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soon my friendssoon my friends
soon my friends
11 months ago

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  • eXplorer
    eXplorer Year ago

    Amazing channel! I like watching nature, explore and calm down...

    • eric4636
      eric4636 Year ago

      No it's not, deal with it jerk off.

  • Evolve816
    Evolve816 Year ago

    Dude... Zach where in the hell are you at bro? I know Nintendo hasn't had much news but dayam, do some game reviews or "lets play Nintendo" episodes or something. I'd watch those if you did that only because you have character, you're not dull. Anyways, hope everything is going well in school and at home hommie.

  • an onion
    an onion 2 years ago

    Please stop with the NX clickbait.

  • Vertex
    Vertex 2 years ago


  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey 2 years ago

    Sup dude, whats your NIN ID?

  • Shawn ShyGuy
    Shawn ShyGuy 2 years ago

    Hey dude, found your channel recently and I'm lovin it, keep up the good work.

    • eric4636
      eric4636 Year ago

      NGameTheCube does not have any good work, his works suck deal with it jerk off.

  • SolarstrikeVG
    SolarstrikeVG 3 years ago

    Part 2 of the LP?

  • Skuxxed
    Skuxxed 4 years ago

    Hey NGameTheCube, do you think I could use part of your "That's So Shulk" vid, in a video of mine? It's absolutely hilarious! I can give you all the credit and link your channel/video in the description. 

    • Skuxxed
      Skuxxed 4 years ago

      +NGameTheCube Ah, in the end I didn't use any footage for your video but thanks anyway! :)

    • NGameTheCube
      NGameTheCube 4 years ago

      Sure! Would you be able to make an annotation at the beginning of the trailer that takes people to the original video as well? You don't have to do it for the whole trailer, maybe just the first 5 seconds or so. :)

  • DwizSquid
    DwizSquid 4 years ago

    I love what you have going for your channel it's all sooo cool.

  • dragonswords15
    dragonswords15 5 years ago

    I forgot to add that the new ip about the hero will be an open world game

  • dragonswords15
    dragonswords15 5 years ago

    I have a prediction to make about 2014 for the wii u, a new ip will focus on a hero that has the opportunity to travel in different universes (this could also help third party support) and will probably come out in 2014, a new fps ip, Metroid announced and comes out in the beginning of 2015, the new legend of Zelda will come out in holiday 2014 (might even convince newer people to play the game), shin megami tensei x fire emblem and yarn yoshi gets a specific release date, more sonic boom, bayonetta 2 clip (more likely to come out in june or july), project x and ssb4 gets a specific release date in 2014, newer ips will come out in 2015 to negate game drought, a new pokemon game comes out in 2014 for the wii u, third party might notice that these games will be known from a lot of people and will reconsider developing for the wii u

    • Xaelvik 1
      Xaelvik 1 Year ago

      I know it's Monday morning quarterbacking on my end, but I couldn't help but chuckle out loud, reading your comment in 2017.

  • dragonswords15
    dragonswords15 5 years ago

    can u add me to your friend list? or you're full

  • dragonswords15
    dragonswords15 5 years ago

    do u think there's any hope for Nintendo

  • dragonswords15
    dragonswords15 5 years ago

    just subscribed to do this channel, and hope you'll grow in this channel

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