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If Kidzbop did rap
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What's in my camera bag?
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my $4500 vlog camera
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time for a change..
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  • Gadi Gross
    Gadi Gross 7 hours ago

    its so true :)

  • joe zillakilla4
    joe zillakilla4 7 hours ago

    Ha ha funny joke my mum did this to me when I was four

  • abc abc
    abc abc 7 hours ago

    I have an A* Andr* 🤢 An*dro*it 🤮 😂😂😂

  • Uborca
    Uborca 7 hours ago

    I did

  • Ficze gg
    Ficze gg 7 hours ago

    After my 6 plus iPhone bent 3 times I bought Samsung Galaxy note 9 I believe it's the same price new as the apple 10 and the Samsung has more features than the iPhone

  • Wierd Little Freak
    Wierd Little Freak 7 hours ago

    Tic tacs

  • Selena Cvijetic
    Selena Cvijetic 7 hours ago


  • Jake Barainca
    Jake Barainca 7 hours ago

    *talks shit about airpods for 5 minutes staight* alright its giveaway time

  • Grace Spivey
    Grace Spivey 7 hours ago

    These never fail to make me laugh 😂

  • Khang Nguyễn
    Khang Nguyễn 7 hours ago

    I thought this was the real apple guy

  • LAT ben
    LAT ben 7 hours ago

    Just got a girlfriend

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika 7 hours ago


  • Gaming with Khy
    Gaming with Khy 7 hours ago

    More kids bop

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika 7 hours ago

    Nope I'm #TeamAndroid 4 life

  • Running Wirelines
    Running Wirelines 7 hours ago


  • Michael Hidalgo
    Michael Hidalgo 7 hours ago

    I’m upset they made it not shinny and people are like “OMG, this matte back is to die for” who cares about the back, I prefer my things shinny anyways.

  • Kelsey Spreer
    Kelsey Spreer 7 hours ago

    Please make more of these!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • robyn dorris
    robyn dorris 7 hours ago

    *this was so awkward-*

  • William Wasson
    William Wasson 7 hours ago

    Did this mofo use tic tacs for the air pod pro3 max v2

  • TheRobloxMinecrafter


  • Mesharie Aleeman
    Mesharie Aleeman 7 hours ago

    How to turn people, dumb and pay you at the same time. PLS. CORRECT THE GRAMMAR 👆

  • Brett Bancroft
    Brett Bancroft 7 hours ago

    Okay so aside from this randomly popping into my recommendations....I literally just bought that hair dryer 45 minutes ago

  • Sir. Taco
    Sir. Taco 7 hours ago


  • ahmetsercan soydan
    ahmetsercan soydan 8 hours ago

    Air pods seemesly fit in your ears leaving no room for the fuck

  • Its_ dillonh2007
    Its_ dillonh2007 8 hours ago

    AirPod pros

  • Hailie Lieving
    Hailie Lieving 8 hours ago

    RØB: *aHaHaHaA*

  • Aseel satari
    Aseel satari 8 hours ago

    Wish gotta up their titles game after this

  • Carmina Villamizar
    Carmina Villamizar 8 hours ago

    Team apple

  • J O O S
    J O O S 8 hours ago

    I can’t tell if the giveaway is a troll or not

  • matthew mathis
    matthew mathis 8 hours ago


  • Dr. Doruk
    Dr. Doruk 8 hours ago


  • Danny Vega
    Danny Vega 8 hours ago

    Fine I'll do it myself. 🤷‍♂️

  • Kiwi DuDe
    Kiwi DuDe 8 hours ago

    Rob write a song in 15 mins 🤔🤔

  • The Toxic Daddy
    The Toxic Daddy 8 hours ago

    lol that was so dope you should do this more <3

  • Shepz
    Shepz 8 hours ago

    The 8.1k dislikes are Apple employee s

  • awwwyeeeuuuhhh
    awwwyeeeuuuhhh 8 hours ago

    I was so entertained by this......I don’t understand why 😂

  • JJ and George Games
    JJ and George Games 8 hours ago

    He’s the ceo and he’s roasting his product

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 8 hours ago

    Love your vids

  • Kamil _a10
    Kamil _a10 8 hours ago


  • R and A Offblock
    R and A Offblock 8 hours ago

    Get the holy water and bleach because she did not just do her woah like that

    DUARTE 8 hours ago

    Got me a pair of tranya wireless earbuds from amazon, -30$ -Bass boost -Waterproof -8hours continuos playtime

  • Kaminari Ren
    Kaminari Ren 8 hours ago

    When he said raid shadow legends I thought he was trolling lmao

  • kelvis kels
    kelvis kels 8 hours ago

    Mmmmmm....it's the same cell wit a higher price....c just look at it it's all same wit the previous one lol ....I really enjoyed this

  • Cheeki Breeki Cyka
    Cheeki Breeki Cyka 8 hours ago

    Lucky I can just watch it

  • -_- D0N1 -_-
    -_- D0N1 -_- 8 hours ago

    This is blueface’s flow

  • Yuivaan Fever
    Yuivaan Fever 8 hours ago

    I want to orden an icuckoo clock

  • Chess Express
    Chess Express 8 hours ago

    Apple Watch ⌚️

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    My mom is kinda mad......👌

  • Dhruv Sathupalli
    Dhruv Sathupalli 8 hours ago

    Imagine makers give this guy a chance in stranger things 4

  • サーレフ
    サーレフ 8 hours ago

    That’s why I didn’t buy the Apple Watch 4:05

  • Nachu Nagappan
    Nachu Nagappan 8 hours ago

    " I'm founder of ceo of apple "....... what ?

  • Hamzah Khimani
    Hamzah Khimani 8 hours ago

    I did

  • Jonas Sarwari
    Jonas Sarwari 8 hours ago

    U literally used the iPhone X trailer

  • Adorable Moyo
    Adorable Moyo 8 hours ago

    Lol rob ur amazing

  • jjboy 19
    jjboy 19 8 hours ago

    69k views nice

  • AVILON XD Rodrigo
    AVILON XD Rodrigo 9 hours ago

    A youtuber calls Andysane copy you bro

  • Ferhan Diyenli
    Ferhan Diyenli 9 hours ago

    I just can't stand when he makes the name so long😂😂😂 lite 321 v2 blah blah😂😂😂😂

  • Guillem Galmes Riera

    You literally copied Rudy’s video

  • bear news
    bear news 9 hours ago

    Mom turns 60 hold eight up

  • Francesca Flores
    Francesca Flores 9 hours ago

    apples net worth is now 1 trillion!!

  • Sunny Gal
    Sunny Gal 9 hours ago

    I have a Fitbit versa two there is a lot the Apple Watch would want to have

  • Cooki Tuber
    Cooki Tuber 9 hours ago

    "Im getting fat" lol

  • use code loco
    use code loco 9 hours ago

    Best video I’ve ever seen

  • Annie Scott
    Annie Scott 9 hours ago

    TVclip recommending this meaning he wants apple to go down lol

  • Yasyas Marangoz
    Yasyas Marangoz 9 hours ago

    1.Show how bad they're 2.THEN give them away subbed...

  • Evelyn Galvan
    Evelyn Galvan 9 hours ago

    Honestly the screen is so clear when it saw my face it cracked immediately

  • ItsRCK
    ItsRCK 9 hours ago

    2020: Airpods Pro 3020: Airpods Pros 3S Max Pro XR Lite 321 Minis V2 6969: Airpros V2 668B XR 11 XS MAX LITE 79375S (featuring a iPhone 785 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 3S 420H 666)

  • Andy Barugo
    Andy Barugo 9 hours ago

    Don't have IG.. Apple watch pls..

  • Its Pow1ers xD
    Its Pow1ers xD 9 hours ago

    Me three cameras on the phone?! Apple wait till you see the 35 cameras Me: why even 3

  • Denys 277
    Denys 277 9 hours ago

    My ukrainian mom, and I'm 16, shit still the same

  • Takoma Bark
    Takoma Bark 9 hours ago

    Lol I just got an apple ad in this vid

  • Rahat Hasan R1
    Rahat Hasan R1 9 hours ago

    DM me

  • Navin Singh
    Navin Singh 9 hours ago

    Nope, I don't want it either 😂

  • Mine
    Mine 9 hours ago

    17k dislikes hot damn

  • Adrian Subia
    Adrian Subia 9 hours ago

    People crack on iPhones for having 3 lenses but act like other smart phones don’t have that look at the galaxy lineup and huawei has 4

    • Adrian Subia
      Adrian Subia 8 hours ago

      Great phone but I sell phones all day what did Samsung change other than adding a third lens from the s9 to the s10 also the s8 to the s9 those are identical literally no differences

    • Rhys Masterson
      Rhys Masterson 8 hours ago

      @Adrian Subia samsung s10

    • Adrian Subia
      Adrian Subia 9 hours ago

      For every android user iPhone has not changed a thing. What do you use?

    • Rhys Masterson
      Rhys Masterson 9 hours ago

      yeah, but iphone changed nothing and added another camera

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 9 hours ago


  • Lex N
    Lex N 9 hours ago


  • Srishti Sharma
    Srishti Sharma 9 hours ago

    Hahahah I love your video and I love apple alot 😂😍

  • -YTW-張宇漢
    -YTW-張宇漢 9 hours ago

    damn,AirPods Pros 3S Max Pro XR Lite 3 2 1 Minis V2 is so good,now I'm waiting for AirPods Pros 3S Max Pro XR Lite 3 2 1 Minis V3.

  • No u
    No u 9 hours ago

    Bitch I did

  • Carter Foxworth
    Carter Foxworth 9 hours ago

    Drop another one but kids but I wanna hundred that I am 99

  • Coke 531
    Coke 531 9 hours ago


  • Kay Barry
    Kay Barry 9 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣this made my morning

  • Rose Kin
    Rose Kin 9 hours ago


  • ThatLxgendDev
    ThatLxgendDev 9 hours ago

    Apple watches are Pateks for White People

  • Oof king rules
    Oof king rules 9 hours ago

    CRAP I deleted the stock am I gonna di- ~dies~

  • قناة بشاره Beshara

    You know why i won't buy an iPhone? Ipoor

  • BloodyCaps_-
    BloodyCaps_- 9 hours ago

    We all got this recommended all at the same time

  • Matthew Cando Fierro


  • Sauce ?
    Sauce ? 10 hours ago

    0:05 Teen His eye Lol

  • Kwanui Ghogomu
    Kwanui Ghogomu 10 hours ago

    I love his he does a video on how the true commercial would be and completely roasts it and then does a giveaway 🤔

  • Castle
    Castle 10 hours ago

    *You're an idiot* *Thumbs up*

    TITANIUM Zx 10 hours ago

    This is 🔥

  • jungshuk
    jungshuk 10 hours ago

    *Who's waiting for apple cooko watch?*

  • Jacquelyn Bridges
    Jacquelyn Bridges 10 hours ago

    iPhone sucks I'd rather use Samsung...

  • Marcus Müller
    Marcus Müller 10 hours ago

    Fuck Google, fuck you for recommending this shitty Anti Apple stuff to me all the time!

    THUNDER BADMINTON 10 hours ago

    I am interested

  • Curly head Avery
    Curly head Avery 10 hours ago

    I did all

  • GroomingAttic26
    GroomingAttic26 10 hours ago

    Love the video I want the airpods

  • Lindón Moneda
    Lindón Moneda 10 hours ago

    I just found out you can use a green blanket for the photos