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  • quince
    quince 2 hours ago

    In the thumbnail you look like a mid 2000s rapper lol

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 2 hours ago

    Im a Greek polish princess...I get VERY DARK in the sun but get very pale in winter and am totally a neutral undertone rather than oilve or pink and Tinted moisturizer is super tricky for me as well... Theyre either toooooo pink or tooooo yellow.. Actually concealer and foundations are hard as well... Nars is the only brand that has a true neutral that fits me.

  • Megan Bayus
    Megan Bayus 2 hours ago


  • Sabrina Marie
    Sabrina Marie 2 hours ago

    That was my foot...not a fart. Don’t try me.

  • Sha Clachic
    Sha Clachic 2 hours ago

    I personally don’t like spf in my moisturizer! I like to apply it separately on top of moisturizer.

  • Queen Nilyam
    Queen Nilyam 2 hours ago


  • Phitayaa M
    Phitayaa M 3 hours ago

    Try Kosas they have darker tones and it really good

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 3 hours ago

    Thats a lot of tinted moisturizer for one face

  • Kelsey Atwill
    Kelsey Atwill 3 hours ago

    Your edits kill me 😂😂

  • Kiara Wilson
    Kiara Wilson 3 hours ago

    Jackie said 🚨🚘🚒🏎🚗🚨🚨🚨

  • Deitrich Lott
    Deitrich Lott 3 hours ago


  • PurpleGoomy
    PurpleGoomy 3 hours ago

    Damn, it really made her look like a baked bean.... it was getting hotter by the second 😬😬😬😬

  • Genese Knox
    Genese Knox 3 hours ago

    What in the fashion fair cosmetics circa 1996!!!

  • The Domestic Desi
    The Domestic Desi 3 hours ago

    You should have mixed a darker and lighter color and it wouldn't have been so red like it was just using those deep shades that were so close together. I'm medium tan too and I go thru this with deeper shades too. So i buy a little deeper of a shade and then a lighter shade to lighten and neutralize it.

  • Queen Sasha
    Queen Sasha 3 hours ago

    This intro has a cracking up !!!

  • Mizz-NiqueWorld
    Mizz-NiqueWorld 3 hours ago

    lol i remember when u post that clip on ur IG i had to watch it over and over and yell were's the products

  • Jusna Begum
    Jusna Begum 3 hours ago

    She's 15, she probably aimed it for girls around her age so they aint going from 10 to 20.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 3 hours ago

    Regarding the skin tint: Jackie: who are they trying to market this to? Me: cheetos lovers, because that's what it smells like lol

  • relaxwithme
    relaxwithme 3 hours ago

    I’m rolling 😂

  • Suleyka Martinez
    Suleyka Martinez 3 hours ago

    This was soo funny lol

  • reem karar • stan X1


  • Stephanie Corbett
    Stephanie Corbett 3 hours ago

    It was around the 20:03 mark when it REALLY took a turn for the worst.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 3 hours ago

      I'll pass. I'm still waiting for the cheaper/better glossier brands to come out of hiding. Otherwise these brands need to stop selling the least for the absolute most price.

  • Sofia M.
    Sofia M. 3 hours ago

    Looks like a poor man’s glossier, but actually more expensive...

  • blcqbeauty91
    blcqbeauty91 3 hours ago

    Girl if you don’t take this shit off . Horrible 😂

  • Latiffia Bryant
    Latiffia Bryant 3 hours ago

    You are so beautiful ❤️😍

  • evidence smith
    evidence smith 3 hours ago

    Milly... I love you....but nooo...just nooo 😂💕

  • Dstap 84
    Dstap 84 3 hours ago

    Jackie do you boo.

  • emily clarck
    emily clarck 3 hours ago

    Looking like a cute Riley from the boondocks todayyy🤣❤️❤️

  • evidence smith
    evidence smith 3 hours ago

    10:21 😂😂😂💕

  • najaja
    najaja 3 hours ago

    I would love if you did do a video on self-care for teenage who are just starting 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Lorna
    Lorna 3 hours ago

    Honestly I'm surprised you didn't rip into the brand more...the only person who can wear that shade is the oompa loompa in Chief.

  • najaja
    najaja 3 hours ago

    Is weird that like it and I’m 21years old

  • N Payne
    N Payne 3 hours ago

    Hunni!!!! That brushed side is torturous!!!😳

  • Latrice Evans
    Latrice Evans 3 hours ago

    I laughed so hard I almost woke my son up!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂 “my skin is itching”

  • Olexa Blackwood
    Olexa Blackwood 3 hours ago

    Love your video Jackie also hope life is full of smiles and keep up the makeup girl😎😎

  • Camryn Murphy
    Camryn Murphy 3 hours ago

    The editing had me dying 😂

  • Tomorrow Thomas
    Tomorrow Thomas 3 hours ago

    No you did not call that girl milly rock😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • victoria b
    victoria b 3 hours ago

    I'll pass. I'm still waiting for the cheaper/better glossier brands to come out of hiding. Otherwise these brands need to stop selling the least for the absolute most price.

  • np
    np 3 hours ago

    Wow this was like instant oxidization..the swatches looked so much different...the mist blush and gloss looks cute tho. The only really crazy priced item is the eye patch

  • Charnette Johnson
    Charnette Johnson 4 hours ago

    Violet you’re turning violet I dieddd

  • Kate
    Kate 4 hours ago

    Is that botox or are you related to Mr Clean?

  • Marce Madness
    Marce Madness 4 hours ago

    lmao Jackie, you’re hilarious

  • idontlikemilk
    idontlikemilk 4 hours ago

    Miss dreamy who who ?

  • Maryn Miller
    Maryn Miller 4 hours ago

    Jackie would you do a video teaching the younger people who watch your channel about skincare and makeup? My little sister wants to know but idk how to educate bc I never wear more than spf

  • Beyou2Ful
    Beyou2Ful 4 hours ago

    Here I was low key hyped for a skin tint for the winter, and this is what she gives us.

  • itsRaeSymone
    itsRaeSymone 4 hours ago

    Jackieeeeee. It just got worse and worse. I was literally begging you to wash your face 😂😂. LOOKS LIKE SUNBURN 🥵

  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson 4 hours ago

    Auntie I don't even know how you continued trying to fix this hot mess 😂

  • lovellybeauty
    lovellybeauty 4 hours ago

    You know what girl..😂😂😭 I love your videos! Where do I help with the hyperpigmentation campaign though?

  • YoYo Swift
    YoYo Swift 4 hours ago

    Wow......u really took one for the team with this one. I thought I had landed on planet mars instead of a Jackie video! Luv ya sis

  • Anastasia Brown
    Anastasia Brown 4 hours ago

    I have a long list of hilarious shizzniz you said in this one. Well CORRECTION most videos!

  • Sherkendra Burch
    Sherkendra Burch 4 hours ago

    I love you Jackie.... that's all I have to say😩

  • Millennial Diva
    Millennial Diva 4 hours ago

    electric chair!😂😂

  • Hessed3712
    Hessed3712 4 hours ago

    I wish Covergirl still had the queen collection 😔.

  • 08 _011
    08 _011 4 hours ago


  • Donna Crooks
    Donna Crooks 4 hours ago


  • Ja-Nee Reviews
    Ja-Nee Reviews 4 hours ago

    I appreciate that you still gave the products a chance. FYI: The edit with the "I'm scared " girl had me DYING LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Great review Jackie.

  • Tasanm5
    Tasanm5 4 hours ago

    Okay editing!!!

  • Izzy G.
    Izzy G. 4 hours ago

    The editing is seNDING MEEEEEE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shica Spence
    Shica Spence 4 hours ago

    Jackie! This was a messssss!

  • momo
    momo 4 hours ago

    i was screaming auntie jackie take off that skin tiiiinnntttt... :(

  • madabouthollyoaks411

    Oh Dear Lord I thought the thumbnail was an effect. What in the baked bean hell ...

  • girlfriday73
    girlfriday73 4 hours ago

    Extra glowy and loved by the lordt today 😄😅😂

  • Faye Nixon
    Faye Nixon 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail has me crineee 😭

    IGOTHEAVYFLOW 4 hours ago

    I think this makeup is for cosplay kids and they teenagers who make up some of her fan base. Some of these kids already spend a lot of on cosplay and and comic cons.

  • Lalala
    Lalala 4 hours ago

    One of my favorite makeup looks from you💕💕💕

  • vincytvholic
    vincytvholic 4 hours ago

    Wonder if you got a bad batch of the skin tint with the smell

  • Janette Pullen
    Janette Pullen 4 hours ago

    Lmaooo the edits sent me

  • JlynZ
    JlynZ 4 hours ago

    I want to know who made these colors because who is oompaloompa pinky tan like that honest to the heavens.

  • ZoeBowie09
    ZoeBowie09 4 hours ago

    I have never laughed so hard at a tutorial! The oxidation is crazy!!!

  • Deborah Anderson
    Deborah Anderson 4 hours ago

    Tell the truth Jackie!

  • Erika Barber
    Erika Barber 4 hours ago

    Love that you really tired to make it work even though it was super crazy red. Thanks for the honest reviews

  • Sapphire Gray
    Sapphire Gray 4 hours ago

    YOU LOOK GORGEOUS.... omgggg 😍😍😍

  • Zion Donahue
    Zion Donahue 4 hours ago

    Jackie: you probably spend more time outside as a teen Me: hasn’t left my room for 40 days and 40 nights

  • keechi O
    keechi O 4 hours ago

    At some point I took my eyes off the screen, then I looked and I literally said "dang why aunty look like an oompa loompa?" way too red/orange!

  • Dani Shaw
    Dani Shaw 4 hours ago

    Image Jackie Aina merchandise👀..., I’ll wait.... exactly😩💜I need

  • Sapphire Gray
    Sapphire Gray 4 hours ago

    You look so much like kelly Rowling midway before the eyebrow products.... I love makeup I swear minor changes make such a different look.

  • momo
    momo 4 hours ago

    Sis but the editiiiiiiiinnnnggg ❤😣🙌

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 4 hours ago

    ,,,,,,$34 for eye patches that dont /really/ do anything,,,,,,,,yeah no, seems like a bad deal imo

  • Jaclyn Hill
    Jaclyn Hill 4 hours ago

    OMG what is that? we are in 2019 and soon 2020

  • JlynZ
    JlynZ 5 hours ago

    Loved the skincare demo. As a person who does skincare and brows on the daily. Prefer it more for on the go days.

  • Esme E
    Esme E 5 hours ago

    Girl it oxidized 4 shades darker

  • Willa Pruitt
    Willa Pruitt 5 hours ago

    "wait no cause you got two eyes....one month of product" bro I-

  • Brandy Woods
    Brandy Woods 5 hours ago

    I was getting scared when everything kept looking red. I have legit yellow undertones.

  • Pamela Okwu
    Pamela Okwu 5 hours ago

    The editing in this video is 🔥

  • Playing In Makeup w/ LC Ruff

    Looks like you had a chemical peel.

  • Hello?
    Hello? 5 hours ago


  • JlynZ
    JlynZ 5 hours ago

    I wanted to ask if it oxidized from the preview, but this is an oh no.

  • Madeline Russ
    Madeline Russ 5 hours ago

    If you live the smell of Rose's, try By Terry skincare. It's expensive, but it's fabulous!!!!

  • paulette samuel
    paulette samuel 5 hours ago

    Love u girl I've been watching you for years. Love ur honesty 😘

  • tyler lewis
    tyler lewis 5 hours ago

    Dam girl did u use the whole box if Vaseline on your face or is that just nature grease

  • Gasoline Pearls
    Gasoline Pearls 5 hours ago

    I appreciate you taking one for the team bc the skin tint color was just disrespectful.

  • Cynthia A
    Cynthia A 5 hours ago

    “That was my foot, not a fart *insert eye roll*” 😂😂

  • Brit Chić
    Brit Chić 5 hours ago

    Jackie, you look like you’ve been baked 🥵. Your eyes and teeth are poppin … not in a good way 😬 I’m scurred 😱

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry 5 hours ago

    😆 you're using it with your eyes open

  • Erniefare Sullivan
    Erniefare Sullivan 5 hours ago

    I just love your personality 😍

  • Frasheska Pr
    Frasheska Pr 5 hours ago

    The edition when the spray everythinga litle more warm 💀

  • Kella LaFaire
    Kella LaFaire 5 hours ago


  • AD NYC
    AD NYC 5 hours ago

    Jackie you apply to much product to your face. That lotion amount is OD most ppl do it. A pea size is really enough for you whole face only. Oil you only need 2-3 drops for for face and neck.

  • Randa Aziz
    Randa Aziz 5 hours ago

    its just got oompa loompa-ier by the second. It said 👹

  • MiyaHasArrived
    MiyaHasArrived 5 hours ago

    Electric Chair 🤣🤣🤣