TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT & BGT | Got Talent Global
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Watch the funniest and down right hilarious comedy auditions on America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent 2017-18. Simon Cowell can't stop laughing... Who do you think was the best comedian?? Let us know in the comments below... ▶︎ Watch mo..
Comedian Kojo gets Simon's GOLDEN BUZZER | Auditions | BGT 2019
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See more from Britain's Got Talent at Kojo Anim made Simon Cowell laugh SO much that he reached for the GOLDEN BUZZER. Watch his hilarious performance and see why he's going straight to the semi-finals. SUBSCRIBE: bit..
LEAK: 7-Year-Old Comedian JJ Pantano ROASTS Simon Cowell on @America's Got Talent Champions LOL!!
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America's Got Talent: The Champions | Season 2 | Round Four #AGTchampions #AmericasGotTalent #TalentRecap For more HD videos, news, analysis and recaps of America's Got Talent: Champions - please subscribe & follow Talent Recap: talentre..
12 Comics You Need to See - Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents
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The comedians from the new season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents take the stage. Season 3 kicks off with back-to-back new episodes on Friday, October 18 at 11/10c and 11:30/10:30c. About Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: In the time-honored t..
Funniest joke you’ve ever heard about being late. Andy Woodhull - Full Special
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If you enjoyed this full comedy special from Andy Woodhull, chances are you'll enjoy our other comedy specials as well, and you can watch them for FREE right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App! Available for free on all iOS and Android devices
The Racist Comedian | Jimmy Carr: Laughing and Joking
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I'm an equal opportunities offender, I like to think I offend everyone and therefore no one. Here's a little story about political correctness blowing up in your face! The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the bigges..
Simon Cowell's Top 10 Comedians on AGT & BGT 2017-18 | Top Talent
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Watch all the best comedians on America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent 2018 to 2019. Check out comedians such as Preacher Lawson, Drew Lynch, Vicki Barbolak, Lost Voice Guy and many more. Who is your favourite comedian?? Let us know in the co..
Asrani Comedy Scenes - Hit Comedy Of Bollywood Movie - Bollywood Best Comedian - #Shemaroo Comedy
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Enjoy watching these memorable scenes compilation of Hindi film superstar Asrani from some of his famous comedy movies. These scenes, applauded by the audience, are sure to entertain you. His performance is supported by ace actors like Govinda, Pares..
Trevor Noah - Some Languages Are Scary
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#TrevorNoah from the DailyShow on how some world languages can be pretty scary. Trevor Noah stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015. #TrevorNoahJFL #TrevorNoahStandUp Subscribe: Watch more #StandUp from #JFL : h..
Stephen Cookson | One Liner Comedian
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Chris Turner - One Liner Comedian
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21 year-old stand-up comedian Chris Turner, performing at The Glee Club, Cardiff, May 2011. Buy Chris' specials for $5: Follow Chris on Twitch for live performances:
IMAX. Comedian vs Ozymandias | Watchmen [+Subtitles]
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Watchmen (2009) SUBTITLES: English, Russian Comedian vs Ozymandias 'Watchmen IMAX' playlist: Film discription: In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government cr..
Romesh Ranganathan Live at the Apollo
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Are you feeling in a giving mood? - Season 11 Episode 4 - Romesh Ranganthan kicks off live at the Hammersmith Apollo, enjoy!
Kevin hart's funniest best jokes comedy
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Are you feeling in a giving mood? - Season 11 Episode 4 - Romesh Ranganthan kicks off live at the Hammersmith Apollo, enjoy!
D*** Pics
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SUBSCRIBE: Apparently the automatic syncing of mobile devices and tablets is a thing. My son and I learned this lesson the hard way. This hilarious story is easily one of my personal favorites. PLAYLISTS: Featured Videos: htt..
Stand up-Kevin Hart Stand up comedy! Hilarious & VERY Funny!! The Best
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Kevin Hart Stand-up comedy show, one of his best performances Like, Share & Subscribe the channel for more videos
Hilarious comedian has the BGT Judges in stitches | Unforgettable auditions on Britain’s Got Talent
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Malawian born comedian, Daliso Chaponda, performed an amazing first audition. But did he do enough to earn himself a Golden Buzzer? See more from Britain's Got Talent at SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: www.fac..
Jaye McBride - Transgender Comedian
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Jaye McBride is an upstate New York comedian who's been featured all across the capital district as well as New York City, Vegas and LA. She's worked with comedy greats like Aziz Ansari, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait and many others. She's als..
Earthquake These Aint Jokes - Best Comedian Ever
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Earthquake These Aint Jokes - Best Comedian Ever
Funniest comedian ever !!
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Nathan Caton the comedian
billie eilish being a comedian for 13 minutes straight
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watch this videos over and over to get my adsense for me babes hehe tb3isy
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Nervous Stand Up Comedian has the best one lines EVER from America's Got Talent 2019! Subscribe for more ▶︎
Russell Peters stand up comedy full video
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Russell's one of the most loved videos. Ridiculing the different races in this video. You don't wanna miss his funny Indian accent here. Do like this video, subscribe to my channel for more amazing contents.
The Gay Horse | Jimmy Carr: Comedian
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One of my favourite stories concerns an Oxford Student who called a Police Horse Gay! In his defence...he did have a uniformed man on his back! The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the ..
We Need a Dress Code at the Airport - Sebastian Maniscalco
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Sebastian Maniscalco complains about people who still pay with checks and talks about the pitfalls of shopping for clothes on clearance. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up:
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Comedian O B Amponsah at his best
Joe Wong: Building A Wall Didn't Work For China
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Take it from Chinese American stand-up comedian Joe Wong. Walls don't work. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: For more content from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", click HERE: Watch f..
Gabriel Iglesias: My all time favorite comedian.
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I love this guy i never seen anyone funnier than him & he is my all time favorite comedian.
Irish Comedian Keith Farnan on Michael McIntyres Comedy Roadshow
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Keith Farnan performing on BBC1's Michael Mcintyre Comedy Roadshow
German Humor meets American Mentality / Science Comedian Vince Ebert
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Watch Vince's first English stand-up show "Sexy Science" tickets & tour dates: or vince.ebert
Gabriel Iglesias: From Hawaii, My all time favorite comedian.
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I love fluffy, He always has me rolling in laughter & always will be my all time favorite comedian.
The Machine - Bert Kreischer: THE MACHINE
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This is the story about the time I robbed a train in Russia with the Russian Mafia. To get my book "Life of the Party" click HERE: For all TOUR DATE & MERCH click HERE: ht..
Comedians Are Bad at Sex - Mary Beth Barone - Up Next
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Mary Beth Barone tells the story of her sexual awakening, explains why she’s anti-circumcision and describes how she’s been spending her time now that she’s single. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up:
Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global
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Watch stand up comedian Preacher Lawson on America's Got Talent 2017 and all his performances. Out of his comedy auditions, which did you like best?? Let us know in the comments below... Watch more America's Got Talent AGT:
Agony Aunt Jimmy | Jimmy Carr: Comedian
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In honour of Blue Monday, Jimmy listens to some audience agonies and attempts to bring some cheer to proceedings The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.) For the latest tour date..
Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show
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Comedian Breaks Up Family Drama During Show And then it gets weird. TICKETS: MERCH: Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella. ..
Vicki Barbolak: Comedian Transforms Finale Into Swimsuit Contest - America's Got Talent 2018
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After performing stand-up for 20 years, Vicki gives it her all on the world's biggest stage. » Get The America's Got Talent App: » Subscribe for More: » Watch America's Got Talent: The Champions Mo..
The Funniest Roasts & Comebacks by Comedians
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The funniest moments of comedians ripping on each other. If you enjoy the video leave a like, comment and subscribe for more!
PK - North Korean Comedian (Stand Up Comedy)
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If PK were from North Korea, he'd have been the hardest working comedian ever. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory's channel here:
ALL Performances Preacher Lawson - The Best Comedian America's Got Talent 2017
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Check out Family Feud here: ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^ ➤ SUBCRIBE Len Ken Channel: ➤ About Len Ken: The Compilation TV Show Worldwide: The Voice, Got Talent, X Factor, Idol.....
FANTASTICALLY FUNNY Auditions By Comedian PREACHER LAWSON On Got Talent! | Got Talent Global
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Watch the best performances by comedian Preacher Lawson on Britain's Got Talent: The Champions, America's Got Talent and America's Got Talent: The Champions! Watch more America's Got Talent: ▶︎ Sub..
Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special
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See Jim Jefferies Live! Comedian Jim Jefferies breaks down the absurdity of America's obsession with guns in his Netflix special BARE. Part 1 of 2. Watch part 2 here: Watch BARE in-full..
Spider Attacks Comedian On Stage
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Spider Attacks Comedian On Stage I'm not proud of my reaction... TICKETS: MERCH: Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella. LINK..
जॉनी भाई की कड़क चाय - Johnny Lever Comedy
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जॉनी भाई की कड़क चाय - Johnny Lever Comedy Movie : Jwalamukhi comedian,indian,indian comedian,india,indian comedy,comedy,indian parents,india tv news,hindi comedy,funny,hindi comedian,standup comedy,delhi comedian,india..
Comedian Drew Lynch Deals With Aggressive Drunk Guy
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Comedian Drew Lynch Deals With Aggressive Drunk Guy I went off the rails a bit... TICKETS: MERCH: Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name tha..
Comedian Bill Burr - Owning a dog
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Bill Burr explains about being a dog owner and like us on facebook!! untileden show support
Dylan Roche | 14 Year Old Stand Up Comedian
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Dylan Roche does stand up for the first time at Helium Comedy Club. Instagram: @_dylanroche Twitter: @DylanRocheComic @FunnyFunnyHotdog on instagram and twitter TVclip: Funny Funny Hotdog (sketch comedy duo)
Youngest America's Got Talent Comedian | Nathan Bockstahler | Full Audition & Performances
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America's Got Talent Season 11 - Nathan was the first act of Season 11 whose audition was televised. - Nathan was the first act Simon Cowell voted "Yes" for. - Nathan is the youngest ever comedian in the history of america's got talent
Michael McIntyre's greatest jokes #1
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Criticism: - Phone Charging Joke was very funny since it's very personal to me, back then without the technology, the decision of getting stuff we take granted now a days was a big deal. - Raising children joke was the funniest. I've risen my childr..
HILARIOUS Comedian Daliso Chaponda WINS GOLDEN BUZZER! | Britain's Got Talent 2017
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Watch hilarious comedian Daliso Chaponda wins Amanda Holden's GOLDEN BUZZER on Britain's Got Talent 2017! Were you impressed? Let us know your thoughts below... Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central..