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311 - What The?!
Views 4762 months ago
311 promoting Soundsystem
Views 6512 months ago
CNN visits 311's Hive studio
Views 3.1K2 months ago
KROQ Weenie Roast 2019: 311
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Vic Firth: Chad Sexton
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311: Creatures (Undercover)
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311 on Trout Tunes
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Taiyed (6.11.94 Sandstock)
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Nix Hex (9.9.95 Edgefest)
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ETSD 3: Movie Premiere
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311: Surf Roots interview
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From Chaos: Band Interviews
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311 Love Song
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311 Day 2010
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Hey You (Kimmel)
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Too Late (NYC, 2017)
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311 - All Things Rock
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311 on CNN (2004)
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P-Nut knows crowd control
Views 2562 years ago
Chad Sexton on the Drums
Views 4652 years ago
P-Nut on tour
Views 1612 years ago


  • Jubach
    Jubach Day ago

    I freaking hate that other singer.

  • #CodyCoCreations
    #CodyCoCreations 4 days ago

    *Zack Hexum* He's comin *full range*

  • #CodyCoCreations
    #CodyCoCreations 4 days ago


  • Lynn K
    Lynn K 4 days ago

    Yes please

  • ParadiXe311
    ParadiXe311 4 days ago

    Here's to another 30 years! Tim Mahoney comes on stage with a walker, P-Nut comes out with a cane, Chad gets wheeled to his drum kit in a wheelchair, SA Martinez is on a gurney, Nick Hexum is already physically dead at that point, so he teleports on stage via astral projection. 311 never dies!

  • Daniel Borrie
    Daniel Borrie 9 days ago

    We need Lemming!!

  • Joshua Schmitz
    Joshua Schmitz 10 days ago

    How in the hell did Pittsburgh get the live stream?!?! Crowd was pathetic. Also, glad my city got a decent rendition of Stainless... they butchered it here. Lastly, Nick, stop intentionally mispronouncing or cutting off or dragging on syllables, vowels and whatnot. It makes me cringe. Just perform the lyrics like ya did when you guys wrote the songs. Still love you guys. Always will.

  • Joseph Watts
    Joseph Watts 12 days ago

    This band is the model for positivity, just like they sing about. Nick could’ve been just another rich asshole as they had made millions off the blue album, but instead is cordial and polite with a very ADHD Kennedy. I’ve been listening for over 25 years and continually find new things to love about this band. I hope they continue to be successful, and I will be right there, one of the greatest bands ever.

  • Joseph Watts
    Joseph Watts 12 days ago

    This is probably my favorite live video of 311, the audio and video is super clear! I’d give just about anything to have seen this live, as Transistor holds a special place in my heart and is my favorite album. Thanks for bringing this!

  • Rob Cary
    Rob Cary 17 days ago

    They themselves cant even say anything grand when asked about this album lol. Then moved onto worse with uplifter. But every band has their rough spots! Voyager is awesome!

  • Dusty Bauer
    Dusty Bauer 19 days ago

    Great great band!!

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas 21 day ago

    That’s me at 1:58. Wow. So much time has passed, but I’m still getting drunk, embarrassing myself and listening to 311

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone 14 days ago

      If it's not broke, don't fix it.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 22 days ago

    I didn't know they still made Low Defintion cameras here in 2019

  • Rob Cary
    Rob Cary 22 days ago

    I dont think theres ever been more pre-hate for a 311 album before its release than this one. Too bad it ended up being their best work since Soundsystem lol. F the haters.

  • Rob Cary
    Rob Cary 22 days ago

    The best part of this video is when pnut is gaming and the dog jumps over him and hes like STOP!

  • jayofdajungle
    jayofdajungle 24 days ago

    This was 311's greatest artistic achievement ever. Fucking flawless. So many fucking styles, not a bad track.

  • quag311
    quag311 25 days ago

    “We were way better than Fuel.” Aaron Wills. 2019

  • BlackPanther 8801
    BlackPanther 8801 26 days ago

    This concert was so fun I went to it

  • Vinny M
    Vinny M 28 days ago

    Would give anything to go back and see these boys in their prime. This song is their best song. Change my mind.

  • beastice311
    beastice311 28 days ago

    Track Listing: 0:00 Intro 1:59 Homebrew 5:10 All ReMixed Up 9:30 Beautiful Disaster 13:50 What The 17:34 Come Original 21:29 Stainless 25:30 Do You Right 30:02 Good Feeling 33:42 Beyond the Gray Sky 38:45 Applied Science + Percussion Special 49:02 Don't You Worry 52:45 You Wouldn't Believe 56:48 Too Late 1:01:56 Amber 1:05:50 Creatures For a While 1:10:49 Down

  • Bookem Danno
    Bookem Danno Month ago

    I would say 35 people are deaf but even deaf people can see and feel the funk. 35 people have no excuse, period.

  • Craig Stack
    Craig Stack Month ago

    Can anyone else just put on a random 311 concert video and play it thru without even thinking about it

  • Chicho Estradap
    Chicho Estradap Month ago

    Los 90's 😢 Muy buena música!!! 👍

  • Job Vilchez
    Job Vilchez Month ago

    Deyer biurifull!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    CNN is garbage, unlike this band. It makes me sad that they would interview with these dirtbags.

  • dg8500
    dg8500 Month ago

    This is 2005 not '07

  • ArcSensor
    ArcSensor Month ago

    29 years and strong all along!

  • Jp Prater
    Jp Prater Month ago

    I miss this snare oh so much

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore Month ago

    Every one of these fools in a bottom-up shirt! Times have changed lol

  • Sophia Garza
    Sophia Garza Month ago

    This crowd sucks!

    • Craig Stack
      Craig Stack Month ago

      Truth! I've been in the some of the best and weakest crowds at 311 shows. How you gonna get mad in a happy slam dance?

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler Month ago

    the alternate lyrics for Grassroots songs are interesting to hear!

  • Buck Futtler
    Buck Futtler Month ago

    26 years later.....STRONG ALL ALONG!

  • Kelson Silva
    Kelson Silva Month ago


  • Kelson Silva
    Kelson Silva Month ago


  • prism_ sight
    prism_ sight Month ago

    That is Ad Rasp interviewing them right?🤔

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone Month ago

      Yes. Fans submitted questions and they spent the day at the Hive recording

  • rypb16
    rypb16 Month ago

    Uplifter was generally crap.

  • Axl Rose
    Axl Rose Month ago

    Stand up Kennedy. Let's see you.

  • ParadiXe311
    ParadiXe311 Month ago

    I'm surprised CNN treated 311 fairly, and made them look so good.

  • TechTalkHD
    TechTalkHD Month ago

    *investigate 311*

  • Endorphin Factory

    holy fire

  • Jeremy Nichols
    Jeremy Nichols Month ago

    1:49 steve buschemi?

  • Drumkit Mazta G
    Drumkit Mazta G Month ago

    Jones beach friggin rocked...yo!🤟🏼🤟🏼🔥🔥

  • Odins Spear
    Odins Spear Month ago

    Thanks for having white babies Nick

  • A.C. Slater
    A.C. Slater Month ago

    This was the best thing ever. Period.

  • Otha Bojangles
    Otha Bojangles Month ago

    Come on TVclip commenters track listings????

    • Otha Bojangles
      Otha Bojangles Month ago

      Jared McCammon you rock !!

    • Jared McCammon
      Jared McCammon Month ago

      Copied from the other copy on youtube: Homebrew 20:07 All Mixed Up 24:28 Beautiful Disaster 28:47 What The?! 32:29 Come Original 36:26 Stainless 40:27 Do You Right 44:59 Good Feeling 48:38 Beyond the Gray Sky 53:43 Applied Science 1:03:59 Don't You Worry 1:07:42 You Wouldn't Believe 1:11:46 Too Late 1:16:52 Amber 1:20:46 Creatures (For a While) 1:25:46 Down

    • Jared McCammon
      Jared McCammon Month ago

      The set list was too single heavy, it was fine but not my favorite selection. Understood I suppose since this was the one show they were streaming live.

  • JJ O'Connell
    JJ O'Connell Month ago

    Do 311 go after Dirty Heads every show?

    • BlackPanther 8801
      BlackPanther 8801 26 days ago

      They go with dif people

    • JJ O'Connell
      JJ O'Connell Month ago

      J2Tone Where can you find that info?

    • Jwise1234
      Jwise1234 Month ago

      @quickstep00 I was there Sunday!! Great show!!!!

    • quickstep00
      quickstep00 Month ago

      @J2Tone Thanks for the info.. Seeing them in Jacksonville tonight 8/4/19!

    • Melba Toast
      Melba Toast Month ago

      @JJ O'Connell 311 is opening in Sacramento

  • That Dude
    That Dude Month ago

    RESPECT !!!

  • #CodyCoCreations
    #CodyCoCreations Month ago

    Thanks for the upload! *07/14/2019 was Hartford, CT

    • #CodyCoCreations
      #CodyCoCreations Month ago


    • J2Tone
      J2Tone Month ago

      nice catch. it was the 13th.

  • justin huse
    justin huse Month ago

    Let me grab a wheel chair

  • Christopher Keville

    This band...this band is my entire life.

  • Bugzzie75
    Bugzzie75 Month ago

    Here I was happy!

  • IM A FAT MAN Productions

    I went to that it was awesome

  • blakely311
    blakely311 Month ago

    Still no crowd energy.....good vid but had to stop after homebrew as the crowd disappoints show after show anymore.

    • Lori
      Lori Month ago

      I agree! The crowd should be dancing, singing and rockin out, at least that's what I do when I see 311 live! 🤘

    • Melba Toast
      Melba Toast Month ago

      Look up Masonic SF I think 2015

  • HIVE777
    HIVE777 Month ago

    Best band ever.... every album is them evolving

  • AT
    AT Month ago

    A couple takeaways.. First, that crowd did not deserve an encore, don't blame the band for calling it after Down. Second, the new songs sound like covers, doesn't sound like their songwriting. Lastly Chad seems to be rounding off a lot of his fills. He used to be hands down the most technical, "wow" musician of the band, Tim and Pnut have caught up if not surpassed him at this stage.

    • Jared McCammon
      Jared McCammon Month ago

      Pretty sure the crowd was filtered to give closer to a "studio" live recording, at most times there is no crowd noise. Even the cheers after songs are muted.

  • Dave Kopp
    Dave Kopp Month ago

    St Louis show was Unreal! You guys blew me awayl!

  • Константин П.

    yeah guys i dream to be on your show. hope it happens next year. snowy russia july 2019

  • Jeff Robison
    Jeff Robison Month ago

    Thanks for uploading Sir!

  • TURBOCAST Channel
    TURBOCAST Channel 2 months ago


  • Jp Prater
    Jp Prater 2 months ago

    SA looks like he would rather be anywhere else hahahaha

  • Hec Oxy
    Hec Oxy 2 months ago

    Voyager album and its art is great, thanks once more....see you Oct 13 in HB, OC.

  • Bernardus Romero G
    Bernardus Romero G 2 months ago

    This sound was so innovative and unique 20 years ago that it still is. What a fusion.

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 months ago

    Just got out of the hospital with an abscess in my ballsack and this was the perfect 311 show to watch on TVclip. Transistor is possibly their best album and that’s saying a lot.

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone 2 months ago

      Ouch! Jeez.. Glad this show was able to take your mind off it.

  • Hec Oxy
    Hec Oxy 2 months ago

    Fellow LA Kings fan. Hope you still follow them since the Stanley Cup years Nick. Thank you 311 for your music!!! From blasting the blue album with 'Down' 'All Mixed Up' 'Don't stay Home' while delivering pizza as a young adult to your just released Voyager, your music is a positive vibe when life is good and bad. Wish you guys success always.

  • Shannon Sannuti
    Shannon Sannuti 2 months ago

    "Slightly Stoopid coming full range and..."

  • Aaron Frazier
    Aaron Frazier 2 months ago

    So cool! Love the live footage!

  • Reza Rahman Mohammad
    Reza Rahman Mohammad 2 months ago

    Beautiful blast from the past. Watching this in 2019. Suddenly remembering my high school years.

  • p4easy7
    p4easy7 2 months ago

    This is fucking awesome

  • springer 90
    springer 90 2 months ago

    CNN What The!?

  • Lori
    Lori 2 months ago

    Thank you J2Tone for reminding us of how Sweet 311 is, especially when they were young tots. "Stoney, sorta trippy dub kinda experience" well said!

  • Jahsin The Excitable
    Jahsin The Excitable 2 months ago

    AWESOME!!! Love this song!!! These people need to learn how to dance!!! LOL!

  • Wiseguyz 421
    Wiseguyz 421 2 months ago

    This has become one of my favorite 311 songs. Can’t wait for the rest of this album to drop. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  • Ground Realities
    Ground Realities 2 months ago

    Great show had a awesome time

  • TURBOCAST Channel
    TURBOCAST Channel 2 months ago


  • teenylittlesupergirl
    teenylittlesupergirl 2 months ago

    Hi J2Tone, this isn’t relevant to this video but I’m wondering about something u posted a while back that got blocked. 311 promoting soundsystem on TRL? I was the teenage girl from the clip who met them on MTV that day and I don’t have a copy of that anywhere and wondering if you have it archived digitally and could send it to me somehow and/or know how I could find it? Thanks uuuuu!!!!

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone Month ago

      @teenylittlesupergirl My pleasure.

    • teenylittlesupergirl
      teenylittlesupergirl Month ago

      Amazing thank you Soooo much!! My husband is very grateful to get to see it!! 🙏🏼💕

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone 2 months ago

      tvclip.biz/video/0WzazqQ90I8/video.html We'll see if it gets blocked again.

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone 2 months ago

      I know I uploaded it in the past. I'll see if I still have it. Suffered a computer crash a while back and lost everything that wasn't uploaded.

  • Aaron Frazier
    Aaron Frazier 2 months ago

    Always appreciate your 311 uploads

  • dan3the1man1
    dan3the1man1 2 months ago

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Kenton Smith
    Kenton Smith 2 months ago

    Hey yo! What's that last song they were playing? A new one? 311 is Heaven!

    • Kenton Smith
      Kenton Smith 2 months ago

      @J2Tone So funky fresh! Thx Bro! So diggin Voyager!

    • J2Tone
      J2Tone 2 months ago

      Better Space.

  • tdhorvath
    tdhorvath 2 months ago

    Wait, this is CNN? And it’s not about Trump? Color me shocked.

    • Carlos
      Carlos Month ago

      Ugh! You had to bring that name into this! Ugh!

  • Mayham311
    Mayham311 2 months ago

    Hey that’s my screen background also!

  • Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey 2 months ago


  • Doghouse Superstream
    Doghouse Superstream 2 months ago

    For about 3 years not a day went by when I didn’t listen to at least one full 311 album. It got me hooked to seeking out music and now I’m working hard in supporting our local band scene in Atlanta! Thank you for igniting a passion I never knew I had 311!!!!

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard 2 months ago

    T-minus 11 days. Burgettstown, Pa. I cannot WAIT.

    • Anthony Howard
      Anthony Howard 2 months ago

      @Vinny M Dude it was excellent! Thanks for following up. Glad you got to enjoy the stream. It was honestly one of the best concerts I've been to and I listen to pretty much everything. I've seen Steve Miller...I've seen Mac Miller..I've seen Skynyrd and Seger and 2 Chainz and beyond. It was laid back, there was no fights, everyone had a blast and smoked tree and even though I don't know you, I wish you could have been there

    • Vinny M
      Vinny M 2 months ago

      how was it? couch toured the show and loved it!

  • mlinger18
    mlinger18 2 months ago

    Better space

  • Deep Sky Dude
    Deep Sky Dude 2 months ago

    311 rocks!!!

  • Jahsin The Excitable
    Jahsin The Excitable 2 months ago


  • Endorphin Factory
    Endorphin Factory 2 months ago

    311 for life

  • Jahsin The Excitable
    Jahsin The Excitable 2 months ago

    so awesome!!! Q: "any message you like to tell your fans?" Answer Pnut: "Pick your instrument, quit your job" LMAO!

  • kenny
    kenny 2 months ago

    Best band on planet Earth

  • kenny
    kenny 2 months ago

    God I love 311

  • Ryan Nayr
    Ryan Nayr 2 months ago

    Better Place rehearsal?! niiiice can't wait to hear the new stuff on tour!

  • E11
    E11 2 months ago

    311 best band ever

  • DrewJEvans44
    DrewJEvans44 2 months ago

    Beat band ever.

  • KicksAllDay
    KicksAllDay 2 months ago

    U fast on this one son

  • Tee Will
    Tee Will 2 months ago

    What The?!

  • Donald Love
    Donald Love 2 months ago

    311....the sound that never gets old

  • jayofdajungle
    jayofdajungle 2 months ago

    I could be in the blackest, darkest mood and this music will snap me out of it.

  • lalalalauren
    lalalalauren 2 months ago

    Love ya Nick!

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett 2 months ago

    He mentions P=Nut seeing them, but I wonder if he knows how much Tim loves him and draws from the exact same influences. That said, I'd love to know how much Tim knows about Phish.

    • Andrew Barrett
      Andrew Barrett 2 months ago

      would love to see them sit down and interview each other or something like that.. but now i'm just fanboyin'

  • Brian Scowcroft
    Brian Scowcroft 3 months ago

    if 311 sees this...I love you all...if they don't...I love you all