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  • Euro Ero
    Euro Ero 11 minutes ago

    im one of the fan girls

  • Nicko Grimes
    Nicko Grimes 13 minutes ago

    these dudes must be high asf hahaha

  • Nicko Grimes
    Nicko Grimes 14 minutes ago

    these dudes r high asf

  • pinkjarl
    pinkjarl 14 minutes ago

    i thought it was gus air

  • Hyperactive
    Hyperactive 20 minutes ago


  • Yotsuba Nakano
    Yotsuba Nakano 26 minutes ago

    Weebs XD

  • Thrésh Lord LoL
    Thrésh Lord LoL 26 minutes ago

    I was unnecessarily hyped at Gavin mopping up in the second game.

  • Kota FTW
    Kota FTW 31 minute ago

    “On this mongoose...” might as well call it a puma...

  • burns0100
    burns0100 32 minutes ago

    Thought it was Gus Air for a second. Would of made sense either way.

  • Nadroj31
    Nadroj31 39 minutes ago

    Reminds me a lot of the British show "would I lie to you" (not a bad thing)

  • Janus Zeal
    Janus Zeal 49 minutes ago

    This was funny, but isn't it a bit old news?

  • ColaNotes
    ColaNotes 53 minutes ago

    I can't wait to see who else will be on this is SO GOOD CONGRATS J!!!!!!

  • Chase Song
    Chase Song Hour ago

    I was honestly expecting tomatoes when he introduced Jon

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose Hour ago

    Peeing in the shower is disgusting, sorry, not sorry. But that pee is touching the floor of the shower. It's touching your legs and ew. No. No.

  • Heartworn Fox
    Heartworn Fox Hour ago

    Remember this popular game

  • Metastabillity
    Metastabillity Hour ago

    My issue with the audiance voting is im sure 25% of the audiance are trying to google the items by descriptions given by the 3. which is why Jons votes were so high so early

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose Hour ago

    38:20 thank you, thank you.

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral Hour ago

    3:12 just like volume 3 episode 8. What’s that supposed to mean?

  • apatheticAnxiety

    We're having a team building day... *WHAT IS YOUR TRUE NAME YOU LYING SHITFIEND!?*

  • Örebro Krönikan

    Great new show. A lot better than On the spot. Chump!!

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral Hour ago

    3:09 what’s that supposed to mean?

  • MD Pete
    MD Pete Hour ago

    4:40 Gavin’s Dirty Boy face 😆

  • TazTSGH
    TazTSGH Hour ago

    The problem with having an audience vote on the product/item and gavin seeing what they are voting is the audience could just google. If they they take out the audience voting it would make it harder for the guesser.

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy Hour ago

    I love that Geoff is a Celtics fan, I'm a huge Celtics fan so that's so wonderful for me to hear after stopping in to my first RT content in half a year. I've just been busy with life so it's been nice to get back in on this video. Geoff is a great dude and I love to hear him on the pod

  • Miguel Hidalgo
    Miguel Hidalgo Hour ago

    41:00 I love this show already

  • William Patton
    William Patton Hour ago

    Omg Jasper is a g g g g ghost wait Jasper the ghost Casper the ghost mother of God a major cameo/coincidence

  • Miguel Hidalgo
    Miguel Hidalgo Hour ago

    28:52 XD Woooaaaaooohh! Gavin looked as surprised as me haha

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose Hour ago

    Who is Chris's opponent?

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose Hour ago

    Where's Burnie been?

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush Hour ago

    9:22-9:23:max...remembers Jason...and what happened to him...

  • Awesomecords
    Awesomecords Hour ago

    I've just realised. At the part when they sliced a strand of Yangs hair I understood what the Grimm said. Tf

  • emily jay
    emily jay Hour ago

    I always get annoyed by astrology.. I'm a Leo who is the complete opposite of what Leo's are perceived to be. I've had people assume I'm certain ways because of my sign.. I wish I was making this up but it's genuinely annoying.

  • Josue Sandoval
    Josue Sandoval Hour ago

    Chill haha

  • Christopher Kropog

    Gavin has a point, AH is getting to the point where it’s more of a content farm than a bunch of friends just having fun. Their stories about the 3 second pauses being unbroken silence is honestly kind of sad. Ps. I miss Geoff in content, and Burnie still resides in my mind as the father figure and needs to return.

  • [WUT]WoomyYT
    [WUT]WoomyYT Hour ago

    Note to self: 3:07

  • First Last
    First Last Hour ago

    9:27 Yo, what happened to ur shield?

  • Vernon Lopez
    Vernon Lopez Hour ago

    Would I lie to you?

  • Gamzy
    Gamzy Hour ago

    I'm honestly hoping each of the members of rwby become maidens. It would fit their characters by a land slide tbh. Rwby is Spring because she is full of life and hope, Yang charges in the heat of the battle in a blaze of glory, Weiss is as cold as mid winter, and Blake is calm and collected while having surprises (almost reaching the depressions of Winter but Weiss is a dead give away for winter)

  • CHase Milhone
    CHase Milhone Hour ago

    Who else has watched this an unhealthy amount of times because I definitely haven't. (eye twitches uncontrollably)

    • CHase Milhone
      CHase Milhone Hour ago

      I'm sorry Ruby but you aren't gonna be a normal girl with normal knees,

    • CHase Milhone
      CHase Milhone Hour ago

      Aaahhh the good old days when Roman was their only threat.

  • Zaylo
    Zaylo 2 hours ago

    upload the post show please!

  • First Last
    First Last 2 hours ago

    17:12 How do you explain the sudden cut to, “ahhh my robot leg!”

  • First Last
    First Last 2 hours ago

    First, Mercury has robot legs. Second, what did the camera show before his leg got “broke?” How do you cut from Mercury being at one side of the arena and suddenly being at the next?

  • Xanthera
    Xanthera 2 hours ago

    Chris and Barbara are both scarily convincing as overly cheery flight attendants

  • Dylan Mason
    Dylan Mason 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize that the shadow from the face has a long nose. Like Pinocchio when he lies

  • Nurislam Karamurziev

    Maybe add punishments for the wrong answers?

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush 2 hours ago

    8:02-8:31 had me DEAD

  • Ryan Soto
    Ryan Soto 2 hours ago

    This show is actually pretty good!

  • Obirion ōkami
    Obirion ōkami 2 hours ago

    it's moment like this where monty has been gone almost 5 years (its december of 2019) where I realize without the internet we as fans of Rooster Teeth would not know what RWBY is or who Monty was and really Still is.

  • Wintertide
    Wintertide 2 hours ago

    This kinda reminds me of other "Balderdash" type games, which isn't entirely a bad thing. It's like them having an Improv/Whose Line clone but for rooster teeth. Familiar to outsiders, but still shows of the personalities.

  • Gaming With RadShad
    Gaming With RadShad 2 hours ago

    So Blake's dad is a lion right?

  • El Dektor
    El Dektor 2 hours ago

    Gonna be 5 years soon. We miss you Monty.

  • Maxr00
    Maxr00 2 hours ago

    This is a good show I like this. I think Jeremy needs to loosen up as a host but I really like the concept and the games

  • LtForte
    LtForte 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one whos reminded of NigaHiga's similar video?

  • Xaldron
    Xaldron 2 hours ago

    Read this as Gus Air

  • William Ieronimo
    William Ieronimo 2 hours ago

    when clicking on the video I thought it said GUS AIR and I just totally accepted that

  • Priest Goode
    Priest Goode 2 hours ago

    Daniels verse was pretty good tbh

  • Lukie Dookie 343
    Lukie Dookie 343 2 hours ago

    Last comment on this was a year ago so... BOOYA

  • Drake Thomas
    Drake Thomas 2 hours ago

    1:30 He’s on the site”Lonely Huntsman” and his age is “Cool” ... Why XD

  • Matt R
    Matt R 2 hours ago

    9:32 Gavin's nose doesn't usually look /that/ big but right here you get to really see the shnoz

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush 2 hours ago

    Wait...isnt jasper a ghost!?!!??! Also 4:02:foreshadowing 9:15: max,Nikki,and Neil are just dying at this point...and having 'nam flashbacks...and realized those were...jaspers bones because he was kicked into the woods... 12:02:SON OF A BIT-(PLATYPUS EGGS)

  • GreyFox Hound
    GreyFox Hound 3 hours ago

    I've actually had a flight cancelled while we were already on the plane, and I had to threaten legal action to get a refund, so @US Air and Delta aren't actually that different.

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush 3 hours ago


  • Armilli
    Armilli 3 hours ago

    Anyone know someone who has this in their file share for MMC?

  • Taichouツ
    Taichouツ 3 hours ago

    you guys should continue with the series since reach is now available on pc

  • Rushika Prasad
    Rushika Prasad 3 hours ago

    Wait but doesn’t Qrow wear a cross on his neck?

  • MilknCoffee
    MilknCoffee 3 hours ago

    I miss rwby chibi

  • distantignition
    distantignition 3 hours ago

    Can't help but notice that Barbara as the flight attendant pointed to the "front" of the plane like it was in front of her. Maybe all of the seats face backwards as well.

  • Sidhe
    Sidhe 3 hours ago

    So when does this get locked behind a paywall?

  • Dukegroundflyer
    Dukegroundflyer 3 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, this is gonna be my favorite game-show type thing from roosterteeth if it keeps going. Loving this idea and execution so much.

  • Nathan Clay
    Nathan Clay 3 hours ago

    Where did you get the lightsabers ?(Off the shelf)

  • Discordia Dingle
    Discordia Dingle 3 hours ago

    3:38 Gavin:“So she’s lonely and wet” Me: *ppphhhhhhhtttttt* 🤣

  • DonkeyMan USA
    DonkeyMan USA 3 hours ago

    I loved that the tweets were from the OG founders of RT

  • brownhard
    brownhard 3 hours ago

    Meh, this was definitely not a good short, didnt make me laugh, and wasnt that interesting at all

  • Rudra Mazumder
    Rudra Mazumder 3 hours ago

    Anyone else think the 130's were far more effective both in trying to fend off human/faunus enemies as well as grimm than the supposedly more advanced 200?

  • Josh Arnold
    Josh Arnold 3 hours ago

    Not so subtle jab at American Airlines? LOVE IT

  • Makai McClinton
    Makai McClinton 3 hours ago

    0:21 that is the CUTEST thing I've seen Neo do in this series

  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia 3 hours ago

    049 to 1:27 Edna Mode: NO CAPES!!!

  • Anthony Sakovsky
    Anthony Sakovsky 3 hours ago

    first 5 minutes and im already hooked i love it

  • Sarah Catherine
    Sarah Catherine 3 hours ago

    D O P L I N

  • Tom
    Tom 3 hours ago

    This is like a riff on would I lie to you

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush 3 hours ago

    I cant wait to hear the rap battle of Jen vs Gwen

  • ÇrįmśøñThørn _

    9:47 her mask just... disappeared?

  • pyro plush
    pyro plush 3 hours ago

    Most of Daniel's lines are...really Rapey...

  • TJ Supertramp
    TJ Supertramp 3 hours ago

    I was expecting the 'OTS' transition music! So sad!

  • Viper
    Viper 4 hours ago


  • King Awesome
    King Awesome 4 hours ago

    Trevor and Alfredo remind me of Dr Phil and Steve Harvey. Literally just the same person with a different skin tone

  • Rushika Prasad
    Rushika Prasad 4 hours ago

    The snowbird was strong in this episode...

  • Hardwired Productions

    i hope this show gets as many seasons as On the spot!

  • ÇrįmśøñThørn _

    1:06 Us artist be like when trying to pick a color:

  • Jesse Lehr
    Jesse Lehr 4 hours ago

    I hope this series comes back now with halo reach out on PC

  • Varun Varma
    Varun Varma 4 hours ago

    It was very nice

  • Angelo Lopez
    Angelo Lopez 4 hours ago

    Why was this recommended to me in 2020

  • Isaiah Glatz
    Isaiah Glatz 4 hours ago

    These shorts are too short.....been an RT fan for a decade now and these seem way to condensed lately. I liked the video by the way just something i noticed recently.

  • Conner Roth
    Conner Roth 4 hours ago

    I thought his was telling the truth all three times

  • Musa Qandil
    Musa Qandil 4 hours ago

    This wasn’t good

  • hungh0
    hungh0 4 hours ago

    Really? the whole video and not a single 'come at us' joke?

  • theaviater2
    theaviater2 4 hours ago

    Is this just the RoosterTeeth version of "Would I lie to you?"

  • Joshua V
    Joshua V 4 hours ago

    With our advanced turbulence plots we can find the roughest altitude to fly you at, ensuring a bumpy ride, every time.

  • TheSmashMaster9000
    TheSmashMaster9000 4 hours ago

    You guys are say emp wierd. Why are you spelling it?