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When Hobbits Were Real
Views 392KMonth ago
When Antarctica Was Green
Views 699K2 months ago
When Bats Took Flight
Views 449K3 months ago
When We Took Over the World
Views 754K7 months ago
The Croc That Ran on Hooves
Views 1.2M7 months ago
When We Tamed Fire
Views 869K8 months ago
When We First Made Tools
Views 570K8 months ago
When Humans Were Prey
Views 2.6M11 months ago
When We First Walked
Views 524KYear ago
When Birds Had Teeth
Views 647KYear ago
When Fish Wore Armor
Views 807KYear ago
When Insects First Flew
Views 645KYear ago
How Sex Became a Thing
Views 560KYear ago
The Great Snake Debate
Views 1.2MYear ago
When Giant Fungi Ruled
Views 1.4M2 years ago
When Whales Walked
Views 1.6M2 years ago
When The Earth Was Purple
Views 820K2 years ago
The Age of Giant Insects
Views 1.6M2 years ago


  • Benji Pesci
    Benji Pesci 4 hours ago

    These videos really scratch an itch I cant reach. Thanks

  • Kasumi Kojiro
    Kasumi Kojiro 4 hours ago

    The Manbearpigs ate all the Beardogs .

  • Jimmy Bartz
    Jimmy Bartz 4 hours ago

    saying "paleontologists descended on the scene" makes one imagine a team of hardcore badass paleontologists descending from a helicopter by rope to the scene lol!!!

  • Norbit Rice
    Norbit Rice 4 hours ago

    I would be a bear dog. I could stay in the house but still make a doody in the woods

  • schempgirl1
    schempgirl1 5 hours ago

    I liked the shout out to Hays, KS the population is around 20,000.

  • robinson32993
    robinson32993 5 hours ago

    Science falsely so called

  • schempgirl1
    schempgirl1 5 hours ago

    I have seen a fossil of xiphactinus with another fish inside it in Colby, KS

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 5 hours ago

    Lots of could you x replies on the comments section so I'll pipe in. How did Wales and dolphins develop a blow hole. Quote interested because it seemingly would be a difficult adaptation to take place unless one animal just by chance essentially evolved one itself that was mostly functional and passed it along.

  • alwaysyouramanda
    alwaysyouramanda 5 hours ago

    Can we get rid of people now?

  • Andrew Rivard
    Andrew Rivard 5 hours ago

    i dont want to die by pecking

  • Fermin Tenava
    Fermin Tenava 5 hours ago

    While watching this video, I suddenly realized how limited my knowledge on ancient mammals is, compared to dinosaurs -.-

  • Jimiah Henderson
    Jimiah Henderson 5 hours ago

    After Florence+ the machine watched this video = your dog days are over now, your dog days are over 🎤🎼

  • Elizabeth Sucher
    Elizabeth Sucher 5 hours ago

    I feel a little like a stalker waiting for the next PBSeons vid release. HAHAHA

  • Gregory M
    Gregory M 6 hours ago

    now we have kardashians short legs short necks

  • Viktor von DOOM
    Viktor von DOOM 6 hours ago

    You are not answering the right questions! What did these birds taste like?!? Chicken?

  • Sam Gamgee
    Sam Gamgee 6 hours ago

    Lions and tigers and bears!

  • jethro hendrix
    jethro hendrix 6 hours ago

    hi i think it would be interesting to know about what plants and trees was about .thanks for the amazing videos

  • wakawaka1976
    wakawaka1976 7 hours ago

    Now we just need to worry about getting hunted by humans...

  • Justin Sias
    Justin Sias 7 hours ago

    What about dogcows?

  • wakawaka1976
    wakawaka1976 7 hours ago

    Interesting how those coming from Africa are called homo-Erectus...

  • Tired Artist
    Tired Artist 7 hours ago

    “About one-third of the dire wolves found in the pits were juveniles, puppies” **Stares at Camera crew/ scripting Crew** *_I can’t believe you’re making me talk about dead puppies_*

  • Logan Limmer
    Logan Limmer 7 hours ago

    Me *reads title* Oh. I remember that

  • GerardWay4President
    GerardWay4President 7 hours ago

    I didn’t think it was possible, but you made me genuinely sad about a bunch of underwater bugs being extinct. Poor buggies. They wanted nothing more than to live.

  • Rick Blue Cloud
    Rick Blue Cloud 7 hours ago

    Please do yourself a favor and investigate heliocentrism also. Copernicus was a sun worshiper, not a scientist. Earth is not a planet.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 7 hours ago

    Just think, in thousands or millions of years from now some lady is telling people about this weird cat thing (bc now they're in 2 different groups)

  • Mr. Rykes
    Mr. Rykes 7 hours ago

    When the class nerd finds out he’s .000000025 dimetrodon: *joker stair dance*

  • Rick Blue Cloud
    Rick Blue Cloud 7 hours ago

    The very plausible suggestion has been made that neanderthals are simply very aged humans. Since people lived much longer lives (as did the reptiles too, obviously) before the flood, their skeletal form would have been further developed accordingly, as some parts of the anatomy never stop growing as long as life continues. Several hundred extra years can make a big difference.

  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith 8 hours ago

    I just lost the game

  • Jaevon Ingram
    Jaevon Ingram 8 hours ago

    Cats domesticated themselves

  • power equipment
    power equipment 8 hours ago

    I was all like oh what did we cause to go extinct. Then we went to the land of make believe.

  • TheGamingAllo 9
    TheGamingAllo 9 8 hours ago

    I would like to Learn About the Evolution of Foxes 🦊

  • BoSS Tha_Beast
    BoSS Tha_Beast 8 hours ago


  • Aaron Aaron
    Aaron Aaron 8 hours ago

    And now they have a new species.....bar dogs....😊

  • Sipushka24
    Sipushka24 8 hours ago

    Now I've found a civilized English word for "barf". Paleontology is great for learning how to avoid foreign swearwords! Greetings from Moscow!

  • SubparPanda
    SubparPanda 8 hours ago

    early reptiles: can't wait to get out there and hunt after this rain clears up earth: lole

  • Cam Reeve
    Cam Reeve 8 hours ago

    Hahahaha she said homo 😂

  • Kyla B
    Kyla B 8 hours ago

    I saw one of the wild condors in California up close once. Someone had hit it with a car, and it was lying in the middle of the road, so I stopped my car and put on my hazards until I could get help. It was like 10 feet in front of me and it was huge, it has a wing span about as wide as one of the lanes. I thought it was dead at first because it was lying with it’s wings spread, but it sat up and after a while. Luckily someone with a big truck drove by and took it to animal care. I always wondered what happened to it, I hope it recovered.

  • Kurtis E. Flushington

    Ah-shoe-lee-un. Dim-a-knee-see

  • kaaajeee
    kaaajeee 9 hours ago

    ok, so they didnt die accidentally that often, but every specimen has to die exactly once. So provided that there are approximately same numbers of males and females born, there also should be same amount of carcasses. It doesnt add up. There must be some other explanation.

  • Matthew Mccoll
    Matthew Mccoll 9 hours ago

    lol wtf is she talking about the next mass extinction, we are living through one now. cause =humans.

  • CrazyCatGirl Lilly
    CrazyCatGirl Lilly 9 hours ago

    I always thought if was the food chain that caused it.

  • Abinash ORBxGoDKinGop

    Just tell me already

  • Gary Jr.
    Gary Jr. 10 hours ago

    9:10 thats from Jurassic park, some guy

  • Gary Jr.
    Gary Jr. 10 hours ago

    Where would nyon cat be if we didn't domesticated cats twice.


    Nice work of fiction but it happen just 4000 years ago

  • Ima Karimah
    Ima Karimah 10 hours ago

    When I hear hadean for the first time I know Hades will be the cause of it and then he said it and I was like haha oh you, Hades!

  • David Mathes
    David Mathes 10 hours ago

    I'm in love wow!

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 10 hours ago

    It's a bear! It's a dog! No! It's.... Beardog!!

  • Barsat Karki
    Barsat Karki 10 hours ago

    I have heard of the BearJew but not the bear dog.

  • Frisky Bottomsuuater
    Frisky Bottomsuuater 11 hours ago

    Now do CatDog .

  • ChildOL
    ChildOL 11 hours ago

    How do you know all those layers are different “ages” and not just hydrological sorting from one big flood event?

  • Nihilisticious
    Nihilisticious 11 hours ago

    0:03 idk,but i love the theory that T-Rex used to be fluffy

  • Christopher Shane
    Christopher Shane 11 hours ago

    TVclip needs cute beardog videos.

  • Thiago Ramalho
    Thiago Ramalho 12 hours ago

    Dude slow down.

  • DaPoodleFloof
    DaPoodleFloof 13 hours ago

    In Egypt, cats were worshiped, specifically the sphynx cat

  • beatles7798
    beatles7798 13 hours ago

    Song at 4:00?

  • iamthewalrus92 -
    iamthewalrus92 - 13 hours ago


  • Dick The Dorkwing
    Dick The Dorkwing 14 hours ago

    And now we have a Swedish behavioral scientist saying that we need to eat human corpses to combat climate change....is this world full of morons. (Don't believe me. Google it)

  • Celia López Moreno
    Celia López Moreno 14 hours ago

    Why are sabertooth tigers not mentioned?

  • VenomSnake1984
    VenomSnake1984 14 hours ago

    I'm petting the bear. I'm petting the dog. I'm petting the combination beardog.

  • David MacD
    David MacD 14 hours ago

    Rodents do not catch rabies. That is why there are so many of the damn things.

  • B Fowl
    B Fowl 15 hours ago

    You look swole in this one

  • Stephen Beres
    Stephen Beres 15 hours ago

    Even if T-Rex's arms were totally useless, if there was no evolutionary pressure to completely disarm the species, the tiny useless arms would persist. Only if the arms conferred any disadvantage, would they disappear.

  • Tron_23
    Tron_23 15 hours ago

    Now if you've heard of Aldo Raine then you've had to of heard of the bear doooooooog

  • Enlightened ☀️
    Enlightened ☀️ 15 hours ago

    Beardawgs is a way better name then amphicion. 🙄

  • magnumtrooper17
    magnumtrooper17 15 hours ago

    9:02 my new wallpaper

  • Archer Lansky
    Archer Lansky 15 hours ago

    Everyone knows that bear dog came from man bear pig.

  • Papa Poley
    Papa Poley 15 hours ago

    your green screen is really bad

  • Stephen Beres
    Stephen Beres 15 hours ago

    I am skeptical about the claim that increased caloric intake is the primary cause of the development of a larger brain. My own research and experiments have consistently demonstrated an increased belly, but not brain size.

  • The Chaoticist
    The Chaoticist 16 hours ago

    I had a dream where I fought a beardog

  • Christopher Tithecott
    Christopher Tithecott 16 hours ago

    Hi PBS Eons, can you teach us about how these common ancestors diverged to become the Pinnipeds?

  • Roman Duque
    Roman Duque 16 hours ago

    In China it's called chowchow 😅

  • Laura Nolastnamegiven
    Laura Nolastnamegiven 16 hours ago

    please give the entire title of Darwin's work - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life - I know it's politically incorrect to do so, but the full truth of Darwin's work needs to be acknowledged by those who venerate him

  • Thestoneofdoom
    Thestoneofdoom 17 hours ago

    They remind me of raccoon dogs / tanukis!

  • Simon the Likeable
    Simon the Likeable 17 hours ago

    This story has been most forgotten by Kent Hovind and Ray Comfort.

    • Rick Kwitkoski
      Rick Kwitkoski 6 hours ago

      And Ken Ham and the rest of that sordid bunch!

  • Grumpy Bear
    Grumpy Bear 17 hours ago

    Thank you for proving climate change is not man made and AOC is a ignorant hack.

  • Abdullah Toor
    Abdullah Toor 17 hours ago

    I guess Legends of Korra takes place in the Cenozoic era.

  • shady king
    shady king 17 hours ago

    Get to the point!!!

  • Charles Goodwin
    Charles Goodwin 17 hours ago

    Science is cool 😎

  • SoyLeroy2003
    SoyLeroy2003 17 hours ago

    there's at least one 7 year or something who is watching this video and is so confused

  • Mr. Rykes
    Mr. Rykes 18 hours ago

    Moa’s ark is such a clever name.

  • Webkinzgirl240
    Webkinzgirl240 18 hours ago

    Yay thank you 😊 I’m glad I finally have two videos about my favorite old wild animals

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 18 hours ago

    So that scene from Jurassic Park II isn't that crazy after all...

  • El Sea
    El Sea 18 hours ago

    We call Our blue heeler baby bear...he looks just like one, people who first meet him say it too...can’t imagine if he were 400 lbs... yikes...

  • Shawn Thornbury
    Shawn Thornbury 18 hours ago

    Don't show this to Greta Thunberg

  • Bryan Quintanilla
    Bryan Quintanilla 18 hours ago

    I love your program - any chance you could do one on cactus and it succulents and how the evolved - what were the first succulents? You could even talk about the convergent evolution of cactus vs other succulents!

  • Kenneth Ultimate
    Kenneth Ultimate 18 hours ago

    Snow ball earth: the period when the earth is down and depressed. SpongeBob and his kind: enjoying their icy world

  • EricZ Khan
    EricZ Khan 19 hours ago

    Beard dog

  • sashwap
    sashwap 19 hours ago

    they never explain why these ogs had beards

  • flamingRose100
    flamingRose100 19 hours ago

    What if they're is something big down there not a megalodon but a hyperlodon smaller big mouths faster can still kill a sperm whale by itself

  • Almyrigan Hero
    Almyrigan Hero 19 hours ago

    Us: "We conquered the world." Cockroaches: "Do you feel in charge?"

  • Isobel Howells
    Isobel Howells 19 hours ago

    Why does this bloke talk at 7000 miles an hour

  • Vic Tor
    Vic Tor 20 hours ago

    How can she not be special? She's related to every woman alive today

  • bamsblanks
    bamsblanks 20 hours ago

    .....and Steve

  • Simeon Frantz
    Simeon Frantz 20 hours ago

    We are not synapsids

  • Yvette Strickland
    Yvette Strickland 20 hours ago

    Man i love paleontology!

  • Abhi Prakash
    Abhi Prakash 20 hours ago

    I personally liked the terms the chronicles of carnia way better than the intermezzo

  • Ovidiu Oprea
    Ovidiu Oprea 20 hours ago

    your typical shower in Scotland

  • rif42
    rif42 20 hours ago

    The beast of Gévaudan must have been from either a pack of Beardogs or Hyaenodonts that had been hiding out in the forest of Lozère in France for a few million years until the rampage in 1764. Obviously! ;-)

  • Chuck The Duck
    Chuck The Duck 20 hours ago

    Mammoth fossils is a male dominated industry.