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  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen 4 hours ago

    this episode was so funny i cant stop laughing

  • Melisa
    Melisa 4 hours ago

    I always thought Pringles tasted just like instant mashed potatoes, which I guess is kind of what they are. Never liked them. Love me some Kettle chips!

  • Emilinaline
    Emilinaline 4 hours ago

    this is just me and my best friend on a saturday night at 1am.

  • Danasiah Nay
    Danasiah Nay 4 hours ago

    cheek to cheek 😂😂😂😂

  • LeNomEstYves
    LeNomEstYves 4 hours ago

    GMM is TRULY the only channel I would ever watch 2 guys debate which chip has the best crunch. I love these guys.

  • Rennis Tora
    Rennis Tora 4 hours ago

    How could you not include corn chips or sun chips in this?

  • Creamed Kern
    Creamed Kern 4 hours ago

    Krunchers are everywhere over here in WI. Sweet Hawaiian Onion are the best flavor. Lol

  • Patty Lynn
    Patty Lynn 4 hours ago

    Yes yes yes o’boisies!!!!!

  • Amanda Hammack
    Amanda Hammack 4 hours ago

    I hope Rhett's shirt shows up in the merch options soon.

  • Dave Duncan
    Dave Duncan 4 hours ago

    Looks like a ddaaaamn seashell lol

  • Amanda Hammack
    Amanda Hammack 4 hours ago

    deal? I bet Rhett had his fingers mentally crossed for this bit.

  • Scaracat
    Scaracat 4 hours ago

    Whatever mood it was you two were in today - it’s my fave :)

  • Josh Butts
    Josh Butts 4 hours ago

    They bought the doritos for the 2xp

  • Dedee1 Judd1
    Dedee1 Judd1 4 hours ago

    I'm just surprised that you didn't try Frito Lays Corn Chips, for a good CRUNCH... but, as this is the VERY FIRST time I've EVER left a comment on ANYTHING, I think you're great, it's so obviousle as to why you've had SO many episodes...Great for you, and great luck for MANY more...

  • John Garrett
    John Garrett 4 hours ago

    Rhett maybe thinking of Gator Crunch chips! They were awesome. They are in Home Alone as well.

  • lord doctor
    lord doctor 4 hours ago

    What about Cheetos and Bugles? Where do they stand in this Crunchy Rating?

  • Leonard Hernandez
    Leonard Hernandez 4 hours ago

    I have honestly done chip Harmony I have taken Turbo flemas along with the Twisted BBQ Fritos it had a very delicious spicy barbecue flavor thank me later

  • Connor B-mann
    Connor B-mann 4 hours ago

    I think Rhett and l link are going ASMR

  • Vita Murphy
    Vita Murphy 4 hours ago

    Does that kid ever stop talking?

  • trippism
    trippism 4 hours ago

    The prejudice against Pringles makes no sense because Doritos are basically the same thing but with corn

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 4 hours ago

    Rhetts face when Link said it was too crunchy. i lost it.

  • Taco Games
    Taco Games 5 hours ago

    Link: Kiss ‘er once for me Crew: Clbhmbbh onbm buh myeh Rhett: *Kiss them if you want* 😂😂

  • Miss Ugly
    Miss Ugly 5 hours ago


  • whatiwasgoingtosay
    whatiwasgoingtosay 5 hours ago

    The flimsier the premise on Good Mythical More, the better. This was hilarious!

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 5 hours ago

    GMM: Can we find the key... Lockpicking Lawyer: That's cute

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar 5 hours ago

    0:14 link said 😜

  • cas4040
    cas4040 5 hours ago

    Link said “don’t worry” immediately after that. I was waiting for someone to say “be happy”.

  • beckycupka
    beckycupka 5 hours ago

    This makes me so uncomfortable

  • fanatsywriter 12345
    fanatsywriter 12345 5 hours ago

    Sad.. Pringles are my favorite chips 😬😭

  • Jason S
    Jason S 5 hours ago

    Thunder Krunch i believe. Parmesan was my favourite.

  • Alyssa Howey
    Alyssa Howey 5 hours ago

    I love Rhett and Link equally but Link stating that Kettle Cooked chips are TOO crunchy for his satisfaction was an upsetting fact. I bought Kettle Cooked chips 20 minutes ago to verify and I firmly believe he is mistaken. KETTLE CHIPS ARE SUPREME!

  • Nabocleese
    Nabocleese 5 hours ago

    As a Canadian, I find American "Ruffles" chips bags, look weird. :)

  • Rachel
    Rachel 5 hours ago

    Rhett and Link clapping at the EXACT SAME TIME? 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Yousef
    Yousef 5 hours ago


  • Amber Egan
    Amber Egan 5 hours ago

    Love folded chips 😍🥰 kettle cooked all the way 🙌🏻

  • amanda9907
    amanda9907 5 hours ago

    Pringle’s are not chips! They are crisps! Just sayin! 🤪

  • emily
    emily 5 hours ago

    I’m crying at “you know what? it’s too crunchy”’😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Waffle Time
    Waffle Time 5 hours ago

    My family and I use to put sugar onto a bowl of peaches

  • Diane Slaney
    Diane Slaney 5 hours ago

    their chairs were making a lot more fart noises in this episode lol

  • Trippin
    Trippin 6 hours ago

    cool ranch wins any type of chip battle.

  • Vance Cole
    Vance Cole 6 hours ago

    TIL to get footage of sloths being fastbois you just have to lie to them and say you're doing a documentary on any animal that isn't them.

  • Apollo Beta
    Apollo Beta 6 hours ago

    How many channels does that guy work for?

  • Heather S
    Heather S 6 hours ago

    These are the best kind of Mores.

  • Steven Mello
    Steven Mello 6 hours ago

    My Pixle 3 was rendering the frames in a random order. It was memorising 🙃

  • steven j
    steven j 6 hours ago

    I love krunchers their so good

  • Zachary Markham
    Zachary Markham 6 hours ago

    You missed a very Important Chip here ... I ask for a redo ... You forgot The Bugles .. they are the crunchiest chip ever

  • RvnStreib
    RvnStreib 6 hours ago

    Thank you for making me watch the Bobby Mcfarren don’t worry be happy video. I didn’t know Josh was in that video, rocking the top hat.

  • Enzait
    Enzait 6 hours ago

    Too far!!

  • Zach F
    Zach F 6 hours ago

    Krunchers were awesome! The jalapeno flavored ones were amazing.

  • Morgoth27
    Morgoth27 6 hours ago

    “Y’all got some PIG” hahah

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 6 hours ago

    I feel like the kettle chips were crispier sounding than the doritos

  • MrBrett566
    MrBrett566 6 hours ago

    i need this scooter expedition thing tbh

  • Bailey Nash
    Bailey Nash 6 hours ago

    When Josh looked at the camera with his confidence face I think my heart skipped a beat. Wow 😳

  • Chr1s 3l3v3n
    Chr1s 3l3v3n 6 hours ago

    Link: "' like a damn seashell"... best line everrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  • Shvy4n
    Shvy4n 6 hours ago

    Watching these videos makes me question life

  • whydoesvdothistome
    whydoesvdothistome 6 hours ago

    Wow didn’t think there would be other monbebes here

  • Saydee Collins
    Saydee Collins 6 hours ago

    I love mores like this ❤️ I could watch these two bozos just giggle at each other all day

  • Adam D
    Adam D 6 hours ago

    Foldy = Wish Chip in Canada

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis 6 hours ago

    Link needs to issue a public apology for how he opened that last bag of chips. 😅 it hurt my soul.

  • Sage S
    Sage S 6 hours ago

    Okay but arent doritos the same thing as pringles but just corn??

  • Pooh & Stitch
    Pooh & Stitch 6 hours ago

    Between the chair fart noises and Link saying 'damn seashell'....I was laughing so hard. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • C and A Productions
    C and A Productions 6 hours ago

    Collins: starts talking Link: guys Guys GUYS Collins: nervous laughter

  • Yard Wolves
    Yard Wolves 6 hours ago

    Jalapeños are indeed fruits.

  • Sierra Deffenbaugh
    Sierra Deffenbaugh 7 hours ago

    Krunchers are still around a daang tasty.

  • thomassmyth65
    thomassmyth65 7 hours ago

    Kettle chips win before I even watch, there so crunchy

  • Magen Elizabeth
    Magen Elizabeth 7 hours ago

    It's a symphony of crackle 🎶

  • RegularGuy123
    RegularGuy123 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know where they got the microscope from?

  • Ray Maldonado
    Ray Maldonado 7 hours ago

    i like pringles..

  • Susan Schwartzman
    Susan Schwartzman 7 hours ago

    It's so sweet that Link gives the folded chips to Rhett before he takes one for himself. Brotha luv!

  • hopewrld
    hopewrld 7 hours ago

    Rhett never fails to stop the wheel on gifticality and it’s the sweetest thing ever 💜

  • Tyler wing
    Tyler wing 7 hours ago

    I thought they were judging it on loudness not which one sounded better😡

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 7 hours ago

    Josh looks like he’s ready to drown sloths

  • H
    H 7 hours ago

    Why wasn't Miss Vickie's in there?

  • Broken Chair
    Broken Chair 7 hours ago

    I will gladly take that 2XP for Modern Warfare on the Doritos bag 😁

  • L Trimmer
    L Trimmer 7 hours ago

    Nothing like watching two grown men crunching chips on the internet for 14 minutes

  • Aymack
    Aymack 7 hours ago

    Should have done Munchos!!

  • A O
    A O 7 hours ago

    "Thinking About Your Body" on that Bobby McFerrin album is a great song.

  • Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller 7 hours ago

    someone should take all the comments quoting rhett or link and put them in some giant thingamajig. there would be like a bajillion

  • Lizanne Badia
    Lizanne Badia 7 hours ago

    link opening that kettle chip bag was the cringiest thing ive seen all year...

  • Aspen Rittenhouse
    Aspen Rittenhouse 7 hours ago

    "and Link, not wanting to forsake the possibility of a Doritos sponsorship, makes a last minute effort to discredit the Kettle Cooked chips after they had been proven to be clearly superior"

  • Holly Shively
    Holly Shively 7 hours ago

    You can tell by the texture,that it's not a real potatoes.

    NIKKOPECK 7 hours ago

    Gm asmore lol

  • Viljam Källman
    Viljam Källman 7 hours ago

    Sticky fingers or sticky toes. Obviously I whould pick STICKY FINGASU

  • Samantha V
    Samantha V 7 hours ago

    "That looks like a damn sea shell " perfect for a ringtone texttone

  • Holly Shively
    Holly Shively 7 hours ago

    As soon as I saw the chips you had up there I was like where are the Krunchers!!

  • Catherine Guerrero
    Catherine Guerrero 7 hours ago

    Don't worry link I thought the same thing

  • Robby Bryant
    Robby Bryant 7 hours ago

    Great fire marshal Bill Link!!! Hahahahaha

  • Levi White
    Levi White 7 hours ago

    "I dont like pringles." Who doesnt like chips? Shut up, dude.

  • Benjamin Tackett
    Benjamin Tackett 7 hours ago

    Links Amazing speech seems like a Bob Ross quote.

  • Ryan Neil
    Ryan Neil 8 hours ago

    This episode is actually the closest I've come to wanting to join the Mythical Society

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 8 hours ago

    Rockapella!!!!!! So glad someone else knows about them 🎉

  • LoverOfAllAnimals
    LoverOfAllAnimals 8 hours ago

    Rhett: I feel like I need a reggie as well. Link: A reggie-o My brain: Oregano.

  • melissa lucas
    melissa lucas 8 hours ago

    Dolphins are 8-10 minutes Slothes are 40 minutes!

  • Jasmine Jaeger
    Jasmine Jaeger 8 hours ago

    please do an ASMR video!!!! 🙏🙌🏼

  • Stevie S.
    Stevie S. 8 hours ago

    I'm in Cleveland and the Crunchiest chips were O'Grady's extra thick chips back in the day

  • redsharpie_
    redsharpie_ 8 hours ago

    4:15 cylinder... 😂

  • Shaira Star
    Shaira Star 8 hours ago

    Krunchers are still around up here in Michigan! The jalapeño are the best!

  • Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs

    I think they're made from potato flakes like instant potatoes.

  • Caroline Kridle
    Caroline Kridle 8 hours ago

    They're tired lol. Slaphappy!

  • Wooosh me Ur gay
    Wooosh me Ur gay 8 hours ago

    Protect these men at all costs