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I'm Coming Out.
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We need to talk about...
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  • sofia 1
    sofia 1 27 seconds ago

    Mom supported nikkie through all of this... but you know what mom didnt support?? ...long living jawbreakers

  • Estefania Goldhaber
    Estefania Goldhaber 31 second ago

    Same Same... You are still the same to me... The MF Queen of Makeup.. All respect to you Nikkie. Sending you tons of love!

  • Daisy DeLancy
    Daisy DeLancy Minute ago

    I just clicked to like tbh

  • Het Schleich YouTube kanaal van SilkeLun

    Nikkie zo goed gedaan en als je haat hebt moet je je daar niets van aantrekken❤️

  • Shafraaz Ali
    Shafraaz Ali 2 minutes ago

    Thats kinda gay

  • Zaphax
    Zaphax 3 minutes ago

    🏳️‍🌈There's no labels anymore🏳️‍🌈

  • zain huestis and mom
    zain huestis and mom 3 minutes ago

    You are so amazing so beautiful !I actually only been watching your channel for a short because dam girl you are an artist!

  • Jennifer Tripp
    Jennifer Tripp 3 minutes ago

    So proud of you for coming out and being so incredibly brave to share your story and can now you can live your life the way you were meant to all along. This is going to change the lives of so many people and maybe give them the freedom to be whoever they are meant to be without fear and shame. Something so many people are still not able to do. I hope someday ...hopefully MUCH sooner than later the rest of the world will stop having to give labels to others and just love them for the big beautiful heart and soul they are and not with ANY labels and only with love, compassion, kindness. XO 💗💖💜💓✨🌈... much 💕.

  • azun33
    azun33 3 minutes ago

    Your are gorgeous inside and out Nikkie! It's unfortunate that you didn't get to tell us about your transition on your terms and shame on those blackmailers 😤 I'm so glad that you felt liberated after telling your story. Keep doing you girl!!

  • Emma Joan
    Emma Joan 4 minutes ago

    You go girl!!!!😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Lovelace
    Michael Lovelace 4 minutes ago

    Her lips tho 👌

  • Adam Hamid
    Adam Hamid 5 minutes ago

    Nikkie 🤗👍

  • cool bucket hat reggie
    cool bucket hat reggie 5 minutes ago

    This is a beautiful video. You are beautiful Nikkie!!!

  • Gm Lozano
    Gm Lozano 6 minutes ago

    Why I'm crying?😭😭😭 so proud of you baby❤❤❤ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NIKKIE💛💚💙💜

  • Shelbee Brown
    Shelbee Brown 7 minutes ago

    That’s brave ❤️🏳️‍🌈 I respect you so much it doesn’t matter what body you were born in it matters who you are in and that body

  • destined destined
    destined destined 8 minutes ago

    I heard a gay girl at work today say... "My wife this" my wife that"... Lol like huh? A female saying WIFE makes NO SENSE!!! Wife starts with the letter W because um duh... Wife can ONLY BE a um WOMAN... Husband is short term for HUSBANDMAN which means the farmer or bread winner

  • S Pavl
    S Pavl 10 minutes ago

    Shame on the losers that think they have the right to judge your truthfulness. Good for you Nikkie!

  • no one
    no one 10 minutes ago

    I don't care how you are or how you use to be you are sweet and what I wont see I love you and thank you for telling us love you

  • I am squidward
    I am squidward 10 minutes ago

    no one asked

  • bonkaliscious
    bonkaliscious 12 minutes ago

    Wait is this Trisha Paytas

  • Dakota Brogan
    Dakota Brogan 12 minutes ago

    Nikkie you may have lost some supporters but you have gained so much more we love you and are very proud of you babe ❤️❤️

  • Allison Hart
    Allison Hart 13 minutes ago

    now i want some pillow talk from Snoop tbh...he's so reassuring and like mesmerizing 😂😭

  • Pamela Martinez
    Pamela Martinez 14 minutes ago

    Your beautiful inside and out . And brave . We love you . We are proud !

  • Sabrina Patrono
    Sabrina Patrono 14 minutes ago

    “I’m a mother fluffin vrouw” HAHAH

  • Sally Hill
    Sally Hill 15 minutes ago


  • Asdfftyvhunkoydaegh
    Asdfftyvhunkoydaegh 15 minutes ago

    Im so high I thought she was gonna say she was bi than boom so trippy

  • MzzVixen
    MzzVixen 16 minutes ago

    Hi Nikkie, I'm so proud for you and for myself your gender doesn't matter to me, you are you, and you are beautiful inside and out, and that is from my heart. I am a 59 yr old mother of 4 and raised my children to look beyond the covering (skin, gender, handicap, physical size) of a person and look to the inside of a person, and now that they are all adults I am so proud that they continue to live their lives that way, so to me, you are you and I except you as you want to be.

  • Brook Gilliam
    Brook Gilliam 16 minutes ago

    I honest want to find whoever blackmailed her and literally knock the hell out of them. She deserves so much better then to be forced to say it

  • Christine Burt
    Christine Burt 17 minutes ago

    Aww she’s so cute

  • Casey Cavanaugh
    Casey Cavanaugh 17 minutes ago

    we love a boss ass bitch <3

  • Ashley Romine
    Ashley Romine 18 minutes ago

    I wasnt allowed to have Bratz dolls because my mom thought they were "too trashy"

  • Emo Bubble
    Emo Bubble 18 minutes ago

    I'm so happy for you. And no matter what, no matter what anyone says, no matter what others think about you, you are a beautiful, strong, and brave woman. You are you and I'll always support you 💜🏳️‍🌈

  • Sandy Noyola
    Sandy Noyola 18 minutes ago

    Good on you!!

  • claire isabelle
    claire isabelle 19 minutes ago


  • Sarah Black Cloud
    Sarah Black Cloud 19 minutes ago

    Love you nikkie You are beautiful and an inspiration for your bravery and sharing your story with everyone. I still love your makeup videos... you have taught me so much Thank you nikki

  • oops_dot_jpeg
    oops_dot_jpeg 19 minutes ago

    Still the same beautiful woman ❤

  • Abigail Tarnowski
    Abigail Tarnowski 20 minutes ago

    Wow. Usually I skip a couple of seconds if there is silence or nobody is talking but I watched this all the way through and never thought twice at skipping.

  • That Dylan
    That Dylan 20 minutes ago

    Me fast forwards to a random spot: 16:07; what happend TO NIKKI

  • claire isabelle
    claire isabelle 21 minute ago

    honestly so proud of her♥️

  • Ashley Aubel
    Ashley Aubel 21 minute ago

    I don't believe her.

  • Cayleigh H
    Cayleigh H 22 minutes ago

    I remember watching these old videos like a year ago and I would have never known she is trans. I’m so proud of her 😭

  • don't call my name yes
    don't call my name yes 22 minutes ago

    Sorry but im coming from different culture.. What does mean trans_gender??????

  • Paula Beltrán
    Paula Beltrán 22 minutes ago

    ❤️ xoxo

  • Melanie . Adams
    Melanie . Adams 23 minutes ago

    I would just like to say fuck everyone on this damn page who is going to hate on her and also YOU GET IT GIRL what the hell your so talented and amazeing and beautiful and anyone who says otherwise can fight me oml as a fellow part of the (L)GBTQ+ community I understand how hard it can be to do something like this especially on the internet but always remember you have lots of support from all of us I've personally looked up to you for a long time and I think it's wonderful that you were brave enough to share this with everyone not only is that amazeing but you have set an example for other LGBTQ+ youth and/or members again I think your wonderful and amazeing keep up the good work and stay strong 💖✌

  • Kori Baca
    Kori Baca 23 minutes ago

    This is so beautiful ❤️ you are so beautiful! You truly are so inspiring!

  • Bunniez Toyzzz
    Bunniez Toyzzz 23 minutes ago

    I support be who you want to be ❤️😊

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 23 minutes ago

    Je bent een mooie en inspirerende vrouw, Nikkie. Laat niemand je neerhalen. I hope I got that right... I love you!

  • Roberta Caldwell
    Roberta Caldwell 24 minutes ago

    Nothing changed for me! And I am soooo happy for you! I wish you the best in life ! YOU DESERVE THE BEST! I’m sure you’ll get so much more love from your followers!

  • Simba Xx
    Simba Xx 24 minutes ago

    Zo leuk nikkie😍

  • Dr. vs Mrs.
    Dr. vs Mrs. 24 minutes ago

    Here in 2020😄

  • Rubi Vee
    Rubi Vee 24 minutes ago

    You go VROUW 👊🏻👏🏻

  • Pink Power
    Pink Power 24 minutes ago


  • Magic_ Muffin 28
    Magic_ Muffin 28 24 minutes ago

    14:28 LMAO GO QUEEN 😂💖

  • Jeani Random
    Jeani Random 25 minutes ago

    I love you nikkie ❤

  • Rae Hart
    Rae Hart 26 minutes ago

    Since the very first time I watched one of your videos, I have felt in my heart that there was something special about you. There was something that drew me to this channel. I thought it was just your positivity and your kindness and your sunshine smile but now I know that it was something deeper. As a fellow member of the LGBTQ+ community, from this non-binary sibling to my trans sister, thank you for being unabashedly you. You were always meant to be iconic.

  • zoro
    zoro 26 minutes ago


  • CLaRiSSA XPlaiNs iT AlL
    CLaRiSSA XPlaiNs iT AlL 26 minutes ago

    I have always known ... learned lots of makeup trip tho

  • Natasha Mcilveen
    Natasha Mcilveen 27 minutes ago

    Awwwww, she's so young here 🙃

  • Roshean Meguillo
    Roshean Meguillo 28 minutes ago

    I was so shook deym

  • Pandemonium
    Pandemonium 28 minutes ago

    Nikkieeeeeeeeee!! I have never commented, tbh, but your words gave me the need to give you this mind-virtual hug. Baby, everything is going to be A-OK. Even if not all people is accepting, the ones who remain will be the ones who truly make you feel YOU and your story safe. Stand tall, you beautiful, amazing VROUW!

  • Anupama Kumari
    Anupama Kumari 29 minutes ago

    I love you Nikki.. from India..

  • sorsaria
    sorsaria 29 minutes ago

    Queen! Long may she reign!

  • Maria Jose Espinosa
    Maria Jose Espinosa 30 minutes ago

    Jajajaja!😂😂😂😂, ohhhh! My God! Poor girl!

  • Emily Looper
    Emily Looper 30 minutes ago

    Her accent is so thick here lol

  • Jayda Fishel
    Jayda Fishel 30 minutes ago

    He said you did that 😂😂

  • Nora Oksanen
    Nora Oksanen 31 minute ago

    I had a jawbreaker and I sucked on it only and exclusively while watching big brother with my mom.

  • xsarahx x
    xsarahx x 32 minutes ago

    I wonder if snoop has heard her news and comment abt it. If he has ik he support it from that one “love is love” comment. I hope he has! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Zelmerlow
    Zelmerlow 32 minutes ago

    A moment of silence for that fiance who just found out he was dating a dude the whole time

  • cheyyaz
    cheyyaz 32 minutes ago

    I've heard so many stories about kids who get the hormone suppresion and realise later that they don't really want to be this different gender. It's just nice to hear one that turned out good and people aren't just doing it to be someone else. They are becoming who they've always been.

  • Therese Allen
    Therese Allen 33 minutes ago

    I do look at you with different eyes, I look at you to be even more beautiful even more courageous even more special❤️ girl you are truly brave and amazing❤️ God bless you and God bless your momma and teachers for supporting you😊❤️ and most definitely God bless Dillion for being accepting even though this may have been a shock you are sticking by Nikkie because this has been such a hard journey for her❤️

  • poyzonis universe
    poyzonis universe 33 minutes ago

    Nikki why are you letting people believe this crap? Who’s paying you and how much?

  • Tali Schuricht
    Tali Schuricht 34 minutes ago

    I'm sorry you didn't get to choose your moment. You've approached this with such maturity and elegance. Shame on the assholes who thought they could use a part of your story against you

  • Fun with Simon
    Fun with Simon 35 minutes ago

    Being honest, people shouldn’t care about skin color, gender, or sexuality. As long as you’re a good person you are good in my eyes.

  • Dr. vs Mrs.
    Dr. vs Mrs. 35 minutes ago

    Kim (all the Kardadhians for that matter) are soooo savvy. They are never going anywhere.

  • Philana Stafford
    Philana Stafford 36 minutes ago

    “....and after PE you look like you’ve been murdered.” Yep! LOL!

  • Rawhealthbitch
    Rawhealthbitch 36 minutes ago

    CATFISH OF THE CENTURY! Why didn’t you tell your man your a man though thats beyond hella fowl, I don’t even know what I’ve would of done if I was catfished into sleeping with the same sex.

  • Melissa Martinez Hernandez

    Actually this figurines are not in any way rare or go up in value with time. I have been collecting figurines for years, and when the pops came up to the market we’re really cheap. It started with more anime and video games characters, but when they started to make more of them with mainstream shows the popularity of the went really high and for obvious reason the price as well. They were never made with the intention of been a collectible item, the quality of them is cheap, the paint job is poor and nothing that is consider a collectible can be bought at Walmart or any retail store. Its actually disappointing that people believe this to be true that they think that this is the way a collectible has to be, when there are a lot of great works that you can buy, that are rare and really well painted, but the prices of those are high as fuck, that’s why the average consumer sees this brand as a good option

  • Janae
    Janae 37 minutes ago

    That make up looks ridic

  • Lea T
    Lea T 37 minutes ago

    Nikkie, you are so amazing. ❤️ we are all so proud of you. Be the best YOU you can be❤️ you are such an inspiration and you should never doubt yourself. You are truly beautiful inside and out no matter what. Don’t let a single person ever bring you down. YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Rhyleigh Mackenzie
    Rhyleigh Mackenzie 38 minutes ago

    1:22 All you came here for

  • carla copley
    carla copley 40 minutes ago

    You are divine, always have been and you always will be. You have my support more than ever LuV.

  • GayJayy
    GayJayy 42 minutes ago

    I can do this. All I wear is foundation

  • Alayna Marie Vlogs
    Alayna Marie Vlogs 42 minutes ago

    i feel like Snoop is that one cool uncle that you see only at family gatherings but he’s the only one there that you like.

  • Penney Caratachea
    Penney Caratachea 42 minutes ago

    I just watched your cumming out video. Girl I am so proud of you for having the courage to just be you. Have a blessed life. Bastion

  • Lexi J. Clarke
    Lexi J. Clarke 42 minutes ago

    Good for you Nikkie !! I'm proud of you for being as real and as true with the people as you can even tho you've been hurried to do so. To the people that were blackmailing you, as you said, they are evil and truly disgusting self centred beings. You are a beautiful artist and I'm happy I continued to follow your content despite not being as obsessed with makeup videos as I used to be. It's always a pleasure seeing the work you come out with. Onward and Upward, Lexi xoxox

  • Felony Melanie
    Felony Melanie 43 minutes ago

    We👏 Stan👏 A👏 Queen👏

    YAJER TANA 43 minutes ago

    Lisa lisa lisa and lisa😍

  • werard gay
    werard gay 43 minutes ago

    H O W

  • Aria Smith
    Aria Smith 43 minutes ago

    Yasss bitch that finger though 😂❤️

  • Q Mellow
    Q Mellow 45 minutes ago

    Comme si ce n'était pas évident déjà mais bravo

  • Macarena Salvatore
    Macarena Salvatore 45 minutes ago

    Nikkie looks so beautiful with that make up ✨💖✨ I totally love it 🙆🏼‍♀️💕

  • Maria M
    Maria M 45 minutes ago

    We love you from Kuwait 🇰🇼 💛😍

  • Kali Osawa
    Kali Osawa 46 minutes ago

    I love you 🥺🥺

    SPOONS 46 minutes ago

    nikkie's over a foot taller than lady gaga so i wonder if they gave her a little booster lol

  • Yenmarivsbaux the musician

    Girl idc what you are as long as you stay bomb sis 🥰

  • Annie Moe
    Annie Moe 47 minutes ago

    Its ok to be different

    • Pinkichu Xo
      Pinkichu Xo 30 minutes ago

      She isnt different because shes trans

  • Beyond the Seok
    Beyond the Seok 50 minutes ago

    Wait how did I know this already???

  • allisonharranmua *
    allisonharranmua * 51 minute ago

    I am a long time subscriber. I am so proud of you for taking back your power. Im so proud of you for being your authentic self. Its hard to share this, you shouldn't have been forced to, but im proud that you did, no one has the rights to your story but you. You are a badass and always will be. Love you!

  • Alyssa H
    Alyssa H 51 minute ago

    Wow, just wow. Love you Nikki. I'm in tears, I so didn't expect this. You are a strong, wonderful woman. 💗💗💗

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose 51 minute ago

    I see where nikkie gets her gorgeous looks from 💗💗