion I have felt in the past.
    If Republicans want to write in a protest vote, vote for the wife of Judge Moore. You get a young candidate, with the street smarts of that old hound dog backing her up.
    Sen. Al Franken? He is getting kind of long in the tooth, if he announced today that he would retire as of January 2019, Minnesotans would have a full year to prepare, and elect his successor a year from now, in the normal course of things.
    Let a young person have a shot at that seat, Sen. Franken, irrelevant of the rest of it. We have had a good run, it is time for a new generation to take over.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • abhijith rajesh
    abhijith rajesh Month ago

    no new video for so long pls release some soon .
    your videos are the best

  • Rafsanul Hoque Hridoy
    Rafsanul Hoque Hridoy 2 months ago

    Can anyone help me find the interview with International Rescue committee CEO with Trevor Noah? It was uploaded quite a while ago.Thanks.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 2 months ago

    Hi All,
    Design theory for multi player combat game similar to World of Tanks.
    Combined Arms would be the idea, real combat is an unpredictable mess, not just tank vs. tank, or single shooter vs. single shooter.
    99 players on each side, to start, the computer picks a year, and gives each side a budget, and a goal, either attack or defend.
    The players on each team would have to choose what weapons they could afford, and one side might have a much bigger budget then the other, could be a real trick, since you won't know with any accuracy, your opponents budget.
    Each side would organize themselves as they saw fit, and let the fun begin.
    One side might have a lot of money, buys tanks, and then the battlefield is mountains, and your tanks get killed by infantry.
    Should you know the battlefield before you spend your money, or after, after being more realistic.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Ca Bal
    Ca Bal 2 months ago

    The Trump Show with Trevor Noah. Trump is stupid, Trump misbehaves, Trump is an asshole. Ok, we got it, everyone knows it. Isn't there anything else going on in the US besides Trump? Opioid Crisis? Terrorist attacks? Shootings? Economic Crisis? This show sucks so much.

  • tls234
    tls234 2 months ago

    I really enjoy the daily show, so thanks, but the music at the end of your videos is too loud and repetitive. It's like a DVD menu where the music loops every few seconds, and it goes on waaaay too long. Nobody's clicking the videos that you show on the screen during that part anyway, everybody uses the sidebar, so just cut it down for the love of god.

  • Wes Henry
    Wes Henry 2 months ago

    Can't even watch this in Chrome. WTF? Get your act together

  • lockhrt999
    lockhrt999 2 months ago

    Upload complete episodes like stephen colbert otherwise we go to watch some pirated video of the whole episode on youtube. Comedy central doesn't stream in my country.

  • kreehomel
    kreehomel 2 months ago

    The visuals fail to appear sometimes on many Daily Show videos for me. It's only something I've ever seen on this channel. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 2 months ago

    Hi All,
    "I am under 35 years of age, and I am worried about the national debt."
    This may not be true for me, but for the majority of the viewers of the Daily Show, it is true, or needs to be true.
    People have asked why people commit mass shootings, why wasn't there more money for something to prevent it, because it was going to pay interest on the national debt.
    Retweet that to your congressional representatives.
    There are three power centers in this country. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are still dominated by members of the baby boom, and they are mostly over the age of 50 or so.
    Then everyone under the age of 35, which has a single interest, paying off the national debt before it is too late.
    It doesn't matter what you think about abortion, gay rights, or bleeping Robert E. Lee and the bleeping horse he rode in on.
    The baby boom is about to screw up the lives of everyone under the age of 35, and if you don't fight back, they will win.
    You can't "Wait for the world to change", you have to grab the future by its lapels and force it to change.
    Have a protest march to raise the gasoline tax by a single penny, and there will be people who argue that is too much.
    It is your future, fight for it, bleep it.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Grarth
    Grarth 2 months ago

    Thanks for your great work! I really like your content.
    Can you please equalize the volume in future uploads? The short intro and the music at the end are way too loud in pretty much every video. I have to tune down at the end every time only to tune up again when Trevor starts talking in the next video.

  • Poon Job
    Poon Job 2 months ago

    Fucktard = Trevor Noah

  • Eva P
    Eva P 2 months ago

    Re Texas shooting; USA's weapons problem could be solved if you embraced Europe's rules. You do not need to reinvent the wheel if you want to quickly reduce the deaths. USA is in the Stone Age about firearms. Particularly Trump. BR Eva from Sweden

  • Stott Daniel
    Stott Daniel 2 months ago

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  • jdswanny1969
    jdswanny1969 2 months ago

    I am a long term fan, but am forced to unsubscribe, as I am tired of getting links from you that have always "not been made available" in my country. You're a tease, and I'm better than that, so I'm moving on. Good bye!

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz 2 months ago

    Can you all do something about the super loud outro? It's alarming to have volume up high because video is so low and all of a sudden get a huge change in volume during the last 10 seconds. Thanks!

  • rockofullr
    rockofullr 2 months ago

    Post the Hanity rap battle segment. I was dying!!!

  • Jack Shaheen
    Jack Shaheen 2 months ago

    I like this show except for how he handled that blond ex fox news bimbo. Why did he not ask her what the fuck she was doing when she worked there misleading the American idiots who watched Fox news shit? No guts.

  • Jaff Arux
    Jaff Arux 2 months ago

    Oeh Voze.....that scoze

  • EatingAtRandom
    EatingAtRandom 2 months ago

    Empty barrels make most noise. Is a saying which means that whoever shouts the loudest or the one that is most brash often are those who have the least substance in their utterances or projects.

  • itchy robot
    itchy robot 2 months ago

    I use to think that this show just had bad guests, or just interviewed some really boring people since Trevor took over. But now I'm beginning to realize that it's not them at all... Trevor is just really shitty at interviewing!
    They just had a very exciting guest Oct 30th, but I've never heard them lead down such a boring path before.
    It's not shitty guests, it's a shitty host!

  • Zeeshan Mahmud
    Zeeshan Mahmud 2 months ago

    I really like your show Trevor. I think you are witty, funny, creative, bold and a genius but... you really need to get off Trump's b***s. It's like the man can do nothing right. He can literally cure cancer tomorrow or solve Middle East problem and you and your cult of liberal followers will still find a way to tear him down.
    Shift from all the negatives in the world and focus on the positive - even if there ain't none- and you will be much happier and live longer. The people I look up to - Rosa Parks, Eminem, Tank Man, Bill Maher- knew/know that it is better to stand up for what they feel is right and true and not necessarily to appease common view. That is true progress in the liberal sense instead of bitter and incisive divisiveness. May be it is the nature of Daily Show- I wouldn't know because never really watched during Jon Stewart era- but it takes more balls and spine to speak what you truly feel is objective instead of pandering liberal propaganda to a crowd of your liking.
    Gathering a group of cronies and picking on the easiest target of all day in and day out makes you the very thing you are fighting against ----- a bully!

  • The Ultimate H
    The Ultimate H 2 months ago


  • Dawn Hamer
    Dawn Hamer 2 months ago

    I subscribe to comedy central but cannot get Trevor Noah's program.

  • Priapos93
    Priapos93 2 months ago

    Ending cut not funky enough. Sounds like a CD skip or low-bid menu music on a game

    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 2 months ago

    Nice channel m8

  • Dominik Rodler
    Dominik Rodler 2 months ago

    Please, you have to get the volume of the outro song under control. The volume jump is smacking me in the face every single time I watch a video.

  • Chris Charette
    Chris Charette 2 months ago

    Why are most of the episodes blocked, for me??? Fucking rude!! If I can't watch, then why let me subscribe?? Awesome show, but a crap youtube channel.

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters 2 months ago

    really nice stuff

  • ZeuS B
    ZeuS B 2 months ago

    nicely done

  • Zephnia Mukwa
    Zephnia Mukwa 2 months ago

    There were no personal computers in 1945-1950_++ yet some of you live there. WHY? TRUMP IS WONDERING WHY we need information NOW.His mind is in 1950.You get it?

  • I am Clyde and you probably aren't

    Would a Ben Shapiro interview be out of the question? Would be interested in watching a debate between Shapiro and Stewart.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 2 months ago

    Hi All,
    Book, "Wind and Windspinners", about building wind powered generators out of 55 gallon drums. Savonius or S Rotor, vertical axis, homebuilt. About 1975, or so.
    They sell water purification tubes at backpacking stores, cost about $20 and will do about 1,000 gallons, more or less. We need to send these to Puerto Rico, bottles of water are fine, but backpackers have been thinking about this stuff since before I was born.
    President Trump questioned the value of rebuilding the electrical grid on the island, he may just be right. Wind, solar, and local hydro may be more cost efficient.
    . I have been looking at Detroit on Google Earth, there will be a block that used to have 32 houses on, now, not a one. The power poles are still standing.
    Flat land means little erosion, a glacial till soil will big particles, a cold climate, relatively dry. Puerto Rico has volcanic soils, a hot, wet environment, steep slopes, lots of erosion. Power poles that fall down all the time.
    Alternative energy, solar, wind, and small scale hydroelectric are most cost efficient in areas where it costs too much to build and maintain power poles.
    Most of the parts of a windspinner can be obtained on the island, but the generator, bearings, control systems and batteries will need to be shipped in. When the soil starts eroding around the base, the user moves it to a new place.
    Detroit has a neighborhood called Del Rey, near the steel mills on Zug Island, polluted air. There is an old school site called McMillan, set up a hundred windspinners on the site.
    At about 500 watts out put per unit, assuming you need 1,000, watts per person, that would be about 50 people or so. Not a lot, but it could power the pumps at the sewage treatment plant.
    Small scale hydroelectric dams can be built by filling those water bottle with soil and using them as bricks, there is videos on Youtube about the technique. The controls and generators need to be imported but much of the material can be sourced locally.
    Local solar has the same advantages over the electrical power grid.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 3 months ago

    I just checked out your video, keep it up and stay blessed !!!

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Hi All,
    This a long one, I hope you will forgive me.
    Movie script idea. Science Fiction "Cities in Flight" by James Blish, Mayor Amalfi flying Manhattan among the stars, sending planets spinning out of their orbit, the anti friction device that works a little too well, what is not to love.
    Mr. Blish did an essay that is collected in the back of his best of short stories book. I did not understand much of what he was talking about back then, and only some of that has been cleared up, the essay is still over my head.
    He talks about a guy named Oswald Spengler, who was a European historian about a century ago. (I think the guy in "Ghostbusters" named Spengler is a play on him, never quite sure.)
    (American historians claim he borrowed a lot from the guy who wrote about the end of the frontiers, interesting mostly to other historians.)
    Anyway, Mr. Spengler was asked his opinion about Adolf Hitler, using operatic terminology, he said that instead of being the "hero", Hitler was too much the "heroic tenor".
    Mr. Spengler was pretty old, but they put him under house arrest, and did not let him out or allow him to talk to reporters, so this is a bigger insult then you would think.
    If I understand right, the "heroic tenor" is the somewhat comical foil to the "hero", if "Saved by the Bell" were an opera, guess who is the "heroic tenor". He is the perpetual loser who never gets the girl.
    ("Saved by the Bell" as an opera, now there is a scary thought.)
    During the age of sail, warships had rows of guns, pointing out sideways from the ship. With steam, you eventually get the Dreadnought, the first "all big gun" battleship, in 1906, with turrets on the center line, able to rotate and shoot over 180 degrees.
    Before the Dreadnought, on a big ship, they would have some big guns, some middle size guns, and some smallish guns.
    If it looks right, it sails right, but this was the opposite case, these were ships that had guns hanging off every corner, apparently without rhyme or reason.
    They were expected to deal with ships their own size, ships smaller then themselves, and ships much smaller then themselves.
    It took a while to sink in, but there is almost never a case when the smaller guns will be called into action. You either shoot at the target as soon as you can, with the biggest gun you have, or you send out one of your escort ships out to deal with the problem.
    For about 40 years or so, from the side,, a destroyer looked a lot like a cruiser, and a cruiser looked a lot like a battleship, they all had front and back turrets, a structure in the center, and the biggest guns the hull would take.
    In politics, like in war, the big ship should not worry about the small things, he cannot allow focus to drift into small targets close to home, he has to trust the escorts to do that.
    If Vice President Pence wanted to go to the football game, he should have gone out on the field with the players, and taken a knee with them. I think that would have been "heroic". What would Mr. Spengler have thought?
    Or was it a big ship firing a small gun at a target that only its big gun can reach?
    Senator Ron Paul was on, he stated as a matter of principle, that if you have a tax cut, you will have growth. What if you can have a tax increase and have growth? What if you have a tax cut but no growth?
    I do not believe he considers it even possible, so how can I talk to him about raising taxes?
    I believe that the power to govern, requires the willingness to tax, and if you unwilling to tax, you are unwilling to govern.
    Tax Reform, by definition, if it cuts taxes for one group of people, must increase taxes on another, and vice versa, if I raise the gasoline tax, I can lower the income tax, or the corporate tax. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
    We simply do not speak the same language.
    He is certain about some things, and I am uncertain, or certain he is wrong about the same issues.
    If the stock market goes up, but the national debt goes up in about the same proportion, I am actually worse off, my share of the debt is bigger then my share of the stock market.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Hi All,
    Mr. Steve Bannon was on C-Span, and quoted the Tao de Ching, but not by name, in front of the Value group.
    The thing is, Mr. Bannon is not very "Taoist" by my reading, so the book being itself fairly short, read it for yourself and see what you think. Think of it like the book of Proverbs from the Bible, or "Old Richards Almanac". A half an hour, maybe an hour, tops.
    The Tao is much more, well, like something a "Hippie" would read, "Man, if everyone just took off their clothes and smoked pot all day, it would bring World Peace", or if you are Catholic, St. Francis of Assisi, be cool, love everyone.
    One of the other main branches of Chinese thought is known in the US as Confucius, is very regimented, very organized, more like St. Benedict. Major Burns on TV MASH is a parody of a Confucian, over regulating foolish things.
    Mr. Bannon sure ain't no "Hippie", and he ain't St. Benedict. which pretty much leaves wild eyed revolutionary. He was speaking at the Value group, which implies they have values, and the rest of us don't, but we just have different values.
    A Taoist is someone so comfortable with his or her world, they can live in one place their whole life, see a village five miles away, and never visit it, will never need to, they have everything they need right there.
    Mr. Bannon sees the primary in Alabama as pivotal, and I just see two OLD men who both should have stayed home and let someone younger have a chance to serve. Possibly nice guys, just old.
    Give both of those guys 20 questions on actual policy, and they MIGHT disagree on one or two, but by and large they are, politically, no different at all.
    I guess it would be technically correct to call Mr. Bannon a "counter revolutionary", looking back at an ideal past, dealing with future shock by denying it .
    By the way, "Future Shock" is an actual book, written in about the time of the hippies, if you are under about 50, I would guess you have not read it, I would encourage you to do so.
    Thanks for your time, take care.
    PS, Katy Tur was being interviewed about her book, she is 33 now, she will be over 35 by the election, does she want to run for president?

  • EJ Harris
    EJ Harris 3 months ago

    What does it take to get Colin Kaepernick on as a guest?

  • zorra578
    zorra578 3 months ago

    Why no new videos for this week on the comedy central site? Was looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

  • billy kari
    billy kari 3 months ago

    tooop video

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Dear Vice President Pence,
    The US is $18 Trillion in debt, about $50,000 per person.
    How does walking out of a football game do anything to reduce that debt?
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • dexter Heo
    dexter Heo 3 months ago

    Dear uploader. plz plz plz add "add subtitle" function, really wanna translate for korean. don't wanna download video for just add subtitle.

  • Lofi BassUndKrach
    Lofi BassUndKrach 3 months ago

    Is here someone else who would wish that volume not to rise at the end of every episode?

  • Bladesmith
    Bladesmith 3 months ago

    Trevor is the most owned mouthpiece for the far left and does his best to please his Jewish owners who not only sign his paycheck but are bent on fracturing and dividing US society and use him as their tool of deception .

  • Matia Wallace
    Matia Wallace 3 months ago

    UMM Trevor Noah im going to need you to post daily the daily news bruh and start throwing in the weather so then we never have to tune to the real bs and we can watch the real for real in real life and not what they think it is

  • Talia Sloman-Moll
    Talia Sloman-Moll 3 months ago

    Hey, I love the show and I watch all your videos but can someone please fix the difference in volume at the outro for every video? It scares the crap out of me every time. That would be cool. Thanks!

    • kremlingrasso
      kremlingrasso 3 months ago

      came here to comment just this so it's not just you use a headset too? maybe that's why the difference is more shocking

  • Aza Holes
    Aza Holes 3 months ago

    The Big Wigs are censoring him because of the real videos coming out of Las Vegas. The Main is not reporting. Our Government think we are all Idiots!!!!

  • Skat2090
    Skat2090 3 months ago

    Still not available in the UK...

  • F Igoillo
    F Igoillo 3 months ago

    Your videos don't play anymore, they just get stuck on a never ending load loop.

  • Power Slave
    Power Slave 3 months ago

    Trevor you keep harping on Trump, for fuck sake man give it a break. Parody something else, besides you are not funny

  • Adrian Salmon
    Adrian Salmon 3 months ago

    Why can't people in Canada view your videos?

  • Clarence - The regular Cat

    Your sound guy editing is working with the wrong levels. everytime I am wtching the daily show i have to turn up the volume twice as high as any other youtube video. fix it please. OR TRY IT OUT YOURSELF

  • thelws
    thelws 3 months ago

    Hey guys, how come the youtube channel doesn't show more of the show? Like they just show 1 small clip. I don't live in the states and I only got youtube to turn to. Any way to see a full show?

  • imaginetheresno
    imaginetheresno 3 months ago

    Congratulations Trevor, on yet another award. The Thurber Humour (yes my humour has a u lol) award will line up nicely with your others.....and the others yet to arrive. Another spot on call....your October 2nd show. Thank you from an ever grateful and ardent fan.

  • Vincent Lazatin
    Vincent Lazatin 3 months ago

    Love watching your show, but can I make one suggestion? When the end credits come on, the volume of the music is two or three levels higher than Trevor's dialog so I have to jump to my volume control to lower the volume. Maybe you can correct this in future episodes. Thanks.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Hi All,
    Puerto Rico is in trouble, we have about 10,000 people in there, need about 50,000. US Army has 2 Airborne divisions, the 82nd and the 101st, both based in the SE US. They have about 20,000 troops each, in theory, could have 1/3 in 24 hrs, all in 48.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • hillary Ford
    hillary Ford 3 months ago

    they should start calling the news by the 80s title "not necessarily the news"

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Hi All,
    There are about 1600 players in the NFL, and about 450 in the NBA. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, about 35 Senate seats, and about 50 Governor and Lt. Governor seats in play in about 13 months.
    How about if 25% of the NBA and NFL players ran for all those offices, as Republicans?
    Running as Democrats would be more logical, but not as much fun.
    A player from the Chicago Bulls could buy 10 acres in Harlan, Iowa for about $40,000, establish residency, file and run.
    The primaries mostly run in the summer, and the NFL and the NBA are not playing in June and July, perfect opportunity.
    The odds are that no more then five or ten per cent will win, what if you all sweep, President Trump walks into the Congress, and faces that?
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • imaginetheresno
    imaginetheresno 3 months ago

    Ohhhhhhh my. Your September 25th episode REALLY hit the nail on the head Trevor! Shame it's only on-line for USA viewers :( I'll be keeping my copy on the DVR and showing to all ! Bless you Trevor.

  • Tiger Growl
    Tiger Growl 3 months ago

    For anyone reading this comment their is good news. Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for us so that we could achieve Salvation. How do you do that? Just say the sinners prayer and start your walk with Jesus today. Begin life anew turn away from worldly things, share the good news and above all else keep your FAITH in him. To those who reject this message he loves you and don't wait until its to late.

  • 2BuckChuck
    2BuckChuck 3 months ago

    please fix the audio mixings on new videos, most of the videos are super quiet until the end song and then it just blasts

  • Arash Kiani
    Arash Kiani 3 months ago

    get notifications but cant watch because its not available in my area! UNSUBSCRIBED

  • apophis1701
    apophis1701 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah does needs to diversify his show a little bit more but is it just me because I think somehow our country is being diversified and it starts from the top down. check out the S.S. on each side of the podium and you tell me whats going on ((, Just kidding about the diversify thing I like your show.

  • Jose Theragood
    Jose Theragood 3 months ago

    I don't know if there is a conspiracy within your audio department to get people to unsubscribe or not watch at all with the use of the insanely annoying, eardrum bursting, fuck you if you're wearing headphones, loud ass outro music? The spastic 10 year olds that this technique works on are not the people watching your show.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 3 months ago

    Hi All,
    There is a book called "How to make friends and Influence People", by Dale Carnegie, written in the 1930's, it was made fun of at the time, and it is still easy to make fun of it today, but it contains a lot of good advice.
    At the time, and still today, a lot of young people grow up in isolation, farms and ranches, where they don't learn how to interact with strangers. This book was and is a good place to start. He is not saying be a fake, but it sure sounds like that.
    When I watch the protests during the National Anthem, they go against the basic premise of this book.
    The US has three power centers, but only two large parties, so the two parties are in a constant dance, to attract people from the power centers.
    The "Father", the "Son", and the "Holy Ghost". The "Holy Ghost" group are the "Liberals", who walk for development, breast cancer, alzheimer's, heart disease, you name it. Touchy feely social workers asking people about their "feelings".
    Ms. Kellyanne Conway described them with something about their silly pink beanies. They don't carry torches, or baseball bats, they are mostly your mother and her friends. PTAs, Parks Commissions, are "Liberal".
    "Liberals" want to change society without violence.
    A few years ago, there was a dine-in at Chic Filet, by conservatives, to support the company position. That dine-in was a "Liberal" action by a group of conservatives. It was not violent, no torches, no Confederate Flags.
    The "Father" are the, for lack of better name, "Fascists", who believe in power, seemingly for its own sake, simply because they deserve it.
    Think about the full name of the Nazis, National Socialists.
    Lee Greenwood's song, "I'm Proud to be an American" is, make no mistake about it, a very "Nationalistic" song, and we have Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc, which is all "Socialistic".
    We are a Nationalist Socialist country whether we like it or not. We are more then that however, we are "We the People".

    There was 15 year old boy walking, and someone stabbed him, apparently for the fun of it, how much money could such a kid have on him. This is chaos, and "fascists" are opposed to chaos, so it is fair to say I am a "fascist" too.
    There are criminals in the world, maybe they had a rotten childhood, that is no excuse.
    The "Son" are the, for lack of a better name, "Communists", and the antifa group sure sounds like that. They like to fight, they love the adrenalin rush. They say they are fighting for the people, but the people they are attacking are people too.
    In Germany, in the 1920's and early 1930's, there were massive street fights between fascists and communists, no little old ladies marching for breast cancer research. No pink beanies. Baseball bats and brass knuckles mostly.
    Next reading, "The Wasp", by Eric Frank Russell, written in the 1950's, more or less a science fiction James Bond, before Bond was really popular.
    The name the "Wasp" comes from a car accident, where a wasp flew thru the window of a car, and caused the car to crash, killing all four aboard.
    Of course, "Guerrilla Warfare", by Che Guevara, if you want to change things, know what works, and what doesn't. Che wound up nothing more then common bandit, stealing from the people he said he had come to help.
    There are times when us old men give more to society by going fishing and letting the young people decide things.
    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", just because you have good intentions, doesn't mean I have to agree with your tactics.
    People say that military scientists study Robert E. Lee, but they also study the Herman Goering Division of the Waffen SS, the fire brigade of the Nazis.
    Just because I study how somebody built a car, does not mean I have to agree with why they built the car.
    Finally, "The Big Rich", by Bryan Burrough, the study of Texas oil money in the 20th Century. He talks about why Houston has no zoning, among other things.
    One story he does tell, is of the building of a pipeline from Texas to the East, carrying Natural Gas, during World War 2.
    The coming of Natural Gas was one of the things that damaged Detroit as a city, which was built on the burning of coal.
    Mr. Tucker Carlson was berating somebody, and he asked whether the people who supported the Soviet Union in World War 2 were called Communists, which they were, but Mr. Carlson seemed to imply that they weren't.
    My problem with the protests, is I don't understand your tactical goal. Your strategic goals seem worthy, but in protesting, you don't want to become boring. You need a series of reachable, local, tactical victories, and you don't seem to be getting any.

    Protesting, that just goes on and on, with no clear endpoint, become self-defeating.
    For President Trump, if he can tweet about athletes, he doesn't have to talk about Russia, or the budget, or Infrastructure, or taxes, for him it is a win.
    The midterm congressional elections are in 13 months, If you want to come back and protest after that, I am cool with that, but between now and then, your protests are helping President Trump more then hurting him.
    (We have a college out here, Evergreen State College, the closest analogy came out of the POW camps of World War 2, the Senior Officer put all the nuts in one cabin, let them drive each other nuts.)
    (One of the rural politicians wanted to close Evergreen down, but if we did, he would wind up with about 50 of them at his local college, and they would cause more problems then the other 2000 of the locals.)
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • harbin9er
    harbin9er 3 months ago

    can you guys put the videos on the CC website onto youtube as well? All the other late night shows do this. thanks

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    PubHard Gaming 3 months ago

    why does the daily show banner try to make trevor look so white?

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    Stephen Orbison 3 months ago

    I really don't like spammin, but this is really worth having a look at

  • Siskin's Bits and Bobs

    This program is not available in your country. Fck off then. Was it something Scotland said?

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    Aron K. Aron 3 months ago

    patiently waiting for the NAMBIA saga

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    Ramon Brescovici 3 months ago

    Why the volume at the end need to be so high?

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    Daniel Walker 4 months ago

    Does anyone know how to get a subject discussed on this show

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    fred led 4 months ago

    Might be time to allow your videos to be seen in all country (especially UK) so we stop watching it through other links. You don't make sense

  • Breed - Fashion Photography School

    Wow, great work!

  • William Olfindo
    William Olfindo 4 months ago

    Hi Trevor. daily i wait for your opening monologue however you dont have it or YT dont show it. Isnt that why we subscibe is for us to see all relevant topics. I find always ur monologue thru a copy video where the video is in poor quality and so i skip it. I hope this is addressed to your team.

  • george soilis
    george soilis 4 months ago

    Hey Trevor,make a video for your friend Steven Colbert again,after rebranding Spicer.....
    (or instead talk about the system and the propaganda machine,the common target of the rich on "every side" (as trump would put it with his limited use of english language)-
    AFAIAC swallowing this attempt to normalise trumpgang ,and present the "human" side is an assault on rationality and logic.
    So,pick a side,there are only 2 to choose from(no not democrats -conservatives,you know better ,that is a fake distinction,they are the same ,serving the big corporations)...
    USA needs to start fresh,with young honest not greedy citizens who d organise society from the ruins that capitalism /american imperialism leaves behind for us.....So cut the crap,stop nurturing the same old corrupt system.Or else,just sit and watch...but propaganda for the rich is not excusable,I(as most humans)cant forget my killers/those who tried to destroy me and my society.
    Be a human,be honest,be truthful and be just.these values are what we re missing today.And this lackof these values is the result of this capitalism i m talking about..the one you live in and enjoy life,without much consideration of "where this comesfrom,how did we get it so cheap?" type of questions....If Americans want to be taken seriously,they have to start a self check first and admit the crimes they pretend not to see during the last 50 years,from their loving government,democfrats and conservatives alike
    Good luck to all earth inhabitants,greed is going to kill us all at the end...

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 4 months ago

    I'm not gonna watch this show unless it's on Youtube. I'm a millennial and I don't have cable. Get with the times, Comedy Central.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 4 months ago

    Hi All,
    Housing for Houston victims. Buy Mobile Home Parks, change them from rental to condo, buy Mobile Home. place on property. There are dozens of Parks for sale in Texas, at a guess, 50% occupancy rate.
    Mobile Home Industry produces thousands of units per year, just redirect output to one area.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Roger Brunswick
    Roger Brunswick 4 months ago

    congrats on your new deal$$$

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    imaginetheresno 4 months ago

    CONGRATS NOAH ! ! ! I am THRILLED to hear YOU will be around until 2022 ! (and on and on and on)

  • Thomas Naing
    Thomas Naing 4 months ago

    On behalf of my fellow Myanmar citizen (especially for Muslim community), please stop provoking anger to Muslim community worldwide. due to their misjudgement and wrong action, my fellow Myanmar citizen whom simple minded and experiencing this tragic event are facing great challenge to get back on their feet. Therefore, i do strongly disagree and deny your statement of "minority Muslim ethnic fleeing Myanmar due to army and government's suppress". Cos that is not true. The truth reality is "all civilian are fleeing the area due to ARSA terrorist attack". i am strongly support on UN forces work together with Myanmar army on bring back peace and security for those civilian. God judge fairly and have mercy. May god bless righteous and you. Amen

  • Thomas Naing
    Thomas Naing 4 months ago

  • Thomas Naing
    Thomas Naing 4 months ago

    Dear Daily show,
    Good day to you.
    I am 34 yrs old and a family man. I am a citizen of Myanmar.
    This is really upsetting and disappointing. I always thought your show might be just a commercial show but inspire for the truth and support righteous as I have been following your channel and show for past 2 years. But it breaking my heart to know from this video that this show is misleading and twitching the real effect and turning blind side on the truth. I am no body, not rich, not politician, not parliament committee members, not a spoke person of anything organization, representative of no 1. I am just simple man who’s struggling to feed my family. So it not surprise me that my small voice were heard in nowhere. But as a citizen of my country and sake of my country’s dignity, please allow me to highlight to you following points. Based on what we been facing and experiencing those suffering since 25 of august.
    1) This is not religion or ethnic issue.
    2) This crime is not committed by army or Mdm ASSK. This is ARSA terrorist whom supported by ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorism. For example event like what happening in south Thailand and Malaysia border, Marawi City on Mindanao Island in Philippines.
    3) Many Bengali (majority Muslim and minority Hindu) are illegal immigrants to whom Myanmar government is working so hard to grand them citizenship. This issue are not only happening now. For most recent similar event occurred in 2012 and it is in same area during the former military president.
    4) Many mislead news (fake and fault) are created due to Myanmar problematic and dark politic history.
    The truth effects is people are dying. So many of them are abandoned and running away to safe their life. Many lives have been lost. Regardless of their religion (Buddhism, hindu, mulsim), origin (Bengali Rohingya, ethnic Rakhine). Who care? But they are human being. Many civilian villagers and innocent children have been killed by stabbed, their bodies chop off, be headed like they were animal. Without a doubt we know who are capable of those crime. Which Buddhism/ soldier were capable of beaded a 3 to 4 years old innocent baby with knife?
    Although I am 100% sure that Mdm Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi will not delay or think twice to give up her Noble peace price. We all 52M knew that what she is capable of. She gave up her family (her husband and own 2 sons), she gave up her freedom and live house arrest for 21 long years. Now she is in her 70 yrs old age. Too much for rest, give all her physical energy and heart to working hard for these peoples. She have lost enough.
    Sake of my country and respect for her, for her dignity and hard work, I would like to humbly request for your kind reconsideration on this video clip and statement that made in this clip.
    I honestly hope you see the truth and understand our suffering and sorrow.
    May God show mercy and bless peaceful rest for those souls.
    May God Bless you.
    May God Bless Myanmar.
    May God Bless UN nation and mankind.

  • HAL Kubrick
    HAL Kubrick 4 months ago

    Trevor, I am sorry but your interview with Maria Sharapova was the worst I've seen in Daily Show.. Are you or the network so desperate? It was obvious she had, and was prepared for, the questions.. Jon Stewart wouldn't do this (at least since 2013 when I started to watch him ) .. you have big shoes to fill.. don't be a PR tool... Even 45 would call it BADLY.. If I see anything close to this..I will watch the first half of the show and then.. so long..

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    liberalism is cancer

  • BlondeAsianPeople- Europe's favourite K-Band

    Hello Trevor, thank you for your shows. People love it, especially Africa. If you ever think of Talking about kpop industry, please don't talk of any other group other than B.A.P. Research about it. there's some juicy story of their Company TS...or should i say, TSHIT

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    hey there, i m a huge fan of ur show. only problem i have, i cant watch it online at my location(germany). why do you block for us when there is no other way to watch it. not on tv(ur show doesnt exist here) and only some short cuts on youtube... pls dont delete my question again, just answer it
    best regards momo

    • sabizeze
      sabizeze 4 months ago

      It's called nationalism and market share. USA is the worse on that. You have to pay for everything american. I know this bcse I am European living in usa and while I used to watch a lot of TV from France here in US off the internet now I can't for the very same reasons Americans use! All is for pay these days! Unless you go underground through more sophisticated avenues I'm not going to openly name here. I live in a crazy country I don't want my privileges hijacked!

  • Terrance Crawford
    Terrance Crawford 4 months ago

    Trevor Noah your mental capacity is that of the prompter you read from, do you have any true thoughts of your own, or do you just blabber like the other 80% of the world, who would rather come up with excuses and complaints rather than solutions. Typical slouch media and news right here.

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    Watch me scare my 40 year old parrot.. HILARIOUS(

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    hey bro. i watched your first show where you replaced stephen colbert and i hated your guts. it wasnt the same show, you didnt have the same comedy style. now i watch you, and think you are an enlightened dry humor type individual. keep kicking ass!!!!!!!!!!

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    Where the heck did all the videos go?!

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    You should really consider interviewing Larry Elder and Milo Yiannopouslos.

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    heres something for you to look into.the governor of missouri is cutting into programs that help disabled and elderly people live at home.on the 13th of this month our representative Crystal Quade is going to try her best to override his veto. that takes away crucial funding to these programs.we really need to get this message out there to as many people as we can. please help us.she has a facebook you can visit to see more about what i'm talking about.Thank you so much.

  • ShefaLok
    ShefaLok 4 months ago

    I would like to see a joke about today's (9/1/17) WH press conference, when SHS announced that Trump is meeting with the PRESIDENT of Spain and out of 100 journalists in the room no one asked her about that stupidity!

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    i love your content, but could you please fix your voice settings? you are the only channel with half the volume of all aothers. its not that the outro is massivly louder its the normal sound that is pretty much quiet as fuck

  • Ossie Weinert
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    Any chance we can check to see if the Million Dollars Trump has said he will give Texas from his personal account really happens, or if it's like when he tells contractors he will pay his pills, or will he keep this well hidden like his tax returns? Or, is just saying it enough for most people and no one really cares if he really pays? Thank's Trevor!

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    This is the funniest ''fun news'' show! Vitamine C dose guaranteed with every video. Thank you!

  • a125xwar
    a125xwar 4 months ago

    Trevor Noah, the next year there will be eleccion for president in my country Mexico, where i live, so the thing is that people are already sick against the stablishment, sound familiar?, many people in the US may say "we don´t care" but should be... the guy who is gaining electoral power is Andres Lopez Obrador, this person incarnet hate towards US, and any form of capitalism and is friend with Maduro president of venezuela. I like to know your opinion from the outside of my country. still if you don´t read this i want to say great show, always funny.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 4 months ago

    Hi All,
    Robert E Lee fought for Virginia, and I mean, VIRGINIA!, not primarily for slavery. The Civil War was, in some sense, the third American Revolution, 1812 being the second.
    He was being "conservative" in the sense that he was defending the existing status quo, his state, when the nation had moved on.
    He was an old man when the war started, during the time he was growing up, it was much more the united STATES of America, and after the Civil War, it was the UNITED States of America.
    That was the whole point of the thing.
    As a politician, and I would guess I am one, there is the responsibility that the decisions we make, will impact the people who are duty bound to go out and fight, no matter the odds.
    The state Legislature of Virginia did not HAVE to vote for secession, neither did any of of the other states that seceded.
    For the eventual cost of the war, just in dollars and cents, you could have bought every slave in the south three or four times.
    They could have just put everything off until tomorrow, which in this case, might have been a pretty good idea.
    If the state Legislature of Virginia could have foreseen the frightful carnage, would they have voted for secession anyway, maybe, maybe not, interesting question, but they didn't.
    Part of his strength was that he was fighting for VIRGINIA!, and not for slavery, that was what made him such a tough opponent.
    Part of his weaknesses as a military commander arise from the fact that he was a VIRGINIA officer in a Confederate Army.
    He had enough pull, he was able to pull troops out of Tennessee, weakening the line there, to reinforce Virginia. The troops ended up marching in a circle, and missed a major battle for all the marching.
    He was born about 1800, his father knew George Washington personally, served as his cavalry commander at about 20, became Governor, got the crap beaten out of him, went nuts, and abandoned his family.
    The attachment Robert E. Lee would have normally felt for his father, got attached to the state of Virginia, not the United States of America.
    When the state of Virginia seceded from the Union, he felt his attachment to the state of Virginia overrode his attachment to the United States of America, as did a whole lot of other people.
    The 4 years of the war were only a fraction of his life, after the end of the war, he started a school, how about a statue of him in front of a classroom of orphans, with a book in his hand.
    Teaching the children of the men who had fought and died under his command.
    The soldiers of the first year of the war hated serving under him, he had them digging trenches. Those trenches two years later would turn out to be a nearly unbreakable fortress.
    How about a statue of an old man, standing over a group of young men digging a trench? Not as heroic as on horseback waving a sword, but a lot more realistic.
    You have to understand, he was a very old man at the time, with values from years before.
    How about another one, at the bottom of the hill of Pickett's Charge, saying, "I am sorry boys, it was all my fault."
    In the movie, "Cross of Iron", at the very end, the line is under attack, Steiner picks up his gun and starts to go out, turns to look at officer who has been trying to kill him, and says, come on.
    The officer replies, we can wait it out in here, and Steiner goes out to fight. The scene is shot from the viewpoint of the officer, and asks us the question, when the shooting starts, do we hide in the bunker, or do we go out with Steiner to fight?
    Life is a series of choices for us all, Lee made his.
    There has been controversy over the movie "Gone With the Wind". but it would be worth watching on the big screen, just for the visual effects.
    The movie's characters bring up interesting points. The old black maid is what, about 40, once upon a time, she was a pretty young 14 year old, and Scarlet's beloved father, was about what in the movie, 50 or so.
    What do you the think the are the odds, that scared little 14 year old got raped by that 25 year old that owned her. Not just once or twice, mind you, and then she had to go on living in the same house with him. For years.
    Never mind it was against the law, the law was only enforced against the poor, not the rich.
    At the end, Scarlet owns a lumber mill, where criminals are treated like slaves, and as long as she makes a profit, she is happy.
    She vows to never be hungry again, and then allows others to be hungry.
    If you asked Scarlet if she was a Christian, she would probably answer yes, but how often in the movie does the character live by the Golden Rule, to do onto others as you would have them do unto you.
    I think she would have been a lot happier if she would have. Of course, it would be a pretty boring movie.
    I wonder if Robert E Lee had done a Joshua Slocum, and sailed around the world, skipped the whole damn war, would he have been happier?
    There was a young lady named Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped, and held in captivity, she was a slave, just not a legal one.
    How would that young lady feel if we erected a statue across the street from her house, of the people who had done these terrible things to her.
    How do you think Sakakawea, or Sacajawea really felt about the Mandan who held her in captivity and kept her from her family?
    I have heard about a group called antifa or antifascist, wear masks, don't respect Francis of Assisi, how about next time they show up, have a bunch of pretty girls box one of them in, tickle him, take off his mask and get a photo of him.
    What are the odds they are really conservatives sent to cause trouble. Fifty Fifty? 5 to 1?
    I would consider doing it if I were on the other side, so I have to suspect them of doing it.
    I have heard comparisons of Lee to Washington and Jefferson, just how many statues of Washington do you think there are in England? Jefferson? John Paul Jones?
    There is a picture of the men who signed the peace treaty between the US and Great Britain, well sort of, the British refused to sit, and the picture was never finished.
    There was very little love between the US and Great Britain for a very long time after the war.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

    • Gordy Bing
      Gordy Bing 4 months ago

      Hi All,
      Looks like I am in the doghouse again, oh well.
      Buying ships for the US Navy. Shipbuilding is as much an art as it is a science.
      First, ship size. Navy people always put on the largest gun they can, so you can tell how big a ship is by the largest gun on board.
      If I can up my finger in the barrel, that is about a one inch gun, about 25 millimeters, in diameter. If I can put three fingers in the barrel, that is a three inch gun, about 75 millimeters.
      In World War Two, the tanks known as the Sherman, the Panther, and the T-34 all had three inch guns, more or less.
      In ships, a ship that carries a three inch gun has a dizzying number of names, destroyer escort, frigate, destroyer leader.
      Destroyers have five inch guns, and I can stick my whole hand in the barrel, that is about 130 millimeters.
      A destroyer escort is to a destroyer as a motorcycle is to a pickup truck.
      Now, for the most part, the US Navy is required to buy ships built in American shipyards, for lots of hopefully obvious reasons.

      The British are building a new small warship, called romantically, the Type 31e frigate. They are going to bring these ships to market at about $500 Million per copy.
      Most ships the Navy buys need to be Ocean capable, able to deal with the Atlantic or the Pacific. However, one of their roles is to play lead in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, much smaller bodies of water.
      If the US could commit to buying one small warship from the Brits per year, that would allow them to focus on what they do well, and we can focus on the bigger ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers.
      The Gulf of Mexico is the responsibility of the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Border Patrol, Customs, DEA, and I still have probably forgotten someone.
      A half a dozen of these ships could control the Gulf, providing a platform for them all.
      A destroyer escort at this point in time is a commodity, if it was a car, I would call it an "econobox", or some other derogatory name.
      If the US Navy can buy British cheaper then American, they should be free to do so.
      That is the theory, thanks for your time, take care.
      PS, I have an idea for a statue, during the War of 1812, the British and the Americans faced off, and the Americans turned and ran, going down in history as "The Races".
      How about a bunch of statues of men throwing away their packs, their guns, and running for their lives, nobody commemorates their memory.
      Lee at Gettysburg, militarily speaking, should have take their advice.
      Statues are also referred to as "icons", those who break them are called iconoclasts, iconoclasm.
      In Afghanistan, they destroyed the big statues, and we said that was wrong. At what point are we like them.
      Joan Baez sang, the future is there for anyone to change, but some find it easier to change the past, or words to that effect.
      (President Trump IS Scarlet O'Hara)
      Don't Mourn, Organize, Change the Future.
      Dear Mr. Barron Trump, there is something called the X Games, to a great extent a made for TV event, there are only a few thousand people actually watching the event in person.
      It should be possible for you to get a front row seat, watch up close, not one ten year old in a thousand will have the same chance, do it for them.
      (Mind you, it will be cold, but you should get used to it.)
      Star Wars movie script.The Decisive Duel, by Tony Holmes, is a book about rivalry between Spitfire and Bf109.
      During the 1930's the Luftwaffe was massively enlarged. They had young pilots, but no staff officers, so they brought in some from the Army.
      The pilots did not know anything about staff work, and the staff officers did not know anything about flying.
      It led to problems, but those problems would make a good movie script.
      I wonder if South Park would let me post?

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder 4 months ago

    and stop smiling,

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder 4 months ago

    grace Mugabe assault. Talk about that and your history.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 4 months ago

    Hi All,
    If I was in charge in Houston, I would want some Ospreys from the Marine Corps.
    The two main MC bases are in North Carolina and San Diego, about 1,000 to 1,500 miles away.
    Cruise speed is about 250 mph, therefore they could be there in about 4 to 6 hours, with probably a refueling stop thrown in there, range is about a 1,000 miles.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 4 months ago

    Hi All,
    How about a motorcycle racing series, Harley Davidson 500 versus Yamaha SRX 400?
    The HD should do better on more open tracks, and the Yamaha on tracks with more corners.
    9 races, 3 on big tracks, 3 on small, curvy tracks, 3 on medium tracks. Should be some serious racing.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Ryan Zia
    Ryan Zia 4 months ago

    why are your videos not available in Canada?

  • DJ Else
    DJ Else 4 months ago

    fix that outro. music in the end is MUCH TOO LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zephiel Archangel
    Zephiel Archangel 4 months ago

    And the day when the american mascot will have to make a serious decision will come... QUIT! I already miss Obama.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 4 months ago

    Hi All,
    Fox News just did about a 4 minute story on the Secret Service.
    The "MSM" did a story about the Trump family stretching the budget of the Secret Service.
    Fox had on a former Secret Service agent who made some interesting points.
    He said the salary of a Secret Service agent was tied to the maximum salary of a Congressman, or something like that. That agents were working overtime and not reporting it, because there wasn't money in the budget to pay for the labor.
    He said agents could move to the FBI and work less for the same money.
    He said this problem wasn't new, but had been occurring for both the Obama and Bush administration.
    The Secret Service has a wide range of responsibilities, and the agent thought some of those responsibilities could be moved to the FBI.
    The Secret Service used to be with Treasury, and now they are with Homeland Security, should they still be responsible for counterfeiting, or should that move to somebody else, say the FBI?
    You have to remember, everything they say in Fox is scripted, somebody sat down with this guy for awhile, and helped him compress his ideas into the fewest words possible.
    This is the beginning of a perfectly legitimate story, but they have to stop and go on to the story of a football coach who got fired for praying on the field. (Actually he probably had been ordered not to pray, prayed, and then was fired for disobeying an order.)
    Fox spent more time on the football coach then they did on the budget for the Secret Service.
    Moving counterfeiting from the Secret Service to the FBI might be a good idea, but it will cost so much to make the change, it will take 20 years to realize any savings.
    Tying the salary of an agent to a member of Congress is either nuts or genius. One solution would be to raise the salary of a member of Congress.
    Agents working overtime without clocking in? If a private employer did that, there would be serious consequences.
    Basic facts, like how many people currently work for the Secret Service, the current budget of the agency, weren't emphasized. The cost of an agent is not just in how much you pay him or her, it is the cost of the equipment they need to do their job.
    What is the average age of a computer at the agency? Corporate America trades in after about three years, average age 1.5 years. I would bet the Secret Service has an average age closer to 2.5 years, not much I would agree, but it tells you something.
    The basic theme of the "MSM" story was that the Trump family had more members then the Obama or Bush families, and it was costing more.
    The guest on Fox said that the Secret Service was already stretched before the Trump family, making the cost of the larger family irrelevant.
    If you are swimming under water, you can't get anymore wet, but this is dollars and cents, not just being under water.
    Fox News is complaining about the Secret Service not having enough money, but they are always complaining about taxes and those bureaucrats in the swamp.
    The Secret Service are not part of the military, they are "non-uniformed", as compared to members of the military who are referred to as "uniformed".
    The Secret Service are members of the bureaucracy that Fox does not like, right?
    So Fox News is complaining that members of the bureaucracy they don't like are being overworked and underfunded, by taxes they don't want to pay.
    I think I got that right.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Michael Fantom
    Michael Fantom 4 months ago

    I loved Jon Stewart and had not heard of Trevor Noah when he took over the Daily Show but he has done such an amazing job. The more I learn about him and hear him speak on issues, the more respect I have for him. Such wisdom and experience in such a young man. Much like Stewart before him, the power of his observation comes from an objectively honest and philosophic understanding of the situation which allows him to present stories in a thought provoking and powerful way. The entire team at the Daily Show should be proud of the excellent work you do. Thanks

    • sabizeze
      sabizeze 4 months ago

      Noah make most of us with African heritage proud! ( not African Americans-sorry I'm not hating but it's totally different!) The way he voices the nuances between geography and perceptions is amazing. He speaks for all of us who have been lost in translations for so, so long....People have no idea how it can be mentally draining to be subjected to stereotypes, and misconceptions that don't apply to oneself just because the person in front of you thinks he/she knows better!

    • Fayzah
      Fayzah 4 months ago

      I think his mother worked hard to make him a man of reason. Formidable lady.

  • MrKritik77
    MrKritik77 4 months ago

    Dear Trevor, you're one of the smartest people, I ever had the honour to listen to. I'm proud to be your subscriber, my brother. Keep up the good work!

  • Kirid
    Kirid 5 months ago

    You'll sit and justify any violence that comes from the left and BLM, but when a few people act like nazis you call out everyone on the right/alt-right as nazi supporters. Check your hypocrisy Trevor.
    "How are labeling out the actions of a few and condemning an entire group?"
    "Just because you say the thing doesn't mean it's what it stands for."
    "It's the same logic you used"
    "There is a distinction between the movement and the people."
    -Trevor noah interviewing Tomi Lahren

  • Char Covelesky
    Char Covelesky 5 months ago

    Yeah, where is he, I miss him!

  • Roshain Campbell
    Roshain Campbell 5 months ago

    NOAH! or Trevor!(Which ever you prefer) where the f&%k you at bro?! I need your funny but clever jokes on current events so I can not be depressed about all this BS being shoved in my face daily by the main stream news.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 5 months ago

    Hi All,
    How to turn an old van into a "mobile home".
    If you go to the auto salvage yard, you will find old van bodies that have been stripped of engine, transmission, suspension and doors, which they will sell you for about the cost of scrap metal.
    To be able to move it around, you want to buy what are called "pneumatic casters". One that can carry 450 pounds sells for about $35.
    Maximum total weight of a big van is around 9,000 pounds, therefore you will need about 20 casters.
    Take a good sized piece of wood, about 4" by 4" by 8', or larger, bolt 6 to 8 fixed casters in a row across the center of the van, and then two more pieces of wood at the front and the back, with about 5 or 6 swivel caster on each.
    Home Depot sells polymer treated fir for about $27 a piece, under $100 for three.
    We are up to about $800 at this point, plus bolts, nuts, and what not to hold it all together.
    If the doors are gone, you will want to build frames to hold ordinary doors, boat builders use products like Sikaflex to hold things together and keep out the water.
    Interior to be finished to user discretion.
    Getting the thing moving is not the problem, stopping it from moving becomes the problem.
    The taller the van, the more headroom inside, but that will make it harder to move around, a smaller van might have less headroom, but be easier to handle.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Chenlin Goh
    Chenlin Goh 5 months ago

    Retarded channel.

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 5 months ago

    dude, Trevor & Trevor's team, I've seen in the Comedy Central page that there have been more shows since the last update, but no video have been uploaded here. I am in Spain, and I can't see the episodes via app, or the webpage... this is my only source of the Daily Show. Please, can you at least explain why the dry season?

    • Fayzah
      Fayzah 5 months ago

      They are airing re-runs until the show comes back from break.

  • momosued
    momosued 5 months ago

    Dear dailyshow... i am from germany and a huge fan of u. but somehow i cant watch your show in my country. there is also no tv broadcast or something else. why does comdycentral lock the daily show in my location=?

  • saleh jabry
    saleh jabry 5 months ago

    Hello, no new video for almost a week now... what happened??? so much winning!!!

  • danielthesantos
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    Goddammit Trevor! Why you gotta leave us when we need you THE MOST?!?!

  • jagadish vemuri
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    Miss you Trevor.
    Why no show for a week. :(

  • Sunflower Garden
    Sunflower Garden 5 months ago

    What is going on? If I were paranoid I'd say Trump has his tiny hands in this and he doesn't want the 'fake news' to continue. Come on Daily Show. I'm getting withdrawals. And I don't even live in the USA.

    • Fayzah
      Fayzah 5 months ago

      The show is on (regularly scheduled) break- other shows do the same in this region. Contract-related.

  • Sever Just
    Sever Just 5 months ago

    Is Trevor Noah still alive? nature allows no vacuum ... your fans may migrate.

  • Nkanyiso Mpanza
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    Where the fuck are the Charlottesville news!!!!

  • Jeisy C. Mendoza
    Jeisy C. Mendoza 5 months ago

    Is been a week whats going on trevor im looking for your show for days and comedy central hasn't posted anything ??????????????????????? does any one know whats is going on

    • sabizeze
      sabizeze 4 months ago

      Seasons have a beginning and end date. This is not a daily news magazine even if the title suggests so....Mostly summer time they go off air and it's time for nothing or else re-runs.

  • Monomanian Distream
    Monomanian Distream 5 months ago

    Lack of recent videos on this channel is intolerable, we must be up to date.

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    akil s 5 months ago

    Videos has drastically reduced since last 2 weeks and when i go to CC website, it says i cannot see your show from my country (India)
    I like your videos pls upload more videos or show me a way to watch your show. Cmom Trevor

  • Fayzah
    Fayzah 5 months ago

    "I take a lot of vacation because I GET a lot of vacation." (Jim Rome, great contract). Hurry back Trevor- there's tragic comedy gold!

  • Fred Rickson
    Fred Rickson 5 months ago

    What have you done with Trevor?

  • Mohammed Faisal Aliyu
    Mohammed Faisal Aliyu 5 months ago

    No new episodes for seven days in Trump's era... I guess it's no longer a daily show.

  • Meat & Potato Burrito
    Meat & Potato Burrito 5 months ago

    Trevor Noah is racist against white people!

    • imaginetheresno
      imaginetheresno 4 months ago

      LOL omg you are sooo funny....and stunted (bet you your double wide you have to google that word)

    • xzbit rox
      xzbit rox 5 months ago

      he is against anything that doesn't make sense. not white people or black people...

  • julia Okeowo
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  • Yvet Jo
    Yvet Jo 5 months ago

    Hello Trevor, what happened to the "daily" videos from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah?

    • Yvet Jo
      Yvet Jo 5 months ago

      Okay, I just found out that you're in South Africa for a few days.

  • Clarence - The regular Cat

    remove the titles from the thumbnails. YOUTUBE ALREADY GIVES SLIGHTLY BIGGER TITLES. geez.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 months ago

    From one mixed person to another.... Be real. Don't sell out! Change the world!

    • sabizeze
      sabizeze 4 months ago

      He has to make his dough man... slow down.. He does not own the network (YET) so....step by step; this is America after all! Did you forget what happened to the Brits who came over with big ideas but were too impatient? Most failed.....

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 months ago

    You look good on TV but on the grand scheme of things... you suck. You did more when you were stealing music and hosting parties to make people happy than you are doing now. I'm sorry.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 months ago

    Good luck on the awards, but Not so good on the world lives.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 months ago

    what are you really doing to help!!!!??? All the foreign correspondents only report, but what are you doing???!!! Not saying that the United States is the only super power OR that I agree but what happens here affects the world, not that I think that we are superior, but shit is getting real!!!! what are you doing to help? Really? I have been watching your whole career, from Soweto to New York, and I thought you could give a fresh perspective so we could stop complaining and solve the problems, but you are doing the same exact thing! What are you doing to help????????

    • sabizeze
      sabizeze 4 months ago

      This is america! and for starters if you are off the boat you have to pay your dues 1st! It applies to every 1st generation immigrant, DA! Nothing changed since the country began! So, slow down and let the young man find his groove! ( And pay his DUES!)
      Are you old school American, naturalized, immigrant or foreign? Depending on what you are you should understand my point! It surprises me that you haven't even notice that he Americanized his stand up comedies (2017 on DVD!)

  • Brittany Hirsch
    Brittany Hirsch 5 months ago

    Why is it so goddamn loud at the end of every daily show segment on youtube?

    • Atlantic Picture
      Atlantic Picture 5 months ago

      +1, especially messed up on headphones. it's WAY LOUDER than the main sgmt.

    MUNIR MEHTA 5 months ago

    Haven't seen monologue videos for many days. Is it only available on CC ?

  • Avinash A
    Avinash A 5 months ago

    Dude go easy with the exit music on your videos... The entire video has low volume so one has to turn up to max to hear and as soon as the video ends it's loud as hell. Please bring down the volume to normal.

      MUNIR MEHTA 5 months ago

      True.. Happens to me all the time...

  • Andrea Noylander
    Andrea Noylander 5 months ago

    So Trevor i am a young African Canadian, looking for some mentorship, am in Up State New York working at a summer camp. I will be here till the end of the summer when we will host a group of inner city kids , Would love to meet you, i know it is a slim chance but it can't hurt to ask

  • Germaine Hascall
    Germaine Hascall 5 months ago

    Where the f*ck are all your videos? Is this whole channel just the Trump twitter bullsh*t gag now?

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 5 months ago

    Dear Donald Trump, Jr.
    There is a book I would like you to read, called "Red Storm Rising", by the guy who wrote "The Hunt for Red October", Tom Clancy.
    You were born in 1977, you were about 8 or 9 when it came out.
    The Berlin Wall fell shortly after the book came out and you grew up in a world without it.
    I lived on the edge of that world, there but for the grace of God go I.
    It is CYA time, cover your ass, you need to get out of DC and NYC, buy yourself a Harley Davidson, spend the next few months visiting every state capital in the US.
    The company can get along without you, or you haven't been doing your job up until now.
    Your Father wanted that miserable job, it is his responsibility, not yours.
    Ride the Alcan Highway.
    Spend the winter holed up in some out of the way ski town like Crested Butte, find a cute little barmaid to keep you warm, and let the media find someone else to get upset about.
    "They have been in that room for a week, for the first 3 days all they wanted from room service was pizza, beer and condoms, after that they just wanted pizza and beer."
    That is the kind of headline you need about now.
    The election races for Congress are already starting, if you can just stay out the way long enough, everyone might just forget about you, in a good way.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss

    Whys like half of this stuff not available in the UK! JESUS

  • LoneStarr1979
    LoneStarr1979 5 months ago

    /me liked the endscenes with moving Trevor better.
    Great show anyway!

  • JM R
    JM R 5 months ago

    Why the Hell is Trevor real whiter than usual on your youtube main page?
    Give him his tan back!

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    bram duprez 5 months ago

    jackbuttkissinabox fucks off kindley, 'sthesaynghohsc

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    Why are the videos NEVER available in the UK?!

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    please cancel this "show"

  • Amrita Yogi
    Amrita Yogi 5 months ago

    Would love to see more videos or even full episodes on youtube. I'm currently traveling in Asia for 6 months and the videos aren't available on the CC website in this part of the world.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 5 months ago

    Hi All,
    Building a ferrocement teepee using wire spools.
    Take a number of wire spools, bolt them together to build a tower. Create a cone using wire stretched from the edge of the top spool to the ground.
    Stretch chicken wire over wires, Trowel concrete over the chicken wire, both inside and out. (If you want it to last, ask Jay Benford about better quality mesh.)
    Once the concrete has set, remove the wire spools, or just set them on fire, the fire won't hurt the concrete.
    Doors and windows at your discretion.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 5 months ago

    Dear Mr. Jared Kushner,
    You seem to have gotten yourself into a bit of a fix, but I may have a solution that might help.
    Your father in law got elected to a public office, you did not. You did not join the military. You can walk away from it all.
    You could move to a small college town in Iowa, buy yourself a nice house, not too big.
    Open a restaurant, say like that one in the movie "That thing that you do", "Villapiano's", sell a little pizza, have live bands on Saturday nights, close up and go home to your wife.
    If you believe the lawyers on TV, prosecutors look for whether the person is likely to "re-offend", if you are in Iowa, selling pizza, you are highly unlikely to "re-offend", at whatever you were doing in New York City.

    A person is all of a piece, when your father in law refused to release his taxes, that was all I needed to know about him. "The guilty flee where no one follows."
    The statute of limitations can be a wonderful thing in your case. The real scary stuff in your father in law's taxes is already two or three years old, at a minimum.
    If you can stay under the radar for a few years, the odds are good something else will come up, and people will forget about you.
    There is a scene in the movie "Murphy's Romance", Mr. Murphy owns the drugstore, a customer calls and wants "cough medicine", and Mr. Murphy says don't give it to her, she is drinking it for the alcohol.
    Mr. Murphy was refusing to be "co-dependent", if she wanted alcohol, she should buy it at the liquor store, not the pharmacy, or she shouldn't drink it.
    I think you can do your father in law more good running a bar in Iowa then you can doing whatever in Washington, he needs to stand on his own two feet without you.
    You can't protect him from himself, all you can do is protect yourself, your wife and family.
    When Sonny Barger was about your age, one of those old women who had known him since he was in short pants, described him as a "nice boy".
    You might be in need of cash flow, turn it into a reality TV show, bring it all full circle.
    Do you want and need all the horse manure, or would you really be a happier man in Iowa?
    I mentioned your wife, would she be happier in Iowa?
    Thanks for your time, take care good luck..

  • Sean S
    Sean S 5 months ago

    Hey Trev - did you hear that Trump is secretly vetting a sequel wife for his 2nd term run -?? Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and Melania Knauss-Trump, and . . . ?? can you put your team on it??

  • Olof Palmén
    Olof Palmén 5 months ago

    Now wait a minute! There is one major issue that needs to be addressed. This all started back in Stewart-times. The Daily Show show has been making fun of Mitch McConnell's turtle-like appearance for far too long. I understand. The guy has no soul and needs to be made fun of. But hey, The Daily Show, understand this. Only Mitch can make fun of his appearance. Get it? He was born with that face. When he was a kid and was like "I'm going to be a great man and one day lead a party of really old white men", his face was there going "Fuck you, Mitch! Fuck your hopes and dreams! With a face like me you're going nowhere! Everyone will make fun of you! And even though the 80's will make ninja-skilled renaissanceturtles popular, you will never be! Fuck you, Mitch!". But he didn't bow down. He didn't retreat to his shell. He fought that hideous monster of a face and won. In the end he walked over that flaming wreckage of a face shouting "Fuck you, face! Now look at me! Leading a party of mummified white men! No thanks to you! Fuck you twice, face! Mitch out!"Lesson being.. Mitch is the only man on this planet that has had the courage to get in the ring with that face and unless someone else is willing to fight that face for a lifetime, no one else in entitled to make fun of that jurassic face.

  • Fuk Hue
    Fuk Hue 5 months ago

    Trevor needs to do a follow up. Carrier is laying off all of the people the President said he saved 7 months ago.

  • Ariel Wollinger
    Ariel Wollinger 5 months ago

    Hey, I would like to suggest you use a free software called JES Deinterlacer to improve the edges of you deinterlaced videos.

  • ya yaya
    ya yaya 5 months ago

    no doubt ev1 tiring of another americans 12% black population mindless race obsessed show. only 12% yet they are showing much more than that on usa tv now. isnt usa largest "minority" latin americans, or smallest asian/etc, giving them some kind of priority? what their obsession with blacks just in the middle? what about all the other ethnic groups? even every city and community become its own culture and ethnic group after how many generation. regardless its all idiocy like going to china, japan, korea, phillippines, nigeria, england, anywhere and complaining about the majority group that built and runs that place. how many generations can americans media keep pushing contrived culture/economy of conflict? fuelled by encouraging mother of all sin, pride in *pointless* groups.

  • The Travel Vlogger
    The Travel Vlogger 5 months ago


  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 5 months ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,
    Photo Op 2. There is an old TV show called "Flipper", with two young boys about your age, a dolphin, and a "dad".
    There was lots of zooming around in fourteen foot boats with about a 25 horsepower outboard motor, and skin diving in impossibly clear water.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Midorikonokami
    Midorikonokami 6 months ago

    Hi there, Show team! I encountered something interesting on Tumblr - a post about an App called Solomon's Shield. Since it's on Tumblr, I don't know how recent this is, but as TN has spoken about police and people being pulled over in the past, I thought he may be interested in this. <3 Thanks!

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 6 months ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,
    You are going to want what are called "photo opportunities", or photo-ops. Sailing could provide this.
    There is sailboat called the Optimist Pram, about eight feet long, and designed for about 100 pounds or less of payload.
    So, you take a couple of months to get good at it, and then you challenge Jared and Don, Jr. to a race.
    Because of the shape of the hull, a person of about 200 pounds can, very gingerly, sit in the boat, and actually sail it.
    It can be hilarious, because the boat is so small, the adult's legs are hanging over one side, and their head and shoulders out the other.
    Because of the increased resistance, the adult is lucky to attain half the speed of the child, ie, you, and you should be able to sail rings around them. Good for your ego, if not theirs.
    The Naval Academy is just down the road, they should have boats just a bit larger then a pram, and as good public relations gesture, (and it would be), they could teach you to sail.
    Like I said, lots of good photo ops.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • 111967 6346534653456
    111967 6346534653456 6 months ago

    why are u deleting old clips, do u have to ?

  • Muhammad abu jabal
    Muhammad abu jabal 6 months ago

    its starting to be boring man stop taking about trump there are a lot of subject need to be addressed so please get over your trump hallucinations boys john oliver doing a nice job without dedication his hall show to trump please we already full of shows taking exclusively about trump

  • Butter Nutter
    Butter Nutter 6 months ago

    Don't know if it matters but an account named JOHN OLIVER 2017 has been re-uploading your videos on youtube, several of them have been deleted and several have been privatized.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 6 months ago

    Hi All,
    There is a representative from Iowa who does not think too much of Planned Parenthood.
    If the people from PP want to influence him, here is a technique that might be effective.
    Iowa grows a lot of corn, a lot of that corn is turned into methanol, and by law, added to gasoline. Because Iowa has the early presidential caucuses, no candidate can say that program is a bad thing.
    (Whether it is a good thing or not never gets discussed, I have no real idea.)
    However, this is not a presidential election year, and won't be for a while.
    One of the commentators asked somebody, "Who is the head of the Democratic Party? I do not remember the answer, but the answer is that nobody is the head, partly because there is not A Democratic Party, there are Many Democratic Parties.
    Follow me on this. The Republican Party dominates the Midwest, much of its area is "contiguous", it all connects together. As each state party builds up, there is cross fertilization across state lines.
    The Democratic Party is urban based, with each city having a Democratic party that is much more self sufficient. Each state Democratic party has a leader, with some having more influence, and some less, but there doesn't have to be a single national "leader".
    Many of the leaders of those state Democratic Parties could care less about methanol in gasoline, either way, for or against.
    What a lot of people may not realize, methanol messes with a lot of machinery, and you can buy methanol free gasoline if you have that problem. A lot of that machinery is in REPUBLICAN regions, rural, nonurban. If Democrats could remove methanol from gasoline, they could make a lot of useful friends.
    Weirdly enough, one of the things that gets rural people mad about city people telling them what to do is methanol in gasoline, but it is other rural people who are demanding that methanol be put in gasoline, most urban people don't care one way or the other.
    Now, there is a plan to build a plant on the West Coast, to take natural gas, turn it into methanol, and ship it to China.
    How about we take the methanol out of the gasoline, and sell IT to China, and convert
    the farm machinery in Iowa to run on compressed natural gas.
    If Planned Parenthood, which is highly urban based, can influence all the urban parties and mayors, they represent many more electoral votes then Iowa.
    Anyway, that is the theory.
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 6 months ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,
    In the movie "That thing that you do", the manager has the drummer always wear sunglasses when he is on stage.
    You might find a couple of props useful. A camera and a book. Take pictures and post them. money to go to some charity. You will get better with practice.
    Carrying a book would set a good example and you might just read it. There is going to be a lot of sitting around time for the next three years.
    Which book? In the Dewey Decimal System, 940.54 is World War 2, that is good place to start. A good mix of fiction, westerns, detectives, and science fiction. Boatbuilding and airplane design are useful.
    Dashiell Hammett, Robert Heinlein, and Louis L' Amour. Howard Chapelle. Lloyd Kahn's Shelter. Architecture without Architects. Domebook Two. Zenna Henderson. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame. The Boxcar Children.
    That should keep you busy for a while
    Thanks for your time, take care.

  • Jezze
    Jezze 6 months ago

    What the... ? I added two new shows (today and yesterday) to my watchlist and now they are private!

  • Deformed Goldfish
    Deformed Goldfish 6 months ago

    This channel was great. WAS. Why is there no actual content here anymore?

  • Joseph Saviano
    Joseph Saviano 6 months ago

    Honestly, this show wasn't funny when Jon Stewart was running things. Now, it's nothing more than another liberal bias, left-wing, Trump-bashing "news" show. It's not even original. You get the same rhetoric from Samantha Bee, Steve Colbert and John Oliver. Oh, wait...they all used to work together on this show, back in the days of Papa Stewart! Big surprise!

  • Ann deedrich
    Ann deedrich 6 months ago

    he led the trump tweet 3 day museum, it may have put him in the sights of those who does not like a foreigner with a fast growing viewer platform. educating the people. with the south african experience of aberrant governing leadership, its easy to spot the pattern.. america is merely finding adjustment to the shock of current administration and shock takes a while to settle in and convince the mind that its REAL.. trevor is experienced in the baffling leaders arena, so he basically does a great job at telling americans that it is not a figment of their imaginations, the shit is real lol..

  • Ann deedrich
    Ann deedrich 6 months ago

    trevor noahs account has been barred by youtube.. i could not access the trevor noah channel, wtf..

  • ajmetz82
    ajmetz82 6 months ago

    Are you able to allow the uploads to be viewed in the UK again? I know Comedy Central UK is uploading some Daily Show clips for us too, but they're generally not as long/complete as the ones shared here. They're also slower to appear. I get notifications for this channel, and see a cool new video is uploaded, and then come here, and find I can't watch it, and it sucks as an experience, 'cos Comedy Central UK often won't have it until a day or so later, =/.

    FULLM3TALPR0 6 months ago

    Stop talking about fucking donald trump all the goddamn time, what about the G20 riots, what about the prison riot in south africa.

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 6 months ago

    Dear Mr. Barron Trump,
    About half the population of the US is under the age of 35, and you are very nearly the only representative of half the population your father is likely to meet on a regular basis.
    I would suggest you read the book called the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu. ( Lao Tsu just means "Old Man", there could have been many authors or contributors.) ( I read the translation by Jane English and Gia-Fu Feng.) It will allow you to sound smart about things you know very little about.
    Second, you are going to want to get away by yourself, and this is going to be very difficult. What you want is a "Western" White House, where you can ride a horse all day, camp under the stars, drink coffee with the old men. The federal government owns a fair amount of land in places like Wyoming, and they could keep watch over you with drones.
    Third, try to finagle some penpals, people you can write a letter once a month and get one back. There are service academies, an eighteen year old freshman will only be a few years older then you, you will have a chance to learn about things that no one would tell your father, but they might tell you, and you could tell your father.
    The next few years of your life are going to be extraordinary, keep a journal if you can.
    Good luck, thanks for your time, take care.

  • Atlantic Picture
    Atlantic Picture 6 months ago

    Covfefe!! Where are you??!

  • Patrick Röber
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    I miss this content! Pls come back

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    why no videos in 2 weeks?

  • Chris Bernecker
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    Man, you have TONNS of fans here in Euro who are in need of FRESH Trump News! Start Updating your Channel again, since we can't see the stuff on the CC App ;)

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    oh nooo i think trump make trevor go jail :( ! RIP Trveror

  • Nya joseph
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    The Daily Show is off for the next two weeks. They will return July 11th, 2017

  • Bini1
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    Why there is no new uploads? It's been more than a week

  • Simba Kim
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    Where you at!

  • Tae Tee
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    why have you made some videos unavailable for us people outside the US. How you gonna do me like this daily show?! Forcing me to unsubscribe smh.

  • Deloune Comfort Matongo

    Administrators to this page need to update people about what is happening. We cannot be coming on the page everyday hoping to watch a new upload only to be disappointed. They should at least update us if they are on vacation, attending some conference or if there are other political issues making it difficult to run the show. It is the people who make the show great, and if they treat us this way, this show will die a natural death......

  • Chuks Sokari
    Chuks Sokari 6 months ago

    Someone must have noticed this already.Trump doesn't tweet. He tweetrants. He uses TWEETRANT! app, only available for purchase at Mara Lego

  • reallycoolstuff
    reallycoolstuff 6 months ago

    Is the name changing to The Weekly Show? What's happening? Can the Daily Show clarify for its fans please????

  • Milagros Montserrat Dominguez Szarvak

    Where are the new videos? I saw on Facebook that there are new shows but nothing here :( if you are outside the US this is the only way to see them

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    Where did the show go???!!! i was refreshing you tube to see if i missed something for 4 days now

  • Clifford Lucky
    Clifford Lucky 6 months ago

    Trevor where are you ..???

  • Diego M
    Diego M 6 months ago

    sorry it's in spanish, but have you seen this?
    great program

  • Lynne Hand
    Lynne Hand 6 months ago

    Hi CC - I am suffering withdrawal symptoms here. Where is Mr Noah? We need to know.
    If he's on holiday, "Have a nice break." If he's ill, "Get well soon." If he's been arrested, "Where do I send the bail money?" If he's filming something awesome, "Hurry up mate!"

  • Gerald Mackay
    Gerald Mackay 6 months ago

    trevor when you run your mouth on tv about racism reguarding Philando Castile maybe get you facts correct before you force feed your narrative on your show.

  • Naked Spoon
    Naked Spoon 7 months ago

    Please fix your decibel rate when editing your videos for youtube so they don't blow my speakers out and wake members of my household. The actual video is very quiet, I have to turn the volume up, but then your end card is loud as hell. Setting a max db rate in video editing software is one the fundamental necessities for editing audio for youtube/broadcast/etc. How is it that you guys don't do this?

  • kesa1986
    kesa1986 7 months ago

    Hi I'm in the UK , I use to be able to watch the Daily show clips every time it was posted but recently all the post aren't available in the UK???? Why.

    • Lynne Hand
      Lynne Hand 6 months ago

      What! You mean there are clips I can't watch? What is going on - guys this is the internet, not the outernet.
      "Goes off to switch on VPN."

  • Gordy Bing
    Gordy Bing 7 months ago

    Hi All,
    Proposal for an airplane, a warplane. A Thunderbolt 3, the follow on to the nearly 50 year old A-10 Warthog.
    A single engine fighter of World War 2 had a maximum takeoff weight of about 10,000 pounds, or about 5000 kilograms, more or less.
    The twin engine P-38 Lightning had a maximum takeoff weight of about 22, 500 pounds.
    The seventies era A-10 Warthog has a maximum takeoff weight of 50,000 pounds.
    They make commercial airplanes to carry about 80-100 people. Scrounge a couple of engines that size, use the engine placement from the A-10, and you wind up with a maximum takeoff weight that should approach 100,000 pounds.
    The Spitfire of WW 2 started out with 8 machine guns, in .30 caliber, or 4 cannon, I cannot remember exactly how big.
    The American designs usually had 6 or 8 .50 caliber machine guns. (12.5 mm.).
    The A-10 had a monster cannon that fired a 30 mm round, that would make it a 1.2 inch diameter, a Gatling gun that fires at fantastic rate, you have to fire in short bursts, the plane can slow down too much if you are close to the ground.
    The Super A-10 would get an even bigger round, how about a 50 mm, a 2 inch. That would scare me if I saw it coming my way.
    The little Textron Scorpion has an almost identical takeoff weight to the P-38, 22,500 pounds, and costs about $20,000,000.
    All things being equal, I would expect the super A-10 to cost about $100,000,000. give or take a bit.
    Thanks for your time, take care.