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  • i love furrys 8
    i love furrys 8 4 hours ago

    I have one I don’t use it anymore

  • stephensonmatthew7
    stephensonmatthew7 4 hours ago

    I’m having issues updating. Keeps saying “update requested” eternally, or “resume download” when nothing stopped it. I’ve tried updating by OTA, iTunes, and downloading IPSW then hold option then point to the software (how you downgrade, but I tried to get to 13) none worked.

  • Raffey
    Raffey 4 hours ago

    Do an iPhone X comparison

  • Aliyah’s World
    Aliyah’s World 4 hours ago

    Bro 13 is so good

  • drama korea
    drama korea 4 hours ago

    i recommend dont install your iPhone 7Plus to ios 13.. your iPhone will slowly and often freeze, now i downgrade because have problem slowly.. thx

  • Colin Wammy
    Colin Wammy 4 hours ago

    I personally like the samsung more. Just my opinion!

  • Maurice Frerejean
    Maurice Frerejean 4 hours ago

    2.5 Gagabytes

  • ZED TV
    ZED TV 4 hours ago

    updated on my 6s plus, laggy af...

  • Prakhar Srivastava
    Prakhar Srivastava 4 hours ago

    I do not want to get into that Android vs iOS debate but honestly the updates like Download manager in iOS 13 and many more things are something that Android users have had ever since the beginning of the smartphone era. Don’t know for what do Apple users enthral so much!

  • Super Megagamer1205 Studios

    Ipad gen 6 getting it?

  • SpafiLity
    SpafiLity 4 hours ago

    Is it possible to get ios 13 beta on the iphone 6? I want ios13 really bad

  • S. F
    S. F 4 hours ago

    The only thing I care about is if my iphone x will be laggy with iOS13

  • Nitin Verma
    Nitin Verma 4 hours ago

    I think i should not install 13 although using iphone 8 plus fear of lag

  • not trash
    not trash 5 hours ago

    anyone know how to desinstall it? i have an 8 plus

  • Jenna Ghonaim
    Jenna Ghonaim 5 hours ago

    4:22 he said opening up finsta on iOS 12 was faster, is he legally blind?

  • Neil Renzo
    Neil Renzo 5 hours ago

    Hi, Simple Alpaca! ❤️ Can I have one of your iPhones? 🥺 I wouldn’t mind if it’s an older one. I suuupeeer love the iOS UI and everything about it but I couldn’t afford one

  • Reuben Pieterse
    Reuben Pieterse 5 hours ago

    Man you are one lucky man seriously how about you sponsor me one that would be generous... 🙄

  • Game kinghd
    Game kinghd 5 hours ago

    I have a android phone but i waited for the iphone 11 so i could get the xr but now i am seeing the 11 and i like it wich one should i buy xr or 11👍👍👍

  • Sasu Pepez
    Sasu Pepez 5 hours ago

    Pls help i updated my iphone 8 plus to IOS 13 and the battery is always 0 and its laggy what should i do??!!

  • Deniss Anufrienkov
    Deniss Anufrienkov 5 hours ago

    My 7+ ,128gb, battery healt 84% and half storage used , starts eat battery faster then before upgrade to 13

  • Over Choice
    Over Choice 5 hours ago

    Apple iPhone X, T-Mobile, 256GB - Silver - (Renewed): 2. I PHONE CASE: 1. LFOEwpp7 Magnetic Metal Anti-peep Phone Case for iPhone i7/i8/i7p/i8p/ix/ixs/ixr/ixs max Red for iPhone 7Plus/8Plus:

  • Cash Hawk
    Cash Hawk 5 hours ago

    Let’s talk about the plant. It obviously upset our host. Maybe if it was in the top left hand corner it would get in the way less? What kind of plant is it? Why was it put in the videos to begin with? Our host is attached to the plant now. Did you guys notice that after it annoyed him, he still brought it back? It totally broke my focus on what he was talking about, like I had to skip back to the moment right before he swats the plant. Should he make a video where he tortures the plant and dresses him like a Kung fu master and makes it listen to awful music? I don’t know but I’m thinking I’m going to stick with ios 12 for now on my iPhone 8. Thanks!!

  • Iosif Pateroulhs
    Iosif Pateroulhs 5 hours ago

    I have the 6 not 6s😢

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman 5 hours ago

    Jeez he bought them all!!😂

    • Reuben Pieterse
      Reuben Pieterse 5 hours ago

      lucky bastard I would say, he probably is a rich man...😂

  • Adam Z
    Adam Z 6 hours ago

    I'm thinking about upgrading to S8 or S8+ from my old iPhone 6s, though I've heard battery is poor. Is that true and is it worth upgrading or should i go for S9? I'd rather keep more money in pocket if 8 is good enough.

  • Emma The Unicorn
    Emma The Unicorn 6 hours ago

    Rewiew the Samsung j3 (2016) PLEASEEEE

  • ANormalGamer
    ANormalGamer 6 hours ago

    Please tell that the iPad mini will get iOS 13

  • Ihsan Shahrir
    Ihsan Shahrir 6 hours ago

    hotspot cant grant internet access

  • Mr Jay Jay
    Mr Jay Jay 6 hours ago

    Please do it for 6s plus,

  • Marco Mijares
    Marco Mijares 6 hours ago

    iPhone se vs iPhone 7 speed test plss

  • NightLifeRIO 12343
    NightLifeRIO 12343 6 hours ago

    I found a bug.. so if you go to settings / accessibility / heating devices, if you instantly after opening, swipe back, the settings app just crashes *thats for my iPhone 6s idk if it happens on newer iphones*

  • Selina OGorman
    Selina OGorman 6 hours ago

    I probably won’t upgrade to iOS 13 still I love my se it’s works so smooth I never have a problem well using it this phone is so amazing!

  • Ismael Rivera
    Ismael Rivera 6 hours ago

    Guys help me to get one please ,im a poor guy from africa and i love tech and smartphones but i dont have money for low end devices im using galaxy s2 now please help me

  • Kacper Stankiewicz
    Kacper Stankiewicz 6 hours ago

    I really like your videos, but as a Google Pixel 2 XL user, I would love to see some comparasions between Android 9 and Android 10 in Pixel phones, just like you do with iOS. I feel like Android isnt that important to you. I hope you could make this. Regards from Spain.

  • pat morano
    pat morano 6 hours ago

    how about 6 plus?

  • Yogesh Waran
    Yogesh Waran 6 hours ago

    Does it have night mode option

  • Karla McLoser
    Karla McLoser 6 hours ago

    Who else is watching on their iPhone7 ✋

  • NabiLoO Najari
    NabiLoO Najari 6 hours ago

    nice vid

  • F Tube
    F Tube 6 hours ago

    My7plus battery health 85%, can i ?

  • Jaypee Malibu
    Jaypee Malibu 6 hours ago

    The audio is not clear

  • broke once
    broke once 6 hours ago

    need ios 13 on ip6 😫

  • Avd Josh
    Avd Josh 6 hours ago

    Long term(iPhone) vs fancy (OP7)

  • Podo Vines
    Podo Vines 6 hours ago

    Which game is he playing?

  • Anivil Ashok
    Anivil Ashok 6 hours ago

    new features are great but my battery is drainig out soon...!

  • samy badr
    samy badr 7 hours ago

    I love your work💙💙💙 From egypt 🇪🇬

  • Cusrismo
    Cusrismo 7 hours ago

    Props to Alpaca he probably spent his whole rent on these

  • Arjun S
    Arjun S 7 hours ago

    Swipe keyboard is great

  • WillzWill
    WillzWill 7 hours ago

    Is it just or is iOS 13 running down the battery quicker than iOS 12.4.1 especially on my iPhone 7

  • Jason Stevenson
    Jason Stevenson 7 hours ago

    My battery life on my iPhone 7 is shocking on iOS 13. I have 100% battery health. Is it just me?

  • Poshi K
    Poshi K 7 hours ago

    I have 8+ and i like iPhone 11 but idk what to do upgrade or not 😒

  • Arjun S
    Arjun S 7 hours ago

    My only concern is battery life. Swipe Keyboard is great.

  • Daniel Van Aswegen
    Daniel Van Aswegen 7 hours ago

    Where da iPhone 2g gang at

  • Rakshit Kachhap
    Rakshit Kachhap 7 hours ago

    Dumbest tricks ever 🖕

  • Ez Dubs
    Ez Dubs 7 hours ago

    I have an iPhone X should I upgrade to an 11, 11 pro, or just wait until next year

  • AxQ -
    AxQ - 7 hours ago

    Bad news is that it doesn’t support multitouch so we will not able to play multitouch games like PUBG :(

  • Nerdo
    Nerdo 7 hours ago

    Watching this from my iPhone 6s. 👍🏻👌

  • Preston B
    Preston B 7 hours ago

    Can you do a video comparing LG to Samsung compared to Apple.

  • Twiztz
    Twiztz 7 hours ago

    Well, seems like 7plus is still unbeatable among iPhones after 2016

  • YeonEae연어
    YeonEae연어 7 hours ago

    iphone 6s’s A9 Processor is very awesome

  • Achafrike
    Achafrike 7 hours ago

    I just updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 13 last night, it’s awesome and I love it 😊

  • julie balzan
    julie balzan 7 hours ago

    I have a iPad 5thgeneration can i download iOS 13 or 13.1 i ve had it since 2017

  • Dionizas Daugela
    Dionizas Daugela 7 hours ago

    Since I’ve seen the geekbench score of 128k on iphone 7 32gb running iOS 13, i will definitely not upgrade because i’m getting 198k on the same phone running iOS 12.0. The iPhone 7 is not being sold by apple anymore, so to expect that they would keep improving the performance on it with every iOS update is silly imo. I don’t recommend the update if your phone is working fine as it is.

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 7 hours ago

    Im ready for the speed tests against all the other iPhones and comparisons and battery tests and should u upgrade videos

  • parvesh bhatia
    parvesh bhatia 8 hours ago

    What about the camera ?? Something changed????

  • Archaon010
    Archaon010 8 hours ago

    Dont to update to 13 on iPhone 6s. Battery is going very fast down!!!! Its mistske. Before update battery stay much much longer!

    • DarthLevvy
      DarthLevvy 7 hours ago

      I updated to IOS 13 on my IPhone 6s and battery is fine, works same as before update.

  • Bugean Eduard
    Bugean Eduard 8 hours ago

    The right one is on 13.1 beta it s not fair

  • gautam kumar
    gautam kumar 8 hours ago

    No dolby atmos on older iphone in ios 13 ... samsung gives dolby atmos in all cheap phones.. apple 😡😡😡

  • VidBoom
    VidBoom 8 hours ago

    Can't find lazarus

  • Jack
    Jack 8 hours ago

    2.5 gegs

  • coreyzroman
    coreyzroman 8 hours ago

    My iPhone 7 updated fine dark mode is amazing on this beast

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh 8 hours ago

    Battery backuo has improved significantly though....

  • El Ena
    El Ena 8 hours ago

    What about emojis? I didn’ get them

  • VidBoom
    VidBoom 8 hours ago

    I'm on iOS 13 parying for it to work But at the same time, there's no greater joy than playing super mario world on an iPhone with a controller

  • Dieter Hammes
    Dieter Hammes 8 hours ago

    Haven’t got my update. Not available yet. I have a 6S Plus

  • ExileDK2K
    ExileDK2K 8 hours ago

    Maybe I missed it, but you didn't comment on speakers. S10e should be better from what I hear as they are front firing.

  • Ricmond Ang
    Ricmond Ang 8 hours ago

    I'm using iPhone 5 , but I'm so confuse to choose iphone x or iPhone 11

  • Eunice Ogbuagu
    Eunice Ogbuagu 8 hours ago

    he help me hacked back my Instagram account and also helped me access my boyfriend phone I can now track her calls,SMS, ETC and very affordable, he's very genuine check him out on IG.. (fredhacks196) thank me later

  • az rak
    az rak 8 hours ago

    can I use the new charger on my iphone 7 will it charge it faster??

  • james mcdevitt
    james mcdevitt 9 hours ago

    I can’t understand why I have never got it in general keeps saying 12..4.1 updated to latest software . I have I phone 6s

  • ynctskzj
    ynctskzj 9 hours ago

    definitely upgrading, my 6s battery could go flat in just two hours even without heavy usage

  • Arthur
    Arthur 9 hours ago

    I prefere the screen of the X

  • Мамин грифер

    Я один удивлён, что айфон не потерял ни одного процента зарядки?

  • Daniel the noob
    Daniel the noob 9 hours ago

    That was the phone of the time

  • Ima Meme
    Ima Meme 9 hours ago

    Watch him return them lol

  • Robin
    Robin 9 hours ago

    probably no Andorid 10..

    H1 OP GAMER 9 hours ago

    iPad Air 2 will get iPad os go to the apple website tap on iPad and tap on iPad os

  • Rahul B
    Rahul B 9 hours ago

    Watching on iphone 6🥴

  • raul herbieto
    raul herbieto 10 hours ago

    How is the battery life on ios13?

  • Cisol
    Cisol 10 hours ago

    Hope simple alpaca reach a million subs soon Coz He uploads daily like Crazy Like if u agree

  • P.B.N
    P.B.N 10 hours ago

    Has any one having problems with Bluetooth connectivity?

  • Saad-Eddine Said
    Saad-Eddine Said 10 hours ago

    My battery is dead after the update. Apple did it again!

  • Mahmoud elezawy
    Mahmoud elezawy 10 hours ago

    nice video man waiting to watch ios last ios 12 updaye vs 13.1 or 13 .01 whatever and can u see if the battary draines in ios 13 or not

  • haha rileksudah
    haha rileksudah 10 hours ago

    just look at the battery goes, it's huge....

  • Testing Stuff
    Testing Stuff 10 hours ago

    What about invoking the list of recent apps by double-tap home button? In my opinion it is much slower on iOS13.

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif 10 hours ago

    please give this wallpaper on which ios 13 logo is.....

  • Fazri Nur Akbar
    Fazri Nur Akbar 10 hours ago

    Iphone 6?

  • Dami
    Dami 10 hours ago

    Please do an iPhone 8 giveaway. I still use am iPhone 5s please simple alpaca😭

  • esrever ni
    esrever ni 10 hours ago

    So how much u got paid from mean why don't u talk about the battery

  • Aksrit Nahjai
    Aksrit Nahjai 10 hours ago

    Hi friends is 6s gonna get 14 or not

  • Clashofclansaccpls Cocaccols

    Should I update it or I might just wait till .1 (has anyone ran into any issues?)