Concours paint job

Most Insane Paint Job EVER! Step-by-Step Process on the AMMO Porsche 964
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This is the 4th and final episode of the AMMO Porsche 964 build. This video will show you the step by step process of a concours paint job and how this will allow you to clear bra, wax or seal your car in only 7 days! New custom wheels, headlights, r..
Complete Paint Job - 78 Lincoln Continental Mark V
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A complete respray on a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V. Support our channel here - Check out Cuddy Custom: Cuddy-Customs-424129524597300/ 3M PPS World Cup / Woodward Dream Cruise Links..
How to Strip Paint: WARNING this is hard to watch!
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On this episode, we discuss how to strip paint from your car in the most effective and efficient method. This was performed on my AMMO Porsche 964. The preparation process before painting is just as important as the actually spraying of paint. The ca..
Best Factory Paint Job Acura NSX? 18mil of Paint!
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Today I toured the Acura NSX factory in Marysville Ohio to understand how each NSX is painted and what makes there Andaro paint package a $6000 upgrade over base paint. This is a behind the scenes looks at the build, paint, and assembly process for t..
Candy Apple Red Mustang Paint Job - It's painted! - Turbo Cobra
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Spraying Candy Apple Red Paint. Using Urekem Kemfx Metallic silver base with Candy mid coat, and high solids clear coat. Sprayed using Sagola 4400, Devilbiss Tekna, and Devilbiss finishline 3. My son and I have been working on this mustang for a c..
The most expensive BMW paint.
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The color BMW Individual Pure Metal Silver is the most expensive one from BMW. It looks amazing, has a chrome-like finish and extraordinary brilliance. In this clip you can see the intensive craftsmanship it takes to produce a "Pure Metal Silver car"..
Ferrari 458 Paint - Job
Views 50K4 years ago film by Eduard Schneider
Insane "Pearl Bomb" Paint Job
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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?
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This is a common question I'm asked in person and online, particularly in the youtube comments. Hopefully this provides some insight on how much it costs to paint a car. I know it comes as a surprise to many, sorry to disappoint it can be very expens..
What Does A $400 Maaco Paint Job Really Look Like?
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We took one of our flip cars the Maaco for their cheapest single stage paint job, in piano black. Holy shit were we surprised. Turnover was about 2 weeks.
V8 Vantage Pt 8 - DIY Paint Job
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In this episode we vinyl wrap the roof of the Aston gloss black, and paint the rest of the car white. Install Vikings NOW and get 200 gold! iOS - Android - ❱ Shop - ❱ Pat..
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In this episode we vinyl wrap the roof of the Aston gloss black, and paint the rest of the car white. Install Vikings NOW and get 200 gold! iOS - Android - ❱ Shop - ❱ Pat..
Concours-Automobile Restoration-Painting Your Fenders To Prefection!
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Bottoms UP! or 972-420-1293
Toyota MR2 Restoration Detail
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The Paint Job on this Mclaren Senna Took 600 Hours to Complete
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At this year's Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace, there were some incredible cars on display, including Chassis 001 Mclaren Senna! This particular car is very special as it has a fully bespoke one-off paint job which took 600 hours to comp..
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Holy cow! I was blown away by this paint job!
Beginner's Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps - Eastwood
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Click Here for a FREE Guide To Painting a Car: Broken down into 4 easy steps, this is the definitive guide ..
Why Everyone HATES Cheap Maaco Paint Jobs... BUT Shouldn't!
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It's time for paint on the cheap Jaguar S-Type R! Maaco can sometimes get a bad rap for their cheap paint job; but it's really an amazing value comparatively especially if you do your own prep. Email: Instagram:
Flow Clearing with the Eastwood Concours
Views 20K5 years ago
EDIT(this was an old video and I was just getting my feet wet doing a complete paint job) Well here we are for the final clear job on this Camaro! I decided to use my Eastwood Concours gun which is one of two of their HVLP guns they offer. After I we..
Mercedes AMG GT-S XPEL Matte Paint Protection Film | Concours Auto Salon
Views 8K3 years ago
2016 Mercedes AMG GT S Iridium Silver with a new car protection package. We wrapped the full front and rockers with Xpel matte clear bra film. Tinted all the glass with Xpel Prim XR window tint and coated the exterior with Nanolex Si3D
FULL DETAIL: McLaren F1 GTR LT (138h detail)
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This is one of the most intense detailing adventures I've ever had and I was privileged to work together with my detailing friends for the week. Kevin Brown, Dan Miele, Joseph Torbati, and myself, spent 138 man-hours detailing the McLaren for the Qua..
Must Have Tools For Painting A Car At Home Part 1 of 2 - Kevin Tetz & Eastwood
Views 249K4 years ago
Kevin Tetz, America's paint expert, walks through his shop and shares what he considers to be the must have tools for painting at home in this 2-part video. LINK TO BUY MIG 175 WELDER:
AMMO Porsche 964 Resto in 5 Min Teaser
Views 243K2 years ago
This is a quick 5 minute teaser for the upcoming series of 4 videos coming out this month on AMMONYCDOTCOM featuring the build of the AMMO Porsche 964. Rust Repair, Roof Removal, Concours Paint and full body clear bra are all episodes coming soon. Ho..
Painting Basics & Techniques - Part 1 of 2 with Kevin Tetz - Eastwood
Views 1.6M6 years ago
Tips on painting, setting up a paint gun and spraying a car with an HVLP paint gun from Kevin Tetz (Trucks!) Get a Concours Here:
Spraying Show Clear on The Camaro with the Concours HVLP Paint Gun - Kevin Tetz - Eastwood
Views 12K4 years ago
In this video you will see Project Zed Sled sprayed with Eastwood's Premium Show Clear. Kevin Tetz shows you how he sprayed Zed Sled with clear using the Concours Pro Paint Gun as well as some invaluable tips and tricks along the way. Link to Buy E..
Step by Step Rust Removal: AMMO Porsche 964
Views 702K2 years ago
This is the step by step process for removing and repairing the rusted frame-rail of the AMMO Porsche 964. J&B Bodyworks in Mt. Vernon, NY performed the work in early 2017. (if you don't like rust...look away! LOL) If you’re a car fanatic like me,..
How To Paint a Car Like a Pro - Use the Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun Kit - Eastwood
Views 9KYear ago
Eastwood's Concours Pro is the ultimate paint gun for achieving professional results at a DIY price! See why you need it to paint your next (or first) car. LINK TO BUY CONCOURS PRO 2 GUN SET:
How To Paint a Car - Hands-On Cars 14: Painting The Camaro! Kevin Tetz & Eastwood
Views 553K4 years ago
Learn how to paint a car as Kevin Tetz walks you through the process from scuffing the urethane primer to spraying an epoxy primer seal coat to base and clear as he paints his Z/28 Camaro. Buy a Concours Pro Gun:
How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car? Kevin Tetz On Professional Paint Jobs - Eastwood
Views 37K4 years ago
In this video, Kevin Tetz breaks down the costs associated with having your car professionally painted, and ways you can limit that expense. PAINT SUPPLIES:
How To Spray Basecoat on Your Car - Kevin Tetz Paints his Camaro with Eastwood Paint
Views 51K4 years ago
Watch as Kevin Tetz Preps, Mixes, and Sprays Eastwood Boulevard Black Basecoat on Project Zed Sled using the Concours Pro Paint Gun. KT will show you proper painting technique and the steps of spraying base coat on a car using none other than Eastwo..
A GUIDE TO RESTORING CAR PAINT- (paint decontamination, paint correction & paint protection)
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Concours 2 HVLP Paint Gun - Spray Primer, Base & Clear Coat! Eastwood
Views 18K2 years ago
One gun that'll carry you throughout your paint job: primers base clear! LINK TO BUY:
Spray Painting - How to Set Up Your HVLP Paint Gun with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood
Views 540K6 years ago
Kevin Tetz (Trucks!) shows you the proper way to set up your HVLP Paint Gun. BUY Concours Gun Here: &..
The 50/50 Detail "Project Mazda 6"
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Paint a Car Like a Pro - Use the Concours Pro HVLP Paint Gun Kit - Eastwood
Views 28K4 years ago
Eastwood's Concours Pro is the ultimate paint gun for achieving professional results at a DIY price! See why you need it to paint your next (or first) car. LINK TO BUY CONCOURS PRO 2 GUN SET:
Ford Focus ST - Full Detail On Soft Black Paint
Views 133KYear ago
SEMA 2014 - How To Paint A Car Yourself At Home With Kevin Tetz - Eastwood
Views 103K4 years ago
This video features Kevin Tetz giving tips and tricks on the fundamentals of home booth installation, paint gun setup & other topics at SEMA 2014. LINK TO BUY TURBINE GUN:
How To Spray Urethane Primer Surfacer & Sand Panels Straight on Hands-On Cars 13 - Eastwood
Views 276K4 years ago
Kevin Tetz shows you how to do final block sanding to make panels straight after he sprays the car with Eastwood Urethane Primer surfacer with his Concours Pro Paint Gun. Buy Concours Paint Gun:
"How To Paint A Car"-By Yourself-Part 11 - OVERALL PAINT Job
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"HOW TO PAINT A CAR"-The Car Body Is painted and it's looking really nice! Next are prepping up the fenders and doors, but we run into some "PROBLEMS" along the way! or 972-420-1293 SWRNC PETE Facebook: ..
Painting Basics & Techniques - Part 2 of 2 with Kevin Tetz - Eastwood
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How To Paint Amazing Graphics with Metal Flake and Candeez on Vintage Motorcycle Helmet - Eastwood
Views 638K4 years ago
Eastwood shows how to paint layered graphics using Eastwood paints, flakes, clears and candeez with the Concours Pro Paint Gun and Concours Pro Detail Gun. Mike took an old motorcycle helmet, stripped it down and went crazy with the graphics and lay..
How to Spray Epoxy Primer with Kevin Tetz - Tips for Mixing & Painting Your Car - Eastwood
Views 66K4 years ago
In this video Kevin Tetz shows you how to mix and spray Eastwood Epoxy Primer on Project Zed Sled. Epoxy primer is the one of the most crucial steps to getting a perfect paint job by sealing off the surface before you lay down the color and clear. ..
How To Paint A Car Like A Pro - Kevin Tetz Pro Tip: Walking The Car - Eastwood
Views 4.9K4 years ago
In this video, Kevin Tetz shares his secret to achieving a professional quality paint job simply by following one important rule: Walk The Car Painting Equipment Painting a car is a major job, so having the proper auto paint suppl..
Spray Painting Wood Furniture - Cross Cut Vintage Designs & Eastwood Concours Paint Gun - Eastwood
Views 2.5KYear ago
Cross Cut Vintage Designs uses the concours paint gun to cover a few of his woodworking projects in paint and clear coat. The Concours paint gun line works on as little as 4 CFM and is perfect for the home hobbyist and professionals! Get one HERE: h..
How To Paint Two Tone Colors On Your Car Or Truck-Paint And Body Tech Tips And Tricks
Views 38K3 years ago
My Friend Pete will show us the secret to painting two different colors of paint by applying an inner coat clear to make sure the paint job doesn't mess up! It's an Automotive Paint and Body LESSON you don't want to miss.. or 972..
BRZ Resurrection Pt 28 - 5th Time's A Charm - $500 Paint Job
Views 117K3 years ago
In this episode Chris paints the BRZ and the window louvers with 3 coats of base coat and 2 coats of clear coat. The outcome is finally acceptable to $500 paint job standards. For those trying to follow along, pick up an Eastwood Concours spray gun, ..
Painting Must-Have: Highly Durable Aluminum Cup for Concours Paint Guns! Eastwood
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Great for added durability or frequent spraying of solvent based paints! LINK TO BUY: paint gu..
How To Prep Your Car for Paint with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood
Views 80K4 years ago
Properly prepping your car for paint is a key element to getting a great finished paint job. Kevin Tetz shows you all the steps plus gives you some tips and tricks that will help you do the job right. Eastwood - Since 1978. Buy Pre Paint Prep: ht..
How To Set Up Your Paint Gun for Spraying - Regulator Tip - With Kevin Tetz & Eastwood
Views 32K4 years ago
Kevin Tetz lets you in on his way of setting up a paint gun for maximum efficiency and ease of use. He shows you a technique that allows you to remove the regulator from the end of the paint gun, which makes handling the gun much easier. Tips like ..
HVLP Concours Pro Paint Gun - Paint Like a Pro with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood
Views 29K4 years ago
In this video, Paintucation Instructor Kevin Tetz shows you the new Eastwood Concours Pro Paint Gun that comes with both a full size and detail gun as well as multiple fluid tips / needles / nozzles, plus a cleaning kit, regulator and carrying case! ..