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  • Leia Dhoro
    Leia Dhoro 42 minutes ago

    My orange baby Rurik gives me head butts all the time. He's a sweetie. His brother Tybalt will show us his belly a lot too. Cats are wonderful. <3

  • The Unicorn Friends Vlogs

    Your cat is super cuteeee

  • The Unicorn Friends Vlogs

    Can some one subscribe to my channel the unicorn friends vlogs and also my other channel Sydney And Omi thx :)

  • The Unicorn Friends Vlogs

    My cat is like that all of that

  • bryn adair
    bryn adair 2 hours ago

    every cat has their own love language! just because your kitty doesn't behave like alvi, doesn't mean they don't love you!! your kitty is unique and loves you in their own special way <3

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Hour ago

      You are absolutely right! I will quote this a few times in the future.

  • widy erwania
    widy erwania 4 hours ago

    When we back home...our cat always hide n seek behind the windows & looking for the situation that the owner will give them some delicious food ...n they will sit on us until the lunch

  • martinez perez
    martinez perez 4 hours ago

    omg😻😻i want a cat like him😍

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel 59 minutes ago

      bryn adair every cat has their own love language! just because your kitty doesn't behave like alvi, doesn't mean they don't love you!! your kitty is unique and loves you in their own special way <3

  • Darci Phillips
    Darci Phillips 5 hours ago

    My cat really loves me!

  • Mary Gonzales
    Mary Gonzales 6 hours ago

    My cat always grooms me and I hate the way the tongue feels 😭😭

  • shaynealicious
    shaynealicious 6 hours ago

    My cat does most of these and sleeps by my feet every night

  • CdoubleG to you
    CdoubleG to you 6 hours ago

    I cried because my cat do all this things 🤧🤧 I really love my cat💗

  • Sponge Boi
    Sponge Boi 9 hours ago

    Great cuz my cat does none of these

  • Backwoods Metal BC
    Backwoods Metal BC 9 hours ago

    My 23 pound cat sleeps on my fat Bearded face when I'm sleeping.

  • Akhi Nator
    Akhi Nator 11 hours ago

    Next video How to make your Cat fall in Love with you 😂😂❤️🙏🏼😂😂

  • scatman crothersghost
    scatman crothersghost 11 hours ago

    Alvi live in the projects ?

  • m vl
    m vl 13 hours ago

    Jij blijft binnen Alvi, mmmmm , where would Alvi live?

  • Lucia Patti
    Lucia Patti 14 hours ago

    Me: one Day.. i will marry my cat. (I had all, but i was confused about six, i don’t do TVclip videos anyway)

  • Диан Иванов
    Диан Иванов 14 hours ago

    hello, amazing video and I am not comenting a lot, because I am busy a little bit with school, keep making awesome videos😁😀

  • Nicochunk
    Nicochunk 14 hours ago

    Le miens fait aucun de ses truc 😭

  • Star Atom Jinjo Tweety

    Your cat is angel. ^^

  • teety woo
    teety woo 16 hours ago

    5:25 I am dead because my heart just melted.....

  • teety woo
    teety woo 16 hours ago

    You must have such a happy family! The little girl is just as sweet as the cat♡

  • X •-•
    X •-• 17 hours ago

    While watching this , I was thinking of my cat..and I feel like crying ..cause.. It has almost been 3 weeks since I lost him... I miss him so muchhh 😔💔

  • Deborah Pauly
    Deborah Pauly 22 hours ago

    I mean if they run away do they still love me? Probably not..

  • foodie doodie
    foodie doodie 23 hours ago

    I knew he doesn’t love me😭😂

  • Jenny Siguenza
    Jenny Siguenza 23 hours ago

    Love it super cute

  • Chaotic Evil
    Chaotic Evil 23 hours ago

    1. Does running full speed and smashing me in the face count? 2. Yeah he's on me till I suffocate 3. He walks everywhere with me, including the bathroom 4. Yep. Yep. 5. I have to bribe him tho 6. Yeah he gets annoyed tho 7. Again, walks everywhere with me 8. No he doesn't but how cute!!! 9. Mine's picky, he'll only sleep on my blankets or my mum's pillow 10. Pretty sure all he says to me is "Where's the food?" But better than nothing Awesome video, Alvi is a really good boy, love him. 💕

  • W.J Darfeik
    W.J Darfeik Day ago

    Expensive also has expensive truth actually, expensive wet cat food affirmation quality is very good also, rich family can afford completely. Working-class families can buy when they want, but they can't buy all the time, which is closely related to household income. I'm going to have a cat these days. The salary of Chinese civil servants is relatively high. Different government departments have different benefits and allowances. I am not married yet. My family has two houses, one is where I live, the other is where my parents live. Although with my current income, I can buy expensive cat food for a long time, I will be very frugal and try to buy cheaper and more affordable cat food, but I will also be responsible for the health of the cat.

  • W.J Darfeik
    W.J Darfeik Day ago

    The price of cat food in China is also relatively high, and the price has risen in recent days...

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Raw liver and beef heart are good for cats too. Hope that's not too expensive.

  • coole vasilisa katze & hamster

    My cat loves me but in a different way

  • JustaRandomStargazer

    There’s this really friendly black cat that I saw in an ally near where I live. As soon as I rode up to her on my bike she immediately put her paws on my leg. I sat there for at least ten minutes playing with her. She also does this really cute thing where she rears up and bunches herself up. Then she’ll just watch you. Softest cat I’ve ever felt. Also she’s not a stray. I actually knocked on the door to the house closest to her and found out that her human is a very nice man.

  • Patricia Lynn Steere

    Hahah! 😻

  • CruelPastelPain ButStillArtistic

    The only thing on this list my cat does is come to me when I call her and she sleeps with me

  • patricia griffin

    It does my heart good to watch Alvi an know how much you an your little girl love him...she said once she wanted to marry him...adorable

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Yes, we love cats anyway but Alvi is a very special one ❤️

  • RAGE
    RAGE Day ago

    I don't even have a cat, why am I watching this? Lol

  • Ella Gault
    Ella Gault Day ago

    My cat is to fat to jump ;-;

    • Ella Gault
      Ella Gault 19 hours ago

      One of my cats is very skinny, and the other one is very fat soooooooo

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Maybe you should put it on a diet. Still doing jumps won't be guaranteed....

  • Libby Benoit
    Libby Benoit Day ago

    I live in a house with 3 cats. Only one really belongs to me and she is the oldest she did most of those things when she was younger before we moved in and now she rarely does it publicly. I think it is because she is trying to act tough. But in private boy does she give affection to show that she loves me. I know even when she does not act like it because when she sees one of the others cuddle up to me she gives them basically a death glare.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      They all have their particular style of showing love :)

  • artos1955
    artos1955 Day ago

    My cat goes one further. She gives me love bites!🐱

  • 4stringz
    4stringz Day ago

    Kittys are pure love ❤️😺

  • A normal guy on the internet with a dog

    The only thing my cat does is meow for food... then goes outside for some minutes and gets inside again to ask for more food...

  • miss m
    miss m Day ago

    Não coma isso lindo Alvi

  • That random Army

    Ik dacht al dat het een nogal nederlandse naam was

    • That random Army
      That random Army 16 hours ago

      Alvi cat channel oh, mooie naam hoor

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Mmm... Eigenlijk komt het van Alvin, zijn oorspronkelijke naam in het asiel.

  • 『Haruhi』 - Gaming

    Idk what this means, but, my kitten licks my ear and breathes in it when I go to kiss her on her head.

    • 『Haruhi』 - Gaming
      『Haruhi』 - Gaming 23 hours ago

      @Alvi cat channel Thank you, it's funny how she just puts her paw on my sister's lips to ssshhh her. I know what it means xD

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      She loves you ;)

  • InternetTalk s

    There are plenty of more ways your cat loves you in different ways

  • matilda Pascall



    I wonder how many people clicked this video and left it crying being all my cat shows none of those signs

  • Heckfox09
    Heckfox09 Day ago

    This is exclusive to my cat: sneezing on me. She is always sick but still a good kitty. That’s why we call her snots :)

  • iitacticallaw
    iitacticallaw Day ago

    I'm allergic to cats but I don't give a damn I'm buying one once I get my life situated

  • Molly Dodson
    Molly Dodson Day ago

    No. My cat is just lazy

  • Lauren-Grace Green

    The juuuumps! My cat will stand on his back legs when I reach my hand out but he’s never jumped straight after like Alvi does! That’s so cute. Never seen a cat do that! 😍

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      We were really surprised too when he did it for the first time.

  • Danish Graal
    Danish Graal Day ago

    this video make me cry

  • outbreakz •
    outbreakz • Day ago

    My dead cat use to always do number 3, now I just feel sad.

    • outbreakz •
      outbreakz • 13 hours ago

      @Alvi cat channel Don't worry, I have another one now, and he does majority of the list.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      We didn't mean to....

  • Talon Cunningham


  • Jean Que
    Jean Que Day ago

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️ we have normally 5cats but suddenly 2were already dead (being old) ... Now we have 3cats at present. Yes our cats doing like that too... ❤️❤️❤️

  • TheHGMonkey
    TheHGMonkey Day ago

    Ik wist niet dat je Nederlands was.

  • Anna Reimann
    Anna Reimann Day ago

    My kitty does this thing where she stares at me for a long time waiting for me to look at her, then she nods at me and makes like a little bubble meow sound. So cute

  • Kentucky Roads

    Just goes to show you that patience and love go a long way when adopting a new cat. Many people are quick to give up as soon as the scratch or pee.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      When it taks a while then that's perfectly normal, particularly with traumatized cats.

  • Kentucky Roads

    You have a special cat. Don’t feed commercial cat foods. I’ve rescued dozens over the years. I’ve lost most of my cats to digestive cancers, from mouth all the way to stomach and intestines. Research, please. Now I feed mostly fresh semi cooked or raw meats. I give a little grain free dry, or cans to supplement vitamins and taurine.

    • Kentucky Roads
      Kentucky Roads Day ago

      Alvi cat channel ...thank you, that is wonderful! 💖

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      We don't give him commercial food, maybe only on very rare occasions when he loves to eat it. We usually give him raw or diet food.

  • Pumpkin XD
    Pumpkin XD Day ago

    my cat loves mehh!!! 😻

  • Abdul Rajabi
    Abdul Rajabi Day ago

    Wat is het schattig

  • KittycatKatie
    KittycatKatie 2 days ago

    My cat- I mean kitten has showed all these signs to me and evens purs when im around im so happy ^.^

  • Dylan Kroon
    Dylan Kroon 2 days ago

    When you watch a youtuber and figure out they are Dutch just like you *happy dutch noice*

  • Mike Burke
    Mike Burke 2 days ago

    Your cat would eat you if you were small enough

  • Alma Félix
    Alma Félix 2 days ago

    I love Alvi and Edward videos , from Puerto Rico.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Great to have fans in Puerto Rico. Have a wonderful day!

  • melissa david
    melissa david 2 days ago

    What type of cat do ypu have cause mine looks exactly alikr

  • manuwu
    manuwu 2 days ago

    I don't even have a cat, but I like to see other cats happy

  • Kitty land jupiter * 12 years ago Land

    My cat died So i can’t feel this kind of love no mo 2017 November 12-13 Rip Munchkin 2008-2017 I will remember her

  • Cxtie{}gacha
    Cxtie{}gacha 2 days ago

    Huh my cat does hate meh

  • Poncon
    Poncon 2 days ago

    I saw a cat eating ham for the first time🤩🤩🤩

  • mario thorpe
    mario thorpe 2 days ago

    Wholesome content man

  • Small papa Diep
    Small papa Diep 2 days ago

    awww that is just adorable😍😍😍

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Such pretty! 💖🐾

  • George 681
    George 681 2 days ago

    Amazing video! Subbed! Supported

  • warriors animate
    warriors animate 2 days ago

    Yay I now know my cat loves me and isn't plotting my feathe;-; XD

  • Giorgos Gkanidis
    Giorgos Gkanidis 2 days ago

    i have two cats, Milady and Blackie. both are different characters and they shows their love in both similar and different ways. Milady never groom me but Blackie all the time. Milady gives me headbutts, Blackie not so often but he jumps on me and gives hugs. at night Milady usually sleeps besides me at my chest or legs, Blackie allways comes around my neck. they both purrs and do that thing with their paws like masage.

  • patricia griffin
    patricia griffin 2 days ago

    I love how people ho to work to impress their kitties

  • Yolosaranghea
    Yolosaranghea 2 days ago

    I am 13, I really love my cat.. she helps me forget about my pain that I'm constantly feeling.. and this really touched my heart😊💜😸

  • Wilddog Madman
    Wilddog Madman 2 days ago

    *sees number 1 reason, and see a the other reasons* *looks at cat* .-. she only head bumps

  • Vivian Wu
    Vivian Wu 2 days ago


  • Gacha Wizard!
    Gacha Wizard! 2 days ago

    2011-2019 my cat spice died. He looked just like Alvi and a really sweet baby boy. He did all of these things to me and everyone. Now everyone in my household wishes that we could have just one more cuddle with him.

  • OLRP PS4
    OLRP PS4 2 days ago

    Let's be honest... This whole video is just to flex on us that their cat loves them more

    • OLRP PS4
      OLRP PS4 Day ago

      @Alvi cat channel other then that, good video... I don't even have a cat and I'm still watching this XD good job!

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel Day ago

      Err... To be honest we never thought about that while making the video.

  • MrLight
    MrLight 2 days ago

    Great guitar track for sure And yeah a beautiful cat

  • {Luna Hazel Gacha}
    {Luna Hazel Gacha} 2 days ago

    My cat hates me then ;-; she doesn’t do any of these things

  • G G
    G G 2 days ago

    I have cat. I love him so much. 😻🙀❤️

    SOFIE LINDSLEY 2 days ago

    The cats love for this little girl is amazing, you just earned yourself a subscriber!

  • Kevin Production
    Kevin Production 2 days ago

    My cat head bump me rarely lick me so he barely love me But he does sleep every where that’s all

  • I dont give a shit
    I dont give a shit 2 days ago

    I wish my cats were like this my cats is like "Human give me food"

  • Sanela Bikich
    Sanela Bikich 2 days ago

    ''I love u food provider'' C u t e

  • ごんたChannel
    ごんたChannel 2 days ago

    Hello friend thank you for showing very nice video and cute your kitty thank you for sharing😻

  • sarah beara
    sarah beara 2 days ago

    I love that this cat is orange because mine is, and he definitely loves me 😊❤️

  • unowho travel channel

    Always best to keep pets safe from time to time! Nice video😀👍💕

  • -•Yui Hanshi-•
    -•Yui Hanshi-• 2 days ago

    My cat does this strange thing when he stretches he puts his paws way up in the air. And then flops on me. C:

    PIPA GATOS 2 days ago

    Fsntastic!!! Great explaining 👍👍🐾🐾

  • Roch Wells
    Roch Wells 2 days ago

    My cat always sleep on my bed and jumps on my wardrobe and sometimes he cuddles my arm and falls asleep with me and kisses me like a bit like a goodnight kiss ❤️❤️❤️😚🥰🥰😍😍

  • what_are_roses
    what_are_roses 2 days ago

    i dont have cats, but lets just watch this

  • Miller Explores
    Miller Explores 2 days ago

    I love cats!! Just saying 😊

  • QueeGeeSproggitt
    QueeGeeSproggitt 3 days ago

    My cat she loves kisses

  • God's Child
    God's Child 3 days ago

    cheapest cat food i buy is $0.54 per pound, the bag is 44 pounds.

    • God's Child
      God's Child 2 days ago

      @Alvi cat channel this is the food -------------------------- sometimes i give them meat.

    • Alvi cat channel
      Alvi cat channel 2 days ago

      Hard to believe it's high quality food. If you didn't do so far, give some raw meat too.

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 3 days ago

    My neigbours cat loves me i think

  • Dziri
    Dziri 3 days ago

    2.1K people disliked this?? You've cat to be kitten me!