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A NEVER-ENDING SKETCHBOOK? | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Accordion SketchbooK
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December's box got here a little late, but the art supplies all still work! hehe even if.......I may or may not have used them all. "HOW DO YOU EVEN OIL PASTEL?!" ► (This was the 'Petite' Tier Box, sent to me free o..
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HOW TO DIY WATERCOLOR SKETCHBOOKS (Accordion Style/ NO STITCHING) Hi there! A little tutorial on how I make my little sketchbooks :) You can use any paper that's suitable for your art and it's super easy to make! Hope you like it. For more of my wo..
How to Make An Accordion Sketchbook
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Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Each week, Sketchbook Skool's co-founder Koosje Koene shares a tip or a trick with you to help you build your creative habit. One drawing at a time! An accordion sketchbook can be a fun way to show a sequence of events, ..
Inspo Show 'n' Tell, and Accordion Sketchbook Drawing
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All of our minds work in different ways, which is what makes life so wonderful. Lately I've been finding little stuff like dirt and grass and piles of trash really inspiring to me. What inspires you? Maybe there's something right under your nose that..
Review: Accordion sketchbook
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Accordion style sketchbooks, also called Japanese albums! Here I review 2 brands and books similar to the one used for my 2016 inktober project! Both of these can be found on Amazon ;)
Time to Draw: the Accordion Sketchbook
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Today we continue with the second installment in the Japanese accordion sketchbook, now the drawing is twice as long. I'm looking forward to see how the rest of it turns out! Watch the first video in this series: Follow..
Starting a New Sketchbook, Japanese Accordion Style || You Send it, I Art it
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Wooo hello I'm excited to start this new sketchbook today. Thank you to whoever sent it. I really appreciate all the generosity shown to me by all the people who send things like this, even the little things like what I am sure is that little bottle ..
Review: Accordion Watercolor Sketchbook by Chapter & Star
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This Accordion watercolour sketchbook is made by Annette Chung from Chapter & Star. It features 60 pages of Arches coldpress paper (185gsm). You can find it at Text review:
Paul Wang Accordion Sketchbook 23 (Sketchbook Feature)
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Today I feature my friend Paul Wang's sketchbook #23, an accordion sketchbook. Paul Wang blog: Paul Wang Flickr page: Moleskine Japanese Album (accordion) (Amazon a..
Review: Sennelier USKbook BLACK cover (300gsm)
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The USKbook is an accordion sketchbook with 10 & 8 pages on each side. Full length is about 39 inches or 98 cm. Size is almost half A5. Text review: Find me also on Y..
DIY No-Stitches Sketchbook: Accordion Sketchbook
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I saw a beautiful completed watercolour accordion notebook and I can't wait to make myself one. My mind is blasting with ideas for the inspiration. I will update the watercolour painting process of this book and In Sha Allah, I will upload the comple..
How to make a HEXAGONAL ACCORDION SKETCHBOOK // DIY watercolor sketchbook
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Hello :3 today i'm making a sketchbook using roughly the same tecnique as in my last sketchbook tutorial (accordion) but i'm using a hexagon as a base shape for my pages because i thought it would be nice to try a new shape. The nice thing about hex..
Does our Art Reflect Us? -- Accordion Sketchbook Drawing
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Filling out another page spread in the mokeskine accordion style sketchbook, now we have five full spreads, and I think we're maybe 1/3 of the way through the book. Follow me on Twitch to join me next time I do a live stream:
Inktober 2017 -Accordion Sketchbook
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This is my Inktober project from 2017. I never got around to splicing it all together. Its a long video but its also a very long piece! Done in an accordion sketchbook (sometimes called a japanese album) from Moleskine. It is 12 feet of continuous pa..
DIY Watercolor Sketchbook (Accordion Style) no sewing, stapling or taping
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In this video I'll show you how to make a watercolor sketchbook from a single sheet of Strathmore 400 Series, 140 lb. watercolor paper. There is no sewing, stapling or taping necessary because the sketchbook is made from a single sheet of 22" X 30" w..
What the Doctor Ordered -- Accordion Sketchbook Drawing
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It's pretty fun to make progress on this sketchbook, I think we're up to 40 inches long so far. Follow me on Twitch to join me next time I do a live stream: Join me on Patreon for extra perks:
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Hey guys! I was trying to decide what is the perfect sketchbook for an upcoming project I am going to be working on when I came across a book that gave me a brilliant idea! I wanted to share with you the process of creating this easy no sew accordion..
How to make your own ACCORDION SKETCHBOOK
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Hello guys!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I decided to take the past two weeks to rest and to reorganize, edit this video, etc.. That's why i'm back only now. Today i bring you some sort of tutorial to show you how i made the sketchbook i took on a very short tr..
How to Make an Accordion Sketchbook
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I kind of like making sketch books more than I like drawing in them... I like drawing in them too, its just making them is so fun. look at these: My you tube channel: My etsy shop: www..
Pain in the Ass Method to Binding Your Own Sketchbooks
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NOTE: For detailed SEWING video - I made this one: Sketchbook Binding by Scott Teplin. I'm not trained but I've been binding my own sketchbooks for over 20 years. These books are central to my practice as a professional ..
How to Make a Back to Back Accordion Book
Views 4.6KYear ago This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a back to back accordion artist book with map folds. The video shows Camille, with the encouragement of the studio birds, making one of her artist books called ”Good People...
What's in my Accordion Sketchbook
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This is how the little folding sketch journal turned out, once filled! I featured making it in my quick and easy no-sew journal making CD, here: It's small and went everywhere with me in the glove box of my Je..
Making an Accordion Flag Book (DIY!)
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A bunch of people asked how I made my accordion flag book that I showed in my most recent sketchbook tour video so I decided to make another to show the process. Hope you enjoy, please leave me suggestions for future vids as well! MATERIALS USED: - ..
Mini Accordion Book
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How to make a mini-accordion book! Here are the measurements I used: 2 chipboard covers, 1.5" x 2" each 1 chipboard spine, 2" x .5" 1 backcloth, 4.5" x 2" 2 decorated papers for covers, 2.75" x 2" 1 watercolor paper piece for pages, 1.75" x 22" glue..
How to Make an Accordion Sketchbook
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Save money and control the quality of the paper in your sketchbook by making it yourself this easy and economical way. All materials are easily accessible. Transfer from a Periscope broadcast. The vertical format is the way that the broadcast was re..
Pentalic Sketchbooks & Watercolor Journals
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I received a new shipment of journals from Pentalic yesterday and here they are. Midnight Sketch Traveler Pocket Journal $7.65-$18.59 Pentalic Aqua Journal 5"x8" $16.95 http..
DIY: Sketchbook (NO SEW) + Painting Process!
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Use the code "FLEUR2FREE" when signing up for 2 months of Premium membership to Skillshare for free, or just click this link: 2 MONTH FREE TRIAL: Hey guys! Hope you like the video, had a lot of fun filming it. The class I m..
Sketchbooks from 2016 and Making Time to Draw
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I was only able to fill up several sketchbooks because of my overseas trip to Bali and UK. Below are links to the sketchbooks mentioned. Khadi Papers Sketchbook:
Traveling Accordion Sketchbook ~ Europe River Cruise Journal 2018
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Hand made sketchbook. Viking River Cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam. July 2018
Starting a New Sketchbook + 5 Motivational Reasons to Sketch!
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Sketchbook I am using Discord Channel Twitch Channel ✎ A R T S U P P L I E S Arteza Hardbound Sketchbook am..
Tutorial How to make Pocket Accordion Sketchbooks with Bonus Flip of my watercolor sketches.
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How to make a pocket sized sketchbook for watercolor sketches or travel journals. Watch my short tutorial on how to make the accordion folds using heavy watercolor paper.
DIY Mini Canvas Book | Meander Accordion Fold | Sea Lemon
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♡ Subscribe tap the bell for more videos: ♡ Support Sea Lemon on Patreon: Learn how to make a mini canvas book using a meander accordion fold method! Great for artists who love to paint on book cover..
DOUBLE DIY: Coconut Accordion-Bound Sketchbook
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SHOUTOUTS TO: 1) Julianne Eleanor for the gorgeous business cards! You can check her out on insta @julianneeleanor 2) Amarante Music for supplying the tunes! Songs: Our Mistakes and They Can Fill An Ocean This video was a SERIOUS labor of love ohmYg..
Azie's Sketchbook - featuring The Zigzag Accordion sketchbook
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My dear friend Azie's sketchbook! :) She went on a trip to Indonesia and documented her travels there. The Zigzag sketchbook is a pocket sized handcrafted accordion sketchbook filled with Arches Cold Press 185gsm watercolor paper. It is so named be..
Surreal Art Sketchbook Tour!
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🎨Prints and Originals: I finally have a Patreon! You can get a bunch of stuff, like sketcbook PDFs, detailed process PDFs of my paintings (including references, materials and step-by-steps), real-time videos, stic..
Tutorial How to Fold an Accordion Sketchbook
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Two ways to make the accordion folds in your 4”x4” sketchbook/journal. In this short tutorial I will show you what to do and what NOT to do with heavy 140 lb watercolor paper. See my other video to learn how to make and attach the covers and add emb..
ACCORDION SKETCHBOOK TOUR // drawn with both hands | SukyiSol
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Hello hello! In this video I share a bit about how I used both of my hands to draw & a tour of my complete accordion sketchbook. It's made with watercolor paper but I used different mediums (watercolors, ink, spray paint, etc.). UPDATE: I CAN"T A..
Travel Art Supplies and Sketchbook Flip Through
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Travel Art Supplies and Sketchbook Flip Through by Untamed Little Wolf The most asked question on my TVclip or Instagram has always been about my art supplies. So I thought I'd begin with a short little one on my travel supplies! At the end there's..
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Flipping through my Inktober 2018 sketchbook. Jake Parker's Inktober Website: Art Store: Support my drawings: Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments..
Make a pamphlet stitch watercolour sketchbook
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Sew a three hole pamphlet stitch sketchbook using one sheet of watercolour paper. Materials used to construct book: 1 x Arches 185gsm 56x76cm cold pressed watercolour paper
The MOST POPULAR SKETCHBOOK On YOUTUBE?! Was it worth the wait?!
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Check out Skillshare and get 2 months free classes! This is the illo sketchbook. Everyone I watch on youtube and all my artist friends love it. I've never known what all the fuss is about so I went to buy it and couldnt get aho..
Patrick Valenza. Accordion Sketchbook Doodles 2019
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A Cavalcade of Mischief Improvised Ink Doodles....Accordion Sketchbook... Goalless Practice- More at
Completed Accordion Sketchbook
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It started from how a girl sees this world and ended underwater with how mermaid sees this world. This is one panoramic view from outside world to underwater world. Stalk me Here Facebook Twitter
Peggy's Sketchbook - featuring The Zigzag Accordion sketchbook
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My dear friend Peggy's sketchbook! :) On a trip to Japan during winter, she documented her travels in the Zigzag. The Zigzag sketchbook is a pocket sized handcrafted accordion sketchbook filled with Arches Cold Press 185gsm watercolor paper. It is ..
Art Media II - Accordion Sketchbook Part II
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My dear friend Peggy's sketchbook! :) On a trip to Japan during winter, she documented her travels in the Zigzag. The Zigzag sketchbook is a pocket sized handcrafted accordion sketchbook filled with Arches Cold Press 185gsm watercolor paper. It is ..
How to make an accordion sketchbook? (DIY Video Tutorial)
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My first video tutorial - how to make an accordion sketchbook. I usually use these kind of sketchbooks as a travel diaries, and feel them with sketches and notes. I used 300 g Artistico paper for the pages and Carnovsky wrapping paper for the cover. ..
Make a Super-Quick No-Sew Folding Journal
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This is one of the quickest journals you can make. Choose whatever paper you like for a watercolor sketch journal, I usually use 140 lb. watercolor paper, but you can use lighter if you like. Because it's a single sheet of paper, you may have two ..
Accordion Sketchbook Tour
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This is an older sketchbook that I hand made into an accordion style sketchbook. I loved how different this format and it was very interesting trying to figure where to put the next sketch. You'll notice one side of it had random sketches and then on..
How to Make an 8 Page Sketchbook
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This simple video shows how to make an 8 page sketchbook from a single sheet of paper.
DIY books: step by step instructions on how to make an accordion book
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This simple video shows how to make an 8 page sketchbook from a single sheet of paper.