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  • Judy Yoo
    Judy Yoo Hour ago

    You look amazing post baby!!

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor 4 hours ago

    Love your mommy videos!!!! Also, it always cracks me up when you talk about Kennedy’s favorite toy being the washcloth 😂 kids are so hilarious!

  • RAY y
    RAY y 5 hours ago

    Yeah the grocery delivery was a good idea.

  • Wassocks
    Wassocks 5 hours ago

    Thanks for the great video! What’s the big Starbucks coffee bottles you have?? I’ve never seen that product before (I’m in the UK) xx

  • Miss Roma
    Miss Roma 5 hours ago

    Lmao I don’t even have a baby but I found a lot of these tipps very helpful 😆

  • Laurentheivory
    Laurentheivory 5 hours ago

    I love this video! I’ve been struggling with this since having a baby and this is great advice! ❤️

  • SoniaVerardo BeautyBlog

    great tips! your videosare always helpful! xo from Italy

  • Joanna anastasia
    Joanna anastasia 8 hours ago

    I love your videos carly they are very helpful even to people who dont have children kisses from Greece

  • April Burnett
    April Burnett 10 hours ago

    You should do a “what’s in my diaper bag”

  • icazvezdica
    icazvezdica 11 hours ago

    Ahh excellent advice!!!!Literally each one of them.Keep up these videos and thank you<3

  • Rachel
    Rachel 11 hours ago

    why am i watching this? i'm not expecting for another 10 years

  • overbrook095
    overbrook095 12 hours ago

    Great and helpful video. Keep them coming.

  • Save the freaking turtles

    Tbh my closet is my bedroom floor.

  • Jewel J.
    Jewel J. 14 hours ago

    Carly! First off, congratulations! Awesome video with lots of helpful hacks. Thank you for sharing! The first 3 months are TOUGH (I have a 13 week old) I’m figuring it out but always looking for ways I can improve to be more efficient and productive. Thanks again!

  • Alibech Dominguez
    Alibech Dominguez 16 hours ago

    Totally not about the video but could you post on instagram or somewhere or make a video of your favorite current fall clothes like what you are wearing in this video

  • thetlc9
    thetlc9 16 hours ago

    Shocker it’s sponsored !

  • Vanessa Vega
    Vanessa Vega 16 hours ago

    I would like to see another video of declutering and organizing a closet. You seem to be doing great. I'm so happy for you. XOXO from Puerto Rico

  • Rhea McCants
    Rhea McCants 17 hours ago

    Congratulations on your new baby and wedding Carly. You look amazing.

  • Yvonne Charneskey
    Yvonne Charneskey 18 hours ago

    You look so elegant and sophisticated.

  • Marilyn Monrose
    Marilyn Monrose 19 hours ago

    You look beautiful Carly and Kennedy's adorable. Love your progression. I wanna be you when I grow up. Lol

  • Erika Sankary
    Erika Sankary 19 hours ago

    Loved this! Your videos are so informative and well made!

  • Canan Tuz
    Canan Tuz 19 hours ago

    Hi ;) again

  • Myrna Cordelia Kosse
    Myrna Cordelia Kosse 19 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Cate McPhee
    Cate McPhee 19 hours ago

    Not a mom yet but love your videos and definitely taking notes for later!! xo

  • Zara
    Zara 19 hours ago

    You look great mama ⭐️

  • Alison Dick
    Alison Dick 20 hours ago

    About to have my first baby - needed this video! 👍🏻

    • RAY y
      RAY y 5 hours ago

      Tell people who want to visit the new babe that they are allowed into the house only if carrying delicious nutricious food. Seriously.

  • Emmary Blackburn
    Emmary Blackburn 21 hour ago

    Did you get new cabinet hardware lol it was black in first half and silver in second

  • Stephanie T
    Stephanie T 21 hour ago

    Thank you very much these were great tips and advice! ❤️

  • Sarah Faizan
    Sarah Faizan 21 hour ago

    This is by far the most realistic and helful tips i ve gotten. Thankyou

  • Linda Frazier
    Linda Frazier 21 hour ago

    I've been thinking about you and looking for your next video...great tips for new moms. I'm waiting to see if you were able to replace your wardrobe that no longer fit. I love your style from your home to your clothing♡

  • Anna
    Anna 21 hour ago

    I fall so behind! My car is the dirtiest its ever been, clutter, exterior just filthy and a major vacuum. On top of trying to clean the house, working a full time job and keeping up with my baby it gets soooo stressful! I ask my significant other for help from time to time and he makes me feel bad bc he says he pays the mortgage and I should do everything else like keeping up w the house. 😪im thankful that he pays the bills but its so much more than that!

    • Christine Moorhouse
      Christine Moorhouse 15 hours ago

      ah...real life! don't beat yourself up! do what u can! I had my now ex-husband tell me so and so got everything done and I say enjoy your baby! and rest! the dishes and laundry won't complain! they can and will wait! if someone complains, they can pitch in! 💜💜💜

    • Una Keane
      Una Keane 19 hours ago

      You say that your working full time and minding the baby and doing all the house work. Is he coming home from work to a hot meal clean house and clothes provided by you? Do you not pay the mortgage too? Are ye not partners? When did you become the maid?. Does he do other jobs and maintenance around the house?

    • Angeline
      Angeline 19 hours ago

      I'm so sorry you feel unsupported! It sounds like having a serious conversation with your partner needs to happen, because caring for a baby is a full time job on it's own! You both deserve to feel like you are loved, supported, and sharing tasks equally.

  • J B
    J B 21 hour ago

    Designated cleaning and laundry days has helped me so much!! Wednesday’s and Sunday I do laundry. I wash the nights before and fold in the morning. I do a deep cleaning Saturday mornings. I load the dishwasher as we cook and eat. I also keep an active grocery list.

  • MomLifewithKay
    MomLifewithKay 21 hour ago

    Love this video, thanks for sharing these tips❤️❤️❤️

  • Kaitaritz2013
    Kaitaritz2013 21 hour ago

    These tips are great, thank you!

  • Julia
    Julia 22 hours ago

    I’m not a mom yet but I do nanny an 18 month old so thank you for this video haha

  • MissNila051486
    MissNila051486 22 hours ago

    The only thing bad about stopping something and doing something else, is that you can get distracted away from other other tasks/goals for that day. Probably not the best idea for some that have ADD/ADHD.

  • Kamloops Cruise
    Kamloops Cruise 22 hours ago

    Carly, so good to see you and another of your organization videos. I love them. So well thought out! 👍❤️😁

  • Kathy O'Rourke
    Kathy O'Rourke 22 hours ago

    Thanks! The part about 2 minutes and about doing as I go is the best!

  • Sane
    Sane 22 hours ago

    You look so beautiful! How do mothers stay in shape? Does the belly just disappear, I never understood that.

    • Molly
      Molly 3 hours ago

      Everyone is different as far as weight gain/loss, but your uterus contracts back down after you have a baby. It can take weeks, so that's why women usually still look pregnant for a while after birth.

    • RAY y
      RAY y 5 hours ago

      Well I don't know about Carly, but I could barely eat, I've never been as skinny as 8months post partum. Happened to some friends too. Depends on how your body handles stress. Some gain, some loose.

  • Shanna Wheeler
    Shanna Wheeler 22 hours ago

    I want your house.......

  • A Little Bit Lisa
    A Little Bit Lisa 22 hours ago

    I love all of these tips. Getting organized at night is so important, it makes such a difference. I have designated laundry days where I do hours of laundry while I listen to podcasts and then I don't have to do laundry daily. It works for me. Hugs on the sleep deprivation, my first baby slept great but my second little boy had to be held for months so that he would sleep. Three kids in and we are still catching up on sleep. Motherhood is a journey, a wonderful one but there are so many challenges along the way xxx

  • petitsjoujoux
    petitsjoujoux 23 hours ago

    I'm not a mom and still find that there aren't enough time to do everything I wanna do T__T I can use your video and apply it to my life by replacing diaper bag with another item for instance haha! Thank you for this video :)

  • Alexa Style Book
    Alexa Style Book 23 hours ago

    Your baby is that big already? She's growing so fast!! Where has all the time gone?

  • Fancy fancy Dinosaur
    Fancy fancy Dinosaur 23 hours ago

    Thought about how I miss your videos today and boom there you go! Excited ♡

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Day ago

    For my wedding we spent 25k. We invited 350 people. Our close friends and their parents and family. We had a live band and music and buffet and coffee bar. Our wedding was not for us. It was for everyone else. I have one regret. I expected everyone who went to our wedding would invite us to theirs. Our closest friends did. But all of the parents and brothers and sisters of our friends never invited us. I have a lot of resentment over this. About half did Destination weddings and never had a local party for the ones who could not take vacation or attend. The rest decided on small weddings or immediate family only.

  • angela.cluff
    angela.cluff 3 days ago

    Hurray for being the same show size!

  • swimmer dog
    swimmer dog 4 days ago

    woah love the whiped cream!

  • SpringFun&Tester
    SpringFun&Tester 4 days ago

    Hi Carli, Yes please do a closet organization video. Your baby is adorable 👶 Can you also do a video of how to stay healthy & fit aka: skinny. Thanks 🤩👩‍💻🎥

  • Luba Alanna
    Luba Alanna 6 days ago

    Yes I’d love to see another wardrobe video and love casual videos! I just got myself a pax wardrobe and it was fun yet overwhelming on how to design it to work for myself. Very happy with how it turned out

  • Fun Beauty Time
    Fun Beauty Time 7 days ago

    The most important part of this is learning to listen to your own instincts.

  • Lucia Hernandez
    Lucia Hernandez 9 days ago

    I can relate to you my labor and delivery story is pretty similar to yours

  • Andrea Browne
    Andrea Browne 10 days ago

    How do I pack for a mounts going to Canada in december

    JACQUELINE EUGENIO 10 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this super sensitive and personal topic. You give us all insight on real life issues that lots of women go through daily. Wishing you all the best ❤️

  • Anarşist Genç
    Anarşist Genç 11 days ago

    Gelinliğe Evet De'den geldim

  • tashgoldbag
    tashgoldbag 11 days ago

    The exact same scenario happened to me It was my 5th child and the most painfully hellish experience So can’t even imagine what a complete turn off this would be when having your first baby!! You poor thing!! It’s so hard and exhausting it’s surprising we survive these types of hardships

  • Lexi Lexi
    Lexi Lexi 13 days ago

    You both are gorgeous. You don’t even look like you had a baby 😊

  • Jessica Hover
    Jessica Hover 16 days ago

    Ahhhh Carly. You are SO amazing. This honestly sounds like a bad dream and I’m so sorry it went the way it did. It makes me so sad for you. The shoes being gone at the end is unreal. As if you hadn’t been through enough. What in the world. We love you & are so impressed by you.

  • Blossom cotton
    Blossom cotton 18 days ago

    Everyday is a bad day I just want to smash my head through the wall

  • Araceli Kopiloff
    Araceli Kopiloff 20 days ago

    I guess she doesn't speak to Latinas or Black women who love to wear color and are not afraid.

  • Araceli Kopiloff
    Araceli Kopiloff 20 days ago

    Wow! Maybe malls are still Ok in the Midwest but in coastal and metropolitan cities this advice is very un-PC. Top Shop, Forever 21, target are all environmental disasters..huge carbon footprints. Prgressive, young, forward thinkers are going back to Quality over Quantity and upcycling. Toms of options trendy and designer choices at resell shops! #outdated advice #thinkglobal #socialresponsability

  • Araceli Kopiloff
    Araceli Kopiloff 20 days ago

    Black is horrible in pictures. A $9 tee lools the same as a $999 top!

  • moppiemop9752
    moppiemop9752 20 days ago

    Why did this story actually make me want a baby more?! 😂 I'm always sort of on the 50/50 about whether I want to have kids of my own (or at all), and by all common sense a traumatic experience like this should tip me toward the 'no' end. But you're honestly so strong, you manage to turn what sounds like a horror story into a learning experience for everyone involved (and those watching it afterward)! Kennedy is adorable and I'm so happy you're both healthy!

  • Rasha Magdy
    Rasha Magdy 21 day ago

    Thx for sharing ur tips It’s really so helpfull But it would have been way better without the music 🙈

  • Renee DiMattia
    Renee DiMattia 21 day ago

    I only know of you from Say Yes To The Dress. I was so appauled by your horrible, bratty attitude that I had to come see if you were like that all the time, or just during your wedding. The look on your face when your bridesmaid fell was disgusting! I don't care how "concerned" you acted, your face said it all. And listening to you talk makes me sick to know someone like you, so clearly unappreciative, has "fame" of any kind on any level! The way you spoke about your Uber driver, having one job and to shut up and drive, speaks VOLUMES of your character and confirms your dispicable attitude. I feel sorry for your husband. I give it 5 years. If he lasts that long. You talked to him like a dog! And you weren't even married yet. Hopefully one day he realizes his worth. I just never understand people like you acting like you're so much better than anyone else. Your not! Enjoy it all while it lasts because that attitude isn't gonna get you far.

  • Jen W
    Jen W 22 days ago

    Second birth was much better for me. I could advocate for myself better and even though it was much longer it was better. I wanted to have a natural birth with NO drugs at all. The nurses and doctors push things that aren't needed for whatever their reasons are. Don't let this scare you from having another!

  • Brooklyn Garcia
    Brooklyn Garcia 22 days ago

    I like how you don't have crazy, irritating music in the background like most cleaning videos.

  • Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry 25 days ago

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

  • 1234 567
    1234 567 26 days ago

    36 weeks = 9 months

  • Jess Lambert
    Jess Lambert 26 days ago

    I'm only one second in but had to comment omg she was so tall even when she was just born, look at those lovely long legs

  • Andrew Williamson
    Andrew Williamson 29 days ago

    If men had to deal with giving birth, would they be able to handle it?

  • Nyny Bridges
    Nyny Bridges 29 days ago

    Can u donate them to me

  • MorrocanZween
    MorrocanZween Month ago

    If I lived at this house, I would be depressed asf. It's reminds me of being in a hospital...It doesn't have that cozy, homey vibe. To each their own

  • CHSwildcats19
    CHSwildcats19 Month ago

    Wow, the exact same thing happened with my first baby! And I also had pain in my spine from the failed epidural for almost a year after the birth. With my 2nd baby, I had another failed epidural for an emergency c-section - and yes, that is as nightmarish as you can possibly imagine. For my 3rd, I had a completely natural birth with a DOULA and omg, what a difference --- it was magical and beautiful and almost entirely stress-free. I would definitely recommend a doula for your next birth. It's so comforting to have someone there who knows what's going on & can communicate with the hospital staff in a way that you can't. It made SUCH a difference that my husband, who had been complaining about hiring her, later told everyone he spoke to that she was worth every single penny!!! I'm sorry you had this experience but I'm so happy Kennedy came out of it okay! Just wanted to let you know that one (or even two) bad birth experiences don't mean you can't have that magical one .... but even if that never happens, having a healthy baby is the BEST possible outcome <3

  • Madeleine Sutton
    Madeleine Sutton Month ago

    I love watching your routine videos!

  • NickaPaulo
    NickaPaulo Month ago

    I'm really scared but I don't think it will be as dramatic as yours, that said I do think I will have epidural problems because anaesthesia doesn't work on me when I'm nervous. Hopefully, everything will go ok and I'll have the baby when I'm at home in the bath I'm taking to make my baby come 5 days earlier ;D (LOL)

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Month ago

    Beautiful home but where’s all your crap??

  • Julie W
    Julie W Month ago

    And here I thought my epidural story was messed up - glad you and Kennedy were ok

  • JessinhaOli
    JessinhaOli Month ago

    Ok... Those first 5 seconds are enough for you to get my like 👍

  • Shivani Gogar
    Shivani Gogar Month ago


  • Glam Girl Gabi
    Glam Girl Gabi Month ago

    Carly you're so cute. I ADORE your style and your hair. You also absolutely nailed your intro! I am doing a fashion video that is similar to this one and you inspired me so much with your style and flow. Great work!

  • Roxan Nazar
    Roxan Nazar Month ago

    watch her house turn extra colorful once her baby starts walking and playing on his owm

  • Lorraine Gatzke
    Lorraine Gatzke Month ago

    Dearest Carley, I am so sorry you had a horrible experience. Thank goodness you and your baby are doing well. My thoughts and best wishes are with you, Cody and your adorable baby Kennedy.

  • Shanna Wheeler
    Shanna Wheeler Month ago

    Further confirmation I never want to have children. That sounds horrifying. Everyone I know that's had a baby either TVclip or friend has a horrible birth story.

  • TheStephiierocks
    TheStephiierocks Month ago

    I had such a hard time hearing you. You sounds very distant and music made it harder to hear.

  • 197228sept
    197228sept Month ago

    Oh, I love your attitude towards your new body! This video warmed up my soul!!! ❤️

  • Marie Cat
    Marie Cat Month ago

    Carly, the audio was so bad. I couldnt hear much. Being a labor and delivery Nurse. Our patients who went thru epidural feels tue numbness half of your body. That means from the belly down.

  • L Rose
    L Rose Month ago

    I have never watched or subscribed to a TVclip channel before but I happened across this video because I need to do a serious overhaul on my closet. I must say, I loved this video and have been stuck watching all your fashion videos for over an hour now. Actually just figured out how to "comment down below"...Anyhow, great info and I am so ready to attack my closet now! I would really appreciate if you went a bit deeper into "how" to organize the clothes. Like I hang my jeans and tanks but this may be a waste of precious real estate in my closet. (I see you fold your Jean's but do you fold trousers too and what about skirts?) So what's best to hang vs. fold...or besides color coordinating, which I do, how do you group them? I think a part 2 video is definitely in order! Oh, and I also get a lot out of your "Top 10" for the season. I do this anyhow because it's a great way to efficiently update your wardrobe each season...but you have a great way of presenting the most wearable pieces. It's not high fashion craziness that I have to interpret into street wear on my own. Thank you for the help and I look forward to watching more videos here.

  • Erin Peterson
    Erin Peterson Month ago

    I had an emergent c-section at 39 weeks and 2 days-I had preeclampsia as well and it’s definitely an experience.

  • Nana Akom
    Nana Akom Month ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It helps so much

  • Camden Correll
    Camden Correll Month ago

    I will love the longer videos

  • Camden Correll
    Camden Correll Month ago

    Hi kaylee

  • Linda Curtis
    Linda Curtis Month ago

    My epidural did not work in my right lower quadrant where the appendix is. They thought I had appendicitis. Sorry your experience was not the best but the outcome was perfection! 👼

  • Melissa Saccoccio

    YOU POOR THING!!!!! I’m so glad you are open to going through it again, because it can’t possibly be as bad of an experience next time around! The first time is the hardest, because you are trying to use your own intuition, and advocate for yourself, while also not having any clue about what to expect. My first of three epidurals was scary, because I had the dead legs, and although it numbed everything, i also got too much, and it went too high and I was getting numbness in my face! Of course, as soon as the baby came out they rushed me to a hideous MRI to rule out a stroke. All was well. But I was terrified, and the second time around, was very nerve wracking! Third time was the charm! 😃

  • Lydia June
    Lydia June Month ago

    do you live in the same building as james charles?

  • Weronika Szymczak

    You are so amazing and brave <3

  • NativeGlamour
    NativeGlamour Month ago

    You are an absolute thug. You thugged that out! Omg! My 2nd I was in labor for 19 hours. Not doing that again lol. I thought it was going to be easy like my first..7 hours and it was super smooth. My 2nd gave me the blues lol. Thank you for sharing your story with us that is wild. Glad you both were okay. Btw if you've had an epidural you will always feel that spot. Especially after a few years. I got nerve damage with the second one.

  • ladygabrielle36
    ladygabrielle36 Month ago

    Carly you keep proving God is real, may He bless you and you little family, you need a beak from all that crazy stuff happening to you

  • Cris Sings
    Cris Sings Month ago

    Hi Carly, thank you for being brave enough to share your story. Maybe my question is out of line and maybe you don't know the answer to it but why didn't they try to lower your blood preassure with medication before inducing?

  • Katrina Lackhouse

    I'd be so pissed about the ugg boots 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Megan Ferguson
    Megan Ferguson Month ago

    OMG girl! I had a similar experience. I had to go to therapy and still have a hard time with the "should have listened to that voice in my head" guilt.

    • Megan Ferguson
      Megan Ferguson Month ago

      I did have to have an emergency c-section where they were not able to do the spinal after many attempts. They pumped me full of pain meds and said they would knock me out if I couldn't stand the pain. Honestly that wasn't the worst part after everything that happened. It was the fact that I didn't listen to my own instincts.