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  • Nicole Trice
    Nicole Trice 19 days ago

    I really enjoy your channel.. Come by mine lets be supporters!

  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 4 months ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • Trending Videos
    Trending Videos 5 months ago

    the assets are nice.

  • BeautyOfJulez
    BeautyOfJulez 6 months ago

    You did that!

  • disneychick8891
    disneychick8891 5 years ago

    Did you do makeup for Alexis on Orange County Housewives Season 7...there's a lady there that looks like you? Love your work by the way.

  • violagirlkmj
    violagirlkmj 5 years ago

    Do u use coastal scents eyeshadows? I'm a college student and can't afford Mac

  • Asuna Izumi
    Asuna Izumi 5 years ago

    Hi i subed !!!! :)

  • xx3m0pr1nc3ssxx
    xx3m0pr1nc3ssxx 5 years ago

    Im really intrested in trying new bold lips like pink and reds and even purples and oranges. I was wondering if you can do a video on the best way to apply and wear bold/bright lip colors even for everyday looks it would be really helpful. Love your channel!

  • Stephanie A
    Stephanie A 5 years ago

    Can you do the 5 minute FACE challenge? I'd love to see what you do!!!!

  • Lisa Noble
    Lisa Noble 5 years ago

    Hi. I really enjoy watching your channel. I have been inspired by so many looks that you have done. My question is...Is makeup for photoshoots different from the make up that you show here. What MAC foundation or foundations are good for taking photos. I put my makeup on and it doesn't look like I have any foundation on in photos. Thank you so much for your help.

  • J & J on fire
    J & J on fire 5 years ago

    How are you able to do all this so well? I try to apply makeup, dress cute and style my hair I DO NOT look anything close to you. help!

  • markfreeman408
    markfreeman408 5 years ago

    Heyo! What's up? -Mark Freeman #408

  • SherrimaQmusic
    SherrimaQmusic 5 years ago

    Love your vids!! Can u share your workout routine?

  • nikkay2desire
    nikkay2desire 5 years ago

    Your channel is great... I love the Bershka video with the outfit of the day... Subbing like now. ;o) Stay beautiful!

  • tamoniva12
    tamoniva12 5 years ago

    Your right. Had a picture taken like that already. It wasn't pretty. lol...

  • Trina J
    Trina J 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, those are some great tips for finding the right shade:)

  • TheChyrelle
    TheChyrelle 5 years ago

    Hello, I would like to contact you for an business, how can it be done? you have an email?

  • paula stewart
    paula stewart 5 years ago

    I love this look

  • preezy210
    preezy210 5 years ago

    Hey beautiful, how are you? I absolutely love your videos! I am always looking for fun and creative ways to advertise my business....so Id like to know if you'd be interested in showcasing some of my jewelry to your viewers! I will send you free earrings in exchange for some advertising!!! Yaaaay! If you're interested I will send you pics of some of the pieces...thanks!

  • Tracy Bass
    Tracy Bass 5 years ago

    love ya channel-check my channel out & Subscribe Plz

  • ChinaDoll47
    ChinaDoll47 5 years ago

    I recently came across your channel and I was telling myself I think I know her or remember her from somewhere..then it hit me! You were my neighbor down the street in LP, Opek's cousin! lol what a small world :) Hope all is well.

  • Dannie7Starr
    Dannie7Starr 5 years ago

    Have you ever tried estee lauder double wear, if so how did you like it?

  • Marie B
    Marie B 5 years ago

    Hi do u have any tutorials on how to apply bronzer, if not can u please do one with a spring or summer MU look. thx . U R THEEE BEST !!!

  • kalleb
    kalleb 5 years ago

    newer music jus got added to the page if u can can u go check em out plz

  • scarletletter68
    scarletletter68 5 years ago

    Hi, I love all of your videos! Would you please explain or even show us newbies how different color bases underneath your eyeshadow have different effects? And when and why you should use them. For example white vs. black. Thanks doll!

  • Shauni Nickz
    Shauni Nickz 5 years ago

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee ya!!!! pls enter NYX competition if u can...

  • childhoodMJJ
    childhoodMJJ 6 years ago

    i subscribed love ur vid girl

  • Itsbellatimes
    Itsbellatimes 6 years ago

    Nice channel!

  • MrsDivineright Heard

    Hey mama up late searching ebay for things and came across your new fav makeup sponge. It's going for $4.35 free shipping, from a Hong Kong. The seller store name is HappyDeal1847

  • Loveroflife
    Loveroflife 6 years ago

    I think I seen you on OC House Wives doing makeup! If so you did a great job!!!!!

  • cabezaX
    cabezaX 6 years ago

    Y am I not being notified when u upload new vids..arrggg TVclip

  • Shari hawk
    Shari hawk 6 years ago

    nvm..just saw older comments..you looked great btw!

  • Shari hawk
    Shari hawk 6 years ago

    Love your videos!!..please tell me that was you I saw on the RHOC..

  • fashionistagolden
    fashionistagolden 6 years ago

    Hey love :) i have a request for you , i havent not been able to find the perfect nude look on her , im talking everything just plain . Exept bold lashes . I just need with perfecting the nude eye , some concealer for highlight , a nude lip & dark lashes . Could you please do one , so i can see your method !! thanks love :)

  • Kalla Flores
    Kalla Flores 6 years ago

    Hey lilpumpkinpie05 I just wanted to let you know you inspire me sooo much, you need to do more OOTD yu are super adorable.. I also wanted to ask you how do you set the picture on your videos as the default picture so when people see u have posted a new look they can see the look before hand and not that akward point in the video where its just a random look. please let me know how you set your picture pleaase I would soo much appreciate it thank you!!!!! swishswish23

  • Rookie C
    Rookie C 6 years ago

    Hi, um i love your eyebrows, my eyebrows are really thin and I'd love for them to look like yours, i was wondering if you could PLEASE do a tutorial on your eyebrows, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! by the way, i love your classy personality and you have an amazing talent! :)

  • Chantelle Gordon
    Chantelle Gordon 6 years ago

    I love your Channel and have been watching for sometime now. Just got the confidence to try some new things just wanted to know what you recommend for a beginner I have watched your beginner video however I know that a lot has changed since then and you have been doing a lot of new things that might have influenced changes in the products you would recommend for a beginner. Keep up the good work you give me confidence I love seeing SUCCESSFUL BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN changing the game!

  • ChocolateConfidence
    ChocolateConfidence 6 years ago

    He! First thing I want to say is, I got me some pink lipstick girl (I previously asked you about lip color)!!! Secondly, I have a job interview at Sephora next week, any makeup tips?

  • alexis jackson
    alexis jackson 6 years ago

    omg so i love your channel, and i was just watching Real housewives of orange county and seen you on there:) but great job i was so excited!

  • ALicia D
    ALicia D 6 years ago

    were you on the real housewives of orange county?, saw a girl doing makeup that looks just like you

  • msbeautifulll68
    msbeautifulll68 6 years ago

    Beautiful Jackie :-)

  • dafrastar
    dafrastar 6 years ago

    Love you Jackie! always amazing tuts.

  • shany9988
    shany9988 6 years ago

    Happy New Year Jackie :-) Hope you enjoy 2012.


    Happy New Year sweetie pie. Love you and many blessings

  • ilovemakeup100
    ilovemakeup100 6 years ago

    happy new year hun

  • QuietQueen Project
    QuietQueen Project 6 years ago

    Hey girl! I always enjoy your vids.. But I was wondering if you wdould do a video explaining the different brushes and how to use them thanks

  • Mizztaurus86
    Mizztaurus86 6 years ago

    Can you please tell me what you put on your yourself and your clients face to give them them flawless look.

  • MsAmyO1
    MsAmyO1 6 years ago

    hope all is well! thanks for the add <3

  • Boss Lady Artistry
    Boss Lady Artistry 6 years ago

    Missing your vids already!! You are so talented & I enjoy subbing!!! Much love!!

  • Prettypinks3000
    Prettypinks3000 6 years ago

    I love the Absinthe Chrome Yellow tutorial, very nice! I just did something like that on one of my clients yesterday! Very pretty look!

  • Kady2fabulous
    Kady2fabulous 6 years ago

    Thank you soooo much for the add!!!.....stay fab...xoxo

  • firebyrd18
    firebyrd18 6 years ago

    i been riding with you since '09 and STILL no one is touching u! love love LOVE ur makeup!!!

  • Doxwifey1999
    Doxwifey1999 6 years ago


  • MzMuPhiEpsilon
    MzMuPhiEpsilon 6 years ago


  • DK
    DK 6 years ago

    Salam! am guessing u know what that means by now lol since ur awsome news going over seas to Kuwait.. yaye to u, may God bless everything you do in Kuwait.. Good luck..xoxo..

  • memejanielle85
    memejanielle85 6 years ago

    are you still using the FACE atelier?

  • KenyaAriel
    KenyaAriel 6 years ago

    hey chicka just stopping by to let you know i luv ur channel and ur reviews and reccomendation has been so helpful for us brown skinned divas so thxand keep doing you

  • Azariah's Beauty
    Azariah's Beauty 6 years ago

    I love those feather earring where did you get them.......i so want them

  • Queen Anne
    Queen Anne 6 years ago

    <3 UR CHANNEL! Keep up the good work!!! =)

  • MsJuanitaMichelle
    MsJuanitaMichelle 6 years ago

    Hey Jackie, loved that purple rimmed eye vid! Beat that face girl!

  • Destiny Godley
    Destiny Godley 6 years ago

    I live in CA too! We should collabo... - going to IMATS? if so, c u there! xx Destiny Godley

  • memejanielle85
    memejanielle85 6 years ago

    love your channel!! gorgeous!

  • Betzaida Lopez
    Betzaida Lopez 6 years ago

    showing love girl, hope you have a great weekend hugs:)

  • Zewdi Reda
    Zewdi Reda 6 years ago

    You are so good it's not even funny. You are beautiful and talented. I watched your tutorials, but God I am so horrible still :-(.

  • nicibdanza
    nicibdanza 6 years ago

    Just watched your "girl talk" video. I'm officially in love with you! =) I just started doing tutorials and that was very encouraging. Thanks girl!

  • CrystaJLove
    CrystaJLove 6 years ago

    Hey Girly Showin Sum luv ur Way

  • eyecandyzz
    eyecandyzz 6 years ago

    Showing some love.

  • malyasha7
    malyasha7 6 years ago

    I asked you what were the best brushes for blending...but you don't answer me yet could you pleaaaaase do it?! I love your channel and all the things you do and teach btw lot of love and keep doin'

  • makeupmirrornme
    makeupmirrornme 6 years ago

    oohh i loved ur DIY bridal tutorial... its gorgeous ;)

  • shany9988
    shany9988 6 years ago

    Ooops I do remember you came back to mainland lol! You're welcome. And Happy Easter :)

  • Tropicalsmiley
    Tropicalsmiley 6 years ago

    thanks for showing you tipps and tricks<3 best guru!!!

  • shany9988
    shany9988 6 years ago

    Aloha Jackie; my makeup inspiration :) lol I haven't visited your page in so long. Glad you're making videos again. My makeup skills have improved so much. You'd be proud of me haha. And congrats on close to 40k subs.

  • eyecandyzz
    eyecandyzz 6 years ago

    Stopped by to say Hey!

  • ameritrini
    ameritrini 6 years ago

    Hey girlie! Great blush picks! Love ya!

  • ToothfairyCarol
    ToothfairyCarol 6 years ago

    Catching up on your videos! How I love thee! Love the blush vid! xoxo, CAROL AKA ToothfairyCAROL :)

  • QueenMLH
    QueenMLH 6 years ago

    Hey beautiful! Will you be @ the IMATS show in NYC?

  • MissShaunSays
    MissShaunSays 6 years ago

    Hey Jackie!! I wanted to come by and tell you that I loved the last eye tutorial.

  • Erica Armstrong
    Erica Armstrong 7 years ago

    hey baby girl.. I miss your videos!!!

  • TrayTrayBaby
    TrayTrayBaby 7 years ago

    Hey Jackie hope all is well with you. Really enjoying your videos. I love the new products you've been featuring. Still my FAVORITE GURU! Stay up.

  • Krystal Bagorio
    Krystal Bagorio 7 years ago

    hope everything is well darlin<3333

  • Destiny Godley
    Destiny Godley 7 years ago

    ur fab! Had to come show <3 xoxo Destiny Godley!

  • Angela Burgin-Logan
    Angela Burgin-Logan 7 years ago

    Hi Lady! Just stopping by to say hello. Love your eyebrows! Thanks for connecting with ladiesliveandlearn!

  • helloMACkitty
    helloMACkitty 7 years ago

    Thanks for the add. I love your spunk as well as your tuts.

  • TalkinMakeUp
    TalkinMakeUp 7 years ago

    Thank you so much Jackie! It means so much to me coming from you cause seriously you are beautiful! Love you! xoxoxo

  • Jeneille Lewis
    Jeneille Lewis 7 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Jeneille Lewis
    Jeneille Lewis 7 years ago

    Jacquie...quick question. I recently received Mac's Pink Noveau and Girl about town as gifts. Girl About town looks gorgeous on me (i used Nightmoth liner and I love the look)....but I'm stuck with how to rock Pink Noveau...on it's own it washes me out....what to do what to do? :(

  • CrystaJLove
    CrystaJLove 7 years ago

    Showin Luv Kisses

  • shay laflare
    shay laflare 7 years ago

    love ur chanel i subbed

  • ALicia D
    ALicia D 7 years ago

    awww thanks for subbing, you're one of my favs :)

  • ChinaSwagga
    ChinaSwagga 7 years ago

    -Hi , nice Channel check'Out my videos , iSUBBED too yoouu && sub back if youu like :)

  • DianaRene
    DianaRene 7 years ago

    No problem its an fuji FinePix HS10 I wanted to buy a Canon . so after searching and reviewing I found that this Camera took better pictures to me in hd i mean this sucker capture all your imperfection. so be prepared to download photoshop cause your going to need it LMAO

  • Randomly Remy
    Randomly Remy 7 years ago

    You are the best !!!

  • monique1580
    monique1580 7 years ago

    Girl you do you. If they don't like then they don't have to watch and they don't have to subscribe. You are one of my inspirations. God Bless!

  • jjackéee KooKz
    jjackéee KooKz 7 years ago

    u rock.we wuv u.

    GUATEMALANHOTMAMA1 7 years ago


  • Rina Pierre
    Rina Pierre 7 years ago

    i love your work

  • MsChocolex
    MsChocolex 7 years ago

    Hey doll just have to let you know again and again, I love your channel! Stay beautiful! >:o)

  • Prettypinks3000
    Prettypinks3000 7 years ago

    Hi Jackie, how've you been? Dropping by to Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

  • Taketotheskytladyedoo

    NIce look, I want to try it asap

  • ALicia D
    ALicia D 7 years ago

    love the new video!

  • tiffjo2011
    tiffjo2011 7 years ago

    Thanks for accepting my request. I love your makeup tutorials! They are awesome. Keep it coming!

  • copperypeach
    copperypeach 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas doll. I hope you got all that you asked for and more! Come back soon - we miss your lovely face & videos! Btw, I am now 'following' you on Twitter! lol - (I'm ticklemyfancy31 on there)! Take care, hun. :~) ~Francesca

  • ilovemakeup100
    ilovemakeup100 7 years ago

    thanks for stopping by missing you vids hope christmas is shaping up well for you and family lol

  • divinedivak
    divinedivak 7 years ago

    I trust you are doing well. Would love to see a few Holiday looks!

  • TrayTrayBaby
    TrayTrayBaby 7 years ago

    Hey Jackie, where you been? Hope all is well. Miss you :-)

  • ilovemakeup100
    ilovemakeup100 7 years ago

    hey girlie whats happening lol

  • keke coley
    keke coley 7 years ago

    Thanxx for accepting my friend request;; -Luv your videos!!

  • Savannah Sylver
    Savannah Sylver 7 years ago

    Hey Gorgeous. How you doin.

  • Makayla Christensen
    Makayla Christensen 7 years ago

    Thanks for accepting my request! I had to start a new youtube page so I had to find all my faves again. Easy but not. lol

  •  7 years ago

    you are seriously the best makeup guru! ahh love your vids , so inspiring! :-)

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    hey hunny!!! its me again lol ur number one self proclaimed fan lol just wanted to come by and say hey so.... hayyyyyy lol :)

  • Selene alpuche ramirez

    hola chica guapa espero me respondas me encantan tus videos son geniales espero entiendas este idioma (español)

  • chocolatediva29
    chocolatediva29 7 years ago

    great channel,I just subbed =)

  • rodeo0926
    rodeo0926 7 years ago

    It's been a while I didn't wrote a lil smthg lol! Always gorgeous and keeping up the good work ;) xoxo

    MSWELLROUNDED 7 years ago


  • blushy04
    blushy04 7 years ago

    I have subscribed to many pages and yours has to the one of the best!!!!

  • CasseySV
    CasseySV 7 years ago

    You look like Kelly Rowland! And you gotta hypnotising eyes *.*

  • TheNailhogg2003
    TheNailhogg2003 7 years ago

    hey hunn! Jus stopped by to show some love...I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDS! Stop by my channel, take a look and comment and or subscribe...Much love & respect!

  • Carissa Cheadle
    Carissa Cheadle 7 years ago

    YES! A black woman that has some professional and tasteful makeup skills! I was hooked from the eyebrow video. You do great work and you are one of the most photogenic people I've ever seen. You have gorgeous features! I subbed!

  • PrettyGirlSwaGG119
    PrettyGirlSwaGG119 7 years ago

    you are so beautiful!

  • BeautysBlueprint
    BeautysBlueprint 7 years ago

    Subbed! You're beautiful!

    SANDEE PROUD 7 years ago

    hi im just asking how did u put ur picture ? here? at the side?

  • Shanni9695
    Shanni9695 7 years ago

    ooooooo...the new masquerade look is so pretty and sparkly....i like sparkly. :)

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    You I think I may have won my BET! (maybe) Did I??? LOL

  • cuveetv
    cuveetv 7 years ago


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    monique1580 7 years ago


  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    Hey Dollface, Hope you have a great day!

  • MyJessicaJ
    MyJessicaJ 7 years ago

    girl i promise you can pull off any color you want. love it!

  • jamesgirl37
    jamesgirl37 7 years ago

    mahalo so much can't wait yay

  • MyJessicaJ
    MyJessicaJ 7 years ago

    where u been girl

  • jamesgirl37
    jamesgirl37 7 years ago

    aloha I don't know if u take request but if possible can u do a mod twiggy make up look I want to try it one myself but don't know where to start I would be so grateful and excited to see a expert do it

  • Melanin MILZ
    Melanin MILZ 7 years ago

    I became a fan of your work I can learn alot about you I love the way you do make up

  • Jeneille Lewis
    Jeneille Lewis 7 years ago

    Jackie! Missing the tuts! Hope all is well :)

  • MyJessicaJ
    MyJessicaJ 7 years ago

    whats your name on facebook?

  • MyJessicaJ
    MyJessicaJ 7 years ago

    hey girl, yeah thats me, i remember u too and yeah i once was real good friends with nique. how u been!!!?

  • Launch And Grow Biz
    Launch And Grow Biz 7 years ago

    We love your summer isn't over video! Very pretty look! ~The Twins~

  • MyJessicaJ
    MyJessicaJ 7 years ago

    nice makeup!

  • DSTcenterpOiNtE
    DSTcenterpOiNtE 7 years ago

    Hi. Will you be doing a preview/review of the Fabulous Felines Collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts. We have similar skin coloring. You're fabulous!!!

  • My Beauty Nation
    My Beauty Nation 7 years ago

    I miss you! ~sP

  • My Beauty Nation
    My Beauty Nation 7 years ago

    MissYouMuch! ~sP

  • monique1580
    monique1580 7 years ago

    RIGHT ON!!!!!

  • It's CRYSTAL!
    It's CRYSTAL! 7 years ago

    Okay, where have I been because I'm just catching the new channel design!? It's lovely sparkly fabulous-ness! Crystal

  • TrayTrayBaby
    TrayTrayBaby 7 years ago

    Hey Jackie, how have you been? Will you be doing tutorials from any of the new MAC collections? Miss you and hope that you are enjoying your summer. Sending much love.

  • TalkinMakeUp
    TalkinMakeUp 7 years ago

    Congrats on 20,000 Subs you are doing Amazing! xoxoxoxo Love Camille

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    i miss my pumkin pie lol hope all is well girl the youtube world is missing one of there badest !!! ttyl xoxox

    MEECHI P-K 7 years ago

    HOLA MAKEUP LOVERS!!! For any of you who love makeup like I do, please be advised to stop using, stop purchasing, and promoting BSC (BitchSlapCosmetics)...the makeup is questionable and possibly harmful. On my channel, please view the first 4 videos in my favs made by the promoters that no longer represent this company. I think BSC is going to be hit with a major Class Action Lawsuit because of this. Please get informed by watching these ladies videos in my favs...thanks and God Bless to all. Meechipk11 XOXOX

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    Have a good early weekend

  • Shackara Nicol
    Shackara Nicol 7 years ago

    you are very beautiful... and i subbed!

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    how r u doing??? hope u r enjoying ur friday so far ttyl!!!

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    AH! MRS>MAKEUP GAME ON POINT! Happy Friday!!!!!

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    hey hun, just stopping by to say hey to my fav GURU!.... SO HEYYYY GIRLLL.... LOL HOPE ALL IS WELL MISSS YA BUNCHES... MSYANNA &hearts;

  • Jackie Zamora
    Jackie Zamora 7 years ago

    Jaaaaaccckkiie!! Just wanted to leave you a comment LMAO!!

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    hey hun i really love the IMATS vid you rock as always :) love the pics and i cant wait for some more vids whoo hooo !!!! &hearts; your biggest self proclaimed fan lol

  • BaylovesPow
    BaylovesPow 7 years ago

    aww, jackie! =) you are the sweetest thing! it was so nice meeting you!!!! =) i had a safe trip, thank you! =)

  • jomakemeblush
    jomakemeblush 7 years ago

    Hey Jackie! :) Yes I saw you at imats too I kept telling my sis to go with me to say hi but she was like "b**** you go" haha. Anyhow it was nice seeing you. You are even more fab in person. Stay gorgeous!

    SIMPLY MONNIE_MUA 7 years ago


  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    I bet you hit 20K Before August 2010!

  • DiamondsandDior
    DiamondsandDior 7 years ago

    Great new channel, just stopped by to say hello!

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    I need to see my Pumpkin! LOL

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    Its the weekend baby!!!!! have a safe one Heart Ya!

  •  7 years ago


  • Ka St
    Ka St 7 years ago

    I really love your tutorials, they are really clear I dont have to be wondering wat are you trying to say, its like your teaching and also I love your make up applications very good job. I wish you all the best and continue with your tutorials, also I just love how you just speak your mind, about things that you don't appreciate. Thanks for accepting my friend request. Again continue with ur great make up applications and your personality. I would love to pursue make up artistry after my studies in university.

  • PinkyPooTV
    PinkyPooTV 7 years ago

    Have a wonderful week!

    MACaHOLIC22 7 years ago

    I enjoy watching your videos> You do great work hun, very talented.

  • shany9988
    shany9988 7 years ago

    HEY Jackie :) Just here to say 'Hi'. Haven't been on your page in so long, I like the new background/banner! and that side pic is gorgeous! Hope all is well, Bye!

  • My Beauty Nation
    My Beauty Nation 7 years ago

    talk to me about what? i am here for you boo! ~sP

  • TrayTrayBaby
    TrayTrayBaby 7 years ago

    Hey Sweetie, Miss you. Hope your having fun in Cali. Love your new picture, you look so soft and elegant. I enjoy your videos so so much and look forward when I come home and check to see if anything new is up! It's almost like a drug...lol. Girl I have tried so many of your looks and have gotten all kinda props. I always turn them on to you. Hope your subbies keep growing. Continue to do you. Peace and Love Tray

  • jomakemeblush
    jomakemeblush 7 years ago

    Hopefully we run into each other :)

  • Shaleta Hall
    Shaleta Hall 7 years ago

    thanks for da add!

  • msyannaboo
    msyannaboo 7 years ago

    I so am missing my fav gurus i love and miss u girly hope all is well, toodles!!!

  • firebyrd18
    firebyrd18 7 years ago

    Hey Pumpkinpie!!! Wanted to know when are you going to do a perfect lip again!!! I feel in love with the pink lip and red lip!!! I am also a nw45 user! Hope all is well!!!

  • ajthemodel84
    ajthemodel84 7 years ago

    hey girlie, just saying hi and miss ur vids. hope to see more soon

  • MissChriss82
    MissChriss82 7 years ago

    Hey Beauty!! So proud of you love. Keep that makeup game on point Miss Jackie BBBAAABBBYYYY. Kisses babes, Chrissy

  • My Beauty Nation
    My Beauty Nation 7 years ago

    Hey beautifu just stopping by to say hi! Hope all is well. I miss you!!! ~sP

  • Jennifer Toy
    Jennifer Toy 7 years ago

    i love love love your new headshots for your business cards!! how's virg doing? i miss her. tell her hi for me!

  • ilovemakeup100
    ilovemakeup100 7 years ago

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