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I Put a GoPro On a Alligator
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Tfue Got Me BANNED On Twitch
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  • Rogan the potato
    Rogan the potato Minute ago

    Your a stunt man

  • Notsoslimshady Shady
    Notsoslimshady Shady 7 minutes ago

    40 minutes of my life I will never get back,,, and it’s worth every second

  • jett baldwin
    jett baldwin 8 minutes ago

    you are prime Florida man

  • Mason cruz
    Mason cruz 12 minutes ago

    Kiss a police officer

  • Send It Squad
    Send It Squad 14 minutes ago

    Trampoline next to brige

  • Henry Gemmell
    Henry Gemmell 15 minutes ago

    Dude nice intro

  • Davy Gamer
    Davy Gamer 16 minutes ago

    Some kinda james bond action style movie

  • Brady Beatz
    Brady Beatz 17 minutes ago

    I have a challenge / Swim in a shark tank for 24 Hours

  • 1000 subs without vids
    1000 subs without vids 26 minutes ago


  • 1tzzzkxbi Dzns
    1tzzzkxbi Dzns 37 minutes ago

    What movie

  • David Robertson
    David Robertson 39 minutes ago

    Make more air horn and ding dong ditch please

  • Adam Russell
    Adam Russell 41 minute ago

    Jumping off a bridge in a ghillie suit with an airhorn

  • NO TOP
    NO TOP 48 minutes ago

    play baby shark dressed up as a shark and run around the white house

  • NO TOP
    NO TOP 48 minutes ago

    leave a backpack in a movie theater

  • Bradley Belcher
    Bradley Belcher 48 minutes ago

    Dude the air horns on the golf course are absolutely hilarious! Love it when you blow it at just that rite moment and totally screws up there swing! They look so bewildered!

  • Bradley Belcher
    Bradley Belcher 52 minutes ago

    Man fuck that pig for dropping your skateboard! That would have pissed me off!

  • GoldmineGaming
    GoldmineGaming 55 minutes ago

    So many asshole cops over there in the 'Land of the Free'.

  • S Tog
    S Tog Hour ago

    do ding dong diiiiiiitch

  • Dirk Sesink
    Dirk Sesink Hour ago

    Best pranks ever golf course airhorn

  • Samer Abdallah
    Samer Abdallah Hour ago

    well in the last video the guy told you to stop and you kept going, he had to call the cops to make you stop

  • Eoghan Moran
    Eoghan Moran Hour ago

    Air horn golf

  • mad houses
    mad houses Hour ago

    Golf course air horn BUT wear full high visibility clothes, sit where the golfer can see you but with your back to them, and use an earpiece to tell you when to press the horn.

  • Big Brawler
    Big Brawler Hour ago

    24 hours eating challenge

  • Gamer Kid 101
    Gamer Kid 101 Hour ago

    Ding dong dich

  • XxSniperSquidxX 1

    What a fukin c*nt of a cop why would he throw it and take it what a asshole

  • Louann Rowlette
    Louann Rowlette Hour ago

    SQUAD!! Joogin 4 life

  • The squad gaming

    Ur a Stunt double thats my guess

  • GodSake Blake
    GodSake Blake Hour ago

    By the way your own government burnt down Cali woodland so china and USA can think about building a underground tunnel for trains. YOU WILL SEE if you want any more secrete infomation hit me Up I’ll ghost email you stuff

  • Samuel Knoblauch

    Airhorn prank

  • GodSake Blake
    GodSake Blake Hour ago

    I watched a documentary last night about USA police and honestly there dirty disgusting none trusting people abusing the system taking advantage of there girly powers from Out of jail police officer to in jail police Officers. 75% of police are stealing Or dodgy or lie or cheat. And most of police officers are. Honestly I would just stack my cash and move I never want to live there and have them being like that I just rather not be apart of a new Muslim state because it’s going to happen

  • Nighf
    Nighf Hour ago

    Gosh I live in Sweden so I didn’t know it was this bad! #savetheworld

  • Karlo Rožić
    Karlo Rožić Hour ago

    Jump of the bridges

  • mynameisNOTdrizz


  • Christian Polina
    Christian Polina 2 hours ago

    That cops an ass for dropping the board like that

  • Shrek
    Shrek 2 hours ago

    DING DONG DITCH!!!!!!!!

  • ValorVortex Tv
    ValorVortex Tv 2 hours ago

    More bridges

  • ExpertoftheBlade
    ExpertoftheBlade 2 hours ago

    Hey Jack, if a cops being an asshole, ask for name and badge number, and do not let them touch your camera's. You're allowed to have the interaction on camera in case things escalate and it's always good to get identification on video. It's just a measure to ensure you're safety because there are bad cops out there, you need to take steps to stop them from abusing their authority. And those cops who acted unprofessionally by bringing up your personal life and issues should have been reported, get them on record for acting like assholes, because what happens if they get a call and someone needs support, someone to talk to? I for one wouldn't want the guy who makes jokes about my personal issues showing up.

  • Leon Finnegan
    Leon Finnegan 2 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    Yeah becasue it's your fault if that cop gets in a wreck when he responds to a call....?

  • graziella ellul
    graziella ellul 2 hours ago

    Jump of a bridge

  • Simon Annaert
    Simon Annaert 2 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch please

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 2 hours ago

    jump off more bridges

  • Daniel Peacock
    Daniel Peacock 2 hours ago

    Subscribe to everyone who drops a comment

  • X Chrome
    X Chrome 2 hours ago

    ding dong ditch

  • Daniel Peacock
    Daniel Peacock 2 hours ago

    Smoke bomb in library

  • Jarvis Green
    Jarvis Green 2 hours ago

    Ghillie suit ding dong ditch is so funny 😂

  • Tender Blender
    Tender Blender 2 hours ago

    Do a ding dong ditch then run into there back yard

  • Mutant _mole
    Mutant _mole 2 hours ago

    Air horn golf

  • KaZa
    KaZa 2 hours ago

    I'm guessing your role is like the son that is the life of the party hahaha

  • Frestaflips
    Frestaflips 2 hours ago

    More ding dong. Ditch

  • Calum Chessor
    Calum Chessor 2 hours ago

    Air horn

  • Michael Clair
    Michael Clair 2 hours ago

    24hr in area51 desert

  • Padraig
    Padraig 2 hours ago


  • Slime BFF
    Slime BFF 2 hours ago

    Can u do the air horn prank on the golf course

  • Omar
    Omar 2 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch area 51

  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith 2 hours ago

    Ben outnumbered

  • Florian Lüftner
    Florian Lüftner 3 hours ago

    more bridge jumps!

  • Itachi
    Itachi 3 hours ago

    33:57 i’m just a bush lol

  • Antony Colless
    Antony Colless 3 hours ago

    Dog mother's, let a lad have some fun in this anal world of retarded bitches, what part of that is confusing? Live a little bitches, pussy puppet drones go fucking nuts u fucktards , wipe the globe with your stupidity why don't u bitch!!!!!!!! Winner, Darwin award. Fucking loser americican in bred shit sock! Stony, AU' shitbag

  • Itzjosh 1
    Itzjosh 1 3 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch

  • Eskild kloppenborg
    Eskild kloppenborg 3 hours ago

    Joog: "get arrested" cop: so you do understand 2+2=5 right Joog: absolutely right sir

  • Ashton Kidgell
    Ashton Kidgell 3 hours ago


  • Antony Colless
    Antony Colless 3 hours ago

    Fuck the cops dude, they r just jealous ofvyou man, fuck the police! From AU's, rock dude

  • Jeff Nutz
    Jeff Nutz 3 hours ago


  • Lukester Legend14
    Lukester Legend14 3 hours ago

    Why tf is the government not doing anything about it !!!!!

  • DJninja838
    DJninja838 3 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch please

  • Ryan GG
    Ryan GG 3 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch

  • Makoz Productions
    Makoz Productions 3 hours ago

    Do epic s*#t

  • Moore Harvey
    Moore Harvey 3 hours ago

    Going into area 51in camo

  • Turtle Crew
    Turtle Crew 3 hours ago

    We need to pray to god for help just remember that he is always with us just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he will not help🙏🏻

  • Defrap22
    Defrap22 3 hours ago

    Why was i subscribed to this guy? Oh yeah, you were a direct copy of the funny rosscreations. Fuck you max is much better than you yeah yeah oh

  • shahir Ayoub
    shahir Ayoub 3 hours ago

    Gillie suit golf course air horn prank

    OFFLINE 3 hours ago

    you guys should collab with PYOR HUB on youtube

  • Ninja Mrc
    Ninja Mrc 3 hours ago

    Bigfoot wasn’t in here

  • Bling
    Bling 3 hours ago

    You guys make the best content keep up the good work

  • Deking GOB
    Deking GOB 3 hours ago

    I called the cops (iced out💎)

  • Oliver Musk
    Oliver Musk 3 hours ago

    The amount of effort put into these videos really deserves to get more likes

  • Aaron Somerville
    Aaron Somerville 3 hours ago

    Ghilly suit golf course

  • beast amous
    beast amous 3 hours ago

    Y I hate cops 101

  • j_ burnsie
    j_ burnsie 3 hours ago


  • Amandus Jf
    Amandus Jf 3 hours ago

    You guys should try deathdiving!!!

  • Krystle Lopez16
    Krystle Lopez16 3 hours ago

    Ti 71 time

  • Fish Master 2001
    Fish Master 2001 3 hours ago

    21:23 "he drops it he dies "

  • Donna Ahdosy
    Donna Ahdosy 4 hours ago

    Ding ding dich

  • Elisha M
    Elisha M 4 hours ago

    I love that you guys get so excited with every tooth :3 and I adore this series!!! Too bad I'm in the central part of the midwest or I'd come searching with ya'll!!!! You make me want to take a trip down to FL!!! T.T

  • Honey Horsey
    Honey Horsey 4 hours ago

    Golf course

  • yungsmoke313
    yungsmoke313 4 hours ago


    SEAHAWKS4LIFE 4 hours ago


  • Axel Marderyd
    Axel Marderyd 4 hours ago

    Cilli suit

  • Jacob Kubicek
    Jacob Kubicek 4 hours ago

    Ding dong ditch pls

  • Tom Neill
    Tom Neill 4 hours ago

    Gillie suit ding dong ditch

  • ryan chacon
    ryan chacon 4 hours ago

    ding dong ditch

  • R3ALFAK3
    R3ALFAK3 4 hours ago

    I feel that I had that moment going down a hill with a longboard

  • Jbh_Fishing
    Jbh_Fishing 4 hours ago

    Slide into tons of mouse traps for another video!

  • Vetresy
    Vetresy 4 hours ago

    Keep doing these videos !

  • Blinx sky
    Blinx sky 4 hours ago

    Dress up as a Police officer and start discussions w random people....Like so he sees this

  • R3ALFAK3
    R3ALFAK3 4 hours ago


  • B Boss
    B Boss 4 hours ago

    Pee prank... Funny but safe u fkn maniacs

  • Robby White
    Robby White 4 hours ago

    So I'm gonna be a police officer and seeing how the officer was laughing about the Camelflage and how he pranked you with the Warrant, was AMAZING.

  • Talon Canavan
    Talon Canavan 4 hours ago

    Gillysuit ding dong ditching