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MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer
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  • JaKe SwOrD
    JaKe SwOrD 5 minutes ago

    and . . I have an erection . . lol thanks Sony!

  • YB. Jufeiyui
    YB. Jufeiyui 5 minutes ago

    Malaysia?? Woww nice lahh...

  • The Big Daddy G
    The Big Daddy G 9 minutes ago

    Ok, I’ve got an idea for a movie. What if we took Steven Hawking, and made him into a mutant vampire-bat

  • Blessed Always
    Blessed Always 9 minutes ago

    I just watched this movie and I would recommend it. It was great to watch. People just don't know how to let things be in this movie. They won but wouldn't go on about their lives. I would have said, thank God I won but went on with my life. They say, curiosity kills the cat.

  • NeanderthalRetardo
    NeanderthalRetardo 17 minutes ago

    Who knew Quaid could play such a convincing creep!

  • fRoOtlOop's YT
    fRoOtlOop's YT 22 minutes ago

    "We're number 2!" This movie is number 2.

  • John Piazza
    John Piazza 24 minutes ago

    Egon, this reminds me, of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head... remember? That would have worked if you hadn’t have stopped me.

  • Thunder Bird
    Thunder Bird 26 minutes ago

    2:10 Spiderman "murderer". So he's from the same verse with spiderman / Tom Holland / Avengers

  • Be Know
    Be Know 27 minutes ago

    I like this trailer only for rohit shetty sir say 😂😂😂😀

  • Darlyne Jean-Noel
    Darlyne Jean-Noel 28 minutes ago


  • Maram Bahaa
    Maram Bahaa 29 minutes ago

    why?? why delete it :(

  • Thunder Bird
    Thunder Bird 29 minutes ago

    2:13 Doctor who is that you?

  • Dana White
    Dana White 33 minutes ago

    One last ride

  • xRa
    xRa 39 minutes ago


  • Nuclear Okapi
    Nuclear Okapi 40 minutes ago

    The doctor looked extremely pissed, I don't think Morbius will last long

  • Mark Stepanof
    Mark Stepanof 43 minutes ago

    Only good thing about this trailer is the SONG , do you remember when the last time you did a good movie with out the ROCK

  • OneEyedGhoulX
    OneEyedGhoulX 49 minutes ago

    I thought this was a brand new Resident Evil movie for a split second when I saw this on my Recommendations.

  • Víctor Axotla
    Víctor Axotla 51 minute ago

    Paola Nuñez, Amazing and beautiful !!!

  • roman empire
    roman empire 53 minutes ago

    Who is here after Akshay Kumar tweet about bad boys.... 😍😍😍

  • NOOBster
    NOOBster 54 minutes ago

    AKSHAY Kumar ke tweet ke baad kaun kaun aaya idhr?

  • triillin
    triillin Hour ago

    Milo as Kevin hart the funniest combination ever

  • Doctorkat
    Doctorkat Hour ago

    Doctor Who !!

  • Noverolajimenez Noverola

    Es que este trailer ya este otro nivel literal

  • neosunrider
    neosunrider Hour ago

    When these two are actually old men...

  • Mike S
    Mike S Hour ago

    That sound brings be back

  • Splash
    Splash Hour ago

    Im going to see this just to throw it in the SJW’s face

  • Nicholas Dorris
    Nicholas Dorris Hour ago

    Anybody get the christine reference?

  • Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    You should be sleeping with the Captain already yet here you are playing basketball and getting boxed out with some Rebels.

  • Walter walter
    Walter walter Hour ago

    In this universe is a crossover with Big momma

  • Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    I want Bad Girls like the story of Bad Boys 2. I wouldn't mind being the last at taking the buzzer beater when you should be a Captain already then over take both your Andy Warhol Porsche with Silence, the Ecstasy Ferrari?

  • Master Daniel M. GODLIKE

    just pour the the entire city with holy water and use big load speakers to let speak the priest

  • Larry Legendary
    Larry Legendary Hour ago

    Now this is what we should've gotten during Snipes run on blade but ya know what I'm glad we're getting it now💯

  • Jannette Garcia
    Jannette Garcia Hour ago


  • msariah
    msariah 2 hours ago


  • Reyhan irsyad
    Reyhan irsyad 2 hours ago

    The music background almost same avengers infinity war trailer 2

  • Faiz Amirul
    Faiz Amirul 2 hours ago


  • G o o s e
    G o o s e 2 hours ago

    2:12 Hey it's the 11th doctor, probably gonna kill this vampire tbh

  • Steel Driving Crew
    Steel Driving Crew 2 hours ago

    "I don't know. Looks like there's gonna be girl Ghostbusters. Definitely gonna wreck it!" Do you see how silly that sounds 2016 Ghostbusters.

  • Logan S
    Logan S 2 hours ago

    Yes! *The Real* Ghostbusters has returned, life is now balanced once more

  • Dizzy Love
    Dizzy Love 2 hours ago

    I am super into this: Mike Keaton, Jared Leto, AND Matt Smith

  • cre92468
    cre92468 2 hours ago

    If i saw nothing else about this trailer, just seeing the ecto-1 and hearing the siren was enough for me. I'll definitely see this in theaters at least once.

  • Titangamerhd
    Titangamerhd 2 hours ago

    Yo this looks crazy dope. The shots and the music are well done, and I had a feeling Marvel had something to do with it

  • Gucciwolf45 AJ
    Gucciwolf45 AJ 2 hours ago

    Slappy is the best monster ever!! I’ve loved him since i started reading goosesbumps

  • hafifi latif
    hafifi latif 2 hours ago

    Finally. Malaysia!!! 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • to be
    to be 2 hours ago

    when my world was crashing and falling mr rogers was there to give some sort of normalcy. he was a kind friend and we had many great afternoons together. i miss you mr rogers

  • Jonno83900
    Jonno83900 2 hours ago

    Fans that's read the books: I'M SO HYPED Also fans that remembers how the series ended: I'M READY TO GET HURT

  • Huyasee
    Huyasee 2 hours ago

    Is everybody ok? Well, the god damned hippies aren't, that's for god damn sure

  • The Last Outcast
    The Last Outcast 3 hours ago

    Oh yeah

  • Jonathan Quiros
    Jonathan Quiros 3 hours ago

    We didnt know it would be a MASTAPEECE

  • JoesTV *
    JoesTV * 3 hours ago

    Movie of 2020!! Bad boys for life

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker 3 hours ago

    there making a fucking sequel

  • Pimpin Aint Dead
    Pimpin Aint Dead 3 hours ago

    Bullshito!!! That's Spanish for yeah right!

  • BlestFawn6642
    BlestFawn6642 3 hours ago

    I demand an explanation.

  • Asad Shahid
    Asad Shahid 3 hours ago


  • Jonathon King
    Jonathon King 3 hours ago

    1:49 Morbius Teleporting🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 Nightcrawler: The F@ck👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei 3 hours ago

    Confused MCU Fans: Is this movie for us? Me, an intellectual: It's for Elise.

  • Gonnatell Thetruth
    Gonnatell Thetruth 3 hours ago

    Nice.. I LOVE the original cast... You could just tell it wasn't Michael bay behind it.. Cant wait for BB spin off

  • Yogesh Arondekar
    Yogesh Arondekar 3 hours ago

    Is this movie available in hindi dubbed?

  • Gregorius Alvin
    Gregorius Alvin 3 hours ago

    Storm breaker reboot?

  • Michele Walburn
    Michele Walburn 4 hours ago

    This is not the fantasy island I remember. Lol

  • Lilx Riku
    Lilx Riku 4 hours ago

    Yayyy!!! 😊 can’t wait

  • Shreeya D
    Shreeya D 4 hours ago

    Kristen is such a badass

  • Elthenar
    Elthenar 4 hours ago

    One M-16 would have solved this problem.

  • Anonymous-SilentMurderer. Deadman

    I deleted my other comment. After re-figuring out how the story begins here, with Jared. Everyone has a point. It’s like Jared made us visualize a crossover. Nor, foreseeing a character from DC Universe. Their very own. Meeting. Marvel’s very own character.

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers 4 hours ago

    these ppl not getting older?

  • Laura Nwogu
    Laura Nwogu 4 hours ago

    lool it was awesome, can't wait foe the next one guys💛💛 graciiiiaaasssss

    DONNA THOMAS 4 hours ago

    the best movie have seen in years.. I want to get a DVD of this movie.

  • dlz124
    dlz124 4 hours ago

    Alex N**&&

  • Tyson
    Tyson 4 hours ago

    What the hell was teased in this trailer?

  • Rahmadya Azzahra
    Rahmadya Azzahra 4 hours ago

    Apa cuma gue yg ngelihat trailer ini karna sg karin di bali

  • MixSona Productions
    MixSona Productions 4 hours ago

    The LOP IS CUTE ALSO A BADGER? Dude badger is op it is can resist bullets and sharp knife or teeth proof

  • Tobias Lopez
    Tobias Lopez 4 hours ago

    Why he so thiccc tho

  • Sophie Thompson
    Sophie Thompson 4 hours ago

    The one thing this movie didn’t have: Joey Tribbiani.

  • chop 362
    chop 362 4 hours ago

    Junk movie.

  • Sophie Thompson
    Sophie Thompson 4 hours ago

    Cried twice during this movie. During this scene and the scene where Laurie proposes. I can relate to Jo so much and it’s 2020. Little Women is always relatable even now. It’s such a great movie and this is a great adaptation. I felt the “I’m so lonely” part. My family says I’ll find some man one day but I don’t believe them. I don’t want to get married either. Also, I love writing in my spare time too.

  • Lord of all the hamsters

    Anyone notice that guy kinda looks like11th Doctor? 2:11

  • Nile Horuseus
    Nile Horuseus 4 hours ago

    This is awesome

  • Nile Horuseus
    Nile Horuseus 4 hours ago

    I wish the third movie came out

  • Aye Gal
    Aye Gal 4 hours ago

    Vin Diesel isn’t a good actor and this movie looks stupiddd

  • Sophie Thompson
    Sophie Thompson 4 hours ago

    The music playing is so beautiful and this part was probably my favorite part in the whole movie. They have such great chemistry together. ❤️

  • Jan Marie Albores
    Jan Marie Albores 4 hours ago

    Yeah, same as the others. The trailer is much better than the full movie. Well, I expected more. It's not as scary as the other Grudge movies before😕

  • Sarafina Delirium
    Sarafina Delirium 4 hours ago

    Wow all I can think is that my ex would love this. And then I'm like wtf.

  • Troy Bush
    Troy Bush 4 hours ago

    This is exactly what should be made, not a remake, but something that takes the source material and gives us something that we haven’t seen yet and never would have thought of.

  • BMartin1776
    BMartin1776 5 hours ago

    Im thinking containment system at bottom of that well, causing the quakes bc its full and lacking power?. Maybe Venkman, Stanz and Zedmore show up after some news story showing smartphone footage of Ecto mobile racing through streets chasing a ghost? It looks like it could be a winner in a long list of losers from corrupt untalented Hollywood.

  • Redapple
    Redapple 5 hours ago

    oh shit Doctor Who is here to deal with manbat

  • Lady X
    Lady X 5 hours ago

    Why do I love her voice so much?

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know what inspired QT to make this film?

  • The gangs kfc By the street

    God is always with us. When it's time for me to go I will see my great gramma

  • Al Pal
    Al Pal 5 hours ago

    People weren’t ready for this movie

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 hours ago

    Ah Krav Maga the Israeli martial art of scratching people’s eyes with a fistful of keys. I’m terrified.