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  • The Wright Vibe
    The Wright Vibe 6 hours ago

    My two favorites!

  • Annie Love
    Annie Love 6 hours ago

    Congrats girl !!

  • TheBlessedDriver
    TheBlessedDriver 7 hours ago

    She is gorgeous

  • Natalia V.
    Natalia V. 7 hours ago

    Soooooo pretty!!! Hermosa! La amo!

  • SheGamerxo
    SheGamerxo 8 hours ago

    Jackie acknowledged us sims players 😍😍

  • Mokakes
    Mokakes 8 hours ago

    I love her vibe I swear lol

  • Nadine ezz
    Nadine ezz 9 hours ago

    yess i’m muslim and this made so happy

  • Maria Pervykh
    Maria Pervykh 9 hours ago

    What did they say around 8:57 when Jackie mentioned her palette?

  • Pr3ppie
    Pr3ppie 9 hours ago

    And now for the most important question: are you team American or team British accent?

  • Mari Meri
    Mari Meri 9 hours ago

    i can't use the instant retouch primer, it gives me zits

  • Mari Meri
    Mari Meri 10 hours ago

    girl i think all colours look good on you ;)

  • MissEssone Leila
    MissEssone Leila 10 hours ago

    OMG!!!! COME TO RWANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haya Almuftah
    Haya Almuftah 11 hours ago

    25:09 u can use the shade angel in the love liv eyeshadow pallet

  • Dangerous RTZ
    Dangerous RTZ 12 hours ago

    I love this gurl ❤️

  • Vaiyne Narcissus
    Vaiyne Narcissus 13 hours ago

    Be careful, ALL makeup contains titanium dioxide which is known to the state of California to cause cancer birth defects and reproductive harm. Please look up Prop 65. I stopped wearing makeup for this reason. You are flawless already, don't kill yourself over a trend. Namaste.😊

  • Sameera Faizy
    Sameera Faizy 13 hours ago


  • BlackBerryTrees
    BlackBerryTrees 13 hours ago

    Omgosh this is such a cute video! Loved watching this! Would actually love to see a Halima Disney Movie! Like Milan but Somalia

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T 13 hours ago

    I must be slippin on watching her videos because who is this 😂😂🤣 2:29

  • Marufa Rodriguez
    Marufa Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    02:16 the stores that failed you need to be boycotted yo, how dare they

  • XYZ
    XYZ 14 hours ago

    Naomi is such a bitch. I love it lmao amazing. I stand

  • Mayumi Garcia
    Mayumi Garcia 15 hours ago

    ur editing and humour always have me rollinnnnnnn

  • Chase Kimball
    Chase Kimball 15 hours ago

    I’m a pale af ginger and have struggled for years to try and find foundation that was light enough for me, let alone had the right undertone. And as a stage performer who goes through obscene amounts of makeup during the run of a show, having an affordable foundation that offers a real shade range makes me so happy. I’m glad that the days of only beige drugstore complexion products are over, not just for my reflective self but for my darker sisters and brothers as well ❤️

  • ForWhereTwoOrThreeAreGathered Prayer

    I grew up watching Naomi Campbell!!!!

  • ForWhereTwoOrThreeAreGathered Prayer

    Loved it!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jesicca G
    Jesicca G 15 hours ago

    Is it me or did it feel like ABH didn't give this palette, its moment to shine? Cuz didn't Norvina bust out with 2 palettes, like 2 weeks later? Sad, ABH finally comes out with a palette that I like & want to buy & she didn't give it enough time to promote & have its moment, before she said "Thank you, NEXT!" Where's the love ABH?

  • R Beasley
    R Beasley 15 hours ago

    Jackie I crossed over today. I bought your eyeshadow pallet! Love it!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Giorne Manson
    Giorne Manson 15 hours ago

    The EDITING 😂😂😂 I just subbed. You are too funny! Love it!

  • Emily Ezeogu
    Emily Ezeogu 16 hours ago

    This is such an amazing video and wonderful message! Keep thriving because you are amazing and a great role model to other girls.

  • ayyavvu
    ayyavvu 16 hours ago

    Love your palette!

  • Ps ILovvyou
    Ps ILovvyou 17 hours ago

    Honestly I don’t watch you for makeup. I love the things you talk about! You speak the truth 👏🏽 and I love that because not many other “influencers” do that. And people actually listen to you so your voice matters. Side note tho ... I wish I could blend my makeup like you I just get overwhelmed. Like I’m ok but I could be better lol.

  • Myriam Sarah
    Myriam Sarah 17 hours ago

    Please can you do a video on the kind of brushes do you use?

  • Blueflam18
    Blueflam18 18 hours ago

    I didn’t realize but I actually needed this.

  • Mr. Henry
    Mr. Henry 19 hours ago

    Daddy: i dont like the sunglasses btw.. OH SIR YOU DEF. GOT TASTE👌👌

  • Madame Chante
    Madame Chante 19 hours ago

    Yaaasss 😍😍😍😍

  • roxana guerrero
    roxana guerrero 19 hours ago

    I just started watching you and I’m sooo in love with you already, your soul, your personality are beautiful 🥰

  • Christina Berenguer
    Christina Berenguer 20 hours ago

    10:48 had me cracking tf up 😭😭😭

  • originofmyworld
    originofmyworld 20 hours ago

    I WAS doing dishes lol

  • Divine Healing Goddess

    LMao gurl I have binge watching you for days I love you now basically, were bffs.

  • Christina Berenguer
    Christina Berenguer 20 hours ago

    Your eye makeup is vanishing my overdraft fee rn thank u ma’am

  • Kenneth Rosario
    Kenneth Rosario 20 hours ago

    Lady Gaga should have kept this make up idea to herself.

  • MeMe K
    MeMe K 20 hours ago

    I appreciate Naomi's personality. She's so honest and beautiful

  • velvet ghost
    velvet ghost 21 hour ago

    A lady I used to work with who was in her late 30’s told me “it gets better. I don’t really know how, but with time a lot of things just get easier.” And that was just really comforting to me even though it was kind of vague lol.

  • Esperanza. A. Owens
    Esperanza. A. Owens 21 hour ago

    What is the name of the colour of the last one she wore?

  • Keisha Eller
    Keisha Eller 21 hour ago

    I almost gagged when I saw her in the frame. Like wait, whaaaaa!!!!!

  • Lymari Montijo
    Lymari Montijo 22 hours ago

    I just feel like naomi doesnt understand half the references Jackie is saying. Oh well

  • M.H. T
    M.H. T 22 hours ago

    Nice 👍 💋

  • Sada MoMo
    Sada MoMo 22 hours ago

    Actually i would recommend to use a separate spf product not a moisturizer or a tinted cream or foundation with spf just to be able to apply the right amount :) well just because she is a teenager doesn't mean that's her target customer for me is all of strange things fans, and well a lot of them aren't just teens, she gained fame so her branch is even bigger

  • L. Richards
    L. Richards 22 hours ago


  • Cindy SG
    Cindy SG 22 hours ago

    Is the "Omni" light therapy devices something we can purchase?

  • Lisa Dahlgren
    Lisa Dahlgren Day ago

    Girl, you CREATED your place in the beauty community! <3

  • Manoila ki
    Manoila ki Day ago


  • garbage
    garbage Day ago

    Humidity on a flight is usually 8%, and skin needs 30% to be healthy so you skin gets oily cause it’s like gorl we thirsty

  • Nyemba CN
    Nyemba CN Day ago

    I wear glasses and my nose is problem..make up disappears during the day 😂😂😂

  • originofmyworld

    Yay someone else who loves black and white movies!!!! TCM is also a great channel, besides AMC and Netflix.

  • Angelic Erin
    Angelic Erin Day ago

    love jackie ♥️♥️

  • ST4
    ST4 Day ago

  • Vinisha DS
    Vinisha DS Day ago

    So wait.. you can pee with the tampon inside?

    • Vinisha DS
      Vinisha DS 13 hours ago

      Daniela Perez I know but it sounds disgusting

    • Daniela Perez
      Daniela Perez 20 hours ago

      yes, because pee doesn't come out of the same hole as your period does

  • Olivia Lovell
    Olivia Lovell Day ago

    I love that lipstick on u ,In my opinion it definitely works ♡

  • Tyleya
    Tyleya Day ago


  • Ravy Savy
    Ravy Savy Day ago

    Such an inspiration, thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  • phoenix
    phoenix Day ago

    Yall are so pretty and fun we NEED another collab please you both look stunning gorgeous 😊😊❤️❤️❤️😁

  • Shineta Turner

    Just received my Jackie Aina ABH Palette!!! I’m loving it so much.... I don’t want to touch the shadows! I mean the colors are GORGEOUS ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Adriana Viramontes

    god i wish i had these skill my year too lol

  • TalkingWithTimaiah

    This makes me soooo happy! 🥺🥰♥️

  • kalanel5
    kalanel5 Day ago

    lol...melted skin...wasnt what I was expecting.

  • Jannelle Wu
    Jannelle Wu Day ago

    FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT Why would you put shadow over the entire lid just to cover it up with concealer?? That sounds gross tbh I was beginning to wonder does it shine through or something special? LOL I always clean with a q-tip the excess shadow on the lid before I do the concealer

  • Morgan Lamack
    Morgan Lamack Day ago

    Dude she is hilarious. Smh. She is one of the BEST.. she goes I'm DEPTH. Not just doing makeup on her face with us watching and trying... yeah TRYING to follow along like a lot of others. Do I appreciate this? MAN WHATT. I sure do. Thank you

  • YooooSum
    YooooSum Day ago

    so confused by the thumbs down.

  • Jonathan Tuitasi

    Love u

  • UnderDogZ
    UnderDogZ Day ago

    Yep you're cute x

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez Day ago


  • Yasna Yeganeh
    Yasna Yeganeh Day ago


  • Jonathan Tuitasi

    Same here. I love u jackieee

  • Zarrah C
    Zarrah C Day ago

    I’m brown but have yellow undertones and I can never find the right shade as it’s either pinkish, too light or too dark

  • Nini Mf
    Nini Mf Day ago

    Naomi is that bitch 👏🏾. She’s like I don’t really need makeup.

  • Akua Boaduah
    Akua Boaduah Day ago

    I’m allergic to spf and sunscreen

  • Djibouti Johnson

    Oh now we can watch James review your palette!... wait 😒

  • Vanessa A
    Vanessa A Day ago

    That’s not edible, Jade 😂

  • Zoe Pritts
    Zoe Pritts Day ago

    My hooded eyes are crying

  • Praise Adeyemi

    Love you Jackie. You’re hilarious 🤣😂

  • Sweet Sarita
    Sweet Sarita Day ago

    It seems like I hear a lot of influencers saying that they don't "fit in". I can only imagine what the "community" is really like, but I'm glad that there are so many different kinds of personalities, because what would the point be if everyone was the same? I love Jackie's energy! She definitely has a seat at the table of the elite influencers and she deserves it!

  • A Little Bit
    A Little Bit Day ago

    is more sad when you think that the 90% of that comments are from 12-16 year old kids.... you know... the future....

  • Moira M
    Moira M Day ago

    Thanks for the review!! Their line is so cute, just followed them on Instagram so I’m glad you had a video

  • Nata S
    Nata S Day ago

    Wow 🤩 what an honor!

  • Jose Antonio Zarate Zarate

    You know me toooowelll I haven’t subscribed but also can’t stop watching your videos! It’s a love hate relationship

  • j louise
    j louise Day ago

    DAMN the power of makeup.

  • sarahforaface
    sarahforaface Day ago

    Thank you Jackie , love your videos

  • Саша Бэрри

    i get sweaty when i think about not being sweaty or 'oh what if ill get sweaty' too!!!!!

  • Amber Overmyer

    You being unabashedly yourself is the VERY reason why I subscribed to you. ❤❤

  • Melissa Hays
    Melissa Hays Day ago

    Who are these people disliking this video? 😫 What’s not to like? Beautiful makeup with 8,000 shades of concealer, eloquent speaking, and honesty without being unkind. I loved it.

  • CaylahMoné TV

    Nobody: Jackie: guess what babes there’s this lil homie call gravity and it be trying to drag people 👏🏾

  • R Wil
    R Wil Day ago

    Jackie you are so beautiful.

  • たいがー
    たいがー Day ago

    I gave this eye shadow palette to my mother as a birthday present. Thank you for creating a nice eyeshadow palette. Mom looks very happy😘♡

  • Taylor Gabrielle


  • Quentin Taylor

    watching this while its 1am and is sleeping in a full face of makeup

  • Julaine Young
    Julaine Young Day ago

    She is, the BOMB!!!!

  • holy wolf
    holy wolf Day ago

    i swear everyone has a skincare/makeup brand now

  • Hadiyah Brown
    Hadiyah Brown Day ago

    I freaking loooooooovveeee iiiittt! YES y'all

  • Mama Judy
    Mama Judy Day ago


  • Mama Judy
    Mama Judy Day ago