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  • xXGay shipping Xx
    xXGay shipping Xx 6 minutes ago

    Yas I love the books so this looks more awesome

  • Stranger Noah
    Stranger Noah Hour ago

    Me if this was real Girl: It has your name Me: Heck nah man. Ima move to Maine Pennywise: Hiya Me: Nevermind....

  • d c
    d c Hour ago

    The trailer itself is a short horror movie...

  • Justin Wheeler
    Justin Wheeler 4 hours ago

    "Some people believe, if we repeat stories often enough, they become real." Noooow this is a story all about how my life got turned right *uʍop ǝpᴉsdn* ¡¡ɥɥɥɥɥɥɥɐ ƃuᴉuǝddɐɥ s,ʇɐɥM

  • ophello
    ophello 7 hours ago

    Wow. This looks awesome.

  • Car Guy Repair
    Car Guy Repair 10 hours ago

    Okay. Everybody start liking, comments and subcribed my page please. Some people believe, if we repeat stories often enough they become real. Okay let me repeat again. Everybody start liking, comments and subcribed my page please.

  • Brightstar Lavandula
    Brightstar Lavandula 13 hours ago

    MUST WATCH the movie... Totally no disappointment... Remind us how the first Conjuring movie tackled us...

  • m g
    m g 15 hours ago

    Oh my K

  • Spar Kle
    Spar Kle 16 hours ago

    OMG WHAT A MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolipoping 9
    Lolipoping 9 16 hours ago

    I just read the book Time to watch this.

  • Anastasia Brohier
    Anastasia Brohier 20 hours ago

    Ok so I have Emetophobia and some horror movies have vomiting. Can any of you tell me if there is any in this movie. Thanks ❤️

  • jilly ann
    jilly ann 20 hours ago

    that scarecrow one FUCKED me up

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu 23 hours ago

    and no one paints there...

  • Shane Baker
    Shane Baker Day ago

    Monster: You took my toe! Marilyn Manson: Do you want it? Yeah! Do you get it? No!

  • Solid Briscoe
    Solid Briscoe Day ago

    Kind of disappointed that Stephen Gammell wasn’t mentioned at all in the closing credits. I don’t think the books would have made such an impact without him.

  • LiveOkie
    LiveOkie Day ago

    These people making scary movies today saw The Ring and every horror movie since then has copied it. I miss GOOD scary movies. Simple ones. Like Stephen King in the 80s: A killer car, a killer dog, a haunted hotel, a graveyard that brings pets (and people) back to life, or Michael Myers. And just the choppy, fast-paced scenes... these people have NO idea how to make a movie. They think they'll make up for their lack of script and acting, and an actual special effects guy with imagination instead of CGI, with fast-cut scenes and garbage CGI monsters that no-one knows WHO or WHAT they even are - not even the writers. Making CGI "things" and cutting a scene in a fast and disorienting way isn't scary, it's hacky, lazy, and is the best evidence that someone has no idea how to create an intriguing scene by using acting, writing, and setting.

  • Ruby jean
    Ruby jean Day ago

    is it scary.!!???

  • Assaholic Bitch

    This just looks funny. The monster design is just laughable.

  • The Sheepster
    The Sheepster Day ago


  • merel nuruwe
    merel nuruwe Day ago

    Where can you watch this movie?

  • Niyx Radeon
    Niyx Radeon Day ago

    G E T T H I S S H I T O N N E T F L I X N O W

  • Bob Keeler
    Bob Keeler Day ago

    what in the hell???

  • Ov Joker
    Ov Joker Day ago

    Taking my girl to see this movie Saturday. I hope there isn't a lot of junk scares I love scary movies but I hate jump scared lol they always get me. Wish me luck

  • Liam Donaldson

    This cracks me up every time I watch it

  • Raw and Uncensored

    I read that book in elementary school. I loved that book.

  • Numskulled
    Numskulled Day ago

    This looks great

  • Matt Hanson
    Matt Hanson 2 days ago

    I've just started watching this and can't help but feel all the girls in the intro are now porn stars hahahaha

  • Jono Langford
    Jono Langford 2 days ago

    Look brilliant

  • Sophia Leonarez
    Sophia Leonarez 2 days ago

    In my class we’re hearing an audible about the movie

  • Anghela Celmi
    Anghela Celmi 2 days ago


  • Łił gåçhà wøłf

    I’m scared of scare crows now ;-; Edit:for real tho

  • regi
    regi 2 days ago

    Open subtitle 2:17

    OMG GAMING 2 days ago

    Hahahah Laughing at How Istanbul looks like and A terrosrist who is Turkish with No Turkish name protester by Turkish Military ... What A disgrace

  • Nafees Rashid
    Nafees Rashid 2 days ago

    Give this man an Oscar already

  • Magneto Xavier
    Magneto Xavier 2 days ago

    And this whole time I was thinking she was zoey Deutch.. damn thought it was suite life on deck reunion jeez

  • Truck kun
    Truck kun 2 days ago

    I remember having nightmares after i read the book and now theres a movie? Hell no!

  • Nicholas Dickens
    Nicholas Dickens 2 days ago

    Looks fun.

  • Winnie Winnie
    Winnie Winnie 2 days ago

    It's quite scary I think u all should go and watch it .The story line was also good and the jumpscares are also good

  • Justin Toh
    Justin Toh 2 days ago

    Idk but it's not scary,,, planned on watching conjuring 😅

  • Pipoy 1999
    Pipoy 1999 2 days ago

    I thought the girl is the girl from cobra kai

  • Sarah De Haan
    Sarah De Haan 2 days ago

    What’s the rating

  • Rama Na
    Rama Na 2 days ago

    Good it's film

  • Giselle Ruiz
    Giselle Ruiz 3 days ago

    Great Movie Btw! it’s Hella Scary XD !

  • Simon SS
    Simon SS 3 days ago

    I have boys in trees vibe in this movie

  • Whachutalkinbout Willis

    Why all the "Sam and Dean" comments? Just because of the title Winchester? Hmmmm

  • zara absar
    zara absar 3 days ago

    Damnnn its same as the booo

  • Ali Zimmermna
    Ali Zimmermna 3 days ago

    They finally made the movie I remember reading all the books in middle school

  • Elliot B
    Elliot B 3 days ago

    2:16 turn on Closed Captions for a nasty little surprise

  • Mirian Larreal
    Mirian Larreal 3 days ago

    Beautiful movie, I recommend it 100%

  • Electric Animations

    Lowkey looks fuckin dope

  • Faith Fuldeeds
    Faith Fuldeeds 4 days ago

    I didn't care for the voice acting so much BUT I found the effects and acting to be GREAT otherwise! Good job!

  • john ed
    john ed 4 days ago

    Its boring..i feel like watching a mini series not a feature film

  • Jason Owens
    Jason Owens 4 days ago

    It's a really good movie

  • Jarrad Tait
    Jarrad Tait 4 days ago

    Looks weak shoulda made it a series

  • Claire Sorrells
    Claire Sorrells 4 days ago

    Is it horror scary or stranger things scary

  • Aimee Oswald
    Aimee Oswald 4 days ago

    Did the guy who said chicken die

  • Generic User
    Generic User 4 days ago

    No you can not have your toe back monster man

  • Shianna Sinton
    Shianna Sinton 4 days ago

    I grew up top these books definitely watching this

  • Holy Trinity
    Holy Trinity 4 days ago

    do not lissen to this

  • Jacie Webb
    Jacie Webb 4 days ago

    I just watched this movie and it was great but really scary!!

  • Bbiillyynn
    Bbiillyynn 4 days ago

    I wanna watch it so bad!

    • x love
      x love 4 days ago

      Bbiillyynn its definitely worth it

  • Paul Bauer
    Paul Bauer 4 days ago

    And how exactly did i miss that movie?

  • coolchris bossatronian

    Is that the kid from twd?

  • Joshua AKA JODI ZO Nolan

    Me too. You can use my old house by the water

  • Scar Edits
    Scar Edits 5 days ago

    The trailer is scarier than the actual movie . Yesterday I went to watch it with my friends and we started laughing for most of the movie 😂

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey 5 days ago

    Worst song ever

  • LiamsMusic78
    LiamsMusic78 5 days ago

    Movie sucked

  • full_ memes
    full_ memes 5 days ago


  • Foxily
    Foxily 5 days ago

    when the killer put the knife into the guy's eye...💀💀💀

  • ريزكاف- Rezcaf

    لمن يحب الرعب من الغد ستكون هناك سلسة في القناة عن اكثر القصص المرعبة

  • Shlug life
    Shlug life 5 days ago

    this looks fuckin shite

  • Isabella's Closet
    Isabella's Closet 6 days ago

    When is it coming out cuz I don't know what day it is but I'm going to see you tomorrow

  • Krisanna Marie
    Krisanna Marie 6 days ago

    This looks like it would make me cry

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 6 days ago

    The scariest one was the lady in the hallway like she was scary af and she was everywhere wth

    • x love
      x love 4 days ago

      Natsuki facts

  • Pleomax75
    Pleomax75 6 days ago

    La iré a ver como un homenaje y honor que nunca pude verlo ne persona

  • Jim Dearman
    Jim Dearman 6 days ago

    Still never met someone else with CF :) I'll pass watching this, it can't end well.

  • Cheri Naseth
    Cheri Naseth 6 days ago

    My day off today think ill go see it ..

  • Syed Usman
    Syed Usman 6 days ago

    I loved ❤️ this movie

  • Slice Of inBread
    Slice Of inBread 6 days ago

    Wouldn't this have been better as an anthology?

  • Mustafa Feroz
    Mustafa Feroz 6 days ago

    EMF's going nuts

  • Brooklyn Hooks
    Brooklyn Hooks 6 days ago

    I love you Cole spouse!❤️🤗👍

  • MiR imran
    MiR imran 6 days ago

    Inspired by Claire wineland. RIP beautiful soul

  • d
    d 6 days ago

    how are these actors not big yet

  • LovingtheGrind
    LovingtheGrind 7 days ago


  • Kiez
    Kiez 7 days ago

    Song: Remind me to forget - Kygo

  • ACXIAO666
    ACXIAO666 7 days ago

    This film is better then IT Chapter 2

  • Glenn Gordon
    Glenn Gordon 7 days ago

    Yawwwwwn!! Yet another American teen slasher. Everyone has already seen this garbage a 100 times before (i.e. Scream). Save yourself the time.

  • Kubix
    Kubix 7 days ago

    What if they’re 4.99999999999999999 feet apart?

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 7 days ago

    I’m now traumatized

  • L8RB0L
    L8RB0L 7 days ago

    Better add saw into this

  • J.E S.M.
    J.E S.M. 7 days ago

    this film is great but Anthony Padilla Say's that this film was stolen from his vine of "two bros chillin' in the hot tub 5 feet apart 'cuz they are not gay"

  • Leeh King
    Leeh King 7 days ago

    Soooo which one dies?

  • Leeh King
    Leeh King 7 days ago

    Soooo which one dies?

  • Ethan Toise
    Ethan Toise 7 days ago

    The thing you do always does you. When you watch the tape, you die. Thanks the Ring. When you die in the game, you die for real. Thanks the Matrix & Stay Alive You don't drive a car, the car drives you. Thanks Mathew McConoughey.

  • Not Bothered
    Not Bothered 7 days ago

    Turn on English subtitles, go to 2:17 🤣🤣🤣

  • KDC Krusia
    KDC Krusia 7 days ago

    This is a parody smh

  • Anime Panda
    Anime Panda 7 days ago

    Rando: August is in the book! Trailer: this August...

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 7 days ago

    Great movie. Better than IT part two. That one sucked.

  • Devasta The Seeker
    Devasta The Seeker 7 days ago

    This doesnt look like a kids movie...but apparently it is, i for real get really creeped out with some of the imagrey in this, especially the red spot

  • Stavroula Pezz
    Stavroula Pezz 7 days ago

    How about bughead?! Not will and Stella sorry but I ship bughead more