Monogamy, explained
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Here it is! Episode 1 of our new show on Netflix: Explained. There's two more at www.netflix.com/explained right now & new episodes every Wednesday. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO In 2016, more than 2.2 million couples got m..
SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained
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#scarystories #endingexplained In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real wor..
5G: Explained!
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself! Get 75% off NordVPN! $2.99/mo, plus an additional month FREE at: nordvpn.com/MKVPN (Promo code MKVPN) MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: kit.com/..
Casually Explained: Being Healthy
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the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking. Streaming weekdays on Twitch 2pm-8pm PST ►www.twitch.tv/casuallyexplained Check out the new merch if you'd like casu..
The Ending Of Breaking Bad Finally Explained
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Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it all led to an ending that people still talk about today. But if you need a helping hand to understand that final episode, well then, let's cook. Creator Vince Gilligan ..
Luke's Point of View: KIT FISTO (CANON) - Star Wars Explained
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In today's 9th instalment of Luke's Point of View, we get to learn about what Luke Skywalker thought of Kit Fisto as he educates us about the Nautolan's life! He even mentions General Grievous!! Who should we discuss next?! Anakin? Order 66? Obi-Wan..
String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
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Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end? This video was realised with the help of Dr. Alessandro Sfondrini and it was funded by SNSF under Agora Grant n. 171622 and through the NCCR SwissMAP: The ..
CONTACT (1997) Explained
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Contact is a 1997 science fiction drama directed by Robert Zemeckis, adapted from the novel of the same name by the legendary Carl Sagan To purchase a copy of the Novel and Movie, head to - The film - amzn.to/2PgOmi1 The novel - a..
The Ending Of 10 Cloverfield Lane Finally Explained
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10 Cloverfield Lane tells a small story designed to stand on its own, but it's also deceptively full of complex plot twists, potent but understated themes, and a few hidden ties to a larger Cloverfield mythology. Let's unlock this bunker of secrets a..
IT (Creature) ORIGINS + POWERS Explained
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often seen taking the form of “Pennywise the Dancing Clown, It was essentially an evil primordial entity that haunted the down of Derry. For a copy of the movies, head to - amzn.to/2QgnKTF ABOUT ME This channel was created to assist in an..
The Matrix Explained | 20th Anniversary Of The Matrix
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In honor of the 20th anniversary of The Matrix, let's revisit the groundbreaking sci-fi franchise and make sense out of its mind-bending story. From The Animatrix to The Matrix Revolutions, Dave dives into the series to explain how the Matrix works, ..
The Walking Dead Explained in 15 Minutes
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Watch The Walking Dead on Philo FREE for 7 days, only $16/month! www.influencerlink.org/SHBY Thanks to Philo for Sponsoring this video! Cut the cord and watch 40 channels on any device #TheWalkingDead #AMC ►►►►►►►►►►►..
The conflict in Kashmir, explained
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Why Kashmir remains one of the most militarized regions in the world. Become a Video Lab member! bit.ly/video-lab The dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is one of the longest running conflicts. Ever since Britain left India in ..
Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained
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The people of Hong Kong are protesting in record-breaking numbers. Thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring us – Try Dashlane free here: www.dashlane.com/vox and get 10% off now with promo code VOX. Become a Video Lab member! bit.ly/video-..
MIDSOMMAR (2019) Story + Ending Explained
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#midsommarmovie #endingexplained In Midsommar, writer/director Ari Aster's follow up to Hereditary, a group of college kids travels to rural Sweden for their midsummer festival, and soon discover the groups true evil intentions. We'll be breaking d..
The Complete Attack on Titan Timeline (Shingeki no Kyojin Titan History Explained)
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The Complete Attack on Titan Timeline (Shingeki no Kyojin Titan Full History Explained) In this video we go through the entire history and complete timeline of the Attack on Titan series in order to give you a better understanding of the AoT story. ..
TERRIFIER (2016) Ending Explained + ALL HALLOWS' EVE
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#terrifier #arttheclown #endingexplained Breaking down everything about the twisted killer Art The Clown across his appearances in his full length Terrifier, as well as the anthology All Hallows Eve where he made his debut. Subscribe! ►► http:/..
Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?
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Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: mubi.com/thetake (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | At the end of Breaking Bad, did Walter White win or lose? Watch the first part of our Breaking Bad Ending Ex..
The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
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Watch all Grey's videos in order: tvclip.biz/video/s7tWHJfhiyo/video.html Help support videos like this: www.patreon.com/cgpgrey
Hulk's Entire MCU Timeline Finally Explained
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Few heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been as fun to follow over the years as the Hulk. From his perpetual inner conflict to his temper, nearly limitless strength, and near invincibility, the character has plotted a uniquely absorbing stor..
GoldenEye's Luckiest Speedrun Explained!
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Support the channel on Patreon - patreon.com/karljobst Support the channel on PayPal - www.paypal.me/karljobst Today we take a deep dive into GoldenEye's most luck dependant speedrun. Players spend hundreds of hours grinding this shor..
World War 2 Explained | Best WW2 Documentary | Part 1
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World War II Documentary - The Second World War is the deadliest conflict in human history. From Pearl Harbour and The Rise of The Third Reich to The Battle of Britain and Operation Barbarossa, The Second World War spans vast lands and cultures. |Try..
Time Dilation - Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Explained!
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Time dilation and Einstein’s theory of relativity go hand in hand. Albert Einstein is the most popular physicist, as he formulated the theory of relativity, which gave the Energy mass equivalence formula and is directly related to time dilation. Bu..
US (2019) Ending Explained
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#us #endingexplained In US, the second film from Jordan Peele (Get Out) a family's vacation turns to chaos when a group of malevolent doppelgängers descends upon their home. Learn all about who The Tethered are, what they want, and looking at the f..
The Fast And The Furious Timeline Finally Explained
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Since 2001, the Fast and Furious movies have morphed into a massive, sprawling franchise. In fact, the series easily rivals most comic book movies for surprisingly dense lore, outrageous action, and heroic (one might even say superheroic) leads. In ..
The Complete Dragon Ball Canon Timeline Explained
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How Broly Fits Into the Complete Dragon Ball Canon Even for those of us who’ve been fans of the Dragon Ball franchise for years, it can still be a lot to keep track of! There are so many characters, so many movies and so many different television s..
Alice (THE PERFECT ZOMBIE) Resident Evil Explained
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Resident Evil is a 2002 action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, starring Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. Check out my video on the film Resident Evil here - tvclip.biz/video/XnTDwamu35c/video.html&t= Check out m..
US China Trade War Explained -Who Needs Who?
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Patrick Bet-David breaks down the US Trade War with China and what you can do about it. Don't forget to subscribe. Recommended Videos: How to Prepare for the next market crash: tvclip.biz/video/PUB3pFA_RBA/video.html About Valuetainment: Fo..
I AM MOTHER (2019) Ending Explained
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#iammother #endingexplained Subscribe! ►► bit.ly/2jrstgM Support FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► www.patreon.com/foundflix FACEBOOK ►► facebook.com/foundflix TWITTER ►► twitter.com/foundflix INSTAGRAM ►► www.instag..
The Huawei Ban: Explained!
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Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you need to know. Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition. Sources: www.cnbc.com/2019/05/21/google-will-work-with-huawei-for-next-90-days-after-r..
Lucifer: The Fallen Angel (Biblical Stories Explained)
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A creature made perfect by God himself, but his pride and arrogance would be his downfall. ➧Check out these playlists! Pirate History Explained: bit.ly/2soRX54 Viking History Explained: bit.ly/2Jnsz9n Japanese History Explained: h..
Amazon's Lord of the Rings: The Second Age Explained
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Here's everything you need to know about the Second Age and the setting of Amazon's Lord of the Rings prequel series. Subscribe to IGN for more! tvclip.biz/user/IGNentertainment Watch..
The Ending of The Matrix Trilogy Finally Explained
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The Matrix is one of the most influential action movies of all time, but by mixing stylish gun-fu fight scenes with cyberpunk themes, it built to a trilogy that may have left a few moviegoers a little confused. Now that we've got some distance from t..
Mothra's Complete Origin Explained
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All hail Mothra, the queen of the monsters, and one of Godzilla's fiercest rivals — and closest allies. Join WatchMojo as we explore the origins of one of the big screen’s most iconic monsters, the colossal insect deity known as Mothra. What's yo..
IronMan Return In MCU | Avengers 5 | Explained In Hindi
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Hi Friends My Name Is Abhishek and Welcome You To My Channel Super Xpose and Today I Gonna show You Details About #Return Of #IronMan In This New Series Of #Theories !!! ................. 1 Like = Ultra Motivation:::: LIKE TARGET - #3000 I KNOW YOU..
PET SEMATARY (2019) Ending Explained
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#petsemetary #endingexplained In the new adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Semetary, the Creed family moves to the small town of Ludlow Maine where a series of supernatural events send them on a dark and dangerous path that threatens the barrier betw..
Truth behind Astrology & Mind Reading | Explained by Dhruv Rathee ft. Karan Singh Magic
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In this exclusive interview with India's most famous mentalist and magician, see the secrets behind mind-reading, hypnotism, astrology, palmistry revealed! Karan Singh Magic explains the tricks in which he read minds of Virat Kohli and guessed the ph..
The Entire Mortal Kombat Timeline Explained
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What started as a simple fighting tournament has ballooned into a multiverse-spanning, time-traveling fantasy story in Mortal Kombat. With the eleventh entry promising yet more time-warping shenanigans, now might be a good time for everyone to get th..
Destiny 2: God Roll vs Unique Roll vs Curated Rolls Explained – Weapons Discussion
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Destiny 2 god roll vs unique roll vs curated rolls explained; weapons discussion! A destiny 2 unique weapons discussion covering destiny 2 god rolls, destiny 2 unique rolls, and destiny 2 curated rolls explained. Between a destiny 2 god roll, desti..
The Messed Up Origins of Persephone | Mythology Explained - Jon Solo
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In the return of Mythology Explained we're covering the highly-requested story of Persephone's marriage to Hades, her reign as Queen of the Underworld, and even MORE ancient cultures that had their own version of the goddess... ಠ_ಠ ► Support t..
The Fast and The Furious Explained in 25 Minutes
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Boost your credit scores instantly for FREE. It’s only available at experian.com/letmeexplain ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►► let me explain: -these indie films THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (2001): 2 F..
Luke's Point of View: Ki-Adi Mundi (CANON) - Star Wars Explained
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In today's canon video, we're going to cover Luke Skywalker's point of view on Ki-Adi Mundi, the Cerean Jedi Master from the Clone Wars who fell during Order 66. This comes from the upcoming book Secrets of the Jedi which drops November 19th. MERC..
The Dystopian World of 1984 Explained
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George Orwell's novel has been brought up recently. Many terms and facts are used. The world he crafted doses have some similarities, but it in itself is dystopian in its own right. What caused this to happen? What made 1984 such a dark novel that Or..
The Huawei ban explained
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Everything we know about the devastating ban on Huawei by the US government and its implications. [[[ TECHALTAR LINKS ]]]: Merch: enthusiast.store Social media: twitter.com/TechAltar instagram.com/TechAltar fac..
Casually Explained: Tipping
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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change. Streaming Weekdays 2pm-8pm PST (but not this week I'm on a trip and giving those tips) ►www.twitch.tv/casuallyexplained Check ou..
Godzilla's Monsterverse Completely Explained!
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We've finally got another cinematic universe to look forward to! With so many monsters in this new franchise, we think it's time for us to breakdown all the monsterverse's monsters. From King Kong to Godzilla, Mothra to King Ghidora, these kaiju seem..
Why is Star Wars Resistance Only Two Seasons - Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A
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Support the channel: www.patreon.com/starwarsexplain Why is Star Wars Resistance only going to be two seasons? What are our D23 predictions? These questions and more answered in this week's Q&A! Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every d..
How Han Lost the Millennium Falcon to Ducain
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Star Wars Adventures #18 showed us how Han Solo lost the Millennium Falcon to Ducain, an event he mentioned in The Force Awakens. Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every day! Support the channel: www.patreon.com/starwarsexplain Inst..
Barry Tales Episode 36 EXPLAINED
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Become a Patron to support my work! www.patreon.com/IAMTOONS Become a member: goo.gl/hQRP9E MERCH: goo.gl/Cx6BmM Barry Tales Season 1: full..
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : Movie Review [Explained In Hindi]
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Hello friends aaj hum baat karne wale hai once upon a time in hollywood film ke spoiler free review ke bare me to kya hai woh chlaiye dekhte hai Follow Me On Subscribe: goo.gl/5qj6fk Google : goo.gl/tyah3a Facebook: https:..