Diy pc case

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Here's me building my PC Sorry for the long video, tried to shorten it the most as I could without excluding the process. Lost some footage as well but I hope you can understand what I did anyways. This project took about 2 weeks so that's why there'..
How to make a PC case from scratch (DIY PC case)
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Meet the Hammer - my newest DIY PC case. Hope you like it, a lot of hours went into it! #DIY #PC #computer #DIYcomputercase #DIYPCcase And much thanks to my patrons! FabLab: Patreon: I..
Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide)
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In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form! Have access to a CNC already? You can purchase the..
DIY Computer Case for Mini ITX PC
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This DIY small form factor SFF computer case is made out of flax fiber composite panels. It's designed for mini ITX motherboards and works with components as listed below: Temperature and noise tests: PC components: Mot..
water cooled diy pc case mod
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A homemade gaming pc build with acrylic and pvc pipe. how to build a nine inch cube to game on the run. small, quick, quiet, and most of all fun! asrock fm2 itx motherboard, amd athlon 870k quad, If you dont know where to buy some of these parts he..
【DIY FANS】Build computer case(Aluminum alloy + acrylic)
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Thank you for watching, welcome to ask questions aluminum 20*20 300mm 4 aluminum 20*20 260mm 4 aluminum 20*20 150mm 4 Acrylic 4mm 198*308 2 Acrylic 4mm 300*190 2 Acrylic 4mm 308*300 2 Ventilation hole diameter 6mm Q..
DIY PC Case Built from Sintra (PVC) Sheets - the Thesis Build Ep. 3 (Honeycomb PC)
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Better known internally as Honeycomb PC, is my Industrial Design thesis where even people with no prior experience with tinkering with a computer will be able to do simple upgrades and parts swapping at a glance. - SOCIAL Twitter @TechyBengal - MU..
Stylish and compact PC case from scratch | DIY
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Build your own #PC case from scratch. In this video I will making a compact PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Materials used: aluminum profile, aluminum plate, self adhesive vinyl film, plastic PLA. If you like this vi..
CUSTOM PC CASE BUILD ! - Fixing LinusTechTips Mystic Space Warrior PC ( PART 1 )
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This is harder than I thought :P ! building a custom pc case ! Patreon : Follow me on twitter @SnowsTech
How to make a mini ITX computer case
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In this video I'm building a very compact computer for my parents in a DIY case. Facebook: Instagram: Music: Hang Řver - Escape, kid - Doin It Right
How to make a mini computer case from scratch (DIY computer case)
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Yet another DIY PC case, this time sporting the smallest socketed motherboard - mini STX. Motherboard: Instagram: Facebook: Music:..
How to make a desk PC from IKEA MICKE desk - probably the cheapest DIY desk PC
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AMD Ryzen 1800X powered desk PC conversion guide. Music by Joakim Karud CPU: Cooler: Mobo: Desk: PSU: K..
DIY Open Air PC Case Transformation
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Here we show you how to Transform an old PC case Into a open air benchmarking rig. Help support us on our patreon campaign: Follow Me on Twitter Add us on google Like..
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Here we show you how to Transform an old PC case Into a open air benchmarking rig. Help support us on our patreon campaign: Follow Me on Twitter Add us on google Like..
Broken Laptop into Desktop Fanless PC | DIY Build
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How to build a quiet desktop computer from an old broken laptop. DIY wooden case with aluminum heatsink for passive cooling. Simple concept of a fanless case for cooling a broken laptop. Temperature tests and measurement results. coming soon: High-e..
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Patreon / Donacije: ŠALICE : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : Zakai bro :
DIY PC Case - Honeycomb II (Ep. 3) Final Assembly and Laser Cutting
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Using 3D modeling and plain sintra sheets, I built a microATX PC case from scratch. Vertical GPU standard. In this episode... LASSSURRRRSSS. Also some glam footage. Playlists: Honeycomb II - Honeycomb PC -
How to make a Mac Pro wannabe mini ITX computer (DIY PC case)
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This is my take on a DIY trashcan Mac Pro computer. PL: BlitzWolf SSD: BlitzWolf USB hub: BlitzWolf website: HD Plex PSU:
DIY Computer Case - The Ultimate Silent PC (CLOUD UNIT)
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In this video I give an overview of my latest scratch PC build project - the Ultimate Silent Gaming PC, Mark II. The greatest feature of the case, I think, is that the graphics card has a MASSIVE cpu cooler on it, which helps to plunge the case into ..
MUST WATCH: Incredible PC Case mods and scratch builds 2017
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Very interesting PC scratch builds and case mods near the end of 2017. This event was at Commart Work 2017 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. I visited the two biggest computer retail stores in Thailand: Advice and JIB. There were a few intere..
DIY RGB LED Fan For PC Cabinet
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I made RGB CPU Fan using old Cabinet Fan and RGB LED Strips. #CPUfanMOD Items we Need 1. PC Cabinet Fan 2. RGB LED Strips and Controller 3. Soldering Iron And kits 4. Wire and white Color 5. Strong Glue Music Credit - Vlog No Copyright Music http..
How to make a $10 DIY Wooden Gaming PC Case!
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Here is my tutorial over how to build the cheap, wooden, standing, open-aired, pc case for ZEUS! In the video, the estimated price is going to be around $10 however, on my end, this case only costed me $3.36 in my actual $50 ZEUS Gaming PC. I hope yo..
Does Your PC Even Need A Case?
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Does Your PC Even Need A Case? ⇨ Sponsor Link - Corsair K63 Keyboard | Buy: | Info: ►PARTS - AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.6GHz 4-Core/8-thread Processor - (yes, I downgraded the CPU sin..
How to make a Computer Case for Mini ITX PC - DIY JIG
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Since my computer hardly managed to edit a video without problems, I decided to give him a better graphics card. Since the case was much too small, I had to build a new one. Furthermore, it turned out that the power supply was much too weak and so I ..
DIY Handmade Wooden PC Case!
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Have any ideas for other things you want to see me build? Let me know in the comments! Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - For Business Inquires - ..
Create your own custom PC Stat Screen! (Super Easy!)
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Here's a quick guide on how to have your own custom stat monitor in your PC case. It's great for a quick glance at stats and you can use any monitoring software you want! Plus it makes things look extra cool. I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere so I..
How to make a gaming wallputer (DIY wall mounted PC)
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This time I'm bending acrylic and hammering tee inserts to make a piece of art... maybe ;) Music by Joakim Karud
How to make a mini ITX computer case from scratch (DIY PC case)
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Yet another mini ITX scratch build! Patreon: CPU: Carbon fiber kit: Cooler: PSU: Riser cable: Faceboo..
Timelapse Build DIY Acryl Mini ITX SFX PC Case Mod - Casecon - smallest Case in the world ?!
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INFOS and LINKS ▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼ Mein Shop: Case: Patreon werden: ..
【DIY FANS】Build mini computer case
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Hello everyone, I am a diy fan. If you like my video, please subscribe to my channel, thank you for watching. Have a question, please leave a message #DIYFANS pc pvc:267mm*210mm*4mm b..
Custom Wooden PC Case
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I made a wooden Computer case and here is a video about it.
DIY PC Case - Honeycomb II (Ep. 2) Assembly
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Using 3D modeling and plain sintra sheets, I build a microATX PC case from scratch. Vertical GPU standard. In this episode I piece together the multiple sintra pieces I have cut. Playlists: Honeycomb II - Honeycomb PC - https:..
Best Sub $50 PC Case Period! DIYPC DIY-BG01 Review
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The DIYPC BG01 is a crazy good deal! It's hard to find a case under $50 dollars that offers this much and I recommend it for a quick PC flip or to use as your daily driver PC case on a budget, you won't be disappointed! Consider Supporting Me On Pat..
How to make an all-in-one workstation PC from scratch (DIY AIO computer)
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Probably my most thought through DIY PC case. #DIYPC #DIYAIOcomputer #DIYPCcase Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Music: Joa..
Build Your Own PC Cabinet Case from Plywood | DIY
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LCSC Black Friday - DIY Build Your Own PC Cabinet Case from Plywood Help This Channel, Via Buying From Below Links - - Flipkart - My Camera Gears - Canon 80D - htt..
Best Budget RGB Case? - DIYPC Model X Review
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DIYPC has created some awesome products, we have featured them so many times on different builds. Today, I thought I do a review of a case from DIYPC, one that comes with two RGB fans and a tempered glass side panel. Is it worth the price tag of $50 ..
The BEST Computer Case Under $35!
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We braved injury and frustration to find out just how good - or bad - a PC case your hard-earned cash can get you for under $35! The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Headphones are available now for $149.99 USD for a limited time at
Make that OLD pc case like NEW - DIY case MOD 2018
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Why buy a new pc case when you can mod an old one? There is so much value in diy pc case mods like this one that its hard for me to justify buying new cases these days. I hope this can inspire others to try a budget diy pc case build for themselves. ..
Free (or extremely cheap) DIY PC Testbench!
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Sponsored by Blue Apron. The first 250 people to sign up for the service at our link,, get two free meals with their first order! Most testbenches suck - so why not make one yourself? Intel link:
FREE test bench from PC case
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In this video i will show You how to build test bench from old PC case. If you like DIY and have some time you can save money and be glad that You make something by yourself.
How to make a stylish desk PC (DIY Desk PC)
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40 hours of work summarized in 6 minutes. Facebook: Instagram: Answers to most of the questions can be found in this video:
I simply can't recommend this case...
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The DIYPC Model x-w-RGB has tempered glass and colorful light up fans but unfortunately this isn't all that makes up a good budget PC case...
Ep2 1999 Retro Gaming PC Case Build "DIY Case Mod Window"
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Enjoy my videos? Please support me, Mnpctech's Bill Owen shares the steps for cutting and installing a window in a retro PC case from 1999. The guide revisits his popular PC Case Mod Window video from 2007. This was the ve..
D.I.Y Acrylic Side panel
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Hey guys what's up? This is just a quick experiment on magnets. I got the idea from JojoCoco Studios here's the link to his video DIY PC side panel window magnetic - quick and easy Anyways if you got any..
DIY Mini ITX PC Case
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I wanted to replace the ugly metal case of HTPC with a wooden case made of Oak. From the previous PC I removed all the parts that are not needed for a MythTV-Box. All that's left is a nice small box made of Oak with a minimum of hardware, An Asrock ..
DIY | How To Customize Your PC Case + RGB
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This is my Dell Inspiron 660 Sorry for bad camera ... nokia N8-00 Specs: intel Core™ I5 3330 @ 3.0GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 1666Mhz ATI Radeon HD 5570 2GB DDR3 1TB WD HDD Blue 7200rpm 300w PSU DELL MOBO xD ..
Homemade Plywood PC Case (Part 1)
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A plywood PC case? Are you nuts? Dont' you know plywood will combust if it gets above 10c! Yes, its true, my entire family has been wiped out by this plywood case. Want to support The Wood Knight? Consider Patreon
DIY, Old PC restoration
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I wanted to start gaming on my Asus running A10 6700 but for that I needed to overclock since the A10 APU is not exactly a fighter jet compare to some real CPU. After That been established, the second problem was the temperature. Overclocking mean a ..
One Cube Case To Rule Them All? Thermaltake Level 20 VT
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The Thermaltake Level 20 VT is a mATX cube case that tries to be compact while also offering a ton of water cooling options. But does its focus on modular components lead to a sacrifice in some basic design elements? Buy items in this video from ..
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Welcome back! today mag aassemble tayo ng pc case na gawa sa kahoy :) di ko alam bakit lag yung kinalabasan ng video :( 3 times ko na nirender yan different settings :( pwede na yan! hahaha Material used: Plyboard - di ko alam yung size wood strip -..