TRYING the GRAFFITI style for the FIRST TIME!? | Krink Markers + Posca Pens on Wood Panel
Views 56K4 hours ago
Graffiti is obviously done in public and usually without permission, but I wanted to try and dabble in the artistic expressionist style of Graffiti artists in the safety and legality of my own home. lol Here goes! ► SUPPLIES USED: Illo Sketchbook: h..
EXPERIMENTING WITH WATERCOLOR ROSES!? | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Unboxing
Views 228K3 days ago
I just realized its International Watercolor Month? omg. maybe i should really really start putting time into this off camera in honor of it. Thanks to ArtSnacks for sponsoring the channel and sending these boxes my way. 🥨 ARTSNACK'S WEBSITE: http..
CONCEPT, SKETCH, & COLOR, ALL IN ONE HOUR!? | Filling a Spread in My Sketchbook
Views 240K7 days ago
What Can I Draw, In ONLY One Hour? Through the years, I didn't always have a lot of time to draw, but gosh'golly, you know I made some time! And sometimes all i could manage was 10 min to an hour. and today, I'm challenging myself to see how much I ..
SAME MARKERS, 2 LOOKS! | Filling a Spread in my Sketchbook | Ohuhu Brush Markers
Views 357K14 days ago
Time to fill another spread in my sketchbook! This time I'll be showing you two ways I like to approach using Alcohol-Based Markers. Each will give you a different overall look and appearance. Which do you prefer? I like to bounce between them depend..
WATERCOLOR + COLORED PENCILS = ??? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing
Views 330K10 days ago
Another Month, Another Scrawlrbox! I'm in love with the soft whimsical look of these art supplies when used together and I will not forget it. I'll need to continue to experiment with them in the future, maybe with a larger canvas or a sharper pencil..
THIS PAPER IS FUZZY? | Mystery Art Box | 'Premier' Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Velour Paper & Pastel
Views 377K17 days ago
So this month's box actually (spoiler alert) contained some of my least favorite art supplies, but! i am slowly gaining experience with them and I think the PanPastels were a lot more fun to work with. Not to mention, I come to the conclusion why Pas..
BEST CHEAP BRUSH-MARKERS?! | Ohuhu Dual-Tip Brush/Chisel Tip Markers - 48 set
Views 657K27 days ago
I'm very excited to try out the new Ohuhu Brush Markers! lets see if they meet my expectations! 🤤 The Ohuhu brushmarkers are currently out of stock and are not available for purchase. I'll update this description when I know more. Ohuhu Brushmarke..
THE GOOD AND THE BAD?! | Peek Inside My Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 20 Tour
Views 812K7 months ago
I can finally post this sketchbook tour! (I was waiting on my last video so that I could show you these last few pages) Hope you enjoy! Thanks for joining me on my art journey! Rin ► MY SKETCHBOOKS: See all 20 of my finished sketchbooks from age 13 ..
WHY DO MY SKETCHES LOOK LIKE THAT!? | How to Start a Drawing | My Sketching Process
Views 588K5 months ago
I won't be covering the fundamentals of drawing or how to draw specific things, but rather the way I sketch and the steps I take that create the results you'll usually see me post. I get a lot of questions about that so...here it is! If you're lookin..
CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper
Views 3.6M7 months ago
I just finished my Bullet Journal which means its time to dive into a new one. and of course I wasn't going to leave it blank, I needed to draw on the cover! ► SUPPLIES USED: Bullet Journal - Miliko amzn.to/2PeCddi Mechanical Pencil 1.3mm: h..
AVOIDING A DISASTER! | 3 Marker Challenge | November Copic Colors
Views 667K7 months ago
I want to thank Copic Markers for including me as one of their November Artists. I was challenged to create an illustration using the three colors provided. If you've been around my channel you know I gravitate towards lighter colors and tones, so th..
NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS! | Art I Made When I Was 14 | Sketchbook Flip-through
Views 1.5MYear ago
Looking through this, it kept occurring to me how much I hated sharing my art with people or letting them see what I made at this age. Times have changed. haha The older I got, and the more amazing artists I was exposed to, the more I wanted to share..
NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge
Views 1M5 months ago
Playing a game today, I ask Pinterest what I should draw. And then i draw it. this should be interesting! ► SUPPLIES USED: Canson XL Watercolor Paper: amzn.to/2Rmb91v Bic Mechanical Pencils 0.7: amzn.to/2MbQGqw White Nights Waterco..
SKETCH WITH ME! | Filling a page in my Sketchbook
Views 397K11 months ago
Get out your sketchbooks and draw with me! Taking it slow today, thought I'd film myself sketching! I only have two pages left in this sketchbook so keep an eye out for a sketchbook tour soon!! EEE! So excited to share this one with you. I drew a lot..
Redrawing YOUR art in my Style! | #drawthisinyourstyle
Views 663K2 months ago
What to see more videos like this in the future? Want to 'collab' with me? Submit your art for a chance to be featured in an upcoming video with #drawthiswiffwaffles and maybe see me draw one of your characters! I can learn a lot from you guys. I ten..
DESIGNING MY OWN NPC YOUNGSTERS | Character Designs | Drawing in My Sketchbook!
Views 434K21 day ago
Time to draw in my sketchbook! (My favorite thing to do.) This time challenging myself to create my own, Pokemon-inspired NPC, the youngster! Feel free to draw along! Thanks for joining me as I fill another spread in my sketchbook! ► SUPPLIES USED: ..
DRAWING ON A SCREEN! | Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet | My Digital Art Process
Views 473K6 months ago
Today we're taking a more in-depth look into my digital art process, using the new Cintiq 16, provided to me by Wacom. I'm still trying to figure out how to film this thing properly, so hopefully with a little practice I'll get there. Let me know if ..
REDRAWING MY OLDEST DRAWING! | Crayons and Pencils | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 636KYear ago
Do you see any improvement? haha Redrawing the old art from last weeks video: tvclip.biz/video/5nMlIpXQnzc/video.html Health Update: Another waiting game, this time we are waiting for an MRI. Insurance Hospital's Schedule = forever... XP Hoping for answers ..
BENEFITS of SKETCHING in PEN | Peek into my Sketchbook | DrawingWiffWaffles
Views 725KYear ago
My brain's a little foggy so hopefully this made sense. XP I address why I love using a pen and what using a pen over a pencil has helped me learn. ► Supplies I used: Purple Bic Pen: amzn.to/2DXXpzD Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook 5.5" x 8.5" ..
THE UNSEEN SKETCHES! | Sketchbook Tour | #21
Views 838K4 months ago
Come take a look at my sketchbook! I just finished this one and I'm excited to show you the good, the bad, the never-before-seen! Hope you enjoy!! ► AWESOME PEOPLE: instagram.com/grassflu/ instagram.com/littlepineneedle/ ► S..
from GARBAGE to WORK OF ART?! | Painting on a Mural on a Miniature Trash Can
Views 624K3 months ago
I couldn't help it, I saw this adorable trash can, and I couldn't help but think? What would Rapunzel do? #wwrd This was part of an April Fools day collab with these awesome peeps: (Check them all out!! They all have something different an unique!) ..
BUILDING a CHARACTER from ONLY 3 COLORS?! | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design Challenge
Views 1.9M2 months ago
Today I'll be filling a few pages in my sketchbook as I try my hand at designing a brand new character from only 3 colors! A big THANK YOU! to TheApparatCreator for the Idea: instagram.com/theapparatcreator/ GIVEAWAY: drawingwiffw..
CUTENESS OVERLOAD! ♥ Drawing My Subscribers | Making Art in Photoshop
Views 296K9 months ago
You guys are such perfect masterpieces, and it's always a pleasure to be able to draw you! If you are interested in having me draw you or your art in a future video, just tag your photos or illustrations on Instagram with the hashtag #drawmewiffwaffl..
WHAT I LOOK LIKE | #MeetTheArtist 2018 tag | Self-Portrait
Views 670KYear ago
Last year I did the meet the artist tag, and I love tracking progress and seeing how I've grown so it seemed only natural to maybe make this a yearly thing! Last year: tvclip.biz/video/jmcPIc_cZn0/video.html Please tag me, if you do your own, so I can see you..
I WAS NOT PREPARED!! | 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Second Speed Drawing Challenge (With Markers!)
Views 4.5M10 months ago
Ten minutes feels a lot longer than I expected, one minute is a LOT SHORTER than I realized, and then ten seconds...well....just watch what happens, haha. A Challenge that's a Challenge. haha ► TOOLS USED: Ohuhu Markers: amzn.to/2o4bxkk Pigm..
DON'T GIVE UP! [after an ART FAIL!] | Two Attempts at the Same Drawing | Gouache and Copic Markers
Views 957K8 months ago
This also means, I've got a Sketchbook Tour coming up for you guys! Hold tight! :D ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: drawingwiffwaffles.com/giveaway/ (Closes: 11/24/2018, 12:00pm EST) ► SUPPLIES USED: Illo Sketchbook: amzn.to/2DrnhHv Holbein Acryl..
REDEEMING MYSELF? | Drawing Something with Sharpie Markers Again | Permanent Marker Art
Views 945KMonth ago
A while back I made art with sharpies. I've thought about that video and always thought I could do better. Let's see if I'm right...lol ► SUPPLIES USED: Sharpie Markers: amzn.to/2WHtV5G Bic Mechanical Pencils 0.7: amzn.to/2MbQGqw A5 ..
WAIT!? WHAT?! | Redrawing My Friend's Art from Description ONLY! | Art Game
Views 505K2 months ago
Today I'm joined by the wonderful Dina Norlund! (tvclip.biz/user/Dinareno) She's going to be describing one of her recent illustrations to me while I attempt to recreate it without looking. Try and create your own version while listening..
HOW-TO DRAW SOMETHING (when you can't think of anything) | The Process of Finding Ideas
Views 701KMonth ago
Ever ask yourself: "What should I draw?" I know. Same. Today I'm gonna show you how I go about defeating the blank brain and help you turn that blank page into something new! ► SUPPLIES USED: Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils (Rose): amzn.to/2Ul..
Views 1.2MMonth ago
Creating an Illustration Using All of My 🌸 Pink 🌸 Art Supplies has been highly requested. Hope I made something that was worth the excitement! Thanks for sticking with me and this series. What colors are left? Want to Color this Lineart? You're in l..
Views 2.7MYear ago
Today I challenged myself to create an illustration using EVERY PURPLE ART SUPPLY I owned. From Sharpies to Gouache, let's put some purple on the paper! ► Kasey's Channel: tvclip.biz/channel/UCNwJz8-bLJge72TzJu4ARUA ♦ ♦ LIST OF ART SUP..
TRYING NEW THINGS IN MY SKETCHBOOK! | Pencil Sketches and Holbein Gouache
Views 449K3 months ago
Another sketchbook session! I filmed myself drawing in my sketchbook, thought I'd dive into my Gouache. Let's see what happens. Whether it turns out or not, this is what a sketchbook is for, EXPERIMENTING and trying new things and making a mess! Draw..
5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR ART! | How to Develop Your Art Style | Beginner Art Tips
Views 1.2M6 months ago
My art style developed slowly and naturally over the course of 10 years to what it is today. Looking back, I can sort of piece together what I did without thinking at the time into steps you can follow and hopefully speed up that process. As always..
VENTING THROUGH MY ART? | Drawing My Emotions | India Ink in Sketchbook
Views 451KMonth ago
Feeling a little low, so I thought I'd draw my emotions while trying to remain positive. lol The brain is a weird thing. Let's draw something! If you're having trouble deciding what to draw, check out this video: tvclip.biz/video/2bgwKY_xAEA/video.html ► SU..
POKÉMON as PEOPLE?! | Character Design Art Challenge
Views 302KYear ago
I've been playing a LOT of Pokémon Quest lately, and I've been inspired to draw Pokémon, naturally. I thought I'd put a little twist on it though and design the Pokémon as Human Characters. So yay! Let's do it! Pikachu, Eevee, Let's Go! ►Supplies Us..
Filling a 9x12 Paper with ONLY PENS? Here goes! | Mystery Art Box | ArtSnacks Plus Unboxing
Views 522K24 days ago
ArtSnacks recently (this month) added a new tier to their subscription options, the ArtSnacks Plus! In today's video we'll be opening both an Original Box and the new ArtSnacks Plus to see what the difference is. and then, you know, we'll draw someth..
and Trying to Draw Tigers! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker
Views 609KMonth ago
The May Scrawlrbox just arrived! Lets open it up and find out what all of the art supplies are that are inside and then I'll draw something with them! ► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPLIES: (Ends June 20th, 2019 - 4:00pm ET) drawingwiffwaffles.co..
GLAM IT UP! | Mixing Traditional and Digital Art! | Copic + Wacom Cintiq
Views 633K4 months ago
Its time to draw something funnnnnn! Something girly! And no one can stop me! hehe Come along, grab your sketchbook, lets draw something together! Or grab the free lineart of this illustration and color along with me! ♦ FREE LINEART: bit.ly..
FOUR Different Methods! [Drawing A Girl]
Views 736K4 years ago
Here are the four methods I use when I sketch. These can be applied to drawing animals, men, or children. They can also be used with all sorts of styles. Ill be focusing on drawing a girl in this video. I used Prismacolor Col-Erase colored pencils t..
TRYING A BURNISHER?! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Colored Pencils
Views 2.1M3 months ago
I always open Scrawlrbox a month late, nothing new here, hehe. Lets make some art with the art supply I just don't understand...Colored Pencils!! Id love to be your #drawingbuddy! Let me know if you draw along with me! ► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPL..
SO VIBRANT! SO CUTE AND TINY! | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Mystery Art Box
Views 402KMonth ago
These little paint babies are ink and watercolor? They are super pigmented and fun to use, let's draw something bright! Will you be drawing along? ►#MERMAY: I'm drawing a new illustration every day for the month of May and posting them on Instagram..
THE ONLY ART SUPPLY YOU NEED!! | the art supply I couldn't live without | Art/Illustration Process
Views 389K2 months ago
I make a lot of art videos using a variety of different art supplies. But my favorite art supply, is something you probably already own. Get it out and create something today!! If pencils would like to sponsor me, hollah! XP ► SUPPLIES USED: A5 Card..
Why GUILTY PLEASURE ART is Important for Artists | Markers Speedpaint
Views 591KYear ago
I wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind, and that is why I think its important to every so often take the time to draw what you want whether your a professional artist, beginner, or hobbiest. ► Sketchbook: amzn.to/2FVXtkp ► Art..
ART DOESN'T ALWAYS COME EASY! | Exercise your Art Muscle! | Watercolor on Graphite
Views 462K5 months ago
A sketch/draw with me! Grab your sketchbooks, a piece of paper, or a blank wall (if your parents say its okay), its time to create something that didn't exist before! ► Babs Tarr on Critical Role's 'Pub Draw:' www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hnpw-2..
DO YOU SEE A DIFFERENCE? | Copic Marker Illustration Process Vlog
Views 427K3 months ago
Sat down for a little drawing session yesterday. I wanted to give it a little spin and try and use my markers in a different way then my usual after this technique worked pretty well last week. Did it go well the second time? ► SUPPLIES USED: Col-Er..
YOU CAN DRAW ON ANYTHING!? | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | POSCA Paint Pens on Wood
Views 1M2 months ago
I haven't used only uni-POSCA Pens in a LONG time. I'm thinking at least two years. omg. Today I'm trying my hand at creating a character and drawing them on a block of wood! So fun! Will you be drawing along?! ► SUPPLIES IN THIS MONTH'S BOX: 8 Posc..
WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?! | Cheap Vs. Expensive Markers | Side-by-Side Demo | Ohuhu v. Copic
Views 1.6M7 months ago
Let's find out what is the difference between Copic and Ohuhu makers! I mean.. besides the price difference. hehe ► Lineart if you'd like to color it: photos.app.goo.gl/nqTqYsnfRvMqt4FU8 ► Renee Violet: twitter.com/planetrazzmataz ..
PASTEL WATERCOLOR BRUSH PENS! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Mermay
Views 673K2 months ago
Another month! Another Scrawlrbox! This month, I'm continuing #MERMAY of course with another illustration of a Mermaid. This was going so well! Watch to see how the art supplies staged a rebellion against me. 😧 Its a long one, you may want to draw al..
IS IT POSSIBLE?! | Turning a Scribble into an Illustration | Scribble Challenge
Views 540K3 months ago
I let my brother draw a scribble on a piece of paper for me to turn into an illustration. It was a fun lesson in finding shapes in seemingly nothing; and slowly changing a design over time and letting a 'mistake' turn it into something new. ► SUPPL..
I TRIED SCULPTING for the first time! | Polymer Clay Sculpture + Painting
Views 614K3 months ago
So I turned a Koala into a Mythical Magical Lion! Watch to see how! Finally got around to finishing editing this puppy! I had so much footage to sift through *mind blown! - But seriously, I think I've fallen in love with sculpting. I need to find m..