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I Dressed Emo for a Week
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Being the Fat Girl at the Gym
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Should I Lose Weight??
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  • Julia Rubinov
    Julia Rubinov 24 minutes ago

    OMG YOU'RE PREGNANT! I'm calling it right now. Extra loving on the husband, secret gift for your parents. are these hints???

  • Breanna Ashcraft
    Breanna Ashcraft 52 minutes ago

    And that girl at the beginning, I didn't think she was "funny" or "slutty"..I thought she was cute n outgoing.. risktaker and fun..? Secund too But in a good way. Cause she's just curvy and mature in her weight; heathy you know?? you can see that she cares in both, and isn't lazy like "fat Amy"??? Cause you can tell she's less healthy and mature in her weight?? Cares less? Less curvy...More fat? though she's a camadian. I don't think she was meant to be sexy in it, I think she knew that too when she signed up?? But I know that if she tried to, and got more mature in her weight, she can definitely look sexy?? You know? Maybe it's just the way some people see it?? I do see where you're going, and yes!! Totally agree!!

  • Breanna Ashcraft
    Breanna Ashcraft 59 minutes ago

    I just thought it was because she's a camadian, and it wasn't supposed to be? She signed up for that part, so she must of knew ppl would laugh, but not in a bad way..?

  • AgaMoth28
    AgaMoth28 Hour ago

    Oh my God:) im plus size to, a little bit older than you. But I admire that You are soooo body positive.

  • Katelyn McKinney

    Her- it’s like BOILING hot today.. like 89? People from Texas- sounds chilly 🥴

  • Shylynn Forget
    Shylynn Forget Hour ago

    Thank you for speaking out i have psos and my biggest fere is not being able to have children and i also under stand the wait gabe nomater how had i try

  • Brenna Spaulding

    LIDOCAINE!! For chub rub. It’s life changing. I got it at my local Walgreens.

  • mixdboi88
    mixdboi88 2 hours ago

    I just went down a rabbit hole of your videos and came across you singing that song from Moana! Girl!!! I. Had. No. Ideaaaaaa!!!!!! Yaaaaaassss!!! Killed it!

  • Katelyn McKinney
    Katelyn McKinney 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh. I need to be your friend. I need to give you a hug. My heart hurt watching this video. Just continue to surround yourself with people who lift you up. I wish i had that. It’s SO special to have a group of people who do that for you. Sending hugs from afar 💖

  • yummynutellacupcake
    yummynutellacupcake 2 hours ago

    i was expecting a bigger/better reaction from her husband for the khloe outfit :/

  • Ivy b
    Ivy b 2 hours ago

    I'm in my early thirties and I've been everything from a size 14 to a size 6 I feel it's very normal for women to fluctuate in weight

  • Mckenzie Baumgartner

    thankful that I will be graduating on December 20, 2019 from nursing school!!! @theycallmebum

  • Yellowcicii
    Yellowcicii 2 hours ago

    I’m probably late but I’m thankful for my parents and my doggie:)) (yellowcicii)

  • Katelyn McKinney
    Katelyn McKinney 2 hours ago

    So I’m a sucker for sequined outfits. I feel like the romper could’ve been amazing if they made it better. Like what even is that center seam lol. Also, that last dress what pretty insane but the color and shine looked AMAZING with your complexion. 💕

  • Dae Forshtay
    Dae Forshtay 3 hours ago

    I know this is lost in a sea of comments. But i relate to the feeling of your own body betraying you, when I found out I had gone thru menopause in my 20s i felt this way and i felt like I tricked my husband and failed him too... it's so hard to work thru those emotions/thoughts.. but the constant for me was God, my joy my wholeness wasn't based on what my body could or couldn't do.... <3

  • Angelica Preston
    Angelica Preston 4 hours ago

    To be fair, there’s not many fat men in leading roles that aren’t comedy either. I honestly hate the lack of representation in media. 😞

  • CookieGurl
    CookieGurl 4 hours ago

    You should make the tea spill shirt merch I would buy do wear that

  • Summer Rossi
    Summer Rossi 4 hours ago

    Video should be called “trying to conceive with PCOS”

  • Jocey_ 5508
    Jocey_ 5508 4 hours ago

    Ppl say that dabletics arent squat proof

  • Victorious
    Victorious 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry about this and I will pray for you but I think you look pretty. I'm not even trying to be nice, I think you really are pretty. You look so bubbly and happy and just amazing.

  • Kimberly Wright
    Kimberly Wright 4 hours ago

    My children

  • Alluring Agony
    Alluring Agony 5 hours ago

    Shein has really good products.

  • Ingridlosneslokken
    Ingridlosneslokken 5 hours ago

    You just make some of the most important videos!

  • Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr

    oh my gosh, I rewatched this video and think I commented the first time but I couldn't find it . My servings for sure are not even the servings they recommend and then I will be really full !! But then I am a very healthy eater and eat only healthy things with consiousness and have never been overweight ( and probably will never be )

  • Tahlia Drew
    Tahlia Drew 6 hours ago

    I’m about to eat 18 salt and vinegar chips 😂

  • Tiara Kasten
    Tiara Kasten 8 hours ago

    If you want to do some really tramatizing dupe videos, look on instagram there are so many replica stores that actually sell their items with names, monograms, trademarked logos and all... its scary... love your content babes, stay gorge!!!

  • TheSophieDoubleYou
    TheSophieDoubleYou 8 hours ago

    I’m actually shook coz I got a midroll ad FOR FACETUNE2 good lord the algorithm

  • FinesseSoCocky
    FinesseSoCocky 8 hours ago

    You’re only 22. Wow.

  • TheSophieDoubleYou
    TheSophieDoubleYou 8 hours ago

    I have PCOS too and I’m on a pre-emptive health/fitness/weight loss journey to improve my future chances of conception (not ready for kiddos yet cos my partner lives on another continent!) I love my body anyways even though it takes up more space than a lot of other bodies and doesn’t necessarily work the way it’s supposed to, because I know I can’t hate and torture myself into becoming something I’ll love. It’s important to love yourself enough to make the changes you want to make. I’m surrounded by love and positivity from the outside too which helps even more, and it sounds like you are too! Best of luck with it all! ❤️

  • Carolin Marienkäfer

    I only buy one size when they have the exact weidth and lenghts listed. Ist usullay fits because i am tall with a small torso But also very slim 😅

  • Hinoiri CHAN
    Hinoiri CHAN 9 hours ago

    Hi Sierra, French girl here, struggling with doctors since 5 years now. I've been gaining weight and nobody can tell me why. All doctors are saying is "I should eat less, do some fitness." They don't listen when I say I already do. (I wasn't eating enough actually). I tell you all of this because I wanted to tell you : THANK YOU to open up about your condition. It's not like it's any of our business but... It may be the answer I was looking for so long. You got it of your chest and without justifying yourself you may bring awareness to some conditions unexplored by doctors. So for that, THANK YOU. Keep doing what you do and what you love. Love you. Xoxo

  • Katie Lamar
    Katie Lamar 9 hours ago


  • Farina Yahya
    Farina Yahya 10 hours ago

    Being asian, you can’t be fashionable or more choice whenever you go buy clothes for plus size people. I hate it so much. For them, being skinny such a perfect body and deserve to dress like angel. Fuck it i hate that mentality. Need more plus size store in asia

  • Nikki Asaro
    Nikki Asaro 11 hours ago

    I wish i could spend that many calories in just a snack. Gone now are those days! 1,200 cal a day, if that. Ever since I started logging my calories it opened my eyes! I had no clue how many calories were in how many serving sizes I was eating.

  • PomPomLogan
    PomPomLogan 11 hours ago

    I have PCOS as well as a rare brain disorder that led to multiple brain surgeries. Due to the hormonal imbalances and immobility due to pain and vision loss, I get awful comments about my weight. I’ve had people follow me in stores and make awful remarks about me and my service dog because I’m using a rollator. I’ve been called an “attention-seeking fat white b**ch”. Don’t know how it’s entitled have my dog alert me for heart palpitations that can knock me unconscious... I’ve had kids and adults grab my service dog’s tail, try to trip me (when using my white cane to navigate), or get told I can’t use the handicap seating on the bus because of my age. Despite the bad experiences, there are always going to be the shining lights. Like the nice man who kept a woman from crashing into with a buggy, the girl who didn’t mind reading a sign for me, whatever it is, however small, it matters. Judge mental people are so focused on their own opinions, that they live their lives with blinders on not seeing what’s right in front of their noses. If someone is so petty they felt it necessary to judge you based on weight gain/loss, their lives must be rather sad and pedantic. Even someone like me, who can barely see out of my eyes would rather watch someone’s videos who is kind, positive and honest. It’s the main reason I’m subscribed to you.

  • Alycia Irlbeck
    Alycia Irlbeck 12 hours ago

    Sierra Burgess is a loser was a good one. The movies are slowly but surely starting to come out

  • This RN runs on the DT

    Love the sweater your wearing where is it from?

  • Samantha Chase
    Samantha Chase 12 hours ago

    She needs to be more open-minded. She stated at the beginning that she would style them to give us ideas, how on earth are we meant to get ideas when she just wears the same generic stuff. She's meant to be filming for a large audience where everyone is different, so stop saying that it's not trendy or cool when you really mean YOU don't like it. So predictable and boring. Also, she was just circling the one section of Walmart and ignored some real cute clothing.

  • Davis Family
    Davis Family 12 hours ago

    Such a quality Christian. I think more people need to approach religion like this.

  • Niko Weirdo
    Niko Weirdo 12 hours ago

    16:27 SPILL DA TEA

  • amelia westfield
    amelia westfield 12 hours ago

    Oh I admire you’re body confidence 🥰 I wish I could feel that way about myself! You rock girl xx

  • Megann Warnecki
    Megann Warnecki 12 hours ago

    I kind of don’t get the point of having someone else pick clothes if you’re going to just constantly say “this isn’t my style” every time

  • Rachel Saurer
    Rachel Saurer 12 hours ago

    I'm thankful for my brother who's basically my best friend and his drive to finish us army ranger school. Seriously he's younger than me and he has more of a life than I do 😆 IG: @rachbethsaurer

  • melissa greenleaf
    melissa greenleaf 12 hours ago

    man, i literally have no self esteem at all when it comes to clothes like that tbh.

  • Niko Weirdo
    Niko Weirdo 13 hours ago

    I didn’t even know there were plus size rules

  • Madison Bartlebaugh
    Madison Bartlebaugh 13 hours ago

    Thank you for posting this video, you made me feel good about my body.

  • Marissa Oztekin
    Marissa Oztekin 13 hours ago

    I used to wear a pinstriped fedora with a spork wear a feather would be. It was useful since I was known to be a glutton

  • Bayleyland
    Bayleyland 13 hours ago

    I’ve seen clothes say one size fits most but not very much.

  • Viva Malcarney
    Viva Malcarney 14 hours ago

    Everyone’s saying the Walmart our fit was better and caster and had cheaper prices but number one Walmart is literally such an unethical company number two I personally believe it was definitely not as cute number three target is higher quality number five she said target was more her style and she liked it better so that’s her preference

  • RiahRiddle
    RiahRiddle 14 hours ago

    I was once sent to the principals office because I was wearing socks that were a “peacock” blue, not a “true blue,” and I laughed out loud and went home and told my mom. She chewed them out for forever, and then told them that if they ever wasted my education by doing that again that she would pull me out.

  • Kennedy’s_Videos Cheerleader

    Your beautiful girl! Don’t let anybody tell you things

  • Letty 1998
    Letty 1998 15 hours ago

    Love your video😍 would love to see a video of how to wear skirts for curvy bodies ❤️

  • Brooklynn Bailey
    Brooklynn Bailey 15 hours ago

    I have PCOS and my fiance and I have been trying for 2 years now, nothing yet though. We're not really trying trying right now, but we do have a pretty active sex life so it worries me about whether or not I'll be able to get pregnant.

  • xHappzx
    xHappzx 15 hours ago

    That's not the kylie jenner set... it looks totally different

  • Benjamin Garrett
    Benjamin Garrett 16 hours ago

    Oh my glob. I know what I'm getting my fiance for Christmas

  • Got to Anime
    Got to Anime 16 hours ago

    When things heat up they expand so you are not fat you’re hot Dedicated to the people watching this

  • Mommaonabudget Lia
    Mommaonabudget Lia 16 hours ago

    I actually really like SHEIN..... shee-in 😬🤪

  • Ash Bath
    Ash Bath 16 hours ago

    Watching your Chanel has given me new places to shop at, like Madewell. I had never heard of them before.

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 16 hours ago

    I. Love. You. Sierra. Thank you for this. You are so right about all of it. I am also so tired of being judged for my weight. Thank you for being you and trying to teach other people to just love themselves and love other people. Ps- I can’t have biological children, so I understand your sadness. (I had uterine cancer at 33) But, I have a beautiful (adopted) 3 year old daughter who is a promise from God and such a blessing to me and my husband.

  • Abgail Naomi
    Abgail Naomi 16 hours ago

    Its always ok peoples bodies are always lovely as long as they are doing there best to take care of should not matter if there is a medical reason ofcourse it should open peoples eyes to that they really dont know what you or anyone else is going thru at and everyone in the work that is doin there best to take care of there body and mental health is absolutely beautiful

  • So What Now?
    So What Now? 17 hours ago

    I only buy men’s clothes at tillys and don’t even bother going to the women’s section

  • ConfidentLEMON Squeezer

    I am thankful for my boyfriend and bunny. They havr saved my life💙 i may not have any family at all. But i made one. 💕 🎉🎉 This would make our christmas happen.

  • Oksana Nechitailo
    Oksana Nechitailo 18 hours ago

    I relate to this video so much I'm in tears. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  • Nugget & Lily
    Nugget & Lily 18 hours ago

    2:30 when it starts

  • Marissa Oztekin
    Marissa Oztekin 18 hours ago

    That was more informational than I thought it would be

  • Abby Mae
    Abby Mae 18 hours ago

    You should do a video of trying on clothes from different places and guess if it is you size or one size fits all!!!!!!

  • Mallorie Stancil
    Mallorie Stancil 18 hours ago

    That is such a sierra look wow really

  • Marissa Oztekin
    Marissa Oztekin 18 hours ago

    You're really owning it! I was size 14 before and never felt comfortable showing too much skin. I really appreciate your views. I went down to a size 4 with the keto diet in around 6-8 months. I don't know how pcos works though but maybe that diet would help? I really hope that you get better news soon!

  • Madison Eve Hansen
    Madison Eve Hansen 19 hours ago

    I had a conversation in my health class about complimenting and one guy said something very interesting. His view was we should never compliment how people look because there's always the small bit of "oh so if I wasn't doing this then I'd be ugly" he said instead compliment people on their actions and mind and the focus shifts to effort not outcome. That's how we get stronger mentally.

  • Alejandra Bastida
    Alejandra Bastida 19 hours ago

    She kind of acts like Nutella Taylor just saying.

  • Amber Sprabary
    Amber Sprabary 19 hours ago

    My sister has it and couldn't get pregnant. She adopted 2 children and the ended up pregnant 3 times after. I have it and never got pregnant but now I have a son. A friend has it and now has 2 kids. My cousin has it and she has a daughter. It's always disappointing to hear, but it's so very possible to have children. Good luck to you!

  • TaiAnn Williams
    TaiAnn Williams 19 hours ago

    I've watched quite a few of your videos... And honestly, that white dress does look flattering on you (at least on film?) Not really a walk the dog outfit, but going out for drinks?? Idk... But it was really cute on you. 😁

  • Paige Grisamore
    Paige Grisamore 19 hours ago

    I am thankful for God:))

  • Ema Petković
    Ema Petković 19 hours ago

    I don't think that outfit 2 is fit for you

  • Katelynn Jones
    Katelynn Jones 19 hours ago


  • Ash Bath
    Ash Bath 20 hours ago

    The lavender top was super cute and flattering

  • Meghan McDonald
    Meghan McDonald 20 hours ago

    I’m thankful for my family, friends and my health. Insta @megs7279

  • Jilly Bean
    Jilly Bean 20 hours ago

    You should try Cocogira! I keep getting ads for it and the dresses look real cute and vintage but idk if they're real or not! They go all the way up to a 5x

  • Peter Nincompoop
    Peter Nincompoop 20 hours ago

    After watching this, I did the unthinkable & watched Kylie's so-called infomercial. I was confused as to whether I was watching a commercial for skin products or soft-core porn. Six minutes of "I'm smearing white, creamy stuff all over my face. Mmmmm it's sooooo delicious. Now I'm a porn star like Kim." Does this morally bankrupt family really need anymore advertising? I still love your videos though.

    TR ROSE 21 hour ago

    *Dress Code* Girls: No shorts, No cleavage, No showing shoulders, No Jean's with holes in it, No V-necks, No open shoe wear, So basically just wear a blanket covering everything. Boys: Wear anything you want, come in with your underwear for all I care. Schools: *Yeah, that's very fair.*

  • Alex Victoria
    Alex Victoria 21 hour ago

    Your style is so cute❤️

  • ToriFaere
    ToriFaere 21 hour ago

    The first dress looked amazing on both of them. How stupid does the company have to be to make this dress a one size fits all. I was questioning it from the moment I saw the thumbnail. That type of dress will never be a one size fits all. I'M A 6 OR small/medium AND NO WAY WOULD THAT FIT ME! Also, when Sierra said "I give it a" my phone beeped loudly. So it sounded like it was censored or something lol

  • Alex McComb
    Alex McComb 21 hour ago

    can someone comment a link for the black overall dress please :)

  • Natalie Mason
    Natalie Mason 21 hour ago

    omg shopping at tilly's when i saw a teenager was the W O R S T. i absolutely hated going in there as a mid-size teen

  • Hannah Stahl
    Hannah Stahl 21 hour ago

    The wig needs to be reworked on that cheap Harley Quinn outfit

  • Ruby Medina
    Ruby Medina 21 hour ago

    Go check out my Shien Haul 🤗 Hope you enjoy !💖

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B. 21 hour ago

    In Germany it is legal to drink alcohol at the age of 16 So I didn't even noticed that this is strange for Americans

  • Josean Rodriguez
    Josean Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    Dress like pretty little liars for a week!!!

  • jcgirl3
    jcgirl3 23 hours ago

    Girl you rock. As a Dutch person for me, the ‘Con’ in Beauty Con now equals as the ‘Con’ in con artist. You are kind and beautiful inside and out. No doubt please.

  • Masha's roblox life
    Masha's roblox life 23 hours ago

    When the video started I immediately subscribed She seems so nice and fun to watch #newsubscriber

  • Destinee Andino
    Destinee Andino 23 hours ago

    Can we get a link for the exact Gucci belt you bought on amazon?? I want it!!!!

  • Kenna
    Kenna Day ago

    00:47 Girl this dress is so pretty! I'm trying to gain confidence in my own body, can someone direct me to a dress that's similar to this and not expensive?

  • Donna Clayton
    Donna Clayton Day ago

    The strap thing from the Harley outfit looks like a BDSM harness that goes with the belt.

  • Janelle K
    Janelle K Day ago

    I just realized how flat my butt always looks in madewell jeans, flat Stanley

  • Valesca Audrey

    its mod podge not modge podge

  • Levender benjomiros

    Lisa looks absolutely gorgeous in every single outfit.

  • melissa
    melissa Day ago

    I’m sick of hearing the word “high waisted” after this. 😂

  • Lauren O’Connor

    Yeeeesss I need a dipping pile!

  • Tim Lumsden
    Tim Lumsden Day ago

    The Harley Quinn piece you didnt know what it was should be the shoulder holster attachment. Its when the jacket comes off, the gun holster can affix to it instead of being at the waist.