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MHM Pet Loss
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  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson 4 hours ago

    34 years is harsh. Makes me wonder if her skin was white what she would get

  • Ralph Mcbride
    Ralph Mcbride 5 hours ago

    Lission to duront nutsol an the speech he made about Dr.mlk ,,, lission to it ,,, lission to it,,, lission to it,,, lission to it,,,!!!!!! LISSION To IT!!!!!!!;!!! 🦁

  • Jlm6785 Jay
    Jlm6785 Jay 5 hours ago

    Maybe hiding explosives. Haven't heard of that huh? If parents aren't upset mind your own business.

  • Ralph Mcbride
    Ralph Mcbride 5 hours ago

    Keep pushing to get it back,,,u keep pushing,,

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam 6 hours ago

    This news COMPANY should be shut down just like the fuckin Bin ladens brother in federal penitentiary !! So what they found some weed that's probably legal now.. . Coward's always try to cover their asses to point the finger the other way!

  • Charlene evans
    Charlene evans 6 hours ago

    Thank God for people like these.

  • Steve MacEwan
    Steve MacEwan 6 hours ago

    Hope she tops herself...

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks 6 hours ago

    Ya she set it on fire, big deal

  • sonofyah2726
    sonofyah2726 7 hours ago

    It should be against the Law for Caucasoids too Judge a case they are liars Biggest on Earth !

  • Al Wilson
    Al Wilson 8 hours ago

    Ain't nothing smart. It's all to track and control and ultimately reduce you and increase the coffers.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 8 hours ago

    Man,,if I see another captain save a ho tender dick emotional sensitive sucka for love bitchmade lame,,I'm gon lose my mind.....smh.....I never would kill myself of nobody else behind no dirty ass female....smh.....

  • D-Vine Goldstruc
    D-Vine Goldstruc 8 hours ago

    This crime story has no friggin glory. Really?? I get the fact that women have every right to say "No" , that's fine cause I don't have 2 b friends with any of the so called women who are actually girls 2 me. Laughing out loud. Thanx 4 ruining it. U friggin deserve a podophobia award of 2019 and 2020. This society will have no glory when the world goes 2 waste anyway. #footfetishmatters suckas!

  • Duckie
    Duckie 9 hours ago

    I was witnessed

  • Sunny
    Sunny 9 hours ago

    My neighbor shoots stray dogs……

  • Norma J
    Norma J 10 hours ago

    All these years later and I'm just now realizing that the exact same supercell that produced that tornado formed over my town. So scary :/

  • veteran's chemdry puppy

    I wasn't there when it happened but I heard of it! I go to that Wal-Mart all the time!

  • Thundercat 2019
    Thundercat 2019 10 hours ago

    Parkinson's ate him up😂😂😂

  • tec61
    tec61 11 hours ago

    STUPID FUCK’S lucky to be alive! Rip’n off GG club?

  • jeffthewhiff
    jeffthewhiff 11 hours ago

    I don't think it is likely that Kansas City will ever get another NHL franchise. I can remember when the Scouts made their debut back in 1974 and they had a terrible team, but the expansion draft was much different back then and teams were able to protect the better players on their rosters. Also, there are other cities that would probably support the NHL better than Kansas City, such as Quebec City and even Houston, even though it is in a non-traditional hockey market.

  • Stephanie Holmea
    Stephanie Holmea 11 hours ago

    Bless her heart .. And her innocent children , just curious why this wasn't national news as the JaCee case.... ((HUGS)) to the mom and nine children involved & the Beautiful couple that GAVE HER A VOICE!!

  • Error 404: Channel not found

    what a garbage piece. youtube would do well to dispose of this

  • SomebadCandy 933
    SomebadCandy 933 12 hours ago

    listen who gives a fuck about perfect grammar? like yeah if you make a huge fucking mistake then so be it but give it a fucking rest you god damn grammar nazis.

  • Wood Wood
    Wood Wood 12 hours ago

    This wicked world does this every year around thanks giving , and Christmas

  • Wood Wood
    Wood Wood 12 hours ago

    A simple love your neighbor life . You know God gave his only begotten son to save , man's soul of money .

  • Wood Wood
    Wood Wood 12 hours ago

    That land lord , need to get his , are her land lord aseeees off this earth. And go up there iin the sky . Its many heavens up there I heard .

  • Wood Wood
    Wood Wood 12 hours ago

    It is a da####@@@m%%%m shame that money in this all Gods children world , mean more on this earth than a simple love your neighbor .

    • C B
      C B 9 hours ago

      He that is without sin cast the first stone. Vengeance will be the Lord's. And he that hath a froward heart findeth no good: and he that hath a perverse tongue falleth into mischief. Just keep that in mind when you're ranting on the internet.

  • Hank Terreros
    Hank Terreros 12 hours ago

    You want us to do what/ Here comes the retirements. [laughter]

  • Jose Relles
    Jose Relles 12 hours ago

    dont know how else anybody will hear me out or who run to with my painful emotional sistuation. But since ive read and watched some of the news reports about kansas taking children away. From parents and not helping to reunite tgem w thier parents and them being under investigation i dont know if u guys can help or not but heres my story : I was a young mother in 2014 when my children were taken from me by dcf in garden city ks. I had done everything in my power to get my children back home. After completing tasks asked by st francis community service in (garden city, ks) they seemed to have another task for me to do then after I done what ever tgey needed from me it became another task then I felt like it was an excuse after excuse n then making it harder me being young at the time I didnt understand how to speak up 4 myself or did i have any family to run and ask questions I was alone I began to get stressed out because I felt like they only cared about reports false reports they got about me from my own family who have always been against me because i am the diffrent one in the family. and how to proof to the courts of me " being unfit n so forth. They had a pile of nonsense just to tell the judge but never once was given permission to speak up on my behalf nor would my Attorney stand up 4 me or my children. Let alone the attorney had no reason to keep representing me for interest of conflict. N he didnt care I kept up to date my adresses n phone numbers and never did i once reciece proper notice of my parental rihts being terminated. They lied to me so many times about my court dates so I was late to the last court in 2017 everyone was walking out I said whats wrong r we having court they violated mine n my sons rights from the beging from dcf to law enforcment to st francis interigating my son being under the age of 18. My sons have been in foster care from home to home depressed wanting (mommy) wondering why and were am I little do they know we were torn apart something called legally kidnapped, my son Gabriel is being put up for adotion n I am hurt im sadden im lost what can i do for someone to please help me. Im not unfit ive always been the best parent I can be why me why my kids. Just because im not rich or they discriminate and stereo type me from my familys history someone please hear me please help me. My son loves me very much n he is suffering w out me it's been 6 years since they torn us apart n now they r looking 4 someone to adopte him please help me stop this and bring him him along w his brothers who have been seperated my kids need to come bk home get my story to be herd this dcf in garden city ks is corrupted. N I can prove all the mistakes they made from the start of this case from wrong birthdates to them not respecting our rights everthing it needs to be over herd or over looked at in court. They even judged me n said i would never be fit in the forseable future but they r wrong because I am a mother of 2 daughters now and can prove i have drasticly changed. Thank you! 😥😭

  • amanda hagedorn
    amanda hagedorn 12 hours ago

    so people are actually putting paper clips in their mouths..

  • AnnieO100
    AnnieO100 13 hours ago

    I saw them one day and it was heart warming. I support our police.

  • *****Sincere*****
    *****Sincere***** 14 hours ago

    These police are criminals!

  • Adam Hudson
    Adam Hudson 14 hours ago

    Keep up the great work. When are you going to upload more videos?!! Why haven’t you used zmsocial(dot)com!? I used it on my main channel and it helped me rank my videos!!

  • Leslie Terrell
    Leslie Terrell 14 hours ago

    I cant stand women who threaten men with their babies...stop this!

  • AC McGowan
    AC McGowan 15 hours ago

    34 years is longer than a death sentence.

  • misanthrop1958
    misanthrop1958 15 hours ago

    the USA are crazy. One life sentence for rape is already crazy, but 18??? Well I forgot they have a madman for president: What do you expect???

  • Lhyne B
    Lhyne B 15 hours ago

    That's a beautiful house but how much you pay for property tax every year.

    • Marci Robins
      Marci Robins 13 hours ago

      Since they’ve changed their tax rates this year, it’s crazy money.

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don 16 hours ago

    I knew the victim was white, just by the title. Because he was jailed without parole.

  • Samantha Lewis
    Samantha Lewis 16 hours ago

    People with mental health issues sure know how to spread those wings & get pregnant with a parasite

  • Shela Matela
    Shela Matela 16 hours ago

    This is Sad. if black man would just choose real love instead of expensive fashion, this wouldn't happen. he know damn well she wouldn't want him if he was broke and she knew he was using her for her skin.

    ARKHAM KNIGHT OP 17 hours ago

    Big Bear

  • Jillian Scott
    Jillian Scott 17 hours ago

    so sad

  • Miguel Rice
    Miguel Rice 18 hours ago

    James Eiser 😂

    QUEEN LESTER 18 hours ago

    Well should have left him aloke

  • dem damn
    dem damn 18 hours ago

    It's amazing how when police assault white folks they go to jail.

  • Ducky Darkstar
    Ducky Darkstar 19 hours ago

    Polygamous Mormon sex cult in Mexico smh

  • bad Good
    bad Good 19 hours ago

    And the lies continue. Russel was one of many that worked on that cell phone project. tvclip.biz/video/zbIv05gVDJU/video.html

  • Diane Long
    Diane Long 20 hours ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 hours ago

    Black people...

  • Michael Barnstein
    Michael Barnstein 22 hours ago

    Try going to Mexico City and see what happens.

  • alyisdead
    alyisdead 23 hours ago

    I can’t believe how much I’m crying, bless Rosalynn and Lisa ❤️

  • abhishek goyal

    This is justice.....raping and beating gets 27.5 years jail ..... India should also have to move forward with this justice system for these type of heinous crimes by keeping morality aside...and go for the maximum.

  • Michelle Ford
    Michelle Ford Day ago

    Want to hear a story I was told about from Kansas City fireman or news report about the fireman jailed by pissed off mayor during strike governor ended up having to pardoned them.

  • Shubham kumar Sharma

    I feel sad for the girl Thanks for the justice

  • Stl314 Chi312
    Stl314 Chi312 Day ago

    He kissed her on her forehead after shooting her signs that he truly loved her but he was put in a unstable mental crisis they both needed help which he was getting but was anyone helping her in the right way because the words she used was suicidal and he was the weapon, Now you are taken away from your baby and your future money , thats why he probably killed himself, I think they wasnt married so who is over his estate for his baby who now have no parents 😥

  • Tommy  Gibson
    Tommy Gibson Day ago

    I would put her in jail too just to get her outta that raggedy azz blazer

  • larrydD
    larrydD Day ago


  • Deama Linnea
    Deama Linnea Day ago

    Catholics think the rosary is going to save them. Smh. What verse is that in the Bible?

  • Jordan Bunes
    Jordan Bunes Day ago

    Lol leawood trying to include themselves in the kc metro no one wants you

    • Dane Clark
      Dane Clark 12 hours ago

      $2 million vs. $189,000. I'm pretty sure that no one in Leawood wants anything to do with KCMO...

  • untrepid two
    untrepid two Day ago

    when it's real cold in central canada your skin will freeze in 1 minute. yep. 1 minute. you'll be dead in 5-10 minutes.

  • Martin Brown
    Martin Brown Day ago

    She deserved it

  • AI3xZJE41 YT
    AI3xZJE41 YT Day ago

    All ways siding with the white man against yo own people.these black folks are some straight up sell out CO ONS.then they are bold enough to go the the black Church with the tee shirt on. and no one in the church says anything about that not even the pastor. Christianity has really destroyed our people.these white folks keep showing u that they hate us and al we do is love love love then.wake up black folks stop loving the white man al he has done is rape robbed and murdered us for the last 400 years and still to this day.

  • Hank Terreros
    Hank Terreros Day ago

    Ford, you are going to prison.

  • K_Crzy •
    K_Crzy • Day ago

    I live a block from it on commercial street lmao 😂

  • Ezekiel Omotola

    Did you guys see the clip of a man making his last payment to his ex wife, he was dancing and rolling on the floor. Alimony is overrated and ridiculous in America. Its a shame it got to this point though.

  • Ccoolflamexxz
    Ccoolflamexxz Day ago


  • jburr36
    jburr36 Day ago

    "Wutchoo meenz I gots 34 yerz in prison. I supozed to get probation cus I be all crazy an chit. Dis be bow chit" I really dislike the "i was crazy and abused" defense. There is no mitigation for torturing a little kid

  • Roy Curtis
    Roy Curtis Day ago

    White on white crime

  • Roy Curtis
    Roy Curtis Day ago

    The devil wears white

  • John Space
    John Space Day ago

    That's weird. Why would someone do that?

  • James Turner
    James Turner Day ago

    What a scum bag piece of shit i love all animals and these people make me so mad

  • m juru
    m juru Day ago


  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan Day ago

    poor guy.

  • Snek
    Snek Day ago

    That’s one ugly ass chick. Face looks disgusting

  • Ant Davis
    Ant Davis Day ago

    That mental illness shit only comes into play for white people.

  • Joshua Wylie
    Joshua Wylie Day ago

    That's Amerikkka for you

  • howtobebasic 2

    id rather scrap the car, it's not worth putting thousands of dollars into a car that has very little resale value.

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins Day ago

    Now I get gridiron heights lol

  • Joey Mathew
    Joey Mathew Day ago

    Men are not women? Wow this is new information.


    Welcome to Mexico!!

  • Jesse LeBlanc
    Jesse LeBlanc Day ago

    Smoked pork with a shot of bacon grease

  • Steve Fares
    Steve Fares Day ago

    Isn't 34 years a bit harsh though? There are murder convictions out there that get a less sentence? I can see why people say America has a shitty jail system...

  • Ancalagon Ullr

    Id prefer an older home like the first over a modern home any day.

    • Marci Robins
      Marci Robins 13 hours ago

      Right up until you get your utility bills.

  • BÃdsP0rT game

    Bra I go there

  • lisa mac
    lisa mac Day ago


  • fires11
    fires11 Day ago

    So happy for Rosalynn and her children

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Day ago

    I’m embarrassed 😞 I can’t believe black people are doing this. I honestly don’t think I would be as mad if this was racist white people

    • Mister D
      Mister D Day ago

      Kansas City is white-identified, I grew up in a small Southern town where the black community has to go along to get along, especially if the local blacks (or whatever minority group) are powerless and are a minority. St. Louis, on the other hand, is black-identified.

    • Joshua Wylie
      Joshua Wylie Day ago

      It's ok my brother Beacuse there are so black people that are still asleep, but most majority of us are awake...✊

  • A Boring Sandwich

    Schools are prisons

  • mike miller
    mike miller Day ago

    running their sources pretty thin? now if only independence police department put more efforts into actual crimes than going around busting people for every minor traffic offense....

  • Estefania Blanco

    They were monsters and so is the grandmother. Liar! Hypocrite!

  • Philip Anderson

    So, yeah. Hollywood is Satan. .

  • Theodore Freeman

    Yes and there are dozens of them just like he is out there. I will bet there are over 5 thousand women a year that is offered to have a ticket dropped for sex if the truth be known. And over 70 percent of the police involved shooting are uncalled for. The American know the truth of these low lifes. If they hire a good officer that try's to do the job right they fire him because they are scared he will tell the truth on them. There is not a department in the country that has not done this to a good officer.

  • Dane Piper
    Dane Piper Day ago

    With Kansas City new tax laws if you buy a million dollar house you will need a million dollars for tax every year to keep it. People are protesting every day. About the taxes in kc

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Day ago

    Okay but why did so many of us see this 3yrs later

  • Darren Gilliam

    Mental health my ass

  • Darren Gilliam

    Bet that cunt selled all the food stamps for crack

  • Crap Jawkins
    Crap Jawkins Day ago

    A small slice of actual justice. Why not hang him publicly to bring fear into the other shitty officers?

  • SeeMyBlessings Hallelujah

    That’s a lot of time so moms STOP your abuse and then trying to blame it on mental illness! It’s evil and you’re evil 🦹🏾‍♀️

  • jules bailey
    jules bailey Day ago

    I just learned of this story. What a wonderful person and family these people are. Im glad his TVclip channel is still up and running

  • Angel Eyes33
    Angel Eyes33 Day ago

    After a man tells me he’ll shoot me if I don’t leave him alone, I’m filing chdsup and a restraining order, getting a gun and going to shooting range FYM


    This is why school teachers think it is okay to molest young Boys..."16 year olds are doing it"...! Yes MADAM they are.... however..... You are (obvious to apparently everyone but you) NOT 16years old 😶😶🙄