Can a GoPro survive a slapshot?
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How does rugged tech stand up against a slapshot? Jeff Bakalar went to visit the Vegas Golden Knights to find out. With the help of the team's on-air analyst and former player, Shane Hnidy, we try and go bar-down on devices that are built for serious..
The best devices of CES 2020
Views 310K13 days ago
From Alienware's latest PC concept that looks exactly like a nintendo switch to impossible pork, there were a lot of big things in CES tech this year. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists:
Live test: Watch how many folds the Galaxy Fold can take
Views 2.7M3 months ago
Samsung says the new Galaxy Fold phone is tested to last through 200,000 foldings and unfoldings. So we decided to try it out. Check out the highlighted super-cut (shorter version) here: SquareTrade has built a machine c..
iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: Are they for you?
Views 460K4 months ago
The newest iPhones are here: the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. This year's iPhones don't dive into emerging technologies like 5G or folding screens, but they do offer plenty of practical upgrades. Scott Stein has spent a week playing with the nig..
The best television you can buy (2019 edition)
Views 128K2 months ago
The competitors are here: Samsung, LG, TCL and Vizio. We judged their TVs on features, picture quality, value and more. Find out which one's top of the heap. You can buy the TVs mentioned in this video on Amazon... Samsung Q70 series: amzn.t..
The best wireless earbuds for you
Views 129KMonth ago
Apple's AirPods Pro may be all the rage, but find out which true wireless headphones are really at the top of the class. Here are CNET’s top picks from $50-$300. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: www.yo..
Best cheaper tech alternatives
Views 162K29 days ago
Looking for a new phone, smartwatch, action camera or wireless earbuds? You are spoiled for choice, unless you're on a tight budget. Here are some of my favorite cheaper tech alternatives to big-name products like the Apple Watch or AirPods to help y..
TCL's new triple screen foldable hands-on: first look at bold phone design
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If Samsung's foldable phone doesn't do it for you, TCL hopes its gigantic, three screen prototype will. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: h..
AirPods Pro: Should you upgrade?
Views 447K2 months ago
The AirPods Pro sound better than the standard AirPods, fit more ears and have noise-cancelling, but are they worth their high price? Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists:
iPhone 11 water test with an underwater drone
Views 606K3 months ago
Is the iPhone 11 secretly waterproof? We take the brand-new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to extreme depths to test their water resistance in Monterey Bay, California, with a Trident underwater drone from Sofar Ocean Technologies. Subscribe to CNET: ..
Best smartphone of 2019: In-depth comparison review
Views 93KMonth ago
All the major players are here: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Note 10 Plus, Google Pixel 4XL and OnePlus 7T. CNET's Jessica Dolcourt joins Iyaz to determine which phone is better than the rest. Enter the giveaway here* ..
How this 'invisibility cloak' material is made and how it works
Views 432K2 months ago
We got our hands on early prototypes of Hyperstealth's Quantum Stealth "invisibility cloak" material designed for military use. We explore how it works, how it's made and what it could mean for the military and the world at large. Subscribe to CNET:..
CNET On Cars - 2012 Bentley Mulsanne
Views 352K7 years ago Bentley's top of the line is the coolest tech den on wheels. Take a ride in the Bentley Mulsanne, the most expensive car we have ever reviewed.
The best laptops of CES 2020
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From Dell Alienware concepts to Lenovo foldables and more, this is all the best laptops from CES 2020. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: ..
First look at ALL of LG's newest TVs
Views 295K16 days ago
David Katzmaier checks out a bunch of LG's new TVs at the Mandalay Bay hotel at CES 2020 - from 8K to foldable to rollable, LG has quite an impressive slew of new TVs. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: w..
Apple in 2020: What to expect?
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Let's look into Apple's future with the iPhone 12, new iPad Pro and more that we expect to be released in 2020. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new C..
Motorola Razr's secret is the HINGE not the screen
Views 763K2 months ago
The new Motorola Razr hits a lot of right notes: nostalgia, size and a foldable display. I got to visit the lab at Motorola's headquarters in Chicago, where I saw the design and engineering process behind the Razr's zero-gap hinge and how it allows t..
CES 2020 Livestream: Tech tours and demos from the show floor in Las Vegas
Views 59K14 days ago
It’s day 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Join us Wednesday, Jan. 8th at 9 a.m. PT for live torture tests, sports betting tips, and a round-up of all the best sex tech we spotted on the show floor. Subscribe to CNET: www.y..
The BEST oled TV of 2019: Full LG B9 Review
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OLED picture quality continues to reign supreme and while the LG B9 isn't cheap, it's still the best value in a 2019 model. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download..
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CNET EXPERIENCED LOSS 2🅾️🅾️6 - 201🅱️ VERY GENEROUS PATRONS Golden spoon (Julien Jacobs) Corey Dean Millard-Smith CoreySmith_UK GENEROUS PATRONS Owen C h..
Vizio's OLED TV first look at CES 2020
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Finally there's another big name making OLED TVs Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: ht..
Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL full review: Great camera, but just too expensive
Views 41K3 months ago
The Google Pixel 4 has one of the best cameras around. But with limited storage and plenty of affordable Android alternatives, this phone and the Pixel 4 XL are just too expensive. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlist..
Folding the Galaxy Fold: Highlights from our 14-hour livestream
Views 241K3 months ago
Watch every check-in during our marathon 14-hour Samsung Galaxy Fold live test. CNET producer Chris Parker walks us thrugh the setup and process of Fold Bot, our robotic folding machine from SquareTrade. Galaxy Fold lasts for 120,000 folds in CNET's..
The best overall laptop of 2019
Views 633K5 months ago
It's the Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 vs. the Acer Swift 7 vs. the Razer Blade Stealth. We pitted them against each other. Only one can be the winner. Apple MacBook Air (2018) review: Dell XPS 13 (2019) review: c..
Start me up: Watch CNET's early coverage of Windows 95, back in 1995
Views 206K4 years ago
CNET's Video Vault: CNET's first impression of Windows 95 was that it would create a huge impact, what with the long file names, taskbar and a recycle bin for unwanted files. Check out this vintage review along with Microsoft's ..
Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked: how it happened, and why
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The UN is calling for a full investigation on Saudi Arabia's alleged role in hacking Bezos's iPhone. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: ht..
CES 2020 Opening Day Livestream
Views 80K15 days ago
It’s opening day at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and CNET is THE place to kick-off the tech decade with wall-to-wall coverage from inside the Consumer Electronics Show. Join us Tuesday, Jan. 7th, at 9 a.m. PT for CNET’s live stage show featuring tech de..
How Disney+ war with Netflix will leave you grumpy
Views 139K2 months ago
The battle between Disney , Netflix, HBO Max and the rest is going to get ugly. Bridget Carey breaks down the problems in store for us in the streaming wars, and how it will change the way we watch content. Subscribe to CNET:
iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR
Views 330K3 months ago
The new iPhone 11 costs $100 more than the iPhone XR and, from the outside at least, it looks very similar. So do you need to spend more on this year's iPhone 11? I compare these two phones and find out what the differences between them really are: e..
Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite: hands-on
Views 344K16 days ago
Samsung's new, cheap versions of its flagship phones share 6.7-inch screens, rectangular camera mounts, a massive 4,500mAh battery and Android 10. But only one of them has the headphone jack. Subscribe to CNET: C..
iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Should you upgrade?
Views 337K4 months ago
We take a look at the specs for the brand new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, comparing them to last year's iPhone XS and XS Max. Or maybe the iPhone 11, the newer version of the iPhone XR, is the one to get? Subscribe to CNET:
iPhone 11 and 11 Pro drop test
Views 410K4 months ago
Apple says the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have the toughest glass ever in a smartphone. Is it true? We drop these phones from 3, 6, 8 and 11 feet onto concrete to find out. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: www..
I'm no longer at CNET. On to the next!
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It's on to the next adventure for me after 10 years at CNET. I’m going independent and I need YOU! Please support at THANK YOU! THANK YOU for following me and supporting the Apple Byte, Googlicious, Prizefight and..
The new Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus first impressions
Views 377K5 months ago
Samsung's most powerful phones come in two sizes for the first time. Check out our take on the new Note 10 and Note 10 Plus here - all the new features, updates, pricing, and more. The Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Event in 11 Minutes:
iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: 2 months later
Views 184KMonth ago
In September, Apple announced the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max as follow-ups to last year's iPhone XR, XS and XS Max respectively. The new phones pack a new ultrawide-angle camera, an A13 processor, Night mode for photos and iOS 13. In a season f..
iPhone 9: Everything we know so far
Views 67K6 days ago
You may also refer to this mystery phone as the iPhone SE 2. Here's everything we know so far about the rumored (and cheap) new iPhone coming in 2020. Why Apple needs the iPhone SE 2: Subscribe to CNET: www.yout..
Star Wars Rise of the Resistance review: MIND BLOWN
Views 141KMonth ago
Bridget Carey lands on Batuu to get an early look at Rise of the Resistance, the key attraction to Disney’s Star Wars-themed land, Galaxy’s Edge. It’s the most immersive and highly technical attraction Disney has created - and it could change..
Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on: Who's it for?
Views 239K4 months ago
We can finally show you what it's like to hold and play games on the Nintendo Switch Lite. And after some time with Nintendo's new portable-only console, we're surprised at what we learned. You can buy Nintendo Switch Lite at Amazon here: am..
AirPods Pro vs. Amazon Echo Buds
Views 168KMonth ago
Apple's AirPods Pro cost $249 and come with noise cancellation. But Amazon's Echo Buds are $130 and have similar features. I compare these Bluetooth earbuds on everything from their fit, water resistance, sound quality and smart assistants: Siri and ..
Watch Sony's new PS5 announcement from CES 2020
Views 1.8M16 days ago
At #CES2020, Sony shows the new logo for the PlayStation 5, coming this holiday season. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app:
Alienware UFO is the Nintendo Switch of PC gaming
Views 108K16 days ago
Dell's Justin Lyles stopped by the CNET stage at CES 2020 to give Dan Ackerman and Scott Stein a peak at the future of laptop computers, including the Alienware UFO, a handheld device with the power of a PC. Subscribe to CNET:
Apple Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2
Views 424K2 months ago
Let's compare the Apple Watch Series 5 with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in every area, from battery life to smart features, health and fitness tracking to design. I've worn both these watches for several weeks to help you find the best option, whether ..
CNET On Cars - 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
Views 99K6 years ago For its big company sophistication, fastest-in-the-world title, haughty heritage, and now open-air design, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse really is in a class of one.
TCL 6-Series: The best TV for your money 💵
Views 187K3 months ago
The affordable TCL 6-Series has excellent overall image quality, with deep black levels, very good brightness, rich contrast and more accurate color than last year’s version. And its Roku smart TV platform is the best available, with a simple inter..
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review
Views 294K5 months ago
We tested everything on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, from the 6.8-inch screen and night mode camera to wicked-fast charging. Here's who it's for and everything that's awesome and terrible. You can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus at Amazon: amzn...
Galaxy Note 10: Should you upgrade?
Views 273K5 months ago
With the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung's made a lot of updates to its Note line. Here's what that means for a guy who uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 every single day. Check out our first look for more impressions on the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: ww..
This Exolung promises 'unlimited' air supply underwater
Views 38K5 days ago
The Exolung is aiming for the sweet spot between scuba and snorkeling by using the power of kicking legs to pull a steady supply of air down from the surface. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: www.youtub..
This digital mirror creates your personal smart home avatar
Views 64K16 days ago
LG’s smart home of the future offered an embarrassing look at my digital self after I made it through the high-tech smart door. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: ..