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  • Craig Robbins
    Craig Robbins 3 minutes ago

    I still have that sharp tooth! I didn't have any idea where it came from.

  • its noon
    its noon 6 minutes ago

    I remembered the furbies from burger king! Gen z early childhood memories ✊😔

  • Socially Awkward Queen
    Socially Awkward Queen 8 minutes ago

    I had all of those Land before time puppets from Pizza Hut when i was a kid.

  • chey cat
    chey cat 9 minutes ago

    clean shaven LMAOOO WTF LINK

  • Carissa N
    Carissa N 12 minutes ago

    They definitely had the Furbys at McDonalds because I had an aunt that worked there and she tried to collect them all.

  • Jess F.
    Jess F. 14 minutes ago

    Without googling the seven dwarfs are... Grumpy dopey sneezy sleepy happy doc and bashful

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B 19 minutes ago

    Omg growing up I had so many of these toys. I had no idea that Dino puppet was from land before time

  • Raven Night
    Raven Night 20 minutes ago

    I've noticed that the McDonalds toys all seem to be more well made than all the other toys

  • Cope Life The Only Life
    Cope Life The Only Life 25 minutes ago

    McDonald's did do the furby with the moving feet i remeber that 100% but other than McDonald's ive never seen any other fast food or restaurants give toys away

  • Furry Mike
    Furry Mike 27 minutes ago

    Fun fact: Pokemon originally had cards at Burger King before transitioning to McDonald's.

  • Kathryn Palma
    Kathryn Palma 29 minutes ago

    I am really concerned about Link turning The Land Before Time dinosaurs into another movie we can think of when they're put together like that.

  • wow dude viper
    wow dude viper 30 minutes ago

    When's the next season of buddy system?

  • Zombeenom
    Zombeenom 39 minutes ago


  • J Phillips
    J Phillips 47 minutes ago

    Cattywhampus is southern as it can be.

  • Glenda Caperton
    Glenda Caperton 47 minutes ago

    I remember the 98 furby I remember making mom go to McDonald’s to get them all.

  • Susan K.
    Susan K. 50 minutes ago

    Should have had Inspector Gadget!

  • Tessa Coville
    Tessa Coville 51 minute ago

    The furby where the feet move is a series 4 McFurby, it's number 8 in the line.

  • Sweetstar87
    Sweetstar87 53 minutes ago

    I love land before time.

  • Peter Trast
    Peter Trast Hour ago

    It's hard to believe that Link is an engineer...

    • PyroNinja713
      PyroNinja713 3 minutes ago

      I have a feeling he wouldn't have any kind of degree if he weren't friends with Rhett

  • Mat Daniel
    Mat Daniel Hour ago

    She’s trying soooo hard

  • Amber Pitcher
    Amber Pitcher Hour ago

    I collected those Furbies from McDonalds in the early 2000s!

  • Amber Lavis
    Amber Lavis Hour ago

    The odd furby reminds me of my childhood. My grandpa would take me to McDonald’s and spend $2 for each furby and get me 5 or 6 at a time because I was collecting them!! Love the blast from the past and the wonderful memory!

  • Stephanie Collins

    I had a McDonalds furby

  • Youraclown 420
    Youraclown 420 Hour ago

    I wonder if companies that make these products watch rett and link and say that’s not a bad flavor

  • RandomGeekNamedBrent

    I knew all of these except the pizza hut puppets. I remembered the phantom menace stuff from the 3 restaurants and knew taco Bell had those pump action car things a lot

  • Joey Crank
    Joey Crank Hour ago

    Is it not spelled, catawampus? I'm confused

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Hour ago

    Wait but not all toys are called happy meal toys so the title of the video is wrong. It should be match the toy to the kids meal is something like that

  • Tori Wong
    Tori Wong Hour ago

    Ah yes, Scrappy and Oldy, my favorite of the seven dwarves

  • Marsha Wallace
    Marsha Wallace Hour ago

    McDonald's definitely had the furby first.

  • Lee Hitashi
    Lee Hitashi Hour ago

    Jen, you're so cute and I love you! You may not see this comment but I wish you well in your goals and aspirations!

  • Angela G.
    Angela G. Hour ago

    I loved those puppets. And the little basketballs Pizza Hut also did

  • BatmanRydin 2131

    I had that cup when I was a kid. That's crazy. I forgot they existed lol.

  • Lisa Thornton
    Lisa Thornton Hour ago

    That was so cool! My son had those LBT puppet figures...memoies😃

  • Yungbeck
    Yungbeck Hour ago

    I just want to thank you for all your great content that makes us think about nothing for a few moments every day.

  • DrivinMyLifeAway

    Of all the fast food toys in the past how could you guys not include the Pokemon toys?!

  • Lee uwu
    Lee uwu Hour ago

    3:17 the way luke looks at ashton--

  • AnthonyDK
    AnthonyDK Hour ago

    I'm glad you guys have the Mythical Society to get extra funding but I am pretty sick of hearing about it.

  • ApeX Reaper
    ApeX Reaper Hour ago

    Rootbeer and Dr Pepper is a good mix. Best with Rootbeer made fresh at an A&W resteraunt.

  • Wow Bro
    Wow Bro Hour ago

    I remember having that red headed mohawk furbi. This just brought me back man

  • TrunksGav
    TrunksGav Hour ago

    Im from Uk and I had at least Ducky and possibly Sera, think they meant to be some sort of puppet..Dont remember em in Pizza hut though..But I was 7 at the time

  • yourin8er
    yourin8er Hour ago

    8:01. It’s should to be full of water

  • Who Needs Normal?

    My grandparents have one of those Land Before Time puppets in their toy box. Never realized it was a kids meal toy

  • Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts 2 hours ago

    I remember those Pizza Hut toys!

  • CollieMonster
    CollieMonster 2 hours ago

    That's not just a dolphin puppet, it's a Flipper puppet, and it's not just a puppet, it also squirts water!

  • Sabina Dallmeyer
    Sabina Dallmeyer 2 hours ago

    Googling askew! 😍

  • Jordan Huenink
    Jordan Huenink 2 hours ago

    100% had two of those Land Before Time puppets when I was a kid

  • DukeOfTennessee117
    DukeOfTennessee117 2 hours ago


  • Ben Meehan
    Ben Meehan 2 hours ago

    I had that Star Wars cup! I knew it was the Ktacohut! I loved it!

  • Jeneric Bjacobsen
    Jeneric Bjacobsen 2 hours ago


  • Joshua Chancey
    Joshua Chancey 2 hours ago

    I remember those puppets from Pizza Hut. I had a few.

    THREEP! 2 hours ago

    *GOOGLING ASKEW* From the song...

  • Jako
    Jako 2 hours ago

    Rhett: Link: compulsively shoving the toy's heads up each other's butts

  • Dilara Bektaş
    Dilara Bektaş 2 hours ago

    Weirdly i was thinking 87 as well???

  • Broken_turtle _girl
    Broken_turtle _girl 2 hours ago

    I watch a lot of movies, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen those movies either, Link

  • A Thomas
    A Thomas 2 hours ago

    Sneezy, Bashful & Doc

  • Izzy Durnan
    Izzy Durnan 2 hours ago

    How do they seem so young yet so old at the same time??

  • memethyst
    memethyst 2 hours ago

    ah yes my favorite dwarf _oldy..._

  • MissMoon111
    MissMoon111 2 hours ago

    As someone who lives in the uk, yes, that show is weird and I've no idea why it exists?!

  • Athan Monk
    Athan Monk 2 hours ago

    They were so upset for a second when they thought they only had 5 of the 7 dwarves. Hahaha.

  • KaylaTheRaccoon
    KaylaTheRaccoon 2 hours ago

    this video is so funny 😂

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 hours ago

    I dont where it is... or when... but I WILL find the Sebulba concert lolololololololol

  • CrackedChicken
    CrackedChicken 2 hours ago

    This isn't proper ogórkowa (Pickle Soup) It normally has pickle juice in it and its not that colour

  • z
    z 2 hours ago

    I need a three-hour episode of Rhett listing fast food restaurants until he gets to Pizza Hut.

  • Justin Reed
    Justin Reed 2 hours ago

    you all should have had the Furskin Bears on t here. they were from Wendy's.

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 2 hours ago

    0:35 Thanks link now that song is stuck ib my head AGAIN! First your vlog intro and now this? Am I doomed to have this song in my head for ever? Well,I know one way you can make it up to me..... MAKE MORE MUSIC!

  • Dana Wilson
    Dana Wilson 2 hours ago

    Those Furbies are in shock because they saw what y'all did to that one in the paint mixer!! :P

  • KaylaTheRaccoon
    KaylaTheRaccoon 2 hours ago

    shuggie cooker

  • Storgs Storgs
    Storgs Storgs 2 hours ago

    Land before time is a amazing movie

  • April Johnson
    April Johnson 2 hours ago

    Where has cotton candy Randy been?

  • duke'M Explorer
    duke'M Explorer 2 hours ago

    Do remember mcdonalds ear mcferby

  • OTR Gamer
    OTR Gamer 2 hours ago

    Catywapus was to easy anyone from the south uses catywapus at least once a month

  • Billy Reynolds
    Billy Reynolds 2 hours ago

    4:08 Come on Link! They're called "People of small stature", how unPC of you ¬.¬

  • MorteinXc
    MorteinXc 2 hours ago

    I fricked with land before time so hard

  • MorteinXc
    MorteinXc 2 hours ago

    This is a nice nice video me very very liked

  • The Carnation Files
    The Carnation Files 3 hours ago

    Furbies were both Burger King and McDonald’s

  • Dirty Dangler
    Dirty Dangler 3 hours ago

    Lol it’s called Shazam

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards 3 hours ago

    I use to have those Land Before Time puppets! What a trip down Nostalgia Lane.

  • Janelle Elizabeth
    Janelle Elizabeth 3 hours ago

    Is higglidy-piggidly the word you were looking for?

  • candybear5947 Gaming

    caddywampus: wampa-jawed

  • Daniel Franklin
    Daniel Franklin 3 hours ago

    Are there any movies Link HAS seen?

  • h e l i o t r o p e s

    when mcdonalds had NEOPETS THO

  • Ate The Sandbox
    Ate The Sandbox 3 hours ago

    Has Jordan appeared yet in this season? Where's Jordan?? Please say that Jordan is not gone!

  • Leah Kelley
    Leah Kelley 3 hours ago

    I'm getting a Big movie vibe here...

  • Beer Grunt
    Beer Grunt 3 hours ago

    The Kazam (sp?) ring toy was supposed to be filled with water to make it easier.

  • Devs
    Devs 3 hours ago

    “Pizza Huppits” was actually kinda funny lmao

  • Kimberley W
    Kimberley W 3 hours ago

    Link referenced My OCD song!!

  • Miaka99
    Miaka99 3 hours ago

    I have the exact Little Foot, puppet toy. It's sitting on my shelf.

  • Jennifer R
    Jennifer R 3 hours ago

    I had Snow :) I was 3

  • Jim Jacobson
    Jim Jacobson 3 hours ago

    I remember getting those land before time puppets when i was a kid that and the book it club from pizza hut

  • Myah R. Zana
    Myah R. Zana 3 hours ago

    Those furbies are bringing back my vaguest memories....

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man 3 hours ago

    Lily is now 17, I wonder what she thinks of this now in retrospect

  • Erica Bomhoff
    Erica Bomhoff 3 hours ago

    GOOGLING ASKEW thanks link now the OCD song is stuck in my head! (Not complaining)

  • bsiccs
    bsiccs 3 hours ago

    I do that to push up my glasses xD

  • Mr. Dragon
    Mr. Dragon 3 hours ago

    I totally had those Land Before Time puppets.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 hours ago

    Pretty sure they are not called Happy meals at other restaurants

  • Numero Letter
    Numero Letter 4 hours ago

    The Furby one is kind of a trick question!! The original 1998 Furbys had a line of toys at McDonalds, while the 2005 Furbys had a line of toys at Burger King!! In 2013 with the Furby Boom, Furbys returned to McDonalds, and in 2016 they had ANOTHER McDonalds line with the release of the Furby Connect. :D A lot of people forget that the Furby has had multiple releases since they're such an iconic 90s toy, but they've had 4 main iterations!! The 1998s, the "Emototronic" 2005s, the 2012 Furbys (which received an update in 2013 with the release of the Furby Booms, but the only real difference is the programming was enhanced), and the Furby Connects in 2016!! They also had Furby Babies in 1999, Furby Babies released with the 2005s (although these are quite rare), Shelbys (which are Furby cousins that look like clams), and Furby Party Rockers (which are small creatures with limited interactivity that are essentially an accessory to the 2012/Furby Boom Furbys). Source: I'm a Furby collector :3

  • Angela Sumner
    Angela Sumner 4 hours ago

    I have

  • Emma Borwell
    Emma Borwell 4 hours ago

    I remember getting the Furbies at McDonalds

  • Noah Lovette
    Noah Lovette 4 hours ago

    Loved how Ian was on GMM

  • 212melc
    212melc 4 hours ago

    Got a massive dose of nostalgia from those Land Before Time puppets!