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  • Angels Beauty
    Angels Beauty 3 months ago

    CONGRATS ON GETTING MARRIED you and davis are such a cute couple

  • Jessica Renate
    Jessica Renate 3 months ago

    I would love to see a Beauty Hair Tools review. Such as the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, Revlon One-step volumizer, and/or any type of hair curling product that is new. Thanks!

  • Deelany Bell
    Deelany Bell 4 months ago

    What is you favorite primer and setting spray?

  • Kennedie Chapman
    Kennedie Chapman 4 months ago

    if your hair is like super oily does a coconut milk base shampoo and conditioner help

  • Emily Wagoner
    Emily Wagoner 4 months ago

    Do you still use the mitt from Sephora to apply your loving tan? Or what mitt do you currently use/recommend?

  • Dmar Edd
    Dmar Edd 5 months ago

    are you going to do a fenty beauty review????Please??? Youre the only youtuber I trust lol thanks

  • gabby bernhardt
    gabby bernhardt 5 months ago

    urban decay all nighter foundation!

  • kristen seckler
    kristen seckler 5 months ago

    can you try doing unboxing videos? like fabfitfun, ipsy, etc. i feel like you'd be amazing at them!!

  • Erin Davis
    Erin Davis 5 months ago

    I am just curious if there is a reason why there are never trials for Neutrogena foundations?

  • Kimberly Field
    Kimberly Field 5 months ago

    So i tried Mary Kay makeup for the first time and id love to get your first impression. i just don't think it is made for younger people skin and trends. it would be amazing to see a whole video on it. (i did like their microderm scrub tho) hope your having fun i figi and i love the new shoes you got that you put on your snap chat!!!!! GORGEOUS!!

  • virginia dorr
    virginia dorr 6 months ago

    have you tried this out yet? Tarte Cosmetics maracuja creaseless concealer - light-medium?

  • Jackie Lopez
    Jackie Lopez 6 months ago

    Hi! Can you do a video where you show how you do your eyeliner??

  • Chelsie Lansford
    Chelsie Lansford 7 months ago

    I was wondering if you could do a review on the Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner!!! i wanna know how it works so bad but dont wanna buy it until i know how well it works!!! I would so appreciate it!!!

  • Doris Carlin
    Doris Carlin 7 months ago

    Hi Casey, I a wondering your thoughts on the liquid mousse foundation by Maybeline. I know you love the mousse one, but I have not had much luck color matching. I did however find the right color in liquid, I have some redness and melasma that I love to cover up. It is why I value your opinion, since you have similar skin issues and always look so beautiful. A review would be great, maybe a comparisson of the mousse vs. liquid mousse. Thank you!

  • Rachael East
    Rachael East 8 months ago

    i need more vlogs in my life , its to the point where your vlogs are the only vlogs im watching!!

  • Katherine Archer
    Katherine Archer 8 months ago

    Casey, I noticed in one of your videos (I believe it was recent) that you were using a brush that hand a handle that looked almost like a unicorn horn and mentioned you loved them. What brand were they? Thank you!

    • Katherine Archer
      Katherine Archer 8 months ago

      Or.. what is the best set of makeup brushes to get at a good price?

  • Caitlin Carducci-Shulman

    What hand held camera do you use? I think you've mentioned it before but I don't remember

  • Ava Grudziecke
    Ava Grudziecke 8 months ago

    Love this channel ❤️❤️

  • J Stew
    J Stew 8 months ago

    Can you test the Loreal Hydra Genius skin care line PLEASE! :)

  • Maddy Flores
    Maddy Flores 8 months ago

    Hey Casey... I have an idea for a video.. You should do a tj maxx or marshall one of makeup that is only bought from there video.... Like see if you could possibly do a full face...

  • Ava Grudziecke
    Ava Grudziecke 8 months ago

    Casey can you please make a new video on this account! I have enjoyed watching them but i've seen them all now!

  • Christine Evans
    Christine Evans 8 months ago

    I stubbled across your channel about a month ago and I've been watching every single vlog of yours and just finally finished them all. I am so excited for you and Davis and it is so relieving to find someone that i can relate to so much from boy drama to finding your one true love, being a southern girl born and raised and being such a big animal lover. I love your videos and everything you stand for! You're such a beautiful person inside and out! <3

  • BeautywithMika
    BeautywithMika 9 months ago

    Casey what is your PO Box address?

  • Laura Daniela
    Laura Daniela 9 months ago

    You are my favorite youtuber EVER! I have your videos on replay constantly and I never get tired of your sense of humor! Seriously girl! You make me wanna do youtube soooo bad, haha! lots of Love

  • virginia dorr
    virginia dorr 10 months ago

    my husband and i are going to a concert in September we live in maine traveling to new hampshire for the show but can you do a fun concert look that will hold up, it should still be somewhat warm around here, im not sure if we are outside or inside ,as my hubby set things up. but i have no ide what would be good to wear out? HELP LOL

  • Kelley Milano
    Kelley Milano 10 months ago

    Just wanted to know what your routine for cleansing your face was and if you use a moisturizer? Also have you ever tried any foundation or make-up from Avon before?

  • Sara Velosa
    Sara Velosa 10 months ago

    Hi Casey, I love love love your videos! Can you please review Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawess 3 Resurrection - it looks more or less like a Drugstore Dupe for Morphe 35O, revolution have more palettes but since 35O is morphe's most popular i figured id go with that one first. Also could you review I Heart Eyeshadow Palette Chocolate and Peaches - this one should be a drugstore dupe for Too Faced sweet peach palette. I was just wondering whether they are worth the purchase or whether its better to splurge on the real product. Thank you! :)

  • Torey Garin
    Torey Garin 10 months ago

    Can you try the Mario Badescu Silver Powder? It''s supposed to help with oily skin and breakouts.

  • Colby Michelle
    Colby Michelle 10 months ago

    Hi Casey ! can you do an updated self tanning routine?

  • Shelbi Besemer
    Shelbi Besemer 10 months ago

    Would love to see a video of you using all of your current #1 favorite products for a full face!!

  • April Martin
    April Martin 11 months ago

    Hi Casey!!! Love your videos so much. You are so real girl! You remind me of my best friend especially when you start jamming out to songs. You and she dance so much alike. Love it! I was wondering if you had found a replacement for the Wet n Wild Fergie Daily lipstick. I miss it sooooo freakin' much. Sucks it was discontinued!!!

  • Two Weirdos With Kiddos

    Have you ever made an all time favorites drugstore make-up video? If not, I'd love that!

  • Mandy Nesz
    Mandy Nesz 11 months ago

    Love it!

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill Year ago

    I love your videos!!!! You are super cute and your dogs are just precious! I am wanting to start my own channel and you and Laura Lee have definitely inspired me to pursue that. However I am not sure how it all works and had a few questions for you. -How do you edit your videos? -I have a canon camera kind of like yours. Is that how you video or do you use your lab top? -Do you have to pay to use you tube or do they pay you after so many followers you get? Anything will help cause I'm not sure how to do this I have never done this before.

  • BohemianAmore
    BohemianAmore Year ago

    Please check out the new Lancome Highlight La Rose - it's literally a whole rose !!!! - this is cray "La Rose à poudrer is a giant highlighting rose powder encapsulated in a Parisian boudoir inspired pink box. This elegant and so glamourous pretty box contains a giant rose made of delicate textile. Each petal encapsulates a luminous pink highlighting powder to apply with the mini Parisian Kabuki for irresistible cheeks and décolleté."

  • Ariel Nous
    Ariel Nous Year ago

    +Casey Holmes Hey! Are you related to actress Katie Holmes? Cause you sure do look an awful lot like her! And obviously the last name... Have a good day!

  • Savannah A
    Savannah A Year ago

    hey girl , i watch your videos literally all the time to give me motivation to do my makeup lol . i would love to see you do a jane iredale makeup video !

  • Stephanie davis
    Stephanie davis Year ago

    Me and my sister love your videos but do you have any videos for people just starting their makeup Collection?

  • Suzanne Arnold
    Suzanne Arnold Year ago

    Casey, really enjoy your makeup videos. I don't like watching anyone else! You are so real and down to earth.

  • Pam Patton
    Pam Patton Year ago

    I am inquiring about your mirrored dresser. Am interested in getting one and want to know where you purchased yours and what brand they are. Cann't find the video of you talking about them I believer there were also night stands.

  • Heather Sumner
    Heather Sumner Year ago

    Have you thought about posting just your lip products. I love the colors that you pick and it would be nice to have a list of what colors you like and maybe list the lip liner and any other lip product you use with it.

  • Carly Christensen

    Hi, nice channel. Really liked your videos :-) Be amazing if you stopped by my channel sometime Let me know what you think of my videos? Be great to connect x

  • katie carone
    katie carone Year ago

    Casey, I am a die hard subscriber of yours..i literally watch every video you post. You are a true inspiration to young, and older women. You have come so far since day 1, it really is an amazing thing you do. love you and your videos! Hope you have Happy Holidays! Cant wait to see the vlogs for December. Love your decorations!

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown Year ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Madyson Sheriff
    Madyson Sheriff Year ago

    GIRL! Hautelook is having a Macademia sale ending in 3 days. Your favorite mask is on sale (:

  • Tracy Young
    Tracy Young Year ago

    I am sure you have heard this before but holy moly you look JUST like a young Britney Spears!!! It's crazy!

  • Thais Diehm
    Thais Diehm Year ago

    can you do a video of your favorite makeup items right now ❤️

  • Jolene Ureel
    Jolene Ureel Year ago

    Hey Casey! There was a perfume you were talking about awhile ago that has the fragrance of peonies. Do you recall the name?

  • Adriana Constantino

    I wanna be just as gorgeous as you gurl😍❤️

  • Teresa Angelidis

    love your videos casey <3 Keep doing what you're doing because you are beyond amazing.

  • La
    La Year ago

    You should do a video on your favorite must have foundations, lip products, primers, etc. Also, you should do a skin care routine and show the moisturizers you use for your skin type!!! Give us the down low girl!! Love ya! :) #snapchatfam

  • Maggie Ross
    Maggie Ross Year ago

    could you please do a review on the new lipstick queen black lace rabbit lipstick??

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina Year ago

    Casey i used to watch you ever since i was literally 10. you inspire others with your passion for beauty. your relationship with Davis are goals. I wish i could afford to go on trips. i'm planning on becoming a nurse and watching your videos motivates me to do my best. love you casey and keep it up girl!

  • shelby wilson
    shelby wilson Year ago

    I love your videos! I love that you are so confident in yourself, it's so inspiring! I would love to get the MacBook Air, especially because my birthday is September 30th so it would be perfect. :)

  • margaret smith
    margaret smith Year ago

    Love all your videos.xx

  • Claire Drawe
    Claire Drawe Year ago

    #fullfaceunder50 please

  • Sandra Dejana
    Sandra Dejana Year ago

    Hello Casey,Would you be interested to review my brand COOL Leggings? Find me on Instagram and let me know if you are interested. Thanks a lot,Sandra

  • Kelli Bailey
    Kelli Bailey Year ago

    I miss your vlogs !!! :(

  • jerica slagle
    jerica slagle Year ago

    I have super oily skin and I know you have made comments on yours being oily as well. I was wondering if you had ever used air brush makeup. If so can you please please post a video/tutorial of you using it or trying it. I just bought a machine from Dinair and I can't for the life of me get it just right.

  • Caitie Mathis
    Caitie Mathis Year ago

    I highly recommend you try Stila liquid lipstick if you haven't already, I just feel like you would totally love it because they're so creamy and last all day long! xoxo

  • Gia Spyropoulos
    Gia Spyropoulos Year ago

    Can you do a review on Color Me Automatic foundation applicator PRO Edition?

    • Gia Spyropoulos
      Gia Spyropoulos Year ago

      Don't know if this message will get to you in time. I went ahead and purchased the ColorMe Automatic foundation applicator (not the pro edition). The liquid foundation sponge sucked. It left streaks. However, I noticed that all the other people on youtube that have reviewed it use the powder sponge for their liquid foundation. It works like a charm. Very impressed. Hope you read this before your review on it!!

  • Carey Tuttle
    Carey Tuttle Year ago

    Can some one please tell me what her spoitify is i want to follow it!!!!

  • Veronica Trottman

    I absolutely love your channel !! btw which camera did you use on your trip to Punta Cana? ,the quality is so good !!! <3 Im traveling to mexico on Dec . and would like to take a good camera with me !

  • tommy shirley
    tommy shirley Year ago

    You look gorgeous! Not sure if you like baseball but if you do you should add me on snap- shir2bird4 I play pro baseball- Tommy shirley

  • daniela suarez
    daniela suarez Year ago

    Hi casey, Which foundation do you think that works better for oily skin: covergirl 3 in 1 or maybelline fit me matte poreless?

  • daniela suarez
    daniela suarez Year ago

    Hi Casey, Can you do a maybelline makeup tutorial, please ?

  • Kas Marie
    Kas Marie Year ago

    Hey Casey! Love watching your videos <3 I also love when you have country music favorites!

  • Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown Year ago

    Do you have any tips for self tanning?

  • Natasha Gorham
    Natasha Gorham Year ago

    Have you tried the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks? I've been seeing them all over Instagram and there are some awesome colors. I'd be interested to hear your review!

  • sarah elizabeth
    sarah elizabeth Year ago

    Can you do an updated morning/night routine??

  • Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown Year ago

    Can you do a review on some of the FLOWER by Drew Barrymore products? Drugstore / Wal-MartLOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!

  • Rachel Bell
    Rachel Bell Year ago

    Casey I have been doing some research on Makeup Revolution. I know you talked about it in a video of yours. I hear the company makes many dupes such as the chocolate palate by Too faced for like the fraction of the cost and other various Urban Decays too! There is also some blushes similar to Too faced and lip products. I was wondering if you had time in the future to try it out. I know for sure most of the items are on their site. I am a big fan of your site and thanks for the helpful tips :).

  • Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown Year ago

    More song favorites please!!!

  • Marissa Lucchese

    Hi Casey how are you! I'm a makeup artist & new to youtube. I was wondering if you can share with me a few tips on how to put my channel out there and become known. Also how to gain followers?! Hope to hear back from you! btw love the page ! xoxo

  • Jen Gibson
    Jen Gibson Year ago

    Hi Casey! Just found your videos a few weeks ago. I'm a 36 year old mom who has extremely sensitive skin and mild rosacea. I've been wearing Josie Maran foundation and Maybelline mascara for the last 3 years. I'm wanting to start trying products and getting more makeup....what would you recommend to start with?

  • grace king
    grace king Year ago

    does she get her lips filled?

  • Kelly Strata
    Kelly Strata Year ago

    Hi Casey! I love following you and seeing all your posts!!! I heard you mention about having rosacea and talking about the lines on your neck. I have partnered with the doctors from Rodan+Fields and we sell products that specifically treat rosacea and lines on your neck and I was wondering if you'd be interested in hearing about them? They come with a 60 day empty bottle Money back guarantee and I would love to share the information with you. Please let me know if you would be interested in hearing about any of these products! I absolutely love them and they work!!!

  • Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen Year ago

    hey casey I love watching your videos. I have two requests. first off could you do another skin care routine with the focus being on redness and acne scars.. also I was wondering if you would also do an impressions video on animal cruelty lines? I am just wondering what products are worth the money for animal cruelty.. thank you so much!

  • HeroTidus14
    HeroTidus14 Year ago

    Hi :) How are you? I've subscribed you :)

  • Mart's Auto Mart
    Mart's Auto Mart 2 years ago

    What is a good primer to use with too fac born this way foundation?? i have an oily tzone and hate my pore. PLEASE HEELP!

  • Rava
    Rava 2 years ago

    Hello! Can you do a comparison for Nars Contour blush duo, Marc Jacobs Instamarc contour duo, and Becca low/highlight pressed powder duo?

  • Suzette B
    Suzette B 2 years ago

    You were asking for ideas for videos in your Snapchat yesterday so here is one from me...maybe do a "How to Dress for Your Body Type" or "What to Wear to Accentuate your body Type"? Maybe dress a few friends with different body types? I love your taste in clothing but as much as I would love to wear the rompers and skirts my legs won't allow it. LOL!

  • yisel ruiz
    yisel ruiz 2 years ago

    Can you do a video when you pick just one product, Example: if you can just have one foundation, what would it be? same with face powder, lipstick, mascara ....... and so on. Thank you so much Love your videosssssss

  • Sierra Neubauer
    Sierra Neubauer 2 years ago

    i was hoping you could help me with my oily skin! Even with a primer my foundation will literally almost lift away from my face by noon it looks horribly done... any thoughts? pleaseeee

    • Suzette B
      Suzette B 2 years ago

      +Shianne Neubauer I use the Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer and Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation. And of course I set it with a powder too. Try the cream foundation and not the powder. I tried the powder and it looked great for an hour or so but my oil eventually broke it down. The foundation has clay in it so it really helps soak up oil for me. A drug store option (which I love) is the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. It is great! But it can be a little "too matte" for some people. Hope this helps! :)

  • Cristina Banutiu
    Cristina Banutiu 2 years ago

    Have you ever tested the ECO tools brushes??? could you please do a review on them? Thanks

  • OzMark SEAGLE
    OzMark SEAGLE 2 years ago

    needing best brand make up to look like real aroused penis,vein colours and skin etc. will pay overs for yha as hope request not offend

  • Lindsay Paz
    Lindsay Paz 2 years ago

    love your makeup looks!

  • Cindy Rella
    Cindy Rella 2 years ago

    what Camera do you use??:)

  • Sabrina Wollmuth
    Sabrina Wollmuth 2 years ago

    What self tanner do you use? :)

  • Bianca Arlene
    Bianca Arlene 2 years ago

    can you do a how I edit my videos video? :)

  • Bianca Ellis
    Bianca Ellis 2 years ago

    What does you mirror vanity look like?! (:

  • Makala Thomas
    Makala Thomas 2 years ago

    Casey! I tried to find the Victoria's Secret self tanner you used in one of your videos, but I can't find it on the website anymore. I am pretty pale right now, do you have any other suggestions?

  • Iry Wallenholm
    Iry Wallenholm 2 years ago

    Nice playlist! :) Cheers

  • Gail Denton
    Gail Denton 2 years ago

    I am brand new to you tube but I absolutely love your videos. I don't really know how to search your channel yet so I was wondering if you have done a video on removing all the making??? I used to be wear the double wear base but it is a lot of steps to get my face clean.... Thanks!!!!!

  • Julie Phillips
    Julie Phillips 2 years ago

    does anyone know what camera casey uses to take selfies or to vlog with?

  • Janel Cloutier
    Janel Cloutier 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tip about Foxy Locks, they're amazing!!!

  • Skyler Amos
    Skyler Amos 2 years ago

    Can you do a perfume collection video? Love you :)

  • 2 dazzling girls
    2 dazzling girls 2 years ago

    Friend sorry

  • 2 dazzling girls
    2 dazzling girls 2 years ago

    Can you frien me on snapchat

  • Raquel do Novo
    Raquel do Novo 2 years ago

    Hi Casey. I was wondering if you had a web sites that has more than videos?

  • Shauna Slack
    Shauna Slack 2 years ago

    I would like to follow you on spotify! what is your username?!

  • Maddie Ketterer
    Maddie Ketterer 2 years ago

    Casey you are my favorite youtuber by far! I absolutely adore all of your videos and all of your make up styles. I'm looking to make my own channel for youtube and I was wondering if you had any tips for a newbie like me to become successful as a youtuber?! love ya girl!

  • Acne Vulgaris
    Acne Vulgaris 2 years ago

    You look like a mix of Britney Spears and Katie Holmes.

  • Erum Majeed
    Erum Majeed 2 years ago

    Upload more videos or vlogs!!:D You are so fun to watch and I love your videos.

  • Kayla Bardon
    Kayla Bardon 2 years ago

    Can you do a makeup tutorial using the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation!?

  • Samantha Skaggs
    Samantha Skaggs 2 years ago

    I wander if she reads this and Answers back to fans??????

  • Holly Oakes
    Holly Oakes 2 years ago

    Love you so much casey!!!!

  • Kameron Adair
    Kameron Adair 2 years ago

    Hey Casey! Do you have a P.O.Box?

  • Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown 2 years ago

    *More vlogs PLEASE!!!!*

  • Brittany Daniel
    Brittany Daniel 2 years ago

    Hi casey, just wanted to say that i absolutely love you! your videos are so helpful and funny to watch. your personality is awesome! love you<3

  • Alesia Turner
    Alesia Turner 2 years ago

    I just started watching your makeup videos and Im a big fan. I to have oliy skin so your advice helps also I just saw at my local Walgreens( yes I to might be the last person to know this HaHa) but Wet And Wild has makeup brushes please try them out and tells us how you like them there only $10.00 Thanks Aleco61

  • Natalie Ericson
    Natalie Ericson 2 years ago

    Hi Casey i was wondering if you could help me, i have really oily skin like you and i can never keep foundation on my nose. Like with in 2 hours its rubbed off or the oil has basically taken it off. It is extremely annoying. So if there is any way you could tell me about products to use and what not, that would be great!

  • Amanda Elmasri
    Amanda Elmasri 2 years ago

    +CaseyHolmesVlogs91 where did you get that too faced born this way foundation.... I really want it

  • Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown 2 years ago

    Are you doing a May favorites video? I love them!

  • Shaye Partin
    Shaye Partin 2 years ago

    I think I saw that the macadamia mask you use now has a shampoo and conditioner line. Have you tried them??

  • Jennifer Spence
    Jennifer Spence 2 years ago

    Hi Casey, i love ur vids. i was wondering if u could give me reccomendations 4 facial moisturiers that i put on in the a.m and b4 i go 2 bed. im disabled from a car acc. in 2003 n my face is so dry and itchy. thanks alot

  • Diana Petkova
    Diana Petkova 2 years ago

    Hey Casey! You are great! I really like your videos. Could you make a video about how you organise your house when it's messy and just how you make up your house just because is always so clean and nice! :)

  • Rainbow Rainbow
    Rainbow Rainbow 2 years ago

    Please do more vlogs! Seriously, yours are the best.

  • Cj Fitz
    Cj Fitz 2 years ago


  • laetitia harty
    laetitia harty 2 years ago

    Hi casey! When you recently went from blonde to brunette, you used the l'oreal Lush cherry only or u used the red one too? and which developer did you use? I went blonde and i wanna go back to brunette by using the same color as yours! its really pretty!

  • Angie Voecks
    Angie Voecks 2 years ago

    Hi +Casey Holmes I am such a huge fan of yours! I was just wondering what you would consider hands down the best drug store highlighter/contour?

  • Chantelle Clancy
    Chantelle Clancy 2 years ago

    Hi Casey firstly I want to say im a big fan. recently I have changed my hair to a dark chocolate brown so changing my normal makeup look has been quite difficult. I was wondering if you cloud give me some colours and tips I could use on my skin. Im quite pale and have blue eyes however I live in Australia so if you could name some products that would be great.

  • Heather Lieberherr
    Heather Lieberherr 2 years ago

    Hey girl!! You are by FAR my favorite TVclipr! Just wondering when you are gonna start your vlogs back up? Hope your having a good day : )

  • LixxyRose26
    LixxyRose26 2 years ago

    I know it's not a new mascara but have you ever tried the Younique 3d fiber lash mascara? You should do a first impression on it! :)

  • Carlus Apperwhite
    Carlus Apperwhite 2 years ago

    I love your channel and videos you are very talented and beautiful too I support your channel all the way if you have the time can you check out my dance videos see what you think, also I think your a amazing keep doing what you love you have the heart of gold I support you all the way I also subscribe to your channel I hope you can do the same for mine oh yeah fill free to comment on my channel or subscribe fight for your dreams and keep doing what you love because I believe you can make it to the big top one and I just want to say your a very beautiful girl pretty, smart, talented, and most of all beautiful I mean this of the button of my heart keep doing what you love your awesome :) Don't let anyone bring you down if you get the chance check out my dance videos and tell me what you think I already subscribe to your channel your awesome I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  • cupcake101
    cupcake101 2 years ago

    Hi, Casey, I'm Michelle and I just subscribed to you. Love your channel!

  • Sage and Olivia
    Sage and Olivia 2 years ago

    Since you got your new house, I think it would be a great idea to do a house tour!!! You were going to expect it right? Ok!

  • terta20000
    terta20000 2 years ago


  • Dr. Muhammad Tahir
    Dr. Muhammad Tahir 2 years ago

    Great Video channel! I subscribed

  • Tiffany Pane
    Tiffany Pane 2 years ago

    Hey Casey, I was wondering if you could do a house tour for your new house!?!?! PLZ

  • Hamvas Regina
    Hamvas Regina 2 years ago

    What type of dog????

  • kota butt
    kota butt 3 years ago

    waiting on a house tour

  • 3 years ago

    Hi Casey, may I ask you to help me spread the word about my indiegogo campaign for eye make-up tool: ? I will be very grateful, because I need all the support that I can get. If there is anything that I can do for you, just name it! Greetings! Valya

  • Gretchen Aponte - Anchía

    I'm just wanna know how do you know what to use in the eye colors ect ??? because i really don't own that much make up!!! by the way great channel!!!!! you should make a video of each thing does to you face ???

  • Makeda Kerr
    Makeda Kerr 3 years ago

    Great channel! I subscribed hope you can subb back :) xo Makeda

  • Heather L
    Heather L 3 years ago

    Still waiting on your hair care video!!! :)

  • Amber Rasmussen-Johnson

    You wear false eye lashes a lot...just curious about your thoughts on lash extensions. Have you done them before?

  • Dallas Grace
    Dallas Grace 3 years ago

    Hey I was wondering if you would make a video of your favorite drug store products. I am on a budget and would love to see a drugstore favorites

  • DanMarie96
    DanMarie96 3 years ago

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