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Can Not Cheat the Grind!
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Antonio Brown Goes West
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  • Mike 1106
    Mike 1106 11 minutes ago

    It's a warrant out for you boy 😂😂😂

  • Trey C Nation
    Trey C Nation Hour ago

    Get some help bro

  • Panchito Yomomma

    Like ice cube said... “I’m clownin!”

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville 2 hours ago

    what a racist country we live in, look at how this man is being treated, so racist!

  • D Hall-Davidson
    D Hall-Davidson 2 hours ago

    AB please do our kids, your fans, your family and yourself a favor and finish what you started bro. Get back on that field dude.

  • Brock DENMAN
    Brock DENMAN 4 hours ago

    Whose watching this, waiting for this to be him when leaving Miami-Dade lockup???

    • Bryan Loki
      Bryan Loki 53 minutes ago

      you mean hollywood don't you?

  • cederic jamal
    cederic jamal 9 hours ago

    The goat

  • Fat Lip
    Fat Lip 10 hours ago

    great voice!!!! man has been defamed by the nfl and possibly manipulated the mother of his children too

  • sir fir fry
    sir fir fry 12 hours ago

    Good luck AB! Hope you work out your problems. Pretty sad that you'll never play football again.

  • rick rich
    rick rich 14 hours ago

    liberty city stand up

  • Shut The Muck Up
    Shut The Muck Up 14 hours ago

    How great is jail gonna be when the cops arrest you for burglary and battery??

  • Drew S. Huggins
    Drew S. Huggins 14 hours ago

    Praying for you brother! They can’t stop you! Keep your head up and hold it high

  • Game Fool
    Game Fool 14 hours ago

    Who’s here after the arrest warrant?

    • DJ pichurria
      DJ pichurria 29 minutes ago

      He is not going to be so "free" anymore.

  • Ketchup303
    Ketchup303 15 hours ago

    So glad this bum is going to jail.Make a new rap song about dropping the soap

  • MadMalcolm D
    MadMalcolm D 15 hours ago

    AB! Please get away from the people and the life you are living. Go to Coach T....apologize for the doesn't mean you were all wrong either but let go of the pride. Serve your time and fines and move past this life you are living. I know you had it tough....I have left tough comments on you myself....You have good in you better than threlatest news....this has nothing to do with this video...I just looked up a any video to leave you this comment. Go to Coach T....make up with thr out with don't have to play for probably wont be playing next year either now....just start acting right ....for all the kids who had it can still bounce dont have to be the greatest....full of pride....just be great....for yourself....please man

    MNM778 SPORTS 16 hours ago


  • Dave East
    Dave East 16 hours ago

    This dude is an absolute joke

  • bigbodyrover
    bigbodyrover 16 hours ago

    Lmao the song and ab life..funny.

  • Drew View
    Drew View 16 hours ago

    Abs phsyco

  • Ramsses Valadez
    Ramsses Valadez 16 hours ago


  • danny hall
    danny hall 17 hours ago


  • Luther Hanger
    Luther Hanger 17 hours ago

    I'm praying for U AB . I love you no matter what.

  • JaeKiDd #ThotKillah we dont love no hoe's 2020

    Man this dude hustling backwards s*** is sad...he definitely don't got people around him that loved him cuz they would let him know this ain't the right path ... You got too many yes man around you that's just trying to get a free ride

  • JaeKiDd #ThotKillah we dont love no hoe's 2020

    #StayOffSocialMedia2020 Damn this man throwing away his NFL career to be a wannabe TVclip rapper smh this man could have been a legend in the NFL if he would just humbled himself stop being on social media but it seems like he's addicted to that like people are addicted to heroin!

  • JaeKiDd #ThotKillah we dont love no hoe's 2020

    #StayOffSocialMedia2020 Damn this man throwing away his NFL career to be a wannabe TVclip rapper smh this man could have been a legend in the NFL if he would just humbled himself stop being on social media but it seems like he's addicted to that like people are addicted to heroin!

  • JaeKiDd #ThotKillah we dont love no hoe's 2020

    #StayOffSocialMedia2020 Damn this man throwing away his NFL career to be a wannabe TVclip rapper smh this man could have been a legend in the NFL if he would just humbled himself stop being on social media but it seems like he's addicted to that like people are addicted to heroin!

  • Peyton Andrews
    Peyton Andrews 21 hour ago

    Sent this to my Spanish teacher after getting kicked out of her class.

  • andrew marocco
    andrew marocco 22 hours ago

    Whole lotta white girls in a video by some fool who claims to be done with "them".

  • Misteriosi81
    Misteriosi81 Day ago

    He acts like a victim when he did it all to himself

  • Johnny WeedSeed


  • Adam Darrar
    Adam Darrar Day ago

    He’s fucked up. He’s def on something. Opioids or steroids or something just something

  • Nunya Business

    You’re a fool.

  • MrRedStar95
    MrRedStar95 Day ago

    They made it shorter now . Wow

  • Luney Rizzle
    Luney Rizzle Day ago

    them flat , square butts in that thumbnail hahahahaahah

  • akvalues
    akvalues Day ago

    What come back!?? YOUR CAREER IS OVER

  • kantouchdis
    kantouchdis Day ago

    Look what the madden curses did

  • Darryl Yearby
    Darryl Yearby Day ago

    Brah tighten up.. You making a fool of yourself. RNS


    money is fake just like ab

  • Bill Mason
    Bill Mason Day ago

    Hey man, how was YOUR day?

  • 12mrmajestic
    12mrmajestic Day ago

    Anyone can sound passible when their voice is modulated on the track. Without it Brown would sound like Mort Goldman from Family Guy!

  • Dario Lopes
    Dario Lopes Day ago

    AB please go get help dude. We wanna see you do good. Idk if it is CTE but please get it checked out. Sue the NFL if you have CTE.

  • ryan bray
    ryan bray Day ago

    I am not a millionaire with that being said you need to get your life together. It just came across my phone you're being investigated for battery now come on bro! people wish they had the opportunities that you've been afforded stop being such a douche bag!

  • big shark
    big shark Day ago

    Yo when is this dropping

  • Richard Horwat

    About to have a whole lotta attorney's fees.

  • greenie62
    greenie62 2 days ago

    This is === steveos rap efforts. Least steveo could blame it on the whippits...

  • 12mrmajestic
    12mrmajestic 2 days ago

    Anyone can sound passible with voice modulation on the singing track. Without it he would sound like Mort Goldman from Family Guy!

  • Taba Allday
    Taba Allday 2 days ago

    Watching this reminded me of that video where his son had asked, “where’s Roethlisberger?”

  • Football Kid 10
    Football Kid 10 2 days ago

    At 0:28 his hair turns purple 😂

  • John 117
    John 117 3 days ago

    Could've been the goat i always had arguments with my uncle who better ab or julio i always said julio n looks like I'm right

  • Mr Nabil
    Mr Nabil 3 days ago

    Stop acting like a clown and just take the boxing match against Logan Paul. It’s best thing you can do right now and it’s the only thing you can do right now.

  • Kicks Faith
    Kicks Faith 4 days ago

    This is sad and I pray Antonio takes serious advice recover and come back to NFL humbled and off social-media for a while.

  • Amy Sullivan
    Amy Sullivan 4 days ago

    Sounds like a cat getting raped.

  • Kicks Faith
    Kicks Faith 4 days ago

    Stop this nonsense AB! You're not gonna have a whole lotta money if you don't follow protocol get yourself a makeover and stay off social-media running your mouth. I 🙏 pray you get help and come back to the NFL stronger, better, and mentally humble. Everyone loves a good comeback story. I am sadden no one truly loves you to stage am intervention to save you from weak minds and people just using you for money. Wake up your not looking good after that viral rant with your children's mother and police. Please AB get help.

  • Jasonism
    Jasonism 4 days ago

    This should be in the next Madden game

  • Mr Chris Carter FX
    Mr Chris Carter FX 4 days ago

    Your like 20 years late for a rap career 🙄

  • lois boateng
    lois boateng 4 days ago

    This is really serious He has some serious issues

  • Sea King
    Sea King 4 days ago

    This dude just got toasted by Stephen A

  • Hardwork1994 !
    Hardwork1994 ! 4 days ago

    00:04 Me when my manager tells me I can leave early for the day after I was just bitching about not getting more hours for the week

  • Toasted
    Toasted 4 days ago


  • Trevin Rosencrans
    Trevin Rosencrans 4 days ago


  • Trevin Rosencrans
    Trevin Rosencrans 4 days ago


  • Dustin Digiulio
    Dustin Digiulio 5 days ago

    I hope this dude gets help man greatest waste of talent


    Please AB, I am not a hater in any way bro. I just want you to be on the right track and this isn’t it. Talk to someone and hangout with your kids and not a bunch of yes men, they are with you for what you have, not Antonio brown. I want you to succeed bro this isn’t a negative comment you just need some help man. Hope all is well and you are successful in the future!

  • Michael Adderley
    Michael Adderley 5 days ago

    AB they say you need help, I say never change who you are as they want to see you, to fit like a has purpose and proof to its roots...yes it has thorns, yes its in a difficult environment, but it has water and water saves lives...B a life saver from the life haters (media)... You dont need help...You need applied science...we all have to evolve...knowledge is about transcending...the world does not have to see it, but your offspring do...they are your thrown...King...Zulu Nation...

  • MotorcycleMan
    MotorcycleMan 5 days ago

    Doesn’t look like the comeback will happen let alone be good!

  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia 5 days ago

    Dude is an embarrassment. Money be dammed. Sad to watch. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul. Love you 84 but you sad. Getting old ain't for sissies. Welcome to the real world.

  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia 5 days ago


  • Rob
    Rob 5 days ago

    He should do a song with lyrics " I need a J.O.B., these hoes won't hire the CTE"

  • Trevor C
    Trevor C 5 days ago

    CTE is scary

  • butt stinky
    butt stinky 5 days ago

    Good sht

  • Ja'quavious Moor
    Ja'quavious Moor 5 days ago


  • Ja'quavious Moor
    Ja'quavious Moor 5 days ago

    The raiders gave you everything .. Brought u along. Then you wanted to leave.. Youre a fool.

  • Nate Cruz
    Nate Cruz 5 days ago

    You’re actually ghetto af

  • Baby BackRibs
    Baby BackRibs 5 days ago

    I believe that everyone is being unfair to AB let him be himself and not your puppet

  • Baby BackRibs
    Baby BackRibs 5 days ago

    everyone talking about AB does not realize that SA sold his soul devil a long time ago but at least he got a heavy toll to be a troll

  • urbanDanK
    urbanDanK 6 days ago


  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 6 days ago

    AD will go to XFL, then get cut

  • Jester 23
    Jester 23 6 days ago

    Antonio brown the clown

  • Kelechi Osuchukwu
    Kelechi Osuchukwu 6 days ago

    We love you Antonio Brown but you need to stop the Shananigans and get right

  • im just pomer
    im just pomer 6 days ago

    Tbh you would be better on the Steelers yet you get mad at ju ju is a better wide receiver

  • im just pomer
    im just pomer 6 days ago

    Should have stayed on the Steelers my guy

  • Made in the USA Made in the USA

    What a great example you set for your kids standing with your kids cursing at the police and spewing racist slur's, the NFL is finished with him, he's an embarrassment to the NFl and no team will take a chance with this low life

  • What about Rob?
    What about Rob? 6 days ago

    Antonio Clown.

  • USA Vet
    USA Vet 6 days ago

    Not a fan of him but I respect his skills as a player. He was on pace to be great. I pray he fines his way back. Always easier to judge people but nobody knows everyone’s demons. Clearly this man needs help. Praying it gets better for him because at this point he left millions on the table. His lifestyle can’t support his habits long at this rate.

  • Dick Manitoba
    Dick Manitoba 6 days ago

    So when can expect this comeback?

  • One & Only
    One & Only 6 days ago

    Some people love you regardless, if they changed it up they didn’t you from the start.

  • One & Only
    One & Only 6 days ago

    Pulling for you AB, you got this!!!!!! Let’s go....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯🙏🏽🙌🏽

  • Souldogdave
    Souldogdave 6 days ago

    Drew just FIRED your sorry azz...HaaaaahahahahahahahaBWWWAAAAHHHahahahahahahahahaha

  • Mike Reece
    Mike Reece 6 days ago

    Good to see antonio brown turning towards God

  • Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness


  • ALPHA Fitter
    ALPHA Fitter 7 days ago

    “Skipped out of college” is that why you can’t speak English?

  • Spencer and Talan -Trick shots

    You used to be some one

  • Morgan Moore
    Morgan Moore 7 days ago

    He has awful skin!!!!!!!!! All that money and he still looks DUSTY

  • ejzr YT
    ejzr YT 7 days ago

    Are u a Raider Or Patrits

  • ejzr YT
    ejzr YT 7 days ago

    Are h a Raiders Or Patrits

  • LexieBoo
    LexieBoo 7 days ago

    Jackass POS. Ur trash. Go back to where u came from

  • Ja'quavious Moor
    Ja'quavious Moor 8 days ago

    Look at this fool....

  • Ja'quavious Moor
    Ja'quavious Moor 8 days ago

    You look stupid my nigga... Stop...and ... Remember when you were beghing to get out of Oakland?

  • John Montag
    John Montag 8 days ago

    AB broke in 2 years

  • James Lemons
    James Lemons 8 days ago

    This james