2020 Workshop Mods - Bench/Sliproller/Plasma Table
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Starting 2020 with some excellent workshop tweaks to make the next BIG project a bit easier. Get your colinfurze merch here and support the channel www.colinfurzeshop.com For Earlier behind the scenes and extras join the channel and be a mem..
Views 3.4MMonth ago
It's Finished and it looks a beauty so we had to chuck a few Jet engines in for good measure. Check out how I built it here tvclip.biz/video/X2h_yHnTwVw/video.html Check out the AT-ACT tvclip.biz/video/sE1mr8iCvA8/video.html Check out the Tie Silencer youtu.be/sTv..
Homemade Hoverbike
Views 39M3 years ago
To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES. #Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the ..
Real Overwatch 2 Stroke RIP-TIRE
Views 2.7M2 months ago
Sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment, I've Made a Real working RIP-TIRE, yes Junkrats back mounted weapon from Overwatch. Made from a chainsaw and some furze magic, its good but I think we can go bigger on power and destruction so stay tuned for more...
Building a Furze Tea Machine
Views 1.5M8 months ago
Make tea the same way, same time, every time with levers n cables it's the Colin Furze Tea Machine. To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Thanks to Yorkshire Tea for supporting this project even though I'm putting the m..
Making a 20,000 WATT Electric Drift Trike
Views 5M9 months ago
Formula E asked to bring a Toy to the Rome E-Prix so I've made an epic Electric Drift Trike. See it ride here tvclip.biz/video/cfM0qCd7p9g/video.html Check out the Formula E youtube channel to see all Races tvclip.biz/user/channel..
TurboJet Powered Scooter-IT'S ALIVE
Views 4MYear ago
The Jet is alive and sounds and looks AMAZING!! So the turbo is at fastturbo to get some new seals n bearings then once back I need to try work out how to afterburner this bad boy. Stay tuned Subscribe as it will return with more noise n heat and ho..
Crazy loud Exhaust Mod - Scrimp my Ride
Views 4.1M2 years ago
Make the loudest exhaust possible for £100 was my challenge. Last year i did some small builds for a BBC Worldwide show called Motorheads and thought as they were quite fun i'd swipe the tapes for your viewing lol, now I've given them a new start a..
What 10 years of FURZE builds looks like
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To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Making things for 10 years on you be has left me with the most bizarre collection of amazing creations so i thought i'd get as many as possible all in the same shot. Thanks for eve..
Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster
Views 14MYear ago
At 3.2m high it's a monster! Weight? No idea but there's not one piece can be lifted by one person. Thanks to eBay for working with us on this project it's amazing that all the components came from there site. Check out the build videos Part 1https..
Jet-kart-The most MENTAL kart EVER
Views 14M4 years ago
So it’s finished and it’s brilliant, it’s stable it starts easy and the fuel system after a slight redesign (see website) works perfectly. Top speed so far is 60mph but i run out of airstrip so might be more in it. For more info go to colinfur..
Firework Rocket Launcher
Views 9M3 years ago
To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Who would have thought its best use was removing socks haha, this is a cool build inspired by a video game and brought to life by my good self in my shed. To see how i made it click..
Water Rocket GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Record Breaker - Furze World Wonders (Ep 3)
2 years ago
Colin Furze helps some aspiring astronaut siblings to make one giant leap with a backyard lunar habitat and a giant water rocket that blasts them into A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record breaker. Available with TVclip Premium - www.youtube.c..
Views 2.4M6 months ago
4000 Shots of Swinging Chaos To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Check out the other milestone Firework madness here 1M - tvclip.biz/video/yQf5cGPcP48/video.html 2M - tvclip.biz/video/tY5Wzjk0-Xs/video.html 3M - tvclip.biz/video/gEUBLIFMgn/video.html..
The Washing Machine that would not Die
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To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com So fireworks night is coming and haven't destroyed anything for a laugh in ages so as i'm working on a massive project in a barn i thought i'd take the opportunity to go outside an..
The ULTIMATE Tuk Tuk (rickshaw) Unleashed the TUK600 (Far Cry 4)
Views 9M5 years ago
The TUK600 the most insane tuk tuk rickshaw ever created or even imagined. Check it drift,light up the rears, shoot, wheelie and donut while spitting 15ft flames in fact just writing that sentence make me realise what a bad ass machine this is. Far ..
Squeezing 600cc 100BHP Engine in a Bumper car #2 Colin Furze Top Gear Project
Views 7M2 years ago
To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Part 2 of my challenge to build The Stig from Top Gear a new ride, in this video i finish of the mechanical base so all we need is a paint job the its time to have a blast...........
The JET Bicycle - The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER
Views 34M6 years ago
An old womans bike built for shopping turned into a bomb inspired safety hazzard. Follow me on my other pages here realcolinfurze colin_furze Colin-furze-521680751253584/ This ..
Underground Beach Hut Build
Views 19M2 years ago
To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com I love digging holes on the beach so this is taking it to another level. I've always thought if i brought wood to stop the sides from collapsing then i could a brilliant undergro..
Real Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes
Views 3.7M10 months ago
For the Vertically challenged..... Subscribe for more crazy inventions projects and builds bit.ly/2I6f0bv Wanna see 1000 rockets fired into another 1000 tvclip.biz/video/Jtols_QhuWw/video.html Follow me on Social Media to see what I'm up to before th..
STAIRCASE TREADMILL The ultimate exercise machine
Views 10M11 months ago
Weight loss is a given with this beast. Subscribe for more crazy inventions projects and builds bit.ly/2I6f0bv To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Wanna see 1000 rockets fired into another 1000 youtu...
Maker madness: Guinness World Record Speed Demon Colin Furze - BBC News
Views 70K6 years ago
Subscribe to BBC News tvclip.biz/user/bbcnews Subscribe tvclip.biz/user/bbcnews Check out our website: www.bbc.com/news Facebook: bbcworldnews Twitter: bbcworld Instagram: instagra..
Fart@France-Building a MASSIVE BUTT
Views 1.1M5 years ago
We are ready to go, thursday 24thy of july on a concrete beach just under folkstone caravan club postcode CT19 6NQ we hopefully will make a noise that can be herd in another country accross 21 miles of water. Want to come and watch listen from either..
This Beach Hut has a HIDDEN SECRET
Views 11M2 years ago
To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com It looks like a normal beach hut but underneath is more than meets the eye......... To see how we built this click here tvclip.biz/video/yox9CKYh7EU/video.html Order The Colin Furze book aim..
5000 shot Firework Deathstar
Views 9M3 years ago
To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com 5000 shots 59 fuses and 80m to leg it so i'm not the target lol, To celebrate the colinfurze youtube channel hitting 3 Million subscribers as ever things are done epic and things are..
360 Swing + Paramotor
Views 4M3 years ago
Yes of corse i had to power this in some way and i know the first suggestion is a pulse jet but my neighbourly relations are being tested enough with just the sight of this thing so then shaking their house's with the raw of a jet seemed a step to fa..
Making a Home made Hoverbike
Views 2.7M3 years ago
The Furze Ford Unlearn flying machine is now in my shed muhahaha, see the chassis come to life in this amazing project. See parts 1 and 2 to understand why i'm doing this Part 1 tvclip.biz/video/MQxPGOnwBGs/video.html Part 2 tvclip.biz/video/iFtmrUscNqA/video.html Big ..
I Built a FULL SIZE Tie Fighter/Silencer
Views 6M2 years ago
What an epic project this has been, 46ft long 23ft wide and 14ft high the full steel construction looks as menacing as it does in the film. This was an eBay project so everything was sourced from their site to bring this monster together, and to comp..
Views 11M11 months ago
War of the firework........but what will it look like. I've Hit 8Mill now so check that launch out here tvclip.biz/video/tDwm7drCiPY/video.html Check out the other milestone Firework madness here 1M - tvclip.biz/video/yQf5cGPcP48/video.html 2M - youtu.be/tY5Wzjk0..
DIY X-MEN WOLVERINE fully automatic claws
Views 19M5 years ago
The first ever fully automatic wolverine claws that deploy AND retact automaticlly. Check my other pages for news and pictures Twitter colin_furze Instagram realcolinfurze Facebook www.facebook..
Views 6MYear ago
8 Knifes 1 belt = Easy Chopping SUBSCRIBE so you see more projects like this bit.ly/2I6f0bv Follow me on other platforms to get behind the scenes video and pics Twitter colin_furze Instagram real..
Real Fold Out Metal Shield
Views 4.1M9 months ago
The best Fold out shield on the Net FACT To see how it was made tvclip.biz/video/OCq8adZdKP4/video.html Check out the Loaded Axe Here tvclip.biz/video/rSous9YunIc/video.html This Video was made in association Activision and From software. Check out the game here https..
Fabricating a Metal Landspeeder that DRIVES
Views 3.6MMonth ago
Together myself and eBay Uk are building our 3rd Star Wars creation, we've made a huge AT-ACT Playhouse, a FULL SIZE Tie Silencer and now to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from the first fil..
Homemade Machine Gun Briefcase from The Kingsman
Views 2.2M8 months ago
Never mind Eggsy its Furzey. Fine job I made of this I say. See other film and Video game gadgets in this amazing playlist, hidden blades, wolverine claws grapple hooks n shields. tvclip.biz/p/PLGjbAdaOBLBnRDNW4Awc7nnT0wovC..
Colin Furze | World's fastest toilet - It's finished!
Views 2.2M6 years ago
Backyard inventor Colin Furze has been working late into the night to build a toilet which is set to break the Guinness World Record for the world's fastest toilet! With an automatic flush, 140cc engine, 4 gears and toilet roll holder exhaust Colin F..
The Thermite Launcher
Views 10M3 years ago
To get COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device. See part 1 here tvclip.biz/video/9XAnx5x8E-8/video.html See part 2 here ht..
Views 2.6MMonth ago
This thing has got some serious power........what else should we send it into fire n all. Check out Overwatch the Game here playoverwatch.com/en-gb/ Can you spot all the Overwatch Easter eggs dotted throughout the 3 videos, put your answers ..
Views 3.2M2 months ago
More POWER......BIGGER Wheel........Thats going to be better. So with 600cc and 4 cylinders we can spin up way faster and bigger wheels to do some proper damage. Check out Overwatch the Game here playoverwatch.com/en-gb/ Check out Part 1 he..
Der verrückteste Erfinder: Colin Furze - TV total
Views 1.8M4 years ago
Er hat schon Joko ordentlich leiden lassen, aber auch selbst musste Colin Furze ordentlich einstecken. Bei TV total zeigt er nicht nur die schlimmsten Verletzungen, sondern auch seine neuesten Erfindungen. Die ganze Folge auf MySpass: www.m..
Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER
Views 22M4 years ago
It's finished and its amazing, the ultimate man cave and survival cell rolled into one sub garden room. There are more things to add such as air filtration and different power source but it's a great space, To see the build throughout its stages her..
DIY X-MEN Making PYRO's Fire control
Views 3M5 years ago
Spiting 12ft flames from your wrist sounds a tough challenge but really it boils down to how badass you want to feel. So here is how it all comes together in a loverly stainless steel peice of art.To see it in action go here youtu.be/D5_ogU4Jz..
20,000 Watt Electric Drift Trike
Views 3.7M8 months ago
The Formula E inspired sideways spinning machine in all its glory. Check out the Formula E youtube channel to see all Races bit.ly/FormulaEYT See it made here tvclip.biz/video/otlR05QZRrU/video.html See the Parts List www.colinfurze.com/elect..
Arm Mounted Hydraulic JAWS
Views 5M6 months ago
4 Tonnes of crushing power at your finger tips. To get a COLINFURZE MUG click here www.colinfurzeshop.com Follow me on Social Media Instagram realcolinfurze Twitter colin_furze Facebook https..
Views 5M3 years ago
It's MASSIVE and what a build its been, weeks of hard work have paid of and i'm super pleased as it looks like its been plucked straight out the movie Rogue One. Everything used in the build was bought from eBay and to see all the items go here http..
BMW Hot Tub
Views 10M2 years ago
To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com The Spa Car, BMBubbleU Jacruzii or Convertapool what ever name you give it this thing is 2 ton of fun on wheels. The E30 has done itself proud in taking the extra weight and abuse..
The High Voltage Ejector Bed
Views 11M4 years ago
The Ejector bed is what you need if getting up in the morning is not your thing. Taylors of harrogate asked me to make a wake up device to match their High Voltage coffee so i set about making this wonderful machine which so many of you have requeste..
DIY X-MEN MAGNETO walking upside down with magnetic shoes
Views 6M5 years ago
Magnetic shoes, something it seems only nasa has done before me. Not even Ian McKellen used real ones in the X-Men films. I may not be controling metal with my mind but being "Magnetic" is close enough for me. Watch Hugh Jackman give a call towards t..
Weaponizing a Tuk Tuk (Far Cry 4)
Views 5M5 years ago
The next stage in recreating scenes in Far Cry 4 is rigging multiple guns to to the Tuk Tuk i,ve already dropped a 600cc sports bike engine into, having these guns deploy to position is just as cool as firing them so here is a lovely video of me sett..
20ft Fire Tornado Firework Launcher
Views 3M2 years ago
To get a COLINFURZE MERCH click here www.colinfurzeshop.com A 20ft Fire tornado is a pretty cool way to celebrate hitting 4 MILLION subs but thats how we roll on this channel. The last bit was mental and poor ol rick eh just look away i sai..
HUGE Homemade 360 Swing
Views 6M3 years ago
What a ride, with just 25kg counter weight you can swing until you feel sick. Towering 9.5m above the ground with nothing to stop you falling of is not for everyone but you great a great view. Now we just need to add some form of propulsion............