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I Had A Seizure...
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I Got CAKED By Steve Aoki!
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NBA 2K Lags Be Like...
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Gigantic Shoe Game Of 1v1!
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    LASERSHOT GAMER 18 minutes ago

    IDC bout juice tristan only god bless and protect you still love u

    LASERSHOT GAMER 20 minutes ago

    Walk with y'all till da end tris

  • Êléà_ zår
    Êléà_ zår 20 minutes ago

    Who else in here is a filipino? Im from the philippines

  • DenZ
    DenZ 32 minutes ago

    Blocboy plays like flight 🤣

  • Sincere Lee
    Sincere Lee 33 minutes ago

    He doesn't even know who on his jersey

  • Tania Delapaz
    Tania Delapaz 37 minutes ago

    We fam dawg

  • 360Eric
    360Eric 40 minutes ago

    My boy blocboy can hoop stopp playin wit em

  • You’re seeing this comment for a reason

    I remember finding my little sister having a seizure and it’s terrifying. Instantly started crying once the hospital video started. Praise Jesus.

    BRANDEN CHENG 51 minute ago

    Omg 😱 same thing happened to Juice world a few days ago now it happening to you

  • Jgod Campbell
    Jgod Campbell 57 minutes ago

    Damn usally when you have a ceasar it messes your brain up a little bit it happened to my brother

  • gioninja2011
    gioninja2011 58 minutes ago

    2 days before this video a rapper had a seizure and died

  • lab u all
    lab u all Hour ago

    I like ur vid

  • YaBoyy John NBA
    YaBoyy John NBA Hour ago

    Bro really out here going crazy

  • 28Connor Dunlap
    28Connor Dunlap Hour ago


  • AllSkill11HD
    AllSkill11HD Hour ago

    challenge J cole 😂

  • King of TNB
    King of TNB Hour ago

    Tjass vs Flight??🤣 it’ll be funny but can be worth it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • drizzy_ brothers

    Listen bro if it’s to much stress NO TRISHMAS CHRISTMAS 😢

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson 2 hours ago

    Part 2 please!!

  • Jay B
    Jay B 2 hours ago

    5:16 when you got quick draw on gold with no other badges ☠️

  • Golden Matt
    Golden Matt 2 hours ago

    Happy B-Day I'm practicing your lay up keep up the good work hope you get well

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Whats the background music after th intro Tristian Jass?

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Come on plss

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    I made hundreds of comments now but not getting the name of the song!

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Please tell me the background music!

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Im tired now i keep on commenting but not getting replied by my favorite bball player!

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Tristian Jass please answer my messages please let me know the music

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Tell me the background music after the intro come on please!

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Whats the background musif after the intro?

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Tristian Jass what was the bckground music in the video?

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    I really like the background music after the intro! It has insane beats and nice sounds and please tell me the bsckground music cmon please

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Come on please Tristian Jass let me know the background music after the intro

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    I really wanna know the background music :c

  • ParallaxLegend
    ParallaxLegend 3 hours ago

    Please tell me the background music after the intro pls!

  • Marwain Mouret
    Marwain Mouret 3 hours ago

    You`re hot at 3 point broo

  • Adeem Jehan
    Adeem Jehan 4 hours ago

    who is the stupid camera man

  • Magic Lurker
    Magic Lurker 4 hours ago

    Bruh look at how the trash talker shoots 😂 Edit: *trash talker tries to lay up* Huh huh huh huhh

  • Mullet Proper
    Mullet Proper 4 hours ago

    Could of gave the cop a hand when he fell 😂😂

  • AlexFromYT
    AlexFromYT 4 hours ago


  • Snehashis Roy
    Snehashis Roy 4 hours ago

    Bruh.. That's scary😱😱 . Dude seriously you need some relief from your work bro.. Take a good rest man don't care about TVclip... Hope you a quicker recovery and seriously take care of your health and be with your family and friends enjoy... Life comes first dude be careful..!!💕💕 Lots of love and hope from India.

  • Stephanie Craft
    Stephanie Craft 4 hours ago


  • SniperRifle ツ
    SniperRifle ツ 4 hours ago

    cool thing is that I have the Kyrie 6s 😅🙂

  • SteveThePirate80
    SteveThePirate80 4 hours ago

    I'm so glad youre not dead

  • SteveThePirate80
    SteveThePirate80 4 hours ago

    Try using some cbd oil man. It helps a lot to prevent that.

  • Geovanny THe gOat
    Geovanny THe gOat 5 hours ago

    Bro rugs camera guy sitting in the cornaer

  • Oskar Galvin
    Oskar Galvin 5 hours ago

    prayers for you my man

  • ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -
    ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ - 5 hours ago

    Everyone's getting seizures now wtf 😓

  • Atomic Rhino52
    Atomic Rhino52 5 hours ago


  • crips boys
    crips boys 5 hours ago

    booooriiiing, its not your level

  • Corey Blivens
    Corey Blivens 5 hours ago

    Ice jj fish

  • Adeem Jehan
    Adeem Jehan 5 hours ago


  • Adeem Jehan
    Adeem Jehan 5 hours ago

    0:00 wth

  • Zay
    Zay 5 hours ago

    Prayers up for real. God is with you .

  • Zylcone
    Zylcone 5 hours ago

    Absolutely legendary editing

  • Gecko
    Gecko 6 hours ago

    What’s your height

  • KD75 Chillin
    KD75 Chillin 6 hours ago

    Glad you’re feeling better

  • Samir Hadi
    Samir Hadi 6 hours ago

    nle will beat him

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son 6 hours ago

    5:00 Excellent control!

  • William McFiggle
    William McFiggle 6 hours ago

    My friend that is 11 is better than you, not trash talking

  • Sultan almuhairi Almuhairi

    I am from dubai🇦🇪❤️

  • YFNDaddy
    YFNDaddy 7 hours ago

    Tjass Vs J Cole on the way?🤔

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 7 hours ago

    Trash talker does all his moves with no purpose or objective. Wack!

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White 7 hours ago

    7:37 lets take a moment and realize THAT SOMEONE IS PUMPED. 'Oh My gOd!"

  • Justin Nigward
    Justin Nigward 7 hours ago

    His hair be looken like ramen noodle

  • Farhat Faris
    Farhat Faris 7 hours ago

    I hope your good

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera 7 hours ago

    Tj is just a different breed.

  • Garry Gorren
    Garry Gorren 7 hours ago

    The audio at 3:25 sounds like it was sizzling threw my ass

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White 7 hours ago

    This is how many times the trash talker missed 👇🏼

  • Tejpal Singh
    Tejpal Singh 7 hours ago

    Where is this

  • Caleb Anderson
    Caleb Anderson 8 hours ago

    Bro. Anyone who disliked this video is just straight trippin

  • Midnight Raid
    Midnight Raid 8 hours ago

    Anyone else think he a smaller version of Kevin Durant? 😂

    MICAH TIMS 8 hours ago

    U r hurting urself and i live to watch ur vids and i dont want anything to happen tonu

    MICAH TIMS 8 hours ago

    U need to take a break from videos

  • dragz3
    dragz3 8 hours ago

    He used to be so skinny, he’s a bit chubby now

  • __TheGoat __
    __TheGoat __ 8 hours ago

    I feel like your the son of the professor

    YRG_MADDNESS 8 hours ago

    Who else looked at this a eminently thought of juice wrld🥺😩

  • TheFortniteGamer Prasad

    If u read this u wasted ur time

  • Michael Goss
    Michael Goss 8 hours ago

    glad your okay bro

  • TheFortniteGamer Prasad

    Blocboy smiles to much lol

  • Caltrix PvP
    Caltrix PvP 8 hours ago

    Where can I buy this song

  • WauleeJay
    WauleeJay 8 hours ago


  • Peyton Mcnair
    Peyton Mcnair 8 hours ago


  • Symba xoxo
    Symba xoxo 8 hours ago

    First juice WRLD now you

  • Nesta Polyne
    Nesta Polyne 8 hours ago

    Hope it never happens again love u tjass

  • Erick colin
    Erick colin 9 hours ago

    T Jass is the best no one can beat him🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Davidpopy1
    Davidpopy1 9 hours ago

    bruh almost hit the 360 on you lmao 😂😂

  • Karla Jenkins
    Karla Jenkins 9 hours ago

    AGAIN com on now are u serious

  • Eltayeb ali
    Eltayeb ali 9 hours ago

    It’s prob little kids that disliked

  • Ari Vee
    Ari Vee 9 hours ago


  • Alex Todd
    Alex Todd 9 hours ago

    Part 2 fa sho🔥💯

  • Jaden Harris
    Jaden Harris 9 hours ago

    Gggggggg goats

  • Daniel Coplen
    Daniel Coplen 9 hours ago

    Those guys are garbage you are playing

  • Tommy Maher
    Tommy Maher 9 hours ago

    Bro I had a seizure 2 years ago I no what ur going through

  • Tommy Maher
    Tommy Maher 9 hours ago

    Bro everyone is getting seizure Juice WRLD,famous dex, and now T Jass

  • Random Child
    Random Child 9 hours ago

    t jass youre a goat and i wanna to 1v1 you if i evr meet you

  • heetoo funny
    heetoo funny 9 hours ago

    Bro u don’t know how much ily be safe plz don’t go I’m goin through sum shii rn we cant have another legend gone

  • Matt Riddle
    Matt Riddle 9 hours ago

    ⚠️ I posted juice wrld seizure warning tho it’s graphic ⚠️