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  • Thanos Baba
    Thanos Baba 2 hours ago

    *Animals in Whole World: Pretend to be savage Predator to save their kind from humans* *Animals in Russia: Pretend to be friendly to save their kind from humans*

  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 3 hours ago

    Something about Rachel, Roisin, and Katherine's smiles make me just melt whenever I see them.

  • Amanda melo
    Amanda melo 3 hours ago

    I love em

  • Àèšthetič
    Àèšthetič 3 hours ago

    I’m crying I’m only 11 years old and I reallllllllllllllyyyyy want a furrysuit IM so young and even when I’m 16 or 15 and it’s to much MOENY to buy so idk if I will ever get won T.T

  • Lis !
    Lis ! 3 hours ago

    "noice little fishehs"

  • Joe Hesketh
    Joe Hesketh 3 hours ago

    And this is why Britain is fucked

  • Joeni Pou
    Joeni Pou 3 hours ago

    Who else was crying?

  • Kristofer Canoli
    Kristofer Canoli 3 hours ago

    Burglar:hehe im about to make bank- why do i hear boss music Bear: *ты кретьен* !

  • Paprika
    Paprika 3 hours ago

    I like how they’re not using a different page for every single question they answer. That’s just a pet peeve of mime

  • JordanAnimates
    JordanAnimates 3 hours ago

    "iM rEaDy To GeT fUrRiEd Up!" *C C C C C C C C R R R R R R R I I I I I I I N N N N N N N G G G G G G G I I I I I I I N N N N N N N G G G G G G G*

  • Ryan Kirkland
    Ryan Kirkland 3 hours ago

    The legit furry

  • Lia Gunion
    Lia Gunion 4 hours ago

    im saying this right now, im not gonna cry. i shall update u guys soon update: i start crying a minute after

  • Lardicake
    Lardicake 4 hours ago

    Going public and bragging about being in the sbs is just as bad. Book deals? all these TV showboaters need to wind their necks in. The real McCoy have a distain for those that are trying to monetize their service

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina 4 hours ago

    Imagine a fly or a cockroach getting in his mouth hole while he’s sleeping because he can’t close it

  • tom cleland
    tom cleland 4 hours ago

    Clearly tories arehitting the middle ground. They are upholding the referendum result. They are cleaning out the candidates that are not representing their electorates and also it will totally reject Jeremy Corbyn and his woeful economic , Marxist agenda and the clearly antisemitic stance they have projected. There is only one choice.

  • Alice Mc
    Alice Mc 4 hours ago

    Okay so this did make me shed a tea however I don't agree with people calling this tribe "pure" like they don't have beauty ideals just like us if anything it shows that this tribe are not all that different from us in the West. They view being fatter as more desirable which is usually the case in places where food is scarce because it's a sign of health/wealth equally people in the West view being skinny as more desirable because it's more difficult to be skinny in a society where we are surrounded by sugar and fast food. Granted they don't have the same pressure on them as we do to look a certain way.

  • budsmoke bunny
    budsmoke bunny 4 hours ago

    Can't believe she actually passed away r.i.p

  • Jennifer M
    Jennifer M 4 hours ago

    I remember when I went in for brain surgery (for a ruptured aneurysm). The doctors told me there was a risk for stroke, hemorrhage, or death. Wasn't expecting to wake up. Can't believe I survived and recovered

  • Ajong Lomou
    Ajong Lomou 4 hours ago

    Very brave God bless

  • Ethan Kunz
    Ethan Kunz 4 hours ago

    So sick of this crap. Studies are clear that attraction is based primarily in symmetry and comfort. People who grow up around black people will see black people as a beauty standard. People also tend to go with groups similar to their own. Settled science

  • Jason G
    Jason G 5 hours ago

    Lol fuckin’ black people sometimes

  • FS AI
    FS AI 5 hours ago

    would love to see a follow up!!!!!

  • AV
    AV 5 hours ago

    He is only angry because he cares about their safety. God Bless Ant, his books are great too. I am half way threw the one about Everest.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 5 hours ago

    Pretty cute Alex is made of cotton candy and syrup

  • Appal Leak
    Appal Leak 5 hours ago

    Is it bad that I laughed? The whole time.

  • Maru Govinda
    Maru Govinda 5 hours ago

    Freaks who want attention.

  • Sumahan0va
    Sumahan0va 5 hours ago

    That is one strong ass family! Xxx

  • Tommy DeSarno
    Tommy DeSarno 5 hours ago

    this is THE saddest video ever

  • gα¢нα_єяяσя

    *me as a woman pupper*

  • Yeehaw Pawpaw7475
    Yeehaw Pawpaw7475 5 hours ago

    Nobody: James: *okay*

  • Lauren Kay Wiseman
    Lauren Kay Wiseman 5 hours ago

    I would love to see this again. I know they made at least two seasons of the autistic gardener. I also am autistic. I have the rarest form of autism which is called Asperger's Syndrome.

  • NightFlower
    NightFlower 5 hours ago

    This was the most intense and sexual NON-sexual interaction I've ever seen, goooooddaaaaaaaamn. YES BABEEEY.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger 5 hours ago

    As soon as they said do you agree to proceed and the boy with so much fear and worry says yes, that was it for me, tears flowing

  • Biyi Ogundele
    Biyi Ogundele 5 hours ago

    woo blood clot on the brain and u di not check out someones looking out 4 u dude

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger 5 hours ago

    God bless this young man, god bless everyone. Spread love. Life is all about love.

  • jeremyramone
    jeremyramone 5 hours ago

    Stand on one leg now!

  • Catie Beck
    Catie Beck 5 hours ago

    Man, someone was seriously looking out for him!! The tears tripled after they showed him doing so well.

    NIKAYLA 5 hours ago

    “I love you mom” me: *immediately starts bawling*

  • Public Relations
    Public Relations 5 hours ago

    What does she say in 7:20?

  • Unk Own
    Unk Own 5 hours ago


  • David Merrick
    David Merrick 6 hours ago

    You know you're funny when Sean Locke has to say "please stop" due to side splitting laughter 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  • WorldClassTea
    WorldClassTea 6 hours ago

    Saying "fuck you" To chef Ramsay isn't Ballsy. It's fucking retarded

  • Meg Kellahr
    Meg Kellahr 6 hours ago

    this is the cutest thing i have ever watched in my whole lifeeeeeeeee ugakdjfhskdhf

  • AbandonxdPlaces
    AbandonxdPlaces 6 hours ago

    i am soft

  • Beckett Fox
    Beckett Fox 6 hours ago

    Oh yeah go get Marvin! Bye Marvin!

  • Beckett Fox
    Beckett Fox 6 hours ago

    This is one of the best shows in existence like if u agree

  • budsmoke bunny
    budsmoke bunny 6 hours ago

    And now hes embarrassed sitting alone at a table with food and drinks he didnt want and he has to pay the full bill Its cool tho, she feels bad😒

  • LP SP
    LP SP 6 hours ago

    Katherine Ryan's later win at the Downgrade conundrum was still not enough to cover up that massive, fuckoff *L*

  • budsmoke bunny
    budsmoke bunny 6 hours ago

    If your vegan just keep tht to yourself nobody cares what you do in your free time. Imma eat this bag of beef jerky an you better not say shit

  • Michael Aitken
    Michael Aitken 6 hours ago


  • Teodora Cvetković
    Teodora Cvetković 6 hours ago


  • Rob Morgan
    Rob Morgan 6 hours ago

    Why would you not try and get out of a fire if there was one? Theres nothing wrong with what Jacob said to be perfectly honest. Storm in a teacup if you ask me.

  • Scott Munix
    Scott Munix 6 hours ago

    I’m gonna be honest, I cried like a little bitch

  • Greg Keenan
    Greg Keenan 6 hours ago

    Courageous kid right there!

  • Flo_ 11280
    Flo_ 11280 6 hours ago

    what an absolute bitch

  • Timothee Timothee
    Timothee Timothee 6 hours ago

    Who 's The best , PS I am French !??.

  • Jimmy FTW
    Jimmy FTW 6 hours ago

    Every ending is the beginning of new possibilities. With his talents and experiences, I have no doubt that he will rise again.

  • Rashawn Fuller
    Rashawn Fuller 6 hours ago

    Fuck Ramsay

  • Xx_Kaylah_xX
    Xx_Kaylah_xX 7 hours ago

    I'm not crying you are 😭

  • GazubaGames
    GazubaGames 7 hours ago

    He's like a younger, more psychotic Sean Locke.

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez 7 hours ago

    so glad he is okay! What a strong boy!

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 7 hours ago

    That was heartbreaking

  • Youtube is You
    Youtube is You 7 hours ago

    He didn’t even die, why the warning,

  • Bailey Porter
    Bailey Porter 7 hours ago

    MEN: hits the rocks whilst falling down from a huge height knocking himself unconscious WOMEN: i cant go out without a bra on

  • llsod100
    llsod100 7 hours ago

    I’d love to see him drink some stoly. See the onset real quick !

  • DrFlaggstaff
    DrFlaggstaff 7 hours ago

    She really held a crystal there

  • Adam Sherry
    Adam Sherry 7 hours ago

    Love being from wigan

  • Craig Davidson
    Craig Davidson 7 hours ago

    " I dont think they'll do anything " Gets off the pipe *alarm* " fucking hell " Absolutely bucked 🤣🤣

  • A B C
    A B C 7 hours ago

    Funny but unfair to NatWest. The girl used her own bank account to send money to someone else. Why should NatWest fork over £8,000??

  • Crazyest Livestyle
    Crazyest Livestyle 7 hours ago

    I didnt really understand that. Werent they talking about his Son having everything and not getting his ass up because of that and him trying to get out of the szenario because of that? How can Gordon be living proof of that if he wasnt in this position when he was young?? Dosnt seem to make sence. 3:08

  • GRH— gaming & more

    What a picky fuck

  • tianchui zheng
    tianchui zheng 8 hours ago


  • Lil Chicken
    Lil Chicken 8 hours ago

    Why is she wearing this dress in almost all interwiews...?

    • Victoria
      Victoria 5 hours ago

      Lil Chicken they probably filmed a lot of the interviews on the same press day (like a junket)

  • The Dynamite Kid
    The Dynamite Kid 8 hours ago

    Love Jamie, keep ya head up son

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 8 hours ago

    he is so fucking cute

  • Anders
    Anders 8 hours ago

    How dare he say he'd leave a building if it was on fire..!!

  • your mother
    your mother 8 hours ago

    why am I watching this?

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick 8 hours ago

    Wonder if his son is fucking Mia too

  • Sophie Tipper
    Sophie Tipper 8 hours ago

    I'm so glad that he is okay now! Poor guy, you can tell he was seriously terrified and I do not blame him for one second!! What a strong guy! Well done to him for getting through that!!

  • Iconiccc
    Iconiccc 9 hours ago

    Presenter: due to a fight with his friends Me: blocks everyone

  • Kylemag113
    Kylemag113 9 hours ago

    On another note this kid must have low testosterone. Listen to his voice. It should’ve changed by now

  • Gruesome jocker
    Gruesome jocker 9 hours ago

    Which way was Shayna looking?

    • j k
      j k 8 hours ago

      Hahahahahaha fuck funny

  • JonFinnerud
    JonFinnerud 9 hours ago

    It's funny how Jimmy Carr's real laughter is anything but his signature "hyena" one. It almost makes him human!

  • Sophie Walker
    Sophie Walker 9 hours ago

    That poor girl

  • Malachi Alcantar
    Malachi Alcantar 9 hours ago

    The girl in the red was correcting him so he do t have to get so mad from it just take the correction

  • Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr

    Damn right. Whether you're able bodied or not, straight, gay, fat, thin, religious, not religious or anything else, ANYONE can make bland, uninteresting electro pop.

  • Erin Haley
    Erin Haley 9 hours ago

    I wish I could watch the rest 😥 do they get together?

  • B922 the void addicted highway warrior

    took it like a man tho

  • Naz Shey
    Naz Shey 9 hours ago

    No wonder why people treated her like a shit in the past, she thinks she must be treated like a princess? She's not that hot!

  • Virginia Mooney
    Virginia Mooney 9 hours ago

    There's no way I could share this experience with another human being and not instantly fall ass over teakettle in love

  • Mino palmiero Vlogs
    Mino palmiero Vlogs 9 hours ago

    This boy is so brave may God bless this boy. If this was me I would be sick every where

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones 9 hours ago

    Nil literally crying 😭

  • Kirk Schafer
    Kirk Schafer 9 hours ago

    Good news! Wrinkle-fearing rhytiphobics can block water-induced skin wrinkling by selectively damaging the sympathetic nervous system. After this, infinite baths!

  • Bluhbluhblih 109
    Bluhbluhblih 109 9 hours ago

    Bruh I was thinking about his fiend potentially getting charged for man slaughter 😳

  • Elle R'hur
    Elle R'hur 9 hours ago

    i need so much more of this

  • Water Gate
    Water Gate 9 hours ago

    It’s amazing how Susie just sits there, and ‘sucks it up.

  • Ellie Vizedo
    Ellie Vizedo 9 hours ago

    all the people commenting hate are men who hate dancing and think its for sissies when in reality a lot of girls love to dance and wish their partners would join them. it's a form of intimacy so close and personal. dancing with your partner feels like you are alone in the world with them and its hella romantic.

  • 100k subs without Any videos Challenge

    I was Crying. That was the saddest thing i have ever seen. That should never happen to Anyone. If you want to make my day better, you Can sub to me