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Black Armory Weapons Trailer
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Bungie ViDoc - The Road Ahead
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  • mikeyatlas15
    mikeyatlas15 10 seconds ago

    That give me goosebumps!!!

  • Atila Patcheco
    Atila Patcheco 25 minutes ago

    "Ah shit, here we go again." -CJ

  • mikes5637
    mikes5637 55 minutes ago

    Watching this in 2019 having just paid for a good chunk of this all over again. . . How to take a game that had some flaws and fix everything that wasn't actually broken in the first place and break the whole thing in the process, forcing Bungie to give away the sequel for free in a desperate attempt to bring back all the Destiny 1 fans who quit.

  • Zeo Nav
    Zeo Nav 2 hours ago

    Bungie please allow all destiny players to pick their side. 1. Champion of the traveler. 2. Champion of the tetrahedron.

  • AAA
    AAA 5 hours ago

    God damn I miss Cayde

  • Spaghetti Nipple
    Spaghetti Nipple 5 hours ago

    Im going to miss this earape opening everytime i log on to destiny

  • YumiModZ
    YumiModZ 7 hours ago

    0:44 1:36

  • Maz O'Toole
    Maz O'Toole 7 hours ago

    you guys totally need to watch TH3Jez

  • Lego 432
    Lego 432 7 hours ago

    This theme song + shooting Scorn with ace of spades

  • SZ@BY 22
    SZ@BY 22 8 hours ago

    Titan NERF!

  • 불둥지
    불둥지 10 hours ago

    1:16 2:01 2019 anyone?

  • DRSLlives
    DRSLlives 14 hours ago

    "Works for us and away we go! WEEEE!!!"

  • UltraWheeze
    UltraWheeze 14 hours ago

    When I left the city and walked up the snowy mountains and as I turn and see the ship then the music kick in was so empowering.

  • Ramy Ram
    Ramy Ram 15 hours ago


  • Stephen
    Stephen 16 hours ago

    Simply the best song in destiny, love it so much

  • Strygger
    Strygger 18 hours ago

    3:11 "Just kill the dogs! Just kill the dogs!" "I can't find my dog, wtf??" Guardian down Guardian down Guardian down Guardian down *Your light fades away* "Who the fuck moved around without directions??"

  • Cosmic memelord
    Cosmic memelord 19 hours ago

    I remember I would do random things whenever I was bored like strikes or wander around Mars or even crucible ahh good times with destiny 1 😭

  • Rymd
    Rymd 19 hours ago

    i miss this song so much

  • Yoshi TV Productions
    Yoshi TV Productions 20 hours ago

    Bring back sparrow racing

  • Joey Rodgers
    Joey Rodgers 20 hours ago

    Ghost: “oh look it’s a Recording let me decrypt That for you” said by a human Hunter “We have no hope no light We are Being hunted we are all going to die we can’t take back the city without no Light I’ve lost my friends every one has evacuated the planet because The red Legion took The city and aimed At the traveler No Hope no light no nothing we can’t take back the city so many Dead Guardians My ghost is dying I can’t Be resurrected I am afraid my friends are dead everybody’s dead Let’s hope I make it out alive”

  • EliteXSlayer117
    EliteXSlayer117 21 hour ago

    Brute: Takes Chief’s assault rifle Chief: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • osmacar
    osmacar 21 hour ago

    just because i can 5 years later, moon's haunted

  • Sneecy Boi
    Sneecy Boi 21 hour ago

    "Hey! Take me with you, I hate this job."

  • Neo - Devil
    Neo - Devil 21 hour ago

    y'know...this particular planet has a very Metriody feel to it. God the nostalgia is glorious and makes me suddenly want to see arm cannons added to Destiny.

  • cauan pereira
    cauan pereira 22 hours ago

    O lolkinho meu

  • crocetti
    crocetti 23 hours ago

    Reminds me of the day after Christmas when I got it and first started playing.

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time Day ago

    0:30 to 1:08 absolutely beautiful.

  • High Born
    High Born Day ago


  • Diego Rodriguez

    When I was 5 my parents got divorced. Later when I was seven my father got deported to Mexico. My father was the best person in my life, my role model, my hero, so when I found out he got deported I was devastated. I kept thinking he was a great hero for years until my mother told me that he threatened to kidnap me. That was when I relized that he was not the hero I thought he was, but the very opposite. He lied to me my entire life, never cared about me. That’s why I started really liking Cayde so much. Even though he could never remember his son, he knew he cared about him, so he kept writing letters to him and doing everything in his power to be a great person. I wanted my father to be like that. I have not seen my father in 7 years and I don’t ever want to see him again. All I really wanted to say in this is thank you to bungie. You made the hard times fun, and I can’t express how much I love destiny. I know you probably won’t read this but if you do, Thanks you for making Destiny

  • Zenax
    Zenax Day ago


  • Fredbear
    Fredbear Day ago

    Rip original Destiny 2 first mission, they replaced it with the D1 first mission

  • Malik Haq
    Malik Haq Day ago

    Who watching in 2019? Shadow keep days. Destiny two is actually good now boys

  • Zehhy
    Zehhy Day ago

    That oboe made me wet

  • Toño M
    Toño M Day ago

    Neill Blomkamp is a SciFi master, love his work :-)


    bring back noland


    bring back noland


    bring back noland

  • PureThunder05
    PureThunder05 Day ago

    For our fireteam, for Cayde...

  • Vik Nik
    Vik Nik Day ago

    I use this music to test the bass on my headphones

  • AtomicAnnhiliation

    2019 still here

  • briant neira
    briant neira 2 days ago

    Help : www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/253907188?page=0&sort=0&showBanned=0&path=1

    GILMOURRR 2 days ago

    Do I dare say forsaken soundtrack was better than destiny 1 soundtrack? Lol Both were great soundtracks especially for a video game

  • Denita Ruhnow
    Denita Ruhnow 2 days ago

    My husband was playing Destiny 2 last night. I was enjoying the music, but then this song came on...and I literally stopped in my tracks. It's so beautiful, it brings me to tears.

  • AbusingPanda 190
    AbusingPanda 190 2 days ago

    I had this idea when the season ends and when xur comes by you should add ordements from the season that you didn't get after the season is over

  • mutantninjaturtle05

    Imagine playing the second game but not the first.

  • diane brand
    diane brand 2 days ago

    Bungle fuck you

  • Mr Hexadus
    Mr Hexadus 2 days ago

    "don't mind me...i'm just watching from the sidelines' my only last real advice would be.. do not disrespect the players commitment.. there should not be a D3.. grow this until it bursts..

  • We live in a Society

    Will Crossplay be added to destiny 2 since now Sony allows developers to add it to their games?

  • Kikos Pablo
    Kikos Pablo 2 days ago

    I bought your game and you gave me bullshit and now you made it free. Also I'm a playstation player and I can t make the most of the challenges or missions or raids.

  • Kikos Pablo
    Kikos Pablo 2 days ago

    You have made me sick with your game

  • JuicyR
    JuicyR 2 days ago

    All right, mavericks are you ready to see what you’re fighting today?

  • HyperMonkey Gaming
    HyperMonkey Gaming 2 days ago

    I remember being 8 years old and watching this video and being absolutely captivated. I wasn’t the kind if kid to sit still and watch something for an extended period of time, but this was one exception

  • MozzieDuck _
    MozzieDuck _ 2 days ago

    2:22 is beautiful

  • Kevin Zhao
    Kevin Zhao 2 days ago

    I want to press enter so bad.

  • vortex
    vortex 2 days ago

    Gay af

  • Sloth
    Sloth 2 days ago

    2x speed

  • APNF Reborn
    APNF Reborn 2 days ago

    Why did i receive a 2 months ban just because my wifi isn't pitch perfect and your servers also hasn't been that great the past 2 weeks because everyone on at once you could also make something called dedicated servers for the ppl who get upset over ppl with not perfect wifi its not my fault i have dish wifi because it cost 2k for a wired connection because i live in the country all im trying to do is play the and have fun but you decide to ban me for 2 months because i don't have two thousand dollars to pay for the best internet in the world can you please unban me so i can finish my weekly or give me 2k to pay for good wifi all im trying to do is have fun and get my light higher and why do you make it so difficult to contact you guys its like a maze and theres a high chance ur not even going to read this

  • goodnightirene
    goodnightirene 3 days ago

    Shadowkeep sandbox update is complete trash. DO NOT BUY

  • goodnightirene
    goodnightirene 3 days ago

    Shadowkeep sandbox update is complete trash. DO NOT BUY

  • goodnightirene
    goodnightirene 3 days ago

    Shadowkeep sandbox update is complete trash. DO NOT BUY

  • drylolipop99
    drylolipop99 3 days ago

    All i want is to say wellcome to the New light that shows up

  • Patrick Fisker
    Patrick Fisker 3 days ago

    Hey Bungie, im your biggest fan of Destiny. I really think what you made is next level in every way. I have a sugest for an future update. Imagine being able to talk to the ghost through your mic and you could have a conversation with it Like Google assistant or Any other voice recon.

  • Grumster Shots
    Grumster Shots 3 days ago

    For me... this is the best track in the whole damn game..

  • SkarletPony
    SkarletPony 3 days ago

    I miss you bungie.

  • aleksandar pasalic
    aleksandar pasalic 3 days ago

    epic nostalgia

  • Warren
    Warren 3 days ago

    It crashes everytime you beat round 2 on Xbox

  • Tman Gaming
    Tman Gaming 3 days ago

    Ninja played destiny?????

  • Mello Park
    Mello Park 3 days ago

    Busy dad + confusing story + Infinite grind = (

  • jayjeet kataria
    jayjeet kataria 3 days ago

    Halo 2 will always be awesome

  • Péter Románszky
    Péter Románszky 3 days ago

    I bet newbies are gonna come here since the game is free now and everybody is getting hyped

  • 「Scary Boi」and 『SCARY MONSTERS』

    I hate that if we ever get a Halo movie or TV show or whatever, we're not gonna get these simple and iconic designs, but we're gonna get the stuff from Halo 4 and 5 that looks more like it was out of Mass Effect or Warframe

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 days ago

    Bungie needs environmental damage and destruction that would be a cool thing to do in Destiny 2 or beyond

  • Eric Kam
    Eric Kam 3 days ago

    This game was the heyday of Halo prove me wrong. The last good title before the series went downhill.

  • Sabrina Hamli
    Sabrina Hamli 3 days ago

    Bungie fix the gofannon forge glitch. During boss phase my game crashed

  • john red
    john red 3 days ago

    Funny this video is 10 years old.

  • Matthew Soriano
    Matthew Soriano 3 days ago


  • bleebloo
    bleebloo 3 days ago

    from the very moment we met Ghaul I thought damn hes a badass character with some actual emotions cool looking design as well as theme but they really shit on my dude by giving him one of the worst boss fights in destiny history. It was so anticlimactic. Hoping he gets resurrected and gets used again really wanted a ghaul redemption story line

  • Roni Fromm
    Roni Fromm 3 days ago

    Destiny 2 is the best game bungie 💙

  • Victor Flores
    Victor Flores 3 days ago

    Can anyone please explain why my outbreak perfected won’t work with me and my friends cause it’s really ticking me off. 😤

  • Sloth
    Sloth 3 days ago

    2x speed

  • Sloth
    Sloth 3 days ago

    2x speed

  • Connor Mac
    Connor Mac 4 days ago

    Evaluating Guardian... 11/12 Five minutes later.. Searching Guardian... 9/12

  • Proxy OOF
    Proxy OOF 4 days ago

    10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... "PICK IT UP PICK IT UP" 4... 3... 2... 1... "why the fuck didnt you pick it up?"

  • Ay y q
    Ay y q 4 days ago

    Someone remaster this in MCC

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper 4 days ago

    It's always been fantastic coming into the comment sections of Bungie's Destiny Soundtracks. The sheer amount of respect and gratitude I see towards bungie always makes me tear up. This community is a very special one, I believe that whatever bungie has in store for the next, however many years, will blow the fanbase away. The light burns strong in all of us, proud to be part of this 'Journey' us guardians have long endeavored and will continue to endeavour. Love ya all ❤️

  • John Jones
    John Jones 4 days ago

    Anyone know how to get the armor at 3:57? I know its fumerous but where can we find the 2.0 version?

  • ClovenBog
    ClovenBog 4 days ago

    Ah Mercury, the Egypt of space

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 4 days ago

    I miss it

  • nut puncher
    nut puncher 4 days ago

    Best game. Best music. Don't @ me.

  • Glucose Guardian
    Glucose Guardian 4 days ago

    "I'm coming home Ace"

  • Luis Arnold
    Luis Arnold 4 days ago

    Hunter gang wya

  • Ethan Thomson グミ

    So nobody is gonna mention how a little bit of “eyes up” made its way in?

  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple 4 days ago

    I might try out this game now. Didn't play Destiny ever, but now it free to play I guess it worth a try. Don't know anything about this game.

  • Ozzy Oliver
    Ozzy Oliver 4 days ago

    BUNGIE! We Need a Suppressed weapon!!!

  • MadMorgan 72
    MadMorgan 72 4 days ago

    Woooooooh back 4 years later to this video Every time I watch this I cry inside bc of all the good memories I had with destiny 1 now I’m on to destiny 2 with shadowkeep almost reliving them again this journey has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me Bungie if I could go back in time and tell you myself I would say that “Your dream has become a reality, an experience that you are able to share with others, keep doing what your doing and don’t stop” Seriously destiny is like me playing through halo for the first time again it was a great experience

  • Miguel Velasco
    Miguel Velasco 4 days ago

    but you want to know what sound track thats better that bungie made is the halo soundtrack warhog run dope af bro every one be balsting it in their school bathrooms

  • inkdipper
    inkdipper 4 days ago

    I'm still cheesed that the spiritual successor to marathon (halo) got ripped into microsoft's hands. If only the myth franchise would have blossomed along side halo.

  • RadegastxFury
    RadegastxFury 4 days ago

    *grunt* *grunt* ENOUGH MESSIN' AROUND! Scorn Approaching.

  • Jimmy N
    Jimmy N 5 days ago

    My favorite one from this soundtrack

  • Inevitable Blob
    Inevitable Blob 5 days ago

    How come every time I hear ghaul say, "I am Ghaul", reminds me of when groot speaks :/