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  • holls
    holls Hour ago

    Greta ❤️

  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 Hour ago

    america is losing a war in a country that is in 3rd world standards horribly embarrassing lmao

  • enrico gargano
    enrico gargano Hour ago

    So far a solid candidate for 2020

  • Moses
    Moses Hour ago

    Real hunters only use a net, knife, shield, and skill. 💯🔥

  • Dolores Medina
    Dolores Medina Hour ago

    I dont think the question that was ask to joe Biden about deportation was fair.

  • KLVN Allison
    KLVN Allison Hour ago

    "He said it here folks.." that was great improv by Trevor.

  • Phillip Christopher

    I have an idea for Tesla how about electric airplanes?

  • i did see that
    i did see that Hour ago

    My lunch was not the bad i just remember them takin away the vending machines and filling them with a bunch of like carrot chips

  • Noel Bentley
    Noel Bentley Hour ago

    She's brilliant!!!!!!!!!

  • Tshephiso Pheagane

    my aunt went to her school she inspire me because now she something from nothing

  • Jim Wallington
    Jim Wallington Hour ago

    Why organize a strike on Friday which is a special day for Muslims? Maybe Sunday next time?

  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 Hour ago

    I'm pretty sure Juboukie is gay...How do you even come to this analogy

  • psyNadya psyNadya

    Trevor in curls would be so cute. Hope I can buy the products in Europe

  • Er Will
    Er Will Hour ago

    This is ultra stupid... "we must stop flying! The audience, yeah!!! Oooh!! Girl: So I came on a sail boat to New York and ride a donkey while I am here'. Audience : yeah!! New York smells!! Crowd: yeah!!!! Many of the alarms of the ice cap melting has been thrown out like old trash, but it's New York... Very smart folks there...

  • Der Ehrenmann
    Der Ehrenmann Hour ago

    Greta can suck my dick , Thank you 😂

  • Sergio Pierre
    Sergio Pierre Hour ago

    NoHo hank make the show

  • Jessica N.
    Jessica N. Hour ago

    Everyone, go to fridays for future instead of raiding area 51!!!!! I don't think Congress or any legislative entity on this planet will listen to aliens scolding them about climate change so use your voice and be heard 📢

  • Waseeem Khan
    Waseeem Khan Hour ago

    America is like a petdog 🐶 in the hands of Jews.

  • Annabelle Triabelle

    Didn't Jesus hang out with the tax collectors and un savories? Their message doesn't make sense I mean wouldn't they reach more people that need it without a private jet?

  • Xorge Guerrero
    Xorge Guerrero Hour ago

    How about NO taxes for 10 generations!?

  • James Crook
    James Crook Hour ago


  • Im here
    Im here Hour ago

    Joe Biden is like the Michel Scott of politics

  • marlboro bill
    marlboro bill Hour ago

    The most chilling thing to me, and the greatest take away, is the openness of the democratic party on banning guns. Even Bill Clinton, who actually passed an "assault weapons ban", would never have campaigned on banning guns. It used to be political suicide. They fact that they are this open about it should scare any voter. Not in the sense that they are coming for your guns, but they feel they can change the constitution. Gun control is a fallacy. There are so many guns already in existence the notion that one could simply ban them is laughable. What your trying to control is uncontrollable. You cannot stop someone who appears completely normal, then suddenly shoots up a building. The simple answer is there is no simple answer. You can no more ban guns than you can ban crazy people. It sounds good, but cannot be accomplished. And it isn;t an outright ban on guns, its specific guns, which is even more laughable. Crazies will just use a different gun.

  • Gerald Brown
    Gerald Brown Hour ago

    No Biden, No Harris, and No Castro. Lets go Yang Gang!

  • Paul Langan
    Paul Langan Hour ago

    Andrew Yang is making sense. Last night’s debate demonstrated to this voter why Yang deserves our full attention. Two main Democratic Presidential candidate’s, Andrew Yang positions resonate with me, Universal Income and how the Robot Apocalypse can bring our divided nation together. The dark side of automation is a looming issue creating deep chasms in our already divided nation. Consider how well our current Executive in chief exploited this group’s legitimate feelings of economic loss. We are in the midst of a major transition to artificial intelligence (see automation). The President has blamed immigrants when the clear nemesis is Artificial intelligence-the advance of technology. Imagine how farmers felt during the genesis of the industrial age. Consider truck drivers. There are 3.5 million truck drivers on the road today (robot trucks will be here within 3-5 years and quickly replacing drivers). The savings are considerable ( replacing human drivers with self-driving trucks that can run all of the time) will save an estimated $168 Billion a year. Artificial intelligence is replacing thousands of call center jobs right now. About 8% of American jobs are in the STEM field, 92% are not. The 5 most common jobs in the U.S. right now are 1) Administrative and clerical 2) Retail and Sales 3) food service 4) Truck Driving 5) Manufacturing. Right now all aforementioned jobs are in the midst of a change to Artificial intelligence (automation). 32% of Americans graduated from college, 68% with a high school diploma or below. 68% of Americans are working in the at-risk to automation industries. We need an interim solution for the margins to keep the most at risk from going off the rails-into much more expensive societal concerns (incarceration, homelessness, drug addiction, emergency room healthcare). Remember an extra $1000.00 for the average working American, living paycheck to paycheck, would largely end up right back into the economy in the form of retail, deferred car repair payments, dining out, out of pocket healthcare costs. This purchase activity would result in revenue back to the states/Fed. We would see the revenue back and save on societal shared marginal costs. Easy to take the jaded view and consider these payments a form of welfare. Remember that we practice corporate welfare every year by allowing companies to pay the equivalent of ZERO income taxes. Why not ask these companies benefiting from automation to provide a dividend back to all of us and especially those displaced by automation? “The monthly stipend, which Yang dubs the “Freedom Dividend” is intended to ameliorate economic insecurity, wealth inequality, and the other symptoms of social malaise stemming from capitalism”.

  • Private Hobby Detective

    A child with a documented history of self-destructive behavior (self-harm and eating disorder) is not a suitable guardian of our planet. Destructive tendencies are often life-long. I believe she has good intentions but fear she will cause major damage.

  • Ja Kooistra
    Ja Kooistra Hour ago

    1:45 He is describing my relationship with my ex. Who is Chinese.

  • Julio Urena
    Julio Urena Hour ago

    Water vapor is the major green house gas. How will we regulate water vapor in the atmosphere.

  • Colen Thomas
    Colen Thomas Hour ago

    Everyone on the planet needs to understand that the mass extinction she is talking about includes the human race.

  • Batman Profil
    Batman Profil Hour ago

    For all you americans ... greta's father initiated this shit, he earns much money with this armageddon phantasie and nobody likes his daughter. Except some communist brains, which destroy europe.

  • Diane Wilkins
    Diane Wilkins 2 hours ago

    She is making want to find out more

  • Archadiaes
    Archadiaes 2 hours ago

    Malaysians!! you hear me? 5:46

  • Phillip Christopher
    Phillip Christopher 2 hours ago

    The powers-that-be the United States of America don't really care because they're being controlled by the oil companies

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 2 hours ago

    I only watch them Bc of Trevor but hey they good at their job

  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 2 hours ago

    Americans are so stupid and fat they actually went crazy for fried chicken on bread....SMFH

  • Thomas Kreisel
    Thomas Kreisel 2 hours ago

    The Guru Greta! Hail Greta! Greets from Germany!

  • Maicon Berté
    Maicon Berté 2 hours ago

    This girl is a hero

  • Julio Urena
    Julio Urena 2 hours ago

    Stop trying to control guns. Control the ammunition. Without bullets guns are usless. Make a system where you must sign out ammo at the game warrden office and any amo you dont use you have to sign it back in. The idea is at its infancy but you get the general idea.

  • blablash
    blablash 2 hours ago

    This is the first time hearing about this girl. Whatsupp with this? Im european and shes making a change? The Greta effect? Never heard of anything of this.

  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 2 hours ago

    If you don't eat it you can't kill it!!!!!!

  • Kanika Garal
    Kanika Garal 2 hours ago

    Man that guy is bold. If the weapon is designed to be used in a battlefield it should not be owned by civilians. He said it. But stupid Americans and their second ammendment

  • salamata wurie sesay

    It's inhumane to kill animals just for fun

  • ParaDice
    ParaDice 2 hours ago

    OMG that stunt at the end was hiphop. I mean i'm sure his hip hopped out.

  • Vaibhav Shah
    Vaibhav Shah 2 hours ago

    When you don't sign the Paris climate agreement

  • halt evrybody
    halt evrybody 2 hours ago


  • AFK4gamingXD Was Here

    Black on black crime🤣🤣

  • Steven Rose
    Steven Rose 2 hours ago

    When Trevor took over I was a little worried about this being lost. I am so happy that I was worried about nothing. Much love and respect.

  • Michelle Hood
    Michelle Hood 2 hours ago

    This was By Far...the FUNNIEST DARN THING YOU GUYS HAVE DONE EVER...!!!!! ROTFL...Great Work 👍

  • halt evrybody
    halt evrybody 2 hours ago

    3:48 aw FRICK OFF M8!

  • Brian Gardunia
    Brian Gardunia 2 hours ago

    She is amazing.

  • Theodore
    Theodore 2 hours ago

    Knowing how much amateur cuckold porn there is, the list becomes slightly creepier...

  • I told you not to look me up

    You're not paying attention trump is coping the TVS show house of cards and homeland season 7

  • Fey
    Fey 2 hours ago

    You'll never get my porn, Black. Never!

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie 2 hours ago

    I guarantee you the only people that are happy for this are the kids because they never want to eat healthy but when they end up obese then comes suicide, bullying, depression and then they end up eating themselves to death why is it that the majority of people don't speak up until it affects one of them members fatally

  • LX
    LX 2 hours ago

    Asperger syndrom... thats why she is the way she is

  • Sllamniku Kujtim
    Sllamniku Kujtim 2 hours ago

    No one gonna do everything because thats how we are. We want everything but dont want to do or change for it.

    • Kloko Loko
      Kloko Loko 2 hours ago

      Do not worry when we run out of oil or gas and all fossil fuels and then with unstoppable climate disaster, because we didn't react and with 15 billions people Earth will reset us easily.

  • EA 333
    EA 333 2 hours ago

    American idiocracy at its finest.

  • Emma
    Emma 2 hours ago

    He looks so tired. Thank you for your service, you’ve done your very best to make The US equal for every American

  • Mira B
    Mira B 2 hours ago

    Go Greta!

  • Lo O
    Lo O 2 hours ago

    Do they have to make a message to trump EVERY DEBATE? ... has he caused hate and division or did he feed to people THAT WERE ALREADY THERE

  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches 2 hours ago

    Life is like a box of nestle chocolate... Did I get that right?

  • human being
    human being 2 hours ago

    Comedy and the subject of war are a foul mix.

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman 2 hours ago

    Ah I see now. Ben and steve make libtards look dumb by interviewing the worst ones. And the opposite is happening here. Interesting. Notice how in normal educated formal debates no one looks dumb.. because both sides have a point in some way or another. Freedom of speech is okay, hate speech doesnt exist, and socialism is not okay! IMO

  • Junesarnea
    Junesarnea 2 hours ago

    In Germany, everybody is required to have a health insurance. No backing out. If you work as an employee, your boss has to pay 50% of your health insurance. It is none of his business if you or your family members fall sick and need expensive remedies. The other 50% are marked on your paycheck as "paid" - you never get real hold of that money, you are just notified that it had been used to pay your health insurance. If you are self-employed, you can choose between private and non-private insurers. From my experience I´d never go private. Premiums go high the older you get ( thus the sicker you get). When my husband and I got together, he paid 500€ monthly for a 5 people household all inclusive - he would have paid 4 times as much if our 3 kids, him and I had had private insurance. I love this system. Nobody ever goes broke because of health issues. I have a chronic disease and might end up in a waiting line for a new kidney. I will not have to pay a dime for any of my future health procedures, nor am I paying for any of the treatments I get right now. And I mean it: our insurance rate went up a bit b/c our income went up a is 600€ now and I see doctors twice a week and sometimes stay in hospital and get expensive treatments. I even do extra stuff like meditation and yoga and our insurance pays for those too, because they make sense for my health progress! So yes: Medicare for all is no Utopia. It is what gives all people air to breathe! Room to live! And it takes the anxiety and stress out of things that should be either happy moments in your life, like birth - or moments, where you really only want to focus on one thing: getting well (talking cancer etc.). Who´d want to watch the bills in a life- or-death situation? not me!

  • redsox Patriots
    redsox Patriots 2 hours ago

    All this tweet trump doing is a distraction. Alway seek behind the scene

  • Cicciabacimba
    Cicciabacimba 2 hours ago

    STOP f***king laughing and screaming yelling like imbeciles ... it was her thought (and mine too)

  • Al E Gator
    Al E Gator 2 hours ago

    Noah, expert at staying away from facts, rather choosing to debate philosophy. For those with an IQ below 59, that's a great way to debate if facts would take away your talking points. And the crowd clapped, so we all know the level of intelligence, or lack thereof, that sit on this set.

  • dobi minarikova
    dobi minarikova 2 hours ago

    What a lovely grandma 💛

  • Dean Nilvalli
    Dean Nilvalli 2 hours ago

    I believe this was Roy Wood's finest 6 minutes. Truly hilarious.

  • Login Adress
    Login Adress 2 hours ago

    Not everyone is a rich fuck that can afford a fucking boat and 6people flying to America to ship the fucking boat back again

    • Kloko Loko
      Kloko Loko 2 hours ago

      You do not get it, she came in 0 emission sail boat that runs on wind and solar and do not use fossil fuel and release carbon dioxide in air (CO2), that was the point . She have to travel 14 days on Atlantic ocean constantly going up and down (because is small boat) and eat, sleep and live to come in US.

  • Eman J Abadi
    Eman J Abadi 2 hours ago

    "Verily, Allâh does not change the condition of a people until they (first) change their ways and their minds. When Allâh decides upon punishing a people there is no averting it. (At that time) they have no helping friend apart from Him". Al-ra'd,13 , Holy Quran

  • Just cracked the ton

    Sooo funny

  • Biniyam Tadesse
    Biniyam Tadesse 2 hours ago

    I watch both Tucker and Trevor, i dont choose sides im for whatever makes sense against whatever don't, but Trevor makes it look like Tucker is totally dumb and insain on his show with quick cuts and not showing whole stories editing it in a way that makes liberals think this guy is an idiot. The same thing happens vice versa u cant trust any info this days

  • Lionel C
    Lionel C 2 hours ago

    I can't believe the way the French Assembly recieved Greta Thunberg. Wheter you feel moved or not by what she has to say, you have to respect the work and the quality of her speeches. There are a lot of chauvinistic ignorant fools in French Politics at the moment. I want to believe that Greta represents the future of our political awareness.

  • Phillip Christopher
    Phillip Christopher 2 hours ago

    Old people don't care and the young are striking back

  • We Are Not Amused
    We Are Not Amused 2 hours ago

    The word stoic comes to mind seeing this girl. Keep up the good fight, Greta❤

  • Bob Mederos
    Bob Mederos 2 hours ago

    Do these people have any clue whatsoever about the United States law??? Do these people have any clue at all about anything the American public needs??? I still don’t know what their platform stands for. How much are they going to boost the American economy, not one of them has a clue. Can you imagine Joe Biden negotiating with Russia, China, North Korea. After this debate I’m totally convince The Democrat party is totally clueless.

  • Alex Broadie
    Alex Broadie 2 hours ago

    Still listening to this in September 2019. Ironically the best Yule mix out there, despite Trump still in office....somehow.

  • smackdowner
    smackdowner 2 hours ago

    Harris is trash she's no better than Ttrump himself.Yang Gang 2020

  • syckindahead
    syckindahead 2 hours ago

    Be juicy and joyful😊

  • smoothsugardevil
    smoothsugardevil 2 hours ago

    She's sparked such a massive movement! You go, girl!

  • Mars Boyo
    Mars Boyo 3 hours ago

    Let's get rid of Trump and make her president😀she has more knowledge in her hair than Trump has in his big fat orange body🍊

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva 3 hours ago

    Virtue signalling at its finest. She won't be sailing back to Sweden, nor will most of the ships crewmembers. Thus, her trip will result in higher CO2 emissions than it would have if she and her father just flew by themselves. On another note, I find it morally questionable to have a 16 year old being used as a puppet in a political struggle. This is the work of multiple PR campaigns.

  • I Tell Time Person
    I Tell Time Person 3 hours ago

    WHITE Privilege Drug Dealers

  • Barn Casino
    Barn Casino 3 hours ago

    Democrat shit show .....

  • Dee Scott
    Dee Scott 3 hours ago

    No I will be good, 1% among Latin votes , lmao

  • Sum mer
    Sum mer 3 hours ago

    Okay....time for my son to take food to school. Nope, he don't need unhealthy food....keep it healthy!😁

  • ᴊɪᴍɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴋ

    To all of the people who dont understand the joke, “Sabzi” is a food ( basically a vegetable curry i guess ) that Iranians or really all south asians eat a lot 😂

    BUFF IT 3 hours ago

    All these blacks staging hate crimes is to funny it just goes to show you how stupid 95%of the black population in America is

  • michael majewski
    michael majewski 3 hours ago

    Fire in natural there... It happens all the time it's no worse then any time

  • Alexandra Gregor
    Alexandra Gregor 3 hours ago

    I'm white and my hair only curls when it gets wet, and I'm not complaining, but I can't imagine for the life of me how anyone could find those curls not hella beautiful and perfect just the way they are? Everyone, just be you. Straight, curly, wavy, red, black, brown, blonde, whatever. I mean, that's what makes you beautiful. Being you, naturally. Go, Tracee, love this.

  • Chris Dietrich
    Chris Dietrich 3 hours ago

    Great segment. Thank you Greta. If interested in climate change issues check out Cowspiracy on Netflix, a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • J. Milton Jeffreys
    J. Milton Jeffreys 3 hours ago

    can someone PLEASE shut this spoiled brat up!!!!

  • Torsten Kühl
    Torsten Kühl 3 hours ago

    Bullshit PR Greta

  • Sebastian Wardana
    Sebastian Wardana 3 hours ago

    Shit... you are a baller!

  • Kingen Oz
    Kingen Oz 3 hours ago

    Jag är svensk( im from sweden)

  • Ilka Bake
    Ilka Bake 3 hours ago

    Man al baby smoking to much crack paid for by US . Idiots who give them money pay for his habits hahaha hahaha suckers

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira 3 hours ago

    This young girl is clearly amazed that we cannot see what is happening around us. If we are blind let us at least hear her warning that we are already at the start of a new episode of our earth’s Extinction. It will happen over time, but if we don’t Start Now, our species will go extinct, after many, many years of horrendous diseases, of physical & mental kind. And environmental upheavals will occur which will be too colossal for our enfeebled physical conditions or take care of. This child’s warning, if we only have the wit to take it seriously, will possibly be the last chance to save human extinction. Her warning says START NOW. Before these occurrences become irreversible. (In fact they have already started with the melting of the ice sheets at the North Pole). Every day’s delay brings our last day closer.

    TRICE KLOVE 3 hours ago

    The problem is she hate the fact that people like her are being called out the police shootings and abuse is real towards the black culture but when you don't face it the hell with it if we was hush hush to this type of stuff everything is fine but she living in this imaginary world that our people has equal rights and being treated fairly we all no that's not true the position most blacks are in upset her she sound just like Trump ignorant and both have peanuts for brains

  • Mauro B
    Mauro B 3 hours ago

    This girl is to scared about the planet! Sad :( climate change is no problem. Deforestation and pollution is. Ps on her trip she did not see any pollution on the ocean?