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WOW Air A321 (TF-DAD)
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Condor 767-300 (D-ABUT)
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Heavies in Slowmotion
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Oman Air A330-200 (A4O-DC)
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  • Aviation and Cars
    Aviation and Cars 2 days ago

    Flew with exact this aircraft from LGW - IST

  • Gowtriks
    Gowtriks 9 days ago

    Tassili Airlines ?

  • Typhoon Cooper
    Typhoon Cooper 2 months ago

    Belavia? Ethiopian?

  • Stratowind
    Stratowind 2 months ago

    Fogotten- Qantas, Qatar, Air India, British Airways.

  • bong saat
    bong saat 3 months ago

    China airways is one of the worst. Garuda Indonesia, Emriates, ANA should be among the best liveries

  • wufzeiwkwabdeoelsvu
    wufzeiwkwabdeoelsvu 4 months ago

    Dieses Englisch ist so cringe

  • Suchithra Panditharathna

    Thank you. This is a nice video ! Keep on plane spotting. I love this a lot. Good luck to you !

  • mm jamil
    mm jamil 4 months ago

    biman bangladesh airlinse is most beautiful airlines

  • przychodzkipl - aviation & travel

    Amazing video and great channel. Liked and subscribed.

  • The Avgeek Official
    The Avgeek Official 6 months ago

    I guess EK operates A380 to Hamburg sometime.. But amazing video for spotters and everyone ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Trainspotting Finland
    Trainspotting Finland 6 months ago

    How is Air China there but no KLM? Also, where is Finnair

  • Bayram Valiyev
    Bayram Valiyev 7 months ago

    Where is Azerbaijan Airlines? Most beautiful

  • The plane spotter BG
    The plane spotter BG 7 months ago

    I think our flag carrier is great. And yes, I don't think there are flights to Hamburg often if at all, so it is rare to see it there. And as the fleet is made of 9 planes it is rare to see them anywhere different than bulgaria.

  • dohavik
    dohavik 8 months ago

    A great video, but it is not an ATR 42, but a ATR72-600 (OY-JZD)

  • gpierre90
    gpierre90 8 months ago

    Fiji Airways, Royal air maroc strongly disagree. Our national carrier Air Seychelles has a better livery than these two.

  • student hamzeh abuzaid

    Royal Jordanian??

  • Bas Bautista
    Bas Bautista 10 months ago

    What about Philippine airlines

  • SpongeRock TM
    SpongeRock TM 10 months ago

    Lion air also have a beautyfull livery the first lion air 737-900ER

    KURIA NJUGUNA 10 months ago

    that Kenya airways is so beautiful

  • Fun Activities
    Fun Activities 10 months ago

    Air china ???

  • Max 1008
    Max 1008 10 months ago

    Darf man während der Fahrt einfach aussteigen und Filmen?

  • Wy123
    Wy123 10 months ago

    German lost again

  • {DB} Djaan en Leftlane Fan Caramba

    Klm royal dutch airlines?

  • AlgerianFalcon
    AlgerianFalcon 11 months ago

    And after so many years, the ruling people are stilling not taking responsiblity to finish this? How could it be even allowed to continue?

  • Tural Karimov
    Tural Karimov 11 months ago

    Most Beautiful Airline Liveries Azerbaijan

  • Hornhausen
    Hornhausen 11 months ago

    Nice video.

  • Jason Ivander
    Jason Ivander Year ago

    Where is garuda?

  • Bharat Kumar
    Bharat Kumar Year ago

    You missed out on Tata Vistara Airlines!

  • JasonRae Miguel
    JasonRae Miguel Year ago

    Cebu pacific

  • Dj starikov
    Dj starikov Year ago

    Air Malta?..

  • RanchoFundo
    RanchoFundo Year ago

    Looks like a great set to a movie

  • Leo Luanglad
    Leo Luanglad Year ago

    Thai Airways ya

  • FabianFlug_Spotter

    Nice Video Subbed mate! Subbed back in my channel?

  • Danielreis
    Danielreis Year ago


  • Gold roblox and more

    Fuck cebu is the worst tity in the world

  • Elvin Bert Corvera

    I dont know about you guys but Philippines Airlines livery look sophisticated and beautiful. For me.

  • Captain Steven Markovich

    Cool video. Subscribed

  • Ricky The Humanoid

    I like Oman Air, i flew with them before

  • Margaret Howard
    Margaret Howard Year ago

    What a load of rubbish whoever picks these

  • Bryan Zhang
    Bryan Zhang Year ago

    Alaska Airlines new livery?

  • Vijay ART
    Vijay ART Year ago


  • tonyde52
    tonyde52 Year ago


  • Hades Fyruze Yu
    Hades Fyruze Yu Year ago

    I like cebu pacific

  • AviationGaming
    AviationGaming Year ago

    Air Carabies??

  • Aviator Fire
    Aviator Fire Year ago

    Kenya Airways is ugly

  • Ziauddin Khan
    Ziauddin Khan Year ago

    Air China, really? It looks so dull and old fashioned, something straight out of the 60s.

  • Thomas Fuglesang

    Norwegian Dreamliners.

  • Canada Aviaton
    Canada Aviaton Year ago

    Where is AIR CANADA???

  • snowboarding steve

    1:39 is far the best

  • rashiid187
    rashiid187 Year ago

    Cebu and newzealand

  • SunTao
    SunTao Year ago

    Garuda and Batik Air

  • 黃詳育
    黃詳育 Year ago

    China Airlines??

  • kiribetio123
    kiribetio123 Year ago

    Fiji airways, Air New Zealand and Qantas.

  • ElliotL- CBGSpotter

    Nicely done! :D

  • Casey Catwiesel
    Casey Catwiesel Year ago

    Aviation tube is back'

  • stellegamer !
    stellegamer ! Year ago

    Echt nice!!!

  • Mario Citino
    Mario Citino Year ago

    I Think Aeroflot is the best and stylish livery!

  • gerardo medina
    gerardo medina Year ago

    WHere are the VIrgins? they are cool!! TOTALLY DISAGREE Air CHina, Royal Air Maroc, ANA and Saudia, yo can change them for CHina Airlines, Southafrican, Asiana and Qantas

  • Journeying with Josiah

    Great video! I totally agree with how beautiful the Kenya Airways livery is!

  • Sumann Raaz
    Sumann Raaz Year ago

    Nepal Airlines A320

  • taxol2
    taxol2 Year ago

    TAM, ANA, have ugly livery. Singapore Airline has plain livery, though the airline itself is fantastic. Cathay Pacific’s brush livery is very cool as well as Garuda Indonesia’s where the head of garuda is at the front and the tail livery is like the tail of garuda (mythical eagle).

  • Airflow Aviation

    Woohoo! Back to TVclip (I messaged you the other day on Instagram). I also took some shots at Heathrow including a slow motion! Please check it out and tell me what you think! ;)

  • Haaviston Pojat
    Haaviston Pojat Year ago

    Where is Finnair??

  • Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce Year ago

    Please tell me how TAM is on this list. ANA HOW?!? Singapore Airlines is the most plain one ever. Only ones I agree with is Cebu FIJI and Sky Work.

    • Stratowind
      Stratowind 2 months ago

      Even Iberia and SAS are quite bland. Instead, British Airways or Air Italy or Air India would have been better.

  • ben jones
    ben jones Year ago

    I like the etihad livery and the Thai airway livery

  • Discovery 1031
    Discovery 1031 Year ago

    Disclaimer:Cebu Pacific Air has a New Livery

    • Vonilla
      Vonilla Year ago

      yeah it looks better with the yelloe stuff..

  • Geronimo zabala
    Geronimo zabala Year ago


  • Mag
    Mag Year ago

    air dolomiti also has a nice livery

  • E A
    E A Year ago


  • FaZe Tolosa
    FaZe Tolosa Year ago

    Alaska airlines ?

    • Hi There
      Hi There 5 months ago

      Khalid Abdulghani ikr. Their tail is horrible

    • Khalid Abdulghani
      Khalid Abdulghani Year ago

      yh, where? wtf more like worst liveries

  • Aviation Kaan
    Aviation Kaan Year ago

    I feel like air plane spotters/ airplane photography are people who never been on a plane

    • msi
      msi 3 months ago

      Plane spotters are people who often fly to places just for going on the plane lol

    • Ray Jennings
      Ray Jennings 6 months ago

      Sfs Intec - I don't think you could be further from the truth. Avgeeks are probably the most travelled people there are. They frequently fly all over the world pursuing their dual hobbies of plane spotting and photography. I should know. I am one and the only place I've not been to is Australia and that's on the cards for two years time.

    • Aviation Tube
      Aviation Tube Year ago

      seriously? I'm 18 now and I've flown over 50 times now :)

  • Tomas Muller
    Tomas Muller Year ago

    Schöne Aufnahmen, aber der TakeOff fehlt... :)

  • tjrtt
    tjrtt Year ago

    Aer Lingus, Caribbean Airlines, Egypt Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Air New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Thai Airlines, Etihad, Saudia, Aeroflot???

  • Cximinvl
    Cximinvl Year ago

    Please do not imitate the British accent.. it makes your English more worse.

    • ail the scamp
      ail the scamp 2 months ago

      absfile even worse

    • msi
      msi 3 months ago

      I wouldn’t say it makes it worse but yes it seems cringe to me

    • Larry TheSunscreenMan
      Larry TheSunscreenMan 10 months ago

      absfile r/woosh

    • Airflow Aviation
      Airflow Aviation Year ago


    • absfile
      absfile Year ago

      Cximinvl "More Worse" is incorrect English. The word 'worse' is a comparative adjective and so is the word, 'more'. Two comparatives cannot be used together.

  • Dragisa
    Dragisa Year ago

    Air serbia

  • Zane Gregory
    Zane Gregory Year ago

    ????? We all have plenty that we don't care for, these are sadly not some of the most beautiful. I'll be honest, None of the ones I like are even in here.

  • tjrtt
    tjrtt Year ago

    Air China? SAS? Nothing special about Royal Air Maroc either. Caribbean Airlines should definitely be on this list.

  • Ahsan Hadi
    Ahsan Hadi Year ago

    Where is biman Bangladesh airlines?

  • sreeji sreenivasan

    Where is British airways , Qatar?

    • Wiktor Jaciów
      Wiktor Jaciów Year ago

      sreeji sreenivasan british airways isnt that nice

  • Becker Aviation
    Becker Aviation Year ago

    Phenomenal camera and shots! Love the cinematic style some Canons give. Got a brand new one yesterday and I can't wait to test it. Cheers

  • Brussels_aviator

    Also the Beluga flies to Hamburg! But this video Is really Good!

    • OneMinuteWeekly
      OneMinuteWeekly 8 months ago

      Brussels_aviator Well the Beluga flies to Finkenwerder which is another airport in Hamburg

  • Siddhesh 129
    Siddhesh 129 Year ago

    Include air India

  • Marc
    Marc Year ago

    Gutes Video, vorallem schön auch mal als Süddeutscher den Flugfunk in Hamburg hören zu können :) Wäre noch gut wenn du deinen Scanner auf die Towerfrequenz stellst.

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin Year ago

    Air China? Seriously? That is the ugliest livery in the world.

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin Year ago


  • yung eskimo
    yung eskimo Year ago

    Air india?

  • Sarah Widodo :D
    Sarah Widodo :D Year ago

    You forget Garuda Indonesia!

  • Ng Ly Tang
    Ng Ly Tang Year ago

    Malaysia Airlines???

    • Wiktor Jaciów
      Wiktor Jaciów Year ago

      SunTao uhh their livery is definetly not plain

    • SunTao
      SunTao Year ago

      Ng Ly Tang i dont want to judge but serious, Malair had a plain livery

  • True Life
    True Life Year ago

    The most beautiful livery of Azerbaijan Airlines! It's amazing. Very original solution! It is strange that here it is not presented.

  • True Life
    True Life Year ago

    The most beautiful livery of Azerbaijan Airlines! It's amazing. Very original solution! It is strange that here it is not presented.

  • Sarah Widodo :D
    Sarah Widodo :D Year ago

    Asiana Airlines? Qatar Airways?

  • Rant Gant
    Rant Gant Year ago

    What about Emirates, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic???

  • AeroporosGR JKL
    AeroporosGR JKL Year ago

    Nice Video !

  • Dayon Wong
    Dayon Wong Year ago

    Amazing video, I am looking into upgrading from my t6 to an 80d, obviously it has a stellar performance for video, would you recommend it for photography only planespotting?

  • Max Prosser
    Max Prosser Year ago

    What lens were you using?

  • Captain Mido channel

    what a lovely video, you absolutely deserve a sub from me!

  • FormEEh Ohyeah
    FormEEh Ohyeah Year ago

    Hawaiian and Fiji!!! Oh and Air New Zealand.

  • Zsolt Monostori
    Zsolt Monostori 2 years ago

    This is not an LR, United does not operate any LR.

  • Phönix 32
    Phönix 32 2 years ago

    Warum hast du den 777-300 Start als Zeitlupe laufen lassen? So ist der tolle Sound verloren gegangen und die 757-300 Starts waren auch nicht mit dabei,schade! Trotzdem coole aufnehmen 👍

  • Lê Hoàng Sơn
    Lê Hoàng Sơn 2 years ago

    vietnam airlines ?