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ASMR Tapping Hero
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Tingle Bells ASMR
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  • Lola Brummer
    Lola Brummer 5 hours ago

    This hit me on another level

  • Arianna Parker
    Arianna Parker 5 hours ago

    This is better than any Marvel Cross over

  • twistedreams yt
    twistedreams yt 5 hours ago

    I truthfully love all the videos he does oh, he does different things that help me fall asleep and it's super cool, and sometimes she'll talk which makes it nice and he won't talk which makes it come I really like his videos.😊☺️🌞😘👌👌👍👍👍

  • Arctic Hyperx
    Arctic Hyperx 5 hours ago

    i wonder how the dummy head feelings

  • Hat Cat
    Hat Cat 5 hours ago

    How does somebody have the time to film 2 hours of asmr

  • Vanessa Rae Sevilla
    Vanessa Rae Sevilla 5 hours ago

    He does this so amazing as soon as I close my eyes I start thinking it’s rain, like who am I? 😭

  • Alzie Valdez
    Alzie Valdez 5 hours ago

    Wtf is an insomniac??

  • Der Maci
    Der Maci 5 hours ago

    Wir brauchen ne Nummer härter😏😂😂

  • David Pagano
    David Pagano 5 hours ago

    I'm a big fan loved the video btw you don't recognize me for one I haven't been keeping up with the vids and I'm on a diff account

  • bro_robinson_boi
    bro_robinson_boi 6 hours ago

    I love the color themed videos ❤

  • Blackmaid 7
    Blackmaid 7 6 hours ago

    Didn't you sweat with all of that steam? Lol

  • Callie Miller
    Callie Miller 6 hours ago


  • Lara Goblin
    Lara Goblin 6 hours ago

    Mach mal bitte ein Russisches viedeo

  • Lara Goblin
    Lara Goblin 6 hours ago

    Wen du deutsch bist warum redest du den Englisch

  • Callie Miller
    Callie Miller 6 hours ago

    I wish he would have showed his face I love his voice

  • Daniel Leslie
    Daniel Leslie 6 hours ago

    Riki Ardriosola Asmr

  • Nightcore N
    Nightcore N 6 hours ago

    ooh the dinosaurs getting some action ~

  • Electronic Sword
    Electronic Sword 6 hours ago

    Das ist sehr gut zzzzZZZz

  • Đăng Khoa
    Đăng Khoa 6 hours ago

    Có ai người Việt Nam ko ta? 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • kinkajuu1
    kinkajuu1 6 hours ago

    try, vaccum cleaner asmr, its really relaxing and was my very first noise i just listened to lol

  • JamiQuan Saenz
    JamiQuan Saenz 6 hours ago

    me:... ad: OH HI me:AAAAAAAA NOOOOO

  • Nico 1up
    Nico 1up 6 hours ago

    In welcher Stadt wohnst du denn?

  • JaKe McBride
    JaKe McBride 7 hours ago

    Also that vibrating thing at like 5:00 something

  • JaKe McBride
    JaKe McBride 7 hours ago

    I gotta say I really liked the tapping on that white thing around 4:30

  • Nico 1up
    Nico 1up 7 hours ago


  • Kloe Stoldt
    Kloe Stoldt 7 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice he pronounced lovers differently?

  • Teerdach Potasang
    Teerdach Potasang 7 hours ago


  • dice draco
    dice draco 7 hours ago

    Jekyll and hyde asmr jekyll being slow and soft triggers Hyde being fast and rough triggers

  • Entermemehere *
    Entermemehere * 7 hours ago

    “You’re in good hands” *later* “I have no idea what I’m doing...” Me: what were you saying earlier?

  • Mayalynnebabyy
    Mayalynnebabyy 7 hours ago

    I feel like every time he smirks he’s thinking, “watch this ;)”

  • Atypical Alexz
    Atypical Alexz 7 hours ago

    Satysfating <3

  • Cat girl 888
    Cat girl 888 7 hours ago

    I need to get myself one of these

  • Ron Damon
    Ron Damon 7 hours ago

    Abduced in my dreams😴😴

  • Lica Melauri
    Lica Melauri 7 hours ago

    vc é muito bom niso deichei o joinha

  • NirionNexus
    NirionNexus 8 hours ago


  • Kalina Sutra
    Kalina Sutra 8 hours ago

    How does anyone give a thumbs down? This shit is next level. Haters!

  • Henry of Skalitz
    Henry of Skalitz 8 hours ago


    HONK HONK 8 hours ago

    These sounds remind me of taking certain psychedelics.

  • Zavier Vultaggio
    Zavier Vultaggio 8 hours ago

    i got tingles from the advertisement

  • Lunar Sleep
    Lunar Sleep 8 hours ago


  • Lorena Vodniza
    Lorena Vodniza 8 hours ago


  • Winnie Talicol
    Winnie Talicol 8 hours ago

    My cat is missing :(

  • JStroup
    JStroup 8 hours ago

    You should really do a Pyro ASMR! It could be maybe like the sequel or inverse of the Cryo ASMR with a kind of orange mellow color palette and maybe have some "warm" triggers!!

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores 8 hours ago

    Electric or Cryo which one is best leave an opinion in my comment?

  • JStroup
    JStroup 8 hours ago

    Dang I thought it couldn't get any better than his Cryo ASMR vid

  • Pau Cervantes
    Pau Cervantes 8 hours ago

    I really can’t believe that a year ago you made the rewind video!! I really I can’t Thanks for everything!!

  • Ben Hynes
    Ben Hynes 8 hours ago

    What is that white device with the green light up tip used for?

  • Aurelion-Sol
    Aurelion-Sol 8 hours ago


  • Bowegirl02
    Bowegirl02 8 hours ago

    This dude must have so much random shit laying around his house

  • Gentry Hall
    Gentry Hall 8 hours ago

    The way he looks at the camera🥵💕

  • Satisfactory ASMR Dad

    Genius level stuff here bro! mAD LOVE!

  • Cosmic crunch
    Cosmic crunch 8 hours ago

    I jumped feet at the mouse cracking open lol

  • choo snau
    choo snau 9 hours ago

    Can we get a link for those vibrating tools..?

  • Mia Rodriguez
    Mia Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    This hits different though....

  • dorothy elko
    dorothy elko 9 hours ago

    I’m a little late on the schedule but these are the best tingles that I’ve gotten in awhile

  • Owen Kennedy
    Owen Kennedy 9 hours ago

    8D audio coformed

  • Cursedfilth 48
    Cursedfilth 48 9 hours ago

    Do you think zeitgeist is like a hoarder or something with all these items also think about how much money he needs to buy this stuff

  • ELWest1000
    ELWest1000 9 hours ago

    Sounds like I'm on the ASMR spaceship to the planet Tingles. ❤️

  • bıa
    bıa 9 hours ago

    the quality is so good that you want to stay up watching

  • Lizard
    Lizard 9 hours ago

    This is my favorite vid on the channel

  • GonzaFornite -
    GonzaFornite - 9 hours ago

    Like good man :) 👁 👁 🔴 👅

  • Cursedfilth 48
    Cursedfilth 48 9 hours ago

    2:30 why does zeitgeist sound like a bad guy or a mafia lord The don would like to see you fRaNk

  • Squidward90 Legs
    Squidward90 Legs 9 hours ago

    Who else immediately went to the comments

  • DarkDreadLord - Minecraft

    anyone else notice the eye color matches the background

  • KattyKat Girl
    KattyKat Girl 9 hours ago

    👂👁 👃 👁👂 👄 👌 🦵 🦵 That’s Alex

  • alstinson
    alstinson 9 hours ago

    It's weird for Zeitgeist to make a NO TALKING video.

  • Big Rat Pie Pleb
    Big Rat Pie Pleb 9 hours ago

    I want to be in a barber shop like that

  • Bryce Hamm
    Bryce Hamm 9 hours ago

    You should do an amalgamation of all the previews in the begging because its an awesome idea, and because you can see it like a timeline almost.

  • ꓕᴉɻɻɑuλ Ƨwᴉϝμ

    I don't understand how zeitgeist videos are so relaxing, it seems magical, and in my personal opinion, it takes away my stress or when I'm frustrated. Loved it, greetings! ❤ 6:43 My favorite part!¡, it also sounds like I literally get massages in my ear 😱😴✨

  • Erzhan Vstavai
    Erzhan Vstavai 9 hours ago

    да крэйзи и чо

  • Cat girl 888
    Cat girl 888 9 hours ago

    I LOVE ALL EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO!!! The sounds are so nice and relaxing

  • KattyKat Girl
    KattyKat Girl 10 hours ago

    That thumbnail face tho

  • ohugsoandxkissesx
    ohugsoandxkissesx 10 hours ago

    timestamps 💕 items repeat through 3 full cycles (except for 2 things) 00:00-01:10 preview and intro 01:10-03:50 pore suction cleaner 03:51-05:44 inflated cap tapping 05:45-07:39 vibrating facial brush 07:40-10:31 humidifiers 10:32-13:38 vibrating hand massagers 13:39-16:48 mushroom fan(s) 16:49-18:09 steamer 18:10-20:23 vibrating toothbrush(es) 20:24-23:50 pore suction cleaner 24:51-25:59 inflated cap tapping 26:00-27:55 vibrating facial brush 27:56-31:14 humidifiers 31:15-35:13 vibrating hand massagers 35:14-38:34 mushroom fan(s) 38:35-40:21 steamer 40:22-42:39 vibrating toothbrush(es) 42:40-47:27 pore suction cleaner 47:28-49:32 vibrating facial brush 49:33-54:40 humidifiers 54:41-58:39 vibrating hand massagers 58:40-1:02:10 mushroom fan(s) 1:02:11-1:04:55 vibrating toothbrush(es) enjoy! and happy tingles! 💜

  • ミルフィーユ
    ミルフィーユ 10 hours ago


  • Minecraft Legend
    Minecraft Legend 10 hours ago

    I love the ambiance and aesthetic of these videos, the color schemes and stuff, just astonishingly astounding.

  • NirionNexus
    NirionNexus 10 hours ago


  • Xertaii
    Xertaii 10 hours ago

    If i could rate this ASMR i would give a 5.5/10 i like the green background and the alien sounds it's very relaxing but i didn't get any tingles and didn't sleep either

  • Aiden Maloney
    Aiden Maloney 10 hours ago

    His voice sounds sooooo soothing

  • Ludmila Gutiérrez
    Ludmila Gutiérrez 10 hours ago

    23:31 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  • *Gacha Wolf*
    *Gacha Wolf* 10 hours ago

    Y Yo You You t You th Thought I was actually gonna do it?i can barely get out of bed

  • XxDaRk MaGicXx
    XxDaRk MaGicXx 10 hours ago

    May I have Red maybe like if you agree 👇🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • toglamtogiveadamn
    toglamtogiveadamn 10 hours ago

    Warum knallt man in ein asmr Video 8 Werbungen rein?

  • notamilkdud
    notamilkdud 10 hours ago

    Who has the time and money to do this?

  • Aurora Montgomery
    Aurora Montgomery 11 hours ago

    During fredsvoice asmr I thought it was thor😹😹

  • Mike Kostelec
    Mike Kostelec 11 hours ago

    ...When your ASMR is so on point that you can't help but look into the camera and smirk. Well done, sir, well done.

  • Aim33
    Aim33 11 hours ago

    Bruh the editing in this is littttt 🔥

  • Lyrick - Music Channel

    Best asmr channel

  • Maj Ang
    Maj Ang 11 hours ago

    My spine is buzzing it’s crazy! 🤤🤤🤤

  • i Skupiie
    i Skupiie 11 hours ago

    You're so unique, thanks for the effort you put into these videos! Time to relax a bit ;)

  • amammeta puttana
    amammeta puttana 11 hours ago


  • Mc Hëmërsön Čräzy


    SHADOW BLACK 11 hours ago

    UFO here?

  • gordon nash
    gordon nash 12 hours ago

    I can't remember the last time my anus contracted with such fervency.

  • 열매
    열매 12 hours ago


  • Stefano Guarini
    Stefano Guarini 12 hours ago

    The best

  • capricorny
    capricorny 12 hours ago

    the most i've tingled in a long time 🤤😴

  • Fu Fu
    Fu Fu 12 hours ago

    nice title... Hum. Whir. BuZzZz... so... interesting...

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 12 hours ago

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 12 hours ago

  • Luciel
    Luciel 12 hours ago

    this is another level