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  • Jack Axton
    Jack Axton 6 hours ago

    This is a great film but intense. Lars pulls this off again.

  • Jordan Krzywicki
    Jordan Krzywicki 6 hours ago

    Rocket said Star Lord was one sandwich away from fat. In Endgame Thor was several sandwiches away from “nonfat”.

  • Dan Daru TV
    Dan Daru TV 6 hours ago

    A good rifle and pistol would have been nice equipment to have for our protagonists

  • Kumilch
    Kumilch 6 hours ago

    Everybody: I'm here because of Jaeden!!! Me: I'm here to see the 5 seconds long footage of Richard Armitage.

  • Alisha Alessandra
    Alisha Alessandra 7 hours ago

    This is basically the plot from that one couple in Why women Kill.

  • dannydinosaur73
    dannydinosaur73 7 hours ago

    LvT and I share the same birthday. Guess I'll never get out of bed again.

  • Vero DeLeon
    Vero DeLeon 7 hours ago

    Can hardly wait!!! Ahhhhh

  • Axell avetyan
    Axell avetyan 7 hours ago


  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 7 hours ago

    Looked like a happy movie, until the shower

  • RLynnT
    RLynnT 7 hours ago

    Wait, THIS is what that picture was about?

  • TheGOPforlife
    TheGOPforlife 7 hours ago

    The future of hoeing.

  • methardris
    methardris 7 hours ago

    Is this the upside down?

  • James Colin Serofia
    James Colin Serofia 7 hours ago

    Mackenzie 😘😘

  • siddhartha gautam
    siddhartha gautam 7 hours ago

    Just displace one letter from his name.

  • klmn krstf
    klmn krstf 7 hours ago

    I guess Frank took Madani's job offer.

  • FBI_
    FBI_ 7 hours ago

    Guys, I think she's a woman

  • Tvens
    Tvens 8 hours ago

    I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about the character turning into an inside out type of character. I myself am one of those people. I am a little disappointed that it couldn’t be just about a struggling artist. HOWEVER I do have faith in this film and from what I can see it seems like this will be in a way targeted more towards an older demographic (of course there will be jokes that will appeal to a younger audience) and really explore the ideas of our place in the universe and what we are willing to do to achieve our dreams. I have a lot of faith in Pixar that this will be a more serious film and going into places that they usually don’t explore. And I guess the characters turn similar to Inside Out characters so that Pixar could explore the deeper meanings about our dreams of what we want to be without losing the interest of a younger demographic. Edit: I also just realized that not only the film is about the main character’s soul so the film’s name is Soul but he’s also a jazz musician which then makes the movie’s name relate to soul jazz.

  • 5lipperydash 1
    5lipperydash 1 8 hours ago

    I'm already fat so I dont need a fat suit

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 8 hours ago

    Dat new orange boy bullying black cat even tho orange bois are usually really calm! XD

  • The Mad Metalhead
    The Mad Metalhead 8 hours ago

    Ecch, not funny in the slightest. This plays upon the cucked male stereotype that its ok for the woman in the relationship to commit infidelity as long as its with another woman. Alternatively, is it ok for the man to cheat if it's with another man? Of course not! He is then viewed as gay and the relationship is over, right? Cheating is cheating.

  • Dai 大
    Dai 大 8 hours ago

    Whoever made this remix is a genius. The trailer would not be the same without it.

  • javier ruiz salas
    javier ruiz salas 8 hours ago

    WTF Potter?!

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres 8 hours ago

    A Bisexual Film 💚

  • Move in Peace
    Move in Peace 8 hours ago

    Hello gays

  • M. R. Molenaar Elzinga

    Absolutely great acting love the series .

  • Android is the best.

    What's with all these G.O.T. actors being in these new shitty movies ?

  • Rustrevius Ink
    Rustrevius Ink 8 hours ago

    Two of the actors here playe din when they see us

  • Weekend 2 short
    Weekend 2 short 8 hours ago

    she ends up dying in the end

  • Kawaii_Sailer :3
    Kawaii_Sailer :3 8 hours ago

    Lipitor is my favorite 🤩🤩

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 9 hours ago

    You are a dirty old man.

  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 9 hours ago

    And we've seen some version of a plot line like this HOW many times, by now??? Ugh...

  • Cristina Manea
    Cristina Manea 9 hours ago

    The most stupid movie ever! 🤧

  • George Gk
    George Gk 9 hours ago

    Mom can we buy a Thor? We already have a Thor at home Thor at home:

  • Arianna Seusankar
    Arianna Seusankar 9 hours ago

    Very interested looks like a good movie

  • War2827Eagle
    War2827Eagle 9 hours ago

    Gender identity shit. SMH

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    What's happening with all these GOT actors /actresses?!! Why are they making horrible shitty movies?! I am gonna watch GOT instead... They were good there

    • Darkest Argentum
      Darkest Argentum 8 hours ago

      cause they need an acting sorbet to cleanse the palate of high fantasy

  • let's put a smile on that face


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 9 hours ago

    i hate bi racials

    • The Mad Metalhead
      The Mad Metalhead 8 hours ago

      you seemed so nice in the Harry Potter movies, Luna. You've been spending too much time with muggles!

    • Austra Robust
      Austra Robust 8 hours ago

      We hate you too.

  • Ballconei
    Ballconei 9 hours ago

    This happened to me last night and when I woke up my wife still left me for a hot mixed race girl.

  • Crystal Ward
    Crystal Ward 10 hours ago

    I'm getting bad vibes from this...there are characters that already seem off - especially Mr Woodhouse. I also don't like the characters talking over each other. The two arguments were the most amusing and heartfelt parts of the book, and the wit of the dialogue is going to be lost in confusion of who's saying what. "Badly done, Emma. Badly done, indeed!"

  • MadGamerS
    MadGamerS 10 hours ago

    If this is the actual one I ain’t watching it cuz the old cast isn’t there

  • Thoughts of LASIAA LAYY

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  • Aussie Photographer
    Aussie Photographer 10 hours ago

    I’m in

  • Ken Bishop
    Ken Bishop 10 hours ago

    Its probably just an excuse to get more actresses to suck face in a Hollywood movie. It's everywhere these days, I don't have a problem with lesbians or anything, but it's literally everywhere you look and it annoys the fuck out of me.

  • Cavstic
    Cavstic 10 hours ago

    I guess the whole film is a reflection on how the standard "family life path" can feel like a life-long trap?

  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 10 hours ago

    Holly's nipples in that tanktop tho

  • I Love DanTDM 123 Minecraft

    Woody sounds.. Wait no dont tell me what happen to Tom Hanks! :(

  • Janusha
    Janusha 10 hours ago

    Oh christ... How dated is this crap.

  • Simon Gaskell
    Simon Gaskell 10 hours ago

    Doesn't look like much of a comedy.

  • Mr Knowbody
    Mr Knowbody 10 hours ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I don’t give a shit about a stupid movie about a couple wanting a threesome I’m a 11

  • Nokevi HuggleUp Neikha

    I'm in XD

  • tavery76
    tavery76 11 hours ago

    If the creators of this movie are reading make a 3 movie plz I looooove this movie and so dose so many people plz

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan 11 hours ago

    Of course.

  • MarkFilipAnthony
    MarkFilipAnthony 11 hours ago

    "Got himself locked up in Azkhaban for it.."

  • leasmith412
    leasmith412 11 hours ago

    Meh...if it's womens power message I'll give it a miss.

  • javed Hussain
    javed Hussain 11 hours ago

    When is the movie releasing?

  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 11 hours ago

    Scariest part is the ugly ass green all the houses are but the last scene definitely sold me.

  • javed Hussain
    javed Hussain 11 hours ago

    Movie release kab ho rahi hai

    • Rohan M
      Rohan M 10 hours ago

      tere padosi se puch

  • Room 360
    Room 360 11 hours ago

    These shoes are ridiculous.

  • king money bloodgang
    king money bloodgang 11 hours ago

    i been waiting for this

  • Patricia isha Sebastian

    Ugly dislike not like special! 😂😂😂

  • Kara A
    Kara A 11 hours ago

    And they enter into a hot, romantic relationship with each other. The end.

  • franklin suggs
    franklin suggs 12 hours ago

    ☻ Ok. Creepy, but interesting. ★★★★

  • C Connors
    C Connors 12 hours ago

    Omg so woke 🤪

  • lUi sAa
    lUi sAa 12 hours ago

    timmy is art. period

    SAI RADHA 12 hours ago


  • Entertainment movies
    Entertainment movies 12 hours ago

    Back to back action

  • Mert K.
    Mert K. 12 hours ago

    I only clicked cause i thought it said "The last od us" :(

  • JG
    JG 12 hours ago

    2.8 out of 10 on IMDB. Just below Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death and Bloodthirsty Cannibal Demons. That's not so bad.

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 12 hours ago

    This looks like a Lifetime movie.

  • Chirag patel
    Chirag patel 12 hours ago

    2020 hey

  • Jacob Denness
    Jacob Denness 12 hours ago

    Wow just wow that's quite a concept.

  • Josh Isaac
    Josh Isaac 12 hours ago

    This trailer made me obsessed with Harley Quinn.

  • the prestiger klopt
    the prestiger klopt 12 hours ago

    Weird film?...

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 12 hours ago

    Couldn't come up with a original name? 😀

  • Jake Phillips
    Jake Phillips 12 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, this trailer looks good......I said was never going to do this again........M. Night Shemababalam, I'm giving you one more chance nigga......ONE more chance......don't f*ck with me.

  • Alexander Marshall
    Alexander Marshall 13 hours ago

    Isn’t Tom Hanks the king of the peado’s though ?

  • Jeremy The Conqueror
    Jeremy The Conqueror 13 hours ago

    Looks a bit silly. And the trailer was unending.

  • falsepod
    falsepod 13 hours ago

    Borderlands with Daniel Radcliffe, looks pretty cool though

  • Arpan Jana
    Arpan Jana 13 hours ago


  • Elis Eriksson
    Elis Eriksson 13 hours ago


  • Mabel Obot
    Mabel Obot 13 hours ago

    It’s almost like -US

  • Anubhav Joshi
    Anubhav Joshi 13 hours ago


  • Jono Bennett
    Jono Bennett 13 hours ago

    I'd rather watch THE CAMPAIGN.

  • RnHLyrics
    RnHLyrics 13 hours ago

    Lol the title sounds like The Last Of Us.

  • DOGs world
    DOGs world 13 hours ago

    Love from nepal

  • Sakuxxx1x
    Sakuxxx1x 13 hours ago

    I freakin love escape movies. I am hyped ! Wooohohohoho :)

  • Rangga Aditya
    Rangga Aditya 13 hours ago

    Where is the cheetah?

  • Ze Tuan Lim
    Ze Tuan Lim 13 hours ago

    This trailer is boring. Will just watch the movie when it airs.

  • Nazlı Yiğiter
    Nazlı Yiğiter 13 hours ago

    sizin bu filme yapacağınız sonun aq

  • Jari Kuisma
    Jari Kuisma 13 hours ago

    Why F-14 fligts in open segue of trailer?

  • Del Barns
    Del Barns 13 hours ago


  • Chey Gibbs
    Chey Gibbs 13 hours ago

    She was simply wore out...May she RIP.

  • The Type of Red
    The Type of Red 14 hours ago

    this looks like a waste of time

  • Its boyaknow
    Its boyaknow 14 hours ago

    I enjoyed this movie quite a bit!

  • Jana Saad
    Jana Saad 14 hours ago

    Sorry y'all I do nt like the way they forced kids to day this stuff!

  • AllyonYT
    AllyonYT 14 hours ago

    So happy Heilung will find even more heathens with this game. We are a rowdy bunch but welcome all of you.

  • Patalro
    Patalro 14 hours ago

    Qué porquería, la humanidad se perdió

  • Durva warik
    Durva warik 14 hours ago

    Meanwhile 6'9 feet girl Am I a joke to you Literally

  • Throw a Chair
    Throw a Chair 14 hours ago

    i like how the trailer makes me want to see it without spoiling the whole fucking movie