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English Names vs. Chinese Names: Things You Didn't Know About Chinese Names
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Chinese names are mostly all unique. The way Chinese names are given are very different then in the west. Here are some things you didn't know about Chinese names. Follow Mike and Dan on Instagram: @mikexingchen @gibbiedeano Facebook: www.f..
Female Chinese Names VS Male Chinese Names
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Recognizing the gender from Chinese characters can be hard, but there is a way. So here is a guide on how to tell the gender of a Chinese name. ★↓FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook: doublechenshow?fref=ts Instagram:..
Yogs Chinese Names
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ThatMadCat Shirt: My Discord:
How to Get A Chinese Name? Intermediate Chinese Conversation, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary Lesson
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This Chinese Intermediate Conversation lesson talks about 3 ways of how to get a Chinese name IN CHINESE. Practice Mandarin listening and learn vocabulary. Get Top 100 Chinese Last Names List and video transcript➥ ★Full Cou..
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Watch my Chinese wife try the hottest pepper in the world! - She didn't have a good time! Hey Laowinners! Donate and support this channel through Bitcoin : 1L7LJrpNQZMvog4esPn2oEiK1uBN81DVAS Support me on Patreon: http:..
Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers' Names
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She asked them to send in their names on a 100 Yuan, and they did! Ellen read a few of her new viewers' names from China!
The Meaning Behind: Chinese Names
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She asked them to send in their names on a 100 Yuan, and they did! Ellen read a few of her new viewers' names from China!
My Favorite Chinese baby girl names
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These are my favorite list of Chinese baby girl names....Chinese have unique pinyin for their given names...My favorite out of the list are Anna and Hanna...These names can be used in English and Chinese language if ur considering to give ur baby a c..
How to Pronounce the Top Ten Chinese Family Names? (Part 3-2)
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A video by Auschina Translation - a leading language learning provider based in Brisbane, Australia - reaching out to the world. This short video is presented by Mr Keven Li, from Auschina Translation. The aim of this video is give you a better..
Top 10 Chinese Surnames + Origins/Facts
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Did you know that the people with the top 3 surnames in China are more than the population in Indonesia? Or the surnames Zhang, Cheung and Chang are for the same Chinese characters? Find out more here! Please support our show:
Chinese names | An introduction (Hello China #69)
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There are more than 20,000 family names in China and some can be traced back 2,500 years. According to Chinese custom, surnames come first and given names come last. Read more: The video is part of our “Hello..
Chinese Baby Girl Names with Meanings
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Baby girl names with numerology values and meanings. Chinese baby female names.
What's Your Name in Mandarin / Chinese !
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Class Notes Here - Facebook - livemandarin Hello everyone! You all must have the experience of encountering Chinese friends before. Well chances are sometimes we have to greet people in Mandarin no..
We Tried to Pronounce Weird Chinese Names
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This week we tried something really crazy we tried to pronounce weird chinese names! do you know any weird chinese names? let us know in the comments below Follow us on Social: Google : Facebook: m. tryga..
[ASMR] Whispering Your Names in English and Chinese
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If you'd like to become a Patron check out: Hope you enjoy this ear to ear bilingual whisper ASMR session! Thank you to my lovely patrons for making this ASMR video possible. I can't post everyone's name in this descr..
Mini lecture and exercises pronounce Chinese names
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Mini lecture and exercises about how to pronounce Chinese names
How Do Chinese Names Work?
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Ever wonder how do Chinese Names work? Every Chinese Name can mean something different and can have lots of creativity and meaning behind it. Check out this video to learn more! Subscribe to get notified for the next episode!
50 Chinese names for baby boys - the best baby names -
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Are you looking for Chinese names? In this video you can watch some of the best male names from China. More names for men: Names Of The World, the best names for your baby, pet, boat and company: ..
Revealing My Real Chinese Name...
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! This was fun to film... hope you take the quiz too: ▶ Want to Teach in Korea?! Get a 120 Hr TEFL Certificate! Use Code FANCYN35 for 35% Off
How to Choose a Chinese Name (that doesn't suck) - 7 Tips!
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Subscribe, my friend. Follow me on Instagram! mynameisandong If you learn Chinese Mandarin or live in China, your Chinese name will become part of you. You better make sure it's a good one! That means that it sounds natur..
How to Pronounce 20 Famous Brand Names in Chinese - Street Interview
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When foreign enterprises enter into the Chinese market, they usually like to choose awesome-sounding Chinese names. Today, let's have a look how native Chinese people say 20 famous international brands in Mandarin Chinese. Which brand do you like be..
[ASMR] My Last Chinese Names Video!
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Check out for new and updated rewards! Thanks so much to all my lovely patrons for their support. This will be the last Chinese name video and that reward tier has already been changed. It's been a year since I starte..
[ASMR] Giving You A Chinese Name (September)
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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this whispered ear to ear ASMR session where I give my lovely patrons Chinese names. If you'd like one too just check out my patreon page, there are a lot of other cool rewards too! Alb..
Writer's guide to making Chinese names
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This video is designed to help you pick Chinese names for characters in your stories or games. Check below for links to resources, and don't forget, this is a very complicated topic and this video is just a quick introduction! Chinese name generator..
The Complicated Chinese Family Tree
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Poster available for sale now!: We've fixed our boo boos, straightened out the lines and added pinyin! Please support our show: Did you know that every member of a Chinese family is call..
"What's your name?" in Chinese #Day 3 Nǐ jiào shén me míng zi (Free Chinese Lesson)
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More text content: Hello and welcome to Everyday Chinese. What's your name and my name is, this would be the very first interaction between you and the Chinese person. Today let's see how t..
Asking "What's your name?" in Chinese
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In this lesson we look at the different ways to ask people's names in Chinese, and how to reply.
How to Translate English Name to Chinese? Chinese names (2019)
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How to translate your English name to Chinese literally❓ ⚡️Watch this video :) 🔥lt is worth sharing with your friends who are working, living or traveling to China, no matter if he/she is learning Chinese. 👉The videos l mentioned: ..
[ASMR] Giving You A Chinese Name (October)
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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this whispered ear to ear ASMR session where I give my lovely patrons Chinese names. If you'd like one too just check out my patreon page, there are a lot of other cool rewards too! Alb..
[ASMR] Whispered English and Chinese Names - May Edition
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If you'd like to become a Patron check out: This will be the second to last Chinese names video! I will be updating my rewards and have some big announcements too ^_^ Hope you enjoy this ear to ear bilingual whispe..
[STAR!调查团] HD 130923 SEVENTEEN introduce their Chinese Names
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©Special thanks: 音悦Tai ♡ follow us for latest update about SEVENTEEN: ♪ XOXOWith17 (twitter) ♪ (tumblr) * do not re-upload *
How to pick a cool Chinese name? by Zhang Laoshi
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If you are studying Chinese, you need a Chinese name. For the complete list of how English names can be meaningfully translated into Chinese, please check my website:
How to Pick a Chinese Name?
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How to Pick a Chinese Name?
Chinese Baby Names | Parents
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Watch as Parents tells you about these Chinese baby names! When brainstorming Chinese baby names for your little one, it's important to keep in mind that Chinese surnames traditionally come first. Given names, or the first and middle names, are typic..
Lao Wai 2.0 More Crazy Chinese Names For Foreigners | Learn Chinese Now
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Hey everyone now you may remember that a while back we introduced to you the word 老外 Lǎo Wài Foreigner, which is the standard way Mandarin speakers refer to a foreigner in China and Taiwan. But what about people who speak other dialects? How c..
Chinese Names VS Western Names | HelloChina
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Choosing a name in both English and Chinese can be tricky if you're new to the culture. You may have heard some pretty silly English names from your Chinese friends, but our Western friends tend to have equally silly names in Chinese! On this episode..
25 HILARIOUS Nicknames Chinese People Have Given Celebrities
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CHECK OUT BRAND NEW TOY REVIEW CHANNEL: First episode is up! We bake girl scout cookies! Chinese people have some of the funniest and strangest nicknames ever for western celebs. Some are play on words, some are phonetic..
Mandarin 101: How to Write Names in Chinese
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In this video, we learned how to write the name, Cathleen with both the pinyin and the Chinese characters.
How To Pronounce SEVENTEEN JUN & THE8 Chinese Names - Wen JunHui, Xu Minghao
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(I'm so nervous.) Hello, carats. ^^ I made this video to just show how to pronounce our dear Jun and The8's Chinese names. I saw several Carats having trouble or wondering how to pronounce their names, 徐明浩 and 文俊輝, so I wanted to help wit..
Fun facts behind Chinese names
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Wonder what meanings are implied in a Chinese name? People in this video will explain why they were given such names.
How to Pronounce Chinese Names
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Wonder how to pronounce those strange looking Chinese names like Xiaohong or Zhang ZiJie? I'm here to help. For more information about pinyin check out the following links:
How to Say "My Name Is" | Mandarin Chinese
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您好! Looking to Learn Mandarin Chinese? Complete Mandarin Chinese: A Teach Yourself Guide: Learn Chinese in a Simple and Successful Way: Chinese Characters: A Revolutionary New Way to Learn: http..
Learn Chinese: Famous Brand Names
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Hallo Everyone, Feng is here! :) When world famous brands are prounced in Chinese/mandarin, sometimes they can sound quite funny. In Chinese, often we pronounce a western brand name by using compoud Chinese characters that sounds the most similar t..
50 Chinese names for baby girls - the best baby names -
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Are you looking for a cute Chinese baby girl name? Watch this video and discover 50 of the best female names from China! More names for women: Names Of The World, the best names for your baby, pe..
These Chinese names for Western Celebrities Will Have You Guessing…
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Game Night is back with a BRAND NEW challenge: the Celebrity Name Game! Don’t forget to subscribe: This week, Raz and Kevin battle it out and test their knowledge of western celebrities! It’s harder than it sounds, play..
Learn Chinese | Beginner Chinese Lesson 2: What Is Your Name in Chinese. Ask Name in Chinese | 2.1
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Learn Chinese w/ ChineseFor.Us | Beginner Chinese Lesson 2: What Is Your Name in Chinese? Beginner Chinese with 40 Beginner Chinese Lessons, 52 Video, 40 Quizzes, 400 Questions ★Is this my level? Take quiz➥ ★Full Course➥..
Branding for China - How to Choose a Chinese Name for a Company
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Get your free guide - The 10 Biggest Mistakes Beginners in Chinese Make and How You Can Avoid Them So many companies and products are now seeing huge market potential and moving into China.Apple is an example of a company that ..
People try pronouncing CHINESE NAMES // NotOriginals
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People try pronouncing CHINESE NAMES // NotOriginals Facebook: NotOriginals/ Instgram: @AqibMalik_Official Twitter: @AqibMalik9 Snapchat: Aqibmalik.98 Subscribe for new videos every Friday on NotOriginals. Key words: China..
Students explain meanings of their Chinese names in viral video to fight xenophobia
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Over the Lunar New Year holiday, some East Asian students studying at New York's Columbia University came back to their residence halls, only to see their name tags on doors ripped off. A group of Chinese students decided to turn this episode of vand..
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