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  • idontgotnothin
    idontgotnothin 7 hours ago

    Listening to this while working out setting new PRs but my shoulders are killing me. Im dropping the weight and starting over cuz of this podcast.

  • sampe
    sampe 7 hours ago

    Wen Rogan said 100 million is a billion 🤣😂💀

  • Caleb Beard
    Caleb Beard 7 hours ago

    Joe “I feel like they cranked them” Rogan

  • Jerzy O
    Jerzy O 7 hours ago

    less talking about fighting - boring as hell, bring James Wilks and Ronda

  • Anonymous for Obvious reasons

    SJW "you can only talk about the Indigenous peoples when they are seen as the soul victims, and US as a monster!" Me: rolls eyes "Yeah because looking back at history through a black-and-white lens is totally the way to do it."

  • David James
    David James 7 hours ago

    How can Joe work out so much but have a fat face?

  • klasified1
    klasified1 7 hours ago

    "Wait what happened? That couldnt happen.. But it did happen!"

  • Hate'cha bro
    Hate'cha bro 7 hours ago

    Greta wasn't just complaining on tv, she was infront of world leaders. She inspired masses to protest.

  • Henk Vrijhoeven
    Henk Vrijhoeven 7 hours ago

    Here I am telling myself I'm not gonna listen to a podcast with a dude calling himself lil sumthin. I enjoyed this podcast.

  • B Ferguson
    B Ferguson 7 hours ago

    Would like you too look up the craziest wild boar to hunt in the world. The Carpathian Boar. I've heard done wild stories about hunting that one. Definitely come through to Raleigh NC. We got a few good comedy venues.

  • Tim Geurts
    Tim Geurts 7 hours ago


  • Hollie Dzierzanowski

    Don’t wanna be that person but a koala isn’t a bear 😬

  • Morgan M
    Morgan M 7 hours ago

    Would you say Sebastian is the hostess who does the mostest?

  • Jaemey Matherly
    Jaemey Matherly 7 hours ago

    Joe let's take a guess Rogan

  • Stephen Calamia
    Stephen Calamia 7 hours ago

    Joe Rogan your the future of media you crazy motha@$%$^#!!! What are there 2 people running your show yourself included? You're talking to the future president!! Your saving the world dude!! fucking Awesome!!!

  • Dilla Dev
    Dilla Dev 7 hours ago

    Every time I try to focus on the lighter click he suddenly stops lol

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 7 hours ago

    The evolution of joe rogan....

  • Frank Olivieri
    Frank Olivieri 7 hours ago

    8:16!!! Omg!! The outrage!! Everybody attack and dox!!!

  • T Lavender
    T Lavender 7 hours ago

    Watching this in 2019 and realizing that blizzard stole a neil quote for one of their characters

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 7 hours ago

    Joe looks like DEA agent Hank Schrader with that jacket.

  • Randy Candelario
    Randy Candelario 7 hours ago

    This is ridiculous. We live in weird times. I honestly believe that this “Identity Crisis” we are living in is all because people don’t know who they really are. We are lost and it isn’t going to get better anytime soon. I sure do hope GOD has his right hand winding up to send another rock hurling our way.

  • skooba
    skooba 7 hours ago

    So I understand and am generally on board with both arguments that there is no higher power controlling our destination and no free human will as they stand on their own. However, the two stances seem mutually exclusive. When I conceptualize a universe without free will, it seems natural to think that the universe is just some mechanism in a larger scale operation. This implies a higher power. On the other hand, if a universe is just a standalone event and there is nothing else that started it or greater than it, then wouldn't the universe as a whole (include the people in it) have some authority to do as they please?

  • Danny Macpherson
    Danny Macpherson 7 hours ago

    want to see one of those boat projects? check out Sampson Boat Co, awesome project

  • Grayando1
    Grayando1 7 hours ago

    Its a balloon of consciousness that is bigger or lesser across the universe.... at any given moment, the universe admires itself from a million points of view of existence... and now the weather...

  • Ron Paul Forever
    Ron Paul Forever 7 hours ago

    Looks pretty good for a guy living in exile. Better haircut than I have. I smell limited hangout. He hasn't given any new info. I was cutting articles out of major newspapers in the the late 90s of govt spying on us . Rogan is a great promoter for the evil empire.

  • Hammersniggin
    Hammersniggin 7 hours ago

    HOLY SHIT❗❗❗ This was by far the best episode that has ever been shown. James, completely tore this guy apart. Joe, I appreciate that you played referee. Chris, completely misrepresented him. James Wilks, should make a career out of debunking false information. I am a meat-eater. I believe the evidence that James provided. Chris, tried pushing his narrative instead of providing evidence. James, provided evidence from professionals in their field. Chris, is the reason there is misinformation. He keeps providing his narrative instead of evidence from professionals. I watched the entire show. This is, unfortunately, the reason we are divided, "misrepresentation of evidence". Chris should apologize.

  • Von Gillan
    Von Gillan 7 hours ago

    1:09:01. And now he drives a tesla

  • ShadowMare Z
    ShadowMare Z 7 hours ago

    TVclip really needs to stop recommending me this fucking video. i'm getting really sick and tired of seeing that guys fucking stupid fucking Greenish Yellow beard

  • Frank Olivieri
    Frank Olivieri 7 hours ago

    Young Jamie where are you?

  • luke teneycke
    luke teneycke 7 hours ago

    Watching her shoot on lbz was scary... whizzing bullets in the general direction of the animal way out of her range, pretty disturbing and suprised theyd air it on public television, makes hunters look bad.

  • gary lee
    gary lee 7 hours ago

    Unsure what kinda issue Joe is dealing with with this 80plus year old man maybe Joe could explain if something happened or was said that we didn't see

  • Barney Roberts
    Barney Roberts 7 hours ago

    One time I climbed a tree so high I couldn't hear.

  • Alec Segal
    Alec Segal 7 hours ago

    Point made: (James) vegan diets put you in such a nutrient deficit that your body has to fight for every bit of nutrient it can get and a predominantly plant based diet with some animal products (Chris) makes you relaxed and evaluative and not hyper-reactive because your body isn't starving for every last little drop of nutrients it's not getting.

  • drewc1011
    drewc1011 7 hours ago

    They're making UFOs so the day they crack the firmament they can get the f*** out of here and explore but yet they will never crack the firmament

  • Baba O'Really
    Baba O'Really 7 hours ago

    This brasilian ass trend need to die, it's gross.

  • Shane Knox
    Shane Knox 7 hours ago

    55:25 Yea totally Baaaahhahahaha

  • ZDog BigIsland
    ZDog BigIsland 7 hours ago

    Interview Mark Healey

  • Xavier Brown
    Xavier Brown 7 hours ago

    One of the best JRE’s in a long time!

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 7 hours ago

    Less than a minute in and I already want to claw my eyes out.

  • Frank Enno
    Frank Enno 7 hours ago


  • DeCarlo Calloway
    DeCarlo Calloway 7 hours ago

    Definitely smoking that shit during this whole interview... Lol they’re talking about bullshit.

  • Blue Army
    Blue Army 7 hours ago

    Get the true geordie on this

  • Rando Nonsense
    Rando Nonsense 7 hours ago


  • Savage Talk
    Savage Talk 7 hours ago

    Rogan!!!!! Get PewDiePIE on!!! and Bring Back Sargon!!!! it is time!

  • adrian allen
    adrian allen 7 hours ago

    my hero too but I like him more now angel dust

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 7 hours ago

    Joe "Smooth as a cucumber" Rogan

  • Nancy Falcon
    Nancy Falcon 7 hours ago

    53 minutes in Milo dropped his ridiculous "persona" and got serious about things. Glad I resisted the urge to bail on this video after the circumcision debate.

  • ArtChurro
    ArtChurro 7 hours ago

    What if you fall face first like an asshole? - Joe Rogan 😂😂

  • trev N
    trev N 7 hours ago

    The Rogan BUMP, guy can change someone life in secs or with one episode of this show. Changed this mans life with one Instagram post. Schaub, Theo so many people have benefited from being on here n knowing Rogan its crazy to see him now after watching him as the dumb guy on news radio

  • Sebastian Hyde
    Sebastian Hyde 7 hours ago

    Love this guy

  • Sang Park
    Sang Park 7 hours ago

    "2.3 billion trillion" - Joe Rogan

  • Steve Levesque
    Steve Levesque 7 hours ago

    jeremy corbell is only there for the money - he won't protect Lazar

  • Godric McLauchlan
    Godric McLauchlan 7 hours ago

    This has to be one of the very few if not the 1st guest Rogan has had that I sat from start to end and chainsmoke half pack of cigarettes thinking WOW, no way, get the fuck outta here, well I'll be dam...truly opens up my eyes to the scope of government control.

  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill 7 hours ago

    Maybe u need to start paying people to come in... This podcast is worst then me talimg to mail man

  • Twitch Grip
    Twitch Grip 7 hours ago

    25:00 I saw that "dont look at my account if you dont want to masterbate" comment 🤣


    I had a friend go on Springer & co formed it was fake. She went on 2 "confess" that she was having an affair w/her gay best friend & that their son wasn't his. I almost didn't believe it, but I saw the episode.

  • Adam Owens
    Adam Owens 7 hours ago

    Just finished his book this morning. So good! He is a hero

  • A. B. Camma
    A. B. Camma 7 hours ago

    “You have to train heavy or you have to train fast if you wanna stay young” Pavel, you are a Legend

  • Card Quest
    Card Quest 7 hours ago

    Big brain gentle voice. We love it!

  • Ryan Woodward
    Ryan Woodward 7 hours ago

    Get Epstein on already! We want to find out how he didn’t kill himself.

  • diqiuren
    diqiuren 7 hours ago


  • SRV. 123
    SRV. 123 7 hours ago

    Do they realize that all this talk about thinking makes our brains hurt.?

  • Charles Harrison
    Charles Harrison 7 hours ago

    Great podcast

  • N_Kuz
    N_Kuz 7 hours ago

    These are two guys ive wanted to hate so bad. BUT ive come to the realization that these two men are some of the most REAL and GENUINE people with great opinions on both sides of the story, and they are fueled with common sense and reason...

  • Jacobim Mugatu
    Jacobim Mugatu 7 hours ago

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones And Joe you dummy,Soros is a nazi bc during the WW2 a nazi saved him and raised him...google it...

  • Well Doggies
    Well Doggies 8 hours ago

    Well Doggies! I think when James is alone he argues with himself? Now that would be interesting!

  • Kovak
    Kovak 8 hours ago

    Beeen waiting for this podcast for ages man

  • Matt Fillmore
    Matt Fillmore 8 hours ago

    Tony fell asleep with that speech

  • Shane Melly
    Shane Melly 8 hours ago

    Get Redban and Duncan, go sqautching

  • Agustin Gonzalez
    Agustin Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    The best advise to find what works best for you. Take everything with a grain of salt.

  • drewc1011
    drewc1011 8 hours ago

    Watch energy from the vacuum DVD series where they interview over 10 scientists are working with zero point vacuum energy now

  • MrLerouxGaston
    MrLerouxGaston 8 hours ago

    Joe "I get it, I get it, I get it" Rogan lmao

  • Jacob Serrano
    Jacob Serrano 8 hours ago

    I don't know, but it's very possible that he's a masterful bullshitter. I don't disbelieve him, but I'm just too skeptical to buy some claims that are so profound. I would LOVE to believe that everything he's saying is true though.

  • Kristopher Roth
    Kristopher Roth 8 hours ago

    Rogan didn't ask him the million dollar question, if evolution is true then why does the fossil Record not show any transitional forms lol

  • Randy
    Randy 8 hours ago

    Who's here after watching Star Trek Next Generation?

  • Bullast
    Bullast 8 hours ago

    Party monster was a GREAT movie

  • Ygg Ggv
    Ygg Ggv 8 hours ago

    Alternating between barefoot and shoes was the best method for me when hiking long distance.

  • Yo Man
    Yo Man 8 hours ago

    How does Joe rogan not understand how to count after a thousand it moves up to the next tier 1000 million is a billion ,1000 billion is trillion

  • Zer0eher0e
    Zer0eher0e 8 hours ago

    "the New York Times might have bs'ed" asks Joe incredulously

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 8 hours ago

    Mike Tyson, is a philosophical wizard, Who emerged successfully from an early life of being abused and manipulated. Childhood abuse, might have been the source of his lisping Unfortunately, the comments brutally attack his speech.

  • 38 North
    38 North 8 hours ago

    15 minutes in: Joe Rogan has Joe Rogan on the JRE podcast?

  • Charles Weeman
    Charles Weeman 8 hours ago

    One might think they can think out of the box. But come knowledge creates another box beyound the one everyone is. All the bs everyone is fed creates it by only having what others think to guide you. No matter how original a thought might be it is based on hearsay 98% of the time. As there is no acteadadation for any form of bull shit. A guess is still a guess. Unless you at least can base it on something you saw or touched. The rest is just religion.

  • Kevin Crater
    Kevin Crater 8 hours ago

    Cool podcast, Joe. You should try having a guest on it sometime

  • Not a Russian Bot
    Not a Russian Bot 8 hours ago

    My Buddies sister was on Springer. They paid her an extra $1,200 to get into a fight and to show her tits. True story.

  • Nate Vansickles
    Nate Vansickles 8 hours ago

    Are there people who seriously believe Earth is flat and dinosaurs never actually existed??😂😂😂

  • iDontKnowWhatimDoing

    please let me sit and flash google for Joe. its not hard but i'm especially quick and won't need asked or told what to type .

  • Derek Bailey
    Derek Bailey 8 hours ago

    James is so annoying. Standard vegan. Move on.

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 8 hours ago

    This was the peak of Joe Rogan podcast

  • Santito Quintana
    Santito Quintana 8 hours ago

    You crazy Joe Rogan. 😆 This is great, Joe Rogan is the man.

  • Mirko GrowCrop
    Mirko GrowCrop 8 hours ago

    Joe rogan has a globe head with a universal mind

  • S King
    S King 8 hours ago

    Shove community guidelines up the corporate ass. They are not community. They dont live amongst us. They dont get stabbed, they sanction the stabbing. You are using a system built by murderers. Child killers and rapists? LOL...GOOD LUCK WHEN THEIR AI OWNS YOU

  • Jen Dark Energy 384400

    This is the only type of women in aspire to be, just the perfect amount of crazy. Her diet theory is perfect too, she should debate Chris Kresser lol. I've always known what my body craves and she put it into the perfect words. Love this lady, I hope she's doing okay up there today. 👌

  • Brighty McBrightface

    I wonder if JRE ever decides to just delete or not publish an interview that goes nowhere and takes two hours to get there ... : |

  • Youngguy
    Youngguy 8 hours ago

    Really disrespectful talking about Tom..

  • dank worm
    dank worm 8 hours ago

    First fat Joe then Russian Joe . Maybe British Joe or black Joe who knows

  • Andrew Boccia
    Andrew Boccia 8 hours ago

    Cant believe Rogan made the comment of white privilege. Jesus hes fucked

  • jared seels
    jared seels 8 hours ago

    James Files KILLED JFK WITH AN XP1000 FIREBALL...LOOK IT UP JOE...Mob and cia contract hit......how dont u know this....

  • Lead Slinger187
    Lead Slinger187 8 hours ago

    1:29:40 in addition to the accounting department blowing up the accountants were having a meeting that killed them all

  • 0poIE
    0poIE 8 hours ago

    *Hell of a fucking guy!*

  • S King
    S King 8 hours ago