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THE ONLY ART SUPPLY YOU NEED!! | the art supply I couldn't live without | Art/Illustration Process
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I make a lot of art videos using a variety of different art supplies. But my favorite art supply, is something you probably already own. Get it out and create something today!! If pencils would like to sponsor me, hollah! XP ► SUPPLIES USED: A5 Card..
Making ART with CHEAP SUPPLIES?! | Crayola Art Challenge | Grade School Art Supplies
Views 1.1M11 months ago
If you've been around for a couple years, you may remember I did this before. I'm tackling the same illustration with my new experience. I'm a sucker for cheap art supplies, so don't expect this to be my last time either. haha Also, does anyone else..
OVER THREE POUNDS OF ART SUPPLIES! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing
Views 827K9 months ago
I can't tell you how surprised I was to pull this out of my mailbox. I was not prepared for the weight of it. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside! ►www.palettefulpacks.com/ ► INSIDE THIS MONTH'S BOX: Pent..
WHAT!? WHEN? WHERE? HOW!? | Expensive Art Supplies can be Worth It | Marker Illustration
Views 665K7 months ago
I've really been enjoying myself and creating fun/cutsy/pointless art is making me so happy. I hope you guys are finding a way to make art work for you and enjoy it. it can be such a great way to relieve stress. and art has always been an escape for ..
ARE THESE EVEN ART SUPPLIES...? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Bullet Journal Supplies
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Don't get me wrong. i love bullet journaling. its very helpful and keeps me organized. But Its definitely not a passion of mine, nor is it something I do for fun or to pass the time. My favorite part about Bullet Journals is their simplicity so I don..
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Ohuhu Markers Review, 80 Marker Set | Best Cheap Markers for a Beginner ?
Views 1.8M2 years ago
Click here to get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/Waffles3 *Valid Credit Card is required. After the two months is up, your card will be charged for a premium membership. If you wish to cancel your membership, make sure you cancel b..
Views 562K2 years ago
Throwing back to my old days of drawing with Crayola Markers. I've come a long way in the last ten years when it comes to art supplies. I'll keep my winsor&newton markers, but its still fun to draw with your old art supplies. Buy your own Crayola M..
Views 2.7M10 months ago
Ever since I drew with Every Purple Art Supply I Owned (you can see that here: tvclip.biz/video/X8KZ6UrQKuM/video.html ) I've been bombarded with requests to try another color, well I did it! See I listen to you. hehehehe I gathered Every Blue Art Supply I Owne..
MY NEW FAVORITE ART SUPPLY?! | Mystery Art Box | PaletteFul Packs Unboxing | Acrylic Gouache
Views 1.3MYear ago
For a fun game, count how many different ways I pronounce Gouache! I also discovered a new art supply today and honestly, I think it's pretty awesome. ► www.palettefulpacks.com/ (For Prices and More Information.) THIS MONTH'S PREMIER PACK S..
Is ART-N-FLY any good? | Affordable Markers, Fine-liners, Brush-pens
Views 1.5MYear ago
Thanks to Art-N-Fly for sending me these products to try out and share with you. I was pleasantly surprised by these mid-range priced products. One note, when i first got the markers they were a bit dried out, but after storing them for a month on th..
LET'S FIND OUT! | Mystery Art Supplies | September ArtSnacks Unboxing
Views 516K10 months ago
GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU FOR HELPING IT RUN SO SMOOTHLY! I'm very excited to say that I will be passing on the supplies I unboxed today to one of you. Growing up, I didn't have a lot of art supplies, but I've grown up, entered the workforce..
BEST SCRAWLRBOX YET?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Drawing Woodland Creatures
Views 918KYear ago
One of my favorite Art Supply Combos is the mix of Alcohol Markers, Fine-liners, and a nice white Gelly Roll. And this month's scrawlrbox delivered with a brand new brand i hadn't tried before. Don't forget that tip about marker paper, i've fallen ..
The CHEAPEST BRUSHMARKERS I could find! | MasterMarkers Review | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 3.1MYear ago
If you want to know more information and see the listing of these products check out these links: ♥ MasterMarkers: amzn.to/2ycXyMx ♥ Master Fineliners: amzn.to/2ydp5gF I purchased these markers with my own money. The opinions are all m..
WHY?! ANYTHING BUT THIS!! | My Least Favorite Art Supply | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing
Views 674K4 months ago
I've avoided this art supply for a lifetime, except for a dabble here and there, but now its time, according to ArtSnacks, to tackle my art assumptions. AAAGGEeeeggghhhaaaaaahhhh I don't want to. but here goes!! ► SUPPLIES IN THIS MONTH'S BOX: Zebra..
MY NEW FAVORITE WATERCOLORS?! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing
Views 1M10 months ago
My watercolor game isn't very strong, but HOLY MOLY I never realized what a difference the quality of pigment could make on my paintings. I've finally made a watercolor painting that doesn't look like a muddy mess. W00T! Of all the paletteful packs ..
THESE PENS DO WHAT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Highlighters and Erasable Pens
Views 888K5 months ago
I was at a loss with these supplies until inspiration struck. Don't be afraid to mindlessly doodle. You never know when a weird or cool idea might strike! ► SUPPLIES USED OR MENTIONED: Papermate Micro Chisel Highlighters - Assorted Colors: a..
BEST & WORST WHITE PEN?! | Testing EVERY White Pen I could find! | Sakura, Uni-Ball, Sharpie, etc
Views 2.4M11 months ago
White pens are both FLIPPIN amazing and sometimes frustrating, so I've always been on the look out to find the best one. I decided to splurge and buy every white pen I could find, test them out, and finally figure out which one is right for me and in..
OMG! THIS WAS NOT EASY! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Black Sketchbook
Views 1.6MYear ago
Today I tried my hand at drawing in a Completely Black-Toned Sketchbook with metallic pencils and gel pens! Let's see what happens! It was not easy. Thanks to Paletteful Packs for the box, you can find more information about their subscription art su..
A NEVER-ENDING SKETCHBOOK? | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Accordion SketchbooK
Views 1.7M6 months ago
December's box got here a little late, but the art supplies all still work! hehe even if.......I may or may not have used them all. "HOW DO YOU EVEN OIL PASTEL?!" ►www.palettefulpacks.com/ (This was the 'Petite' Tier Box, sent to me free o..
WATERCOLOR + COLORED PENCILS = ??? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing
Views 330K10 days ago
Another Month, Another Scrawlrbox! I'm in love with the soft whimsical look of these art supplies when used together and I will not forget it. I'll need to continue to experiment with them in the future, maybe with a larger canvas or a sharper pencil..
I SEE RED!! | Drawing Something Using Every RED PENCIL, MARKER, WATERCOLOR, ETC I Own.
Views 3.1M5 months ago
I have really enjoyed doing these 'one color' challenges. Putting the art supplies away?...not so much. hehe But thanks for clicking on another one, I hope you enjoy! I had fun coming up with an illustration that told more of a story than my usual: "..
EXPERIMENTING WITH WATERCOLOR ROSES!? | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing
Views 228K3 days ago
I just realized its International Watercolor Month? omg. maybe i should really really start putting time into this off camera in honor of it. Thanks to ArtSnacks for sponsoring the channel and sending these boxes my way. 🥨 ARTSNACK'S WEBSITE: http..
YOU CAN DRAW ON ANYTHING!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | POSCA Paint Pens on Wood
Views 1M2 months ago
I haven't used only uni-POSCA Pens in a LONG time. I'm thinking at least two years. omg. Today I'm trying my hand at creating a character and drawing them on a block of wood! So fun! Will you be drawing along?! ► SUPPLIES IN THIS MONTH'S BOX: 8 Posc..
PASTEL WATERCOLOR BRUSH PENS! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Mermay
Views 673K2 months ago
Another month! Another Scrawlrbox! This month, I'm continuing #MERMAY of course with another illustration of a Mermaid. This was going so well! Watch to see how the art supplies staged a rebellion against me. 😧 Its a long one, you may want to draw al..
Views 2.7MYear ago
Today I challenged myself to create an illustration using EVERY PURPLE ART SUPPLY I owned. From Sharpies to Gouache, let's put some purple on the paper! ► Kasey's Channel: tvclip.biz/channel/UCNwJz8-bLJge72TzJu4ARUA ♦ ♦ LIST OF ART SUP..
NOW THIS IS A MARKER! | Mystery Art Box | December Art Snacks Unboxing | Krink Paint Marker
Views 1.6M7 months ago
I missed November's box, but here's December's! The last ArtSnacks box of 2018! I know you guys ask to see these, so hope you enjoy! It's always fun to try and draw something with supplies picked by someone else, especially when you've never seen so..
DON'T GIVE UP! [after an ART FAIL!] | Two Attempts at the Same Drawing | Gouache and Copic Markers
Views 957K8 months ago
This also means, I've got a Sketchbook Tour coming up for you guys! Hold tight! :D ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: drawingwiffwaffles.com/giveaway/ (Closes: 11/24/2018, 12:00pm EST) ► SUPPLIES USED: Illo Sketchbook: amzn.to/2DrnhHv Holbein Acryl..
DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Karin Brushmarkers
Views 925K4 months ago
This feels wrong! Don't make me do this! haha It said to on the instructions...so let's see what happens. ► SUPPLIES IN THIS MONTH'S BOX: Karin Brushmarker PRO: amzn.to/2XmFA7f Sakura Pigma Micron Pens: amzn.to/2BS116S Sakura Pigma ..
The BEST CHEAP ERASER that you NEED! | Srsly I love this thing. | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 652KYear ago
A quick and fun video for this week. I'm feeling really run down by my current creative process and I needed to change things up a bit. So I'm taking the week off. This video was made um.... months ago, as a back up in case of emergencies. It was rea..
Views 1.2MMonth ago
Creating an Illustration Using All of My 🌸 Pink 🌸 Art Supplies has been highly requested. Hope I made something that was worth the excitement! Thanks for sticking with me and this series. What colors are left? Want to Color this Lineart? You're in l..
Views 1.2M3 months ago
I laughed when people suggested that I try to create an illustration using only yellow. "Yellow has no contrast, it won't look like anything" I thought. Armed with that thought, I gave it a try yesterday, and I think it turned out pretty well! ► SUP..
I'M IMPRESSED!! | Crayola Blending Markers Review | Copic Alternative
Views 1.1M8 months ago
Today I unboxed a brand new art supply! The Crayola Signature Blending Markers. Watch to see my first impressions as well as a demo detailing how I would use these for my own art. I've invested in Copic Markers, so I don't have a lot of use for the..
TRYING A BURNISHER?! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Colored Pencils
Views 2.1M3 months ago
I always open Scrawlrbox a month late, nothing new here, hehe. Lets make some art with the art supply I just don't understand...Colored Pencils!! Id love to be your #drawingbuddy! Let me know if you draw along with me! ► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPL..
ART STUDIO TOUR 2017 - MissKerrieJ -
Views 549KYear ago
Here is a tour of my ART STUDIO for 2017! Let me show you how I store and organize my art supplies, stationary, scrapbook things and more! (If you're curious about where I got something, ask me down below!) DESK ORGANIZER: amzn.to/2AJuAGg ..
WEIRDEST PENCIL EVER?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Metallic Brush Pens
Views 3.1MYear ago
Today we open another Scrawrlbox full of Mystery Art Supplies for the month of March 2018. Also, I've committed myself to drawing a mermaid every day of the month, so hop on over to my Instagram to check out those beautiful puppies: instagram...
SO...IS IT A PENCIL?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Pens, Pencils, and this Thing
Views 1.3M7 months ago
It'll be a boring day when I realize I've seen every art supply out there, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! :D Another Scrawlrbox Unboxing! I really enjoy opening these up and finding out what is inside. Sometimes the art supplies is better than others, bu..
Views 897K9 months ago
Halloween is coming up, and to celebrate I've "trick or treated" if you will, and collected all of my Orange Art Supplies in one place and now I'm gonna draw something use Every. Single. One. of them. Let's get spoopy! ► I'M DOING INKTOBER: (forgot ..
SO MESSY! OMG!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Charcoal, Charcoal, and Charcoal!
Views 681K5 months ago
I was a bit nervous when I opened this. I'd never given Charcoal a real try. but ahh, i think I really like this medium! You never really know what is gonna suit your art style, do you? ► GIVEAWAY! (Ends February 9th 2019, See Rules) I'm passing the..
REDRAWING MY OLDEST DRAWING! | Crayons and Pencils | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 636KYear ago
Do you see any improvement? haha Redrawing the old art from last weeks video: tvclip.biz/video/5nMlIpXQnzc/video.html Health Update: Another waiting game, this time we are waiting for an MRI. Insurance Hospital's Schedule = forever... XP Hoping for answers ..
NOT THE COLOR I WAS EXPECTING! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing
Views 1.2M4 months ago
Revisiting those Karin BrushmarkerPro's today as well as trying out a vaguely marked brush-pen. What color does it draw in?! ► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPLIES: (Ends Mar 15th, 2019 - 4:00pm EST) drawingwiffwaffles.com/giveaway/ ► INSIDE THIS ..
OooOOOoo! SHINY! ✨| Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Pearlescent Watercolors
Views 853K4 months ago
Going through some art block. Creatively drained, is what I would call it. But I think this video expresses very well how I approach art block and the steps I take to overcome it. ► GIVEAWAY! (Ends March 22nd 2019, See Rules) I'm passing these art s..
TRYING the GRAFFITI style for the FIRST TIME!? | Krink Markers + Posca Pens on Wood Panel
Views 56K4 hours ago
Graffiti is obviously done in public and usually without permission, but I wanted to try and dabble in the artistic expressionist style of Graffiti artists in the safety and legality of my own home. lol Here goes! ► SUPPLIES USED: Illo Sketchbook: h..
IT SURE SEEMS THE SAME TO ME | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing | Mixed Media Illustrations
Views 533KMonth ago
We're doing a Mixed Media Illustration with Gelatos, Art Spray, and Alcohol-Based Markers. Let's see what we can make! I hope you'll draw along! Today's video is Sponsored by ArtSnacks. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, you can get ..
ART DOESN'T ALWAYS COME EASY! | Exercise your Art Muscle! | Watercolor on Graphite
Views 462K5 months ago
A sketch/draw with me! Grab your sketchbooks, a piece of paper, or a blank wall (if your parents say its okay), its time to create something that didn't exist before! ► Babs Tarr on Critical Role's 'Pub Draw:' www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hnpw-2..
The Worst Scrawlrbox I've Ever Received | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 738KYear ago
More information about Scrawlrbox: scrawlrbox.uk/ I was so excited to open this box and use the supplies when I realized that they were all up my alley. But soon I realized this might have been the worst scrawlrbox yet. I really like scrawlrb..
Filling a 9x12 Paper with ONLY PENS? Here goes! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Plus Unboxing
Views 522K24 days ago
ArtSnacks recently (this month) added a new tier to their subscription options, the ArtSnacks Plus! In today's video we'll be opening both an Original Box and the new ArtSnacks Plus to see what the difference is. and then, you know, we'll draw someth..
THERE'S GLITTER EVERYWHERE! | New Year's Illustration | Copic Markers and Glitter
Views 1.1M6 months ago
Happy New Year Everyone!! I took some time yesterday and threw glitter at my drawings! hehe Have you even added glitter to your art? ► SUPPLIES USED: Col-Erase Pencils: amzn.to/2UlTsNB Rose Art Glitter Shakers: amzn.to/2BR9F54 Zig Me..
Redrawing YOUR art in my Style! | #drawthisinyourstyle
Views 663K2 months ago
What to see more videos like this in the future? Want to 'collab' with me? Submit your art for a chance to be featured in an upcoming video with #drawthiswiffwaffles and maybe see me draw one of your characters! I can learn a lot from you guys. I ten..
LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD ART | grade school notebooks | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 1.3MYear ago
I just remembered I forgot to show you the rest of those old drawings so here we have PART TWO of my old art I drew on notepads and sketchbooks and other miscellaneous pieces of paper. The oldest drawing I share in this is 20 years old from when I wa..
Views 1.8MYear ago
Challenge: Color your illustration using a random color. Result: Success! YAY! ► Supplies used: - #24 Marigold - Ohuhu Alcohol Based Markers: amzn.to/2IDw3Al - Art-n-Fly Fine Liners: amzn.to/2lHg0Ir - Mechanical Pencil from Holly Bro..