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Short on Cash | RT Shorts
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Annabelle Scare Off
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Maltesers Game of Catch
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  • -/ Questnable \-
    -/ Questnable \- Minute ago

    Ohh this is why I didn’t like Jaune as a character.... I almost forgot....

  • Stroopwafel
    Stroopwafel 4 minutes ago

    For those wondering: Noom is only focussed on weight loss. As someone who gets asked if he's anorexic, I thought Noom could help me gaining weight. I put in my ideal weight higher than what it is currently, but all the questions were still about weight loss.

  • Mayo For Sanity
    Mayo For Sanity 12 minutes ago

    Grimm Knights is a criminally underrated resource management/defence indie rts!

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO 17 minutes ago

    What's with the title tho?

  • Mike Bliss
    Mike Bliss 25 minutes ago

    Did... Did the animation budget run out?

  • Mama Stuff
    Mama Stuff 30 minutes ago

    This is the end?

    *·BLUE AND FRIENDS·* 34 minutes ago

    This is just deppresing

  • code bear
    code bear 34 minutes ago

    Please never have Trevor on again. He didn't sit well and was horribly distracting and tried to take lead too much. Plus the who relationship with Barb thing was uneeded during the show. Really threw off the vibe.

  • Jared Totaro
    Jared Totaro 38 minutes ago

    This was great

  • Derp The Nerd
    Derp The Nerd 46 minutes ago

    Wow velvet

  • 101Supercritic
    101Supercritic 46 minutes ago

    We have no bike zones on my campus. It’s takes me a microsecond to get through it. So I just drive through it. Stupid rules are stupid. Some are meant to be bent.

  • Gabriel Dasilva Pereira
    Gabriel Dasilva Pereira 55 minutes ago

    What's this song called again?

  • sluckett21
    sluckett21 Hour ago

    I love seeing any of the AH crew outside of their content. It reinforces the idea that they are extreme versions of their real personalities on their stuff. Gavin and trevor are so just.... gentle and well spoken. Like when Off Topic took over Always Open. The whole crew was just.... gentlemanly. I love that they can be open and honest and still be crazy

  • Miss Moi
    Miss Moi Hour ago

    Now it's cold without you here...

  • Maggie Quinn
    Maggie Quinn Hour ago

    Calm down

  • Only auscan
    Only auscan Hour ago

    My high school, just average smaller town high school, vaping, weed, almost any alcohol, condoms and other contraband items are the norm to trade just at lunch or just after class...I hate it.

  • peachez Kiko
    peachez Kiko Hour ago

    Idk guys highschool is fun

  • fander brent
    fander brent Hour ago

    They broke David and then they fixed him ... Yay?

  • Seersith Ageri
    Seersith Ageri Hour ago

    My girlfriend works there. Eeeverybody who goes there to return packages complains about it.

  • Katerina Johnson

    Dis show is making me CRY it's so good.(And sad 3 people died.)

  • Tayweirdo303
    Tayweirdo303 Hour ago

    What’s goin on with Mariel’s relationship? They hinted at it in the beginning that something may have ended or something like that.

  • mrclancymac1
    mrclancymac1 Hour ago

    54 minute video Gavin has a total talk time of 10 minutes...

  • Mr pando
    Mr pando Hour ago

    In my province, the majority of kids in high school drink and smoke weed, but the more rebellious / "bad boys" get into things like painkillers and harder drugs

  • Shadow Crusade
    Shadow Crusade Hour ago

    7:20 be breaking my heart since Ellie announced she was leaving RT

  • Avery Gallegos
    Avery Gallegos Hour ago

    Get with the times we're all doing coke now

  • Ash Usagi
    Ash Usagi Hour ago

    im usually biased against new AH people because of the personality type they tend to have (obnoxious annoying millennial memer), but Trevor is good quality. Comedy and intelligence. He's easily my favorite now, even over the original 6 from that cramped office that only had 5 desks, a couch, and a hate window.

  • James Rougge
    James Rougge Hour ago

    Everytime I watch an Always Open episode, I realise even more that I'm just not cut out for relationships.

  • matt nah
    matt nah Hour ago

    Dammit how long do I have to wait for barb and gav to get married

    • Tayweirdo303
      Tayweirdo303 Hour ago

      matt nah considering they both have green cards now, anytime soon. Way before meg and gav

  • Bobbadelic
    Bobbadelic Hour ago

    I'm always surprised they can talk about being open and not reference the name of the show.

  • Eduardo Vega
    Eduardo Vega 2 hours ago

    I fought sullivan with fists to make it more epic the fight

  • Ryan William Templeton

    I'm genuinely sorry to bring this back up but with what happened with Meg and Gavin and that traumatic event, they have done unbelievably brilliant at coping with that. Still appear very open and honest people. Love them both a lot. Same goes for everyone on this episode tbh. Lovely. Love love love lovely love.

    • Hannah Shipp
      Hannah Shipp Hour ago

      I don't know the situation and I hate to bring it up, but what exactly was the event that happened?

  • Creesh Caesar
    Creesh Caesar 2 hours ago

    I drove by dean keeton and wondered what was going on lmao

  • Nate Wild
    Nate Wild 2 hours ago

    Gavin should tweet out that entire video he accidentally made

  • TheTsunamijuan
    TheTsunamijuan 2 hours ago

    Blaine looks like a Chris Evans Stand in, with that shirt on.

  • Lucas Burrows
    Lucas Burrows 2 hours ago

    The budget really has been destroyed

  • Nathan Hicks
    Nathan Hicks 2 hours ago

    I find it hard to believe that high schoolers these days would be doing hard drugs at parties. I think the always open folks are just a little out of touch and probably blowing things WAY out of proportion. Please correct me if i'm wrong though

    • Nathan Hicks
      Nathan Hicks 3 minutes ago

      @Humvi I see your point but did you actually see them doing it? Reason I ask is because back when I was in high school people would claim that someone did something crazy like that only to find out later that it was just gossip/lies

    • Humvi
      Humvi 15 minutes ago

      High schoolers are definitely trying out more drugs. weed, acid, molly and for the dumber ones meth. I was a senior 2 years ago and I new juniors that would do cocain during their shift at McDonald’s. Kids are crazy these days

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris 2 hours ago

    Calm Down

  • ComedyBear
    ComedyBear 2 hours ago

    still here... the memories

    IL DISEGNO ZAMBITO 2 hours ago

    I feel like they read my comment from last video

  • Katie Powell
    Katie Powell 2 hours ago

    Alternatively titled: "Barbara and Trevor being aggressively in love with eachother for an hour"

  • East Belfast Screen
    East Belfast Screen 2 hours ago

    B R I N G . B A C K . A D A M . A N D . J O E L please for the love of god, i beg of you, my crops are dying

  • sluckett21
    sluckett21 2 hours ago

    I love that on both questions they discussed, Gavin immediately stated his understanding succinctly and just.... cut to the core

  • GSValhalla
    GSValhalla 2 hours ago

    I feel like kids doing drugs or whatever at school is probably a bit overblown to some degree. I'm sure that at almost, if not every school, had kids who did drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink etc, throughout the years. Its like how people think the world is getting worse because they hear more news stories about bad things, but the reality people didn't hear as much about them in the past. Its just the speed of information has changed, so "shocking" stats or "bad" news gets passed along much more quickly due to technology. I will also point out its the same for "good" news and stats, but negativity attracts attention so much easier and quicker.

  • Noah Poust
    Noah Poust 2 hours ago

    “Death is the only thing that’s inevitable.” And Thanos. Don’t forget about Thanos.

  • Erin
    Erin 2 hours ago

    The words "calm down" are super iffy when they aren't used in conjunction with an extension to the statement. "I think we both need to calm down and talk about this later" is MUCH better than just telling someone to calm down for example, because often an argument can be peacefully resolved by just taking a while to think things through and let out the stronger emotional reactions in a controlled and harmless way.

  • Zach Schmitz
    Zach Schmitz 2 hours ago

    Are you people working on RWBY Volume 7?

    • Ranga3595
      Ranga3595 37 minutes ago

      I’m going to say yes as they already said when it’s coming out

    • Subjecttochange
      Subjecttochange Hour ago

      Most of the team tweeted the finished VA recordings a month+ ago so they are done with their part

  • Jayden Goar
    Jayden Goar 3 hours ago

    how i felt when i saw the spy 18:59

  • SaftSchinken23
    SaftSchinken23 3 hours ago

    What are the pros and cons of daring you? pros: dating cons: me

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow 3 hours ago

    Miles looks like 10 years older than I remember him looking. Like he looks Daddy AF

  • Jayden Thompson
    Jayden Thompson 3 hours ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahaahahahaha it's so funny

  • Adam Knott
    Adam Knott 3 hours ago

    Europe in two weeks? Come visit me in Belgrade! I kid I kid but if you actually did then wow that would be hilarious

  • Deadblox 2758
    Deadblox 2758 3 hours ago


  • Cheyenne Farmer
    Cheyenne Farmer 3 hours ago

    For the person with dependency issues. Co-Dependants Anonymous is great. (CoDA) Check out their website and find a meeting through there. Super helpful

  • M.Bordeux
    M.Bordeux 3 hours ago

    Fiona is so ffffffffffffffffffine

  • SwaggerSnail
    SwaggerSnail 3 hours ago

    Mariel is best girl prove me wrong

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera 3 hours ago

    Empathy. If someone is going nuts, start with, "I understand why you're... (how ever they're feeling)."

  • Solomoncoulter
    Solomoncoulter 3 hours ago

    I glad Gavin is feeling much better now that he's not so busy with travel.

  • SwaggerSnail
    SwaggerSnail 3 hours ago

    Trevors eyes are closer together than his eyebrows

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera 3 hours ago

    "Come at me debris!" - Gavin

  • BetterThanDan
    BetterThanDan 3 hours ago

    A group of girls in my old high school do ecstasy..a lot.. they are 16... I don't know where their parents are.

  • epsben
    epsben 3 hours ago

    Trevors sitting beside Barbara with the word «codependency» over his head made me giggle

  • Kenneth Marcotte
    Kenneth Marcotte 3 hours ago

    Maybe you guys should do a video about why you're laying off 50 people.

  • Douglas Camara
    Douglas Camara 3 hours ago

    If someone is just arguing and angry and yelling, you just listen to it whole, THEN you decide if you reply to it, or tell them you want to discuss it later.

  • Beary Awesome Gamer
    Beary Awesome Gamer 3 hours ago

    Poor Gavin he got moved from his seat because barbara just *HAD* to sit to trevor

  • Jay Mata
    Jay Mata 3 hours ago

    Got an interview in 2 hours, these guys always get me in the mood for convos :3

  • Ari Terry
    Ari Terry 3 hours ago

    Trevor, any moment he’s looking at Barb: 😍🥰😘😍😍😍

  • PhoenixKing1611
    PhoenixKing1611 3 hours ago

    Is it just me, or during the end card. When Barbara is talking about liking the video. Does she at the least look pregnant. I tried looking it up before commenting, and couldn't find anything recent. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just an observation. If not that is alright too. Like I said it may just be the way she's sitting. However it LOOKS like it, in my opinion.

    • PhoenixKing1611
      PhoenixKing1611 4 minutes ago

      @courtney tucci I wasn't asking if she IS pregnant I was asking if she LOOKED pregnant.... Based on how her shirt/shorts were bulging outward. Which is part of How she's sitting. Reading comprehension is a great thing, don't ya think??

    • courtney tucci
      courtney tucci Hour ago

      It is rude to ask any woman if she's pregnant. It puts expectations and pressure to have kids when they haven't even considered having kids. Think what you want, just don't say anything. You might think its a harmless comment but you could possibly be hurting Barbara's feelings.

    • PhoenixKing1611
      PhoenixKing1611 2 hours ago

      @M I it was an observation, that it LOOKS like it. That it may just be the way she is sitting. In NO WAY is that rude. I didn't say she looked fat. (which she isn't) Or she looks like she put on weight. I also said is it just me? How is any of this rude? You're being rude by assuming that I asked this with rude intention. I was being curious.

    • M
      M 3 hours ago

      Way to be rude ✌🏻

  • tiffany green
    tiffany green 3 hours ago

    So are we supposed to calm down or what?

  • Douglas Camara
    Douglas Camara 3 hours ago

    I see always open, I watch and enjoy! I used to have lots of "free" time between classes to teach, so I'd just lay my head on the table watching it. It helped cope boredom a lot!

  • Alexus Leclair
    Alexus Leclair 3 hours ago

    hm.. I'm interested in : Culinary Arts Anime Praying The Straights Away (kinda? I'm Pan so..?) Noose Tying Cat Training Writing Fan-Fiction Positive Self Image Camp Archery Crime Scene Investigation (*Probably sign up for this if camp camp was real)

  • Rodimus Minor
    Rodimus Minor 3 hours ago

    2:14 indirect kiss lol

  • Turtle Power
    Turtle Power 3 hours ago

    Dude lol I just got a tattoo in Amsterdam

  • Nike BIedowska
    Nike BIedowska 3 hours ago

    Cool... 😂

  • Yeona 여나
    Yeona 여나 3 hours ago

    Wish they actually did thick eyeliner on trevor

  • slicer940
    slicer940 3 hours ago

    How many people in this video or the hide and seek RT life are still working at RT? Because im sad.

  • Ri ku
    Ri ku 3 hours ago

    7:17 is harrison bleeding?

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau 3 hours ago

    Mariel's shirt struggling to contain... Her

  • Erick  Garcia
    Erick Garcia 3 hours ago


  • joshua allen
    joshua allen 3 hours ago

    is this like a feelings podcast?

  • Kelly
    Kelly 3 hours ago

    High schoolers today are just depressed and cope with it using legal or illegal drugs

    • DC S
      DC S 2 hours ago

      Kelly i deadass did heroin this summer. High schools wild.

  • xBloodTokenX
    xBloodTokenX 3 hours ago

    I am not the only one who’s only here for Gav

    • Tayweirdo303
      Tayweirdo303 Hour ago

      Mr. M so literally every RT Podcast?

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 2 hours ago

      It's so strange. I never really watch the Roosterteeth channel. I'm mainly over at Achievement Hunter, Let's Play or Funhaus. But whenever one of their memebers does appear on this channel, then I'm here.

  • Charles fernandez
    Charles fernandez 4 hours ago


  • Kryptic Panda
    Kryptic Panda 4 hours ago

    Beeborp Donklehurk? My favourite host.

  • Mac Ellenburg
    Mac Ellenburg 4 hours ago

    11/10 intro

  • Ellis McKennon
    Ellis McKennon 4 hours ago

    Too bad there's no TV screens for Gavin to walk past again.

  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera 4 hours ago

    when mariel paused i thought they were going to use a mariel soundboard

  • Anas Ali
    Anas Ali 4 hours ago

    This episode was so teased by Trevor on his socials. Who else saw his picture about the long arms?

  • lifdohop
    lifdohop 4 hours ago

    Wow just finished last episode and JUST went to check if there are any new videos and wow what a timing!

  • These Oats
    These Oats 4 hours ago

    Holy smokes, I'm early. Here's a comment I guess.

  • Christine Rolfes
    Christine Rolfes 4 hours ago

    I grew up in a well to do area and the "bad" kids did a lot of weed, and the "good" kids popped adderal.

  • Random Weeb
    Random Weeb 4 hours ago

    The vape was invented to help smokers STOP their habit. I've known people who've used it for the reason. It's only worse than cigarettes if people MAKE it worse than cigarettes. For people who don't understand how people control vapes. It has to do with the amount of nicotine they put in it. Cigarettes have about 20 or 21 Nicotine (if I remember it right). Vapes you can control how much nicotine you put in it or if you mess with the vape itself to make bigger clouds (that's what's been very dangerous). If you put like 30 grams (I believe the measurement is) than it's worse than cigarettes. What people are supposed to do is slowly take away the amount of nicotine they take in until there's none left so your brain isn't addicted anymore.

    • Chris Kim
      Chris Kim 2 hours ago

      Wrong. Nicotine is simply a stimulant. The carcinogens are from all the other stuff they put in cigarettes. Vape cannot possibly worse than cigarettes no matter the nicotine content (as long as you get your liquid/salts from a legit source). Nicotine gets demonized because of cigarettes, despite having similar addictive properties as caffeine.

    • luke l
      luke l 3 hours ago

      Oh 20 nicotine? That's a...lot?

  • M.Bordeux
    M.Bordeux 4 hours ago

    Yo That button on Mariel’s shirt is holding on for dear life.

    • DylanInTheTree2003
      DylanInTheTree2003 49 minutes ago

      Nice number of likes

    • G_MAN180
      G_MAN180 2 hours ago

      Its like when spiderman was holding the ferry together in Homecoming

    • Jonny Troche
      Jonny Troche 2 hours ago

      Buttons* more than one.

    • Pedro S.
      Pedro S. 3 hours ago

      Probably on purpose?

  • FatCat Jones
    FatCat Jones 4 hours ago

    Trevor, when asked if he wants to host: “No thanks, I can’t read!”

  • 10000 subs with no Videos

    Next on Morgz Recording a video for 24 hours(Gone wrong)

  • Ali Fareed M.C.
    Ali Fareed M.C. 4 hours ago

    I can't wait for Always Open in Slo Mo

  • The Floppy Jalopy
    The Floppy Jalopy 4 hours ago

    The kid actor is obnoxiously cringy, but other than that seems alright.