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  • Kjartan Thomassen
    Kjartan Thomassen 2 hours ago

    I cringed so fkn hard

  • Celia Fang
    Celia Fang 4 hours ago


  • Criss Minecraft
    Criss Minecraft 12 hours ago


  • Steve Vollmer
    Steve Vollmer 20 hours ago

    0:48 😂🤣

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 20 hours ago

    You know how long this took to realize

  • Snake Playzzz
    Snake Playzzz 21 hour ago

    He fucks with his homies and cops but he mixes with milly rock

  • bruh_itz_damien
    bruh_itz_damien 22 hours ago

    LOL I can not

  • Carlos
    Carlos 22 hours ago

    Does ninja have a wife? I do, her name is Jessica her last name is *NINJAAAAAA*

  • BritterTheBean

    DUDE 0:18 AT 2X SPEED-

  • Mc Halo
    Mc Halo Day ago

    Bro that edit was actually so good . Nice job m8

  • Kein Name
    Kein Name Day ago

    It’s Ellie D😂😂 I was thinking why on earth LED??

    LBJ GOAT Day ago

    When he slapped himself off the screen, I was a goner xD

  • Robongun
    Robongun Day ago

    the best

  • shaaunak pitale

    *awkward silence Me :🤣🤣

  • Blank Space
    Blank Space Day ago

    This vid in 2x speed is *High crackhead energy*

  • Deandrea Beckford

    My last two brain cell in a math test 0:57

  • 99Percent Derp
    99Percent Derp 2 days ago

    0:28 watch with 0.25 speed. It sounds so weird

  • ConsteleX
    ConsteleX 2 days ago

    Nice way to steel other peoples content!

    NSN RASCAL 2 days ago

    why is this kinda fire

  • Evil Doge
    Evil Doge 2 days ago

    Even after 9 months I still watch this

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 2 days ago

    The ending made me laugh so much 😂

    NSN RASCAL 2 days ago

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

  • H3X CowzRCool
    H3X CowzRCool 2 days ago

    Bro your edits Omfg how long does it take you(there so gud)

  • VoiD Apex
    VoiD Apex 2 days ago


  • Hansen Sha
    Hansen Sha 2 days ago

    Y u delete ender dragon video

  • Jason Salinas149
    Jason Salinas149 2 days ago

    You upload this the day before my birthday and love this video

  • Prestige
    Prestige 2 days ago

    That name part😂

  • LilDoogler
    LilDoogler 3 days ago

    How long has ninja been married? *enough*

  • Vanish_FadeYT
    Vanish_FadeYT 3 days ago

    U earned yourself a sub and a like

  • Camila Fanatic
    Camila Fanatic 3 days ago

    I be cringing. I be cringing I be cringing I be cringing

  • Shameer Martin
    Shameer Martin 3 days ago

    On 0.58 put it on 0.25

  • Vimal Raaj
    Vimal Raaj 3 days ago

    Elen: how long do you play the game for? Ninja : 4 hours Me : amateur!!!!

  • M K
    M K 5 days ago

    Ellen do not blaspheme

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 5 days ago

    Its blank

  • frazix_yt
    frazix_yt 5 days ago

    Oh my he's fucking with his homies and the street

  • Mce 1863
    Mce 1863 6 days ago

    He has like 3 jackets on.

  • Chad_Playz
    Chad_Playz 6 days ago

    omg i laughed the whole video XD

  • LilBaybee _Z
    LilBaybee _Z 6 days ago


  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 6 days ago

    When I get in cold water 0:19

  • Gacha Lemoons
    Gacha Lemoons 6 days ago

    0:19 how to practice with a orchestra Edit: to understand put it in 0.25x speed

  • Fortnite rankings
    Fortnite rankings 7 days ago

    Lies he plays at least 15 hours a day

  • Anthony 101
    Anthony 101 7 days ago

    Led could actaully be a insulting name if you think about it ... tell me if you get it

  • Anthony 101
    Anthony 101 7 days ago

    Did you practice that 😂

  • Almira Smajlovic
    Almira Smajlovic 7 days ago

    ninjas wife is jessica ninja XD

  • Kevin Emerson
    Kevin Emerson 7 days ago

    Still better with autotune

  • Caryn Kirk-Berry
    Caryn Kirk-Berry 7 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 quality over quantity lol

  • le monke
    le monke 8 days ago


  • TL RiZe
    TL RiZe 8 days ago

    Lmao this is so funny

  • Mikenatk K
    Mikenatk K 8 days ago

    That one Elementary snitch

  • xF3STx
    xF3STx 8 days ago

    His arm goes like a helicopter xddd

  • Mr Brently
    Mr Brently 8 days ago

    OOOOOOOH YEAH! When ya can’t choose between old town road and panini

  • DinoNuggets •
    DinoNuggets • 8 days ago

    do more of these

  • Snip3r _
    Snip3r _ 9 days ago

    "Thats great content" said no one

  • Dooly
    Dooly 9 days ago

    He looks gay

  • Jake
    Jake 9 days ago

    I was dying laughing

  • Ignited Freddy GamingYT

    0:30 My nightmare

  • Al Testic
    Al Testic 9 days ago


  • Undertoker83 PS4
    Undertoker83 PS4 10 days ago

    Funny how a complete douche who actively is mean to people and fans get on the Ellen show

  • Marki Kun
    Marki Kun 11 days ago

    this is so awkward...

  • SquadSaneSlader
    SquadSaneSlader 11 days ago

    This was badly mix but people mess with this 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Økay
    Økay 11 days ago


  • Easy L
    Easy L 11 days ago

    This is the best video ever!!!

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 11 days ago

    What Does Ninja Spend His Money On? *”FORTNITE BATTLE PASS TIERS”* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PopGamerNation
    PopGamerNation 11 days ago

    This sounds like a meme not even good it's shit

  • ADmagma
    ADmagma 12 days ago

    I like how ninja just comes out when he heard the word "fortnite"

  • Lebron Jame
    Lebron Jame 12 days ago


  • WillTheWizee *-*
    WillTheWizee *-* 12 days ago

    “How long has Ninja been married?” “UhHhHmM.. EnOuGh”. Bru 😆

  • That-one -guy
    That-one -guy 12 days ago

    This was supper quiet

  • Jakey Smooth Gaming
    Jakey Smooth Gaming 12 days ago

    0:26-0:39 I JUST DIED LAUGHING!!!🤣

  • Yush
    Yush 13 days ago


  • Chrism8ts
    Chrism8ts 13 days ago

    oh mah fakkin gad if you know what i mean lmao

  • ErikelHacker 234
    ErikelHacker 234 13 days ago

    Dije ahora que mier** hicieron con las canciones xdxdd

  • AndDowzs
    AndDowzs 13 days ago

    We got a fridget spinners

  • Death by Cross
    Death by Cross 13 days ago

    1:12 When you accidentally typed "KSI x Logan Paul" instead of "v"

  • RandomTuber
    RandomTuber 13 days ago

    That great content lol

  • Mark Martinez
    Mark Martinez 13 days ago


  • Ilay Shenbrun
    Ilay Shenbrun 13 days ago

    Its basically a normal episode

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures 13 days ago

    This is so cringe

  • Zytos
    Zytos 14 days ago

    Blowing me lol

  • DHD Maze
    DHD Maze 14 days ago

    Sub to me

  • Katrina Ionin
    Katrina Ionin 14 days ago

    This video cured my depression

  • Aadhar Kapoor
    Aadhar Kapoor 14 days ago

    Who's here after 1 million?

  • Bulletz 2Swift
    Bulletz 2Swift 14 days ago

    Just here too say this video is 63 views away from 1 million

  • Rtbloxxer 1
    Rtbloxxer 1 15 days ago

    When you finally realize that your friend was the one who murdered your mom 0:47

  • Assurn
    Assurn 15 days ago

    please turn in captions

  • Zebratic
    Zebratic 15 days ago

    Who’s here on 999,999 views... not you, but me

  • Bobby Phillips
    Bobby Phillips 15 days ago

    Does ninja is bully

  • TellUs
    TellUs 15 days ago

    Everything we buy, ninja fights for the money, and our money that we spend, instead of going to epic game they gOTO NINJA

  • Doctor Doge TV
    Doctor Doge TV 15 days ago

    This is golden

  • Oturei Sio
    Oturei Sio 15 days ago

    OMG this fortnite dancing is causing so muuuchhhhhhh CRINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE god fortnite is making so many pple pretty cringey and retarded of what they are doing god help me

  • Oturei Sio
    Oturei Sio 15 days ago

    fortnite is causing cancer to a lot of people...

  • Skarscat
    Skarscat 15 days ago

    I thought this was real for a second

  • Mat _d4
    Mat _d4 16 days ago


  • 4 Skateboarding
    4 Skateboarding 16 days ago

    This hurts to watch😣

  • phenil panchiwala
    phenil panchiwala 16 days ago


  • vingertopje 2
    vingertopje 2 17 days ago

    00:11 when my parents knew that I have a B+

  • MrRXD
    MrRXD 17 days ago

    Like it wasn’t awkward

  • TMA Bomber
    TMA Bomber 17 days ago

    Video content 👍

  • Lrak
    Lrak 17 days ago

    1:53 Ellen's face of regret 😂 😂

  • Global Dayz
    Global Dayz 17 days ago