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  • Streater S.
    Streater S. 52 seconds ago

    Wish is was a real dog

  • MR. Vegeta
    MR. Vegeta 3 minutes ago

    Why would I get pizza where dogs roam that’s nasty , so many irresponsible dog owners I bet there’s dog poop everywhere around that joint 🤢

  • Adrik BF
    Adrik BF 4 minutes ago

    so, how deeply you want to offend an italian? here: 1:50 hold my pasta pizza

  • Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back

    We must protect ray at all costs, and keep him alive with Hershey bars.

  • Adrik BF
    Adrik BF 6 minutes ago

    more like 42 foods you need to eat before you die out of diabetes

  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 minutes ago

    hey, you spelled donuts wrong.

  • Electric Wolf
    Electric Wolf 7 minutes ago

    I guess those people are too cheesy for that.

  • Acceled
    Acceled 7 minutes ago

    Aka getting your braces tightened

  • TheGaminMango
    TheGaminMango 8 minutes ago

    0:31 who else thought mazebank

  • Alimay Cowper
    Alimay Cowper 17 minutes ago

    Bro I nearly smashed my tablet digging my hand into it because I wanted that food so bad! 😢

  • Daniel Chun
    Daniel Chun 23 minutes ago

    This is a Temple not a restaurant- college humor

  • Thomas Polinze
    Thomas Polinze 25 minutes ago


  • Rykia Vue
    Rykia Vue 25 minutes ago

    Go away vegeterian!

  • Rocio Medina jimenez
    Rocio Medina jimenez 26 minutes ago


  • Dracon
    Dracon 27 minutes ago

    Alternative title: "42 foods that will kill you"

  • all music
    all music 27 minutes ago

    If you guys want a 20 dollar off Uber eats code use eats-juliant2948ui

  • all music
    all music 28 minutes ago

    If you guys want a 20 dollar off Uber eats use code eats-juliant2948ui

  • goduo gu
    goduo gu 29 minutes ago

    : Chick-fil-A “Ah Shit Here We Go Again”

  • kuty patooty
    kuty patooty 33 minutes ago

    Gosh y did i click on this. Now i want to jump in my car and drive to cali just for some tacos

    LAMIA 33 minutes ago


  • ??????
    ?????? 36 minutes ago

    Krispy kreme has left the chat

  • It’s me Amanda
    It’s me Amanda 37 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who prefers salty and savory over sweets

  • Harley Jean
    Harley Jean 41 minute ago


  • Ethan Garrigan
    Ethan Garrigan 42 minutes ago

    hersheys are his favourite , he obviously hasnt had cadburys

  • S t a c y D o m I n g o
    S t a c y D o m I n g o 42 minutes ago

    I’d take apart the donuts away from the chicken and toast some buns for the chicken lol

  • K Poop
    K Poop 43 minutes ago

    As someone who works at dunkin donuts I'm awestruck as to how hygienic people are...dunkin is a shit show

  • Cesar Minchaca
    Cesar Minchaca 45 minutes ago

    Can you eat chicken tartare?

  • Hello I’m a weirdo
    Hello I’m a weirdo 46 minutes ago

    42 to foods that make a DIE-it

  • Gurnoop Mxnn
    Gurnoop Mxnn 46 minutes ago

    Why doesn’t Gordon Ramsey go to any of these places..?

  • a piece of shipping trash

    can't get more american than that where the hell is my deep fried pistol

  • beauty
    beauty 47 minutes ago

    Heart attack, stroke and diabetes type 10 after eating this! ☠😨... No thank you!

  • judge jury fan
    judge jury fan 48 minutes ago

    I would literally eat that pizza and still be hungry afterwards

  • Laura R
    Laura R 49 minutes ago


  • Strawberie milk
    Strawberie milk 50 minutes ago

    The candy burrito looks lie diabetes

  • Marcus St John
    Marcus St John 52 minutes ago

    Kansas gas station: we have the best ribs Uber eats :just joined the chat

  • Joshua Roose
    Joshua Roose 53 minutes ago

    cant beat krispy kream

  • عاشقه الورد
    عاشقه الورد 57 minutes ago

    تالفسهبغبخ ةديضشعا ادقصطهن 😂😁🎓💋💟💔💔👄💋😘😘❤💜💍💎😗😅💘💘😎👙💜💍💎💔💔💔💔💗💗😍😍😍😍😍🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭

  • Thegamingkitten
    Thegamingkitten 57 minutes ago

    America : *Creates Golden pizza for $1000* People: We should be socialist like Denmark: gOlDeN cHocOLaTE fOR $9

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 58 minutes ago

    My local donut shop wasn’t featured........oh well

  • Sweet toto
    Sweet toto 59 minutes ago

    It looks like a frozen brain.

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise Hour ago

    42 ways of getting “diarrhea”

  • Lottie Blazer
    Lottie Blazer Hour ago

    I love the horse do you do unicorns and do you do dolphins I would like to see that in your next one. If you doing next one that is I hope you do like to see more of it.

  • Psthurism Ps
    Psthurism Ps Hour ago


  • Payal Gupta
    Payal Gupta Hour ago

    Didn't u guys get a sugar rush?!

  • Working for lucifer is a ton of Fun

    I’m in England I would book a holiday to nyc and get some but bc of brecksit or whatever it is I might get stuck there :(

  • Recca GT
    Recca GT Hour ago

    *how rich people get diabetes*

  • Nadav Ab
    Nadav Ab Hour ago

    That is not a falafel. it is green shit

  • Gc
    Gc Hour ago

    Thought you were Gordon Ramsay in the beginning

  • Anotherarmypassingby. Com

    I’m moving to Connecticut in a few months, I will go to new your probably 1-2 times every month😂 I’m watching these so I know where to go😂😂😂


    1.31 This kid in The red t-shirt is gangsta

  • Connie Coldwell
    Connie Coldwell Hour ago

    1919 is the year my great grandmas was born she’s still alive she’s one hundred 💯

  • Kallie_Kandie
    Kallie_Kandie Hour ago

    theres no matcha. * Im out*

  • Anotherarmypassingby. Com

    “Yummy!” Hes So cute

  • john great
    john great Hour ago

    So that asshole call Mumbai as Bombay? Which world he is from

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz Hour ago

    That "WOW" at 11:51!!! 👏👏👏

  • Sherri Miller
    Sherri Miller Hour ago

    Your contest is invalid. Randy's Donuts is in Inglewood which is not a part of the city of Los Angeles. Inglewood has it's own Mayor and police department. Please re-do this episode and stay within city limits if you are going to call it "The Best Doughnut in Los Angeles".

  • sentient02970
    sentient02970 Hour ago

    Ratio is way off.

  • Lammy Paw뭉 ᅣᄉ누ᅧᅳᅳᅣᄃᄏ


  • VoIdZ ZaNy
    VoIdZ ZaNy Hour ago

    I'm Asian so I like this

  • tedy_bu kawaii
    tedy_bu kawaii Hour ago

    Pizza is Italian dish and should be never disturbed in any way 🤮

  • ஜ ஒ Kim SooJin ஜ ஒ

    Brigadeiro is brazilian!

  • Tory Takken
    Tory Takken Hour ago

    Looks cool but I would never eat such a thing

  • Juander Food
    Juander Food Hour ago

    Americans dont do breakfast!

  • Jesus was a Sausage

    “I’d say best burger in the world” Probably never even left the country.

  • 100 subs with no Videos

    If I eat one of them than I'd probably die....

  • DD _Vu
    DD _Vu Hour ago

    Wahhh!! Looks too good😪

  • intallpines
    intallpines Hour ago

    How moon cakes are made. At least everyone tried it! Love yall 4eva!

  • Gaming Land
    Gaming Land Hour ago

    1:41 I’m scared for his hand

  • Crownthepilot
    Crownthepilot Hour ago

    The 2nd and 3nd place I HATE WITH MY ENTIRE SOUL. Voodoo donuts is where it’s at

  • La O.N.U
    La O.N.U Hour ago

    6:40 el lavaplatos de ahí merece el mundo

  • kniklichtkind
    kniklichtkind Hour ago

    It's döner. And it got made in berlin. So..

  • Abi Branning
    Abi Branning Hour ago

    Glazed Doughnut's are my favourite Doughnut's

  • Da wae
    Da wae Hour ago

    Sweet dreams

  • Mohammad Hussain

    Us New Yorkers know chopped cheese is the real deal.

  • Vic Toria
    Vic Toria Hour ago

    I think that if you’ll eat all of this, you’ll automatically die of too much sugar

  • Andrea Mailyn López Olivas

    OMG!I was hungry this video,like you too.minuto 3.59 jiggly cheesecakes.

  • _GAINZ_
    _GAINZ_ Hour ago

    Yay free heart disease but damn that cheese

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 Hour ago

    What if im allergic to cheese...

  • Boris Molotov
    Boris Molotov 2 hours ago

    I use this on my spaghetti, it's heaven, we have this cheese in my local supermarket.

  • oChristinao
    oChristinao 2 hours ago

    3:22 what is that red thing on the lady

  • David Parnaby
    David Parnaby 2 hours ago

    The music puts you off watching

  • Khalid Auzam
    Khalid Auzam 2 hours ago

    The title should be: things to make u die

  • Joseph Ahmad
    Joseph Ahmad 2 hours ago

    I think the recipe of any pizza shop should be looks good but does it taste good...

  • SweetOnion
    SweetOnion 2 hours ago

    Omg water is 3.50...

  • I v a n !
    I v a n ! 2 hours ago

    There are starving people out there and you fatass is eating a golden edible brcik

  • Elad N
    Elad N 2 hours ago

    Wait a minute... if the main ingredient is not chickpeas is it still called Falfal?

  • Ruiqi Wang
    Ruiqi Wang 2 hours ago

    don’t shake it in that way EVER

  • Rebecca Fernandes
    Rebecca Fernandes 2 hours ago

    What tf am I watching this I'm on a diet

  • Jake Tapper
    Jake Tapper 2 hours ago

    you look so much better without makeup

  • Isaac Thao
    Isaac Thao 2 hours ago

    Re title it and say " Best ways to set heart disease ."

  • Mini Bees
    Mini Bees 2 hours ago

    This guy is fuckin neat

  • Tony Aulisa
    Tony Aulisa 2 hours ago

    Non la mangio dal 1999 !!!😪😪😭😭😭😱😱

  • Chamary stigers
    Chamary stigers 2 hours ago


  • Rudy Ruiz
    Rudy Ruiz 2 hours ago

    typical white people staying out of the ghetto.... ghetto donuts are the best.

  • The Monte Phone
    The Monte Phone 2 hours ago

    I knew why I love these. Only lard and powder sugar. I’m glad. Short ingredients. Rather than flour sugar and other junk.

  • Captain Bumpkin
    Captain Bumpkin 2 hours ago

    How mich you guys wanna bet the box is more expensive

  • Rafa Rafa
    Rafa Rafa 2 hours ago

    This vid makes me hungry

  • Ikram Aouadj
    Ikram Aouadj 2 hours ago

    Damn i need this in my life

    ACTIVE NORTE 916 2 hours ago

    2:31 lmao ya old ass betta make that bigger

  • Jessica Robles
    Jessica Robles 2 hours ago

    He’s too pure