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  • karla alvarez
    karla alvarez 2 hours ago

    Looks yummy 😋

  • Jesse Arias
    Jesse Arias 2 hours ago

    I just barfed all over my screen. 🤢🤢🤢

  • Robbert van Haaften
    Robbert van Haaften 2 hours ago

    PEOPLE SHOULD STOP EATING ANIMALS. The fishing industry is extremely destructive, As is the animal agriculture industry. Not only for the planet. But also for animals. Be kind. Be vegan!

  • Matteo Cappello
    Matteo Cappello 2 hours ago

    Would a crossover with the Vaccinara recipe be possible?

  • Adam Leonard
    Adam Leonard 2 hours ago

    What is the hosts nationality?

  • Flower mist
    Flower mist 2 hours ago

    haha me and my bff did that!😂

  • Jeff Finch
    Jeff Finch 2 hours ago

    Check out the Pittsburgh legendary donut shop called "Orams Donuts". It is definitely worth an episode.

  • 2 world
    2 world 2 hours ago

    The plastic micro layermakes a very healthy product harmfull,especially steaming the cans. Bisphenol and or other particals comes free when heating.

  • ahmed torjmen
    ahmed torjmen 3 hours ago

    Tunisia ❤️❤️🇹🇳

  • Mulattopapi
    Mulattopapi 3 hours ago

    These workers Gotta smell fuwkedddddd!

  • AJ_ samurai
    AJ_ samurai 3 hours ago

    0:41 who puts f*cking jam and cream on crumpets

  • DaroNagaN
    DaroNagaN 3 hours ago

    Diabetes entered the chat

  • Daniel Serrano
    Daniel Serrano 3 hours ago

    taco teist thermal

  • Preston Siegler
    Preston Siegler 3 hours ago

    Ooh, you know that hurt going in AND coming out. Damn, I'm sorry...

  • Csr Duran
    Csr Duran 3 hours ago

    And where can I get them in the U.S?

  • Paul Derrick
    Paul Derrick 3 hours ago

    but does it compare to a $5 footlong

  • CarlosChip Morales
    CarlosChip Morales 3 hours ago

    Thats crazy !

  • Meil Montigny
    Meil Montigny 3 hours ago

    I'm hungry

  • Sharifmd Md
    Sharifmd Md 3 hours ago


  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 3 hours ago

    11:07 What was that?

    ABSOLUT. 3 hours ago


  • CarlosChip Morales
    CarlosChip Morales 3 hours ago

    Spam tastes better!

  • IconKumiho
    IconKumiho 3 hours ago

    Dude China do the same ham too

  • Erica Truter
    Erica Truter 3 hours ago

    Keep the traditional way Portugal...that's how we like and love the true!! taste.

  • Anolbea
    Anolbea 3 hours ago

    I have had their sardines and they are superb. Not mushy with a fresh taste. Not at all fishy or acidic.

  • Carly
    Carly 3 hours ago

    they only live for 15 months ?? and y'all are okay with this?

    EMIL ATIĆ 3 hours ago

    NYC has all the best food

  • T.D. McCarty
    T.D. McCarty 3 hours ago

    Only $26 per sandwich and no choices, no options, nothing... you will eat it how we like it lol... LA is literally becoming communist and the hipsters buy into it lolol GOLDEN

  • cocacola99
    cocacola99 3 hours ago

    enjoying canned sardines for over 4 decades and i am still enjoying them nowadays!

  • hall bless
    hall bless 3 hours ago

    Yummy delicious food 🥘

  • Joshua Bellard
    Joshua Bellard 3 hours ago

    Dem teef doe at 2:39 !

  • Nitheesh s
    Nitheesh s 3 hours ago

    Dont they remove scales?

  • Joshua Thani
    Joshua Thani 3 hours ago

    I feel fat watching this.😂

  • ger du
    ger du 3 hours ago

    One thing Portugal does NOT have is a Mediterranean coastline. Honestly....

  • michelhv
    michelhv 3 hours ago

    Portugal has a Mediterranean coast? Since when?

  • Moose Knuckle
    Moose Knuckle 3 hours ago

    When did chicken and waffles become a thing to eat together ?

  • Alex
    Alex 3 hours ago

    6 dollars!? Thats like 358 pesos here!! also, that mold is like less than that..

  • sily sister
    sily sister 3 hours ago

    These diabetes’s comments are getting annoying

  • MJFO600
    MJFO600 3 hours ago

    Ice cream shops in NYC are a mobsters thing.

  • Bless Brazy
    Bless Brazy 3 hours ago

    Man I want a can of sardines now. I love how everything is so hands on. It’s Healthy, Cheap & Delicious. I live in Seattle, Washington if anyone knows a store here where I can buy these please let me know 🙏🏽

  • Evil Empire
    Evil Empire 3 hours ago

    Enjoy the mercury

  • Paul Begansky
    Paul Begansky 3 hours ago

    Great video, but you cant appreciate all the cheesesteaks in one day. Your taste buds ho dead. It also matters on the time of day and order them in. Finally, you missed Genos across the street from Pat's. There are so many. Here is my order, Philly, is Philly, enjoy them. Jersey, New York, Maryland. You cant say one shop is better, but states yes. Just like pizza, New York 1st, why, the water in the crust. My honest opinion, the sad part is I now live in Oklahoma, and trust, no cheesesteaks or good pizza here. I need a delivery

  • Zeacorzeppelin10
    Zeacorzeppelin10 3 hours ago

    I went there for the key to the city event, it was magical

  • pax84111
    pax84111 3 hours ago

    Now I want ☝️

  • Eisaorosi Isorbacri
    Eisaorosi Isorbacri 3 hours ago

    BigGeR iS BeTtEr

  • Chef Carter's Cooking Corner

    This video made me cry as sardines make me think of my Grandpa. When I was a child he would babysit me to give my Mom some time off. Well, he was also a hard working man. So he would not just take me home and sit me in front of the TV. No, he was a mason and would take me to his work site. I would sit in the car and watch him and the other men work. When it was lunch time he would pull out sardines and saltine crackers. It was so oily and delicious. also... i just notice this was released on my birthday.....🧡🧡🧡😥

  • shortiisweet99
    shortiisweet99 3 hours ago

    I don’t even want to watch this video. I just need to know if the fish lives 100+ yrs or not. Because if it don’t live that long naturally I could only imagine what they had to do to it after it was DEAD to make it last 100 yrs

  • Richy Martin
    Richy Martin 3 hours ago

    You know sardines do look so appetizing, and I have always wanted to try them, I just never had the guts.

  • Sara Aglan
    Sara Aglan 3 hours ago

    This video should be called: "Food you need to eat TO DIE."

  • Mounib Gaming
    Mounib Gaming 3 hours ago

    Hat dat

  • Kawasaki Rider
    Kawasaki Rider 3 hours ago

    This is BIG biggy used to eat for dinner

  • TheStagswag
    TheStagswag 3 hours ago

    Knife goes in, guts come out.

  • donne thorns
    donne thorns 3 hours ago

    How can the workers have no gloves and work with the product like that? That is a hygiene hazard!

  • Iraban Bhattacharya gaming

    1:21 no name

  • icecold723
    icecold723 3 hours ago

    I want to eat a canned sardine now.

  • Greg Bly
    Greg Bly 3 hours ago

    We used to have same fishing abundance in Western Canada. We over fished plain and simple. As we became more mechanised and boats became larger most canneries shut down. These hands on small factories relying on labor are what we need. Personally I will look for these Portuguese sardines😁

  • drone_photography42
    drone_photography42 3 hours ago


  • Zotac 1060 6GB
    Zotac 1060 6GB 4 hours ago

    Dear Sardines in a can or tin, we thankful to you - Some Students

  • Jery emry
    Jery emry 4 hours ago

    Good. ..please export to Britain pleases ...we do not want sardine from China as worried safety issue as China are well known substitute oils in sardines can with gutter oil collected from drain and filth...... Please we love sardines from Portugal !!!!!

  • falcon noobmaster
    falcon noobmaster 4 hours ago

    its good to see an industry which doesnt make workers obsolete 👍

  • Bazinga
    Bazinga 4 hours ago

    What's the point of sterilizing it if some on the workers don't even have gloves on?

  • D R
    D R 4 hours ago

    4ll th3ir hands look soft must be the constant d!pping in omega oils.

  • Jake Bosco
    Jake Bosco 4 hours ago

    Portugal’s coast is NOT on the Mediterranean!!

  • Chet
    Chet 4 hours ago

    Gentrification? Are you kidding me???

  • Hunter Knife
    Hunter Knife 4 hours ago

    *I dare drinking Gamer girl bath water than drink those wine*

  • Carlson
    Carlson 4 hours ago

    I had my toast while watching this. Man, it just made my toast tasted much better, I should go with fruits for next.

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 4 hours ago

    I thought business Insider would give it up for why so expensive

  • Abdul-Haqq Gregory
    Abdul-Haqq Gregory 4 hours ago

    i wanna try the cheesy udon noodles and the mac and cheese buger buns

  • S.S.Vishal
    S.S.Vishal 4 hours ago

    price please?

  • Hen S
    Hen S 4 hours ago

    “a large mediterranean coast...?” 🤔

  • M K
    M K 4 hours ago

    Deep fried Pizza Oreo Wtf??????

  • R. DaNell
    R. DaNell 4 hours ago

    Yes. Yes it is.

  • Hunter Knife
    Hunter Knife 4 hours ago

    Girl:This is actually my very very very first time eating sardines out of can. Me:SHE'S RARE PERSON THAT EVER LIVE...

  • Tanya Sharma
    Tanya Sharma 4 hours ago

    How many producers you have ??.... Whoever host this video also a producer .🤔🤔😂😂😂

  • Stefan Reich
    Stefan Reich 4 hours ago

    6:53 Good can? Bad can? What? LOL

  • Respect *
    Respect * 4 hours ago

    I wouldn't even buy it if it was 3 bucks

  • Thee FromDalist
    Thee FromDalist 4 hours ago

    The lady is so beautiful... who is she

  • Coahomma !
    Coahomma ! 4 hours ago

    I don't even like sardines 🤦🏻 but this is interesting

  • JJL
    JJL 4 hours ago

    Wear gloves when making and touching food.

  • Jakub Opršal
    Jakub Opršal 4 hours ago

    Asian fusion was mistake.

  • mcoaxe1
    mcoaxe1 4 hours ago


  • Boa De Cocoa
    Boa De Cocoa 4 hours ago

    Wow! Very informational!

  • Justinitiative
    Justinitiative 4 hours ago

    Lamb is the name for a young Sheep, and a Goat is a Goat. Jesus Christ, you would think an Editor for a FOOD CHANNEL would know more about animals.

  • Babyy Spiice
    Babyy Spiice 4 hours ago

    Are Sardines good?

  • beautyspeakswithin23

    I would like to know prices

  • Дмитрий Хитрый

    красотища... парень так сырину тискает аж не по себе делается, такая у них любовь...неудобно даже!)))))))))))

  • Hugo Winzer
    Hugo Winzer 4 hours ago

    "we have a big Mediterranean coast". THEY LITERALLY DONT HAVE ACCESS TO THE MEDITERRANEAN SMH...

  • yoongi af
    yoongi af 4 hours ago

    I wish there was a place like this where I live.

  • Amélia G
    Amélia G 4 hours ago

    Next time you meet somebody who sounds Portuguese say você são um cocô

  • 1
    1 4 hours ago

    Ehh, too much cheese

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Pizza Hut have the best restaurant. Dominoes have the best ingredients. Papa John's have the best toppings.

  • jack gamer
    jack gamer 4 hours ago

    Quem veio pelo teddy?

  • nhb
    nhb 4 hours ago

    Love canned sardine.

  • ItchyPilauBoto808
    ItchyPilauBoto808 4 hours ago

    1:13 don’t you mean Atlantic Ocean?

  • Awake andreborn
    Awake andreborn 4 hours ago

    I recommend whipping the yoke and the mayonaise together before adding in the chopped white. Also the crust on that bread needs to be trimmed off.

  • Alex Gemi
    Alex Gemi 4 hours ago

    Why aren’t these heathens wearing GLOVES before puttin stuff in the can. Disgusting bacteria and germ fest! Old man is gonna make everyone sick

  • Trey Wilson
    Trey Wilson 4 hours ago

    I thought it was chick peas at first

  • Missy Rey
    Missy Rey 5 hours ago

    Hand made grates. That is beautiful.

  • therealmccoy2004
    therealmccoy2004 5 hours ago

    No Portuguese man invented preserving!! That practice is ancient years old! If anything Moors brought that knowledge to them...

  • hehe
    hehe 5 hours ago

    i rather go to a local pizzaria :)