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  • xplayn
    xplayn 27 minutes ago

    I'll give you this: it takes balls to go focus on a rebrand now. While the fnatic brand feels 15% sleeker and digital-hipster-minimal, you already had one of the sleekest brands among teams. Unless this is tied to some absurd big pile of sponsor money somehow, it has a taste of competing against one self.

  • jack the killer
    jack the killer 56 minutes ago


  • jack the killer
    jack the killer 57 minutes ago

    Where fnatic marza

  • Shoal Stack
    Shoal Stack Hour ago

    1:24 hyli gasmic hahaha

  • Jorgen779
    Jorgen779 2 hours ago

    Old logo was way bettert

  • Lautaro Gottero
    Lautaro Gottero 3 hours ago

    Bro I swear, you guys are just butchering your awesome classic logo, and I dont get WHY.. it was so cool already (reading the letters and shit) now is just dumb simple.

  • Le3gog
    Le3gog 4 hours ago

    in 1:36 nemesis fat cock

  • joelout
    joelout 7 hours ago

    Meh, the other hype video was better

  • Mateusz Bartoszewski

    Anyone knows the song name?

  • womi
    womi 7 hours ago

    m down for some fnatic vlogs dude it would be great

    BANDITO 7 hours ago

    Now they're all gone...

  • always yolo
    always yolo 8 hours ago

    Hey guys ur first game is bad Hope you can perform better on saturday

  • Leo Dukath
    Leo Dukath 8 hours ago


  • Revelacion1 Gamer
    Revelacion1 Gamer 8 hours ago

    The old logo was better

  • Nim
    Nim 9 hours ago

    "I know a guy who works in this office-" "not gonne happen" Damn Pete, your haircutter's talent is so underrated :(

  • Wonder Child
    Wonder Child 9 hours ago

    It started with CS and there is nothing in the video about it...???

  • Lail OfficialWizard
    Lail OfficialWizard 9 hours ago

    Power is best fnc player

  • Snillomator
    Snillomator 10 hours ago

    if they had the old logo with this jersey...

  • Γιάννης Αποστολόπουλος

    a weapon has mixed emotions

  • Non so chi io Sia
    Non so chi io Sia 10 hours ago

    Forza powerone

  • Stefan Mandić
    Stefan Mandić 10 hours ago

    it used to be made of all letters from FNATIC right??? I F line and i dot are missing. Put it back!!!

  • Avadakedaounw
    Avadakedaounw 10 hours ago

    Old logo,was... better, i get having a new shirt style and stuff... but the logo.... why?

  • B V J
    B V J 10 hours ago

    rekkles start steram pls

  • Maple
    Maple 10 hours ago

    did anybody notice that theres a candy bar in the bowl of fruit?

  • Troels Bay
    Troels Bay 10 hours ago

    Denmark great country man

  • xxyzz
    xxyzz 11 hours ago

    Snickers bar laying in the middle of the fruit bowl, I guess it counts as fruits aswell then!

  • Juan Ferrer Benito
    Juan Ferrer Benito 11 hours ago

    Where’s the dot? Lol

  • nothing
    nothing 11 hours ago

    What does autism look like? 0:48

  • Alpha Drago1
    Alpha Drago1 12 hours ago

    Take my fuc***g wallet!

  • UltraVLT
    UltraVLT 12 hours ago

    This just looks like the tritton logo wtf

  • Kroux Kirigiri
    Kroux Kirigiri 12 hours ago

    it looks like some emote lol. uwu T_T also: "identity update" feels like you're trying to pander to a certain demographic. honestly this change feels really bad. now the logo has LOST all the identity it had. it looks like every other fucking logo now lol. is it so hard to title this what it actually is? "yo we updated our logo, here's our new merch"

  • Flash On F
    Flash On F 12 hours ago

    Nemesis Hard carrying while the rest of your team is shit

  • Serotnin
    Serotnin 12 hours ago

    Finally a good orange

  • Solo
    Solo 12 hours ago

    Me:cut my hair at random people😏 Rekkles:I don't trust anyone to cut my hair😐

    • the smallest dalton brother
      the smallest dalton brother 6 hours ago

      me: cut my hair myself with 3 mirrors rekkles: the guy that cut my hair moved to denmark so i guess im going full metal now

    FNATIC 12 hours ago

    If this comment gets 1 million likes, Rekkles will allow Pete to cut his hair.

    • Suitwo
      Suitwo 5 hours ago

      Maybe eventually, someone needs to check this comment every year just in case

    • Helena B.
      Helena B. 9 hours ago

      I think he said "not gonna happen" 😅

    • Twinshot Zero
      Twinshot Zero 9 hours ago

      Which will never happen lol At least be realistic :P

    • Sabbely87
      Sabbely87 9 hours ago

      @Milliliana Levis who knows if they both are still together xD he isnt wearing the necklace anymore so who knows :D

    • Sabbely87
      Sabbely87 9 hours ago

      i guess this will never gonna happen Pete xD

  • Chris Rios
    Chris Rios 12 hours ago

    DID ANYONE NOTICE THEY CUT OUT THE PART OF REKKLES CRYING FROM THE ACTUAL VIDEO? Watch the original hype video and this one. They literally cut out the part where they show rekkles sad on screen JUST for this Fnatic react video. 1:02 watch that part of the video. That's NOT how the actual hype video cuts to the next scene. They purposely didn't show him crying for some reason as if we shouldn't see them reacting to the part they Actually come out. Simply because he cried? Wasn't that the time he beat uzi? Or am I wrong? I really don't see the point in cutting out a Fnatic scene from a hype video reaction in a Fnatic channel.

    • Sabbely87
      Sabbely87 9 hours ago

      i guess they cutted more than this out, maybe the video had to get shortened, no reason to freak out xD

    • Jonathan Orinius
      Jonathan Orinius 9 hours ago

      Yes they cut it out. The intro was summer finals 2017

  • Dmon Blu
    Dmon Blu 12 hours ago

    I really wish they had tried and do sth like the LCS aka Round table hype instead. All I saw in this hype trailer is G2 members screaming with loud music. Super lame and unoriginal imho but I guess the western audience like shits like this. Welp cant blame them cuz all they've seen in years was Justin Bieber and Cardi B twerking their asses off such a lame trailer tbh. This one is miles behind the LCS trailer and I dont like the style of it tbh. NA might be very shitty at League but they r light years ahead of EU in terms of production value. What a shame after the rap battle I finally thought that EU has exceeded NA but they have dissapointed me with this one.

    • Maxim Vauterin
      Maxim Vauterin 9 hours ago

      @Dmon Blu And what you said is relevant because?

    • RedKSL07
      RedKSL07 10 hours ago

      While I agree with you that this specific video is unoriginal, LEC production still is better than NA. Did you watch all the others things that the caster crew did ? Like the song and the joke one ? Or all the LEC videos last year ?

    • Dmon Blu
      Dmon Blu 11 hours ago

      @Maxim Vauterin Because there are thousands of EU fans in a LEC video.... DUHHH just because EU likes it doesnt mean the rest of the world does. Like how there are thousands of positive comments in the LCS hype vids and all but 1? or 2 negative comments. And we all know the LCS hype vids are effortlessly and lazily made. But NA fans will still like and spam positive shits bout it. DOESNT MEAN they r any good. Anyone is entitled to their own opinion my dude. Like CR7 is a rapist, tax evader, purposely try to bully his teammates BUT on his videos there are millions of likes and hundred of thousands of positive comments. Doesnt make him NOT a rapsit, tax evader and egomaniac teammate bullying scum though.

    • Maxim Vauterin
      Maxim Vauterin 12 hours ago

      Your one negative reply gets drowned out by literally thousands of positive comments on the LEC production value. We know they try their hardest, we appreciate the effort they put into it, and we love the content that the LEC produces. It doesn't matter what LCS does, we appreciate what our region does. In the end, we perform better.

  • Yohan Markov
    Yohan Markov 12 hours ago

    Fnatic sleeve???? I want this one

  • Adrian Martin
    Adrian Martin 12 hours ago

    why is the vision small and the react big when they do nothing lol

  • Yasuo The Unforgiven
    Yasuo The Unforgiven 12 hours ago

    Orange Colour

  • Attila Czifra
    Attila Czifra 12 hours ago

    I only watched the first two clips and got the first 1, second one i knew it must be somewhere plat/diamond level, but when rekkles said the first one was much better i was like wtf... it was so obviously a low elo game, because the enemies were so goddamn stupid and greedy they just gave that sivir all the free kills.... i don't get how can a pro player be so bad at judging the skill levels, even i can tell the differences....

  • Alex Holmin
    Alex Holmin 12 hours ago

    Snickers sponsored video?

  • Lucionius :]
    Lucionius :] 12 hours ago

    Ah yes Snickers The best fruit

  • Fayaz Haneefa
    Fayaz Haneefa 12 hours ago

    A bar of snickers in the fruit bowl. Someone's lost their new year resolution.

  • Alfredo MORASSO
    Alfredo MORASSO 13 hours ago

    Fnatic is too strong

  • Kim Lööw
    Kim Lööw 13 hours ago

    I'm just curious? Why is there a Snikers bar in the fruitbowl? :O

  • Mathieu L
    Mathieu L 13 hours ago

    So they updated their logo.

    • Nuggeto02
      Nuggeto02 23 minutes ago

      Omg are you a genius? How did you know that??

  • hecksters423
    hecksters423 13 hours ago

    Can we get an F to the i they have lost today

  • YouNoo4
    YouNoo4 13 hours ago

    yikes what did I just watch

  • Paviliøn
    Paviliøn 13 hours ago

    Pow3r Orgoglio Italiano <3.

    • Nuggeto02
      Nuggeto02 19 minutes ago

      Lol, literally no one is from Italy

  • ismael roman rey
    ismael roman rey 13 hours ago

    What is the best dragon in the game now Nemesis: yes

  • 123 567
    123 567 13 hours ago

    I like the new one more! Cheers.

  • L Y A N N A
    L Y A N N A 13 hours ago

    Rekkles 👑 Nemesis 🔥 They look amazing in this LEC Hype video

    • ezkalator
      ezkalator 13 hours ago

      Please do it. I am going to donate 10€ to his stream if he does.

  • Shannah the ninja/neko


  • Nelson Esteban
    Nelson Esteban 13 hours ago

    "Not gonna happen" hahaha

  • Epiclol Davanzo
    Epiclol Davanzo 13 hours ago

    "I know a guy that works in this office" Lmfaooo *Nemesis sad noises*

  • Manugamer
    Manugamer 13 hours ago

    Where Is Marza?

  • Oliver xd
    Oliver xd 13 hours ago

    nemesis is sick ;//////////////////////

  • Happy Pepe
    Happy Pepe 13 hours ago

    PETE CUT REKKLES' HAIR WE NEED THE CONTENT HAHAHAH! Also nemesis lowkey loves his part in the hype video but doesnt want to say anything

  • Alex G
    Alex G 13 hours ago

    Rekkles it's your happy can win lec spring split 2020 and world's its a real legend

  • TayAmKay
    TayAmKay 13 hours ago

    The old fnatic logo actually spelled out fnatic if rearranged,this one doesnt

  • Afonso calças
    Afonso calças 13 hours ago

    But wait a second where did Rekkles get that sleeve from? I need that ASAP

  • n00RBERGx
    n00RBERGx 13 hours ago

    I liked the old logo better, i think that it looked better. Just felt like they just removed some parts thinking that less of an logo is better. This logo feels more basic then the old one. But the shirts were awesome but too bad the logo is not good :/

  • Dániel Papp
    Dániel Papp 13 hours ago

    "I know a guy who works in this very office." xD

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 13 hours ago

    Im early af !!!!

  • XD kappa lub bez
    XD kappa lub bez 13 hours ago

    Ahhh i think G2 is better Edit: but this shirts looks so good

  • DragonKnight
    DragonKnight 13 hours ago

    Anybody notice the random snicker bar in the fruit bowl?

    • imme
      imme 7 hours ago

      That's Bwipo's

    • yass beto M V
      yass beto M V 13 hours ago

      wow you actually caught that...that's what I called "STRATEGIC PRODUCT PLACEMENT"

  • Damir Šarlah
    Damir Šarlah 13 hours ago

    Saved us from wathcing that awful beginingvto lec

  • Jose Angelo Pagador
    Jose Angelo Pagador 13 hours ago

    Old logo looked better

  • Gerito Gamer
    Gerito Gamer 13 hours ago

    Why they have boots? It is so disgusting

  • Mehdi Trabelsi
    Mehdi Trabelsi 13 hours ago

    not gonna happen pete

  • Sten Versleijen
    Sten Versleijen 13 hours ago

    When you just bought a FNATIC hoody and then 5 days later they change the logo....

  • Lapin incurvé
    Lapin incurvé 13 hours ago

    Just bought the new jersey :D #AlwaysFnatic

  • KaaiK
    KaaiK 13 hours ago

    Already leaked but ok

  • ayça sayı
    ayça sayı 13 hours ago

    so hyped

  • gengu
    gengu 13 hours ago


  • aryan sood
    aryan sood 13 hours ago

    Already here baby

  • Matze
    Matze 13 hours ago

    Nemesis I lost

  • Stefano Curti
    Stefano Curti 13 hours ago


  • Jacopo MANNELLI
    Jacopo MANNELLI 13 hours ago

    Hello boys

  • hood dolphen
    hood dolphen 13 hours ago

    this is our season boys get hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    SUPREME_ RUGGY 14 hours ago


  • Brayden Purvis-Smtih
    Brayden Purvis-Smtih 14 hours ago


  • 블랙맬랭캐우
    블랙맬랭캐우 14 hours ago

    말존나많네 양놈들ㅋㅋ

  • Kelvin Quah
    Kelvin Quah 14 hours ago

    Old logo miles better

  • Fedrix
    Fedrix 14 hours ago

    ❤️❤️ from 🇮🇹

  • sof bouss
    sof bouss 14 hours ago

    Good luck 👍

  • Andre Torrico
    Andre Torrico 14 hours ago

    The old logo was so cool and original, you could read the team's name on it. The new one just looks like a random japanese letter, so dumb XD

  • Fayaz Haneefa
    Fayaz Haneefa 14 hours ago

    I miss the dot.

  • Jesús Cerrudo
    Jesús Cerrudo 14 hours ago

    Song name?

  • Medicuss
    Medicuss 14 hours ago

    so basically, it´s just an ad xD

  • AlistorOnYoutube
    AlistorOnYoutube 14 hours ago

    Honestly i prefer the old logo. The new one is missing the dot on the i aswell as the line on the f. Also it looks too clean imo Edit: The more i look at it, the less i'm liking this logo actually. Something about it just seems off to me :/

    • Bastian
      Bastian 10 hours ago

      Well its just an "alpha"

    • Maciel
      Maciel 11 hours ago

      Yep. Too clean, too comercial

  • • finnkaPlayz •
    • finnkaPlayz • 14 hours ago


  • heyyy wazup
    heyyy wazup 14 hours ago

    i know that they will be the best since now and i tell you guys imma new fan

  • Manu DM
    Manu DM 14 hours ago

    I think the logo lost... his point... Got it? The point? Hahaha just kill me.

  • Teitch 02
    Teitch 02 14 hours ago

    I don't understand why so much people dislike it so bad. This is really clean and everything with the colors, it's shape, everything builds up a new identity of Fnatic cleaner and superefficient.

    • Nuggeto02
      Nuggeto02 6 minutes ago

      It looks pretty clean, but it's like removing to the m&m's logo the "&" and the " 's". The logo would be cleaner "mm" but you won't be able to read the brand's name anymore. You will just see two m without a reason... Fnatic logo was made that way because of the letters, now it looks like a chinesse character without sense...

  • Eat this
    Eat this 14 hours ago

    Fnatic rn be like >,<

  • proggen4fun
    proggen4fun 14 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • mutlangen7
    mutlangen7 14 hours ago

    why is this generic nike voice always there...i know my skincolor has the nicest voices but still..doesnt fit the part

  • Sundown
    Sundown 14 hours ago

    Take my money. Jersey is on its way.