How the obsession with home ownership ruins the economy | The Economist
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Many dream of owning their own home, and thanks to huge financial incentives in the rich world many have been able to so. But government policies to encourage home ownership were a huge mistake. Read more here: Click here to ..
Could Brexit end London's financial dominance? | The Economist
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More than 300 financial organisations have already left the City of London to set up shop in other European capitals. What will this mean for London and the rest of Europe? Read more from The Economist: Click here to subscrib..
How bad is the crisis in democracy? | The Economist
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Around the world, democracies are getting weaker and most elected politicians are becoming more unpopular. Are they still serving the people or themselves? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: For more from ..
How modern families increase social inequality | The Economist
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Modern families with two working adults are richer than those with a single breadwinner, and can afford to take a different approach to parenting. This is exacerbating inequality between rich and poor families. Click here to subscribe to The Economi..
What will be the biggest stories of 2020? | The Economist
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The battle for the White House, a possible global recession, Beethoven the eco-warrior, nurses taking centre stage and a controversial Olympic Games. These are The Economist’s predictions for the top stories of 2020. Find out more here: eco..
The new scramble for Africa | The Economist
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The past decade has seen a big surge of foreign interest in Africa-involving China, India and Russia. If the continent handles this new "scramble" wisely, the main winners will be Africans themselves. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on Yo..
America v China: why the trade war won't end soon | The Economist
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America and China are edging closer to signing a deal in the trade war. But that won’t mark the end-the issues at the heart of the conflict will be very difficult to resolve. Read more here: Click here to subscribe to The..
Why is there still poverty in America? | The Economist
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In America almost 40m people-one eighth of its population-live in poverty. Why does the richest big country in the world still have so many people living in profound need? Find out more here: Click here to subscribe to T..
The Economist looks ahead to showdowns in 2020
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If you thought 2019 was a roller coaster, just wait. The Economist is out with its annual look ahead, and if its predictions are right, 2020 could be quite a year. Daniel Franklin, an editor of the Economist's special issue, joined CBSN to discuss.
The changing face of tourism | The Economist
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Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world-and it's rapidly changing. Chinese travellers have overtaken Americans as the biggest spenders and nearly all regions are welcoming more tourists. Except one. Click here to subscribe to The Eco..
Why is chicken so cheap? | The Economist
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People eat 65 billion chickens every year. It is the fastest-growing meat product. Yet pound for pound the price of chicken has fallen sharply. How has this happened? Read more about Chickenomics here: Click here to subscribe..
Does this line predict America’s next recession? | The Economist
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The yield curve has predicted America's last eight recessions. In March this year it inverted again. So what does it mean for America? Read more about how the yield curve helps predict economic growth here: Click here to subs..
Inside Iran: what's next? | The Economist
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When Iran's military forces mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet it sparked widespread protests around the country. Iran's leaders face being overwhelmed by a crisis they created-how will they respond? Read more here:
Hong Kong protests: what's at stake for China? | The Economist
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The Hong Kong protests are the most serious challenge to China's authority since the Tiananmen Square massacre. Read more about the Hong Kong protests here: Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip:
Was Karl Marx right? | The Economist
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Karl Marx remains surprisingly relevant 200 years after his birth. He rightly predicted some of the pitfalls of capitalism, but his solution was far worse than the disease. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip:
Is private education good for society? | The Economist
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Across the world private education is booming. Though private schools and tuition promote inequality, Emma Duncan, our social policy editor, explains why governments should embrace the private sector's rise Read more here: C..
The internet's second revolution | The Economist
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The second half of humanity is joining the internet. People in countries like India will change the internet, and it will change them. Read more from The Economist here: Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: ht..
What does a cashless future mean? | The Economist
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Many countries are going cashless at great speed. What are the advantages of ditching hard cash and what are the dangers? Read more about a cashless future here: Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: ec..
The future of work: is your job safe? | The Economist
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The world of work will be radically different in the future. From hyper-surveillance of staff to digital nomadism to robots taking jobs-how, where and why we work is changing beyond all recognition. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouT..
2020 Cover Economist
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2020 cover economist Visit Bizonacci on TVclip intro was made by him great work search "Bizonacci" MMGinvest is [Educational channel NOT investment advice, consult your financial advisor] Equities, Commodities and Crypto Currencies are highly volat..
Putin's Russia and the ghost of the Romanovs | The Economist
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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the Romanovs, were murdered 100 years ago today by Marxist revolutionaries. What does this anniversary mean for Vladmir Putin? Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: ..
Why Britain's election won't end the political chaos | The Economist
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Britons are heading to the polls for the fourth time in five years. How has Britain gone from having one of the most stable political systems in the world to being derided as a political basket-case-and why won't the chaos end anytime soon? Read mo..
How to prepare for the next global recession | The Economist
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A decade after the global recession, the world’s economy is vulnerable again. Ryan Avent, our economics columnist, considers how the next recession might happen-and what governments can do about it Click here to subscribe to The Economist on Yo..
How Brexit is changing the EU | The Economist
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Brexit once seemed to pose an existential threat to the European Union. But Britain's withdrawal process has had some surprising results-especially when it comes to how other member states view the EU. Read more: Click here..
Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist
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Tree-planting has been hailed as a solution to climate change. But how much can trees really do to tackle global warming? See our research here: Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: S..
How long will you live? | The Economist
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In Japan people can expect to live beyond 84 years on average-yet in Lesotho life expectancy is just 53 years. The age at which people die still depends a lot on where they live. Read more on longevity in rich countries: ..
Is America right to fear Huawei? | The Economist
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America worries that Huawei, China's telecoms giant, spies on behalf of its government and threatens Western interests. Such concerns are not just about America's security, but also its insecurity. Read more here: Click here ..
Where is the world's most liveable city? | The Economist
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Where is the world's most liveable city? The Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked 140 cities based on their liveability. Melbourne, Australia, has been ranked the world's most liveable city for the past seven years but it has lost the top spot to V..
How could veganism change the world? | The Economist
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Interest in vegan food and its associated health benefits has been booming across the rich world. A global retreat from meat could have a far-reaching environmental impact. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip:
How will quantum computing change the world? | The Economist
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The potential for quantum computing to crack other countries’ encrypted networks has captured the attention of national governments. Which of the world's fundamental challenges could be solved by quantum computing? Read more here:
Could impeachment benefit Donald Trump? | The Economist
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The impeachment hearings have raised yet more questions about Donald Trump's conduct in office. The Democrats are hoping impeachment will undermine support for the president, but could it have the opposite effect? Read more here:
Brexit: Live Q&A with The Economist
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It has been a busy time for British politics. Again, Brexit is taking over the headlines. John Peet, The Economist’s Brexit editor, takes your questions in a live Q&A. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: ..
What sharks reveal about the state of the ocean | The Economist
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The ocean is essential for life’s survival on this planet, but it is under threat. The impact of climate change, pollution and overfishing is immense-yet largely hidden from sight. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: ec..
The true cost of fast fashion | The Economist
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Millions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfill every year-it’s one of the fastest-growing categories of waste in the world. How can the fashion industry continue to grow while addressing the environmental need for people to buy fewer clothes? ..
How science is changing the nature of families | The Economist
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Science is enabling women to have children later in life as new technologies transform IVF success rates. But an increasingly globalised IVF trade also poses dangers. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: Sci..
Who owns the Moon? | The Economist
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50 years after the first Moon landing, humanity is getting ready to go back. Countries and companies are planning dozens of lunar missions-for research, for resources and even for tourism, which begs the question: who, if anyone, owns the Moon? Re..
Could deepfakes weaken democracy? | The Economist
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Videos can be faked to make people say things they never actually said. This poses dangers for democracy. Can you spot ALL the deep fake interviews in this film? Read more here:
What is the universe made of? | The Economist
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The Earth, the sun, the stars, and everything we can see, only comprise five percent of the universe. But what about the other 95 percent? Scientists are puzzling over dark matter and dark energy, the mysterious components that make up the rest. Sub..
Why are music festivals so expensive? | The Economist
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Today there are festivals in more parts of the world than ever before and ticket prices are higher than ever before. Why are festivals so expensive? Read more about how big stars maximise their take from tours here: Click he..
The future of fashion | The Economist
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The fashion industry is on the verge of a tech revolution. Clothes of tomorrow could be designed, fitted and sold to us by technology alone. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: From Gucci to Chanel, Topshop..
An economist walks into a bar | Robert Litan | TEDxKC
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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Litan's talk explores the surprising role economists have played in the development of the internet economy and quite possibly your love life. As an econom..
How to fuel the future | The Economist
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America, under President Donald Trump, is securing its “energy independence” with oil and gas. But unlike fossil fuels, renewables will not increase global warming -and China is moving fast. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip..
Who is the real Boris Johnson? | The Economist
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Boris Johnson is likely to become Britain's next prime minister. In today's ugly politics he would be a dangerous leader. Read more here: Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: Boris J..
Can free-cash handouts help society? | The Economist
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In parts of California there are plans to give people no-strings-attached cash, whether they have a job or not. It's hoped these trials could be the solution to a potentially jobless dystopian future. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouT..
Russian spies in America, then and now | The Economist
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Russia is accused of trying to influence the US election, which led to the Trump presidency. In a rare interview one of the Soviet Union’s highest-ranking KGB spies talks about the long-standing practice of subverting Western democracy. Click her..
How migration could make the world richer | The Economist
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Many of the recent political shifts in the West-the election of Donald Trump, the rise of populism in Europe and Brexit-can be partially attributed to the fear of mass migration. Yet increasing migration is one of the quickest ways to make the wo..
The future of the car industry | The Economist
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Ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Ola and Lyft are not only challenging taxi drivers around the world, they are also disrupting the car industry as a whole as people prefer to hail a ride than buy their own set of wheels. Click here to subscribe to The..
Online dating and its global impact | The Economist
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Online-dating apps Tinder and Bumble have generated 20bn matches around the world. On Valentine's day we examine the effect of the online-dating revolution. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: Whether you’r..
What makes elite athletes thrive or dive under pressure? | The Economist
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Psychology is an increasingly important part of elite sport. Winning at the highest levels can depend as much on peak-fitness of the mind as the body. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on TVclip: Sponsored by DXC Te..
What is economics and what do economist do?
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In this short introduction to the discipline of economics, Dr. Pete Schuhmann presents a basic overview of the fundamental issues of interest to economists and how they study those issues. He defines economics as the study of how people deal with sca..