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When Antarctica Was Green
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When Bats Took Flight
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When We Took Over the World
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When We Tamed Fire
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When We First Made Tools
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When Humans Were Prey
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When Apes Conquered Europe
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When Birds Stopped Flying
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When We First Walked
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When Birds Had Teeth
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When Fish Wore Armor
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When Insects First Flew
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How Sex Became a Thing
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The Great Snake Debate
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When Giant Fungi Ruled
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When Whales Walked
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When The Earth Was Purple
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The Age of Giant Insects
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The Story of Saberteeth
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What Colors Were Dinosaurs?
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  • American Lee
    American Lee 33 seconds ago

    bring back monsterquest!

  • Sirius Sasquatch
    Sirius Sasquatch 28 minutes ago

    We should tax carbon! That will save the world.

  • Alexandru Bogdan
    Alexandru Bogdan 34 minutes ago

    XXII century, humans are worse than animals...What goes up, must go down :(

  • james pong
    james pong 45 minutes ago

    Hope global warming brings them back, they look super cool

  • kratzerification
    kratzerification 47 minutes ago

    Has anyone ever considered swamps or marshland?

  • Aligarh Gaming
    Aligarh Gaming Hour ago

    It’s nearest relative is shaq

  • ciyarah eliana
    ciyarah eliana Hour ago

    megalodon: “i am the inevitable” nature: *say that one more time?*

  • szalard
    szalard Hour ago


  • Alexander Lennox

    Over speculation, and wishful thinking....... rot

  • BeautifulScented CatRoams

    It's face is the scariest thing 😰

  • Chris Kibodeaux
    Chris Kibodeaux 2 hours ago

    Yeah nope only an idiot would buy this crap!!

  • Robert McManus
    Robert McManus 2 hours ago

    Of course, she failed to mention the horrific environmental consequences of the hairless ape digging up all that carboniferous flora turned to fuel...

  • Allan Molina
    Allan Molina 3 hours ago

    I am Batman

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington 3 hours ago

    Question: Croc Skin Shoe Vs. Croc Shoe If shoes could fight, which shoe would win??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • ivan abrosimov
    ivan abrosimov 3 hours ago

    eeeee a truly epic episode

  • ivan abrosimov
    ivan abrosimov 3 hours ago

    i like how your smiling when you said the 2.5 long fish inside xiphactinus must have exploded some of its organs or something.

  • Aitana Diaz
    Aitana Diaz 3 hours ago

    Imagine that in a million years the human species is extinct and whoever comes after us can’t find remins of human life cuz we never fossilized and our existence just gets lost. Damn.

  • Buster Foyt
    Buster Foyt 3 hours ago

    Geez, and umbrellas were still over 200 million years away...DOH!

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke 3 hours ago

    This actually marks the Fall of man

  • Sum Arbor
    Sum Arbor 4 hours ago

    I believe the hominid was preyed upon by a large Secratary Bird.

    XPRNC 5 hours ago

    4:50 So if it was hotter and colder and dryer 22 million years ago, in Nebraska, how is global warming or climate change such an issue today?

  • What the Hectogon?
    What the Hectogon? 6 hours ago

    What a underwhelming but enormously consequential day it would have been to see the last little bit of connecting land go just under the water...

  • Tee Remraf
    Tee Remraf 6 hours ago

    Interesting information relating to climates and how they fluctuate.

  • Eric Campbell
    Eric Campbell 6 hours ago

    Do a video on the evolution of Damon diadema (Satan's crown/tailless whip scorpion)

  • Walter Pitts
    Walter Pitts 6 hours ago

    They were wiped out by a big flood

  • JoshDaGamer
    JoshDaGamer 7 hours ago

    How do we even know this? I know that we’ve only explored approximately 5% of the ocean because people are looking for this so called “planet B” which probably is too far away for us anyway! So how do we know that they don’t live somewhere we haven’t explored?! And don’t even start talking about satellite! This is in my opinion why I think there’s a high chance this is all wrong!

  • Lone Ronin
    Lone Ronin 7 hours ago

    Your information is WRONG need to update it. There is proof of asteroid impact. Look up Randle Carlson

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin 7 hours ago


  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke 7 hours ago

    Title of this video would make a great song title

  • Babyccino Au
    Babyccino Au 7 hours ago

    Must’ve been a glitch

  • VeggiePun
    VeggiePun 9 hours ago

    Me at 1:13 "Yo wtf is up with that deer?... oh it's a kangaroo..."

  • Sam Silver
    Sam Silver 9 hours ago

    Borat voice ,what type of dog is this? 😂

  • lock 42
    lock 42 9 hours ago

    Why Megalodon (Definitely) Went Extinct? It didn't want to live long enough to meet the people of the internet.

    MARCELOUS Neal 9 hours ago

    My pit crushes bones when I feed him cow ribs sooo...

  • Damigly Cardona
    Damigly Cardona 9 hours ago

    7:00 he was probably a normal whale until he went insane and went cannibal

  • amistry605
    amistry605 10 hours ago

    Elephants in North America??!! You can't just gloss over that! 3:21

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 10 hours ago

    I don't know much about any of it but I know that some viruses can kill bacterias so if we can mutate the HIV virus to destroy other bacterias like the ones that causes opportunistic diseases and other infections it will be like replacing half of our t-cells with the HIV virus, and the virus it self destroys all the bacterias acts like the immune system in our body, and then we can slow the virus with the arv

  • Dovyeon
    Dovyeon 11 hours ago

    I love the PETM! Global warming should bring it back :D Global rainforest here we come!

    DINOSAURIA 11 hours ago

    idea was shown in Jurassic Park. Nice video

  • Davao11 DSM
    Davao11 DSM 12 hours ago

    *Minecraft Rule* *Don't dig down* Amazing these fellas listened to the rule!

  • John Ford
    John Ford 12 hours ago

    we are lucky they dead

  • Milan Stamenkovski
    Milan Stamenkovski 12 hours ago

    90% of the ocean is not explored so you never know

  • Phoenix Bugg
    Phoenix Bugg 13 hours ago

    Trilobites ancient cockroaches

  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor 13 hours ago

    In about 500 million years from now when humans are long extinct some evolved species will dig up my fossils and try to figure out what kind of life I had. They will come from all over the planet to see my remains. Little do they know I’m just an insignificant person in this great world we call earth. As they watch my remains and wonder why I have a big smile on my face!!!

  • John Dias
    John Dias 13 hours ago

    Am I just high or was he talking in rhythm with the background music?

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson 14 hours ago

    Smart girls are the most beautiful.

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 14 hours ago

    they live on our feet as a revenge

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 14 hours ago

    I dont belive all the Neanderthals and homosepians breeded together. How many times did they fight against each other. I think homosepians have been around since the Jurassic age.

  • Jackson V
    Jackson V 14 hours ago

    Those holes in the top of some of the skulls were evidence that a surgery was performer to get demons out.

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 15 hours ago

    the lake was our ancestor's museum

  • Casey Thorne
    Casey Thorne 15 hours ago

    Dinosaurs didn't have feathers, Birds had feathers.

  • Hellmut Gumz
    Hellmut Gumz 15 hours ago

    Ancients were not dumb.

  • Love Otis Hickory
    Love Otis Hickory 15 hours ago

    If life came from the sea, why are there no saltwater amphibians?

  • Hellmut Gumz
    Hellmut Gumz 15 hours ago

    I don’t buy it.

  • c22
    c22 15 hours ago

    Whoa, who's the hot Australian guy?

  • Hinata Usumaki
    Hinata Usumaki 15 hours ago


  • Michael C S
    Michael C S 15 hours ago

    So, modern humans are capable of enacting mass genocides amongst our own species. For that burial site in Georgia - What about ancient homo genus mass homicide, where earlier humans buried all human looking species, different from their own, unto one graveyard in Georgia? Also, what if some of the fossils found are due to odd mutations in one single birth? Meaning, we now have humans as tall as 7ft and as small as 3ft, while others have cranial differences due to birth defects - what if certain leg bones, cranial cavities, arms, or feet are from minor birth defects of one species, not different species? Just thinking...

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb 16 hours ago

    my anatomy is designed to seat on computer chair

  • William Evans
    William Evans 16 hours ago

    Very interesting and informative. Two addition subjects might be the evolution of vision/hearing and the developemnt of flight among insects and animals.

  • Mike Lasser
    Mike Lasser 16 hours ago

    Hey it makes sense to me

  • Robert Devino
    Robert Devino 16 hours ago

    Where was AOC ???? She could have saved all the animals from CLIMATE CHANGE!

  • Emily Phelps
    Emily Phelps 17 hours ago

    Lil Nas X: "I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road" Me: "hold my beer"

  • Burnt Pancakes and Crummy Biscuits: The Cookbook

    Another video of subjective opinions stated as facts.

  • Thomas Ewing
    Thomas Ewing 17 hours ago

    Hard to believe such a hardy widespread species could go extinct. Finally, it was explained to me! Thank you, Eons.

  • Val Entin
    Val Entin 17 hours ago

    Bigger not always better ? How about 150 million years of existence vs. only 8 for us?

  • Ishmael Rhodesiensis
    Ishmael Rhodesiensis 17 hours ago

    In a game I play I cause mass extinctions.

  • Ishmael Rhodesiensis
    Ishmael Rhodesiensis 17 hours ago

    I like the music and the Paleozoic era.

  • Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL
    Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL 18 hours ago


  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 18 hours ago

    Scientists remind me of lost children sometimes.

  • Alex Tiller
    Alex Tiller 18 hours ago

    *Happy kindred noises*

  • BlackSuave44
    BlackSuave44 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one annoyed by him saying 'Neander TALLS'?? I'm pretty sure it's OK to include the 'h' in Neanderthals.

  • witri9
    witri9 18 hours ago

    No, no, no. A “consensus” of scientists says mankind causes global warm.

  • 2l84t
    2l84t 18 hours ago

    Interesting , Lake Agassiz drains around the same time as the Dryas event.

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf 18 hours ago

    Nah they just like cuddling a lot

  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor 19 hours ago

    Perhaps the key to their survival was the fact that during majority of their existence there was little to no predators that could kill them. It seems easier to adapt to your environmental changes when you don’t have to fight off predators and your offsprings have higher chance of survival and reproducing which can increase the odds of mutations to better adapt to your environment.

  • ligma nutz
    ligma nutz 19 hours ago

    Bewn. Pewp. LOL

  • Rico Unruly
    Rico Unruly 19 hours ago


  • Rage Goat
    Rage Goat 19 hours ago

    Fact is we havr no idea what happened back then. Lots of interesting thorys but we'll never know. Enjoy life while you can

  • Ice G
    Ice G 20 hours ago

    So, Amphibians are Water/ Ground type.. interesting..

  • steve154life
    steve154life 21 hour ago

    Aww those sharks are so cute

  • craig muscat
    craig muscat 22 hours ago

    I think that the mega beasts were weirdest

  • Stef Gelderblom
    Stef Gelderblom 22 hours ago

    Damn if you lose you're thoot they know everything about you

  • Eric crow
    Eric crow 22 hours ago

    I can only imagine what it would've been like to walk alone on land around this time...

  • Sophie Shenkal
    Sophie Shenkal 22 hours ago

    I love love love this channel! It reminds me of just how special, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind our planet is. Thank you PSB Eons

  • Alexander Lennox
    Alexander Lennox 23 hours ago

    So much for the theory of the survival of the fittest, what was fitter or stronger than the Megalodon? and yet is went extinct. They tried to say that perhaps its enviornment changed, O yes, why did it not affect all the other creature in the sea?

  • Joe Carter
    Joe Carter 23 hours ago

    From my perspective, when talking biology it is very easy to get blinded by categorical labels even though those same abstract labels can bring clarity in other contexts. Since Endogenous Retro virus (ERV) elements and fragments make up 5-8% of the human genome and an estimated 45% of it is transposable elements (which may be in some sense "artifacts" of viral and or bacterial influence on the evolutionary process, there is no doubt in my mind that cross pollination of functionality is a huge part of the evolutionary process. The line between one organism and another, indeed between certain segments of DNA or proteins etc. is blurry and in some cases only an artifact of the way we categorize as far as I can tell. Interestingly, the origin of being placental mammals is due to a viral "infection" if that's what we would call it. schaechter.asmblog.org/schaechter/2014/06/retroviruses-the-placenta-and-the-genomic-junk-drawer.html www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6177113/

  • tiffany norris
    tiffany norris 23 hours ago

    A video on the cratons would be cool

  • Ice G
    Ice G Day ago

    *Snowball Earth, won't you come~*

  • Nick b
    Nick b Day ago

    Wtf is Anartica? Did it gain an extra t and c after the Eocene?

  • Dan Ness
    Dan Ness Day ago

    When there’s no way of getting an absolute date, you can date your relatives...

  • Lanky Lazeen
    Lanky Lazeen Day ago

    Video: it rained for 2 million years! England: *sweats profusely*

  • Valve Timing
    Valve Timing Day ago

    So there were ants in the arctic??? Whoa!!! That's awesome!!!

  • ciocki
    ciocki Day ago

    So you are saying viruses are changing the code? :D

  • Controlled Chaos RC

    Am I the only one that stopped on this video cause narrator is super cute?

  • Sum Arbor
    Sum Arbor Day ago

    Buried the lead on the dog/human weapon/hunting platform and how op we are together.

  • Chepepon Carlos

    The predator was already in America. Please PBS, let's use scientific language in a science channel! In geography, america is a continent, not a country.

    MLGODZILLA420 Day ago

    Hurr Durr big shark still aliv,he just hiding

  • André Diniz
    André Diniz Day ago

    "Pretty weiiiird!" never sounded more sexy!

  • Konceited Kai
    Konceited Kai Day ago

    so the moral of the story is "if you cant find it - deny it ever existed"...

  • connor vaughn
    connor vaughn Day ago

    Idk. I trust science in most forms. But when it comes to the ocean it's all just speculation. Y'all thought the coelacanth was extinct but it wasn't. Same goes for the giant and colossal squid.