Furze jet engine

Will a JET ENGINE made from a LOO roll holder WORK?
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Amazing to think that something made from bad materials in such a crude manner with little attention paid to the specilized maths required to make these engines work, actullay WORKS. some may argue its nt going to produce much thrust but the point wa..
How to build a TURBOJET ENGINE
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So this is the first in my trilogy of videos about building a TURBOJET engine from scrap. This video is me building the jet then next video i'll take you through the simple maths and it is simple. Check my other pages for news and pictures Twitter ..
TurboJet Powered Scooter-IT'S ALIVE
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The Jet is alive and sounds and looks AMAZING!! So the turbo is at fastturbo to get some new seals n bearings then once back I need to try work out how to afterburner this bad boy. Stay tuned Subscribe as it will return with more noise n heat and ho..
The JET Bicycle - The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER
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An old womans bike built for shopping turned into a bomb inspired safety hazzard. Follow me on my other pages here realcolinfurze colin_furze Colin-furze-521680751253584/ This ..
How to build a TURBOJET ENGINE - The Maths
Views 2.5M6 years ago
So we have seen me make the engine now to find out how you know what size to make it. This is very simple and i have tried to explain in a way that even the dumbest person should understand it. To see the engine being made go here www.youtub..
Jet-kart-The most MENTAL kart EVER
Views 13M4 years ago
So it’s finished and it’s brilliant, it’s stable it starts easy and the fuel system after a slight redesign (see website) works perfectly. Top speed so far is 60mph but i run out of airstrip so might be more in it. For more info go to colinfur..
Build a JET ENGINE using only a DRILL, GRINDER and duck tape (NO WELDING)
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They are simple and you can make one even if you don,t have a workshop and a range of tools, well thats at least what my plan is but will it work or will it just turn out to be a waste of time...... See if it works here tvclip.biz/user/watc..
TurboJet Scooter build #1-Jet/Chassis
Views 3.1MYear ago
Taking an old turbo and making a jet engine then strapping it to a custom built Furze Scooter...........here we go. Part 2 here tvclip.biz/video/bcd3vg-5hDA/video.html Due to my Broken Finger this project has taken a bit longer to finish and with a few twists..
How to START a Pulse Jet
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To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com After receiving lots of emails from people that have made pulse jets but could not start them i decided a few tips wouldn't go a miss so i've drafted in to helpers with no pulse jet ..
Jet engine afterburner test with DIY Gasturbine
Views 6M5 years ago
Testing new afterburner on my diy gasturbine powered kart, this is a similar engine to the one in Dan Goodwins , Trident Peel car that set a new world record for a peel trident at Santa Pod's, Flame and Thunder 2014. If you would like to know more a..
How to build a MASSIVE pulsejet
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So this is the Idiots guide to making a MASSIVE pulsejet with no sheet metal roller and old materials. Check my other pages for news and pictures Twitter colin_furze Instagram realcolinfurze Facebook h..
HydroForming with a Pressure Washer-PULSE JET
Views 4.2M5 years ago
The wonderful art of hydroforming making the ability to make the worlds simpliest jet engine even simpler. Check out my first video on setting up the machine here tvclip.biz/video/llhcATrmsBg/video.html Note:- When using liquid propane be sure you get the cyli..
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Well this is the best way to not forget to tighten the gas pipe up on your new jet engine.AS A NOTE THIS HAPPENED BEFORE LAST VIDEO SO I'M FINE. Just before my first test fire i,d been messing with the oil pipes and had loosened the gas pipe so could..
Jam Jar Pulse Jet Engine Test
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Subscribe to my 2nd channel tvclip.biz/user/origami768 follow me on: instagram crazyrussianhacker facebook - CrazyRussianHacker CrazyRussianHacker Playlists: Science Experiments - http:/..
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So here is the first fire up of the massive jet i've made. The spark genarator broke after the first attempt but it seems you dont need one on a jet this big just light it with a blow torch n shuv ya leaf blower in it BOOM. As you can see it doesn't ..
TurboJet Scooter Build #2-Oil/Fuel/Test Fire
Views 4.1MYear ago
With the Oil system and fuel system added lets start her up and see where we are at!!!! PART 3 Here tvclip.biz/video/83jH0sVCM9Q/video.html Follow me on Social Media to see how its coming along before the video is released Twitter colin_fu..
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Hello Geek Week this is the TURBAQUE the only fully functioning BBQ in the world to have a jet engine for extra taste and brilliance. Yes making this video in the shed was a terible idea but the british weather let me down and geek week was looming. ..
Jet Powered Kids Scooter
Views 3.9MYear ago
Come Dad make me a Jet Scooter........ Yeah so thats a challenge I can rise to and then I need to make the adult gas turbine powered version. SUBSCRIBE AS THERE LOADS ON THE WAY Jet Bike tvclip.biz/video/bKHz7wOjb9w/video.html Jet BBQ youtu.be/QxpHJip..
Home-built Gas Turbine Turbojet Engine - 2nd Documentary
Views 713KYear ago
I’ve built a core gas turbine engine for possible VTOL prototypes or working on gas turbine engines for other application uses. This video shows some of my trails and errors. Sharing my documented clips of gas turbine build since so many seem to ha..
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Jet powerd kart doing its stuff
Will a JET ENGINE Motorcycle Set New Records?
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The first 200 people to sign up with this link and get 20% off their premium subscription! brilliant.org/Hacksmith Thanks to Knox for providing some seriously awesome protective gear for this test. Check out Knox here: www.planet-kno..
How to build a TURBOJET ENGINE-The Oil System and controls
Views 1.1M6 years ago
Your Turbojet engine needs oil and you need to be able to control it so here is an over view of how i did mine. You need to have oil preasure of around 15psi - 65psi max (so i,m told) so having a manual bypass is very helpful as when engine spinning ..
The Thermite Launcher
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To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device. See part 1 here tvclip.biz/video/9XAnx5x8E-8/video.html See part 2 here ht..
Fart@France-Building/Testing the BIGGEST valveless pulsejet ever made
Views 1.2M5 years ago
On the 24th of july at around 6-7pm i will take this jet down to dover and see in the french can hear it. There are reports that in the war people could hear artiliry fire from northern france but will the french hear this. Its loud its very loud and..
Views 14M6 years ago
Why not put a massive pulse jet on the most rubbish bike to hand seems a cracking idea to me HAHAHA See jet ran van here tvclip.biz/video/BY-TYGpiGpU/video.html Making the jet here tvclip.biz/video/u5ceYtR22Ww/video.html Note:- When using liquid propane be sure you get th..
Views 277K7 years ago
So whats it look like in there well i can not cut the thing in half but i can film with slow motion camera down the barrel n see how fast these things work and it turns out that 5000 pulse's a second is the answer but the footage of the fame getting ..
Homemade Hoverbike
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To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES. #Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the ..
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Instagram: jlaservideo Shirts: jlaservideo.com/shop Learn how I made a super fast jet (EDF) powered bicycle! This device uses two high powered 120mm edf engines attached to a 3 wheeled bike to provided the thrust. This is ..
The ULTIMATE Tuk Tuk (rickshaw) Unleashed the TUK600 (Far Cry 4)
Views 9M5 years ago
The TUK600 the most insane tuk tuk rickshaw ever created or even imagined. Check it drift,light up the rears, shoot, wheelie and donut while spitting 15ft flames in fact just writing that sentence make me realise what a bad ass machine this is. Far ..
THE JETTLE pulsejet powered kettle (longer version)
Views 824K7 years ago
We all make cups of tea but is there a louder faster way well now there is the JETTLE a pulse jet ramed in a kettle. This thing is so loud even me shouting at the top of my voice is not good enough. So ther we have it TEA MAKING HISTORY right before ..
Am i able to build Colin Furze' Pulse Jet?
Views 1.2K7 months ago
This time i built a pulse jet (idea/plan from Colin Furze). It's so easy to create one, the only challenge was to figure out which gas regulator you need. After that, which wasn't really difficult - BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Big fail - at the end of the video..
Making a Jet Powered Go-Kart Part 1 - Chassis
Views 1M4 years ago
The first video in my quest to build the best pulse jet powered go-cart the internet has ever seen, so it needs to be bigger louder and more mental than ever. This is what you get from the colinfurze youtube channel, just pure awesome. So in this th..
STAIRCASE TREADMILL The ultimate exercise machine
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Weight loss is a given with this beast. Subscribe for more crazy inventions projects and builds bit.ly/2I6f0bv To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Wanna see 1000 rockets fired into another 1000 youtu...
Jet Engine Afterburner Jet Engine Kart Turbojet Afterburner Testing
Views 17KYear ago
Jet engine Testing the afterburner on HX80 Monster Jet Engine Kart, trying to get more power out of it, still worried we going to melt it one day. jet engine afterburner test You can call these engine all sort, turbojet , diy gasturbine, homemade je..
PulseJet, BMX, Rope, Crane = ColinFurze Jet-Swing
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Pulse Jet hanging from a rope can only mean things are going to get hot n burnt and I wasn't wrong. To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Follow me on Social Media for behind the scenes and extras. Instagram www..
360 Swing + Paramotor
Views 3.9M3 years ago
Yes of corse i had to power this in some way and i know the first suggestion is a pulse jet but my neighbourly relations are being tested enough with just the sight of this thing so then shaking their house's with the raw of a jet seemed a step to fa..
Real Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes
Views 3.5M8 months ago
For the Vertically challenged..... Subscribe for more crazy inventions projects and builds bit.ly/2I6f0bv Wanna see 1000 rockets fired into another 1000 tvclip.biz/video/Jtols_QhuWw/video.html Follow me on Social Media to see what I'm up to before th..
$5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update)
Views 4.3MYear ago
Just a quick little Flying like Iron Man Update! High Voltage Feathers Homemade EDF ► tvclip.biz/user/highvoltagefeathers Schuebler 195mm EDF ► www.turbines-rc.com/en/schubeler/344-schubeler-ds-215-dia-hst-195mm-carbon-edf-d..
Colin Furze | World's fastest toilet - It's finished!
Views 2.2M6 years ago
Backyard inventor Colin Furze has been working late into the night to build a toilet which is set to break the Guinness World Record for the world's fastest toilet! With an automatic flush, 140cc engine, 4 gears and toilet roll holder exhaust Colin F..
My DIY backard jet engine
Views 917Year ago
After seeing videos over the years from youtubers like Colin Furze and Leokimvideo, I built my own jet engine. This video is of it's first start. It's an old Holset turbo, running on LPG and with a wiper motor turning a power steering pump for oil lu..
Squeezing a 600cc engine in to a Tuk Tuk (Far Cry 4)
Views 8M5 years ago
So to celebrate the release of Far Cry 4 i thought i'd take something in the game and make it a reality which is driving a Tuk Tuk and shooting stuff but it seemed a waste to leave the wimpy 150cc moped engine in it so here we have a nice CBR600 100b..
Pulse Jet Drift Trike
Views 1.7M3 years ago
Is this the next step in drift evolution???? Maybe not but was a fun experiment so thought i had to share it with you all. So as you all love pulse jets and seem to want them on everything here we go i stuck one on me drift trike. To see how i ma..
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Check my other pages for news and pictures Twitter colin_furze Instagram realcolinfurze Facebook Colin-furze-521680751253584 www.colinfurze.com THIS WAS DONE ON A SHIT B..
JETWIPE - Jet heated toilet paper dispenser
Views 1.8M4 years ago
In this episode of "Furze's Invention Show" we have the pulse jet powered toilet roll dispenser for those mornings after a hot curry and that extra warmth in your tissue softens the touch . If you have an idea for an invention you would like me to m..
Colin Furze's Jet Ski Whale
Views 1.6M2 years ago
In the heart of London, the Gadget Geeks invite members of the public to come and hear their latest gadget ideas. Coming into meet the guys is Jules, a world class wake boarder. The guys have a potential invention which could make it even more a whal..
Views 7M7 years ago
This is hopefully going to be the worlds fastest pram on OCTOBER 14TH at avon park drag strip (shakespere county raceway) all i have to do is break 30mph but as you can guess from video that will happen. Im hopeing for around 50mph if i can stay on i..
Views 150K2 years ago
DIY JET SKATEBOARD JETPACK tvclip.biz/video/wpR-x1uMVEM/video.html ✔My facebook eduard.krawchenko ✔My instagram ourvidostv
Homemade Machine Gun Briefcase from The Kingsman
Views 2.1M6 months ago
Never mind Eggsy its Furzey. Fine job I made of this I say. See other film and Video game gadgets in this amazing playlist, hidden blades, wolverine claws grapple hooks n shields. tvclip.biz/p/PLGjbAdaOBLBnRDNW4Awc7nnT0wovC..
Easy DIY Pulse Jet Rockets
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Now in 4K Quality! Sorry for not uploading more recently. Subscribe and like of more!
World's Fastest Bumper Car - 600cc 100bhp But how FAST?
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To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com It's finished and it's FAST....so fast its the worlds fastest as approved by Guinness World Records This 600cc monster is the work of hours of shed time working out how to squeeze ..