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  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo 4 days ago

    I subscribed to Orlando Magic because AminuπŸ’š

  • Abi F
    Abi F 6 days ago

    What’s up?! Thanks for the upload! Why don’t you use smzeus to help your videos rank better!?

  • Nicola Zane
    Nicola Zane 7 days ago


  • legend_17 ehhjj
    legend_17 ehhjj 7 days ago


  • legend_17 ehhjj
    legend_17 ehhjj 7 days ago

    FIRST One

  • Retrovertigo
    Retrovertigo 13 days ago

    Pure magic boys

  • Rusty Dagon
    Rusty Dagon 13 days ago

    OCPS means success

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 13 days ago

    Issac is a great guy. Smart humble and well spoke. Good franchise face. He will only continue to grow on and off the court. #gomagic Please tell me there is a hat giveaway sometime? 😊

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 13 days ago

    Give away πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • PnD.Nation [2clout CommunityManager]

    Ji 🐐🐐🐐

  • Nicola Zane
    Nicola Zane 14 days ago

    best video ever

  • Heroze on the 3rd day

    He is next

  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos 20 days ago

    The epitome of a glue guy.

  • Nicola Zane
    Nicola Zane 20 days ago


  • go anygma
    go anygma 21 day ago

    believe the magic can match anything can throw the guys! are adjusting and still more room to grow! watch out! SUPERTEAM COMING IN!

  • Donald Priola
    Donald Priola 25 days ago

    That release point is way too low, and his guide hand looks off. That's going to get blocked, and it reduces his ability for varied moves offensively, like for instance, a turnaround jumper. I wonder why NBA coaches can't fix this. It's similarly frustrating with players like Lonzo Ball, too. Hope he finds his way.

    • Lil Scorpii
      Lil Scorpii 8 days ago

      But if he's open he's gonna shoot

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 26 days ago

    This was super nice to hear

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 26 days ago


  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 26 days ago

    Fresh start fresh mindset. Make em sorry Fultz

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 26 days ago

    Shout out to all the Orlando loyal that bleed blue and white even in the down years #gomagic this year is the year people stop sleeping on us

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 26 days ago

    Life long magic fan that has zero respect for our fan base. Always been weak. Root other teams too much. Blue and white ignite! Hope the guys tear it up this year. #gomagic

  • Zaire Christian
    Zaire Christian 26 days ago

    Eh. We’ll wait & see with this guy. No hype from me just yet

    • jvarasojeda
      jvarasojeda 22 days ago

      All hype from the fans.

    • Micah5ive
      Micah5ive 25 days ago

      All hype from me I been a believer

  • Rusty Dagon
    Rusty Dagon 26 days ago

    Heck yeah brother

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 26 days ago

    If Orlando is going to dream big *Finals* they need Fultz to play like the #1 player in the draft like he was a few years back. He needs a jumper

    • ChefGumby
      ChefGumby 24 days ago

      Agreed. It seems like they have everything but that superstar. They have a star in vooch. They have a potential stars in Gordon, Isaac, and Bamba. They also have a really good bench. They play smart basketball and great defense. If Markelle Fultz is healthy and the team remains the same and gets better, I think we are seeing a top 3 team in the whole NBA.

  • Austin Grace
    Austin Grace 26 days ago

    Let's go Magic!!!!!! Been a life long fan of The Magic. :) Plus Dennis, Richy and Brandon are awesome on the radio!!!

  • Debbie Swimmer
    Debbie Swimmer 26 days ago


  • PnD.Nation [2clout CommunityManager]

    How can I get his jersey for free

  • Jonathan Tozer
    Jonathan Tozer 28 days ago

    2019 season. Go Magic!!

  • RNGTheives 8
    RNGTheives 8 Month ago

    I subscribed 13 accounts

  • NBaBall3r26
    NBaBall3r26 Month ago

    should have lost more games so Miami could make it

  • kenneth jones
    kenneth jones Month ago


  • kenneth jones
    kenneth jones Month ago


  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Month ago

    Why am I the only comment here? Lets start this season

    • Tiffany Lockett
      Tiffany Lockett 29 days ago

      Ayyyy, I'M Here! And I'm *Ready!* πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik Month ago

    Cliff did amazing job last year with the Magic but the underdog role is over. We are the South East Champs and now must grow into the East Finest and reach 50 + wins this season and match with the big boys if we can do that we can do great things

  • Timothy Suggs
    Timothy Suggs Month ago

    He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame if T Mac and the center that played for Houston is in, I know Damn well Penny should be in there. They didn't even get out the first round of the playoffs but Penny did and went to the finals and was a 4 time all NBA and 6 time all star # Put Penny in the Hall Coach

  • Watermale83
    Watermale83 Month ago

    This was πŸ”₯

  • David Wilfred
    David Wilfred Month ago

    Hopefully we're celebrating more than one all star for this upcoming season!

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy Month ago

    Guys I have been waiting for this since 2001

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy Month ago


  • XxL_ imy
    XxL_ imy Month ago


  • ak 850
    ak 850 Month ago

    Wasn’t Hedo signed in 2004? Just asking if my memory serves right πŸ€”.

  • P JB
    P JB Month ago

    Absolute Legend! BO45!

  • NBA Section
    NBA Section Month ago

    Gotta love Bo, the energy guy!!!

  • Watermale83
    Watermale83 Month ago

    Q rich 3 was the first bucket in Amway I remember like it was yesterday. We destroyed the hornets that Sunday night !!! I was only in 4th grade but remember every moment :)

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man Month ago

    Stuff is the coolest mascot πŸ’«πŸŽ‰

  • DontCare 093
    DontCare 093 Month ago


    • Chris Best
      Chris Best Month ago

      DontCare 093 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯‡πŸ†

  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 Month ago

    since then we won three and u guys still doing magic!!πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ‘

  • Gytis Naruskevicius

    Love this guy, but I think he needs to be more aggresive on scoring, defense is amazing. Keep working J.I.

    • Matthew Marcoe
      Matthew Marcoe Month ago

      Last season was his true "rookie" year and improved offensively each month. I believe he will show out this season both on defense as well as offense

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man Month ago

    We making it back to the playoffs in 2020 πŸ’«πŸŒ 

    NOU GAMES Month ago

    So glad we resigned him

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik Month ago

    Hedo had toughness and guts. Too bad his career ended in a sour note but in his prime he was as good as any of them in the game

  • alex drew
    alex drew Month ago

    Next year get the draft right

    ALPHA GABE Month ago

    Me and my family went crazy after he made that game winning 3 in game one

    ALPHA GABE Month ago

    Yeah you guys did great this season keep it up

  • Brayant Cruz
    Brayant Cruz Month ago


  • Watermale83
    Watermale83 Month ago

    I was there

  • Nathan Hart
    Nathan Hart Month ago

    That reminds me of KD's regular pull-ups.

  • Cray-Z PR
    Cray-Z PR Month ago

    Orlando Magic On The RiseπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯

  • Roffels r
    Roffels r Month ago

    Lets go magic

    ALPHA GABE Month ago

    Calling it now 5th seed

  • XxL_ imy
    XxL_ imy Month ago

    the 1 dislike is from a fan of a toronto cannot get over to their lost to magic

  • Soap Takes walls
    Soap Takes walls Month ago

    Let’s go Celtics

  • Rico Moolah
    Rico Moolah 2 months ago

    Sick Video of Human Torch πŸ”₯#PureMagic

  • Rusty Dagon
    Rusty Dagon 2 months ago

    That was pretty cool actually

  • joshua Wisdom
    joshua Wisdom 2 months ago

    we got this season

  • Kostya Kimlat
    Kostya Kimlat 2 months ago

    What a blast! GO Magic!

  • money mack
    money mack 2 months ago

    My guy ji want revenge

  • Patrick Hinger
    Patrick Hinger 2 months ago

    Greetings from Luxembourg in Europe. HAIDE ORLANDO MAGIC!!!!!!

  • Ewertinio
    Ewertinio 2 months ago

    He was the reason that I started playing Basketball! And that I 'am a Magic Fan! Legend!!!!!!!

  • Zaire Christian
    Zaire Christian 2 months ago


  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 2 months ago

    Legend πŸ”₯πŸ’―

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 2 months ago

    We are on the rise let's go baby πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

  • joshua Wisdom
    joshua Wisdom 2 months ago

    lets go magic

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter 2 months ago

    One day, this city will shine again..

  • Benjamin Stockton
    Benjamin Stockton 2 months ago

    Awesome go orlando magic

  • Indy A
    Indy A 2 months ago

    Hahahaha. One of the best stories ever. Who else is here cause of reddit?

  • Jorge Nogueira
    Jorge Nogueira 2 months ago

    Best PG in the league, don’t try to prove me wrong!

  • Raider Fortnite Clan
    Raider Fortnite Clan 3 months ago

    I am a diehard fan but cmon orlando sign bigger names you are a great upcoming team but put pepole around nikola vucivic we should try to get a point guard and a shooting guard evan fournier is a great bench roleplayer but not worth a starting spot so please of we wanna win in this upcoming east we need talent and need it fast. Thank you Orlando for all the good times you have given me.

  • Nathan Gold
    Nathan Gold 3 months ago

    He play the right way

  • hailem hailem
    hailem hailem 3 months ago

    How about the miss dunk on ibaka

  • Champ Jones
    Champ Jones 3 months ago

    Y’all a Russell Westbrook away this team ain’t had no pg since Hardaway

    • Champ Jones
      Champ Jones 3 months ago

      Yeah I know i forgot few that played ok but he not Russ nor penny would make a good back up doe

    • Kenny Loop
      Kenny Loop 3 months ago

      Jameer Nelson?

  • Mitchell Auman
    Mitchell Auman 3 months ago

    Future DPOY!

  • Mitchell Auman
    Mitchell Auman 3 months ago

    Can't wait for Bamba, JI, and Gordon to be the front runners for DPOY in 5 years

  • Feng Chen
    Feng Chen 3 months ago

    kobe bryant 2.0?

  • Ian Burke
    Ian Burke 3 months ago

    Thanks for resigning this guy magic

  • Evanx
    Evanx 3 months ago

    What about the reverse dunk against Charlotte?

  • Tom Skeez
    Tom Skeez 3 months ago

    lets gooo big fella!!! πŸ’―

  • Gavin Kitchens
    Gavin Kitchens 3 months ago

    We need to resign him he a good defender

  • Jose Pereira
    Jose Pereira 3 months ago

    Breakout season coming up soon

  • Young
    Young 3 months ago

    Khem birch is underrated!

  • TJ Hensley
    TJ Hensley 3 months ago

    I have a fever and the only cure is more Khem Birch

    NINER NATION 3 months ago


  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 3 months ago

    Thanks Orlando Magic πŸ‘πŸ’―

  • Presley Kern
    Presley Kern 3 months ago


  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith 4 months ago

    Go Orlando magic

  • Lord Harry Balls
    Lord Harry Balls 4 months ago

    Shot out to the magic for taken a player that was hurt bravo .we sent our 2nd rd pick to l a instead of taken a home town player in tacko get ready for a no playoffs year

    • Rico Moolah
      Rico Moolah 2 months ago

      Yo name fits u just rightπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    • Rico Moolah
      Rico Moolah 2 months ago

      Hater Alert ...lmao people luv to hate go to Church wit dat ..smh

  • Luis Murillo
    Luis Murillo 4 months ago

    Welcome to the Lakers ross.

    • Rico Moolah
      Rico Moolah 2 months ago

      Negative He's Loyal unlike the present NBA is..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    • Donald Pickett
      Donald Pickett 3 months ago

      What are we waiting on? Im ready to hear lakers scheduled a meeting with terrence ross

  • Ian Burke
    Ian Burke 4 months ago

    This guy is amazing.

  • Jermaine Murray
    Jermaine Murray 4 months ago

    Thanx... Mo Bamba Next....

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter 4 months ago

    We definitely don't need to lose him.