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The Miracle of Anfield
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The Miracle of Amsterdam
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  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman Hour ago

    andai 2009 sudah ada var final all england pasti terjadi kembali

  • Akram Zaoui
    Akram Zaoui Hour ago

    Le premier buteur francais

  • Alperen Tekay
    Alperen Tekay Hour ago

    2020 finali istanbulda

  • primeiro campeão da copa verde

    David Guetta in euro 2020

  • Efe Bozkurt
    Efe Bozkurt 2 hours ago

    Biz bitti demeden bitmez 🇹🇷 Bu arada bunu like almak için atmadım bazılarınız küfür ediyor lütfen etmeyin

  • Vaxetaxe 4
    Vaxetaxe 4 3 hours ago

    Wow really epic...

  • M W
    M W 3 hours ago

    When I enjoyed watching England. Passion, heart, desire. Now its just pansies running around with no desire nor heart & passion.

  • Sheran N
    Sheran N 3 hours ago

    Still my Best player of all time O Fenomeno

  • Edho Fikhan
    Edho Fikhan 5 hours ago

    This song for war

  • Grand_TNR
    Grand_TNR 5 hours ago

    2:19 Ok, buddy. Let's not talk about this

  • zlatan is god
    zlatan is god 6 hours ago

    What an accuracy

  • Roni Merani
    Roni Merani 6 hours ago

    He should see Beşiktaş fans🦅🦅

  • Elnur Gordon
    Elnur Gordon 6 hours ago

    Lewandowski 247 game 200 goal 45 Assist

  • i!i!i!i!i!i!i!
    i!i!i!i!i!i!i! 7 hours ago

    Lens o maç neydi be 🔥🖤⚪️🦅. Keşke her maç böyle oynasa.

  • Γρηγόρης Γρηγοριαδης

    OLYMPIACOS ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴

  • DhruWinn Ninama
    DhruWinn Ninama 7 hours ago

    2:10 Favourite Tune!!

  • Viren Badnayak
    Viren Badnayak 8 hours ago

    This anthem describe that u r a champion and u deserve to be here than the rest 🤩🤩

  • 柳呼
    柳呼 9 hours ago


  • indrohari 1908
    indrohari 1908 9 hours ago

    Not bad for a group of plumbers hahaha

  • wishwa ag
    wishwa ag 9 hours ago

    ronaldos goal is nothin it is just kick but messi free kick is better then that

  • Salman Zaki
    Salman Zaki 10 hours ago

    I liked David Seaman but I'll always prefer Jens Lehmann. He was such an integral part of The Invincibles.

  • Andung EW
    Andung EW 12 hours ago

    Impossible to possible, visca Barca

  • jishnu p
    jishnu p 12 hours ago


  • arsen 1618
    arsen 1618 12 hours ago

    2:06 the myth of messi and his right foot(what a goal) that messi vs real madrid solo run for me is the most perfect goal in hystory of football. they clearly planed that one barcelona and he does it in such an amazing speed no sudden stop or hesitance it just flow with high level of technique, balance and movement. what a genius he is like an f1 car through the chicane.

  • çorbaci DePantin
    çorbaci DePantin 13 hours ago

    my favourite english player SIR GASCOİGNE 🍺🍺🍾🍾 😂 respect from France !

    THEREALHYPE HYPE 13 hours ago

    The champions! All the Great teams of Europe! Los Grandes equipos!

  • Naveenkumar Kotla
    Naveenkumar Kotla 13 hours ago


  • Fidoo Ellen
    Fidoo Ellen 14 hours ago

    I wonder if i can run 2.4km at the age of 34

  • dave davidson
    dave davidson 14 hours ago

    Pass the pod boys

  • 문규태
    문규태 15 hours ago

    앙리 진짜 잘한다

  • Macaco Chavoso
    Macaco Chavoso 16 hours ago

    pq ele tirou as luvas ? alguem pode explicarrrrrr ?

  • Школафутбола

    Great performance!

  • Aby Diouf
    Aby Diouf 17 hours ago

    mane is the best

  • Hassaan Ch
    Hassaan Ch 19 hours ago

    Barca Before Velverde: They scored 4 we ll do 6 Barca under Velverde: We scored 4 nd we ll let them score 6

  • 420UrbanFarmer
    420UrbanFarmer 19 hours ago

    One of the best bicycle kicks but Hugo Sanchez still holds the title

  • handsom.chris
    handsom.chris 19 hours ago

    Saul's goal was a one man army goal

  • Adam Popecki - Wisła Kraków fan

    And now the club's dead.

  • Pascal Härtig
    Pascal Härtig 20 hours ago

    The Girl 🤤😏 nice nice.

  • Mridul Bhowmick
    Mridul Bhowmick 21 hour ago

    You hear this and you know it will be an awesome 90 minutes..

  • anwar ougla
    anwar ougla 21 hour ago


  • Gabriel De Moura Melo Simonassi

    0:27 Lukako ganhou o gol de graça de Bruyne que fez a jogada

  • Nocy Music
    Nocy Music 22 hours ago

    Brazil has produced the best soccer players on the planet

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza 23 hours ago

    Messi 1° Cristiano 2°

  • Brown Julius
    Brown Julius 23 hours ago

    Still Wotching 18/09/2019

  • ten4
    ten4 23 hours ago

    i guess the females will not be happy with how the advert ends, with a know your place finger point downward ontop of the female footballers head, thats not just by chance, that was a statement, sinister lot in charge!

  • Turqut Seferli
    Turqut Seferli 23 hours ago


  • Suman Biswas
    Suman Biswas Day ago

    It's just awesome, incredible, outstanding

  • 강원
    강원 Day ago

    크 취한다

  • PoZiTiVeT
    PoZiTiVeT Day ago

    Удивительный чемп

  • Youtuber
    Youtuber Day ago

    I just cant stop smiling

  • Dan lee
    Dan lee Day ago

    last goal of moura against ajax was legendary ....

  • Rusydi Bourlyn

    I hope Juve Gax will not repeat itself again after the EUFA Champions Cup final twice

  • Maxime
    Maxime Day ago

    Suceur éternelle du barca et de cr7

  • Gary Fabbri
    Gary Fabbri Day ago

    How is robson kanu on the list

  • gocmen76
    gocmen76 Day ago

    Darko pancev supernata zvezda na cervenite

  • PabloCruise91
    PabloCruise91 Day ago

    Juventus: HIRE THIS MAN

  • imothy 90
    imothy 90 Day ago

    18:59 draw starts here

  • Julian Treviño villarreal

    Name of song in min 9:00? 🙏🏻

  • 지구산책
    지구산책 Day ago

    Lucas moura💕

  • Meif 1
    Meif 1 Day ago

    I am Ok with most of the citys but few questions: Why Dublin AND Glassgow but not e.g. vienna And why bilbao instead of barcelona or madrid???

  • Sander Sulev
    Sander Sulev Day ago

    BEST CR7


    Ovo ne dokaz da zvezda moze da igra sa velikima

  • laye diongue
    laye diongue Day ago


  • avi singh
    avi singh Day ago

    Ronaldo still waiting for his chance

  • Ricky James
    Ricky James Day ago

    ronaldo owe juve a ucl.

  • Eslam Elghannam

    Pato !!?😏

  • ömer topçu
    ömer topçu Day ago


  • Viilutaja
    Viilutaja Day ago

    I think Zidane's goal is techincally most impressive. Over the hip straight from the air and to the top corner! WOW! I was 17 when I saw that live on TV. We were like WTF! I was rooting for Leverkusen in that match, but that goal got a standing ovation from all of us who watched the game. Unreal goal!

  • Kampimbare Princia

    The goal of cr7 could be ln top 3

  • Emirhan
    Emirhan Day ago

    spend a day in Turkey

  • Nicholas Mallard

    This was the best Champions league final ever! Even as a heartbroken Chelsea fan I rate this final as the best!

  • 킬붕
    킬붕 Day ago


  • Kenny Tanza
    Kenny Tanza Day ago

    When u realize nike design all they shirt all same , with circle number in front

  • Sharvin #CR7FAN

    Ronaldo vs Juventus best bicycle kick Bale vs Liverpool best bicycle kick

  • Aaa AAA
    Aaa AAA Day ago

    where are the 2 goals from the final I notice you forgot them

  • Tuan Anh Hoang

    see Ras10 and Ling7 :v

  • Сергей Фатун


  • ninersdd21
    ninersdd21 Day ago

    The White Steph Curry

  • 손흥민넘버원

    Son is the best player in the world!! Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi>Ronaldo>Neymar>Mbappe>Hazard and rest of them are trash

  • Ariffin Junianto

    The great espanyol iker casillas,Ramos, puyol, marchena, copdevilla , Silva ,inesta ,xavi, Marcos Senna ,Torres, David Villa

  • Anthony Woodhouse

    Is the commentator 12 years old?

  • Marko Lukic
    Marko Lukic Day ago

    where modric goal ?

  • Madjid Idj
    Madjid Idj Day ago

    Quelques jours après ce match L'ESPAGNE a été sacrée championne d'Europe et six ans après la France championne du monde et LA ROJA ne cesse depuis de multiplier les contre performance dans les différentes fases finales !c'est regrettable

  • Bassirou Camara

    Nice goal mané

  • man dz
    man dz Day ago

    KB9👑💪⚽ un monstre devant les buts, et une légende à Lyon et à Madrid, merci karim pour tes beaux buts tu nous a régaler . Thank you KB9.

  • Steven Wong
    Steven Wong Day ago

    Alex went on to win many trophies, fantastic , respect!

  • Mark Lynch
    Mark Lynch Day ago

    Baku shouldn't be hosting. The Europa League final was awful

  • Novi Beograd
    Novi Beograd Day ago


  • Novi Beograd
    Novi Beograd Day ago


  • Kelvin Tochi
    Kelvin Tochi Day ago

    I'm red forever

  • Cemil Özdemir

    Abi ne maçtı bu ya resmen öldük öldük dirildik ilk yarı kabus ikinci yarı muhteşem geri dönüş olmuştu 🙏

  • Marcelle Ratafia

    oliver kahn arschlock

  • Joe Adakurugu
    Joe Adakurugu Day ago

    PART of MY HEART...OMG!!!

  • TheNoobzoid
    TheNoobzoid Day ago

    Dudek moves off the line way too early. Women's world cup refs would def VAR this.

  • RICARDO 85
    RICARDO 85 Day ago

    C R . O melhor do mundp

  • Samet Yılmaz
    Samet Yılmaz Day ago


  • Shahzad Khuram


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  • Shahzad Khuram

    0 0

  • Zekeriya Özdemir