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Kylie Minogue
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Kylie Minogue - New York City
Views 1.1M4 months ago
Dancing With Kylie
Views 88KYear ago
Kylie - Kylie Christmas
Views 104K4 years ago
Kylie Minogue - Cosmic - X
Views 38K4 years ago
Kylie Minogue - Nudity - X
Views 56K4 years ago
Kylie Minogue - Stars - X
Views 81K4 years ago


  • bolo ́bolo esp
    bolo ́bolo esp Hour ago

    she is so 2030s

  • Ronnie and Freddie Stott

    its so hi she will get killed

  • moraine labandero
    moraine labandero 2 hours ago

    Kylie galore <3

  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali 4 hours ago

    Lovely song

  • iFort
    iFort 7 hours ago

    I like the way she dances with her shoulders.

  • Petit Bun
    Petit Bun 8 hours ago

    I was 3 months away from being 3 years old when this was released. Been in my head since I was a toddler.

  • frank castellanos
    frank castellanos 8 hours ago

    so sexy

  • palad
    palad 9 hours ago

    Музыка моей души.

  • palad
    palad 9 hours ago

    К своей ехал,за 200 км делать предложение,ночь.Ночь.Дорога.Ты один.Где нет не чего.Кто понимает тот поймет.

  • Chris Lee Carey
    Chris Lee Carey 10 hours ago

    Why is the worst quality hidden and this one is the one promoted ugh

  • Chris Lee Carey
    Chris Lee Carey 11 hours ago


  • h k
    h k 11 hours ago

    salute to the director of this video Michel Gondry fantastic 👍

  • DeeTV !
    DeeTV ! 17 hours ago

    That light orb she’s in the center off always reminds me of mitosis ; the process of a cell dividing

  • Squishy Ric
    Squishy Ric 19 hours ago

    Came here because of Roger and Klaus 😂

  • Simbarashe Mashave
    Simbarashe Mashave 19 hours ago

    This song was in my head and it reminds my childhood days 😢 I feel old lool

  • Manuel Molina
    Manuel Molina 20 hours ago

    She's a Goddess, this is how you do sexy without being vulgar!

  • Алексей Колтунов

    глаза прячут уголовка они преступники

  • mitch lewis
    mitch lewis 21 hour ago

    Who else is here after watchin klaus and roger fuckn?

  • m
    m 21 hour ago

    Just iconic

  • Álvaro Ângelo
    Álvaro Ângelo 22 hours ago

    The bad thing in the song and video: is too short!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 22 hours ago

    This looks like it was released yesterday when it was released 9 years ago. Wow.

  • German Arango
    German Arango 23 hours ago

    Hermosa, reina, eres como los mejores vinos mi muñeca

  • Bryce Clapton
    Bryce Clapton 23 hours ago

    maybe the US Army should do some more targeted advertising than to target a dude googling Kylie Minogue music videos. Was the "Vogue" by Madonna advertising space all taken?

  • Tim Ci
    Tim Ci 23 hours ago

    Детство... Кассеты - сборники с заруб. хитами.. Ах...

  • Mario Abate
    Mario Abate Day ago

    You're The One in my deepest desires, Beauty Kylie!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Diane Huckaby-Ryan

    My favourite Kylie tune, it's a banga

  • Jaclyn Sara
    Jaclyn Sara Day ago

    bitch tried!!!! i repeat....TRIED!!! to steal the shine!!

  • holly pietrzak

    phil collins got me here?

  • bar 1995
    bar 1995 Day ago

    Kim from Kath & Kim's version is better

  • τσιτας αχα

    i miss that..womens to wear pants like thats!!,and i am only at 30...i was young,but miss thats!!,in the ends of 90/2000..

  • ron donnis
    ron donnis Day ago

    seems a bit thrown together musically and what is with the dress

  • dieselgav
    dieselgav Day ago

    I fucking LOVE this.

  • 余建輝
    余建輝 Day ago

    I Believe in you I don't believe you know me, Although you know my name, I don't believe the thoughts I have Are only mine to blame I don't believe the magic, Is only in the mind, I don't believe I'd love somebody just to pass the time But I, I, I believe in you, I, I, I believe in you I don't believe that beauty, Will ever be replaced, I don't believe a masterpiece could ever match a face The joker's always smiling, In every hand that's dealt, And don't believe that when you die Your presence isn't found But I, I, I believe in you I, I, I believe in you But I, I, I believe in you I, I, I believe in you And if you ever had to go away Nothing in my world could ever be the same, Nothing lasts forever but together till then I'll give you everything I ever get and again 'Cause I believe in you, I believe in I believe in you, I believe in 'Cause I believe in you, I believe in I believe in you, I believe in But I, I, I believe in you I, I, I believe in you But I, I, I believe in you I, I, I believe in you I believe in you, I believe in I believe in you, I believe in I believe in you, I believe in I believe in you, I believe in I believe, I believe, I believe, in, you

  • Marcos Maciel
    Marcos Maciel Day ago

    Love, love, Cause baby... <3

  • Sabrina Motta
    Sabrina Motta Day ago

    Io ti amo

  • Geovan Báez
    Geovan Báez Day ago

    The BEST SINGLE ever!

  • The Gorgeous Beast

    2019 y'all?

  • Thương Ma
    Thương Ma Day ago

    2019 VN dau nhi

  • Maciej Gatkowski

    Music played from the back :)

  • Norwalk Avenger

    Kylie Minogue started a temporal anomaly.

  • Maciej Gatkowski

    Fantastic song and videoclip!!!!

  • Maciej Gatkowski


  • noayRL436
    noayRL436 Day ago

    I dream of being massaging her feet to help her to relax from walking all clip long! 4 Kylies = 8 feet to massage ;)

  • Maciej Gatkowski

    She is the most beautiful Woman in all the World.......

  • Maciej Gatkowski

    I love Kylie forever and ever.........aaaaaaaaaaa :)

  • Penelope Martinez

    Kylie invent the neon colors

  • Nafeesa Khan
    Nafeesa Khan Day ago

    I want that BAG

  • Kuilaa Toka
    Kuilaa Toka Day ago

    20th September 2019 ❤✨

  • rapdog loco por naturaleza

    Gracias a MI VENTANA SE DIERON CUENTA ,COMO SE DEVE ACTUAR EN LA CALLE.y ya te dije cabron con poquito que te muebas cerca de mi reacciono igual

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa Day ago

    Instant crush for her eye contact Kylie: Look me in the eyes People: How to resist


    Wonderful record. Kylie released her best body of work from 1994-2004. I loved Light Years and Body Language. Fever had some great tracks but 50% of the album was filler, namely More More More, Give It To Me, Fragile, Dancefloor, and Burning Up. Her musical output since 2004 has become weaker and weaker.

  • leslie espinoza

    allready feel sexy

  • 1blindmarc
    1blindmarc Day ago

    Everything went from wrong to right.......

  • Jacob w
    Jacob w Day ago

    Sounds like a Katy Perry's song that I can not put my finger on right now...

  • Gonzalo Arvietti

    compare this ART , this amazing and beautiful artist, the concept , the song.... With the sh^tty arists nowadays

  • Gonzalo Arvietti

    2019 is a shame the music era is over this was the most

  • TmDuX
    TmDuX Day ago

    I listened to Metallica & Nine Inch Nails today but this is nice haha

  • thomas
    thomas Day ago

    september 2019???

  • Wan 86 2016
    Wan 86 2016 Day ago

    I love this studio live version and also acoustic version which she performed on “an audience with kylie”

  • Jose Gregorio
    Jose Gregorio Day ago


  • Marcos Roberto da cunha

    Ótima música!!!

  • TorresV019
    TorresV019 Day ago

    After her song with Tove Lo I just noticed they sound kind of similar lol

  • brainiac marco

    Goddess <3

  • Tiago Garcia
    Tiago Garcia Day ago


  • Saida Moreno
    Saida Moreno 2 days ago

    ♥ Kylie Minogue ♥ Are the best 💓💟💕💞

  • André Dudatt
    André Dudatt 2 days ago

    Glamorous and sexy without being cheap or trashy. That´s why she´s my forever fave <3

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 2 days ago

    I forgot all about this song until they used it in an episode of Black Mirror.

  • Julia-Marie Barrieau

    , from ages back ...

  • Julia-Marie Barrieau

    My Heart. Thank You.

  • Catarina durâo
    Catarina durâo 2 days ago

    This looks like Madonna's "give it to me"

  • pumpkintubs
    pumpkintubs 2 days ago

    good on you kylie for still spleeping around nice one girl xxx

  • stridgicals
    stridgicals 2 days ago

    I love this song! It’s always reminded me of theme song from the original 80s Jem and the Holograms series😍😃👍🏻Wow!!!

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa 2 days ago

    Mother Nature must have taken her sweet time when she made Kylie... Kylie is perfect in everything...

  • Stephen Ellis Mitch

    Reposted from @kylieminogue - And you’ll be able to relive the entire #GoldenTour soon... 👀💿

  • Guppy Male
    Guppy Male 2 days ago

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  • mat41174
    mat41174 2 days ago

    Wow. Fwoar!

  • mat41174
    mat41174 2 days ago

    Wow just wow!

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 2 days ago

    2020 Trump I believe

  • CharlieCab
    CharlieCab 2 days ago

    I’d die to be one of her back up dancers omg

  • 7656869940 Jessebaldwin

    we need more sun anyways

  • 7656869940 Jessebaldwin

    I gotta find the cutouts on the Southside of town

  • Karld Inn
    Karld Inn 2 days ago

    El primer beso que me robó mi ahora esposó, fue con esa canción!

  • Алексей Колтунов

    во всех моих клипах снимаються только убицы я режисер этот клип в розыске убили миног как и путина

  • Алексей Колтунов

    настоящая кали миног настоящия убита ей

  • Алексей Колтунов

    это уголовный розыск она убила кали миног

  • jdzakariaVEVO
    jdzakariaVEVO 2 days ago

    This reminds me of Girls Like You By Maroon 5 kinda editing where they go full circle and change the celebrities...but this only kylie in the loop which is more unique and ahead of its time...

  • Sufi Suzy
    Sufi Suzy 2 days ago

    That white outfit is HOT!

  • brooke Dora
    brooke Dora 2 days ago


  • Eddie Garzón
    Eddie Garzón 2 days ago

    I’m in love with her dress

  • abdel AGN
    abdel AGN 2 days ago

    2019 ??

  • Jack jim
    Jack jim 2 days ago


  • David Merlino
    David Merlino 2 days ago

    What if the polkaroo did the song

  • colormeeilish
    colormeeilish 2 days ago

    I hadn't heard this song in so many years and then it came on the radio and I was like "OMG I REMEMBER THIS" and here I am

  • Franklin Albert
    Franklin Albert 3 days ago

    Love me!!!

  • Teddles Peddles
    Teddles Peddles 3 days ago

    What a gorgeous lady she is👍👍

  • Da Shaman
    Da Shaman 3 days ago

    I guess I consider it a service but I thought I could cut communication with her from bluetooth

  • ddrlear
    ddrlear 3 days ago

    1:34 the guy on the far right fucked up

  • kruno vukovic
    kruno vukovic 3 days ago

    1:37-1:51 sooooo cool!

  • Mother F**keress
    Mother F**keress 3 days ago

    This is Kylie's best song