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  • JackTheDestroyer55
    JackTheDestroyer55 28 days ago

    I cant wait to see what BBC will upload next!

  • Людмила Михайловна

    очень интересный канал, благодарю, вы доставили огромное удовольствие для души и для пользы познания

  • Movie Arena
    Movie Arena Month ago

    i like the video in this channel

  • Lee W
    Lee W 2 months ago

    when is Blue Planet II going to be broadcast?

  • DykeZuki
    DykeZuki 3 months ago

    Hey guys. You left your video on "Private". We cant watch it like that.
    Sex Obsessed Dust Licking Capuchins - Wild Brazil - BBC Earth
    And by the way... what the heck???

  • Harman Jeet
    Harman Jeet 4 months ago

    Something Unique Beautiful channel........... Love to watch...

  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson 4 months ago

    Insane video bro, keep smashing it! View my channel we both love to lift!

  • Dr Legend
    Dr Legend 4 months ago

    any new releases recently? whats new in 2017
    2016 went well with planet earth II

  • Sachin Kantipudi
    Sachin Kantipudi 4 months ago

    How to watch full videos online?

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 4 months ago

    @BBC Earth. Fix the Extraordinary Octopus Takes To Land video. They don't breath underwater. They BREATHE.

    JAYRAM PENDSE 4 months ago

    Please start your famous documentary south pacific on BBC earth.

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa 5 months ago

    I m sad that BBC decided to shut down the transmission on the cable TV here on Brazil. HistoryChannel and Discovery only have programs about aliens and stupid series about people naked in a forest :/ Luckly netgeo are still good

  • South ernn
    South ernn 6 months ago

    I'm from Saudi Arabia and I want this channel in my house how ?
    what are the coordinates on which satellites

  • DonCDXX
    DonCDXX 7 months ago

    Cool videos, but they need captions.

  • Nature Gallery
    Nature Gallery 8 months ago

    Hit like if you think BBC Earth Is love


    the purpose of visiiting ur channel what that ur camera as visual and sounds and nature just lot of things animal planet discovery channel and now the wild life forest zone
    need to bring attention how u address as country how that forest kept how that u should bring to understand what is india forest how the forest is kept , how the forest is destroyed
    how for recent times not only india we happen to c zoo as much glass shield cage for the zoo
    what that people earn from that evacating lot of forest and maintaing a zoo this and all we can c that is that do u c growth forest encroachement is more in number
    lot of rivers destroyed , cannal , water source natrual way all destroyed and now wwater is highly used by corporates buildings as construction as cement or any mode
    usage of water by corporates is more than residency lot of illega mafia of water taken from natural resources what that kind of coverage we look for that how a speicies death occur and no more progress in their speices grow generation due to their living condition is disturbed

  • Joe Gallop
    Joe Gallop 9 months ago

    there is absolutely no compassion in the treatment of elephants... i love watching planet earth but you just made me throw up...east india/burma show us how elephants are broken...and you'll not use the word compassion when talking about work elephants

  • ibequa
    ibequa 9 months ago

    BBC Earth 2 looks really stunning. Thank you for all your work for this amazing piece.

  • Undeadblossom
    Undeadblossom 10 months ago

    So I heard that BBC decided to attack a smaller channel for making a
    PARODY VIDEO of Bird Seduction Technique that led to the Lemme Smash hilarious
    meme ( which by the way actually had me go check out the BBC Earth
    channel because I didn't even know it existed until after I fell in love
    with those parody videos)
    So all I got to say is, shame on you BBC for ruining a good thing that
    actually GOT YOU VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS! I started watching more of your
    videos because they were just as funny on their own sometimes, and the
    parody videos actually make them 100 times better! And I dropped in a
    Subscription because I wanted to see your latest stuff (needless to say
    I'll now be unsubscribing)
    You should be thanking Incept for the views that you got on this video,
    and instead you're being a little prick. They followed all the copyright
    rules and regulations, and the parody didn't break ANY of the rules.
    What the hell is wrong with you people! A majority of these views are
    because people saw the parody and are checking out your videos, its a
    win win for you!

  • Chyyeeaaahh B1tch!!
    Chyyeeaaahh B1tch!! 10 months ago

    Best channel EVER!

  • melody vm
    melody vm 11 months ago


  • muhammad salem
    muhammad salem 11 months ago

    please post a section from Planet Earth II starting the electricity hyperlapse till the end as a full video because i think it's an important message to humanity, it touched me as a human being watching how disorientated sea turtle hatchlings get and how we have the power in our hands to create something like singapore, i am looking for that part to share i think everyone should watch, thank you

  • 02 新參
    02 新參 11 months ago

    I like your video so much ,but my english very poor, i will be very grateful if you can make the chinese subtitle for your video .Thanks

  • Captain Fish eye

    hey scary.

  • Ikhlas Nabeih
    Ikhlas Nabeih Year ago

    hello i know your movies when i was 5 years old and i like them and they are amazing

  • How To Make Sushi

    Hey BBC Earth you have a beautiful channel

  • Gregory Van Der Mewve

    Will the TV license Gestapo knock on my door for watching this Youtube channel?

  • Kids TV Surprise

    Great channel!

  • Marine Scoop
    Marine Scoop Year ago

    I've just rewatched 'Shark' - one of my favourite documentary series ever!

  • Musica Relajante Estudio LoungeV

    I love BBC, you have the best nature documentaries!

  • Dark_Ages_2050
    Dark_Ages_2050 Year ago

    does anyone know how spot and stripe are doing???

  • theadepthub
    theadepthub Year ago

    Hi um, we recently just made a video using some of your video "Hippos Fight For Mate" do you think we could use it, possibly? The video is not up yet however We still got a claim.

  • teabing
    teabing Year ago

    Really love this channel! Keep doing what you do, I know you guys probably won't read this but if you do, please know that we all support and love your work!

  • FrozenSkyes Games

    sería muy bueno que pusieran subtitulos en español ya que mi inglés no es muy bueno

  • Oh No
    Oh No Year ago

    Could you make these videos longer please!!!!!!

  • 39darth
    39darth Year ago

    I would love to find information on where some of these places are.  I would be my dream to work with these animals.

  • Alla Shuportiak
    Alla Shuportiak Year ago

    A huge thank you for your documentaries. Your work is very important and invaluable. Your films show the beauty of the planet. I wish you inspiration to create new masterpieces!

  • Oyun Canlısı
    Oyun Canlısı Year ago

    like a videos

  • LOL Life
    LOL Life 2 years ago

    Nature Rocks Europe is the next destination to explore.

  • Isaac Valdez
    Isaac Valdez 2 years ago

    buenos días,tardes o noches me gusta este canal sobre todo los dinos mi favorito es el spinosaurus 

  • MY Funny Pet
    MY Funny Pet 2 years ago

    Greeting from Macedonia :) .Very educative chanel

  • cesar david lopez policio

    i like the life of birds and be an animal

  • Hijama en Cupping
    Hijama en Cupping 3 years ago

    Great channel thank you for sharing this video, keep it going.

  • Taz
    Taz 3 years ago

    I am quite dissapointed that, as a citizen of the UK, I can not watch ANY of the BBC's pages videos on Youtube.  Sort this out ASAP please, it is ridiculous! 

  • Dragon Zilla
    Dragon Zilla 3 years ago

    Remember back in 2001 when the BBC made that Walking with Dinosaurs special The Ballard Of Big Al? Well I think that we should have a Walking with Beasts special, but all about some of the creatures that were discovered at La Brea Tar Pits. Maybe have it focus on a Columbian Mammoth or Giant Ground Sloth, you know show there lives until ending them in the tar pits. The special should also include the American Mastodon, Dire Wolf, Smilodon, Short Faced Bear and some others. 

  • The Pest Guru Services

    Liked the bee waggle dance video very interesting.

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez 3 years ago

    Buenas tardes, días o noches depende de que hora vean este mensaje, mi nombre es john ramirez soy de colombia y amo el doblaje de voces, pues no soy profesional pero considero que tengo buen manejo en el tema y quisiera saber si puedo tomar algunos vídeos de sus documentales sobretodo con los dinosaurios caníbales y hacer un doblaje al español latino sin animo de lucrar y obviamente dando sus respectivos créditos de donde pertenece originalmente los vídeos agradecería inmensamente el apoyo ya que esto es lo que mas me apasiona hacer en mis tiempos libres saludos cordiales 

  • Jose Angel Garbayo Lamaison

    He recibido las últimas actualizaciones de tu canal, aprovecho la ocasión para añadirte como suscriptor para estar informado de los últimos videos que subas a  YouTube, puedes añadirte a mi canal.

  • mrchefproductions
    mrchefproductions 3 years ago

    Having paid for the programing already through my license fee and tax, it would be nice if I could watch some full length programs in the UK. There are these things on youtube called regional video settings, you should use them.

  • Daily Life Essentials

    This Channel is really awesome, GIVE so much love and care for our PLANET!

  • SuperEngage1
    SuperEngage1 3 years ago

    To be in optimal shape, whether physical or psychological  it is ESSENTIAL to avoide ''dumbing down'' chemicals like fluoride, mercury, lead, aluminium, aspartame etc. which can be fatal to the human mind and body...

  • SuperEngage1
    SuperEngage1 3 years ago

    Hey guys! Since most of US, Canadas, Australias, New Zealands and Irelands water supplys are artificially fluoridated I really recommend to buy a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of this stuff. 
    Water fluoridation does not make sense because you can't control dosage of the Fluoride Intake! High Fluoride Levels reduce a persons IQ, causes thyroid problems and other organ damages. I feel better than ever before since I have a reverse osmosis filter. You can also expect a clearer mind, enhanced creativity and increased vitality because of the decalcification of the body and especialy the pineal gland (third eye). It is also essential to use Fluoride-Free toothpaste! You don't have to believe me do your own research if you want to!

  • Live Free
    Live Free 4 years ago

    you guys make the best documentaries ever!!!!!!! Thanks and keep it up! 
    David Attenborough is my idol!

  • Eldroth666
    Eldroth666 4 years ago

    Those are tease from documentaries, no? Why not include the name/producers of those in the video description so we can watch the whole thing? I'm sure I'm not the only one here who do buy documentaries, but they're actually pretty hard to find when you don't know any precise thing about them.

  • Indoona
    Indoona 4 years ago

    If you want to view BBC videos from anywhere in the world use a VPN  - Virtual Private Network - Google it and you will see what I mean

  • Davide M;
    Davide M; 4 years ago

    Love this channel! ;D

  • Xo1o
    Xo1o 4 years ago

    I think you should cut the sensationalism in your video titles. People are curious about nature and wildlife without reading "deadly terrifying toxic death extreme awesome killing"

  • basketboy8991
    basketboy8991 4 years ago

    I subscribed because of the "man running 8 miles to hunt" and Dave Attenborough's voice

  • Hansch-TV.
    Hansch-TV. 4 years ago

    amazing filmsequences and in a brilliant style. James Hasipopasifield is a fan of BBC Earth. Hansch it..

  • Chris tanto
    Chris tanto 4 years ago

    BBCearth please unblock some of your video. The Natural World full episode looks very good but i can't view it in Indonesia

  • tigris115
    tigris115 4 years ago

    Dear BBC, do you know where a cheeseburger inhaling yank could acquire the documentary Rex Appeal?

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris 4 years ago

    is there even a t-rex on planet dinosaur?

  • goldeneyesofafrica
    goldeneyesofafrica 4 years ago

    Great channel!

  • Toramania14
    Toramania14 4 years ago

    I was soooo looking forward to see those dinosaur videos... Can you imagine my deception when I got the message "this video was blocked in your country"? No, I'm sure you can't.

  • Graham Wilkie
    Graham Wilkie 4 years ago

    This is an awesome channel, I like the short snippets to show my son factoids and not bore him to death.

  • Eng OneonOne
    Eng OneonOne 4 years ago

    I have unsubscribed from your channel. You want to keep your videos exclusive? Youtube is full of bbc documentaries anyway.

  • Eng OneonOne
    Eng OneonOne 4 years ago

    Make your videos available in all countries!

  • Skinbound pigment
    Skinbound pigment 4 years ago

    This channel kinda sucks... I'd expect more full docs and programs from bbc earth... wtf 2min videos???

  • roxorsoxor
    roxorsoxor 4 years ago

    Not available in the US? wat.. .that censorship, its like china

  • Eng OneonOne
    Eng OneonOne 4 years ago

    Why do you not make all your videos available outside the UK?

  • skevoid
    skevoid 4 years ago

    BBC Earth, go read the comments on the last video you uploaded, then re-think what sort of videos belong on this channel. There is virtually no crossover between the people that want to watch nature documentaries and the people that want to hear a condescending narrator talk down to 6 year olds.

  • Fchouaieb
    Fchouaieb 4 years ago

    stop calling it world wide , you are being so racist , it's so bad that we can't see ( what ! animals and natural life ! i could understand if it's about politics but this sucks sooo much ) , why why can't we see the contents !!! what will you lose ?!

  • Cloud Rider
    Cloud Rider 5 years ago

    lionhead rabbit

  • geonerd
    geonerd 5 years ago

    Content banned in my country, IQ-30 nature commentary ("Practicing my roar.") and more. It's time to UNSUBSCRIBE.

  •  5 years ago

    Great channel, but not showing in Canada.
    Nice fail BBC. Unfortunately forced to download it elsewhere where you have 0 control over the content (unfortunate for BBC, works out the same for myself.)

  • ingridgot
    ingridgot 5 years ago

    BBC i LOVE YOU keep on the great work with the nature videos it helps a lot

  • Lady of the Sheep
    Lady of the Sheep 5 years ago

    BBC Earth Y U No Like Canada?

  • geonerd
    geonerd 5 years ago

    "Not available in your country?"
    WTF? Why the hell would you people care? Maybe if I started paying your BS mandatory TeeVee tax, then you'd see fit to make it available?

  • Ka Su
    Ka Su 5 years ago

    why ur videos r not avaiable for viewing in usa ????plz reply

  • Matty Hubbard
    Matty Hubbard 5 years ago

    Amazing channel, love love love it!!!!

  • Zhang Ruyi
    Zhang Ruyi 5 years ago

    I am very disappointed with the BBC for using very stupid patronising voice over for their wild life videos. Can we all grow up and stop this rubbish please?

  • skevoid
    skevoid 5 years ago

    Please stop uploading crap with horrifically patronising voice-overs that sound like they're aimed at 3 year old kids.

  • BBC Earth
    BBC Earth 5 years ago

    Dear subscribers you may have noticed that earlier in the week we uploaded full episodes of some of our classic natural history series, including some landmark series from the likes of David Attenborough. We hope our viewers in the United Kingdom and Canada will enjoy another chance to watch these classic shows but regret that we cannot make them available more widely at present. We would like to assure you that we value all of our subscribers and viewers globally and will continue to provide you with clips showcasing the most amazing natural history footage in world. Thank you for your loyal support.
    The BBC Worldwide YouTube Team

  • BBC Earth
    BBC Earth 5 years ago

    All this week on the BBC Earth channel we are being taken over by David Attenborough to mark his 60 years as the world's leading natural history presenter. We have revamped playlists of his best series, his greatest moments all in one place and every day we will be uploading new clips from his landmark show Trials Of Life. We'd love to hear from you if you think there is something we've missed, or even if you're just astounded by some of the incredible footage he has created for the BBC! Leave us suggestions and questions in the comments or tweet at us @bbcwyoutube.

  • snahrck
    snahrck 5 years ago

    Why the videos are not available in Brazil anymore? :(

  • mewoozy2
    mewoozy2 5 years ago

    any decent vids are not available in australia, bbc on youtube is a joke! Unsubbing!!

  • skevoid
    skevoid 5 years ago

    Releasing videos that aren't available in all locations will quickly lose you subscribers.

  • truvelocity
    truvelocity 5 years ago

    I had to unsubscribe because your uploads are not available in America.

  • Keyser Smokey
    Keyser Smokey 5 years ago

    Thanks for not making your Attenborough revisits gorillas video unavailable in the Philippines.

  • CW Roberts
    CW Roberts 5 years ago

    Also, I'm in the US. None of your videos that are in a playlist you made are streamable to my Sony player, and thus I cannot watch them on my TV. Are you able to change this? Perhaps the videos are private and should be public? Thanks.

  • CW Roberts
    CW Roberts 5 years ago

    I'm in the US and I can view your videos on my PC, but I cannot stream many of the hour long documentaries to my Sony streaming player (model S185). Could you adjust your license for the videos so they can play in the US on streaming players? Thank you.

  • omar abdullah jaloud

    Please translate documentary films into several languages ​​including Arabic

  • Enurgi
    Enurgi 5 years ago

    Multiple videos in my feed that I cannot see and wish I could... sorry, unsubscribed.

  • margaspanish
    margaspanish 5 years ago


  • Lurkinginshadow
    Lurkinginshadow 5 years ago

    Tiger shark video not available in my country. What did US do now???

  • jalal jad
    jalal jad 5 years ago


  • gerardo alvarez
    gerardo alvarez 5 years ago

    is the best youtube chanel wen i was suscript

  • spamvigilante
    spamvigilante 5 years ago

    Nicely done. I love this channel. More Sir David Attenborough!

  • beatrix969
    beatrix969 5 years ago


  • Akkineni Narayana
    Akkineni Narayana 5 years ago

    i like very much this videos

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  • goldeneyesofafrica
    goldeneyesofafrica 5 years ago

    What a great channel!

  • Riverrun
    Riverrun 5 years ago

    I would like to be able to purchase Life in the Freezer or Yellowstone from the BBC either via iTunes, youtube or directly.

  • Dominique Lalonde Films Nature

    Very interesting !

  • Sue G
    Sue G 5 years ago

    get rid of the political junk

  •  5 years ago

    i love this channel too much.

  • reisenagentur
    reisenagentur 5 years ago

    Great guys, thank you!

  • Vicicuvej
    Vicicuvej 5 years ago

    Necesitamos de vuestros documentales en español. Más cultura, algo que todos los hispanohablantes queremos ver.

  • Vicicuvej
    Vicicuvej 5 years ago

    ¿and spanish language in documentary films?

  • kathmandau
    kathmandau 5 years ago

    We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it.-- John Lennon

    blessings and love,

    KAPRION 5 years ago


  • toth istvan
    toth istvan 5 years ago

    Nice channel you got there, good job.

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  • madyarka
    madyarka 5 years ago

    The best channel about the nature in the world.
    From Russia with love.

  • Lightotronic
    Lightotronic 5 years ago

    where is the channel BBCMars?

  • Jeff Youngblood
    Jeff Youngblood 6 years ago

    I want to watch the damn penguin video!!!!!

  • Sebastian Mendez
    Sebastian Mendez 6 years ago

    The videos are really good.

  • lars337
    lars337 6 years ago

    more about sloths please

  • Christiaan Drijver
    Christiaan Drijver 6 years ago

    Nice Channel

  • JP Rothery
    JP Rothery 6 years ago

    So cool, any chance of a subscription?

  • Viktor Davare
    Viktor Davare 6 years ago

    Incredible channel i love it The feeling to be so close to Bears i hade myself and its unreal like something is happening all in slow motion.My Video could be seen at chuchischaeftli thanks for your Videos Awesome

  • Rene Davila
    Rene Davila 6 years ago

    interesante los reportajes de bbc.felicidades.

  • tomsharpe11
    tomsharpe11 6 years ago

    Nice channel^^

  • Brian Dorn
    Brian Dorn 6 years ago

    Clever snakes and hungry, hungy hippos - great channel!

  • Tranquilo Bay
    Tranquilo Bay 6 years ago

    Your channel is inspiring. I love filming wildlife and making videos and your channel is where I come to think.

  • Kerem Azer
    Kerem Azer 6 years ago

    great videos :)

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    Ivan Ismailov 6 years ago

    Fantastic Channel ✿

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    Love the vibe on your page

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    You Topolino 6 years ago

    Hallo i subbed you,please sub me back
    Nice channel Congratulation

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    HolbergEM 6 years ago

    SUPERB! I guess I have almost all BD videos;)

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    Lightotronic 6 years ago

    nice fauna and flora

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    Andreea Weed 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot !! they are AMAZING and really easy to understand them !

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    Alexey Silchenko 6 years ago

    Hello everybody!!!

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    TyrantSchnauzer 6 years ago

    I love everything about BBC Earth! I love all the documentaries by BBC!

  • Work With Nature
    Work With Nature 6 years ago

    Nature is soo cool ;)

  • ProjectVRD
    ProjectVRD 6 years ago

    Just think... instead of banning my video you could have put it on here so people would have known about Planet Earth if they hadn't already. Oh well, I will not waste my time trying to praise the BBC anymore.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 6 years ago

    I'm travelling around in Ecuador at the moment and I'm doing a travel vlog on my YouTube channel! Check it out it you're interested! :-D

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    Riana Gardiner 6 years ago

    LOVE IT!
    cannot get enough

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    Beautiful Channel..

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    Ein fantastischer Kanal, mit vielen guten Videos !
    Gruß, Charly

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    way to go bbc earth...!

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    I love Bill Oddie Goes Wild. And do you apload more videos from it?

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    Amazing and very interesting your videos !We can learn a lot of new things
    about the history of life on the earth !.Thanks for sharing ! :)

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    ein sehr guter Kanal, mit vielen fantastischen naurwissenschaftlichen Videos !
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  • adamcrookedsmile
    adamcrookedsmile 6 years ago

    "Asteriod attack 2" is listed as private - that makes no sense I'm afraid!

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    I can listening also to great music. Thanks.

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    There are no facts, only interpretations. --Friedrich

    may your interpretations be inspired, my friend.

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  • LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds

    I love the word "Earth" but i love "BBC Earth" more as it's less general!!

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